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10:02 AM
is the notifications drop down on the supermenudropdownthingy broken?
or is this some oddity because of the number of devices I have connected to SE
Anyway... seems we lost Baba the voodoo expert.
10:17 AM
Thanks a lot, @TimPost, these are awesome! :D
@Manishearth awesome! But -1 for no free hand red circles and no picture of you wearing the shirt or the sticker :D
Especially the regex shirt.
I usually don't put up pics of myself :p
That was fast :)
I thought the Physics stickers were contraceptives for a moment, but that was fast!
@Manishearth usually is not never... ;)
@TimPost apparently Nebraska (animuson) takes longer
@TimPost hahaha
10:21 AM
@animuson Just double checking because I sent a crap load last week, you did receive an email from me saying that I sent it and when it was leaving the warehouse, right?
And the Pen is actually the coolest part of the padfolio, it's aluminium
@TimPost whoa
@TimPost -1 no bobcat
The Security SE flashlights are also cool. You'll need to remove a tiny dab of paper that insulates the battery (it ships with one), and note that the tip extends for mini lantern functionality.
Bullshit. I sent you a bobcat, blame customs.
@Flyk not broken for me. What happened to yours?
@TimPost Oh, didn't notice that
Was looking for a battery
...never put a battery in a flashlight when it's pointing at you
I guess that's why I don't own a gun :p
Yeah... putting batteries in your gun would be kind of bad
10:28 AM
@Manishearth Hey @Shog9 that film we saw on blinding techniques is paying off.
So now I can actually put stickers on my laptop. I was waiting for these to come, I have a Mozilla one and a Wolfram|Alpha one that I need to plaster somewhere
@Manishearth The stickers are cool because they're reusable, so you don't have to worry about them gunking up your laptop unless they stay on it for a looooong time
I can't remember if the Physics stickers are clear or white. I think the only clear ones we have are for gaming
@TimPost nice! But I rarely remove laptop stickers -- the Physics one I had was on my old laptop and was there for a long time
@TimPost Can they be placed on the inside or do sweaty palms remove them?
Wait, my older physics one was on the inside and it worked out fine :)
10:34 AM
@Tim just curious, you keep buying new stickers, or just use the enormous stash you already got in SE bunkers? ;)
@TimPost was that you who deleted it? That was fast
@Manishearth the minecraft launcher was self-deleted
> This question was voluntarily removed by its author
10:37 AM
eh, Google had chance to cache it
@ShadowWizard google fast
Sun jvm
I wonder if Google plugs into the SE feeds
is that still around?
@Manishearth nah, hard to believe. They just poll key pages every few seconds in my opinion.
10:38 AM
@rene s/sun/oracle/?
@ShadowWizard .....google fast
@Manishearth yep Google is fast and very furious :D
@rene long gone.... over two minutes ago
@ShadowWizard The sun jvm?
lol thought you mean the all caps question
So you mean if Java is still around, @rene?
@ShadowWizard Yes, is java still around and if it is can it be burinated with fire?
oh my, Google Cache is not really cache, at least not static... the scripts keep running
@rene oh yes
it's still around and even updated regularly
10:43 AM
We still have Minecraft, so it must be around
> Version 7 Update 51
I need Java at work for VPN connections
So the latest update broke all connection
@Manishearth brown and empty!
That is a familiar experience...
@rene yep too true
10:46 AM
There was tons of brown paper with it
Brown is so... brown
rhymes with down
And crown.
But brown crown will only bring you down
Brown? like in that Master Chef episode?
Brown like the color, brown. ;-)
Brown is the color of dark wood or rich soil. It is a composite color made by combining red, black and yellow. The color is seen widely in nature, in wood, soil, and human hair color, eye color and skin pigmentation. Culturally, it is most often associated with plainness, humility, the rustic, and poverty. In politics, it is historically associated with Nazism. Shades and varieties of brown (See also Variations of brown) File:Kufra-space-radar.jpg|The Sahara Desert around Kufra Oasis, Libya, seen from space File:Sachertorte DSC03027.JPG|Chocolate. A sachertorte in a Vienna cafe. Fil...
Interesting choice for onebox thumbnail!
10:52 AM
...... bleargh
> historically associated with Nazism
Oh dear.
10:53 AM
Or we could just flag the post as offensive
never do that again
how much pixels left?
Still visible here
It's outta screen for me
10:54 AM
out screen
half gone
even in fullscreen
Gone for me now.
I've got 1024x600
10:54 AM
today the small screen saved me
Anyone can still see this?
You should totally drop that and try jQuery
@JanDvorak no, totally gone
10:55 AM
Or, you could just use the killit plugin.
Onebox work for google maps by any chance?
Is visible for me if I zoom out
@rene or if I scroll upwards :D
I was going to develop a neural network in javascript and then use that to recognize the image and hide it, but scrolling down will suffice for now
@ShadowWizard I get a notification on my phone from the SE app and clear it
then I get the same notification on web and clear it
10:57 AM
New age: robots will get disgusted by human activity
then later I'll get another notification on my phone for the same thing
and then randomly (not always) I'll get the same notification on web, and clear it again
@Flyk oh, there's a bug reported already
no doubt my tablet would get another copy of the notification and I'd have to clear it there as well
I'd expect it from the app, across multiple devices, because I suspect there's no push to say the notification was cleared
but clearing the notification from the app should clear it on web
Q: Notifications still show up as unread on desktop, even if they were viewed and responded to from the android app

