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1:12 AM
Q: Mechanics for implementing Eathdawn magic items in DnD4e

Simon WithersI'm a big fan of the Earthdawn take on magic items. When you find a magic item, in order to use it you need to learn some of it's history, and spend legend points (Eathdawn XP) to bind it to you. As you learn more about it, it's name, the name of the first hero to wield it, the name of the firs...

hey y'all. I think one of the SEO problems is that "RPG" doesn't appear in our site blurb.
it's in the domain name but that doesn't count for anything.
And SEO wise the biggest driver is links - we need links from other RPG relevant places.
And does anyoen know how to migrate comments to a meta thread? because I can't figure it out
2:12 AM
Q: How does a vorpal weapon interact with a ranger's quarry?

AceCalhoonVorpal weapon reads: Whenever you roll the maximum result on any damage die for this weapon, roll that die again and add the additional result to the damage total. If a rerull results in another maximum damage result, roll it again and keep adding. Hunter's Quarry reads: Once per round,...

I made some changes to sort out the "roleplaying" war in the making. I moved the "what is roleplaying" to meta and purged comments on the "RPGs that emphasize roleplaying" question, which may get retitled based on the discussion in meta. We need to find a way for people to discuss the "character portrayal" (very important) part of RPGs without being flame bait for the "WHAT I DO IS ROLEPLAYING TOO" butthurt crew.
2:33 AM
Hey I didn't like how dd-essentials doesn't use the "dnd" of our other tags and how it doesn't have the 4.0 in it; I can only imagine they'll come out with a "D&D 5.0 Essentials" in 2020. Please vote up the synonym, apparently as a mod I can't unilaterally create one: rpg.stackexchange.com/tags/dnd4.0-essentials/synonyms
Q: Should the D&D Essentials tag be changed?

mxyzplkThere were questions tagged "dd-essentials." We had determined that D&D should be abbreviated "dnd", and also I think it's worth saying it's D&D 4.0 Essentials since there well may be a D&D 5.0 Essentials in 2020. Go vote on my tag synonyms if you agree, I think it should be changed...

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8:27 AM
Hey Ross! I did a quick 10 minute logo for you.
Let me know if you want a card layout done as well.
Voted up those synonyms mxy.
8:46 AM
Q: Do gold mutual funds invest in GLD?

user643Gold Stocks, Gold Mining, GLD, Silver Investing

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11:48 AM
11:59 AM
@mxyzplk There's no magic way
@mxyzplk You can unilaterally create them
but it's from a different screen (Mod -> Links -> Create Synonym)
@IainMNorman Yes please
The image of the dice can't be used as part of a logo I've discovered.
Can be used as part of an advert or pictorial element on a card
just not as part of a trademark or logo.
must code now
yeah, I saw that, but this is just something I can hand out
What dimensions would you like for your card@?
I'm going to be printing these out on 3x5s to start with
I might get some actual business cards done up if I go to a con or something
Okay then 3x5 and I'll assume no bleed?
12:09 PM
preferably :-)
any ideas for copy?
I was thinking "Got gaming questions? We've got gaming answers."
but I'm not sure advertisement is my strong suit
Gaming or more specifically RPG?
probably would be better to put RPG
Intended use is to hand to people you've just discussed the site with as an aide memoire?
12:15 PM
and possibly stick on the ever present gaming boards
I've kept it bold, clean and simple
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1:30 PM
Q: Reducing Damage as an Interrupt

Peter SecklerA friend of mine's assassin just got Sunspray Heritage which includes an encounter power- when hit by a radiant or fire damage, the triggering damage is reduced to 0. When he's in Shade form he's vulnerable 5 to radiant. My question is- is the vulnerability applied before or after the effect- d...

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4:56 PM
Q: Finding PBP games

WilIs there somewhere I can find good PBP games? (specifically D&D) I tried google, but the results were pretty spotty. Thanks!

2 hours later…
7:10 PM
Q: Deathwatch - Librarian Psyker Powers

MadMAxJrCould someone show an example of how psychic powers work in Deathwatch? I am confused because I am used to how they worked in Dark Heresy which is different, the individual powers don't have thresholds anymore, it simply appears to be a willpower test now.

Q: Deathwatch Ranks

MadMAxJrIn Deathwatch I notice there are rank tracks for general space marine, deathwtach, and specialty. When you are rank 1 are you eligible for buying abilities from rank one of all three types?

8:04 PM
Q: Do lesser changes of Self fool the Sight

Jeremiah GenestWill a gift that allows a Lesser Change of Self fool the Sight?

