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7:00 PM
the Creep cover is great.
Here's a hint for you: A bottle of dehydrated water.
Yeah. I just preordered the album. I hope it's on there
ah the creep cover is by a belgian women's choir from 3 years ago. Scala and Kolacny Brothers, if anyone is interested.
they're my new fav
They also have covers of Coldplay, Metallica and Marilyn Manson
that must've been the password to the chat!!
but I can't remember it. Now I can't join it and get myself banned anyway.
7:11 PM
no, that was my skype password
ooh, even better
oh. Good boy.
no need to try it out, changed it already :)
Automatically generated passwords ftw
I really need to look into those password generators with a seed
secret + service = password
7:12 PM
@Jin That I did remember
What's it for?
now we've found your secret twitter account!
aww, you removed it already :(
Q: What persists after a respawn in Minecraft Alpha?

badpI've died a few times before reaching the point where I can get some action going; after each death I was unable to recover the contents of my inventory. Is my inventory lost forever after death? Does storing items in chest help persist them after a respawn? What happens to the contents of a ch...

7:15 PM
oh noes. you has my internet password!
now you can steal my free internetz
I detect much blue in this sector, cap'n
so do I sleep xor play dragon age xor play modern warfare 2?
yay! chest items persist!
7:17 PM
@Mechko 111
but... oh...
(sleep xor (play dragon age xor play modern warfare 2)) and not (play dragon age and play modern warfare)
I just killed my self by digging below me with arrows stuck in it
@Mechko 111
I checked
silly game, a boomer asploded near my chest and the chest, workbench and furnace are gone
almost all the rest has persisted
@ArdaXi 111 makes not (play dragon age and play modern warfare) = 0, which makes the whole statement 0.
7:24 PM
@Mechko no, not (play dragon age and play modern warfare) = play everything on my calculator
@ArdaXi could it be that our definitions of logic are dissimilar? :-p
I'm just entering what you're saying on my calculator
with sleep = 001, play dragon age = 010 and play modern warfare = 100
But d=1 ^ m = 1 => d ^ m = 1 => ~(d^m) = 0 => p ^ ~(d^m) => 0
now you lost me

Stack Overflow

For discussing, y'know, Stack Overflow.
7:29 PM
@badp Any reason you posted that just now? :)
So instead of putting it into the calculator, just look at the second statement first. not (play dragon age and play modern warfare). let p = (play dragon age and play modern warfare), we want ~p. I think you have either missed a not OR your calculator can't handle english sentences.
what's that for?
@ArdaXi I'm going to give this question as an example in class on wednesday.
@Mechko I told you, I let sleep = 1, play dragon age = 2 and play modern warfare = 4 for the sake of calculating it
seeing as I have never ever done anything with logic aside from if statements
Q: Micro question: Stalker vs Zealot

Wadih M.Hi, I'm trying to micro a few stalkers against a few non charged zealots. I see a lot of players move their stalkers away, then hit, then move away, then hit, and so on. How do they micro as such? Do they use the Move, Stop, Move, Stop commands, or some other technique? When I try to do so,...

7:33 PM
Ah. Well you were right about the first statement. Which is why I added in the specific guard case at the end :-p
not (010and100) seems to equate to -1
hmm, I'm down to ½ an heart, do I kill a pig and heal myself or shove sword and pick in chest and go scubadiving?
which is logical for 010 and 100 = 000 which when inverted is 111
An english translation of the statement would be "I am either going to sleep or play games. If I sleep, then I will play either Dragon Age or Modern Warfare but not both."
You mean "If I don't sleep"
7:36 PM
@ArdaXi 01 and 10 = 11
@LessPop_MoreFizz wat
@Mechko No, 01 and 10 = 00
0 and 1 are not both 1, so 0, 1 and 0 are not both 1 so 0
ah... I see your problem... When you go into binary like that, the and operator is actually xor. So this problem is even more complicated for your calculator
In logic and mathematics, logical conjunction, or: and is a two-place logical connective that has the value true if both of its operands are true, otherwise a value of false. The analogue of conjunction for a (possibly infinite) family of statements is universal quantification, which is part of predicate logic. Notation And is usually expressed with an infix operator. In mathematics and logic, it is usually ∧; in electronics \cdot; and in programming languages, & or and. Some programming languages have a related control structure, the short-circuit and, written &&, and the...
7:39 PM
the statement "Play modern warfare" is actually an address containing either 1 for true or 0 for false
Advanced Optimising and Logic Brainfuck 204
That's what I'd subtitle the room to if I had owner access to here right now :P
that's why I don't!
OR: you have to consider the input as ABC, where the statement (Play Dragon Age AND play Modern warfare) is in fact A AND B, which is, in your case (1 and 1)
I was treating it as flags, not booleans
1 and 1 is indeed 1
I was about to get really really really confused :-p I'm glad we sorted that out.
10 mins ago, by Arda Xi
@Mechko I told you, I let sleep = 1, play dragon age = 2 and play modern warfare = 4 for the sake of calculating it
7:42 PM
ok. After all that, I think the decision is coffee and work. fml
@badp M.I.A. has pretty good taste in domain names
I mean, YesTheLittlePeopleWillNeverWinButTheyCanFuckShitUp.com is a fantastic name, isn't it?
there, I capitalized words so you can read it more better.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Even more better?
@ArdaXi betterest
7:59 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz that wasn't the problem
it's the content that left me kind of...
all glory to the hypnosite
btw -- M.I.A. stands for?
their domain name may be golden but that sites buffers horribly.
Q: Does Ruse consist of two campaigns?