Ashish KulkarniI am trying out the stack exchange android app, and tried responding to new notifications from my phone itself. While that part went smoothly, the desktop portal shows all those notifications as unread. I have to view them in the desktop portal to get them to the read status on the desktop.

@JanDvorak lol
11:05 AM
@JanDvorak - it depends, if you live in a very large metropolis, they may end up selling flowers in a flower shop (unless sony somehow forgets about 2:00' movie in their dvd release)
Q: Is it true that sneezing repeatedly is equivalent to an orgasm?

FlykThis came up randomly during office talk but it goes something as follows; sneezing repeatedly is equivalent to having an orgasm. Some basic research on the internet seems to indicate there is some basis behind this statement but since I'm not going to sit here forcing myself to sneeze repeatedl...

You have some interesting office discourse, it seems.
Skeptics. If Meta SO is Twilight, he must be "Derpy" of StackExchange network
11:39 AM
@Flyk that's just an urban legend.... interesting and intriguing one but still, no scientific research to back it up. From personal experience I reach five repeated sneezings and never had it cause anything more than a red nose. :D
11:53 AM
@SPArchaeologist no, software rec is the derpy
@Flyk nahh. Software rec is more on the Pinky Pie side.
I think it is...
it has two possibile answers:
1- no because (something here)
2-yes it should. You must have found a bug / doing something wrong
neither one is opinion based as far as I am concerned.
Hmm, yes that is also my analysis...but not all reviewers share that...
12:08 PM
Baba loves asp.net
1 hour later…
1:08 PM
! I have found the program that blogger used to create the SharePoint unicorn/pony.
now I must resist the temptation to start a meta post "Meta Stack Pony: Reputation is magic"
Resistance is futile
Misbehaving flair
No diamond
We must give a pony mascot to all the stack sites.
1:24 PM
Has the flair updated?
@3ventic the other two yes, that one didn't update yet
Undercover diamond
I see the diamond, it's just in a really tiny font
on a completely unrelated note, picking a domain name is hard
1:37 PM
Q: How should we flag answers?

UndoLet's prefix this with this: I'm quite new to all of this. I've been on mSO for almost a year now, and I know the normal ropes, but this site is a brand new category for SE. We have some work to do. How should we flag answers? We have quite a few one-liner answers comprised of a link to some sof...

I hope that gets them more toward the right track
@Undo VLQ -> deletion...
I hope that's the outcome, yeah.
Poor CM team that's going to have to handle all my VLQ flags.
(unless they explain how it fits OP's desires is LQ)
@Braiam Rate this on a scale of one to ten.
> Warning: this site is currently in private beta for at least 6 more days.

