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12:01 AM
God, that's addicting.
My current highscore is 4576
If it is the one that is essentially a glorified recipe book, it should have the GBA slot, if I am remembering right. (I owned it, very briefly.) — Ashley Nunn 9 mins ago
Hahahaha "glorified recipe book" xD Priceless.
12:22 AM
can someone comment on any of my MSO posts? I need to test a thing.
Excellent answer for a test comment! — hichris123 7 secs ago
@hichris123 thank you kindly
12:44 AM
I accidentally moved the 512 out of the corner and it all went downhill from there :P
@TheGuywithTheHat Google it.
I know what 1337 is
Apparently they like easter eggs. :P
@hichris123 apparently
Now if only I knew how that happened
I was just randomly pressing keys
It froze when I tried to merge them...
12:56 AM
maybe it was the konami code? :P
I would try but I don't want to ruin my game
Googles konami code
up up down down left right left right b a start
I tried it in a new tab; it didn't work :(
I just tried it. I can confirm that it doesn't work
I accidentally moved it out of the corner again, panicked, and switched to the other corner :D
@Doorknob Oooh, close!
1:02 AM
Q: Create a simple 2048 game clone

Doorknob2048 is an incredibly fun and addictive game in which the goal is to create a tile with 2048 on it. Here's a short description of the game: Pressing an arrow key will slide all the blocks in the stage in that direction. For example, if x represents a block, and you pressed the up arrow in thi...

1:37 AM
someone help me decide what styling I should have for items and commands :P
2:14 AM
Aaaargs. And I thought I finaly could go to bed :(
So, how do you guys keep the largest values in the corners? I get it up there and then find I have to shift it out of the corner and pin a stupid little 2 up there
2:52 AM
@Andy Basically upping and lefting all the time. And then moving those small values together with an occasional right (make sure the upper row if full, so it does not move)
3:22 AM
Q: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Shog9I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer" by well-meaning* forum admins looking to close a thread. We could try to enumerate the commonly-obse...

Oh damn! I missed the season finale of Kind of the Nerds! :(
3:55 AM
should "thank you" or "please accept" type comments be flagged as not constructive or too chatty or possibly obsolete? Which do moderators prefer?
Other question: How did Mark Zuckerburg create Facebook in 2004, if Stack Overflow wasn't created till 2008?
4:48 AM
@LowerClassOverflowian not constructive would be the best choice of the options given.
@Bart How can you be sure that only 2 people are idiots?
@LowerClassOverflowian What is Facebook?
Q: no access to kernel.org website

aashI am using an ubuntu 12.04 operating system. I am not able to access the www.kerenel.org website. I am getting an error stating the page cannot be displayed. the type of error you get if you type the url incorrectly. But I am able to access the site through my windows system.

Look ma! I cannot access kernel.org
5:10 AM
wow, are there no serious chat rooms anywhere in meta stack overflow? appears to be the case.... yeeks
bookmarked some of these chat rooms but it doesnt show up in my main list of chat room bookmarks... strange... the meta stackoverflow chat rooms behave differently somehow?
1 hour later…
6:24 AM
hi @jmac
A: is xml format readable by python?

bruno desthuilliersThe syntax error is in your Python code - please reread the error message and your code. And yes of course Python can read XML files - these are just text files you know ?

shall I flag such answers? I feel it not contributing much...
I think it should be a comment.
@Amaterasu Hi, what's up? You looking for something?
looking for a CM
even as a comment, it is useless IMHO. You should not show superiority.
If you do not like answering n00b questions, either do not come to SO, or skip those questions IMHO.
6:37 AM
I agree, flagged the post as "not an answer"
@LaszloPapp The question is bad and should be closed (it is unclear what you're asking). The answer is addressing the specifically asked question, but because the question is bad, the answer isn't really helpful to anyone in the future. I'd downvote the answer, vote to close the question, and not flag the answer.
speaking of noobs, how would one answer this
Q: Get data from website to xml and parse xml data.

spoderman69Hey guys I am new to this android and web applications. My goal is to get data from the website and put it into my android app. Here are my objectives: CREATE A PAGE THAT WILL SERVE XML DATA. MAKE A PROGRAM THAT WILL DOWNLOAD XML DATA. MAKE A PROGRAM THAT WILL PARSE XML DATA. Can you help me?...

