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6:22 PM
I think they should raise the number of allowed close votes per day for the event. I am still motivated to help but have to wait for tomorrow now.
6:40 PM
@atticae better you come back tomorrow than burn out today
I got audit failed again for clicking on the close button to see what would be the duplicate to see if that needs closing when closing duplicates again -_- really annoying.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Isn't the duplicate shown in a seperate tab page?
@ProgramFOX what?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh no, I'm confused with reopen votes I think.
Anyway, there is at least one review queue where there are two tabs: Question and Duplicate
Not sure whether it is Close Votes or Reopen Votes.
that's the close
for questions that are, surprise, nominated for closure as dupes :)
6:49 PM
I'd try to reproduce but I'm capped.
Can't blame you though @ProgramFOX. Nobody pays attention in those queues. I just mash buttons hoping I don't get banned.
@Bart "No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies, STOP!"?
I'm about to finish my "Whack-a-mole review buttons" question for the Arduino SE @TimStone.
7:06 PM
How many questions closed today?
Oh wait, Shog posted, nevermind.
@Shog9 In theory you might be right, but I am away over the weekend. ;)
@atticae Rome wasn't sacked in a day...
user image
@Shog9 two days then? ;) With 11k done and 9k to go, we should have the first sprint done by tomorrow. That is, if we maintain that level of work
Anyway good to see something happening in that area. Thanks for the event.
Absolutely @atticae. Then again "some people" are away over the weekend ....
@atticae be careful about confusing reviews and review tasks - after 10K reviews, we have just over 4K tasks done and just under 10K tasks left to do
7:21 PM
@Shog9 Ah, damn.
@Shog9 That's pretty awesome.
I wonder if a lot of the "more reviewers" are people who are coming back to the queue after giving up =)
If we only have the close votes now where already 4 votes are cast, would not each new review equal a completed review task?
Not if they don't vote to close
@atticae There are questions where the combination of votes and flags are greater than 4.
So some may have 1 close vote, and 3 close flags.
@Andy Oh, I thought the system was "best of 5 wins".
Is there a thread that explains the system?
7:25 PM
@jadarnel27 explained it much better. The flags are included in the 4 votes cast, sorry
So, flags dont count I guess?
Not as a direct vote, no
@atticae It takes 5 close votes to get the question out of the queue. It takes 3 "leave open" votes to get the question out of the queue.
Ah, alrighty then.
Regardless of the order of the votes.
7:26 PM
@jadarnel27 or one edit
@3ventic People do that? =P
I do it
Sometimes I abuse it as a super-"leave open"
And now it's going to be changed, isn't it? :p
I don't think I realized it worked that way.
So in the worst case 7 people would have to review a question until it gets closed. No wonder the queue is so large.
@atticae But best case is 3
Well, actually one, but that's only for mods
7:32 PM
Not if the question is garbage. ;)
@atticae now you kinda get why I hate it when folks try to use closing as a "super downvote" for stuff they just don't like, right? Wastes a LOT of time for very little gain.
@atticae How so?
@TheGuywithTheHat Well, if you need 5 votes to close, I don't see how best case is 3 with a garbage question.
@atticae Oh. Right. I need a new brain
7:38 PM
general question about meta, is it important that questions focus on Stack Overflow site vs Stack exchange platform in general?
@MagicMan No
I saw this in the "tour" section for meta: "Lots of topics are fair game, as long as they are about the Stack Exchange family of Q&A websites in some way."
do badge mods/additions have to work for all SE sites? or can they apply to individual ones?
@MagicMan They should apply to all sites
Top tip: be careful about badge suggestions
hah, yeah i figured, was thinking about a badge similar to generalist, but specifically for programming langs
doesn't seem like it would apply to other sites, SO/programing specific
ran across some of the questions from like '09 asking for a "Polymath" badge: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/12603/…
7:54 PM
Celebrations? @JanDvorak
24 hours ago, by Jan Dvorak
Let me celebrate when the CVQ is no longer OVER 9000!!!
I didn't noticed that was posted 24 hours ago
I'll get to reviewing tomorrow :-)
The CVQ is still at 9,330...
huh? not for me?
confirmed. 9.3k
coming up
7:58 PM
Pff, Dutch people just can't be trusted ... wait ...
I have very good html skilss
Ugh, how are there still 233 review tasks left for asp.net, and yet I have none to review?
That whole close vote queue thingy can't be trusted
Or it is caching
8:04 PM
maybe it is filtered by tag/reason?
let me check that
@jadarnel27 still waiting on reviews from someone else, no doubt
In chrome I get similar numbers so it is not an IE11 bug this time
8:20 PM
Question posted
8:32 PM
Got an answer...
tagging on meta is not my strongest point
@Shog9 Question for you: how many clicks have you gotten on the CB link?
I can't believe how many reviews & reviewers there has been...
@hichris123 lots
@Shog9 Numbers please?
data-porn addict
I'd click it but I refuse to give in to peer pressure.
8:45 PM
@Bart Hmm? They changed the "smart quotes" to normal ones, if that's what you're asking.
Nah, it's more the edit reason I don't get
reviews today
@Bart Ah, yeah, I have no idea why you'd want to copy it.
And how does it make it "easier"?
8:47 PM
It's just copied from here anyway.
AutoIt MVP. on his profile
wrong room...
If ManishBot ever goes to a bar, he would leave at the end of the evening convinced he got a lot of actual phone numbers.
8:51 PM
@rene Doesn't work in here and for you. Only works in Charcoal HQ for me, Manish, and Undo.
yeah, I checked the killing code already
9:25 PM
All questions should be answered if you can. Voting and Closing of the question is a separate issue. — Lance Roberts 1 hour ago
^^^^ I sometimes think there is a point to be made for having downvotes on comments ...
Why? If it is a dupe you don't want it to be answered?
The blanket statement that all question should be answered if you can just plain annoys me.
No they shouldn't.
Sorry if it's been asked before, but what is going on the review queue? How did it go from 100k+ a week ago to ~9k now? Is everyone just review more frequently?
Q: Fuzzy the number of questions in the close review queue, a dopamine for the shutterers

