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sha @Shog9 where is my 'SO Pet troll' t-shirt?
Q: JavaScript function to get all integers separated by spaces inside a textbox

user3482256On my webpage I instruct the user to "enter in the text box any number of integers in the range 0 through 127, separated by spaces." I want a JavaScript function that puts all such integers in an array. So let's pretend that I already have the inner text stored in a string str. The prototype will...

Best bit:
> I know I could make that function from scratch myself, but I'm feeling lazy and was hoping a StackOverflow guru could bail me out by providing a 1-line Regex solution like you guys always do haha
See? That's honestly what they expect us to do
^ close it RIGHT NOW quick!
12:15 AM
@Doorknob: already got close on it, new answer ;\
kill it, kill it with FIRE
1:01 AM
Whoa mobile chat. Cool. Is there a way to see starred messages on mobile?
@Shog9 I thought your double "where do I ask" was a typo, not a joke.
1:27 AM
@JasonC heh, no.
@telkitty.exe I'm wearing it.
@Shog9 How does a disembodied head wear a shirt? O_o
@Doorknob tied around my scalp, soaked in an an unidentified liquid, of course. How do you wear shirts?
@Shog9 ...what? That doesn't even make any sense. Everybody knows that you have to use distilled unicorn tears for shirt-wrapping.
Preferrably tears of joy, so as to avoid unicorn abuse.
I don't associate with unicorns. Perhaps that's why I can't identify this liquid.
1:35 AM
Ah, okay.
@Shog9 Don't you usually put sites into beta on Tuesdays?
1:51 AM
Q: I don't want to look at my reputation on A51, but the topbar makes me!

hichris123Whenever I click on my profile picture on the main site, I get directed to my reputation page on Area 51. Can someone please tell the topbar that I don't care about my Area 51 rep, and that I care more about the proposals I'm committed to?

random topic change
Q: What if I don't have an online or easily accessible reference?

DoorknobI have a question about something I'm skeptical about, and being a SE user, I naturally immediately checked the Help Center and FAQ. I found this FAQ post, and I'd like a bit of clarification for my specific case. My question is about a sign I found in a museum. Now, this already seems dangerous...

... you didn't search hard enough. WHAT DID YOU TRY? Check Google Street View, etc. — hichris123 54 secs ago
^ Sorry, couldn't resist @Doorknob. :P
@Doorknob What is it, even?
@hichris123 What is what?
1:59 AM
At this time the @StackExchange core team is having the Git vs. Mercurial discussion. If you don't see us again, assume there was blood.
@Doorknob What are you skeptical of?
@hichris123 A device that claimed to be "reading brain waves"
@Shog9 Can we both be pet trolls? ... no need to be threatened, SO has many people, there are enough attention for us both @_@
Beside that shirt fits me better than it fits you :'(
No doubt. I'm just wearing it because I can
I have it and you don't
Also, I'm making pigs inna blanket
with pizza dough
and fontina cheese
I have just figured out that removing the word "various" before the word "reasons" makes something sound a lot less official.
> Sometimes, the foo will bar for reasons.
> The foo cannot bar because of reasons.
2:14 AM
don't eat greens much?
It doesn't explain why I don't get a 'SO pet troll' t-shirt, surely they would have produced a dozen or more?
you know, you should anticipate more pet trolls - kind of probability thing ...
2:27 AM
@Shog9 have you heard about Malthusian Theory of troll Population on Websites?
short in short, on a website that gains regulars, trolls will increase exponentially
3:20 AM
Why do I have this feeling that Stackoverflow ... or SE ... or both is like a large bag full of cats - not even your elitest trolls can provide any temporary alleviation from all these ... battle aftermaths
3:39 AM
@telkitty.exe I agree 100% that SO is like a large bag of cats, although I have no idea what that means or how trolls are related to bagged cats. But cats are awesome, so we're good.
You get that feeling because meow.
@hichris123 reports of our bloodlust are greatly exaggerated
3:58 AM
This is what I wake up to in #stackoverflow developer chat…it’s a good place to work http://t.co/zMuJcSWkKF
@balpha blood is an awful revision system; it has very little information from parent commits and next to no metadata. How about tattoos?
@michaelb958 Interesting. I like your search method
@michaelb958 And I thank you for clearing my good name :)
@TylerCarter It's like a lifehack, only it's a chathack.
(I have used the word "lifehack". Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy.)
4:21 AM
I just upvoted the Split All The Metas announcement to +100. @TimPost is now obligated to respond to my comment on my answer to said. :P
4:47 AM
Who's waiting for the red moon tonight?
5:46 AM
cloudy day though ...
saw at least 3 lunar eclipse in the past 5 years
I am an astrophysics fan >_<
I <3<3<3 astrophysics
6:20 AM
Hey Good Morning !
Q: How to see questions of specific tag with no upvoted answers