Conclusion: It is an answer, just a not very useful one to a not very clear answer. Flagging it as 'not an answer' doesn't seem appropriate in this case.
@VishwasSharma Vote to Close: Unclear what you're asking.
well, if one knows android, it is clear what PO is asking, but it is too-broad and with minimal understanding and no effort
and while I was reading this
an answer just came by on same question
@VishwasSharma Effort is not a criteria for closing:
Q: Improving "demonstrate a minimal understanding" close reason

Devolus Note: the eventual outcome of this discussion involved dropping this particular off-topic reason, along with other changes. See: Recent changes to close reasons on Stack Overflow   —Shog I was using the reason "demonstrate a minimal understanding" myself quite frequently, but the more I re...

6:52 AM
@Amaterasu I'm just about to get some sleep. do you need anything urgent? if not, you can always reach a CM via /contact :)
ah okay, have a good nights rest :)
thanks. see ya :)
7:39 AM
I have 11**666** reputation, vahaha.
I'll go downvote one of your answers to help
sounds like a good idea so that I can experience this again after a suggested edit!
Lol. I won't downvote you. (had to say this so some sneaky person doesn't go dv one of your answers and you think it was me when it wasn't)
yeah, understood. :D
A: NullPointerException when reading a properties file in Java

asdasd*asd* adsdasdasdasdasd asd asd asda asd asd asd asd adsdasdasdasdasd asd asd asda asd asd asd asd adsdasdasdasdasd asd asd asda asd asd asd asd adsdasdasdasdasd asd asd asda asd asd asd asd adsdasdasdasdasd asd asd asda asd asd asd asd adsdasdasdasdasd asd asd asda asd asd asd ...

He must be from the future.
7:43 AM
8:04 AM
@Amaterasu Sorry, try me again tomorrow (currently 4 in the morning in New York).
lol, what are you doing here at 4 in the morning, lol
NYC traffic...
did @bart get banned from chat? about time! or is he just trying to get work done so purposely not coming in here
8:28 AM
@LowerClassOverflowian Bart is away to find how did Mark Zuckerburg create Facebook in 2004, if Stack Overflow wasn't created till 2008?
I hope he makes a documentary.
Yes, we'd hope that it gets nominated for the Oscars too.
This is a great query data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/169326/… It helps you find comments to close as obsolete and also helps you find questions that should be closed.
Just too bad I'm out of close votes already
sigh.... I would have more luck in posting SharePoint flag/close question vote request here than on the site specific chat boards. Low traffic all the time.
A: Custom WebTemplate in Sharepoint 2010

RonakThanks for your reply.i solved the problem and here is solution for that in onet.xml file there is line and i replaced with following line Now its working. Thanks Ronak

