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12:03 AM
@Undo you used your space.se profile
@BenCollins ah, okay. Probably because I actually remember the ID to that one. So I'm in the list, yay!
12:22 AM
I only remember my SO userid :P
oh, and I think I remember my codegolf one
1:04 AM
Q: How can I set a function to run for a specific amount of time in Microsoft Visual C#?

user3303233In my program I want to have an object pick a random direction, and move in it for a random amount of time, until it randomly picks a new direction. So far I can get it to pick a random direction and move it, but I can't figure out how to make it move in that direction for any period of time. Eac...

Still alive after 20 minutes.
1:36 AM
Eeek! Changes!
@hichris123 old...
Mm... new build. And I haven't been home since then. :P
Finally got around to changing all my download paths so things stop downloading to my C: drive and filling it up...
2:41 AM
Q: How do I disable syntax checking for a specific file extension?

animusonI really installed Dreamweaver CS6, and I'm having a problem when modifying a JSON file. No matter what I type, even the simplest, clearly valid JSON string, it keeps saying there is a syntax error in it: Apparently, Dreamweaver tries to validate the JSON file as JavaScript. Well, obviously a ...

How the heck did I end up on the HTTPS version of Super User? o.o
@animuson You got CS6 not on Creative Cloud?
> I really installed Dreamweaver CS6,
And also, ^ should probably be recently, not really.
I don't like subscription-based services.
Creative Cloud is not my thing.
I didn't even know you could get non CC stuff.
That would be my choice, though.
I like local software...
I prefer having things on disc.
And not crappy self-burned software discs. Official "I bought a real copy" discs.
You still use CD's/DVD's? :P
2:46 AM
I hate download-only software.
Why? You like having a physical copy?
That's why I don't really care for PlayStation Plus anymore. Yeah they give you a lot of really cool full games for free now, but I'd much rather have the disc version than download it from their servers.
Why is that? I mean, personally I don't really care... it's kinda like you have it one way or another...
I'm just obsessive like that.
... then why aren't you getting cough numbers cough to zero right now? ;)
2:55 AM
Clearly because I'm busy playing around with Dreamweaver.
You're not a SU mod...
Oh yay i figured it out!
I'm curious: why Dreamweaver?
I've always used Dreamweaver, and it has all the most convenient features I like.
Mainly the FTP integration. Some of the other code editors I tried have some really crappy FTP features.
What do you use FTP for? I'm assuming to your website...
3:10 AM
Expression has somewhat decent FTP features. But it didn't let you view the remote server folders, or download files to your local folders from remote.
Hmm... maybe I should set that up... how'd you do it?
Install a FTP server?
Might help... :)
3:29 AM
Oh that Meta question made my night.
2 hours later…
5:15 AM
What's the procedure for someone who keeps suggesting edits that do nothing other than remove a tag from a title?
Q: Suggested edit system is causing grief, needs to be rethought

PëkkaOver the past few weeks, there has been a number of complaints about users making suggested edits en masse whose quality was at least questionable. Let an example of a low-quality edit be the addition of the web-frameworks tag to dozens of questions about the PHP web framework Laravel. No one is...

