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12:04 AM
Oh that's hilarious... I saw the whatsapp news a minute ago... On monday my repository got disabled with this message about a DMCA take down...
If only I was a moderator... I would totally do that. xP — animuson Feb 14 '13 at 20:51
@animuson One year later... look where you are. :P
12:41 AM
Do we really even need this question?
Q: Which Language Next?

LanguageDuplicate of: What's your next programming language? And why? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6396/which-programming-language-should-i-learn I can program in PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby, but I want to learn a new language. However, I don't which non-scripting language to choose. What sho...

@hichris123 What question?
Thanks... @animuson?
That one question that Google still caches. :P
I love the smell of dead crap questions in the morning.
And this question while you're at it too: stackoverflow.com/questions/6190455/choosing-the-next-language
@michaelb958 It's not morning for me.
Try searching for similar questions

 Language Books/Tutorials for popular languages
 For loop in VBScript (QTP) not functioning
 OK, so I'm not a beginner anymore. What comes next? [closed]
 Choosing the next language [closed]
Lol. Can you see the not similar one?
@hichris123 It just still is for me (11:43).
Also, it's a spoof of a movie quote.
12:44 AM
@michaelb958 Whatever. It's still not true for me. :P
I'm on a roll. :P
sigh So many bad questions.
Shouldn't you be closed: stackoverflow.com/questions/3973417/…?
@animuson The page not founds are leading me to all of these questions. :P
I've been going through the last few pages of the tag.
Wait, there's a tag for that?
Sinking my close votes into those...
I like how every single answer to these "which programming language?" questions is "it depends."
I love custom off-topic reasons. This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the help center.
^^ That's my close reason. :P
Q: Will Lisp ever become super popular?

andycWill Lisp ever become super popular?

Haha, questions like that make me want to throw up.
12:54 AM
That's... a question?
It's a good discussion topic, but not a good SO question.
I want to see your stats after this @animuson.
@michaelb958 True.
Disclosure: I'm kind of a Lisp fan.
Q: I can learn either C or Java, which one should I choose first? Should I take them concurrently?

GR1000I realize this is a subject of hot debate, but I'm interested in opinions that relate to my specific situation. I want to learn the basics and fundamentals of programming, so I'm already taking a college course in general programming concepts. It isn't covering a specific language, but it's givi...

Which lead me to this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/513170/…
Q: Will learning a couple of languages in parallel blow my mind?

Kamil ZadoraI wonder if I should learn more than one programming language at once? Are there any examples of language duos that 'go well' togather?