does this answer seem to be missing anything? -_-'
ok, found in the text, he didn't use code formatting
luckily I checked.
8:47 AM
@SPArchaeologist There's no implications that pegasi didn't exist from the start.
@SPArchaeologist Alicorns on the other hand... not implied but possible as we didn't see any in the re-enactment on Hearth's Warming.
I mean
morning @SuhosinPony. I was just noticing that the first episodes do always refers to ponies when telling the story around the elements. No pegasi seems to be shown in any of the flashback/tale painting scene.
@SPArchaeologist Pegasi are uncommon in Canterlot where most of those scenes take place. Canterlot is primarily inhabited by unicorns.
Also 'ponies' is a generic term for { Alicorn, Pegasus, Unicorn, EarthPony }
9:03 AM
@SuhosinPony yup, but I was referencing the images more than the wording. During all the opening tale, all wings you will ever see are the ones on the two sisters. I would have expected to see a pegasi flying in at last one of the book drawings.
That said, I think that we got a case of "too much thinking" on my side.
@SPArchaeologist Oh, that's not the reference to the earliest time, in season 2 Hearth's Warming Eve references the time before the sisters
(one of my favorite episodes)
The first 2 episodes have a lot of inconsistency with the rest, much lower budget :P
@SuhosinPony Well, give me time to reach that. Until now this series actually remembered me of Guru Guru, which could be a good thing... or a warning to start running in the opposite direction
@SuhosinPony Do you know if the "Her kindness level is over nine thousand" DB parody with Fluttershy floating around the web actually come from the new season?
9:19 AM
@SPArchaeologist If you're anything like me you'll watch season 1 today, season 2 tomorrow and season 3 on sunday :P
Yes, it is :P
That is just awesome.
now give me an episode with Fluttershy giving someone the old good Shanks&theSeaKing look and I am sold.
Have a best pony.
Websockets bug?
(0 new answers to this question)
@SuhosinPony sorry, I am more of a Scootaloo fan. "Gotta love the underdog" as Goombella said (Paper Mario: TYD)
9:32 AM
@SPArchaeologist SB is the underdog. :3
@SuhosinPony to me it seems like all the three crusaders were intended as underdogs. We will see if they will have a big role someday.
Your Common Sense woke up on the wrong side of the bed again I see. stackoverflow.com/a/22401193/488657
9:50 AM
Mumble. The user posted a rant and then converted it to wiki. I ask myself.... does that mitigate the effect of the rant? Does downvotes to the now-wiki answer still add up to an answer ban for the original poster?
@Bart Common sense isn't quite as common as one would normally think.
Hmm, good question @SPArchaeologist. I wouldn't know the answer to that one.
Then again, that particular user is more than likely not even close to the edge of a ban.
@Bart You perhaps missed out on Your Common Sense's policy: I do not press closevote buttons.
Oh no, I'm well aware of them @devnull. The Colonel is not unfamiliar to me.
@Bart Yep, but forget the user and let's focus on the actual behavior. Can I post some junk and then walk unscratched away by converting it to wiki? If that was the case, why would someone ever delete one of their post? just "unlink" it from yourself. Eeeek, it may even work to return under the ban level if you are already question banned
9:56 AM
I'm not familiar either. The post made my curious enough to navigate to the profile, and I quoted the text from "About Me".
Let's just say that user has quite an extensive history on the site @devnull
Maybe start posting spams as community wiki in that case?
Well, there's always flagging @SPArchaeologist. So really getting away with utter drivel is not really likely.
I'm not surprised given the profile picture @Bart
But I don't know in how far the existing mechanisms account for it.
9:59 AM
And quoting from "About Me" on meta: Although I am being quite addicted to SO, I find it disgusting in many ways. @Bart
Can't we ban him?
@Bart you think so? post junk, have downvoted, delete it and win a ban. Some time later convert the deleted post to wiki. IF that action actually unbans you.... believe me that on a low traffic site no one will ever see your now wiki answer again
Suspend? Only if his behaviour gets out of hand. If you see something problematic, just flag @devnull. It's not up to us, and mods are well aware of the history.
Would be a question for a dev or CM I guess @SPArchaeologist. No idea what happens there.
And generally I don't think that he is a bad user @devnull. And he seems to have a serious interest in and for the well-being of the site. Though we generally seems to have quite opposing views.
@Bart Even if someone notices your now wiki answer: by the same assumption (ie: wiki unlinks the question effects from you completely ) now you are flagging an answer that is unlinked from the "producer". So he won't get the negative effect of the flag.
Faqs doesn't address this question
Take this for example meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/171172/… . There is a reason why I spent a significant amount of time rescuing it in the first two revisions @devnull. Sometimes he does seem to have good sense. And other times ... not so much.
@TimStone , can you provide an answer? Does flagging/downvoting a wiki answer still affect the counters for banning threshold of the original user?
10:19 AM
Interesting post (the meta one that you referred to) @Bart
Good thoughts don't seem to get implemented.
10:41 AM
.... do you have a life (outside meta) @Bart? :P I was going to give ye the link of the meta question for the discussion we were having... And you already found it and edited it in the time I used to copy the link and returning here ^_^
You're still assuming I'm an actual human being @SPArchaeologist? How naive.
@Bart Even Roy didn't spend all the day on meta, otherwise the famous quote would have ended something like:
"I have seen questions that you no-diamond user can never see"
Users asking how to code on a ship on the borders of the Bermuda triangle
Zalgoed text melting the mind of reg-ex users
and now all hats will be lost when the bash ends.
10:57 AM
some people upvote just anything...
Q: C# live streaming/ aFORGE

