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12:51 AM
The reputation effect?
+1 - Trust the guy with 100k rep on the EE.se site ;) — rfusca yesterday
1:17 AM
Starburst Minis? Who thought this was a good idea?
> Our polling analysis shows that the single thing people love most about our Starburst product is unwrapping each and every one. So let's make them smaller so they have to unwrap even more in order to enjoy the same amount of Starburst.
@animuson You eat strabursts? What even are those?
I do not. I just saw a commercial for them on TV.
I think you mistyped @animuson. Strabursts != starbursts. :P
You haven't heard of the straws that are bursting with juiciness? You put them in your soda to give it that extra kick.
That sounds terribly amazing.
@animuson Was my comment auto-deleted here?
1:25 AM
It was. Interesting.
O..kay... that wasn't even the same site I was linking to. :P
@Qantas94Heavy: yeah, reputation makes you a Chuck Norris.
@JoshCrozier: this is the one you want to experiment with deleting?
but I cannot cast a delete vote; I literally used up the last a few minutes ago.
Wow.. I can't even vote to delete it
1:41 AM
any reason why I saw 549 answers for a few days, and it came back to 550 again? Someone deleted a question and then it got undeleted where I had zero scores, literally?
That sounds plausible.
So the auto-login / refresh page when changing sites use to work great... but for the last week or so it's really sucked. Sometimes it would work and others not at all. And then it would work for going from SO to Meta, but not from SO/Meta to CodeReview or other sites. Then just now, it didn't work from SO to Meta, but it worked from Meta to CodeReview...
1:59 AM
Anyone repro?
2:22 AM
A: Disappearing image views after package name change in Android Java

user3209415I think that you have a problem out there! I've never heard about problem like this. IMO it about compilation step. Looking for solution is very good idea. In my opition you should try to find a right solution to fix it. Best way to do this is look for answer here in stackoverflow.com.

People are so helpful sometimes
How do I flag this string of comments? Do I flag each of them?
A: Use same HTML tags within two separate div containers

David Gyeh, use a loop. var myDivs = new Array(); myDivs[0] = '#div1'; myDivs[1] = '#div2'; //etc for(var i=0; i < myDivs.length; i++) { $("#" + myDivs[1] + '.appendStuff').append(stuff); } That way it'll go through your list of divs and append what it needs to until it runs out of divs. Though...

Nevermind, the question was deleted
@JeroenVannevel LOL!
gnomeslice! You're gone :(
ice baby, ice ice baby?
-vanilla ice said something like that
he's popular again
@lo Vanilla Ice talks about GnomeSlice? You should let gnome know!
He would be impressed!
2:36 AM
@hichris123 I don't know why @Doorknob was in Aspen. But if I ever went there, I would rent a moped/scooter thingy and drive the same route as Lloyd and Harry.
They just don't make good movies like that anymore :(
@hi I live in Colorado! That's insulting! :p
I've never been to Aspen, but I think Aspen is more like LA then Colorado
@LowerClassOverflowian darn it, I forgot to do that :(
@Doorknob You at least got your tongue stuck to a frozen pole though, right?
2:38 AM
Hahaha Aspen is where you go when you have money to blow.
@animuson I heard Charlie Sheen has blown more than just money there
We won a trip there a long time ago. Everything was mega-expensive. The hotel had very nice towels though.
@LowerClassOverflowian Darn! I forgot that, too! I still have one day. :P
@animuson The stuff at the hotel where I was staying (called "Inn at Aspen," what a creative name) wasn't that expensive.
@animuson and you still use them till this day :)
@BlueIce Sorry. :P
2:40 AM
Seriously, "Inn at Aspen"? Did the people on their creative team just all quit?
Was there also a Tavern at the Aspen?
In fact, there was! I ate at a restaurant called something's Tavern. :P
(I didn't see any actual taverns though)
Q: Sockpuppet admission

Adam DavisI figure it's time to let the cat out of the bag before someone else goes public with it, and it's just too hard living a lie. Jon Skeet is my sockpuppet account. Would a moderator please combine that account into my normal account for me? Thanks!