I'm just wasting my CV's on these. :P

Wherein Bart accidentally the flag button

Feb 16 at 0:50, 30 minutes total – 52 messages, 4 users, 1 star

Bookmarked 1 min ago by michaelb958

1:01 AM
@Bart ^^
Why are you removing so many questions @animuson? I tried to CV one of them... and I couldn't. :P
No point in leaving these crappy questions sitting around closed.
@animuson Another cookie if you delete all the bad questions and deal with the rest in . :P
I'd like a way to see how much reputation loss I've caused due to these deletions, to give me a general idea of how mad people will be.
@animuson Your gague is meta. If people complain: it's a lot. If not: then you didn't do enough damage.
As long as you don't run across one that had a bounty on it people don't usually notice there small reputation decreases.
1:19 AM
Anyone know what this is talking about?
Translation: "How do you make your code more functional?" (functional being the antonym of imperative).
1:59 AM
On the off chance someone knows how to fix this: I have an SQLite file in a solution folder (so it's at solution level). It's added as a linked file to two projects in App_Data. In one, it works fine. In the other, an empty file is created in App_Data and then it complains about not finding my tables. I've diffed the projects multiple times but I can't see a difference.
@Stijn Um... huh. Are you sure it's accessing the same file?
@hichris123 99% sure. Both csproj's have this:
<Content Include="..\Attyx.BourgondischKruisRoeselare.sqlite">
@animuson - I disagree with you, animuson. By modifying other's answer s (like what you did on mine) to match a specific format that is defined by you is unreasonable. This is technically obliterating the creativity of users, making StackOverflow a very dull place. As said in ChristopherW's suggestion below, one should only encourage their preferred format, instead of changing it and locking the post afterward. This is obviously a misuse of power, and one doing this shall be condemned. — Derek 朕會功夫 50 secs ago
Of course this needs to happen when it's 3am and a deadline is approaching.
2:06 AM
@animuson sigh Some people just don't get it.
@animuson - PS: As a protest of this forced self-defined "format", I will change all my links in my future answers to <kbd>. If this kind of power-misusing continues, I will also change all the links in my previous answers. — Derek 朕會功夫 21 secs ago
Please, not that!
@hichris123 Found it. It wasn't working in the other project either. I was just testing with a page that doesn't access the database, ugh.
@Derek朕會功夫 Please stop or I will stalk you for the rest of your life, finger hovering over the edit button, ready. Waiting. (but srsly, stahp, k? ;)) — Doorknob 8 secs ago
2:53 AM
When a post is flagged, gets more flag votes and is then edited. What happens to the flag result? I've read that the VLQ flags are deemed invalid, but what about NAA flags?
Editing does not do anything to a NAA flag.
What version do the subsequent flaggers see? The original or the edited one?
The edited one, but they'd still see the "edited by user" part on the post like any normal revision.
Casting an "invalid flags" flag in that case is actually useful, as it lets moderators dismiss them all as disputed if the problem has been taken care of.
I mean in this overview: http://stackoverflow.com/tools/flagged
They see the "edited by user" part there?
Yeah, I flag them as invalid after fixing
Assuming you click the arrow to expand the post, which any sane person should do if the brief description doesn't match the flag reason.
2:57 AM
holy there is an arrow there
I always loaded it in a new tab
But whenever they revamp the flags queue there will be no arrow anymore. You'll always see the full post.
Eh, I like the additional context of other answers/comments. I'll stick to my new tab method
3:16 AM
@animuson link please?
@Braiam To what?
19 mins ago, by animuson
But whenever they revamp the flags queue there will be no arrow anymore. You'll always see the full post.
Oh, that's just insider information. They haven't publicized anything formally about it, but they gave us a bunch of cool mockups a long (long) time ago. We're still waiting.
@animuson And waiting. And waiting.
3:22 AM
It's supposed to come with the ability to dismiss flags individually, too. ):
It's like waiting for Rockstar to finally release Agent. They only announced it in 2012...
They should change the "Coming Soon" to "Coming Eventually"
@animuson Or "Coming sometime - haha, you actually believe us, it's actually coming never".
you are coming too much...
2 hours later…
5:20 AM
Ah, someone started a bounty on that question... I was wondering why it was getting so much extra attention... -.-
5:31 AM
Hai! :)
Hi, I wonder what is Happy Hour event?
J/K, saw the "HAMMERTIME!" issue the other night, had me laughing.
Q: What happened to meta stackoverflow chat?

WilliamsI am seeing very strange issue on the meta stack overflow chat. Anybody know why it so?

No repro here.
same, no repro.
5:43 AM
yup, no repro
Heh, I bet is some caching going on. — Braiam 23 secs ago
Shortly after posting answer to this question stackoverflow.com/q/21747804/3278057 the user got "grayed out". Why is that? Was user deleted?
5:59 AM
> asked Feb 13 at 7:28
@user13500 The user deleted their account.
@Braiam: Yes, like 20 minutes after answer was posted.
OK. Should such questions be flag-closed? As they will never be answer closed?
I don't think it needs to be closed
As in; should I flag it when it happens?
If it's still a valid question, there's no reason to close it. It could still be valuable to someone in the future, and you could still get upvotes.
6:03 AM
Yes, I was thinking more in the scope of stats etc. Or more precisely if it is practice, but then I guess not. Thanks :)
I decided to upvote your answer. Interesting arrow diagram :)
Thanks! :)
1 hour later…
7:29 AM
A: Counting the number of specific weekdays (e.g. Mondays) between two dates

JimHere is an answer I provided awhile ago. to answer your question - -Yes, there is a way to count weekdays between dates. You can modify the code in my post to do what you want to do.

