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12:27 AM
Q: WTF is this unicorns sh*t

Alec TealMine unicorns by clicking a picture of a rock, buy things like divide everyones rep by 10.... option to buy with real currency.... Seriously WTF is this? Other than a new low. First that new bar for "brand" reasons at the top, now this.... seriously guys, seriously?

Hey... how many people are here? I need as many people as possible to help with my April Fools joke
My aching foot is not a joke. Where is my foot massage!?
@Doorknob ... what joke?
@ani mation @und er the @sha dows while @hic cupping: anyone home? ;)
@hichris123 clears throat
so, only two people? I suppose I'll wait a bit more
I'm going to go eat dinner while waiting for more accomplices people. @animuson, you better still be here when I come back - an "official" mod response may help trick some people :D
12:41 AM
I make no promises.
I'm here!
I'm an unsung hero!
Woo hoo!
ok I'm back
hooray! moar peopel!
okay, so if you're here, say "unicorn" or "waffles" or something like that
12:56 AM
(Imagine a guy by the side of the road with that on a sign.)
@Doorknob Brown unicorn waffles!
@AaronHall You still there? ;) @animuson Do you still make no promises as to being here right now? @hichris What joke, you say? I will execute it now if enough people are here
okay, head unicorn count: 2 :D
I'm trying to hunt down the tab that's playing weird music
@AaronHall If you're using Chrome, look for the speaker icon :P
12:59 AM
This is soooo bizarre!
where's that music coming from!?
Darn it, I use Linux so I have complete control. And I can't control this!?
found it, stupid blog
well, I suppose there's not enough people yet. :( perhaps I'll wait until tomorrow
@Sklivvz, absolutely. I can hear the Vulcans celebarting with cake, kool-aid, and a screening of American Beauty. :P — n00bProgrammer 5 hours ago
@Bart Could you explain what "celebarting" is??
@Doorknob Around.
1:14 AM
meh, I really don't want to mass ping again and animuson is gone and only 3 people still and time zones. :P I'll do it tomorrow morning if there's enough people here
I'll be gone then.
Fine, I'll do it now, if @Aaron and @michael are here. :)
one more person needed! then I'll execute April Fools' Plan of Unicorns and Waffles
Um... Within 2 1 minutes? I'll be gone for an hour and a half after that.
1:19 AM
alright, NOW! :O
So, here's the plan
I'm about to post a link to a question in this room. I'm going to need everyone to upvote it no matter what, okay?
Q: i used to ask question but now i cant

user1223693i am getting this msg when i try to post a question We are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. plz help me ask again & remove ban because i need StackOverFlow & its good site for programing help. i need it for help with programing and it is so us...

go go go quick!
@Aaron @michael ^ :D :D :D
... and no one realizes you have 15k repz.
1:24 AM
@JoshCaswell What are you talking about its totaly not a dup and i have more rep than u so i know what im talking about — user1223693 33 secs ago
Anna! :(
nyoooo @AnnaLear
I just got logged out...
it's hilariously unfunny. sorry.
I upvoted!
1:28 AM
Gah, I need to bring my sock back and make up something funny...
@AnnaLear D: Hm, at least you said hilarious. takes out of context
> it's hilariously ... ~Anna Lear, Community Manager
plays around with the voting buttons on @Doorknob's question
I can't lose my unsung hero badge, right?
@AaronHall Nope; badges aren't un-awarded (except in rare cases)
You can use brackets to mangle that even more, @Doorknob:
1:29 AM
@hichris STAP >:O
rare case?
> it's hilarious[...] -- Anna Lear
@AaronHall Like abuse or rule breaking. That kind of stuff.
@user1223693 :D Fun, ain't it?
+1 for those who play with the voting buttons
1:31 AM
@hichris123 Heh, my new username showed up there :P
Yep. I refreshed the page. :(
but stop playing with votes! it will only look funny with a positive score. :P
that's why I said I needed lots of people
... @Doorknob going to change your name back?
Viacom has been running a bar at the bottom of my Comedy Central channel all night saying CenturyLink is dropping 24 channels tonight. I can't tell if... real or fake... ???
1:32 AM
@hichris123 Yeah, after the joke is gone :P
@user1223693 Community Manager? Please. That's so January.
... SE Dev doesn't sound as funny...
@AnnaLear Oh wow, I didn't even notice you got promoted :P Well I'm extremely out of date for a doorknob that hears everything....
@user1223693 That's if you consider it a promotion. rolls eyes
Why does Python always die at this time?
the room
1:34 AM
> It's hilariously [funny]
Well that was fun :D gtg now, will maybe be back later today
I always read the deleted notice as: This question was removed from Meta Stack Overflow for possible reasons of moderation.
Well that was short-lived. :(
Anyway, frantically thinks of different joke to use for tomorrow :O
A: How to authenticate multiple accounts in Android dropbox sdk 1.5.1?

