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12:00 AM
@Undo Fixed that for you. :P
hi guys!
and girls!
12:21 AM
Wow, that was a fast close. Kudos to Bill the Lizard.
@Undo you can vote outside the queue too :/
12:47 AM
@Braiam huh, I thought I did. Apparently not :P
1:47 AM
I'm so happy I could pull up some metaprogramming for an answer again
Those are where the real pleasure is at
anyone knows about a query to find post that has close votes by keywords (like tags but with the content of the posts)?
2 hours later…
4:16 AM
A: Create a simple client server program

user2837260get a bottle of milk and a spoon..and let us feed you the milk :P

4:47 AM
hey everyone !
...whatever that code is for, I'm pretty sure I don't want to know
5:17 AM
Is there anything written on rules that answer should be more than 10 words of any ontopic question on StackOverflow ?
nobody around here /
6:05 AM
@TGMCians suggest a good on-topic question in fewer than 10 words
My question suppose someone have answered of any question that have less than 10 words, is it wrong ?
hmm but not always
According to my observations, most often, when the best answer fits into 10 words, the question should be closed with a comment instead.
1 hour later…
Iiiiiiiit's happening agaaaaaain! Spam flags at the ready!
too bad I'm still out of API quota
apparently it resets at 8 AM GMT, rather than 12 PM
@JanDvorak It's 12pm UTC. The UTC is apparently what a lot of people miss.
at noon?
I would expect midnight
8:06 AM
baba got a bug
> 10.Intoxication
It cause the list format to break
Should I edit? ;)
no space after the period, it seems
@ShadowWizard no
me.lastmessage.replace('pm', 'am')
@JanDvorak yup. And yeah, was kidding :D
A: How to create a scroll bar on a tkinter gui window

barriosHere you go with stackoverflow :-): tkinter scrollbars Please use search next time before asking. cheers barrio

8:17 AM
@ShadowWizard does meta have problems with robo-reviewers?
@JanDvorak to this day I've seen only one single bad edit pass, so we're in a good stand in Meta. :)
Hmm... something smells bad.
Delete and undelete by themselves are just weird, but look who suggested an edit
Maybe he got himself a sock, being question banned?
I do suspect a sock
That smells fishy.
@michaelb958 smells socky to me, don't offend the fish :D
Also, that's a sucky question. Flagged to close as too broad.
8:26 AM
A: Products Add To Compare link does the job but redirects to wrong url cause of AJAX call

MLXPlease try use extension compare product plus http://www.mlx-store.com/compare-product-plus.html

