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12:55 AM
Brown waffles.
Man...I'm gonna have to go buy some waffles in the morning.
And eat them.
then I eat you and get more meat
@Braiam Cannibal!
@hichris123 meat with waffles is not cannibalism, it's awesomesauce
1:19 AM
It's natural selection.
1:45 AM
Meet brown waffles.
Okaydee did.
And a box of crayons.
Some? May be.
@jadarnel27 ... what's with all of the brown stuff?
^ All you ever need.
Whatnots with all a fit?
4 hours later…
5:59 AM
6:14 AM
6:43 AM
Can anyone confirm if that's real?
I'm not near a walmart right now but looking at this I would say is a work of art (aka photoshop )
(look near the bottom of that article)
7:00 AM
@TimPost we have something like this here too
in Czech Republic
It's not everywhere, but I've already seen it. I think it was in Tesco.
I don't have enough of those yellow things. I'm still lost...
I wonder if they used toes instead of fingers in Florida?
7:52 AM
It is correctly tagged so I give it an upvote for that...
8:16 AM
@rene lol
8:54 AM
Any ideas at this? Is it trolling? Notice in the comments our Hackerman. That was the one with the offensive profile...
I checked some of his other questions as well, some of them seem legit, some of them are just clueless burps...
@rene yep, pure and pointless trolling, good catch!
As for hackerman think he's there by chance, no evidance for sock puppet
OK, tnx
9:16 AM
red alert! any dev or CM around?
@Shog9 you here?
@TimPost maybe?
@balpha? automated link changing failed, now we got tons of dead links all over MSO.
For example in this question
Make an EEEEEEK!!!! post?
stop making Eeeeek posts for issues that aren't Eeeeek issues.
@rene still not an Eeeek as it's not intentional change
and there already is a post
Q: Community user incorrectly changing links from MSO to MSE

OneKittenSee my question here: Dealing with answers which just link to "possible duplicate" and copy a snippet from it The community user automatically edited the post to change the link from Meta Stack Overflow to Meta Stack Exchange, even though the post is on MSO (it had been migrated from MSE to MSO ...

and Oded is on it
@balpha cheers, happy to hear. :)
9:20 AM
Oh, then all is fine...
@rene not yet, but will be fine. Oded is cooking a fix so we're safe. :D
We trust Oded...sort of...
Oded is going to have a busy day? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/230288/…
@rene actually that one does not break anything, so much lower priority.
I'd even not call it a bug, the job probably simply worked with the raw HTML that is stored in the database.
OK, I do like the suggestion though for getting the Community user suspended for a while :-)
@balpha any point to roll back the bad edits on MSO, or leave it alone for now?
9:35 AM
@Oded sez
> Might as well roll them back
9:47 AM
@balpha the automated process also removes links, e.g. here it stripped down the link to wikipedia. Hope Oded is fixing this as well?
@Oded ^^^
Oh, didn't notice he's here. :)
@ShadowWizard Are you rolling back as Oded suggested all edits made by Community?
@rene not all, but rolled back a bunch.
Feel free to rollback as well. :)
There are 9 pages in the activity of that user :-)
all with wrong edits...
9:53 AM
@rene nope, only 24 in the front page
^ permalink to a question I left in the "Panic Room" chat which is what is linked from meta.stackoverflow.com
but with the ongoing transition I really don't know where to go
> Not sure if this is the right place to reach somebody, but meta.stackoverflow.com is stuck on mobile even though I am visiting from a regular browser. Also it doesn't seem to remember who I am (the dropdown shows my rep score from SO and viewing my profile shows zero activity)
You should post here
Right, I figured I should ask in chat before proceeding to post ...
Add as much detail as you can, type of mobile, OS, browser, versions, if you are on wifi or gprs , etc..
9:57 AM
also is meta.se pertinent for a technical problem with meta.so?
Wait wait wait
I thought you were using the stack mobile app
Bugs for the ios-app or android-app go on the link I provided
@rene oh my, right. So just roll back as much as you can. :)
@tripleee General issues with the site can go the meta of the site you're most comfortable with. So if you are a regular on SO, post on meta.so
rene: ok, ack
Q: meta.so stuck on mobile

tripleeeI was awarded a "yearling" badge on meta.so just now, but when I clicked on the notification, I was taken to the mobile view of meta.so. I regularly visit from my phone, but right now, I'm using Firefox ESR on Windows 7 and the regular SO works as I expect. Also, meta.SO does not seem to know w...

thanks for your quick response
@Oded one more thing to fix, it strips down tags markup as well. Good luck! :)
10:05 AM
Aware of that. First thing I mean to do is rollback all of these
@Oded oh, cool. I rolled back a bunch already.
kk - I will script these
Oh, I will stop rolling back then...
@Oded the side effects are overwhelming... it even devoured a "y here! :D
Q: Some question titles get cut off by the right margin here on Meta

senshinIn Chrome 34.0.1847.116, on Windows 7, when I go to this question: Should we unbugger the changes Community has just made, or will they be automatically fixed?, I see the following: As you can see, the "y" in "automatically" in the title is partially cut off.