TGMCiansHello I just want to see android tag questions with no upvoted answers. For this I clicked on UnAnswered tab then it show me all types of questions C/C++/JS/Android. Here I want to filter only android but this is not working http://stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/?tab=votes Here When I c...

6:57 AM
This user thinks that asking for code on SO is ok:
@devnull I mean, can you show me how I would do it. By the way, the on-topic page does not say that questions asking for code are off-topic. — mrfishie 3 mins ago
Could somebody please educate him?
Asking for code: stackoverflow.com/questions/23076231/… -- VTC please.
@devnull actually, the correct close vote reason in that case is "too broad"
but I'm not sure this specific question is too broad
And what about this comment: stackoverflow.com/questions/23076231/…
the answer isn't as big as you might have been afraid.
7:11 AM
No, I wasn't afraid of the answer being big. It's about the attitude.
If one is asking for code despite being pointed to a similar question that contains code, then what?
When exactly should you use multiple answers (except for poll type questions)?
@devnull then maybe insist on closing as a duplicate if it is, perhaps answer with reference if it isn't. You can still downvote for any reason you want.
asking for code is fine, but 1) the code must be reasonably scoped. "How do I open a file" is fine, "pls gimme teh codes that implement this spec" is too broad. 2) it's often unclear what is the asker's level of knowledge and 3) they're not always useful, downvote at will.
voted "unclear" because I think it's underspecced, but when specs come, we will want the asker to tell us where exactly he is stuck.
I intitially answered the question with an answer, but after the UPDATE, added another, as I think they're two distinct answers. But after reading Jeff's answer here, I'm not sure if it was the correct thing to do.
7:24 AM
No answers => no answers can be upvoted => no upvoted answers. Problem? — michaelb958 1 min ago
7:42 AM
A: Why Do Rails Tests Run as www.example.com

Tom Harrison JrThis is probably a duplicate answer for this, also on SO: How do I change the default "www.example.com" domain for testing in rails?

Whaddya do with these answers?
@Qantas94Heavy I'd suggest flagging for a moderator; I think they have delete-powers over them, since they have special shiny diamonds and all.
ok, done
flagged as NAA
8:02 AM
entered the wrong room...
good morning...
good morning
good morning
good morning
can anyone spare a minute?
(I am not asking for vote or anything)
59 .... 58
Q: How should "bad" language be handled?

RuddyI was just reviewing some edits when I came across an edit where a user with 97 Rep wanted to edit a answer by a user with 12k+Rep. Just by that I was thinking well this should be good.... So looking at the edit and the description I saw "language is not proper offensive word used". Looking at ...

