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12:02 AM
teehee - comments, including mine here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/223637/…
What flag is appropriate for a question along the lines of "Here's my problem, please write my code for me"?
"Unclear what you're asking" or "Lacks sufficient information to diagnose the problem"
you can choose
Q: What is the current way to handle no-effort questions on SO?

T.J. CrowderSince the old insufficient effort close reason has been removed, are questions showing no effort at all no longer meant to be closed? Just downvoted? If they're meant to be closed, what's the current appropriate close reason? The SO help still refers to the "must demonstrate a minimal understandi...

I usually go with the latter
Or "Too broad", really
Thanks. While I'm here.. there are two "It's a duplicate" flags.. a duplicate duplicate flag?
12:12 AM
It doesn't matter that much. It's a multidisciplinary rulebreak
One in the top menu and one in the other reason menu
can you link the question?
I'm trawling old questions, where there's no point in posting a comment since the OP is never going to reply... stackoverflow.com/questions/2827679/…
@Braiam correct
A: To flag or not to flag question that don't show own effort?

Shog9First off, if a question doesn't show any of the effort made to resolve the problem down vote it! Down-voting poorly-asked questions is immensely important - if you do nothing else, at least do that! With that out of the way, ask yourself: is this question answerable? Not necessarily by you, ...

@PaulHicks Where do you see two "duplicate" flags?
12:17 AM
@PaulHicks now that that question has been downvoted, it will be automatically deleted in less than a day with zero effort required from anyone else on the site.
When I pop up the flag screen, there is "It is a duplicate...", and in the "It should be closed for another reason" page. there is "duplicate of..."
Thanks @Shog, that's the easiest thing to do
@PaulHicks easiest and often the most effective. If you don't do anything else, never forget to vote!
@PaulHicks You're right, that is a duplicate of the duplicate reason
I've never noticed this
I'm guessing they simply painted the closevote reasons in that window
Nothing ever gets past me. At least, not once I notice it ;)
12:23 AM
Dups are hard. Irony is fun!
And punny too, apparently.
I'd like to tout my own data explorer query. It's great for finding things to downvote
@PaulHicks once you have close votes privileges, you just click "close" instead of "flag" when looking for the "close" UI
Good to know. Downvotes will keep me going for now
I'll clean up this place sooner or later!
This is why I can't ever be a moderator. I have janitorialness bred into me
Many a man has ventured down those paths
't is a dangerous place to be
Fortunately I can't spend long enough on-site to get me jaded. 20 mins at a time, 2 or 3 times a week, should be safe enough.
12:32 AM
Does anyone have a duplicate handy for this question?
Q: Why can't I see some close reasons?

NKNToday I've realized that when voting for closing questions, some of them have have an account for some reasons I can't see. For instance: So I read that question, see that it lacks sufficient information and I'm voting for its closing. In the first menu I see there are 3 votes: But once I c...