10:20 AM
@ShadowWizard be happy those edits didn't go into the suggested edit queue first...OTH that would have been expected for edits made by a low rep user...
@rene dear Community user got a shiny diamond for a reason ;)
10:49 AM
The api doesn't return deleted posts does it?
I mentioned scraping in my answer...anybody who is going to try that gets probably IP-banned...
Anybody any idea why this no longer works: meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/36303/timeline
11:07 AM
@rene wat? EEEK
EEEK is not allowed...
2 hours ago, by balpha
stop making Eeeeek posts for issues that aren't Eeeeek issues.
@rene WAT? EEK
It is only broken on meta
still EK.
It is borked for posts that are now on mse...
11:13 AM
It seems that Community bot also made some clashes with MathJax. For example here it broke \begin{array}..\end{array}. @Oded or whoever is in charge of this.
@Martin - yes, the plan is to fully rollback all changes.
In this case I have already corrected it. (And I have also changed meta.stackoverflow to meta.stackexchange in the link.)
Will you rollback also the posts that were edited after the edits by Community bot?
@Martin the idea is to rollback to the version previous to the bot edit.
Though, if there are newer edits perhaps not
11:18 AM
@Oded That would be probably better. (I suppose.)
I guess this is not the only case where the problems have already been corrected manually.
Which is why I am not sure that's a good idea. Unless the change is a rollback...
@JanDvorak we lost...
Ok, so when I see someone repost their question they usually do not delete the old one. So I vote-to-close the new one as duplicate of the old one, bring it to the attention of other folks, and the question is soon closed. I am convinced this is the right thing to do (and I don't need confirmation about this.) Everything is peachy.
Today, I have a case now where the user deleted their old question (which had gotten one close vote from me) before reposting the new one. As I see it, that's gaming the system. Post question, if it gets no answers, delete and repost so that it gets benefit from being listed as a new question, etc. Is this an actionable offense? Flag the new post?
@Louis close and downvote as usual. The q-ban will soon kick in
@JanDvorak Yep, I've downvoted and voted to close. Now I wish I had downvoted the first iteration of this rigmarole (voted to close but did not downvote). I was wondering if something more was warranted. Part of the issue here is that it takes a while for questions on to get close votes. So with this being said, let me add a link here and if anyone agrees that it is opinion based (or find any other fault) have at it.
11:29 AM
let me try this:
This question appears to be off-topic because it is an exact duplicate of a deleted post. — Jan Dvorak 47 secs ago
The original, now deleted question is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/23229745/…
Hehe nice custom reason.
@rene let's not! ;)
If you insist...
User got scared and deleted...
Accept rate isn't useful at all
@ShadowWizard that edit was in reaction to this I didn't check if the links were dead anyway... sorry...
12:53 PM
Q: Show display error for specific ip address in wamp server

user2727841I'm working at gaint project which is share between developers the project is place at one computer and we are accessing it through the network localy we're using wamp server now in wamp display error is off what I want is to open(on) display error for specific ip address (for me) except other tw...