can anyone comment on WHY the edit shouldn't have been accepted?
seems to be the most voted behavior.
8:12 AM
Because the edit addresses only the issue in a single answer and not the problem as a whole. It doesn't solve the problem, it only creates more confusion. Admittedly that is largely caused by the editor.
if the editor actually fixed all the posts, you still would have reviewed them one by one
...without knowing about the rest of them
Also, the terminology is kinda necessary to understand what's going on in the question. Either leave it self-explanatory, or add something like /* Fake expletives for demonstration */ (as the mod who previously edited the question did).
so he can review THAT edit as an item and then fix the whole
Myeah, true
8:14 AM
unless you already declined one or checked the post (but let's face it, robo-reviewers already accepted it by then)
so you can't understand the question if he asked why "replace("orange", "apple") didn't work instead?
Sure you can. But if that is not the context you're dealing with as the OP, it's not all that difficult to see why the question was asked the way it was asked.
@SPArchaeologist Hypothetical commenter: "Why the heck are you doing all those useless random replacements?"
I see the suggested edit as helpful even for the fact that it brought up an issue with the question and answers that can be solved with a quick edit. Even if he didn't fix all of the posts, it takes a minute max from one of the reviewers to finish the job.
@michaelb958 Because the question said "I am trying to implement a profanity filter system"? IMHO you don't need the list of profanity to understand the question scope
@michaelb958 anyway, fell free to comment on my answer in the post above and even to downvote it if you disagree. I am looking for user opinion, so if you explain you view any comment is welcome.
@3ventic'sShadow That was what I were thinking.
8:30 AM
@SPArchaeologist Fair enough, I guess. I'm just a militant don't-fix-what-ain't-broke kind of person, who furthermore doesn't see what's broke (as van Rossum said, "we're all adults here" - or at least, as responsible as adults).
@michaelb958 the point is that "we're all adults here" is just one way of viewing it. As far as I know, not anybody out there may think the same, and some readers may want to avoid reading that. That is why I think it was correct to remove that: even if it don't offend me, it may offend others.
8:46 AM
@SPArchaeologist To be honest, I don't have a problem with that either. If you want to fix it, fix it; if you don't, don't. If you do fix it, fix it all and fix it properly. That's my view, anyway.
8:59 AM
@michaelb958 We agree on the "fix it all" part.
In the meantime a dupe question was found. I am somehow alleviated. Seem the old question agree on the "fix it" standard.
Thanks everyone for the point of view share.
We're all adults here!
@AlulaErrorpone hahahahaha .... adults ..... good one.
Can I unlock my vote on an answer by making an edit myself?
@rene I believe you can, but I've not done it myself.
9:13 AM
Ah dammit, I had a great answer drafted to meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/229529/…, and it's closed one minute before I'm done drafting it.
@rene: yes, you can. I've done it before.
Just noticed. Jon Skeet has reached 666k rep!
Ok, tnx...
done @Louis , last vote please do off-topic
Never mind, devtools for the win.
9:14 AM
@SPArchaeologist He was called the devil for that in a now deleted meta post...
At some point I noticed I had exactly 666 rep on Meta. I have a screenshot of it somewhere.
This edit was rolled back. The OP's reasoning:
@Louis @AmalMurali yep, worked, tnx!
> I rolled back because of too few changes (and grammar.. well, it's vague).
No sense in this. Because: 1. You've broken my traditional question style. 2. You've put your code style while I prefer to leave mine. Correcting format may be "many letters", but "little sense"
What do you think?
9:18 AM
@TGMCians I'm the one who did opinion-based on that because the guy was asking which is best between two (and not "give me a list of the whole universe of possible choices"), but I'm not going to dispute the off-topic votes.
@Bart: Click on the "edit" link :P But since you're lazy, here you go: stackoverflow.com/q/23078532/1438393
@Louis I see, np
@TGMCians: boom. Closed :)
9:21 AM
thanks for the close votes
one vote here but please vote carefully stackoverflow.com/questions/23076258/…
@rene so my idea of photoshopping his photo with some flame and two horns is already old... sigh.
/me looks at @Bart curiously
Here's another one that needs closing. The OP has just kept adding examples to the question making things unclear rather than clarifying them. stackoverflow.com/questions/23075027/node-js-json-formatting
9:51 AM
Sorry @3ventic'sShadow, I'll stop pinging you as part of the comments below your answer.
:o 10 notifications
I'll read them later
@Bart: Maybe I should open a new MSO question about it?
Need to finish school first.
(sorry about the highlights)
I don't really mind notification spam when I'm not actively browsing
@JanDvorak yeah JAIPUR where I live
@TGMCians Are you going to let us know if the warez has the quality as advertised?
Q: Is this rollback justified?