user3343894Requirement: I want to capture a video from a video camera, connected to my system and save that video into my hard drive or I can say I waana upload it on a website. from where I can stream it. It will be very helpfull if some body can tell me the whole process of doing the same. What I was th...

11:43 AM
Only an half month left till 1 April.
What will they do this year?
delete all the questions that have a score of +2 or more?
Switch the font to zalgo and add some random "you were hacked " banners around?
Write a blog post that disclose that John is actually a bot frontend of Ibm Watson? nope. Too realistic
Yes. No. Maybe.
they'll say that they are adding myspace.stackexchange.com to the lineup
@balpha we summoned balpha! Greeting, horned one. Do you have any clue regarding my meta question about community wiki posts?
11:54 AM
pretty sure that your assumption is correct, but I'd have to check to be really sure
thanks. Good to know. If you ever check that, leave an answer for future generations.
12:11 PM
I missed the morning train. When will the afternoon train leave?
@SuhosinPony Btw, did you notice the reflection in the hourglass seen in the background in the very first episode?
@rene You should of been here, @bart got banned from chat.
Oh just kidding. But it's pretty believable right?
I just found it weird he hasn't really been in chat today, although I saw him flagging posts on meta.
If anyone wants to use more of their flags, and find a lot of questions to vote to close as well, this query is awesome. data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/169326/… It helps you find comments to flag as obsolete and also helps you find questions that should be closed.
@LowerClassOverflowian ye hoped. Now scroll a little up:P. He is still around and wreaking havoc.
12:48 PM
Q: Allow Shorter Duration Bounties

mhlesterI don't personally have an immediate need for this, but it seems like there must be those for whom it could be a life saver. Allow bounties to be placed with shorter duration. Since the Featured page is sorted by date, this allows the question to jump higher on the list and gain more immediate e...

@LowerClassOverflowian For shame
Ah, you got unbanned...
1:29 PM
Why would one want to ban poor old me @rene?
1:49 PM
Breaking news! A minor suggested edit got rejected!
@Undo Dang. It got approved.
Going through his history, it looks like he does much better than I would have thought.
Looks like he got desperate to hit 1k ;)
@TheGuywithTheHat I probably would have approved it
Just for grammary goodness.
2:01 PM
I don't think
> I want to print the file content if it contains more then 10 lines ,

I have tried this code, but it does not work
Just wondering why nothing happened about the following:
Q: Reward finding duplicate questions - +10, +2, -5

PëkkaThis Meta question: Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions deals with various ways of rewarding the finding of duplicates, a tough and increasingly necessary janitorial task. Here's a concrete suggestion: Reward the finder of a duplicate with +10 points if the question gets closed a...