user3483250tcboy88! I m glad that i can write down this message for you. This answer is not what you want to read , but what i want is just reply from you. i don't know how to send a meesage to you. that's why i m wrtting here. the point is I really wanna communicate with you though E-mail plz check your e...

While you're thinking, I'll give you unicoins to massage my foot.
1:48 AM
@animuson If you delete that answer. :D
* special terms and conditions may apply
So, I just posted some ads for PPCG on some other programming-related sites. If you enjoy PPCG maybe you should vote for us! </shameless-self-site-promotion>
jokingly flags as spam
Hey, admitting to spamming totally makes it ok! :P (But our chatroom is very underpopulated and I know there's a few users in here who lurk somewhat so I just decided to post it here)
ok, my profile on meta is back to normal :P
Haha, right. No worries =)
@jadarnel27 ... why are you taking @Bart's job?
2:00 AM
Bart has been let go due to absenteeism. Someone has to do it.
2:24 AM
Okay, I bought the unicorn animations when I vote, but I really want to turn them off now.
How do I do so?
Maybe that's part of the joke.
You can't turn off the animations for the rest of the time you have a Stack Exchange account.
Worst joke ever.
Well, maybe it'd be like a running gag. Not funny now, hilarious in 2024, on my digital tombstone somewhere in the mid 22nd century.
@jmac You can turn off the perks you bought for 10 coins. Go to the same place you bought them from.
@AnnaLear Yeah. I think I'll be stuck with that for the rest of the day. Serves me right.
Though, to be honest, it makes me want to downvote more.
3:21 AM
what the heck?
Q: How to Mine Unicoins faster?

Assh O. LeI want to earn unicoins for free but i cant seem to find the best way mine coins faster, There is also some time that i get 20-30 Unicoins at one time, and i think that there is some clue so that we can know which rocks contains lots of unicoins.. So do you have any idea you can share?