Amal MuraliI recently made an edit to this question. But it was rolled back a few seconds later. I tried to improve the grammar, rephrased some of the sentences and updated the formatting to make the code more readable. But when I asked in the comments about the rollback, this was the reply made by the OP: ...

lol @rene
In case you didn't know Indian warez are usually of better quality :)
@rene no
Oh hi @AmalMurali, about ^ that question... Why exactly did you delete it?
@michaelb958: Because I didn't want to offend the guy who posted the question.
Also, I got my answer already.
@AmalMurali I politely disagree, and request undeletion. Discussions on Meta usually stick around past the point where they're answered. Also, I don't think it's worth worrying about the OP being offended by your question (which I thought was quite well [read: impartially]-written); what good is a place of discussion if nothing even remotely controversial can be discussed?
10:28 AM
I don't feel it's worth a discussion. Maybe the question can be edited to generalize the issue?
@AmalMurali If it matters I support @michaelb958 in this. I would be interested in the answer on your question
Hmm. You can't edit your queston after it's been deleted?
And I believe once the "should I use something else" question is removed, it becomes too broad... so not salvageable without substantial editing.
@TGMCians I was not being serious, I hope I didn't offend you?
Me too, ^
But I'm an Indian anyway, and that didn't offend me. :P
10:38 AM
I have to be careful, I'm Dutch
Good thing I put on my Dutch-proof armor this morning.
you better be prepared...
@michaelb958: Can you suggest a better title for the question?
@AmalMurali Does it need one? I think it's fine with its current title.
I undeleted it.
10:43 AM
A: Using one probability set to generate another

InstantsoupThis essentially duplicate question maps a set of size 5 to a set of size 7 whereas you are mapping to a set of size 8, but the concepts remain identical.

Should this type of stuff be flagged or not?
Why? I don't see a reason to.
@AmalMurali "this essentially duplicate question" - it's a VTC-as-duplicate masquerading as an answer.
@michaelb958: And you're saying it should be flagged as?
"not an answer", I presume?
@AmalMurali It's perilously close to being a link-only answer (by some definitions, it is) - NAA, probably.
It's essentially an attempt at answering the question.
Linking to another question doesn't make it "NAA". I wouldn't flag it.
And the flag will probably get declined as well (probably...)
10:48 AM
wasn't that answer posted before close as duplicate existed?
Not sure, maybe
@AmalMurali But don't you think if you removed the link, it'd be like seeing this:
> There's a book that talks about mapping a set of size 5 to a set of size 7 whereas you are mapping to a set of size 8, but the concepts remain identical.
err, whatever
too much work
@rene Not at all, I am today busy at work . working on android app
@michaelb958: I thought you wanted to answer?
11:17 AM
human google engine
Just a bunch of links is not an answer. Can't you cherry pick from those links and edit your answer to have something that is worth keeping? — rene 32 secs ago
Can somebody help me understand why should one get reputation for suggesting edit to the same post multiple times?
That is something that amazed me as well
We understand that our users often have multiple personalities, all of which deserve at least a chance, you insensitive clods.
I suggested an edit at time t, it's approved (yes, robos exist). I get +2. I suggest another trivial edit within a couple of minutes to the same post. Robos approve yet again. +2 more. Rejoice!
@TimPost I see. Earthlings like me fail to realize that. Thanks for enlightening.
@TimPost We agree
11:23 AM
How do you explain this particular multiple personality?
One who always suggests an edit within a couple of minutes.
08:05 and then 08:08 for one post. 04:21 and 04:22 for another post, and so on...
Not that it hurts me seeing someone get reputation, but it probably increases the number of needless edits to a post.
11:39 AM
@devnull I quite often edit a given post several times. Why not just limit users to +2 per post, rather than per edit?
that's a lot of rep from edits :)
11:56 AM
Max 1000 of it though
@devnull are you in a good mood?
12:09 PM
Comments on this question went unanswered. I believe the question will be answerable once the OP edits, and I'll be happy to reopen then. It has already attracted an answer that does not do anything to fix the problem reported (and the author of the answer does not seem to be getting the message).
12:36 PM
Anyone seen this bug before meta.stackoverflow.com/a/229578/158100
I can't imagine that it is a duplicate somewhere...
Making progress on my deleted question viewer keyboardfire.com/cgi-bin/perltest.cgi?id=140270
@hichris123 ^
@Doorknob Scraping posts through your account?
1:01 PM
> but Safary and Mozilla yes.
seems indutny cracked the cloudflare chalenge
wonder how many small companies/banks still don't even know of the heartbleed bug
@Doorknob It doesn't show more than five comments per post, and elides a few heavily upvoted answers as "red-flag-deleted" - and the revision history links don't work. I want my money back.
@michaelb958 Heh, try keyboardfire.com/cgi-bin/perltest.cgi?id=140270 now. It only shows vote count and the post text now, and I'm working on adding comments. But I have to go now.
1:22 PM
@Bart Yep. Seem one of the team members of node.js proved it makes possible to steal ssl keys.
(actually seems that one more user was capable of replicating the attack after the first one)
ooh, had of course heard about Heartbleed, but not about that part.
Nasty stuff
Just cracked @CloudFlare ’s challenge: https://www.cloudflarechallenge.com/heartbleed . I wonder when they’ll update the page.
my, my ...
Yeah, saw that one @jadarnel27. How brilliant is it that you can so simply explain something in 6 pictures that many blogs and websites don't achieve.
1:35 PM
I know, I was super impressed by that.
Q: How to return errors?