Help, kill it
sorry, I don't have enough rep there to downvote... I flagged...
well thanks for down vote... — user2727841 44 secs ago
if the question was off-topic no one didn't give me down vote... — user2727841 1 min ago
^ lol
we won!
1:08 PM
> Spelling mistakes. THERE'S NO CODE >.<''
Because no code means you should totally add code markdown for random words!
Yes! I left a somewhat correct comment on a Jon Skeet answer!
@rene: Yes, that's non-ideal... and using C#'s caller info attributes, it can be avoided entirely. But that's not going to be the biggest problem here :) — Jon Skeet 4 mins ago
@rene That should earn you a badge.
@rene oh, no problem and no harm done, it made me fix the dead link. :)
I expect some more complaints...
1:37 PM
He doesn't like the meme...
@rene not sure, more like trying to save it for real eeeek stuff
It's so weird to see all the familiar SO moderators diamond-less on MSE!
@TheGuywithTheHat It is spanish? not portugese?
1:44 PM
non-English == NAA? Or some other flag?
@ShadowWizard ikr
@Louis it might be a perfect answer, just in other language, so I'll go with Other.
@Louis I flagged as low quality
Oh boy, we disagree once more...
Oh well...
@rene according to Google Translate it's Spanish and translates to:
> Call direct the image to the web path, q can be defined directly in the class
1:48 PM
No reason to flag then...
Hmmm, symphony...I've no idea if that transalation answers the question.
I always flag non-English posts as VLQ
@3ventic The problem with that is that it came up in the LQP queue.
Recommend deletion then
2:16 PM
And so thou hast spoken with a booming voice "This answers the question, so it is perfectly valid as an answer. There is no deleting it", then added in whisper "yet it still sucks. How could anyone think this?". — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
should this be migrated to SU? stackoverflow.com/questions/23246560/…
Maybe better for Webapps @JanDvorak
2:32 PM
@JanDvorak Why would it be a bad review?
Actually, I'm not sure what the question is asking
Reverting my accusations ... done
Does anyone know a beta site that's doing self-evaluation at the moment?
What does BS judgement means?
I did not select anything. My point is the BS judgement of people who are supposed to be good at it. — user2341104 1 min ago
Bullshit judgement? I don't know
That would do it ... lol
I flagged a comment ...
3:09 PM
Bullshit judgment is the skill that a connoisseur of bullshit possesses. It allows discrimination of one type of bullshit from another.
4:10 PM
These wretched, miserable configuration files are going to be the death of me.
Why don't you spend the next sprint with the complete team writing a nice tool to edit/manage those config files?
With an interface for web, wpf and native iOS?
Hahaha, "sprint." This implies that this place uses any kind of formal software development methodology.
There is not and never will be any budget for us to write tools for just us to use to make our lives easier.
Man...I need an attitude adjustment or something.
4:26 PM
I don't know how it managed to remain open for 8 hours...
4:43 PM
I'm pretty sure that music is the only place where you can say "the retards should be more dramatic" and not be rude.
And dog races is probably the only place where you can say "This two year old bitch was the fastest here last year." and get away with it.
5:04 PM
@jadarnel27 nah, you sound perfect for academia
5:19 PM
@Bart Heh, maybe I need a career change.
Let me try that..
@jadarnel27 when considering a career in academia, perhaps don't ask for my advice. ;)
Thanks @GnomeSlice. I can use some listening
May or may not be your thing, it's chipmusic.
If you want something else, I can deliver.
Sure, get us hooked for free and then all of a sudden we've got to pay for the good stuff
5:26 PM
@Bart Hmmm. I'm getting mixed signals from you about this career in academia.
@jadarnel27 Sounds pretty accurate. Let's just say that I have enough material to one day fill a book.
You totally should.
I had to write a thesis this morning on why I need to be able to run Visual Studio with admin rights. Because my initial request "did not provide enough detail" to get approval.
Yeah. Preferably on someone else's face.
5:32 PM
@jadarnel27 That sounds like what I had to go through to get VS here too
@Andy that stinks. Corporate environment, I guess?
@jadarnel27 yes.
I hate starting VS with admin rights.
Then I have the job for you, mootinator.
Mootinator also never uses a monitor. He interprets what's happening by listening to the sounds the HD makes... even on an SSD.
5:34 PM
One where I can't update IIS apps on my own machine?
@TCPMAN Absolutely! They take that burden off your hands as well.
@GnomeSlice awesomeness
@Bart Yeah it's pretty sweet. Going on my must-buy list.
6:23 PM
My strategy of assuming someone was going to fix VPN because it's obviously broken hasn't worked for me so far.
7:00 PM
Anyone with delete privileges on MSE around?
Q: Android Device Chooser- Target Warning

user3563028 Android Device Chooser window gives the "Target Warning" for my device. As I am using samsung GT-s7562 and I am working on Windows XP Platform with Service Pack 3. Need help to solve this problem.

OP seems to be trolling by now
7:12 PM
Haha, wow.
Dude either really doesn't understand English, or, as you said, is trolling.
OP has the Informed badge on SO...so he must be knowing what he is doing...
No delete privileges here. But you have my sincere incredulity.
Cough @balpha cough
Any chance you could nuke that question I linked above?
I just love it when they basically ask people to look into a crystal ball or check chicken entrails.
Oops... I guess you meant balpha.
7:15 PM
I saw that
How did that survive?
I have no idea...
Had only one vote when I saw it in the queue
3 hours later…
It seems like the 10K-tools is getting rid of the flag-queue...
...I'm referencing this question of mine:
Q: Location of 10K tools filter has no context

WernerCurrently, the "filter by type" options in the side bar under 10K tools resembles something like (taken from TeX - LaTeX): The location of these filters seem oddly placed, with no indication that they are meant to be used as filters. Would it be possible to do one of the following: Place th...

Of course, this also relates to:
sorry, I'm out of close votes...
Oh well...
Hmm... just in case. These were two different questions. I'm not sitting here looking at the close vote number not moving and reposting the same thing over and over wondering why nobody is closing :)
I'll check tomorrow morning and if needed cast a vote then...for now...I sign off...bye
10:41 PM
I need 1 more person to vote to undelete this post, meta.stackoverflow.com/q/251342/124486 thanks.
11:30 PM
can anyone confirm this?
Right here in this posting at the bottom is this message: "You must have at least 5 reputation on Ask Ubuntu to answer a question." — Bruce 8 mins ago

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