Seems like a good suggestion.
is much better than
> How do I write the code to only print a file contents if they were 10 lines more? I tried to write it but it keeps counting the lines in a weird way.
correction: I would have improved it and left the helpful box checked.
@devnull I came across that a few times while browsing MSO. I'm not entirely certain if it's a great idea.
If something like "moderation reputation" were added though, it would be a great idea.
2:31 PM
hey everyone !
Hi! How's it going?
Things going good
Can someone verify that the code in my answer actually works?
I don't have access to a java compiler right now.
I did not test
but seems perfect to me
2:45 PM
@TGMCians Okay, thanks.
Can I ask someone to point out my obvious mistake that I can't see?
@3ventic Yes.
SELECT `members_display_name` FROM `members` WHERE `member_login_key` LIKE ?
Error: ER_PARSE_ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '?' at line 1
I think it's not setting the ? but it was just a minute ago..
I don't really know SQL, but I'll start googling.
I'll see if anything useful turns up
got it
? had to be in quotes
3:01 PM
@3ventic it should be %word%
I think you can not use ? in the like query
% sign is used to define wildcards
I can, it works
it's in javascript
okay well
Q: GSM Calls with RILD in Android?

AlistergearIs there way to initiate GSM call with Radio Interface Layer Daemon and it's AT Commands in Android? My real intention is encrypt voice data and send it from gsm network. Can RILD is able to send encrypted voice data over GSM?

What is the reason guys here voted to close the question as unclear
I see now a days when any guy mistakenly vote to close it in hurried then others seems to run in same way without looking more
I felt kinda sorry for this guy:
Q: Remove pixels from jquery height

DaleHow would I minus 100px from the returned height? function HomePageSize() { $('#home').css({ width: $(window).width(), height: $(window).height() }); } Thanks.

until he posted this:
Sorry im trying to learn a a bit of jquery you arrogant F&^% — Dale 2 mins ago
I saw
Awww I missed out on some comment flagging :(
3:47 PM
Geez, YCS is on an a-hole rampage today. Pff
@Bart: lol, where'd you see that?
Do you think this "answer" should be flagged as NAA?
A: PDO count is returning same value

Your Common SenseThis question, as well as a superstition behind it, is a duplicate You don't actually need neither mysql_num_rows, nor rowCount, nor this insecure homebrewed surrogate.