EikernI just finished the Allied campaign in the RTS game, Ruse. After completing the campaign I read its Wikipedia article, which states: There are two campaigns in the game […] The second takes place from the point of view General Major Erich Von Richter in the Wehrmacht, whose dreams of ...

8:21 PM
This is absolutely brilliant
DosBox doesn't like me typing \ in its window.
8:31 PM
@Jin You are awesome.
@CRoss i is?
Q: Design Ideas for Cooking Site

JinHi all. I'm Jin and I'll be working on the designs for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflects its topic. However, all sites will share quite a bit of common elements so they feel like they're part of the Stack Exc...

Hell yeah you is
oh thanks! been pretty fun designing these sites. there are some sites i have no idea on the design, just because i'm clueless about their subject matter..
i don't know what TeX, LaTeX are...
8:36 PM
Markup language no?
the LaTeX site needs to be just black on white
but with perfect typography
@badp It doesn't stand for anything. At least not in the context that she uses it. It's her stage name.
@balpha But with alternating sub and superscript
i am pretty excited about designing Role-playing Games though... it's gonna be like all out WoW or LotR style
may have to do some custom art work for it
@badp it's a play on the fact that her actual name is Maya (M I A phonetically), and MIA as an acronym for Missing In Action, which meshes pretty notably with the militant themes inherent in her music and art.
8:39 PM
@Jin Isn't that one about table-top?
but that D&D style is the same
the whole site will be an old paperscroll, with blood 'n fairy dusts.. etc. etc. j/k!
I'm sure you'll do us proud
maybe i need to go buy a deck of Magic the Gathering cards and a set of D&D
MtG would be off topic on RPG btw
what about LARPing?
8:45 PM
Q: What are some standard builds for a 1v1 game?

Juan ManuelI'm an absolute newbie in starcraft 2, so I tend to build stuff as I think about it in the moment, with no pattern at all. I am aware of the existence of builds (very similar to opening moves in chess), so I was wondering: What are the most common builds for beginners? Is there a list somewhere ...

@Jin Also voted off topic

The Game Table

A chat for rpg.stackexchange.com
«My Need for Speed World driver names that i play are KERMO,KERMPS,SOLDAN mostly KERMPS put my username at NEEDFORSPEED.COM is KERMO124. Put i would like to wish that i can get the MAXIMUM STARTER PACK(17,500 BOOST) because i have 3 cars put i want more cars at least 10 cars maximum.And if there are coming more cars are there going to be PORCHE 911 GT3RS(2010 LIKE IN THE Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010) CHERVOLET CAMARO COPECT(LIKE IN THE Need For Speed Carbon WHAT IS IN THE CARBON PURSUIT AND YOU CAN WIN IT IF YOU HAVE 1,000,000 DOLLARS) Ford Mustan(SHELBY 2010 like in the 2010 pursuit TO)
No comment :P
9:04 PM
@Gaming sorry about that, I don't know why I forgot about the other questions...
too much work I guess :)
@Juan if those answers aren't good enough, keep your question up and ask for more stuff
... or perhaps I didn't pay much attention before I owned the game
sure, I'll do that
I can write more specific answers if you have more specific questions
I know you can... for now I have only general ones, much to learn yet
it's a lot of fun to play newbies like myself
Why is so much dying lately. APB, GOG.
9:09 PM
I hope that when I skip the practice matches it remains fun
I've been playing terran, but I'll try protoss based on your answer here
A: What race would be better for a beginner in Starcraft 2?

tzenesThere was another thread which asked why Protoss was the easiest race. This was closed for obvious reasons, but I'll repeat the answer I wrote: Protoss have a number of things that make them friendly to new players: Workers don't build buildings. Instead they start buildings and the buildings...