@Doorknob It's best to stay away from any place with the name "tavern" in it
It was just a normal restaurant with Tavern in its name
2:45 AM
@Lower I went to a "Tavern on the Green" in NYC for a wedding. It was fancy :)
ass. i had an answer, and now i can't post it. — gcq 3 hours ago
not sure whether to flag...?
@Doorknob Ass!
Seriously, though, I would delete the other comment below it.
Q: please ask for algorithm recurrence

user3389822please Consider the recurrence relation T(0) = T(1) = T(2) = 2 and for n ≥ 1, T(n) = sigma(i=2 to n-1)T (i)T (i − 2). Consider the problem of computing T (n) from n. (a) Show that if you implement this recursion directly, the algorithm would use exponential time in n. (b) Explain how, by not re...

Q: Watch 300: Rise of an Empire Full Movie Streaming Online Free (2014)❊❊

user3451231Watch 300: Rise of an Empire Full Movie Streaming Online Free (2014)❊❊ Click Here to Watch Now! ☛ 300: Rise of an Empire Movie Storyline Based on Frank Miller's latest graphic novel Xerxes and told in the breathtaking visual style of the blockbuster "300," this new chapter of the epic saga take...

2:56 AM
@LowerClassOverflowian Beat you to it :))
@Lo I especially like how they put a little copyright at the end of the text.
@BlueIce I'll delete mine then in 2 minutes : ) Yea, that was nice.
Aaaaand it's gone...
@LowerClassOverflowian Sure, however downvoting it gets it off the front page faster, so less people flag it. Matters more on lower traffic sites, though.
Any 2k meta users willing to do an edit for me?
@hichris123 I don't want to risk it.
@LowerClassOverflowian Please? Just change the link to the other question in this question to use HTTP instead of HTTPS.
This link: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/216039/my-avatar-changed-i-didnt-chang‌​e-it
3:05 AM
@hichris123 Why? That seems too minor. I guess I don't understand why it should be http instead.
@LowerClassOverflowian Possible bug. That question should be appearing in the "Linked Questions" sidebar thingy. Guess what? It's not. I dunno why; maybe that's it.
@hichris123 ok , did
Yeah, it showed up there now. Huh.
report time.
y u no meta-tag:
wait, nvm, apparently there's no styling for that in chat
@Doorknob Huh what?
It's formatted...
3:10 AM
you know how required tags look different on meta?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, gotcha.
@Doorknob Blue? Really?
(blue freehand circles - hipster ftw! :P)
(or maybe just being too lazy to change the default color)
anyone here has 15k rep in some site?
3:13 AM
@Braiam Yes, SO and meta
@Doorknob ^
would you protect a Q even if there isn't any any deleted answer but knowing that it will attract lots of comments and stuff?
(and if you're referring to the protect priv, I have 3.5k on CG)
@Braiam Yea, I have multiple times.
@Braiam Yes. If there were enough deleted answers, the Community protect would automatically activate. User protection is there for "edge cases"
And it's protection, i.e. protecting the post from bad things :P
3:21 AM
Is there any other questions /answer like this one? That I can laugh too?
Q: What code would you have on your wedding cake?

SembianceI'm getting married on April 4th, 2009. My future wife has agreed to let me have actual code on top of the wedding cake. Woot! There isn't very much room, four, maybe five lines (it's only a 6" cake because the main cake is a bunch of cupcakes). Any language is okay, Java, JavaScript, XML. A l...

Q: Questions don't link if the URL uses HTTPS

hichris123When linking a question via HTTPS, the question doesn't appear in the Linked Questions sidebar. In the question My avatar automatically changed, this was the initial screenshot: So then the question was edited to use HTTP instead of HTTPS: After that, the question is now shown in the Linked ...

