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12:00 AM
I suppose. Stuff changes fast, though.
Of course, everything's different when you can only vote for 3 people.
I.e. when India wakes up stuff might change :P
@PearsonArtPhoto Yeah, and Meek adds a whole other layer to it.
  1. Bohemian             [ 1980] (115k rep, 1452 helpful flags)
  2. bluefeet             [ 1855] ( 96k rep,21065 helpful flags)
  3. Jon Clements         [ 1041] ( 44k rep,  811 helpful flags)
  4. Undo                 [  956] (  5k rep, 3846 helpful flags)
Just putting it out there... :P
Do you have the entire list?
Yep. The script I'm running is this, by the way.
12:25 AM
Holy crap this protein bar is like a rock...
Can throw that in the pile of stupid things my parents bought simply because the box said gluten-free on it.
You are what you eat
12:47 AM
Anyone else getting 503's for i.stack.imgur?
Okay, went away...
stops his hand as it is hovering just over the big red button Are you sure?
Depends what big red button. :P
It may or may not say "EJECT" on it...
I fixed it
So, quick question
Is there a search for seeing any of your posts that had been deleted at some point in the past?
12:54 AM
Answer, yes
I was just reading about that
I will spend 3 minutes to see if I can find it again
Thank you!
Because I'm trying to figure out why I have 20 Java answers, but only 18 appear in my summary page
@ChrisForrence ?
@ChrisForrence The tag stats only updated once a day, at 03:00 UTC.
They've also been having a lot of problems with the stats not updating lately.
Just found this, "...Under some conditions you can see a list of your own deleted questions and answers....
@animuson - 10PM EST, ok...oh? The stats not updating?
12:58 AM
How do I put a URL into this window ?
@ChrisForrence There was this, but I'm not sure if people are still having problems with it.
The only recently deleted answer I have is to a C# question
@animuson - Ah, ok. I'll wait another day, in any case (and I'll hold onto my meta question)
@ChrisForrence I don't know how to paste a URL here, so, not knowing any better, this is what I found: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/13193/…
And @User.1, you can post a URI in just the same as a comment ([text](link))
Left out a question mark
1:02 AM
@User.1 If it's a link to somewhere within the SE network, you can just paste the link with nothing else, and it will be oneboxed.
Otherwise, use the same formatting as you would with comments.
@ChrisForrence did that answer your question ?
Unfortunately, it didn't (because I'd be on the lookout for undeleted answers), but thank you for the effort!
Okay, I'm back to work, beep me anytime
1:05 AM
@ChrisForrence From what I can tell, the script has been failing again. Your stats are what the tag would be without your two answers from two days ago.
Why am I getting 503's on i.stack.imgur again?
@animuson - Ah, ok. I'll leave a comment on that one question that you posted earlier to say that it's still problematic as of mid-February
  4. Undo                 [ 1032] (  5k rep, 3846 helpful flags)
@Undo broke 1000 votes! ^^
Who wants to buy me gummy bears? :3
1:12 AM
@animuson Uh... why?
Um, guys... one of SO's top bounty recipients is named Baba.
Because I want gummy bears.
@hichris123 bluefeet is sitting at 1999, about to roll over two thousand :p
If I could have given him three votes, i would have
@animuson Where do I send them?
  1. Bohemian             [ 2181] (115k rep, 1452 helpful flags)
  2. bluefeet             [ 2001] ( 96k rep,21065 helpful flags)
  3. Jon Clements         [ 1132] ( 44k rep,  811 helpful flags)
There ya go!
1:14 AM
@animuson Quantity: 999 Has: 0 You want... 999 of them?
@hichris123 No, but it's something that I wouldn't mind randomly receiving whenever people feel generous, and Amazon doesn't have a "no desired quantity" option.
Otherwise it would get removed from the list after 1.
Hmm... what would you do for those gummy bears @animuson? Yes, mod bribes are amazing.
These are gummy bears, not a Klondike bar!
Gummy bears, Klondike bar, they're all the same.
bribe the mods with gummy bears ... that's ... ~speechless~
1:17 AM
You never sent me my cookie anyways. ;P
@animuson I don't know how to!
ooh, I'm still in 8th! :D
I can tell that catching up to meagar is probably a lost cause by now :P
Bah screw it. I'm going to Wal-Mart.
@wooble said to transfer all his votes to @hichris123
@LowerClassOverflowian ?
1:28 AM
wooble withdrew
Yeah... I saw that.
1:40 AM
Q: A question about css class

trampSome classes in the css file, a class appears more than once in the document, references, references to which