Always empty.
Quiet... too quiet.
You're making me tempted to get Deathwatch.
Q: How can I graft Wilderness of Mirrors onto Gumshoes?

Jeremiah GenestOr specifically, how can I adapt Wilderness of Mirrors Obtaining Information/complication system onto the resource management/clue finding Gumshoes system.

Oh hey there are people in here.
Yeah, i picked it up yesterday. Called the FLGS, "I have 12 copies, 11 are held. I guess you want this last one?"
I mainly want to use it to setup a game of SpaceHulk without using SpaceHulk rules. I am unhappy with how flamers work in that one.
Heh! My semi-LGS had a dozen or so on the shelves, which is nice to see.
I'm not as heavy into Space Marines as I am into Inquisitors, but that's just the way my cookie crumbles. Or something.
8:17 PM
It takes an ascended DH character or RT character of 14,000XP to equal a rank 1 space marine.
I'm glad they make that clear.
I'm a completist, too. You never know when you're going to need to stat up something really big...
There are a lot of sections in the book that illustrate how to roleplay Space Marines. it's not 4 hours of shooting things in the face, though yes, it is higlhy combat oriented.
Oh, it reprints the rules for monster traits that you could previously get a full list of in the insert from the GM screen.
It's got some new ones for crafting tyranids as well.
There's some serious complexity and major focus on getting your group to know when to work as a team and when it's effective to break off and go solo.
That's kind of cool.
8:21 PM
There's a Cohesion stat that the appointed kill-team leader. The entire team can use this pool of points however. You start off in 'solo' mode, where you have abilities that only benefit you. Or if you meet the criteria, you can shift into squad mode, where you can partake in shared benefits of whoever has squadded-up
If you lose too much Cohesion, your team starts to break up and will not be as effective.
There's a lovely note in the equipment section of what happens if a non space marine tries to use a space marine weapon.
It's one size larger (pistol -> basic, basic-> heavy, heavy->no), -30 to shoot, and the GM may require you to pass a toughness test to even try it.
I don't see Deathwatch making good long-term games, but it could certainly make some excellent action-packed one night games.
Man, that's interesting. A really good squad mechanic... does it seem adaptable to other games?
It would be easy to adapt it to the other games in the system, but you would have to scale down all the powers to the appropriate level.
8:25 PM
An experience GM could certainly take the idea and run with it.
D&D 3.5 in the DMG2 had stuff about team-abilities and powers for the whole party
I'm sure it'd be a cinch to implement in 4E
I will examine my budget. It's unfortunately new miniatures month, heh.
I have a backlog of reaper minis so long that I can never die.
When time permits, I do paint work.
I get most of my fiddly handwork impulses out with papercraft.
Q: Which RPGs primarily reward playing the role?

ExTSRIn what games (either in-print or out-of-print) are the rewards for playing a role the primary means of character advancement, as opposed to rewards for other activities (such as combat or loot)?

I have an unfinished papercraft project that has stared at me since summer '07. Foamcore board sectioned off into 1.5 inch squares, each with a 1 inch square of velcro in the middle. The other board is cut up into shapes that fit on top of this with nice color papercraft structures on top.
Only got halfway into it and then just put it away.
8:35 PM
Ha, yeah.
I have a big board with holes cut into it; I need to make like 15 columns.
Someday I'll get a cutting machine.
Q: how to use a ki-focus power

TonyI recently picked up the Scavenger Bird Ki Focus for my assasin. I have 2 questions. Does the implement enhancment of +1 attack rolls and +1 damage rolls get apply to any weapon? And when using the at will power, does only the number shrouds you have on the enemy move to a new enemy? Just wan...

Through this site, I've become very interested in looking into Dread. Jenga as a game mechanic amuses me.
Heh! I've seen it in play and it looks startlingly fun.
9:03 PM
I need to dig through my backlog of niche RPGs and ask questions to see who bites.
Like Twilight 2000
1 hour later…
10:13 PM
@IainMNorman I just printed up a couple, it looks excellent
@MadMAxJr I watched a game last night, it was a lot of fun
Now off to find appropriate questions on Wizards
1 hour later…
11:43 PM
Q: What are the mechanical differences between L5R editions?

BryantI owned first and third editions, and played a fair bit of first edition. I'm sort of lightly interested in fourth edition, but am curious about what's been changed, fixed, or altered. If the question's too large, I'd settle for the differences between third and fourth and will edit the question ...

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