I've seen it a few times today already but can't seem to find it
I just failed another close vote audit, this time for a really bad jQueryUI question that got bandwagon "I understand this" upvoted :/
12:52 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum: wow, which one?
stackoverflow.com/q/21735672/1348195 it's about a jQueryUI bug
It's 'this thing happens with jQueryUI' and the answer is 'I debugged the library for you', it'll be really irrelevant really soon.
Not to mention the whole thing should have happened at the jQuery bug tracker and not SO.
aww, that sucks
Eh, I wouldn't close that
@JeroenVannevel I clicked on close to see a duplicate. However, after reading the whole thing again - I'd definitely close it.
Audits fail as soon as you click "Close", even if you just want to see what people marked the question as a duplicate of.
12:58 AM
@Jeroen Found a dupe for this question.
Well, @Shog9 closing it works too. :P
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
sigh Already through my reviews...
I think that was the one I was thinking about
although it was last active a month ago.. not today..
@hichris123 Slow down you move too fast gotta make the morning last...
maybe just two very similar screenshots
@Jeroen The one earlier today was closed as a dupe of that.
@Shog9 But reviewing is fun!
@hichris123: it's not fun, it's addictive
1:07 AM
Well, both. :P
@Qantas94Heavy is not addictive... is boring...
@Braiam: try telling chris that
It isn't boring! It's actually a fun break for me...
@hichris123 get 3k on AU... you will see...
Okay, reviewing on SO is fun. Better?
1:10 AM
Now say it with more motivation
Give it some schwung
wait, did we drop brown?
Yay I can review more close votes!
(this is like the first time in months I've thought that)
@Undo ?
@Undo I got to them faster. :P
1:25 AM
@hichris123 I was eating :P
8,270 to go!
@Undo Bad mod! Not moderating while eating!
is adding a jsfiddle to a CSS question a valid edit?
@hichris123 But... I'm not an SO mod. So I don't need to.
And SR hasn't had a flag all day
Oh. Carry on then.
Shh.. Don't tell Undo. goes to flag stuff on SR
1:28 AM
pretends he didn't hear and goes to flag queue
is on mobile so may take a while. false alarm
I'm going to have to leave soon, though.
I'll do it right before you wake up.
evil laugh
Then Journeyman will snipe them.
And I wake up at different times every day >:D
My OTP thingy might actually work!
1:31 AM
ooooh neat!
It's currently loading the 500MB graph...
It's only been 9 minutes since it started... :P
ooooh flagz!
It loaded... Let's see if it worked!
1:40 AM
Now I'm leaving. Cya in a few hours ;)
2:19 AM
Google Glass is moving from ICS to KitKat? Wow. That's... a huge update.
@GnomeSlice Hiya! How's it going?
@hichris123 Not bad I guess.
Kinda bummed I didn't hear back from my interview.
Tonight's Listening is absolutely not the kind of thing I usually link.
@GnomeSlice Aww... well, maybe you'll still hear back?
@hichris123 Maybe.
OTP works? Yay!
2:25 AM
It's like a Trip Planner thingy...
It really works. Yay!
damn, that's pretty slick looking
@MagicMan It's pretty cool. Not my baby though. :P You can find more here.
hah, awesome, 317 open issues, hope they got a pile of contributors!
Yeah, they have tons. I'm even considering helping out. :P
2:37 AM
i've always had a hard time contributing to OSS projects unless i'm tight with a main author or heavy contributor
I think they really want help... they do ask that you add some minor stuff/fixes in pulls first, though.
1 hour later…
4:00 AM
Why was this closed as a duplicate?
Q: Responding to your "too localized" concerns

JaydlesAs part of our closing overhaul, we've moved, reorganized, and renamed a number of close reasons, including too localized. While that change was informed both by widespread misuse of the reason and numerous meta posts from you, many of you have also indicated concerns about its new home in the o...

That has nothing to do with "minimal understanding" IMO.
Especially since "minimal understanding" is an SO thing only.
happy UTC March 1st! :P
4:48 AM
Illegal use of backticks, code 2: stackoverflow.com/users/2172900/vikas-gautam
Like this user: stackoverflow.com/users/1905949/ekad, 500 approves, 9 rejects.
Approved & rolled back... sigh
And people are just blindly approving them...
5:39 AM
@hichris123 by the same person? Now I've seen everything
wait, no, I haven't seen "reject and then apply anyways" yet.
though I might have seen improve/no change/not helpful
I didn't see the code highlight until I did a triple-take.. it's hard to see the grey highlight under the green highlight... it makes me nervous that I might have approved a few edits that shouldn't have been approved..
Yum. There's a markdown diff view. I'm off to review something and find that...
however, it's not really the grey what counts the most. Code formatting should be detected by the use of monospace font.
My eyesight doesn't show fonts very well...
5:47 AM
you could use a different color for monospace font
I can't see this markdown diff mode, I'll keep reading. However, on this review that I'm looking at, someone has typed "<input>" and it's not showing up in the preview. Is there a correct way to type that? Backticks maybe?
I've never played with userstyles since greasemonkey got absorbed into Chromium. I think I've forgotten how...
@PaulHicks yep. HTML snippets should be code formatted.
Q: why we use the word "oops" if something went to wrong?