A: C#4 features usable while targetting .net 3.5

Matt GreerCheck this question out: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2561022/is-there-a-list-of-changes-for-c4-0-that-work-in-net-3-5

The last one is quite old already (posted on 2010)
A: Change the background color of "More" view controller

TravisI think this is already answered here

@AndrewT.: it does not matter.
A: Is it possible to "bake" all subviews to an views bitmap?

Vladimirquestion is already answered several times. see for example http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2425002/easy-or-efficient-way-to-copy-the-bitmap-representation-from-one-view-to-another/2425382#2425382

7:51 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Simulating craps games on codereview.stackexchange.com
Could I get an upvote on the following comment so it shows up when comments are collapsed?
Everyone: The chat works for us. That's been said enough times. You can stop commenting about that. Williams is experiencing his own issue; we can still deal with that. — Jonathan Hobbs 2 mins ago
People are repeatedly coming by and saying it works for them and it's frustrating the asker and reaching the point of not being constructive, hence this comment.
@JonathanHobbs flag then. All redundant/not constructive comments should be cleaned up.
8:13 AM
@ShadowWizard thanks; I flagged a few
9:06 AM
good morning
9:22 AM
@Flyk can see why you dislike SO so much, your recent question got a "it lacks sufficient information to diagnose the problem" close vote. :(
9:53 AM
@ShadowWizard "HEH"
If there was more information available than what is in the question, I wouldn't have needed to ask the question at all
@Flyk I think the 6 upvotes disagree with that close vote :)
@Stijn not really, there are question with hundreds of upvotes yet closed as off topic
it's ok, the robo reviewers will just close it anyway
It's quicker to leave open than close
10:05 AM
@Flyk not in the close votes queue, its size is scaring away the robo reviewers
which is excellent :D
Anyone knowing oracle around? I am searching for an article I saw some time ago (lost link) - anyone wants to see if they ever heard about it?
@SPArchaeologist I know a bit
(bit, not byte - meaning not much ;))
@ShadowWizard - As I said, some time ago I found an article about a bug in the logic used by oracle to keep track of "metadata" attached to tables.
oh, sorry.... never heard of that one
Basically the problem was that oracle assigned a prime number identifier to each metadata (seems to remember it was metadata, may be something else). Then, to memorize which metadata was attached to which table, they had the &$£@ idea of saving the product of the identifiers
As you may guess, since all the id are prime numbers, the resulting product will have only one prime number decomposition.
It also means that you are able to determine the original attached metadatas from the identifiers product.
That is.... until the product overflows. Yep, they used a 24bit field for that....
the article is much more detailed than my quick recap. I tried to find it again, but never had any luck.
If anyone still has a link... leave me a notice ^_^ Thanks
another think. An opinion about a question.
Q: How many Bases Have got Sharepoint

Grzegorz ZIf there any of diferences in Sharepoint bases 2010 and Sharepoint 2013 ?