@ArdaXi GOG isn't dead, they just have a marketing compartment composed of the most stereotypical polacks ever
Which is to say, very very very dumb.
Either way it's dead
@JuanManuel While I find Protoss the easiest to play, I find Terran the easiest to Learn
this is a little counter intuitive, but terran 3Rax is super easy to learn how to do, and automatically gives you a nice mix of units
with Protoss you have to learn which units to build
sure, but with terran I find it's fun to build battle cruisers
and they are expensive
so I don't attack for quite a while
now it's possible, but in the league it won't
I mean
I find it a little boring to do that 3 rax build
In the future, I'd like to play random, so I want to learn all 3
boring is usually a good sign you're doing the right thing
9:21 PM
there is an old curse:may you live in interesting times
Can I know if my game is being spectated?
once you get the basics down then you'll start fighting better players and it'll get "interesting" again
9:40 PM
Q: Can we use the SE polls for a domain choice?

MachaThe process of picking a domain is going nowhere. For every user that likes a domain, there are several to -1 it because it's not their choice. The other problem is older suggestions lik PauseForHelp have an advantage because they were +1ed when there was less competition. So how about the SO p...

10:01 PM
Eve, all
Hey @Grace
'lo, @badp
There are news about what Robert intends to do for the domain name choice
in The Tavern of Tuesdayness (General), 4 hours ago, by Robert Cartaino
@tzenes I'm "most okay" with the top-voted choice. I'm considering a focused chat room session (announced) to get a bunch of people in the room brainstorming interactively last week's impromptu version. It would be a last-ditch effort before we implement Pause for Help. We made way more progress in last week's impromptu session (but still no ultimate result) than 2-1/2 months of a meta thread.
in The Tavern of Tuesdayness (General), 4 hours ago, by Robert Cartaino
@tzenes I would suggest letting me plan something more comprehensive, inclusive (mail everyone or something), and hopefully decisive.
In other news:
I hope we plan that chat meeting to be some time that I'm actually around for!
3 hours ago, by balpha
we'll be giving you your own home soon
chat.gaming.SE is up and passworded as they set things up
10:06 PM
I've been wanting to actually get some back-and-forth with the ideas stewing in my head (and for what it's worth, I hate GamingOwls on a more extreme level of the reason @ArdaXi doesn't quite like Boss-Level)
@badp Is the password available yet?
Have you looked at the timeline for that question?
@GraceNote I kind of like Gaming Owls on a 'better-than-the-rest' way
@GraceNote Nope.
balpha however did leak his Skype password for a second
@badp Yes, I have looked at the timeline. It's quite ridiculous
@Arda I really don't. But it might have to do with being a morning person and preferring that my place is defined by the name, not my race.
Sep 20 '10 +15, -60, A×11, 1 revisions, 12 comments
Sep 19 '10 +11, -47, A×10, 2 revisions, 11 comments
Sep 18 '10 +31, -28, A, 10 revisions, 18 comments
Sep 17 '10 +29, -13, A×9, 18 revisions, 32 comments
10:09 PM
GamingOwls really got slammed during my commute. It was tied for highest before I left work.
@GraceNote Indeed it was, I went to bed at +6, wake up at -1
But... 26 upvotes and 107 downvotes in 46 hours? That's just bullshit.
My new suggestions didn't get too much velocity. But they really aren't spectacular.
@badp Well, we did get some really crappy suggestions in those 46 hours
But equally so, a lot of the ones that had some decent level of voting got really slammed by the new crew.
I think our field is too wide to get a name everybody can like
I bet Double Jump didn't have nearly as much problems getting a name...
Even if we could choose, say, 1up.com, folks would complain because there are no extra lifes in RTSs or RPGs or FPSs
10:22 PM
Actually, Wild ARMs 3 at least has something in a similar vein to extra lives, in the form of an item you can stock to allow you to automatically retry a battle if everyone dies.
10:32 PM
Still, the name 1up is associated with platformers, even if other genres have the mechanic.
I actually don't associate it with platformers at all, but I'm a shmup gamer
Extends are just as valuable to us
Arcade gaming if anything
Well, honestly, it's an artifact from arcade gaming
It's a mechanic to give the illusion that you aren't dropping all your quarters in
I'm just not sure if arcade gaming is appealing to everyone. Sure, with @tzenes's average gamer, but what about my generation?
Nowadays with games in your own homes, you already spent the money so it's just a hassle, thus infinite continues is more of a standard.
10:36 PM
@ArdaXi I'm 3 years older than you
I'm not 23?
I thought you were 22
I'm 15