> the Undo button rolls back the edit approval, reverses any rep or incentive that was allocated,
yay someone wants to give me my own button! :D
@animuson linky plz!
@Undo ;P
I think that might be closer to being on-topic... just about anywhere else.
Huh, looks like community-deleted questions don't show up in the 10k recently deleted list.
5:25 AM
@Undo: I thought they did.
On aviation.se I get recently deleted questions by community, but not sure about SO (presume it's the same).
@Qantas94Heavy Hrm, the clean-up deletions may show up. Posts deleted by spam/offensive flags definitely do not.
5:37 AM
Posting this here so that I can remember in the morning: this guy has edit privs and is putting in code spans in all the wrong places.
Ooh, another idea: use the data dump to look for people adding in inline code spans repeatedly.
6:37 AM
Ah, Fireworks. How I've missed you. I'm so sorry I cheated on you with MS Paint - he is nothing compared to you.
2 hours later…
8:17 AM
8:50 AM
Is a mod looking into these spam messages? chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/14678554#14678554
Looks like the account of that user got hijacked
on it
good morning
hello @Stijn
9:32 AM
hey @SPArchaeologist
Hi @Stijn
hello world
10:01 AM
Evening all
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected: love problem solution baba +91-7508870968
how did this get past the filters, @timpost?
@Manishearth minor fix: reasons should be joined by ", ", not ","
You know software is done when the bug reports are like that ^^^^^^
@Jan maybe the filters are site-specific, think the baba didn't infect that site before
10:14 AM
I doubt that because I already have an account there
Baba is back!
(does Snoopy-like happy dance)
lemme sit in the realtime tab for a while
1 hour later…
11:17 AM
Only one spam? Baba is disappointing!
all your fault guys, Ye killed that lonely spam message to quickly.
you offended him. ;_;
I can figure him now, crying under the bridge "No one wants a troll friend". Shrek didn't teach you not to judge someone based on their antennae?
(urgh - must ... keep.. serious)
11:38 AM
I thought his name was Ji, not Baba
anyway, we aren't implying that "baba" is the name. We just call him "baba" because it was one of the word that caught the eye in his spamming posts title.
@JanDvorak They're not yet Bayesian, and they drop grudges against suspicious origins after a while if the activity stops.
but a few more from it is all it takes to make it hate you just as much as it used to
this one should be quickly flagged as offensive and removed. Just look at it: the first word in the title is already an insult :P
weren't the two "V" words banned on SO?
(which remembers me that I should ask Tim to change SharePoint SE name to "Voodoo Magic" SE)
12:03 PM
@TimPost oh, thanks. I thought it was content-based rather than origin-based
@JanDvorak It will be both, soon-ish
thanks. Will you get inspired by my current filter?
Believe it or not, baba is a tiny spammer in the grand scheme of what we keep out. Most of it comes from anon edits
@TimPost Hi. I sent you an email. Can you reply, please? Thanks!
12:19 PM
@ShadowWizard: Guru ji is well known person in india
The Crap and SmokeDetector is working great.
Random though. Should we nominate baba for the Pigasus Awards?
!!google pigasus awards
@IonicăBizău Weird, don't see anything
Let me get into my other gmail account
12:31 PM
oh. Cap's not here.
Yap, that was it, just hadn't checked my other email account in a while (it's very difficult since SE uses Google and I'm always signed in here)
@JanDvorak this one
When pigs fly out of my ... ! (I seriously meant that, when pigs fly out of my ellipsis)
Spider pig, spider pig...
12:35 PM
@Manishearth again?
@JanDvorak yes, it got new answer
so it jumped again to the recently active list
so far so good. But it has already been reported.
There's no dupe check
@TimPost I also got this problem, so using different browser for each gmail account
There's one in Manish's script
12:50 PM
@TimPost Ah you replied me. Thanks!
oh, @TimPost can you do me a favour?
hang on, I should check it's still outstanding before asking, really
Can you "improve" this and change the last tag from to please?
we don't seem to have any active people who can "improve" yet
tag wiki editing at 1am -.-
1:07 PM
Just trying.
anyone ever read an article about a (bugged) oracle table tagging feature that used prime number factor decomposition ? I lost the link to the article. Does this ring a bell for anybody?
@Flyk done
@TimPost ta
Are there example rows for tables on SEDE?
"example rows" ?
Example values for each column or something
1:12 PM
hold on
why not just select top 1 * from table
tada, values
Q: Database schema documentation for the public data dump and Data Explorer

Stu ThompsonThe data dumps are currently released once a month. Over time as new features are introduced to Stack Exchange sites and other bits of data added, the 'anatomy' of the data dump is likely to change. What is the current structure of the public data dump? A copy of the data dump can be obtained fr...