Patrick EatonIf an error was to occur within a PHP function with a return type of String, what would be the best practice for returning it? As far as I can seen the options are Return null This is easy to test for, but means it returns mixed data types Return false This matches PHP standards for some fu...

Do you guys think this is primarily opinion based?
I'd go for not. It's pretty well contained, and the answers don't really indicate any opinion problems either.
@telkitty.exe Is there any particular reason for the screenshots in your Meta question? It is confusing several users, with close votes now coming in. Perhaps address that issue.
1:52 PM
@telkitty.exe Converting them from images to links doesn't really help with explaining what they are for
lol, really started as a serious question, after 3rd downvotes, I thought since it does not get treated seriously I might as get a bit fun out of it :p
Oh come on. Don't do your usual "Ooh my, I don't get the responses I like, so I'm going to pretend to be trolling" again. That's just childish.
Fun fact: "my post was downvoted" != "my post isn't taken seriously"
at least we got more views for the question so when the same issue arises, people are aware of it
@telkitty.exe You know the Q ban on meta is relaxed but not removed. A few downvotes here and there aren't going to hurt you. Multiple questions heading for the deck are
1:55 PM
meta splits tomorrow - theoretically, so ...
@telkitty.exe yet with a bit more care your question and my answer could have formed a good pair. Now, with the mess you made out of it, your question might be dismissed and the answer glanced over.
MSE split hype!
don't worry, once meta is split, I will be less motivated to post questions on meta here
@telkitty.exe Your first revision actually seems ok. It could probably do with a specific example. It went downhill from there though
That isn't any of my concern. Your current question is. You wanted to seriously address something, so please do so @telkitty.exe.
2:00 PM
@AnnaLear anything > 10 or < -10 it will be taken seriously, but nothing in between unfortunately - it is not as black & white as that, but you get what I meant ...
Weird way to look at it, but that's between you and your god.
(Disclaimer: I don't know what post we're talking about. Mostly ignoring meta while I'm on vacation.)
Don't drag her into there @RichardTingle. That is not how you vacation
@RichardTingle Don't burden holidaying employees with downvoted Meta questions, you insensitive clod.
2:02 PM
I'm sitting at the airport, with 1.5 hours to go till boarding time. It's all good.
Going somewhere warm?
Technically? It's snowing here in Toronto and I'm heading back to NYC that is supposed to be sunny.
Close enough
If you spend too much time "vacationing" in meta, going back to the "real world" becomes harder and harder...
It's quite warm here
2:04 PM
@Lix tell me about it... next thing you know, meta becomes your job and it's just all downhill from there.
but soon meta will be spliting & you will have many jobs
@Bart That is definately true imgur.com/cticqox ahem
My meta rep is way higher than SO rep..
2:06 PM
@3ventic'sShadow You and me both.
When I got 200 rep on SO, I found out about the other SE sites
I found Arqade and since then...
> visited 273 days, 270 consecutive
I dedicate to things quite easily...
There are days that I'm just a lazy bastard :-) — rene 3 mins ago
Oooh "dedicate" .... I've got to remember that
It's really quite odd hearing a flower calling itself a bastard.
"No, I'm not wasting my life, I'm just really dedicated"
2:08 PM
@Bart That doesn't sound good..
@Bart Exactly how the hell did you post right in the one-second gap between those messages?!!
It all comes down to your point of view, really.
@michaelb958 Look behind you and wave to me
Are you making fun of me?
I spend most of my days watching over a few servers and on IRC, Twitch and Youtube
2:09 PM
@rene No, it was just a little disconcerting trying to reconcile the fuzzy flower picture with the verbiage.
It's like how I haven't been able to take @SPArchaeologist quite as seriously since they changed their profile picture to that disturbingly cute ...thing.
Hah, Wooble declared it a pluralization bug...
Seriously, more than 10000 people viewed this and not one bothered to close/flag as duplicate?
A: How to select debug/release mode in Xcode4?

