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12:01 AM
while (Pops.Alive && (!Undo.HasSpammerStats || !hichris.HasSpammerStats)) { RequestForSpammerStats++; }
being evil
"is probably the most well-known one for this" [needs citation]. This site is not for linking random products - please explain it more thoroughly. — animuson 30 secs ago
Prediction: softwarerecs never gets anywhere close to public beta.
> "hichris" is undefined
while (CommunityManagers.Pops.Alive && (!Users.Undo.HasSpammerStats || !Users.hichris123.HasSpammerStats)) { RequestForSpammerStats++; }
@AnnaLear ^ Better?
12:04 AM
@AnnaLear you're such a dev.
@Pops surprise!
@AnnaLear I'm... undefined? hides
sets out to steal her old position
@Pops probably purged me from the database already...
12:05 AM
@animuson What? You already did!
No, I stole Will's old position.
Totally different.
SO mods are fungib- uh, unique and super-valued.
@Pops Don't forget, you did want to be one.
points to Pops' wonderful mSO record
Shhhhh. Don't point things out like that. He'll make you... disappear...
12:08 AM
3 hours ago, by hichris123
@Shog9 1. I love getting rid of crap (literally, if you want to have fun look at my flag history, it has tons of deleted NAA's. :P). 2. I love getting rid of these comments (you don't have to do work). 3. I participate on Meta. 4. I like to close bad questions and 5. givemetehdiamondz.
^ hichris, I don't think you know what 'literally' means...
@animuson He tried to. And failed. :P
Jan 24 at 21:57, by Pops
@hichris123 Sorry. Right now I'm investigating the fact that a very high proportion of accounts named "hichris123" are involved in spam and may need to be destroyed.
@jmac Erm... scratches head...
@hichris123 I think you were looking for figurative. While you may literally get rid of non-figurative crap, I sure hope that you're not doing it on SO. And if you call your bathroom antics Stack Overflow on your own time, I'd rather not know about it.
12:11 AM
looks for XKCD
Okay then... :P
definitely not completely random at all.
@Undo I hope hichris doesn't do that.
@DoorknobofSnow I was reading through the transcript, understood hichris' comment about the ♦, and then saw what he really said.
@Undo That comic is literally the bomb.
I hate markdown
12:15 AM
@animuson It literally cracked me up.
@jmac ^ My flag history, for your literal reading pleasure. :P
@hichris123 My eyes! The goggles do nothing!
@jmac :P Love the NAA flags?
12:19 AM
@hichris123 The resolution was too small and I gave up even trying to read it. Could you give me an executive summary instead? For instance, "I cast 42 NAA flags today."
@Undo 14 million rows in the SO posts table so far...
I will then congratulate you on your achievement and present you a literal ★ for your bravery in the face of non-answers.
@jmac I'm on a laptop, sorry... :P Um... tons of NAA flags and 2 close flags? And one other flag.
@hichris123 That will earn you a ♭ and perhaps a ♫ for good behavior.
12:25 AM
@jmac Yay?
17 million rows now...
I feel terrible for gaining rep on softwarerecs :P
I'm mostly just voicing opinions.
A: Tags for free software and free software?

animusonI think we should get rid of all mentions of "free software," in the sense where it is being referred to as pricing. The concept of saying "preferably free" is completely useless in all cases. We're trying to make these questions as un-localized as possible, and any software that fits the criter...

@Undo You're participating in it? goes to create account
@hichris123 Kinda sorta.
When easy questions pop up I can't resist answering them
Q: What is the most accurate Open Source Java decompiler?

Nicolas RaoulA Java decompiler turns a .class file back into a .java file. While decompiled code is not perfect (no comments, sometimes obfuscated names), it can be useful during hacking competitions, or to liberate your data locked by proprietary software, or to satisfy curiosity. There are a few Open Sourc...

I posted a question :P
Q: What software should I use for creating maps made up of polygons?

Doorknob of SnowWhat could I use for creating maps with polygon-shaped sections? Here's an example of what I'm talking about: This software should be able to create and edit these polygon maps. Ideally, they could be exported in a convenient format, such as SVG, but all I need is that I can drag the points o...