Does anyone get what the question is? I already had the impression in the past that the asker has some problem with written English, and I could edit that to be more readable. But I sincerely don't get the question
10:18 AM
No idea too :(
I was asking because maybe a native English user may have a clue. "How many bases have got SharePoint"... Tagged migration, is he wondering on the differences between 2010 and 2013 and the possible impact of migrating a farm to the new version?
@ShadowWizard lol
@ShadowWizard one of these days I'll get myself to 3k to help out with SO's CV queue
I'm sure that the journey there will be hilarious
posting 100 edits per day for 5 days upsets a lot of people
on other SE sites anyway
it probably won't even get noticed on SO
+ you have robo reviewers to help you reach the goal
true, inb4 they choose to reject everything on the days I post edits
I've run out of flags on SR
It's going to take some time to get used to having this few flags
Or you're just going to get back to 100 in no time
10:28 AM
well, true
I've pretty much stopped flagging on Arqade, the mods there are so biased towards me that they just get invalidated most of the time
I'm still of the opinion that if they didn't want to handle flags they shouldn't have become moderators
@Flyk I had seers that didn't want to manage questing....
.... to late, question removed.
I would have savaged it, if I were able to interpolate the question, that is.
1 hour later…
11:37 AM
Q: Why on the client side there is a field called "isAudit" when reviewing?

Ionică BizăuWhen reviewing anything on any site from the platform (Stack Exchange) there are ajax POST requests to http://[site-name]/review/next-task. The interesting part is that in the JSON response there is a field called isAudit that can be true or false. This made me curious and I verified when it is...

...I wait the moderator opinion...
nice. If you share a local resource via remote desktop and then try to access that resource in an application that you started with "Run as administrator", the resource is not available.
Thanks again, M$
@IonicăBizău actually Manishearth is a mod, on one of the sites.... but guess you mean official response from the team :)
@SPArchaeologist send them a thank-you letter :D
11:53 AM
And it's not really a bug, nor an important issue @IonicăBizău. It's by design, and the audits are only there to catch the worst offenders to begin with.
NIIIIIIIICEEEEEE. So, I can use greasemonkey to check the flag and pop an alert if the current review is an audit. Sooooo useful. That is, it would be useful, if I had something to review in the first place
A: Delphi - Loop through the String

user3032877there should be "and" instead of "or"

I am surprised that the flags were disputed.
What flag? NAA?
@SPArchaeologist there's always a lot of CV to review
@LaszloPapp it attempts to answer the question
12:10 PM
@JanDvorak: in what way exactly?
@JanDvorak maybe you meant "there's always a lot of CV to review on sites that actually get some traffic"?
@SPArchaeologist I get your name now :)
@LaszloPapp it seems to attempt to reveal a typo / logical mistake in OP's code. That it fails to be unambiguous is another issue, but that warrants a downvote, not a deletion / flag.
In a crappy, downvoteable way @LaszloPapp.
I do not understand how that code is any attempt.
12:13 PM
@Stijn - well, originally it should have been SPVoodooPriest, but I settled for this one after a joke about Caml and the rosetta stone.
I mean, I will not start saying for every crap it is an attempt because I have good faith.
@JanDvorak: what typo exactly do you mean?
(I do not see any)
@LaszloPapp probably not a typo, but the answerer seems to indicate the asker has used an "or" where he meant to use an "and".
I do agree it's a poor answer, though.
And incorrect.
such crappy stuff should be comment if anything IMHO.
It is very-low quality as you say, and I do not see how it would survive.
which is a delete reason on Stack Overflow AFAIK.
but let me know how it would survive.
NAA is not the only delete reason fwiw.
@LaszloPapp it's low quality, if it's not in the queue already the VLQ flag is due
@ShadowWizard: it was there like that, but some people dismissed it.
Please note that, the first comments for improvements were given two days ago, and the author has not done anything in that regard.
12:26 PM
Nothing we can do then, just downvote and if really horrible vote to delete the answer directly.
I cannot vote... I am not a 20K+ user.
The comments were also speaking for themselves, no one raised a comment about this post being useful.
well, I will flag again then. ;-)
until it is deleted or improved. :)
@ShadowWizard Exactly. I want the team response. Maybe from developers...?
@Bart Yes, but a simple script will stop the audit utility.
@IonicăBizău try and catch one here, Nick and Ben sometimes pay a visit, then ask directly. They may or may not reply, but better chance here than in your question.
@ShadowWizard Thanks!
> I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it.
12:42 PM
@Flyk +1, I think this is the best VIM joke I heard ever. :-) I will share it with my friends.
I was sure it's an audit
but it was real. Wow
@ShadowWizard wow
Tim Post on his way to 11th Reversal badge
A: Parliament creation in SO

Tim PostIn all actuality, problems on the site tend to stem from users not checking themselves as well as they should, requiring quite a bit of moderator attention. We democratically elect moderators on every graduated site, a position that they hold as long as they wish to hold it while they remain aliv...