^ Bug reported
4:02 AM
4:15 AM
woah, quite the interesting profile there
That is... quite interesting.
1 hour later…
5:25 AM
This is incredible: "Whatever, Iam posting questions here for getting answers.It doesn't matter whether it is quiz question or an assignment."
5:55 AM
@devnull it actually does...
6:14 AM
is this being deleted? stackoverflow.com/q/208193/792066
@Braiam why would it be?
2 hours later…
@JanDvorak you mean the one who approved? No, he's no robo reviewer, just made a poor choice.
oh, thanks
@Braiam nope. 0 delete votes.
8:50 AM
hey everyone !
hey everyone!
Sorry, Oh I can not , I don't have account there
@TGMCians make one, then
8:56 AM
okay doing
Oh, he's back...
who is that guy, after all?
@JanDvorak from what I've seen in the past, teenager from India
If he's really the same guy, he's part of a group who caused the DDoS attack
needs more flags
9:04 AM
aw c'mon, "sleep" isn't a swear word
Completely dumb question: who's "Nate Eldredge"?
and his "disclaimer" pushes the word "fuck" out of the hot question feed
@TGMCians ninja'd
9:10 AM
I thought posting images required 10 rep... ?
yes, but how did he manage to do so
@michaelb958 one of the top users in that site: math.stackexchange.com/users/822/nate-eldredge
hehe, I got two review audits sequentially.
@LaszloPapp hurry, send lottery ticket!
I do not do gambling. :)
9:12 AM
@ShadowWizard Doesn't seem all that high-ranking on MO as opposed to Mathematics, though.
@TGMCians maybe it's per-site privilege
@ShadowWizard too late, the luck pool is probably already drained.
hmm Shadow
@JanDvorak we'll know soon enough, I guess :D
Did you guys see my new question on meta which I asked two days back
9:17 AM
@TGMCians which one?
Q: Why can some users below 20 reputation send requests for write access in chat rooms?

TGMCiansWhy are some users allowed to request write access in chat rooms (Gallery Rooms) when they have below 20 reputation?? See here user requested for write access in chat room. See here, the user has one reputation At other times the system displays this message: Why does this happen? I agr...

seen that,
okay, probably I should put a bounty on this after next 5 hours, because did not get any answer or so
@TGMCians it's actually a reference request
can be, I voted as too broad , answer would be too long, OP need to make any Rest Web API ...
9:27 AM
A: Android : how to start intent activity when context menu clicked?

vadymI have same problem, and don't wanted replicate question. public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.main); tv = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.tv); // registar o contextmenu para text view : tv registerFo...

NAA, I think.
I heavily recommend to post your question in the unity subforum forum.unity3d.com/forums/50-Windows-Development as your question will be exposed to more people with the knowledge you are seeking. Unfortunately I have never published a Unity project to windows (other than the basic desktop build) — LostBalloon 11 hours ago
^^^ how can we stop that nonsense?
"I don't have a clue what the answer is, but go ask it somewhere else"
downvote for comments?
Track down the user and slap them with a trout?
flag as advertising?
9:30 AM
@Bart: should be in the FAQ.
I don't know about other tags, but it happens time and time again for Unity questions. Either it's "Go ask on the Unity forums" or "Go ask on Gamedev SE"
We so need that on SO @michaelb958
We also need chips. Mmmm, chips.
No, @michaelb958 we really need some chimps!
9:42 AM
@ShadowWizard Not half as tasty.
But very very effective, see Tim Post for reference! :D
I'm getting derailed onto food; clearly dinnertime.
@michaelb958 you must mean lunch, it's 11:50 AM here :)
@ShadowWizard Over here it's 20:48.
So far away!
10:00 AM
Hmmm, that retag action of me caused a lot of disturbance. Even Pëkka felt he needed to leave a comment. I didn't consider any of the comments to be rude but he did for some reason...
And you're only seeing the second version of it @rene :D
eating a sausage & cheese sandwich. We have enough meat already, we don't need to buy ham.
Let's just say it was initially a bit more harsh than that, so I left a comment @rene.
Ah, a lot of emotions....not needed IMHO.
Kyle has a point somewhere
10:08 AM
That you could have left a clear edit comment? Sure. But he made that point rather ... awkwardly.
My 10K rep doesn't invite to leave a comment because I use the edit tags functionality. I only edit the whole question if I see things that needs to be improved.
Anyone here who uses Moto G Android Phone ?
Not me, I have a Nokia N900 with Maemo
I am going to buy it, any review
10:25 AM
If you can rely on google translate you could have a look at this review or this. For hardware reviews I trust Tweakers.Net as they have a good community.
@rene "Hopefully my review you charm a bit!"
Ah , I see, I have ordered, Your order has been placed and is being processed
> Your complete order will be delivered by Mar 29, 2014
have to wait for a week
@Bart Google translate hires me for their dutch to english translations, so that is spot on.
.... I'm starting to doubt your fluency in Dutch @rene
I'm not going to comment on that....
does it need an edit as well?
or do we wait for it being nuked?
Myeah, it's not going anywhere. Editing it would be pointless I guess.
yes, it need edit
needs one more CV
10:50 AM
Dinner eaten; back to wishing I had 3K on main.
If you only answer once a month that can take some time ;-)
Unfortunately, questions I see are always [1] duplicates, [2] outside my expertise, [3] too broad, or [4] illegible.
@devnull just downclose them as usual
if he posts more of them, the q-ban should take effect soon
Answer only link stackoverflow.com/a/17289750/1741671 should I flag ?
Meh, if it's a real dupe, just vote to close it. Don't think a mod is going to do much against an accepted answers with 7 upvotes.
@rene went over your ordeal, not a pleasant experience! That's why I usually stay away from mass retagging unless it's an obvious mistake or I have enough knowledge in the relevant tags to know 110% it's correct to rename.
Always felt bit uneasy when seeing "Please retag" followed, usually, by quick response, but unlike that guy it doesn't bother me that much.
Oh what is happening today , android tag : stackoverflow.com/questions/22590181/…
everyone need a code, "give me code"
11:24 AM
@ShadowWizard yeah, I feel I've could have done better. For sure I didn't want to escalate it that much. I still feel Kyle's has a point and I'm debating with myself if I should post a question about it to get a better consensus for retag requests.
@rene Nah, shit happens. The retag was fair enough. I've had people go ballistic over me changing their i to I. It's not worth it to spend too much time on this.
Have a look at this one were I did some effort to get a response from a commiter on that project (I invited him to a chatroom to bring the question to his attention).
Looks good. Then again, having input from the particular community doesn't always guarantee a clean effort
11:32 AM
@Bart Hmmm, yes that is a great counter example
@telkitty.exe Come back when it's all sixes ;)
@TGMCians the OP there is using Jeff avatar
"very hard problem" .... giggle
@JeroenVannevel he will be answer banned very soon if he's not already. All is good. :)
1:34 PM
A: Error Message : This Android SDK requires Android Developer Toolkit version 22.6.1 or above