1:33 PM
@rene Thanks
Any idea why the number here is different from the one shown in the user's profile in many cases? The value shown in the results is higher in most cases
I think the query itself is just wrong
@3ventic where do you see the value on the user's profile?
Activity > suggestions
1:51 PM
The profile page seems to be missing data. For example, superuser.com/users/161116/marko?tab=activity does not contain the most recent edit when you query select Id, PostId, CreationDate, ApprovalDate, RejectionDate, OwnerUserId, Comment, RevisionGuid from SuggestedEdits where OwnerUserId = 161116
Most likely deleted posts
Oh right
That could be it.
The data is from last monday
Yeah, I know it's outdated almost all of the time
yep :)
1:54 PM
That explains why some people have more in their profile than in SEDE
But when SEDE shows more, there's something else at work, like deleted posts (it seems)
@ShadowWizard You're right, that lost one was removed.
meta spam, let's nuke it
triple spam flag. Died
(and btw, who designed the page he linked? a dog?)
actually it need 6 spam flags to auto nuke but yeah
"So long and thanks for all the spam"?
3:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IDEMPOTENT OPERATOR
3:25 PM
@Qantas94Heavy /cc @SPArchaeologist a "baba" is a holy man. "ji" is a suffix of respect :p
I have no clue what vashikaran means
@Manishearth didn't know that. As I said, we use that name only because it is a filter in the spam detector.
4:07 PM
In Czech, "baba" means "old hag"
4:50 PM
In my mother tongue it's the equivalent of "papa"
5:05 PM
For whoever's up to it, this guy has made a ton of edits with weird formatting changes. They're in need of a rollback-fest and maybe a nice note. (cc @animuson to provide the note).
5:16 PM
Did this user clicked approve by mistake or is he robo-reviewing
@rene Doesn't look like robo-reviewing, but it's close.
I always flag suspected robots
OK, by the mercy of Undo that user is released from close surveillance
@JanDvorak now I'm interested in your opinion on that case?
hmm... doesn't look like a robot
Oh yay, I did save that mod message. :D
5:26 PM
@animuson For weird-formatting adders?
F:\Stack Overflow\Mod Messages\Inappropriate Use of Inline Code.txt
OK, by the mercy of Undo and Jan Dvorak that user is released from close surveillance
> Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
F:\Stack Overflow\Mod Messages\Changed Username and-or Avatar to Express Frustration.txt
F:\Stack Overflow\Mod Messages\Flagging for Closure after Closed.txt
F:\Stack Overflow\Mod Messages\Inappropriate Use of Inline Code (Not Suggested Edits).txt
F:\Stack Overflow\Mod Messages\Inappropriate Use of Inline Code.txt
F:\Stack Overflow\Mod Messages\Inappropriate Use of Syntax Highlighting.txt
@animuson Flagged for closure after closed?
People do that?
can people do that?
5:32 PM
@Undo custom
They use custom flags to say something silly like "this is off-topic" - umm, yeah, its closed as that...
@Manishearth Ah.
@animuson ping me in a week, I'll give ya a userscript that manages thoe
exchanging userscripts behind my back D:
5:46 PM
Should we assume this is a different user?
I'm referring to the pending edit
Looks like it
At least they sit close to each other
Maybe on the same chair
5:59 PM
@animuson What are some hard-to-detect-with-built-in-tools behaviors? I wanna build another thingy.
Ummm... Example of what you're looking for?
Like backtick abuse
<kbd> abuse
just about anything that could be teased out of the dumps.
I don't know. Those are the main two that irk me.
I haven't seen kbd abuse
except on meta
same. I see the kbd markup maybe once a month
6:01 PM
Most people don't go on editing sprees to abuse it. It's less common for users to actually abuse it in their posts, and we've already gone through and cleaned a huge portion of it up.
I wanna build @Manishearth's idea of a suggested-edit-roboreviewer detector.
But the dumps don't contain suggested edit reviews.
only SEDE does
Is our troll back?
I have to wonder if he's telling the truth.
He might be, for all I know.
Lets see how long it takes...
6:17 PM
Has he been otherwise trollish, or are they just assuming that no one could possibly have the same name as someone else? :P
Trolls like to impersonate Jeff Atwood because his avatar already has the matching hair.
@Manishearth ungh. That really doesn't belong to SU
crapdetector away!
Please include the site name, though
All-caps title at superuser.com
6:31 PM
gah mercurial. Ran hg pull on the git repo
I'm going to repost that question on Yahoo answers just to see what happens.
what about Movies & TV? They accept identification requests.
@JanDvorak updated
thanks (don't forget to restart)
Already did :)
6:37 PM
no message about that from the bot?
@JanDvorak not this room
oh, wow, it is possible to withdraw your moderator nomination? Apparently, H2CO3 is not on the list anymore.
it is
right, I fully agree with this:
"I don't think that meta participation is an indication at how much someone fits this job, the moderator has enough work to do on SO itself as well."
@LaszloPapp Though, normally withdrawing leaves a visual indicator that they withdrew. Their nomination would be greyed out with a basic message stating their withdrew their nomination. In this case, it's completely gone from the list because he had his account deleted.
6:48 PM
he did???
There is no such a user anymore.
that is a big loss for SO. :-(
I know he tried, but did the mods really obey that???
Well it would be the SE staff that would be in charge of that, not us moderators.
that is a drama this nomination caused this to him... :-/
@JanDvorak: sincerely, why could I not delete my account if I wanted?
so that you can change your mind later
6:50 PM
A: Convert git repo to submodule