@Undo too slow : )
Does the "Top bar color chooser" works for anyone here?
It doesn't seem to work for me, even though I have disable all the userscript.
@nhahtdh "unclear what you're asking"
Unicoin power-up. Is that clear enough?
3:29 AM
what are unicoins?
It's not even April 1st yet in the US
Also, I don't think April 1st gives people reasons to post bad questions?!? Or maybe I'm wrong?
You are wrong.
I see an April Fools tag, but that seems just to be for SE pranking its user base, not the user base pulling pranks
People post bad questions all the time regardless
3:34 AM
It's a time-honored to post "April Fools" questions on SO, though some are better than others.
@jadarnel27 I see, it's my first April 1st
I remember @Pops asking a good one once.
You'll have to keep remembering it, because I didn't come up with one for this year.
I mean, I suppose I still have time, but... meh.
Doesn't the kind of ruin the prank?
@Pops Fair enough =) I can't remember what or where the question is. I feel like it had a photograph of some old computing machine though.
well, 18 minutes left
I've been deliberately avoiding all posts
so I actually don't know what's coming
@Pops Ah, yes! It was, indeed, the "Hello World" one.
SE is going to announce that their mascot unicorn has resigned from the company :( All hell will be unleashed. REVOLUTION COMRADES!
If that ever happened -- and it won't; our unicorn-American employees get full health benefits -- we would definitely not announce it in a revolution-starting way.
3:58 AM
I hope there never comes an April 1st where the SE devs are too busy to build some strange and amusing temporary feature.
Hang on, bookmarking that for the next time you complain that we haven't implemented some feature you care about.
Anyone around with an AU account?
Can you flag this for closure?
I'm trying to reproduce a bug.
nevermind. Manged to use a custom flag.
@Pops Haha, uncool.
4:34 AM
I love how this somehow got implemented with 13 downvotes.
4:50 AM
Why are all the unicoin questions getting hammered with downvotes?
Because unicoins are clearly explained here (10k only) stackoverflow.com/help/unicoins
5:16 AM
this time with fancy ASCII art, so be quick
again with fancy ASCII art
Okay, I've changed my mind. The unicorn animations are becoming far more entertaining the more I downvote.
don't buy colourful comments. It's just one color over and over again.
The bobbleheads are amusing. The unicorn animations are very, errr, intrusive, but can be quite amusing if you downvote a lot (you give a mule-kick to the score, or slice it with a lightsaber, etc.)
@janDvorak I've heard that once you get 80 unicoins, you can unlock all of the comments becoming rainbow-colored.
5:49 AM
@BlueIce I'd rather write a userscript and get it granted :-)
@jan I'd help you out, but I'm busy fielding all of the unicoin questions now. I mean, I need to look at my priorities here.
@BlueIce I've already made a script to colorise the chat. This should be the same except with a different CSS
Mmm. Sounds... rainbowlicious.
6:05 AM
I am waiting for "best algorithm to mine unicoins" question on SO
@DroidDev just mash the mouse button; not sure if this yields any worthwhile SO question.
what if someone ask that question and buy power-ups of "no downvote" and "guaranteed answer"
@DroidDev you might as well ask on Yahoo Answers, then
How is this still open? Close it with extreme prejudice. -7 score, 3 close votes? We are slacking.
@jmac Already close-flagged :)
6:44 AM
Yup, hit the rep-cap on meta.
there is a flood of "unicoin" questions on MSO
Q: Stackoverflow designer T-shirt suggestions

telkitty.exeSince like we totally need some Stackoverflow t-shirts and it would be utterly boring for everyone to be wearing the same thing, I thought I would dedicate some April 1st time to design a few new t-shirt for this site. And hopefully when the unicoin exchange crashes tomorrow, you can still buy on...

I'd buy #3 for my girlfriend
only if I had one
@Doorknob define "home" plz
7:12 AM
can someone expand this into a proper answer?
or this?
for the earlier one, I am thinking of duplicate flag for question and "not an answer" flag for answer.
@Jan the author better do it, in both cases. @DroidDev nope, NAA flag would be declined.
@ShadowWizard why?
I mean author of the answer, not question OP. :)
Why? It's his answer, so he can do it the best.
@Jan I agree with Shadow here- if we fix the answer instead of the author, it just encourages sloppy answers.
7:16 AM
I see you left the comment, I was going to do same, but still be flagging the question as dup.
@Jan lol confusingly useless spam too
A: Show hidden files when searching in finder

Amber marshallHope this will work for you To enable hidden files/folders in finder windows: Open the Utilities folder Open a terminal window Copy and paste the following line in: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles 1 && killall Finder Press return Otherwise you can buy show hidden files mac.

Legit user who turned into a spammer?
@ShadowWizard occasional commercial links are acceptable. The URL is spammy, however.
@JanDvorak the answer is fine by itself, not good (hence downvotes) but legit, yep.
7:23 AM
@ShadowWizard You saved me. :-)
@IonicăBizău FHRC rulz!
Oh dear. Meta is Offline. The great Unicoin Crash of 16:29. Meta means murder, apparently. How many unicorns were harmed in the making of this currency?
@jmac It works for me :)
@BlueIce They got the unicorns back on the oars that power the server I guess.
poor slave unicorns :(
7:52 AM
It could be just me, but the humour of unicoins escapes me.
@Stijn totally just you
@Stijn totally just you
I hereby suggest to suspend all unicoin haters for one day! :-D
7:56 AM
@Stijn I didn't mean it :) gives hug
@Shadow Your avatar! It's beautiful squeals
@BlueIce shameless plagrazing yeah ;)
@JanDvorak umm... nope.
@ShadowWizard sorry; I meant the newest answer stackoverflow.com/a/22779819/499214
I blame caching
8:11 AM
@JanDvorak oh, flagged. Baba won't stop, eh? :(
@ShadowWizard he had already once :-/
@Doorknob UNICOINS!!!!
Wow, this comeandgo fellow seems quite irked about this whole unicoin thing. So irked, in fact, he is cross-posting the same text on multiple metas‌​. That is passion.
@jmac Darn it. He won't be happy until he gets the answer he wants.
8:44 AM
Can we pay 1000 unicoins to have the baba zapped?
@ShadowWizard I'm going to bed :) Take care of the unicoins for me, please!
@Blue sweet dreams about unicorns, unicoins and delicious fish! :P
Hi guys
I've opened this nice and polite question on meta
@Shadow OK :)
if you are not angry folks with torchs but pwople anxious to collaborate to the improvement of this community I would really appreciate a contribute toward editing and improving my question (:-p)
Q: Is it worth to try to reward post improvements with different score?