randomUsers are freaking out over the number of questions with close votes. More so when they look at the review queue and have to grab a newspaper to fan themselves as they do declare that the high number is giving them palpitations. Currently that number represents all questions waiting for a pillo...

9:40 PM
Q: Let's burn down the close queue!

Shog9So, this happened: Fuzzy the number of questions in the close review queue, a dopamine for the shutterers Now, only questions with at least 4 votes/flags are listed in the close review queue. If you're thinking, "that's crazy!" THEN YOU'RE RIGHT! This dramatically reduces the utility of the queu...

I hope we can now all agree on the celebrations with Jan?
@rene ?
Still confused...
queue size
Did Jan say celebrations when it hits 8959?
9:46 PM
yep look back the transcript just before you entered
Heh, I see it now.
Due to my confusion I called out too early..
10:06 PM
Phew, I suppose the dopamine theory works, my first ever 40 close vote reviews / day. There ought to be a badge. And now, though I am very grateful for their service, I must also question the sanity of anybody wanting to be a moderator and have an obligation to do that kind of work like every day ;)
@hyde Yeah, that somehow reminds me why I never ever would work in first level support. Some of those questions are horrible, both in content and style.
Probably the reason those questions already gathered some close votes...
10:28 PM
what happened to google search results..
something is missing but I can't quite put my finger on it
Apparently ssh2_exec returns false on error and if there's nothing returned to the buffer facedesk
10:44 PM
That must be php...
@Pops You write very nice emails, thanks! :P
@hichris123 he didn't want that reaction, tho..
@Braiam ?
@hichris123 shhh - @Braiam got the "Screw you, man - if I ever see you in person I'm gonna stab you in the face!" version of that email.
11:21 PM
@hichris123 Very kind of you to say.
@Shog9 I knew it... ¬_¬
11:37 PM
Could any mod perhaps edit this particular question: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/223639/… Don't really feel like a rollback war there.
I'm pretty sure this is the first time I ever did something with math and it turned out succesful
A: How to detect a hot streak in a pattern of numbers?

Jeroen VannevelAlright. I have given this a shot but before I start I must say that this is not based on any algorithm (because I don't know any) and there are some flaws in it (it doesn't account for negative numbers/zero) and there are probably many edge cases to resolve. In order to find the distance betwee...

@JeroenVannevel interesting
Happy hour is for C#:
(that's questions reviewed, not asked)
@Bart: rolled back AGAIN, wow
I'm starting to get an idea why SO doesn't work for him any more
11:45 PM
@Qantas94Heavy you mean @Shog9
@Braiam both
cc @Shog9
let me ask directly, @Shog9 the fuzzy numbers in the close queue are only for SO, right?
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