user3452177This error is a new error since 3/19/14. Those who have not actually received this error and fixed it please don't post a solution that you have not tried since then.

Not anymore ;)
yes I flagged
> deleted by Mat, Shadow Wizard, Soner Gönül 1 min ago
No mod was harmed during the process :D
not an answer – TGMCians 6 mins ago helpful
Cool, was going to ask
So non-mods can cause flags to become helpful
1:42 PM
@ShadowWizard Any NAA/VLQ flag is automatically helpful as soon as the post is deleted by non-mods
spam/offensive probably too
Is it OK if you have answered of same question in another thread and you put your answer link in other answers ?
@TGMCians in general (didn't read yours yet) only if you add something, otherwise just close the question itself as duplicate
2 hours later…
3:39 PM
(removed) to you too.
Hey go (removed) yourself
I am so (removed) (removed) right now
Ha, this works!
So the meaing of life is (removed), and I think that this will benefit the whole world!
everything's gone ATM
@gnat I'm going to see if I can start up my spam script again; it won't be able to autopost here (since I can't use Chrome) but I'll still be able to manually do it
(I flagged all 3)
3:44 PM
thanks for posting
I'm running mine anytime i'm onlines
(all-caps title, programming question on meta, crap) meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/226497/depersonalising-script
flagged for closing
I still have the spammer guy tab open.
always amzing how users with a couple of months old stackoverflow account all of a sudden decide to post on meta...
3:50 PM
@rene Q-ban
I hate you IE :/
@JanDvorak Ah yes, we can't see that...
4:13 PM
@gnat Did the cross-site spammer use the tag?
4:28 PM
Why not have a dedicated site for career advice ? :-P
Q: I just completed php course from codecademy?

user3452599In college we were taught c and c++, the baiscs like i/o, loops, array, classes, objects, file handling, graphics etc. I did make some simple programs like calculator using c in college. I am very good at html and css. I also took classes of core java, in that we were taught, oops concepts, error...