Arda's like 16
If not 15
no wonder I dont' find much value in what he says
I mean....
10:37 PM
You might be thinking me, since I just turned 23 very recently
oh, maybe I was @grace
@tzenes That's discrimination >:(
@ArdaXi Having been 15 myself I have good reason for it
Fair enough
Nah, I know you're right, but that doesn't mean we're not as much part of this community
well, when I say 1up, what do you think?
10:38 PM
That's the kind of logic as to why I don't really want to stare at super retro-classic stuff like Pac Man era
But Jin's design is at least running into the 8-Bit era
flow vs run?
@tzenes Platform games, Super Mario Bros specifically.
I mean, I even have the Moon theme, from Duck Tales, stuck in my head whenever I think of that screenshot
10:39 PM
right, you think of video games
@tzenes Arcade games, yeah
you don't think of getting icecream
Buffer Underrun vs Stack Overflow
Not the kind of games most of our questions are about
or learning to create a chair with carpentry
10:40 PM
@tzenes But in ToME you can use carpentry to build bridges!!
a StackOverflow doesn't happen whenever someone is programming, but when you hear the term, you know its about programming
@badp quiet you
In Elona I can use Carpentry to make Lightning
And Jewelry to make Pianos.
I'm sure there are even languages where they don't let you create stackoverflows, but people who work in those languages still know SO is the place for them
its not about having an inclusive name, its about branding
here is a good explanation of branding for people who have little experience in the matter: zefrank.com/theshow/archives/2006/08/082906.html
@tzenes I wish more people understood that. I really really do.
10:47 PM
That's why my preference for a name is something less gimmicky, and more just gaming
that's why I like stagesix so much
@GraceNote the problem is that so many of the decent choices are frustratingly taken.
and yeah, that's why I like StageSix it's catchy and generic.
branding it is what design and the community are fore.
In other news, did you know that, if we went live today, our active close police would be reduced to 8 units?
Well, I'm glad to have your support, then. I was very sketchy about proposing the name but I figured, we're at this stage, I had to suggest it.
I like StageSix too. It's a bold way there, though.
10:50 PM
@badp I don't think the rep caps are going to change when we go live, but rather at some point afterword
@tzenes We'll know for sure in 8 days
Stage Seven isn't quite as nice, just because it lacks the single syllable nature... but it is cheaper and does not require legal dealings
I'm comfortable with having to call DivX, but I don't actually know if Robert and the team want to have to deal with all that.
If it actually went to lawyers, we'd have a real chance of winning. I mean, the fields really don't overlap and their service is down for good apparently.
Just, it costs extra money to get to lawyers.
I am rather hoping we don't need to go to lawyers. Since, after all, the service is down for good.
@GraceNote Lawyers have a reputation to uphold.
10:54 PM
@badp so do companies
We're talking about the "video industry" here, you know, MPAA and stuff? :P
I'm sure DivX is just dying for Bad press
Enough of my legal FUD anyway
What the hejudas is FUD?
Fear Uncertainty and Distrust.
10:57 PM
Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
essentially bringing up issues that may or not be relevant with the intention of confusing people into worrying that if they ARE relevant there will be problems.
e.g., Microsoft spreads FUD when they say "You know, Android really isn't patent free"
Speaking of lawyers:
(mainly because they don't mention what the patents being broken are, so their claim can't be refused or convalidated.)
Well, all I know is that DivX still has a trademark on it, at least as of 2008, and a trademark generally doesn't dissolve in 2 years
11:00 PM
@GraceNote trademarks absolutely can dissolve in 2 years.
Trademark != Copyright.
A trademark is only worth something as long as you're actively protecting it and using it.
And is also only useful within a particular industry or market.
Well, then 50% of what I know is krutz, then
@LessPop_MoreFizz Which is a great reason to pursue litigation even without certainty of winning
@badp This is only true if you posess a trademark which is sufficiently valuable to you to actively defend.
The Queen Victoria Furniture store cannot sue the Queen Victoria chocolatier, for example.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...sure, but we can't refuse or convalidate that point by ourselves.
unless they are in sufficient geographic proximity as to cause confusion.
11:03 PM
so the International House of Prayer can't get sued by the International House of Pancakes?
Q: how does anyone get about zero points when you lose 20 points on every loss?