@LaszloPapp that's spam.
Flagged as such
Looks like someone got frustrated and angry with me!
I'd suggest to take it hard and to delete this question. Poorly written question with lots of "writers" things. — Xsi 2 mins ago
This convince me I'm right, flagged. :)
9:20 AM
OK.. it seems the daily API quota is 300, not 10000.
Let's see how much I get after grabbing an app key
either that, or there's a rather harsh penalty for attempting to overdrain the quota.
9:37 AM
@JanDvorak yeah, that's more likely. what did you try to do?
@ShadowWizard Used up all 300 requests, then reloaded the app, which didn't know it was out of requests.
What happens if my app decides to use two different tokens, pretending to be two different applications?
@JanDvorak iOS app or app you wrote yourself?
@ShadowWizard a userscript running at stackexchange.com/realtime/
@JanDvorak so I don't think it's using any token - never tried it though so not sure.
Anyway does it mean no more spam detection from you? :(
9:52 AM
I still use the websocket to monitor questions. I'll register my app, then hopefully I'll have enough quota to sit and watch the answers throughout the day.
can you change the app icon once it's registered?
otherwise, I should paint some icon before registering
may I use an image made by StackExchange to generate that icon?
> Do not use our name in the name of your product.
damn it, any good name, then?
10:08 AM
@JanDvorak JanSpamDetector? ;)
Spam Detector for Stack *xchange?
@JanDvorak yep might work
srsly? :-/
half... I really don't think they meant you can't use Stack Exchange at all, especially if it's not for commercial use
I would think Spam Detector for Stack Exchange would be fine, but it's not according to the letter of this rule.
SpamOverflow Killer?
10:14 AM
@JanDvorak but where will it be available? Will it be commercial?
free, open source
I expect to run it by myself - unless someone else is willing to donate their machine
I'm considering a crossed out turd for the icon; opinion?
uh, no. I can't find an image of a turd that wouldn't actually be disgusting.
weird; it seems my notifications don't work
Flagging one answer which have 25 upvotes, reason : link only answer
@TGMCians we got all kinds of trolls, even those who troll flags
@JanDvorak why Isn't this one cute? :D
10:25 AM
@ShadowWizard hmm... I don't want to burninate this one :-)
@ShadowWizard done, I did for one main particular reason,
This one I did
Link only answer : link seems to be broken
@JanDvorak My Antivirus is blocking this site and considering as malicious
@TGMCians it's just an icon catalog
fine, let me disable my antivirus for a second
that link seems to be broken — MikeIsrael Sep 10 '13 at 6:08
How this can be possible nobody flagged the answer yet
this message has 16 upvotes
10:43 AM
hmm... if this app's name is perfectly fine, then Spam Detector for Stack Exchange must be just as well.
It's hosted by Stack Exchange though?
and as far as I know, it's linked from the election pages while an election is going on too
Oh :-(
would "SE" be acceptable in the app name?
Good afternoon...(or morning if you forgot to switch to summertime)
Good evening !
Hi @TGMCians :-)
10:49 AM
what about StackSweeper?
Spam Overflow Detector?
Spam Overflow sounds like something that posts spam, not detects it..
that's why the "detector" part is there
Yeah, it signals when you posted too much spam
Any good name?
10:55 AM
I'm not good at coming up with names
@TGMCians oh sorry, thought you meant something else. Anyway, flagged. :)
Detector vor real awful krap
@ShadowWizard Yes, I knew that why I described it :) and I do these with perfect reason
@3ventic as far as I remember it's a "private" app that was then "adopted" by SE, kind of like Data Explorer I think.
It's not hosted by SE though.
anyways, I'm pushing my latest code to github and upgrading, then I'll check tomorrow how much I can check if I always check 100 questions in one go.
10:58 AM
Well, SE domain anyway
Ping me with good names, please. I'm leaving now, and I'll choose one when I get back (3 or 6 hours, cca)
@TGMCians Good 14:00 :D
Shadow :)
Same user posted another one spam flg pls: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/45000/…
11:03 AM
OP is Indian
because I can understand the language easily that is my native language
Ah, I only see that baba is mentioned again
Yesterday evening we had dutch spam as well for a football match...
@JanDvorak Early Warning Crap System (EWaCS)
11:23 AM

India Trolls Info

Feb 6 at 14:00, 19 minutes total – 21 messages, 5 users, 1 star

Bookmarked 1 min ago by Shadow Wizard

@ShadowWizard oh, feeling bad I am also Indian :)
@TGMCians but no teenager :D
hmm lol
@JanDvorak Baba's LoVe Detector (BLVD)
11:34 AM
@JanDvorak Joined Spam Fighter (JSF)
I have now generated 4 names, you all get the idea....share your creativity....
11:49 AM
@JanDvorak Doorknob made a similar bot, just in case you missed it. So maybe something here can help you? github.com/OddLlama/stackexchange-chatdump/blob/master/…
12:17 PM
Oh my, first time I noticed this
move along...move along...
2 hours later…
closed now
@Doorknob emm, what?
I don't have that power yet...
@ShadowWizard delv = deletevote
2:27 PM
but on what?
the thing Undo posted
It usually come with link to a post you want us to delete
No link with a refers to the previous link :P
@Doorknob oh, I think it's common sense that they're both required. Personally I don't delete right away unless total crap.
Having it closed is a stronger signal.
2:29 PM
@ShadowWizard Stop! Look! Listen! To participate in chat we expect members to read-back the transcript to pickup the context of the current conversation. You failed.
"Where can i learn the ajax step by step. with proper explanation of each attribute inside it and with examples using webservices in asp.net" is not "total crap"?
If enough questions in the front page will be on hold, maybe, just maybe, it will affect one of of 1000 people which is more than we can hope for. :)
It looks like the OP copied the ajax call already from the reference in the answer.
@Doorknob no doubt it doesn't fit Stack Overflow but as you see, high rep users jump on the chance for a quick answer. Having it closed but still visible might cause them to understand and change that behavior.
And then subsequently deleted. Isn't that just as good as getting a message across?
2:32 PM
and it is gone
@Doorknob not if it's deleted right away. Looks like I'm in the minority though. :)
That user that answered now got his -1 reversed didn't he?
@rene you mean -2 yes, and the one who downvoted got his -1 back too
Maybe it shouldn't be refunded immediately to keep the effect of you have done something that was not so useful
@rene nah, that really won't make any difference. Especially to 1K+ users who post such answers, 2 rep is less than a scratch.
2:38 PM
At least that user noticed the DV and Darin was kind enough to leave an excellent comment.
@rene true, but I fear hundreds of such answers pass every day below the radar.
Does he mean Manishearth?
2:43 PM
I need to readup on android stuff...
SO is down for me...
No, working well here
I got a 408 but it is working once more
@rene 408 what? ;)
too busy
408 : Request time out
it happens to me also sometime but after refresh the page then things start to work
2:48 PM
@ShadowWizard 418 is I'm a Teapot.
not 408
@rene he most likely means the Manish from this post
Q: Fitbit account Integration in Android