ReviousMany revisions simply add a few grammar correction. Some others adds also links and tags, and improve formatting. Could it be useful if the system would be able measure1 the effort put into improving the questions / answers and reward it accordingly? Strong collaborative improvements lead Wiki...

I would have appreciated to write that collaborative review shows more effort than downvoting, but lazy people would have downvoted me :P
8:59 AM
@Revious you chose a problematic day, today many people are busy with unicoins
101% garunted online solution
hey! he used that exact title already!
@JanDvorak yup, quality filter won't check deleted questions
9:17 AM
@ShadowWizard what are unicoins? :P
NOOOO!!! Unicorn powers don't work on per-meta sites! :-(
@ProgramFOX that's so sad! but per site meta sites are not real sites so no big deal.
9:37 AM
I'm just going to shamelessly promote my comment on Is Unicoins a April Fool’s Stunt?:
This question appears to be off-topic because yes. — michaelb958 1 min ago
Actually, that question appears to be off-topic because unicorns. That's the only CV reason.
Can someone start up their spam filters, please? I have to leave soon.
You made it sad!
9:54 AM
@ProgramFOX Per-site metas, darn it!
(Almost typed "per-site meats". That could have been ...interesting.)
@michaelb958 I typed that once.
Mar 6 at 15:53, by ProgramFOX
I just made a stupid typo: I wrote meat.stackoverflow.com in the address bar...
@Doorknob Are you awake? It is time.
@IQAndreas I think he is awake: "seen 1m ago"
Hmm... His profile says "seen 7 hours ago".
@ProgramFOX I wasn't sure if "seen" just means "His browser window is open on this tab, and the last AJAX refresh was 1m ago". I was looking at the "Talked 8h ago" indicator.
10:04 AM
You're right, it's probably an AJAX request. All other people who are in this chatroom also are seen 1m ago.
@SuhosinPony Morning everypony!
A little late for the party... had some hardware problems.
Unicoins are wonderful (no downvotes :D )
but they are bugged :(
A: str_replace magento product name

user3483987Error only when displaying Grouped Product in Magento Hi, I created grouped product using this code "http://pastebin.com/p6pHppty" and i placed code in app/design/frontend/default/modern1/template/catalog/product/view/type/grouped.phtml . It's working in localhost . but it's not working in ser...