Rob AgarIt's in the new "scheme" things - same question How can I build for release/distribution on the XCode 4.3 ?

@Qantas I flagged it as NAA too.
2:27 PM
@michaelb958 that "thing" is Derpy. Also know as "the pony who showed how hypocrite censoring can be".
anyway. It was an april fool switch, I should change it when I have the time. Only problem.... you may get Dracula from LoS2 or you may get Dashie....
Are answers like this one flag candidates? "How do I foo in bar?" "I don't know, but here's how to foo in baz."
@Stijn: err, not sure.
For sure
2:34 PM
Defo -1 for not actually answering the question though
Don't see much point in flagging.
Especially with 15 upvotes and nearly 50k views, I'd say so
It's kind of like "How do I read new lines as they're being added to a file in Windows?" => "I don't know how it's done in Windows but in Linux you can use tail -f"
Folks I'm trying to find an image I saw a while on meta (I think)...It jokingly shows the difference between MSO and SO... MSO is shown as a party with drinks, balloons and people having a good time and SO is shown as masses of people all groping and pushing and trying to get to the front of the line... Any one remember it?
@Stijn It's usually not polite to foo in bars.
2:37 PM
Was it in the drawing competition?
@Stijn I would only provide such an answer if no other answer is given. I this case downvoting is the thing to do. I would not flag it....
@RichardTingle - no. It was just two photos next to each other with captions MSO and SO
@michaelb958 Also, wait untill @AlulaErrorpone reads that comment...
@RichardTingle found it
user image
@michaelb958 But ponies aren't just cute
@michaelb958 They're smart too
2:46 PM
@AlulaErrorpone Yeah, but... I just find it hard to take my conversational opponent seriously when they're a pony. (No offense intended.)
@michaelb958 Wouldnt you say the same for a jet? :P
@AlulaErrorpone Jets aren't disturbingly cute.
@AlulaErrorpone now now.... I suppose you can find at least one jets repainted to be pony-approved...
lol @JasonC
3:06 PM
Is it just me, or do you feel depressed every time you see a crap question answered with tons of upvotes?
I mean no... it's not only you :P
@JasonC For the record, that's a prop, not a jet.
@Qantas94Heavy I think if an inappropriately upvoted question is enough to depress you, you've probably got a pretty good life, lol.
lol im only kidding
I've got many more sad things to see
3:09 PM
@JasonC Or a horrifingly bleak one
@RichardTingle Lol
@michaelb958 How about these:
Although if you look at them closely, they're arguably gliders...
No, they're unicorn killers under the disguise of Fisher-Price toys.
@Qantas94Heavy Thank you for permanently changing my perception of Fisher-Price. I had no idea this epic battle was even happening. Nothing will ever be the same.
@JasonC: note the subliminal advertising set to undermine the unicorn spirit pointing to malformed stars.
3:17 PM
@Qantas94Heavy then suppose I missed nothing worth viewing...
1 hour later…
That page can't be displayed...
@abatishchev we need credentials to access that...
5:16 PM
I had just had a wisdom tooth removed. What an odd feeling.
posted not I actually intended to do :)
Q: Merge [virtual-method] into [virtual-functions]

abatishchevTag virtual-method (122) looks to me identical to virtual-functions (441). They both have similar wikis: A virtual method is a method whose behavior can be overridden within an inheriting class by a function with the same signature. and In object-oriented programming, a virtual functi...

@jadarnel27 Now your wisdom is toothless.
@Louis Well, there's still one =) The dentist seemed to think that it will never rear it's head.
So, to be slightly more accurate, my wisdom is shy.
@jadarnel27 Right, I assumed. In my defense, my wisdom is quite toothless. Hmm.... I'm not sure that's a defense.
5:24 PM
It doesn't have to be a good defense to be a defense, so I think your wording is safe.
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