I wonder where Tim Post is today
@Flyk on Meta?
1:00 PM
Interesting thing, the spammer got valid account on other sites
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO FIND CENTER OF MASS on physics.stackexchange.com
1:16 PM
@ShadowWizard I meant in the context of chat
Oh, dunno. I can try and lure him in here with another picture of my dirty keyboard ;)
@Pops is here, sitting silently in the back, if you want a CM badly :D
I don't, I was just wondering
2:04 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PDF - NOT WORKING - ON ANDROID on askubuntu.com
(also downvote-all-the-answers-pls)
@Doorknob I can't :-/
@JanDvorak it's closed anyway now
and all the answers got self-deleted :P
2:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PDF - NOT WORKING - ON ANDROID on askubuntu.com
2:55 PM
should I flag these approvers?
@JanDvorak Not sure. The code block was indented with 2 extra spaces, it's something I tend to edit myself, although usually the code blocks have a lot more extra spaces.
oh, I forgot. some are more OCD than me.
@JanDvorak minor edit, but not that horrible IMO
@ShadowWizard what is flaggably too minor, then?
Flaggable? Or voteable?
3:07 PM
@JanDvorak edit that just insert hidden comment like "<!-- bumped -->" to bump posts, or edit that just push random blank space in order to get free points
or that fix one word while keeping formatting broken?
@JanDvorak that's too minor but not extreme e.g. those who approve don't deserve a ban just yet
huh... really?
In my opinion, don't take it for granted
@Undo here might be a mod soon so he'll have to deal with that ;)
3:36 PM
@Sha Very low chance of that on SO ;)
^ got that as a review audit
@Undo the answer is quite bad, too
hey all !
Hi @TGMCians
3:51 PM
Is it possible to check to how many questions I voted to close ?
so many invalidly flagged posts.
@TGMCians yes, in your profile
there is "votes" tab
well, I thought it shows somewhere else also
@TGMCians if you're doing it via the review queue then it will show in the stats page as well
3:57 PM
You'll see your own under "All Time" but note it's also considering items you chose to Leave Open
What does delete means here?
even they are on stackoverflow
@TGMCians Means the vote is not active, because it either caused the question to be closed or it expired.
then in what cases the question get deleted?
If the question is deleted the vote won't show up in that list at all.
@TGMCians the "deleted" refers to the close vote, not the question it was cast on
4:06 PM
okay guys
4:17 PM
Can someone clean up the comments here:
Q: Multiple if Result =

user3324892I'm not sure how to do this but I am trying to do this... using (SqlCommand sqlCmd2 = new SqlCommand { CommandText = "SELECT ID FROM Products.Products WHERE PartNumber like '" + textBox8.Text + "'", Connection = sqlCon2 }) using (SqlCommand sqlCmd3 = new SqlCommand { C...