Man Kingdomwhy we using the word OOPS if something went to wrong in the sentence or communication with others? I would like to know the correct information regarding this question. Any help much appreciation

Easy as
add four spaces if it should be a code block
education time, I guess
5:55 AM
Is it possible to view the edit history of a question? I was told that the edit was approved when I was about to reject it, but now that I'm looking at it, the edits I wanted to reject aren't there. Looks like someone else did a simultaneous and better edit that got approved. I'd like to see the diffs.
Oh nevermind foudn the link
and downvote; someone just upvoted this
hah, i down voted
and... another upvote
two favorites, two upvotes, gotta be a little posse at work
voting ring you say?
6:08 AM
can't imagine they're legit with a question that vague
why not? I doubt the upvotes are legit, though.
very non-specific question with asking for off site resources, pretty clearly not a good question, what's to like about it?
pretty low odds 2 people would decide it's worth an upvote
Weird flag
> two different people have upvoted this piece of crap. I suspect a voting ring.
wait, only two closevotes as of yet? Are we missing something?
what's the entry limit for the CVQ at this point, two votes?
not sure
2 hours later…
8:17 AM
Mmm. My close review queue with filter [qt] is empty. A warm fuzzy feeling.
Even if it is just an illusion.
@hyde that doesn't mean that there are no QT questions that should be closed. It only means that none of the QT questions that should be closed have got enough votes to get into the queue.
@JanDvorak That's what I meant by illusion. But I refuse to care
Ooh, is request for serial upvoting ( "upvote my answers if you like the joke" ) in the profile against any rules?
not if it is for cute lady photos. ^^
at the very least, it's kinda dickish
@hyde Even if someone serially upvotes you, those upvotes will be reversed. So I think it's better to remove it.
"if you like the joke :-)."
I take it as a joke, so I do not see a problem with it.
it is unlikely he will get many upvotes due to this.
Hmm, the -405 is interesting in his history.
8:46 AM
@LaszloPapp Well, the photo is small and badly cropped, and there's no link to full rez original
"badly cropped" is a personal opinion. I am sure many would disagree. :)
I think the user changed the photo yesterday
and got no views so far before me a few minutes ago.
(now got a few from here :) )
Yeah, looks like it
Morning @rene
I see the diminishing of the CVQ continues
9:03 AM
Hi rene.
the moderators still see 10K- deleted spams to take actions, e.g. deleting an account?
Not sure if there's a list of them, but yes, the posts are shown to them if they have a link
9:47 AM
You're aware you have an imposter @jcolebrand?
I just flagged it
do spam and offensive flags add together when it comes to autodeletion?
The SO account has no activity yet but has earned the Informed badge
maybe they were informed no such spam is allowed on SO?
Same deal as last time it seems
Even the text
10:15 AM
@Manishearth maybe you should catch unicode-only posts (except maybe on foreign-language sites)
@Bart the funny thing is, the same user is telling other users not to VTR against policy
(meta.physics.stackexchange.com/questions/5562/…, see the quote at the top of my answer)
A familiar name @Manishearth.
@JanDvorak based on this: Yes, spam and offensive are added together for auto-deletion.
10:25 AM
There are some similar voting users on SO/MSO, but it seems Physics has picked up quite some of them @Manishearth
I'd say the answer to your question is still a "yes, that's perfectly fine" though @Manishearth. At which point a moderator could step in, close it, lock it to stop it from ping-ponging, and escalate it to meta.
11:16 AM
Please downvote and flag it stackoverflow.com/a/22113591/2455259
Unfortunately I cant comment idiot!! — MacMarde 1 min ago
Bart needed the edit rep?
I was also in edit mode :-)
YAY, I win. Take that!!
11:21 AM
It is not a game, Bart. Life is not about winning ... everything
That's what losers say.
Me, childish? I don't know why you'd say that...
thanks @Bart
You're welcome @Williams. I guess he deleted his own answer.
.... finish the review
Arghh... that was an audit
I failed it because I wanted to flag it as a duplicate...
11:30 AM
Yes, but there is a discrepancy in time? In the review page it has "Asked today" and "Asked 2 hours ago". On the Q/A site it is 17 feb. Is it from when it was flagged?
It's an audit. It is the exact same copy, just with some tweaks to make it look like something recent
@Bart Well, he got to know how community works
You're supposed to mark it as looking good, because the actual post is evaluated positively.
Ah, OK. Thanks.
Let's hope he does something positive with it @Williams, rather than calling us idiots. No matter how accurate that statement is.
11:31 AM
11:45 AM
@Bart Well, he did get the coveted Peer Pressure badge, so there's no way he can be unhappy about how things turned out! ;)
Yay, badges!
That badge would clearly need followup though. Silver "Renegade" for deleting 10 -3 posts, and golden "Che Guevara" for deleting 100 (which might take some real effort to get, the account might get suspended a few times in the process, I suppose). /joke
mine were deleted too, and i originally left a similarly bitter comment. I decided looking at your profile and work would make me feel better, but turns out I like your work and you hobbies and extra hobbies are nearly identical to mine. So decided I couldn't hate you and left a more neutral comment instead. And thanks. For now, my custom does what this question tries to achieve through a more sophisticated external template solution. — Brian Vanderbusch 11 hours ago
^^^^ love it.
Too bad we can't see deleted comments to see what happend there. That user learned something
12:14 PM
Can any mod have a look at this account and just suspend or nuke it? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/223717/…
I have no blender account
12:35 PM
Community over there is pretty active
Answer which have only link is right way ? or it should be comment ?
Q: Are answers that just contain links elsewhere really "good answers"?