Manish SrivastavaI am working on an application which is related to medical science. Where I have to implement FITBIT device with my application. I am following fitbit developer tools for it but I am unable to integrate it and if I am doing it manually without fitbit library I am unable to back on my...

And having less than 50 rep, can't comment
in PHP on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by HamZa
So here's my regex reference. It needs a lot but it's a start. What do you guys suggest ? Ask permission on meta and post it ? Improve it by adding more links before going to meta ?
hmm Shadow
@ShadowWizard At least he didn't post an answer
2:50 PM
Morning @HamZa (though it is afternoon for me)
done Undo
"its not an answer" He even gave us directions on what flag to use! Thanks! :D
> its not an answer to any thing
Isn't this challenge impossible?
flags comments as obsolete
@Doorknob well for me it is :P
@HamZa point taken :-)
but I kinda like it. I hope someone comes up with something
...wat. It got upvoted
2:52 PM
@Doorknob No loops ?
And hey, he never said I can't sort a one-element array.
maybe recursion could solve it ...
You codegolf folks :P
@HamZa Nope, we can only use if, >, <, =, not functions
2:54 PM
^ Ugly overflowing
gtg now, cya folks
Now even if we can get the length, there's no way to do anything with it, since we can't use loops or functions or anything. So this is still impossible. — Doorknob 6 secs ago
@Doorknob FYI ^
@ShadowWizard s/Chuck Norris/Jon Skeet/
3:10 PM
@Doorknob An interesting challenge would be:
Write a regex that matches the input if it's sorted.
I think I just found the solution ^(^I+|,?\1I+)+$ regex101.com/r/uH2kR4
3:25 PM
@HamZa ^(?:(I*),(?=\1))*I*$
@JanDvorak such nice regex ...
3:43 PM
@ShadowWizard "can sort in O(1)"
4:07 PM
Good morning!
hey @BlueIce
4:29 PM
@ThiefMaster I would say O(0) but yeah :D
@tgm How's it going?
@ShadowWizard That actually might work.
5:00 PM
Are there any moderators in here at the moment?
@IQAndreas Yes, why?
I see a few right now. Including a few CMs
@Doorknob I have an idea for a small April Fool's joke and need a confederate.
@IQAndreas Lol :P I'm pretty sure you can just discuss it with us mortals; no mod/CM needed for that
What I mean to say is "Are there any moderators in here who aren't busy at the moment?
@Doorknob I can discuss it, but I still need a confederate. ;)
I want to hear what it is! :D
I've been thinking of a few ideas for a while and haven't settled on which yet
5:07 PM
I would like to open a feature-request in Meta to merge the JavaScript and JQuery tags, since most of the time, when users are asking a JavaScript question, what they really are looking for is JQuery: i.stack.imgur.com/TdrW7.gif
JavaScript would then become a synonym, and JQuery the actual tag.
Hahaha, and then have a mod tag as [status-completed]? :D
I would just propose the feature request on its own, but the amount of rep I have on Meta is tiny, so I risk just looking like a "noob" asking a stupid question.
The [status-completed] would help dot the i.
I'd upvote it. :D
5:10 PM
So, lurking (or AFK) moderators, may I humbly ask for your assistance?
@ThiefMaster @animuson @AnnaLear MEGA-TRIPLE PING! :P (see above messages)
So, @Doorknob, you mentioned you had some April Fools jokes in mind. Any you would like to share?
That would probably ruin them. :3
@Doorknob Good point, but if you do any of them, I'd love to hear about them afterwards in case I miss them. :)
5:27 PM
@Doorknob @IQAndreas merging and sounds like a terrible idea.
oh, April Fools
Reading backwards is hard.
@AnnaLear Why are you reading backwards? That's quite strange.... heck, I don't even know how to read backwards! ;)
@AnnaLear So may I get down on my knees and beseech you for support in this endeavor?
Having a [status-completed] tag (without actually applying the tag merge, obviously) would really help sell the joke.
Alternatively, I don't actually need a part in it; a moderator could just as easily just say "We will be merging the [javascript] and [jquery] tags" without needing a [feature-request] in the first place.
5:44 PM
@IQAndreas It's probably going to get downvoted fast enough for very few folks to notice that the post even existed. But it's worth a shot.
@AnnaLear I'm prepared for that, I expect to receive a lot of "hate" from people who don't realize what day it is. ;)
@IQA Tell us right before you post it so that we can upvote it :D
But do posts disappear with enough downvotes, or can they only disappear with enough close flags?
@Doorknob Good idea, I'll do that.
6:09 PM
@IQAndreas yeah, not so much worried about the hate. it's more that once you hit -8, the question won't show up on the front page anymore.
wants to report a whitespace bug
@TGMCians My vote closed it...
6:25 PM
Fuck yeah, this is great
@gnome Hi! Long time no see!
@BlueIce Hi there. =]
How's your weekend?
I've had a bad cold
runny nose, coughing, etc
Sorry, that sucks :(
Hopefully you get better! Nobody likes being sick.
6:40 PM
@rene I saw
Anybody who want to support reopening of this
I'll see if I can find a better duplicate but the current one is plain wrong...
@GnomeSlice first couple of tracks are great!
@rene Yeah man, I'm really diggin it.
Atrium is fantastic.
6:48 PM
@TGMCians I would say yes: too broad
@rene OP found an answer and accepted also, so I am leaving it
He is lucky
7:18 PM
/me leaving, cya
@tgm goodbye!
I should probably leave the latest meta drama before I drain myself of comment votes again.
@JanDvorak drama? where?
Q: what should I call them