what a long and nonsense post
10:20 AM
@AnnaLear Would you ping me when you have become available?
Or is there any one else with moderative power on Meta that can help be my confederate?
Tempted to flag as abusive (to my eyes). — michaelb958 2 mins ago
@michaelb958 Who, me?
@IQAndreas No, not you, you're good. Just don't look at the picture in the answer that that comment was posted on.
Um, guys, it's spreading.
This question appears to be off-topic because unicorns. — dezso 57 mins ago
10:36 AM
[tag:cv-pls-unclear] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22782329/search-pattern-in-xml-file
I swear, they're like tribbles!
10:49 AM
And I'm out of votes. *sigh*
11:05 AM
as I said earlier, but it is on MSO
Unicorn Paladine lev 42 looking for party. For details see meta
@SuhosinPony Missing today? We will keep some (chocolate) unicoins for when you return.
(and while we are at it... does the propagate button on the network account work? Seem the April daily avatar isn't begin propagated)
@SPArchaeologist I'm here
@SuhosinPony Happy Unicorn Day
@SuhosinPony I assume that my updated avatar for the day still isn't showing here in chat.
Must be missing something. That's or the real april prank is the propagate login info button -_-
To all frustrated programmers out there
please watch this video to alleviate your suffering and know you are not alone.
12:07 PM
@IQAndreas Yes, now I am :P
@Doorknob The feature request is written, all I need now is a moderator partial to my cause, and I'll be ready to submit it.
Sorry to ask again, everyone, is there a moderator awake who can assist me in my April Fools joke? chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/1934507#1934507
All I need is a tag, and an answer of a few words along the lines of "Yes, that is an excellent idea. Tags merged."
You have got really high upvotes for such an answer. So these question and answers(ie related to unicoin) will be removed tommorrow, if it is just an april fool??? so upvotes will also removed??? — suhail 3 hours ago
12:24 PM
Are unicorns allergic to music? Or why doesn't it show the sidebar in opera?
I officially support @IQAndreas prank. @AnnaLear? @TimStone? Anybody? Pretty please? ^_^
12:49 PM
Bought all the unicoin upgrades! :P
may your mouse rest in peace
@SuhosinPony Detected Princess Celestia reference.
A: Can I buy some more unibadges with my unicoins?

0archTo fix the bug you will need to understand quantum gravity. You can do that by logging in StackOverflow with Princess Celestia. If you don't yet have unicorn logins you will have to add them in my logins.

1:05 PM
delirum continue
A: Where did this pet unicorn come from?

SPArchaeologistIt clearly depends on your character class. You see... as I said here I am currently playing an Unicorn Paladine Rainbow Elf hybrid. That means that I am both on the Paladine and Unicorn Knight quest line - I lost access to the Paladine Ultimate skill but I also gained the winged unicorn mount f...

and so do the MLP references
1:15 PM
@SuhosinPony even better:
A: Mine unicoins with shovel instead of mouse

Mr. AlienI would prefer a hammer instead. Because it's breaking and not digging.

Have you taken up the reigns of ManishBot, @JanD?
@jadarnel27 I predate @Manishearth's bot, I believe
Haha, true.
his filters are definitely based on mine
1:32 PM
Quick question for Visual Studio victim users.
Is there any way to remove the "checked by default" status on the remember credential checkbox displayed when logging on TFS on vs 2012+?
I want it to never ever store credential (at least on VMs that somebody else may use) and I am pretty bored of removing that check everytime (nice user experience M$)
I don't use TFS so hard for me to say..
1:52 PM
@SPArchaeologist Visual Studio TFS victims
@Stijn I don't know if the credential prompt is TFS related or if it is built-in in VS, but yea... you have a point. But it could be worse. I could be using Ankh.
A: Caesar Cipher Project

tylerpenis ................................................................................................

flagged with one downvote
2:08 PM
flagged as offensive
I know this is an april prank but....
I just WANT THIS!!!!!!!
2:26 PM
Good morning! How are the unicoins?
hey Blue
@BlueIce I have 1 left...
@tgm hi!
@BlueIce nice answer btw ;-)
2:30 PM
hey all !
@rene Which one? I have, like, 14.
The one posted a minute ago or so
@rene Aww, thanks!
I really hope that The mighty ones won't delete all the unicoins questions tomorrow but just close them. There are to many memorable posts to lose them .
@SPArchaeologist Agreed :)
2:42 PM
@BlueIce the "i sold my dog to my friend" one.... brillant, just brillant.
@SPArchaeologist blushes Thank you :)
To whom should I submit complaints about not getting my recycled unicorn power up refund? :)
@KyleMit Contact Form?
I'm sure the team would love to help you work out your problem :)
Blue Ice:
>Licensed *unicoin* expert.
oohhh.... so close
Need help !
2:49 PM
With what?
@kyle wink
@tgm What do you need help with?
@IQA lol
@tgm I put in my flag :)
2:51 PM
close vote from me
thnx rene to you also :)
@rene Vote to migrate to MSO
2:59 PM
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