romandasI have often wondered at the practice on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and the other sites where someone will ask a question and an answer will come in that says Look here: http://link elsewhere. Rarely will the link have exactly the answer necessary -- often it's an entire article -- yet these a...

McAfee kicks in on the url in this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/22114516/…
Is closing enough? I flagged as spam to be on the safe side.
If that is his code, then that's his problem.
Myeah, tempted to go for spam as well, but I'm not sure
It is a corner case
12:48 PM
password in query string... hopeless
In most cases you have some idea what direction an answer should go in such cases but on this one...beats me...
Why @Mat? It's easy, non of this password peppering or mashing or whatever those guys do. You can send it back to your clients if they lose it. It's great.
/me listens to the sound of thousands of employers putting him on a strict do-not-hire list
If you run it in a frame you won't see the password on the url...
Did I flub the indentation there @rene? Can you check? Those first two lines need to be a single line? (Not my cup of tea)
Ah, now I see. His "main method =" is not part of the code?
Thanks @rene. That threw me off. :D
tried to fix something that is broken anyway
It won't compile so don't be bothered...
12:56 PM
True, but it never hurts to show an OP how to improve a bit.
he pasted the rest...what a mess.
The first chapter of every programming book should simply be "get yourself organized".
1:31 PM
well this was a bad CV audit :/
... what is the question there?
Hai all :)
So, this is what Tavern looks like. I've always wanted to visit.
I just wanted to ask about a math book.
Concrete Mathematics.
I wanted to ask, what you you usually read after this?
1:42 PM
After the Knuth book? Entirely depends on what you're interested in
Or what you're trying to do
I honestly want to dive into Graphs.
As in Graph Theory?
There was a post on math overflow I think
I would be very grateful for a link.
1:44 PM
Q: What introductory book on Graph Theory would you recommend?

Peter PlotovskyI'm looking for a book with the description of basic types of graphs, terminology used in this field of Mathematics and main theorems. All in all, a good book to start with to be able to understand other more complicated works.

Oh goodness! @Bart Thank you sooo much.
You're welcome
I feel that graphs are super flexible data structures, and I can solve most problems I encounter with Graphs.
So, I thought, why not dive into graph theory :)
It's a handy subject. Comes back in a lot of different scenarios.
One of my spam flags got disputed. But because 10k+ users don't see spam flags in the 10k+ tools, why is it disputed? A moderator would decline it, not dispute.
1:57 PM
If there is another type of flag on it though, that might happen I guess
On which question?
My spam flag on the php/c# mess got disputed as well :-)
This one. Now it doesn't look like spam before, because it's updated now.
That was also disputed for me
Let's blame it on the new mods!
It happens, meanwhile OP edits the question and After edit if they find good after edit then mod decline your flag
@TGMCians Mods don't dispute flags. They decline them.
And that was what I would expect for this flag.
2:08 PM
Okay, I was not aware about that
Someone might have raise a low quality flag
Then the new edits came in and someone disputed the vlq flag
Yeah, I would assume that is what happened. In which case the reason also transfers to the spam flags
2:31 PM
Is it ok at SO to provide a short piece of code, and ask help in understanding what it does? If not ok, what is the right close reason? Assuming the question is otherwise complete (contains all relevant code etc).
Q: Is it ok to ask to explain a certain piece of code on SO?

highBandWidthIs it OK to ask on SO for help in explaining someone else's working piece of code, from Open Source projects or library examples etc.? Or does this belong somewhere else?