shanyangquI did read rules about what should post and should not post on stack overflow in general, I feel this is a place to ask any programming related questions. I found there are lots of people, hanging around the site, criticize other users about questions 1)being too easy, 2) should google first, or...

current amount of drama: cca one comment per minute.
7:53 PM
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by RUJordan
What stack exchange site would help me solve issues about using a browser?
If anybody knows ^ thanks
@RUJordan Super User
@Doorknob thanks, much appreciated.
Interesting chrome issue if anybody is interested. superuser.com/questions/735562/osx-scrolling-broken-in-chrome
@AnnaLear: Hi
@AnnaLear: Can I ask you for a favor?
Q: Why no Community Promotion Ads for Stack Overflow?

DoorknobI recently made a post on PPCG Meta about creating ads for our site. I was thinking that they could be posted on the community ads post on Stack Overflow. However, MSO has an "Open Source Advertising" feature, and no "Community Promotion Ads"! And here is MSO: I could still post PP...

@JanDvorak just for fun: google.com/….
@Revious what's up?
@rene eye-bleach. NOW!
@AnnaLear: I strongly need to disassociate 2 questions I opened on meta from my account
and you are the more nice person I know from the staff
@Revious link me to the questions
@Revious homework, right?
oh. Meta
@Revious Disassociated. Enjoy. :)
@JanDvorak: yes, I think it's better to do as you adviced me..
@AnnaLear: really thanks!
@JanDvorak I checked his other question, at least he states that it is homework in that one.
8:20 PM
Can I ask for a curiosity?
Shog9 and Gilles seems really harsh
@Revious let me disagree
are they really so harsh? or it was because I was polemical at the beginning?
I can't recall any moment I've disagreed with either of these on meta.
why would any sane person do the whole homework for that guy?!
8:21 PM
@Revious yeah... that probably contributed
@JanDvorak but they are also a bit harsh by themself?
@ThiefMaster paid Q/A service?
that site is paid?
@Revious I can't observe anything like that
@ThiefMaster if not... then the explanation is statistics
> You can view this answer by clicking here to Register or Login and paying 3 €.
> If you've already paid for this answer, simply Login.
so... yes. Paid Q/A
oh.. so even worse thant expert sex change
8:25 PM
if the homework took more than an hour to complete, the answerer earned its company less than a warehouse mover would earn.
Who honestly wants to get paid to do homework?
@hichris123 the employees of justanswer.com, perhaps?
it's not the most enjoyable job in the world, but at least you don't have to haul stuff
8:49 PM
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