Already did so.
@Bart Is that different than any other day? =)
It's just a flippant rant, IMO.
I wonder what he's like in real life.
3:51 PM
I've seen him have better days recently @jadarnel27. Maybe I've just been lucky.
I'll downvote this answer as soon as I get my quota back — Your Common Sense 6 mins ago
Either leave a comment why, or just shut up.
It might be Your Common Sense, it isn't mine
Hmm, I edited this answer of him, to remove the non-answer part. But he rolled back the edit.
Somehow I imagine YCS as a gentle old lady who enjoys needlepoint @jadarnel27.
(I'm not going on a rollback war - just wanted to know what you guys think)
At this point @AmalMurali .... shrug
3:56 PM
Hahaha, @Bart. Old lady indeed. I truly hope so.
What's the best thing to do in such situations? Flag for moderator attention? Downvote and move along? Something else?
And he usually leaves comments like this question if a "bad" question gets upvotes:
5 upvotes for the answer which is not a slightly related to a question. Stack Overflow at its best. — Your Common Sense Oct 1 '13 at 8:13
Interesting guy. :)
You're missing some quote marks there
"bad" <-- This was to indicate that the question wasn't actually bad. :P
4:31 PM
@AmalMurali have you read his profile and his linked alternative account? It's 'enlightening': stackoverflow.com/users/285587/your-common-sense
@Andy: I've read it like 9001 times. ;P
Happy Pi day, everyone!
Pi Day is an annual US celebration commemorating the mathematical constant (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (or 3/14 in the U.S. month/day date format), since 3, 1, and 4 are the three most significant digits of in the decimal form. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day. In the year 2015, Pi Day will have special significance on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., with the date and time representing the first 10 digits of . Pi Approximation Day is observed on July 22 (or 22/7 in the day/month date format), since the fraction 22⁄7 ...
Hapπ day!
You misspelled pie.
Argh, that Pi looks ugly in my previous message.
4:39 PM
Happy Pi(e) day, everyone!
@jadarnel27 Better?
Much! =P
Lets try a Pi train
4:43 PM
>>> print("Happy P(i|ie|y) day, everyone")
@TheGuywithTheHat: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?
redefined Pi
@AmalMurali Did I do something wrong?
What have I done?
@TheGuywithTheHat: Our Pi train. :(
@AmalMurali I thought I would speed it up a bit
It was going a bit slow
4:47 PM
But you made it TOO fast.
Did it crash going around a corner?
I don't know. Did it?
Am I the only one who hasn't solved 2048 yet? I keep losing at 1024. Sigh.
See? Now there's all these dirty letters lying around.
4:50 PM
This has been my strategy so far: keep the biggest number in the top-left corner and never press the Down arrow key.
It's a good strategy
@AmalMurali Exactly what I did, too.
I won by keeping the biggest number in bottom left and never pressing up
But to be fair, 1024 is just half way there
@3ventic One mistake towards the end, and boom!
4:51 PM
With added music if you're good enough to win.
Yeah, there's some kind of formula to know the minimum number of moves required to reach '2048', right? I don't know...
I just made this:
Whoa. The formatting sucks.
I can't get my head around websockets..
@AmalMurali well.... for example I just realized how it works after reopening it after closing it about 2 second after I opened it the first time.
@Amal I still have not beaten the game =)
I made this snippet to get into a nice position easily - gist.github.com/amalmurali47/aaa12744ab9c5c161688
Disclaimer: I don't know JS. It just happens to work. :D
5:05 PM
Someone has severely missed the point of the "In Praise of Moderators" room haha.
I hate when I feel obligated to upvote an answer—on a question I answered—because it is correct and helpful, but then they don't upvote my more thorough answer even when they know I was the person that upvoted their answer.
@jadarnel27: What's that supposed to mean? :P
7064 in 2048
5:24 PM
@Amal If you don't get it, I don't know how to explain it =)
@AmalMurali 512 moves to gather enough material if you're lucky and get only 4s and leave nothing behind, and another 9 moves to upgrade the last 4 to 2048
@jadarnel27: Maybe you meant I was going a little off-topic? That's a guess. :>
5:40 PM
@Amal I haven't seen you chatting in there.
Oh. I thought that was another name for this room :D
One of the flags in the flagqueue shows up as "Low answer quality score [70], /questions/how-to-answer shown and skipped – 22 mins ago"
Is that a custom flag?
@JeroenVannevel I don't have 10k on SO so I can't see it, but I don't think it is a custom flags because only mods can see these flags.
@JeroenVannevel it's an automatic flag
It's the first time I see such a flag, is it a new thing?
5:48 PM
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why Bret Copeland has been in this room for the past few months (at least), but doesn't have a single post in here?
nah, it's been around a while
@BretCopeland why are you stalking the Tavern? ;)
Heh. 2500 flags handled and this is the first time I see it
Is there somewhere we can read up on the metrics it uses to determine that score?
@AnnaLear it actually stalks me.
@JeroenVannevel I don't think they're fully documented anywhere. In part because we don't want folks to game it.
@BretCopeland I know that feeling.
@BretCopeland ...In your dreams (or nightmares, as the case may be)
5:52 PM
@AnnaLear pretty much never visit tavern, and I never have a tab open for it, but that doesn't stop it from reminding me when happy hour is every week.
I hate that happy hour thing
it doesn't show on the tab title what tab caused it
every time I'm looking through 5 programs and 20 tabs to find out what was making noise
@JeroenVannevel use Chrome.
Anna Lear has removed an event from this room's schedule.
Happy Hour is dead. Long live Happy Hour.
@JanDvorak I do. The speaker icon dissapears when the sound is gone, so by the time I looked at my tabs it's gone
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