Q: What should we do with questions that ask "explain this code"?

musefanBefore the changes to "close vote" options, we used to have "not constructive," which I think would cover this case. What option should we use now when a question includes a piece of code and asks for a specific explanation of how it works? There doesn't seem to be an appropriate option for clos...

ty, I apparently searched at poorly at meta myself. So, leaving open (well, actually not, since I skipped the review, but next time).
You can always go and leave a downvote on the question
@random Nah, I have nothing against such questions personally, and the question was otherwise fine, short, answerable. So as long as it's not specifically off-topic, I've no problem with it.
2:57 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Idiot-proof, cross-browser force download in PHP on stackoverflow.com
Is the offensive part "PHP" or being "forced"?
@random "cross-browser" is also kinda kinky when you think about it long enough, someone might find that offensive as well.
Or maybe "download" is being used as a euphemism
3:14 PM
Brb, I've got to go take a download.
4:09 PM
I'm pretty sure it's the idiot
4:33 PM
I guess that might be right.
Eek, I just looked at the code for that one.
That is a foul regex right there.
4:47 PM
CV queue is down to ~6000. Wow.
It is not going as quick as yesterday :-(
But still... it's getting down there.
Yeah, I was a little bit worried for the weekend. Seeing it go down even now is a relief.
5:06 PM
Now, I have not gone through review CV today yet, I am reviewing CV now
@TGMCians I'll do a couple as well...
I'm pretty sure we're under 6,000 now...
> 5,894
5:30 PM
Why this question stackoverflow.com/questions/15848227/… considered as dup of unrelated question by three guys ?
@TGMCians Both have Android tag and mention javadoc in the question title, probably. I think use of the "skip" option on CVQ should be encouraged more.
hmm I works in android, I understood all
That doesn't seem a correct dup.
Can't we rollback these ?
Yes @rene
If you leave a comment on the question I'll upvote the comment
That is to inform other reviewers
The outcome is not in our hands...
5:34 PM
Okay I will and let you know
@TGMCians @hichris123 have a look at that question and comment on that question as eell if you agree it is not a dup. Afterall you have some rep in the android tag...
Sorry for pinging you TGMCians needed to link that comment for hichris123
@hichris123 You did wrong review for this question stackoverflow.com/questions/15848227/…
It has been closed now
Review ban them
5:38 PM
let me write the message there
Can I flag users?
Roboreviewers in the CVQ, incorrect duplicate (maybe other reason for closing is appropiate) I casted a reopen vote: stackoverflow.com/questions/15848227/…
I think that this question has been closed as duplicate that is totally unrelated to this question — TGMCians 32 secs ago
I left a comment as well
hmm saw
I casted same reopen
one more needed
5:44 PM
I trust you're right, voted to reopen as well
and still one more needed
it is open now
I removed my comment
5:46 PM
hmm I saw
Should I also now ?
Shog9 cast the 5th reopen vote. What a standup guy, working on the weekend.
Not very satisfied with this comment: "This reads more like a headline then an answer. Please try to make make answers self-contained and optionally use links to add information outside the scope of the question and answer, or as as reference only." in regards to this post: stackoverflow.com/a/22117457/3278057 , are there some templates to use?
@TGMCians Yes, and maybe add a comment to get either a good duplicate or an answer
okay removing
I feel the question is not great and can use some extra info from the OP.
5:49 PM
I checked the profile and the OP was here on the 4th
Q: JavaDoc in an Eclipse Android Project

RobertIn our Android project, our code is JavaDoc'd and that generates everything properly. However, any reference to the Android API classes/functions results in a JavaDoc error and a link to the relevant information is not generated. Instead we get plaintext class names. How can we set up Eclipse to ...

In regard to my previous message. The user in question posted close to link-only answers to promote his own blog. 4 within 20 minutes. The rest much looks the same. I flagged all for "moderator attention" with a comment about the case. Is that bad or good? As in: should I rather only flag one and that is enough, or is it best to flag all posts if I find them only promoting his site?
Above link can be which I gave
As in a serial case.
5:54 PM
Ok, the link only answer is...not what we would like to see...
@user13500 one wil do
@rene See this it is nice stackoverflow.com/a/5134343/1741671
@user13500 only one flag per case
Ok, let's go for that one then?
@rene: OK. Thanks. I was a bit hasty when I saw the second one pop up in my review queue and went in and flagged last four.
Okay rene
5:57 PM
I'll try not to be as trigger happy next time ;)
@rene It is much related to OP question, as stackoverflow.com/questions/8577190/…
close now
OK, I'll follow you
done @rene
done as well, any other CV-pls as the same dup for stackoverflow.com/questions/15848227/…
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