To log in, you must have commited to the Area 51 site proposal and received the invitation email. Click the invitation link in the email to log in!
@Undo - wrong site name.
should be
S̸͍͚̯̭͕̤͡o̷͉̫f̶̠͍̳͈̫̩͓͕͘͞t͓̮̪͍w̪͡a̤̮̣͎̜ͅr͙̲̲e̡̠̱͜ ̟̲̟̞̩̕͘͜R̗̳̼͜e̡͓̱̮̱̣̺c̸̡̼̭̰̱͎͍ͅò̯m̶͉̳ͅm̡̗̘ḛ͙͍̦̥̻̀ņ҉̝d̶̹̹͕̹̱̙̯͓̦͠a͓͍͇̫̬͟t̢̰͚̀͟‌​̦̩̪̞í̡̢͍̭͎͍ͅo̪̗͎̲͞n̶̗̻͉̻̬̩̦̳ś̼̥̠͢
Maybe there is still time to change that.
does anyone here have a domain name? I need ideas on what to make mine :P
@SPArchaeologist I'm partially only committed just to see how this turns out. :D
@DoorknobofSnow I have one.
1:45 PM
@Undo what is it?
otherwise, could the staff please add Derpy head as a logo as :1800557 suggested before?
@DoorknobofSnow same as my web nickname
@DoorknobofSnow erwaysoftware.com/brown
@Undo Where does "erway" come from? Is that your last name?
@DoorknobofSnow Yeah
1:47 PM
@JanDvorak Oops! Google Chrome could not find jandvorak.com :P what's the URL?
@Undo ok, thanks, I'm adding "software" to my brainstornm-keyword-list-thingamajig:P
but I still have no webserver running.
and it's expired anyways
1:50 PM
! I got it! It's not a real site.... It is an honeypot! you will burinate any user that creates an account on that... right, @Undo?
erwaysoftware or softwarerecs?
@SPArchaeologist to view the site, you already had to create an account. Welcome to hell.
@Undo - don't try to confuse me. I am talking about Software Recommendations. I discovered your plot! :P
I dunno. SR has some... hurdles to overcome.
@JanDvorak - actually, I am browsing it without an account :P
1:53 PM
@SPArchaeologist how?
But you have to remember that we have quite a few network mods there, and many familiar faces from mSO.
simply as that
> For now, you've got us - the community team. We're comprised of some of the most seasoned mods on the network, and the community itself is full of moderators from other sites. As I noted in the introductory ground rules, if any community is going to pull this off, it will be this community - which makes one kind of expect that we shouldn't need too much moderation to begin with.
A: A different thought on moderation

Tim PostYou're over thinking things to a degree, but I see where you're going with it. I think for the moderation team to be as effective as they could be, some should be well versed on historically, why we didn't permit these types of questions on our sites. But, this only leads to them knowing the most...

@Undo : was just joking on the fact that many users here in chat fear that the new software rec will become a spam feast.
1:55 PM
I'm afraid it might.
then you see that my joke may or may not hide some suggestion
(if anything goes wrong, nuke the site and the users -_-)
We're uh, going to crack down on that severely with an iron fist if we see it.
@TimPost What's it?
@Undo spam
1:57 PM
Okay, must go to school, bye
@TimPost Ah yes. Any opinions on my meta Q?
On flagging answers?
@TheWobbuffet my icon! :P
Q: Charcoal flaggible post finder and flagger

The WobbuffetIt's now in the Google Play Store (Android), availible here. Coming soon to iOS! (about 1-4 weeks)

Ok now bye :P
Q: App to alert me of firmware updates on a rooted phone

SilverlightFoxAre there any apps that will alert me with a notification to firmware updates available on a rooted phone? The built in firmware check on my Samsung Galaxy SIII will no longer work on the stock ROM because it has detected that the phone is rooted. Are there any that will download the updated RO...

if that site has to stay, ye may want to give a policy for root/hack/jailbreak related questions.
2:01 PM
@SPArchaeologist What's ummmmm?
@SPArchaeologist It's not like that's illegal, ya know.
What's the issue with root / hack / jailbreak questions?
Oh, yeah .. well .. this possibly:
writes meta question
But that's completely unrelated.
@Undo Don't try too hard to solve problems we don't yet have ;) There's plenty that we have you can work on :)
2:04 PM
@TimPost Oh. ok. Is there a list of problems we currently have?
@Undo ummm would be the equivalent of "Mumble"
@Undo I'm still going through meta, wow this site took off fast, like 40 meta posts within 24 hours
Tagging is the first thing I see that's gonna need some lovin
@TimPost I think that's because we have the mSO folks there :P
Ah yes. Good ol' tagging problems.
Quality is strange, it's either fantastic or crap as I go question to question
Seeing the same thing here.
Odd, isn't it.
Yay Robert when on a campaign through the suggested edit queue!
2:06 PM
@TimPost Which category do mine fall in? ;)
I don't know, I haven't seen one yet ... agggggghhhhhhhh myyyyyy eyyyyyyyeeeesss
Q: Should we accept root/hack/jailbreak related questions?

UndoIn the Tavern (where the mSO folks sit all day and watch this site with eagle eyes), at least one person expressed concern at this recent question - App to alert me of firmware updates on a rooted Android phone. What's our policy on such questions?