What are they even asking? rofl
Yeah, my reaction.
I think he wanted to know whether it was valid to have the same selector twice in a .css file
Though he just kind of wondered off mid question
2:01 AM
Gummies!!! om nom nom
@animuson What were the comments on that question, the CSS one?
@Shog, you around?
@jmac yo
As you suggested, I should ping you here.
I get that traffic will increase with popularity. And that's good. But to me there's a big difference between spikes in traffic (400%-500% normal in a day) and a steady increase.
Hot questions create those peaks, not steady increases in visits, so I'm not really following your points about "what happens when you get bigger?"
@Shog9 Sorry, perhaps I should have pinged the replies too
2:17 AM
ha, yes
@jmac how does a question become "hot"?
@Shog9 By getting an answer or two and 4 upvotes in the first hour after being created a lot of the time.
@jmac who posts those answers / casts those votes?
I get what you're saying, that as the site becomes more popular, there will be more voting, and therefore more hot questions.
And that it is the responsibility of the community to prevent a question from becoming hot before it becomes hot by voting/closing/editing/whatever
@jmac right. Figure that even getting into the hot list is essentially buying a lottery ticket. Sometimes, you get "lucky". Sometimes you get catastrophically lucky. But most of the time you just get a slip of cardboard.
Now, the site grows, and suddenly you're buying a dozen tickets a day.
Okay, I'm going to bring up the case of SO again vs. TWP
2:20 AM
All I need is 67 upvotes to be at a 1 vote :)
here are the two graphs: TWP, SO
Note that there are no spikes in the SO graph whatsoever. But there are for TWP.
@TheWobbuffet A whopping ONE VOTE! :O
@jmac SO == Powerball, TWP == guy in a convenience store in Iowa dropping his paycheck on tickets.
There are, in my opinion, 3 big reasons for this:
@Shog9 and code golf is TWP * 10, every other month :P
2:21 AM
@jmac there's one big reason for this: the average daily traffic on SO is 1000x higher than TWP.
1. SO has more volume, which means more of an ability for the community to handle popular questions (it is always around, but the moderation is enough to handle it)
2. TWP questions are more 'easily accessible' which means that everyone and their mother will happily comment on how to convince a manager to keep good developers, and far less who can actually say something about a very specific technical issue
3. SO has a lot more downvoters/close voters who are able to nip poor questions in the bud faster.
lol, @FreshPrince has +231/-231 votes... :D
probably the most controversial nomination ever
No, it's that thing I pointed out above. Even if you had 30K page views for a single question on a single day, you're still talking something like 0.1% of the traffic for that day, @jmac. It's just not gonna show up on Quantcast.
Yeah, that's the volume thing. It's a drop in the bucket.
It isn't a drop in the bucket for TWP.
If 0.1% of the page views are redirected to TWP from SO, we have a serious problem. The reverse isn't true.
either way, it's a challenge for that question.
2:26 AM
There is economies of scale in community moderation. Until you reach a certain scale, these huge peaks are harmful to the community moderation. Can we at least agree on that?
@jmac sure. It's the first thing I tell folks who think they want a separate site for their JavaScript library or whatever. "Great - you want to spend all your time moderating and none of it actually programming, eh?"
@Shog9 So if these hot questions are harmful to community moderation when the communities are small, is that really something we want the SE hot questions list to encourage?
@jmac you're making a leap there.
Where is the leap coming in?
@jmac Moderation is more work for less gain on a very small site. Full stop.
2:29 AM
@Shog9 Correct. And community moderators volunteer their time in the hopes that the site will grow, that burden will decrease, and the quality of the content will increase with scale.
We're like home owners putting in sweat equity to increase the value of our homes. We know it sucks, but we care enough about the result to be willing to do it.
@jmac right. The worst thing for a site is to stay "medium sized" for a long period of time. That's when folks start burning out.
And I think the added burden of the hot questions causing peaks adds to the risk of burnout.
Since it doesn't actually bring in added contributors over the long haul.
Someone hacked my account!
I never sent that! I'm a Vanilla Ice fan, TO THE DEATH!
@jmac how do you know?
2:32 AM
WTF, who's doing this?
Stop it! Seriously
I swear I'm not doing that
this could be fun for a while.
But it'll get annoying fast if you don't stop.
still fun
2:33 AM
@Shog9 How do I know which? That it doesn't add contributors?
See the bottom of this answer.
yeah, this is strange. btw, did you know that the opposite of "go" is stop
Random question - I got 3 separate instances of "User was removed" on my profile today, is that weird?
I mean, that's all I can see, but it certainly doesn't seem to contribute much on TWP from the major peaks I looked at.
Q: What is going on here in the chat?