4:42 PM
Is there a mod around? I seem to have created a new user by mistake on meta, and I want it merged with my main user. The two users are meta.stackoverflow.com/users/191408/mark-dominus and stackoverflow.com/users/1277934/mjd .
@devnull tags they used at Programmers were: java design design-patterns algorithms agile (not even trying to guess why:)
@MarkDominus contact us... meta.stackoverflow.com/contact
@devnull All the questions would be too broad or unhelpful to future visitors..
@devnull Not exactly what you're talking about, but The Workplace is kinda similar... (not as subjective though)
@3ventic It was sarcasm. (To be clear, I wasn't actually seeking for one.)
4:47 PM
I was rather amused at the question because it seemed like presenting a ____ resume and hoping that someone would provide counselling.
Answers to lazy questions promote these kind of comments.
solved by the OP
@rene This was an audit for me. :P
5:06 PM
And you passed the audit... ;-)
Yep. :D
5:26 PM
@Braiam Thanks.
@Braiam That form isn't working for me. I seem to have one account on meta, and one one main, but the "merge user profiles" form you pointed me to insists on being given two URLs both on meta.
It pops up a red message that says “your second profile link should be of the form meta.stackoverflow.com/users/<id>/<display-name>;”.
@MarkDominus what profiles we are talking about? stackoverflow.com/users/1277934 and meta.stackoverflow.com/users/191408/mark-dominus are already linked
I thought they weren't because (1) the names don't match, (2) meta.stackoverflow.com/users/191408/mark-dominus has no “main user” links, and (3) my rep on main is not being automatically synced to meta as it is supposed to be.
@MarkDominus mSO is special. Rep doesn't sync from main to meta.
Okay, thanks.
5:42 PM
How can I edit the profile at stackexchange.com/users/1271782/mjd ? Or sync it with some profile that is not the one on mathematics.se ?
6:03 PM
You basically cross-posted from Stackoverflow... don't do that... — rene 27 secs ago
@MarkDominus that account is linked with several already on SO, SU, Math, etc. what are you trying to do?
6:24 PM
@Braiam: He want's to update the global stackexchange.com profile, but not by e.g. clicking "Save And Copy Profile To All Stack Exchange Accounts" on some site as that would also update the math account – which he wants to keep as is.
Or put another way: Edit/update the stackexchange.com profile/info without touching the about me etc. on e.g. math.
I'm not sure: but one could perhaps: 1. Save the math account info in some text-file. 2. Update with information one want on stackexchange.com profile site. 3. Copy to all 4. Restore math account and only save locally.
@MarkDominus Edit your oldest profile.
Not sure which profile stackexchange.com fetches information from. Oldest perhaps?
It's the oldest profile
Is there some way to change that perhaps? (Without deleting oldest :P)
6:29 PM
Q: I was looking for a online Martial training center. Can anybody help me?

antarHello I'm going to tell a very interesting story. When I was only 8 years old I got myself a hobby to be martial arts ventura as I watched a movie of martial arts the true legend Bruce lee. I can't remind this movie title but it was very interesting I know. Still I'm carrying this attraction of...

What if e.g. math is oldest profile, and one does not want that one as the stackexchange.com profile ...
Flag plz
@user13500 Then it's.. well.. too bad.
@Doorknob already posted
2 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
(SPAM) http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/226497/depersonalising-script
but yes... flag pls
6:31 PM
@xfix DO NOT EDIT SPAM! — Braiam 5 secs ago
@Jan My link is to a question on PPCG
damn, sorry; copy-pasted the wrong URL
Lol ok
Isn't removing links from spam posts OK?
@Doorknob Flagged & nuked. :D
6:33 PM
@user13500 it's still a turd after polishing
@user13500 no
Q: Should Spam posts be edited?

Mad ScientistI noticed that the posts of the recent spam surge on AskUbuntu were all edited by community members into something like EDITED - REMOVED SPAM ANSWER or similar. While I understand why the users have done this and I too don't want to leave the spam content visible for longer than absolutely...

Hmm. OK. That makes sense.
My thought was however that usually one would not even check out if the link is to a malicious site or some Rotten clone.
But if they vanishes quickly enough then yes, no edit. I'll remember that.
@TimWolla sigh It got approved. I already rolled it back.
@hichris123 facepalming Thanks
> This question appears to be off-topic because it is about uninstall app, OP should have asked on android.stackexchange.com
this seems to me valid reason for close vote
Right ?
@TGMCians Yeah.
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