user1130629Checkout this video, it helped understanding submodules. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sabx_jxdzTQ

A: android maps v2 crashes when reopened in fragment

user3307374i m having the same problem...and i didnt understand the first answer.some one please help

@LaszloPapp gone and gone
I really hope H2CO3 does not leave SO, and not just because he is also a hungarian.
he has put immense amount of useful contribution into this site.
Well, the account is already gone. His only option is creating a new account and starting over.
@animuson: did he provide any reason?
of course
but it does not matter
he gets all the creds in no time.
I'm sure the SE staff told him this would not be reversible. I doubt anyone would want to sit there and associate an account ID with a thousand posts.
6:53 PM
he is a young and really talented guy.
and plays piano uber-cool. :-)
I know someone who had their account deleted and later mostly restored
@animuson: did he provide any reason for the deletion?
or did he mention anything on the nomination page really frustrating?
They only restore accounts if it was accidentally deleted.
the last comment from him I saw was "People misunderstand things, etc"
I don't think that was the case
6:54 PM
so he was already a bit frustrated.
@LaszloPapp All I know is he posted a very hateful and inappropriate message on Twitter that he later deleted. I honestly don't know the exact reasons he chose account deletion.
@animuson: what was the point of the twitter message? He got frustrated that people told him he would be snarky?
@LaszloPapp This.
@animuson: was it his answer? He has a point though...
it might not be due to the nomination feedback then, although I would have still voted for him.
That is not an appropriate response.
7:00 PM
it is possible that he just got fed up with non-technical downvotes.
Note that's also from Sep 2013. I think it just got dug up because of the nomination.
yeah, but I fully agree with him regardless his harsh tone.
(I would not have been so harsh myself, and would not have been swearing)
I do not think he got fed up due to the nomination that he cannot get voted in.
he probably got fed up that people defend such people downvoting.
at least I think he got it so, but I think people agreed with him except his harshness.
Well, apparently he also ended up sending an email to his company about improper downvoting.
That's kind of border-line harassment.
you mean to the person's company address or to the boss?
if the person only provides company address on the profile page, it would not be a big problem IMHO.
but I do not know the circumstances.
I'm pretty sure it was to a general email for the company, not a personal company address.
7:05 PM
right, that is immature, indeed.
otoh, we all do silly mistakes in the life once or twice :)
perhaps he even apologized? I do not know.
The worst thing I've done is spend a night stocking all the cigarettes upside down before quitting my first job.
so did he apologize publicly?
I don't know.
I did not really follow the massive comment thread on his nomination.
yeah, me neither, just 4-6.
moderators cannot see them anymore?
No one can see deleted nominations.
7:10 PM
It's even inconvenient for devs to track them down.
Like I said before, normally a nomination would not be completely deleted, so there's not really a case for needing to view deleted nominations.
7:30 PM