The WobbuffetMy account keeps doing random stuff on the chat... what is going on?

2:34 AM
@jmac long question & i'm peeling apples can you summarize it?
@Dukeling I got two yesterday. Maybe they just ran a script?
@TheWobbuffet hopefully soon it will stop
users by rep and activity whose first post was on those hot questions.
@jmac Oh, yesterday, right, me too
2:35 AM
Conclusion: not many people who came via those questions really did much else.
@jmac how many?
Whoever is doing that, I'll punch you so hard you'll land 120 miles away
okay @TheWobbuffet, that's really funny. Now you can stop.
Out of the 24 that came, only 2 have topped 500 rep and are active.
2:36 AM
@Doorknob I'm not doing it!
@jmac so, over 8%
It's raining
that's not as bad as it sounds
@random Hmm, I guess soon the rain will stop
2:37 AM
@Shog9 But it pales in comparison to the additional 12 members we'd need to handle the additional volume from the flood of traffic.
Are we going to say a script someone forgot they installed?
No. We're just going to say stop.
@random No, of course not... but I think soon it will stop
2:38 AM
still not old.
I'm changing my password.
Yelling won't help anything
So basically, if we had a 50% conversion rate, it'd be good growth. We'd be making a net gain on the hot questions without increasing the burden or risk of burnout.
Don't bother; soon the hacker will get bored and stop
At 8% we are dramatically underperforming in comparison to the added burden.
Furthermore, the 500 cutoff is great for a beta site, but is not very meaningful in comparison to the 3,000 required for when we get out of beta.
2:39 AM
Password changed.
okay, now it's bound to stop
I called it.
What just happened????
@jmac so... what then? Hide the site until you graduate?
hit Server Fault levels of traffic?
2:40 AM
@hichris123 TheWobbuffet is saying weird things and he won't stop
@Shog9 Nope! Make the hot questions list conducive to attracting contributors, not eyes.
No love for Diana Ross
@jmac You think you can beat 8%?
@TheWobbuffet Try logging out (it logs out all instances anywhere)
2:41 AM
Try asking the script to stop
@Shog9 Yes. I do.
Why is my question getting downvotes?
@jmac without effectively just hiding the site?
You just need to ask the downvoters to stop
2:41 AM
(Presumably 8% of nothing is pretty easy to beat)
@TheWobbuffet Because some people think you're probably just messing around
@TheWobbuffet don't worry; I'm sure soon they'll stop
@Shog9 As I said in my answer to that question, I would like the hot questions list to be customizable by the communities it is showing. So rather than showing questions that appeal to the lowest common denominator, we can show tough questions we would like answers to, or questions that we think will bring well thought-out answers instead.
@TheWobbuffet Why doesn't it stop
2:42 AM
Okay I logged out
It shouldn't happen anymore
@jmac pick one from the front page of TWP right now
Is it happening to @random now?
@Shog9 Rather than appealing to people looking for a few minutes of entertainment, or to use TWP as a place to share their opinion on something, we could create something that allows us to appeal to the type of users we think would be positive contributors in the future
So it should stop
did it stop?
2:43 AM
@TheWobbuffet you really need to make it stop
It's stopped
I logged out and changed pass
yay so it did stop
2:44 AM
But it didn't stop
How is this happening?
What is what happening?
@random Someone hacked his account and won't stop
2:45 AM
What is there to stop?
@Shog9 Yeah. Okay. I see your point at the moment. The front page is filled with...less than spectacular questions at the moment...
This never happens in Netscape
@Shog9 I would pick this question:
Q: How to motivate team when everyone is paranoid about lay offs?