Mogeok, yes I understand how the points system works. My win/loss is roughly 60/40. When I win I get about +8 when I loss, though I always loos -18-20 points. So I win 3/4 games and I still end up with Zero total points. What am I missing? How in the world does anyone get 100 much less 1000 points?

> ok, yes I understand how the points system works
"Thus the question, why sue now? The church mission started calling itself IHOP a decade ago.

“They’ve expanded — and now some of the branches are serving food,” Lenow said."
If you did you wouldn't be asking that question
11:06 PM
@badp So long as we aren't going to become a distributor of digital video under the stage six name it's a nonissue.
IHOPrayer is being sued because, well, they're beginning to serve pancakes.
@LessPop_MoreFizz So we shouldn't link to videos of games?
Serving food is also a very marginal activity of the IHOPrayer
@badp Are we hosting them and providing a codec?
Stage6 hosted their videos, in quite excellent quality
meh -- whatever
At least, all the ones I ever used it for was extremely high quality.
11:08 PM
I'm not saying that these things are not part of the sort of due dilligence that any and every responsible corporation does before they trademark anything ever
I'd be happier if Joel woke up one morning with a bad mood, got pissed at our lot and just slapped the first domain he comes up with onto us
What I'm saying is that this sort of due dilligence should be, and I'm sure is going on, regardless of whether we spread FUD about it around the community while trying to decide on whether a particular name is worth pursuing.
Speaking of which, I wonder what we can setup as some manner of off-site repository for replay files...
@GraceNote I think there are a few such repos already
Well, I don't know where they are, but I do know that if someone asks things like "How do I cancel in Suguri" or "How can I get 700 chain in Stage 4 of Lethal Crisis?", I have replays that are worth more than a crappy encoding at youTube can offer
And since I know they have the game, I know they'll be able to watch my replays
@GraceNote Can also always use one of the many free filehosting sites like megaupload or w/e
Honestly, I'm sketchy about megaupload and such but that's more out of personal preference than anything that makes any reasonable or logical sense.
@GraceNote I tend to just use my own hosting that has more bandwidth than I reasonably use in a month too, but that just goes back to my preference to using FTP.
Well, I used to enjoy my own filespace... but then I graduated
11:14 PM
@GraceNote I just pay for a dreamhost account out of inertia.
It doesn't get used for anything these days
but I figure it's handy.
goes away due to nothing there
I should probably put something there
that's a project... for... one of these days.
@LessPop Hm... do you know enough of law to be able to answer one query before I head off to dinner, considering Robert isn't here for me to address it to instead?
@GraceNote Youtube does host 1080p videos... at times.
@badp High quality support is worthless if you record crappy videos to start.
11:19 PM
@GraceNote For the Love of God (or the Tirannosatan), please don't use MegaUpload or anything like that. The bad stigma around those services is just the beginning of their problems.
@GraceNote That however has nothing to do with YT
@GraceNote Depends what the question is. IANAL I just happen to hang out with many of them and have... spent a good deal of time working on the edges of policy and of IP infringement (seperately from each other.)
@badp My options are either I provide a replay that people can run in-engine that runs perfectly at perfect framerate and performs perfectly... or I can try my hand at recording it, wherein it will be crappy.
@GraceNote Oh, for small file hosting Dropbox is good enough for me.
@LessPop What can I cite as a relationship/affiliation with SO in the scenario that I call the DivX folks?
Or should I really just wait until I can get a word with Robert directly?
@GraceNote You're one of the managers of the group deciding the domain name for this project.
I guess that's enterprisey (and true) enough.
11:24 PM
Isn't that a downright lie, since I'm not in a management position?
You're a diamond for this community and it's the community deciding the domain name for this proposal, in SE terms.
@GraceNote That's less of a legal question and more of a business one. I'd talk to Robert. Like I said, any responsible company is going to do due dilligence on any name they choose to ensure they aren't stepping on toes, so if they're taking stage6 seriously enough to look into it, they should either be investigating that angle, or if they do want you to make the overture, should be able to tell you how to represent the matter. IMO.
Anyway -- nite.
G'nite, @badp
@LessPop That makes sense. I have to head to dinner then. If Robert pops in or if anyone catches him at any point, could someone point him at my inquiry and have him leave a comment on my answer about it, if he has the time? We don't have much time left so the sooner I can clear up Stage Six, the better.
@GraceNote Looking at his profile you'll be having a tough time catching him
11:29 PM
@badp Which is ironic since we live in the same timezone.
11:47 PM
Speaking of domains, I now own cleverdomainna.me
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