@animuson: I flagged 3 indian comments on this post, but one of them got declined
even though it got removed
did I perhaps flag the wrong comment? stackoverflow.com/questions/21763298/…
@animuson Nah, it is possible to restore the posts of any deleted account. But still hard.
@JeroenVannevel shrugs He might have just hit the wrong button.
Alright, just checking
7:49 PM
@animuson: interesting that it is still alive, careers.stackoverflow.com/uk/h2co3
@JeroenVannevel: I have had many of those; do not worry.
it is "normal".
@H2CO3_iOS, Budapest
C programmer, co-editor of http://t.co/FGYVnuiVaW by day, reverse engineer by night. Assistant Don't Cast The Return Value Of Malloc Officer.
14.5k tweets, 916 followers, following 129 users
ah, ok, so he is actually explaining it.
seems he got a mass downvote during the nomination. Now, that is also unprofessional.
8:12 PM
YAY iOS Alpha email!
Was it just me, or was there a post on Meta earlier today by a user claiming to be named Jeff Atwood?
@Bart There was.
Two of them, actually.
See, thought I saw that and that it was deleted by a mod ....
@Undo There was three. cough
I was guessing it had something to do with another user I flagged some time ago
8:17 PM
He's been trolling Meta for about a week.
Ah, okay. Then it's the same user indeed
I think he finally hit the system block.
The profile pic is at least not of a Jeff Atwood. So nice try :)
Ooooh I found a pluralization bug in the iOS app :D
Go report it!
grabs popcorn
8:22 PM
Me is going to.
Wish me luck! :P
Adobe really takes a long time to update apps... :/
Except for Acrobat ... which wants to update every freaking day.
No I mean, I've been updating my suite for like the past 2 hours...
I'd like to use my programs at some point.
You and your weird requirements
Meh, I should really look into this CS subscription model. Have been trying free alternatives for a while, but I don't like it.
I bought the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Design and Web Premium.
Cost $700
8:29 PM
Not too bad.
Q: Showing new answers in inbox when there's only one

UndoIn my inbox, I'm seeing "new answers" when there's only one answer on the post: Yes, this is a pluralization bug, but it's rather confusing. So can we please fixify it?

@Undo :( me no get
@Manishearth ;(
Oooh I found another bug! :D
It's always fun to see election candidates suddenly become more active on Meta.
Now they care
8:41 PM
Diamondz are at stake!
I don't even mind all that much if they are not that active on Meta. If they do a sh*tload of work in their tag community on SO, great. No need to participate on Meta at all.
@Bart And then see the ones that don't win completely disappear afterwards.
goes to do a sh*tload of work in [ios]
@animuson yep, happens every time. Luckily I never ended up voting for such a candidate
Just like real elections!
8:49 PM
Just got 'you cannot perform this action for another 31 seconds' when trying to post from the iOS app -.-
Check if it doesn't say 'you cannot perform this action for another 1 seconds'
It does.
Now I have to repro that, huh?
What about 'you cannot perform this action for another just now'?
@Undo yep
8:59 PM
is this spam?
A: Best online (free) resources for learning Ruby on Rails?

juanitofatasNow there is a 60 Ruby on Rails Tutorials,Cheatsheets, Forums, Plugins, Podcasts, Ebooks … and more! CHECK HERE

If not, can we nuke the question, please?
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