4:49 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: COMMAND LINE FOR LAME on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: POISSON FIXED AND RANDOM EFFECT on stats.stackexchange.com
1 hour later…
now on to deletion :-)
But that user that provided an answer....? strange....two year member, only answered this question?
most likely has multiple other deleted answers as well
OK, should I flag the answer?
6:04 PM
I did, VLQ
this should not have been deleted
can't vote, sorry
@JeroenVannevel why not? A link to a git revision for a question that should be closed. I can't vote either btw.
@rene Because it appearantly fixed the issue at hand. The problem isn't relevant anymore and this answer explains why
6:07 PM
@rene the relevant part is "fixed now", not the link
@rene I can't see your closevote, by the way
CV the question as no longer reproducable?
@JanDvorak I was debating that with myself and now with the rest of you :-)
People who use an older version of the framework will still get it
I need some processing time, sorry...
6:09 PM
I don't think it's necessary to close it, but by removing the answer you lost valuable information
@rene I cast "unclear"
Ok, that seems fair but still the answer needs to come back
Honestly, I don't see any compelling reason to undelete the answer. How can they possibly say that specific commit fixes the issue when no one knows what the issue really is? If you look at the specific commit he linked to, it just changes an array to a class variable which is also an array, and changed the function's visibility. I somehow doubt it fixed whatever issue they were having anyways.
@animuson I left a comment linking to that commit. Is that OK?
Shouldn't the delete voters then ask for clarification instead of deleting the answer?
6:14 PM
The question is what needs the clarification.
6:53 PM
A: I need a list of computers and/or domains on a subnet programmaticly

ChaslerAs was just pointed out, 5 years later, This question is similar to another asked in 08. Get list of domains on the network. It's been so long I don't even remember the project I was working on when I asked this question. Note that the answers to the other question don't use .net, but use delp...

I do not understand. The answer was deleted because of duplicated flag misuse, so I flagged the question, and now the OP uses the answer for "flagging" his question duplicate.
Weird people are weird. :-)
Let's keep the discussion here instead of comments under that answer...
CV'd. Thanks for reminding me.
7:17 PM
8:11 PM
I noticed "Stack Overflow has no Site.ChildMeta defined" as a Community Bulletin item
It has no link though; is it basically a missing item?
Q: Broken link in the Community Bulletin on Stack Overflow

JoshCThere currently appears to be a bug regarding the Community Bulletin on Stack Overflow. I have a feeling there may be a correlation between this and the fact that Stack Overflow is getting its own meta. The anchor element also isn't clickable:

We are doomed?
We are doomed.
Ok, tnx
8:21 PM
MSO is doomed to join SO
Hi everybody!
Hi there
Q: How can I help with moderation if I haven't got enough reputation?

Ty221I like doing the moderation like editing posts, reviewing, removing... simply cleaning StackOverflow. But I don't like so much writing answers or good questions. If I'm good at moderation, but not so good at writing/answering questions, I will never achieve enough reputation to have access to mo...

Maybe this is the day...
8:31 PM
No! Argh
Broken link - Oded said "Thanks for reporting - this is now fixed and will be out in the next build (rev 2014.2.20.1382, Meta rev 2014.2.20.1967)."
@Undo I guess there is progress being made..
@Undo - funny you should say that. The bug came in from some work in that direction... — Oded 2 mins ago
It might be done in, maybe... 6-8 weeks
They actually said by the end of February at one point
Or it was one of my hopeful dreams
So features get done in 6-8 weeks, and when driving, we'll get there in ten minutes.
8:37 PM
Fun fact: mail from New York to Finland takes 6-8 weeks.
Another possible bug? (on meta)
The icons are messed up..
Why are the icons messed up?
Oh, huh.
So Stack Overflow is SP, Meta is QA...
Alright, Martijn Pieters just posted it as a bug
Q: Site icons mucked up again

Martijn PietersLooks like the sprite offsets are out of sync again:

@animuson Is this your fault? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/222285/…
(or mine, whatever :P)
8:49 PM
Nope. Andrew deleted that almost a year ago.
... and someone's complaining about it now?
Yeah, in addition to 5 other users who also voted to delete it.
So... how did Robert roll back to the current version here?
revision 7: rollback to revision 6
Because he's Robert...
Well yes
I wonder if there's a way to roll back to the current version.
is it server-side validated?
goes to look
8:52 PM
@Undo Check the POST it sends.
So... does it work?
I don't think so
let me try it differently
Where do you find the rev guid @Undo?
@hichris123 Click the source link on a rev, it shows up in the URL
It silently fails
I tested on this:
It returns true from the post request but nothing actually happens
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