@Undo Actually, I misinterpreted the question. I had it as "The built in firmware check on my Samsung Galaxy SIII will no longer work on the stock ROM, because it has detected that the phone is rooted. Is there any way to bypass that check"
nope, that's not what it's asking.
2:10 PM
emphasis on the bold part which my mind interpolated
yes, noticed now
Still a good meta question to have around, though. There are always folks who get all wrapped around jailbreaking legality.
@animuson Wait... how do you have 86 rep on softwarerecs?
Your rep tab just says "+100 association bonus"
@DoorknobofSnow He downvoted 19 answers.
@Undo oh ya, forgot about answer downvotes :P
anyway, thanks for the question - will keep an eye open. It still seems walking on thin ice... like emulator questions on Arqade
2:21 PM
Gah, I had forgotten how hard it is to get a link to an answer during private beta.
Anyway, @TimPost, is the answer on this VLQ?
2:36 PM
@TimPost hey, got a few minutes?
Ooooh! Good answer!
A: What software can I use to monitor the quality of my Internet connection?

OlliSmokeping (demo) does all that. However, this includes multiple caveats. This is not out-of-the box solution for Windows. I have not tested this on Windows, but I'm using Smokeping for exactly same thing. It's for unix based systems, so installing it to windows is not easy There's no GUI. All c...

2:52 PM
Ok, we need some serious mSO creativity applied liberally to this
Q: What should our chatroom be named?

UndoOur lovely chatroom is currently sitting there with a terribly generic name: Software Recommendations. What should we name it?

@Undo I hadn't even considered running something in a VM for that, was thinking purely in something I could just download and run. Might do that if I can't find anything else, and I've done a lot of searching to find squat.
Yeah, kinda neat.
@TimPost please apply editing magic to this. We aren't nominiating users.
(note the "i" count in that word)
3:50 PM
@Undo Fine, but it's still a bit too soon to be doing it
@TimPost Grammar doesn't care what time it is.
Grammer don't care what time is it? I never new.
I no, such a knew idea.
> This proposal has reached 100% commitment. We are preparing for its launch and expect to create it soon.
Just create it already! :P
@TimPost oh absolutely. It's the spelling mistake in the title that is driving me 100% insane.
4:10 PM
Is Baba being effectively blocked at the moment, or do we really have to start to worry?
@Bart I think pretty much blocked... unless they've changed keywords.
Meta is not filled as much with trolls any more. Spam is disappearing. This place is becoming far too squeaky clean.
@Bart If you really want I always have that idea to wreak some havoc.
@TimPost Yes, I got the email. And I came here commenting about the secretness of the t-shirt. :P
It just wouldn't be the same @SPArchaeologist
4:17 PM
@TimPost: Do you have that tracking number for the parcel?
Ha, sweet. Highest scoring SR Meta post ^_^ I win
Although I can't expand vote counts because of all the downvotes I cast.
@Bart I suppose so. I was just searching an excuse for starting the "give every site a unicorn mascot" meta post :P
You have your excuse right there @SPArchaeologist -> Unicorn
"Funny idea, but how would that improve the site?" "More Unicorns". "Okay, but is that something we need?" "Unicorn" "I'm convinced"
Unicorn Brown
@Bart Um, he comes once a day.
4:24 PM
So I missed him today @Manishearth? I knew something was missing from my life.
4:36 PM
I think he was there
added timestamps to SmokeDetector so that I can just grep the logfile next time
Does an assoc bonus count towards the rep cap?
And towards the Mortarboard badge?
4:56 PM
:( stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3985178 How many grammatical errors are there still in there?
@hichris123 do you count the won in the command?
@JanDvorak ?
> So... have that person come write a recommendation then? Or ask them all the details you need to write a full recommendation. Imagine you asked someone what happened in last night's episode of [whatever] that you missed. You go ask your friend, and they explain it all to you over 20 minutes, then you come back and tell the person "This particular character died." - You're leaving out a lot of vital information here.
@hichris123 Do you count the one in the comment?
@JanDvorak Sure. :P
@Braiam What's not possible?
To remove 11.04 for the tags list?
@Jan My question is now at the top of the community bulletin. :D
@animuson Congratulations :P
@ProgramFOX yeah... without removing the tag of the system
5:33 PM
Answering your own question on SR somehow feels terrible.
Q: App to quickly generate iOS app icons?

UndoIn iOS development, there are quite a few different sizes of icons needed to make your app look the best throughout the system. Here's what the average list of icon files looks like in an iOS project: There are different sizes of images, retina versions of those... it's a mess. Is there a tool...

Quick poll: how many of you get the joke? wncc-iitb.org/resources/view.html
It's to go on a tshirt
Got it!
@Manish I read the transcript... so it doesn't really count. :P
5:44 PM
189 people committed to Arduino...

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