Ulysses2014More than half of my team has been made redundant already, as have several other teams throughout the company. This is not due to financial reasons (we are very successful!) but there are some rumours that the company might be sold or something like that. I am a junior manager and yet never hear...

2:46 AM
the hacker should be bored by now; I have no idea why he didn't stop
Can it please stop?
I swear, everyone's saying it's an AI doing it. Is an AI smart enough to edit comments and make them make sense?
This only happens when you don't stop
2:48 AM
That is annoying.
wow; this AI technology keeps going! it won't stop!
It's not making any edits
I swear to god, no keylogger and no userscript!
2:48 AM
I guess nobody's figured out that using the word st*p triggers the thing.
@Shog9 Now you're pulling a gnat!
@RobertHarvey STOP
@TheWobbuffet stop it.
giving secrets away.
2:48 AM
@RobertHarvey What? No, that's not what happens. It's just that the hacker won't stop
well, okay, it isn't a secret.
soon the hacker will get bored and stop
and it will be over
2:49 AM
Stackoverflow - a site on which everyone acts younger (sometimes much younger) than their real age
Can I be the first to say .... booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg
@RobertHarvey What do you expect? Hidden keyloggers?
ya, or some kind of hacker that doesn't stop
This is like the cookie monster virus. Only more amusing. Sort of.
2:50 AM
infantile, childish... I can think of a few more choice adjectives.
Stop triggers it
So you're saying it's triggered by stop
I, for one, think things should stop when you say stop.
@TheWobbuffet Show us a screenshot like this: i.imgur.com/1VlvbW4.png from the tavern page
Did it stop?
2:50 AM
yes, then all this would have stopped. a long time ago, it would stop.
I need to figure out how to stop this quick, because I have to go to bed soon
If you're not logged in, there's nothing to stop
See, why doesn't it work for me?
@jmac It doesn't stop for you
2:52 AM
@jmac for you, the hacker will just stop
The telegram service would be raking in the extra coin
@Seth Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
2:52 AM
Refreshed page, Zirak's bot was running
See if it still happens
no, that should have made it stop
2:53 AM
Oh, good
Deleting question
So.. how was this userscript running?
did it stop
oh, ok it did
@Seth Auto-running I think.
2:53 AM
That was an awesomely classy little interlude.
Why would Zirak make his bot do that?
Yeah xD
Is he mad?
HAHAHAHAHA I was supressing my laughter the whole time... :D :D :D
well that was fun
2:54 AM
@Shog9 Are you saying SE is going to lay off people? :P
Seriously, Zirak is mad!
I am bookmarking this for posterity :P
What was he thinking?
"Oh, just to troll people I'll make it do this!"


25 mins ago, 25 minutes total – 197 messages, 10 users, 4 stars

Bookmarked 5 secs ago by Doorknob


HAMMERTIME err.. something like that.

25 mins ago, 25 minutes total – 198 messages, 10 users, 4 stars

Bookmarked 5 secs ago by Seth

2:54 AM
oooh, nice, bookmarks onebox
Oh.. beat me.
@Seth :D
This is why you don't just install any script people tell you to. Unless it's from your bank and they need you to verify a few details.
@random LOL
Seth has a different script running. Someone bookmarks a chat transcript as STOP, and he has to bookmark it as HAMMERTIME
2:55 AM
@jmac lol.
What happened to loony ol' Zirak, anyway?
I think someone other than Zirak is mad.
^ lol
@random Here, install this userscript. All it'll do is take your credit card information and your Stack Exchange credentials, nothing big.
2:56 AM
He lives through his userscript. Turning it off has banished him to limbo until the end of days. You heartless Hammer-lover.
I got that from his github repo
OMG am I the only one alarmed by the inflow of minors on this meta chat? We used to think 16 is a tender age, now we have a bunch of 13/14 year olds??
@sudorm-rfTelkitty s/a bunch/two/
@sudorm-rfTelkitty Does it matter if they have maturity?

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