12:40 AM
sigh I don't know what should be closed and what shouldn't be. This is a bad sign.
I don't really use much any software that doesn't already come with Windows, so there's not much I can answer.
User 152. :P
I'm user 46
I is 143
I'm going to be one of the first few on AI and Arduino.
Speaking of, @Pops when is AI launching?
12:42 AM
All I know is "soon." I thought it was going to be today, but apparently Software Recs won that race.
@hichris123 Most likely tomorrow. Maybe next week.
@Pops Well then. Plz launch it after 3 PM EST. Then I can log in and be one of the first users. :P
@hichris123 Give me your creds and I'll do it for you :P
I'm going to go ahead and say "okay" to score points with you, even though I have absolutely no control over the situation.
@Pops Such a people pleaser.
@Undo Um... OAuth creds? Maybe. Regular? No.
12:45 AM
Heh, I was hoping you would say no
If you had said yes, I would have had to turn you in to the Sec.SE people and have them berate you into reversing your decision :P
Btw, what determines whether you can join a private beta? I'm 100% sure I did not commit to that proposal.
@animuson You can click on the A51 link no matter what.
@animuson You can use the A51 link to do it now. Even if you're unregisterified.
12:46 AM
@animuson I can invite you. ;)
@Undo Erm, I'll just give you an OAuth key that expires after 1 day. :P
17:58:20	LOAD XML LOCAL INFILE 'F:/Downloads/stackexchange/stackoverflow/stackoverflowPosts.xml'  INTO TABLE soposts	18066980 row(s) affected, 64 warning(s):
Records: 18066980  Deleted: 0  Skipped: 0  Warnings: 78943426	6569.873 sec
@Undo ^
It actually works!
19:51:27	Select * From soposts Limit 100	100 row(s) returned	0.500 sec / 0.062 sec
12:52 AM
While in general I like this answer could a mod (perhaps @animuson?) fix this line: "users with various versions of Microsoft Outlook and its special handling of Internet mail --(as in "Special Olympics")--"
@animuson I can run your <kbd> query locally now. :P
That "(as in "Special Olympics")" really isn't required, is it? It could be safely culled, and I don't think it would detract from the answer in general.
I'd do it, but the answer is locked.
@jmac Done
Thanks! You have made SO a more tolerant place.
Current status: watching the softwarerecs (yeesh, they need a better name) front page and donating suggested edits to posts in need.
12:58 AM
My first VTC! :P
@hichris123 Where?
clicks in vain at the spot where the 10k tools link should be
Ah, good.
Heh, me wants that link. :P
> got a question about the site itself? meta.softwarerecs is the place to talk about things like what questions are appropriate, what tags we should use, etc.
I know that! I'm at 2k on another site...
It's a thingy that's on every private beta
1:02 AM
Yeah... but it clutters my screen!

Proposed Q&A site for developers of open-source hardware and software that is compatible with Arduino

Currently in commitment.

^ 14 more committers! (done with 100 200 rep users!)
@hichris123 $("#system-message").remove();
@Undo Userscript time! :P
NOOOO!!! A question on a per-site meta with a grammar error and I can do absolutely nothing about it!
@Undo So are per-site meta's locked down for under 2k users in terms of editing?
@hichris123 Yep. You can't even suggest edits on a per-site meta if you're... underprivileged.
1:08 AM
Like me. :P
On every per site meta.
@hichris123 Beta site metas have no privilege milestones and they don't tally rep either.
@jmac They take your rep from the parent site and mirror the privs you have on the parent site.
@Undo Is that how it works? If so, you need 1000 rep for beta sites
@jmac Yup. Private betas have editing set at 500, IIRC.
Select *
From soposts
Where PostTypeId = 1 AND ClosedDate IS NULL AND Body LIKE '%recommend a tool%'
Limit 100
Yay! :P
1:13 AM
Also note, no per-site-metas have privileges listed in the help center. It's always a blank list.
@animuson I'll flag some questions for you to close. :P
@Undo Any queries to be run? :P
@hichris123 Nope.
1:30 AM
I was told that we were going to get 6-8 inches of snow recently (we're getting more than that. :P). People didn't understand why I was laughing...
1:43 AM
@Undo meta.softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/56/… - 2c's in recommendations! Fixy plz? I can't edit. :(
@hichris123 Done ;)
Can't believe I missed that :P
And 2 m's @Undo. ;)
Software Recommendations
1:45 AM
@Undo Lowercase m now, it should be uppercase! :P
I just copied the name from the URL
@Undo ^ ;)
Oooh @hichris123 this is your first time with VTC privs isn't it?
Are they fun?
@Undo Yeah. And yeah. :P
1:52 AM
I'm going to try to answer questions now on SO... so I can get VTC on SO. :P
Mm, I'm at 2290... almost a third of the way there. :P
I'm at 2973. I have been so close yet so far for so long.
@jmac Just answer a question!
1:55 AM
7.7k on meta.so, over 10k on The Workplace, but I just don't know enough on SO proper.
I'm laughing right now... everyone's tweeting to my school for them to cancel. :P
> please stop being that school
All of my answers are in , but my activity attracted asgallant who knows it far far better than me
@hichris123 There was an issue at University of Chicago where the students started tweeting offensive stuff at the school admins for not cancelling. So keep it classy, okay?
> if you don't give us at least a two hour delay I will cry
@jmac I'm not doing that... can't really help it if others are. :P They're not tweeting offensive stuff though, just really weird and random stuff.
1:59 AM
> Gonna make some popcorn and read all the tweets
Yum, popcorn.
gets popcorn
@jmac I'm more of a Java person, but I dabble in PHP, MySQL, and Python.
I am not a programmer. That's my issue. If I were a programmer, I'm sure I could answer something.
Does anyone here know of an mSO post suggesting that question titles should themselves be questions? I can't find it.
@jmac The whole point of being a programmer is answering things. Especially if you don't actually know the answer. Especially if no one has any right to actually know the answer.
@Undo Um.. what?
2:04 AM
@hichris123 I swear I read it sometime. It suggested that the best titles are questions.
Q: Would the Stack Exchange network be better if titles contained complete, grammatical questions?

Joel SpolskyWe have had quite a few discussions here in the past of whether titles should be phrased as complete questions. For example: Should question titles be phrased as questions? (A straw poll) What's in a Title (line)? How can we get more people to make their title a question? Our guidance is a li...

@Undo It would seem to me they are discouraged
@Shog9 Ah, thanks!
@jmac that FAQ sucks ass
> Give him a ring that needs to be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom if need-be.
Dec 18 '13 at 3:09, by jmac
:1687338 Three Tims for the Elven-devs in the Tavern,
Seven for the Moderation-overlords in their halls of 01100010011010010111010001110011,
Nine for New Users doomed to downvotes,
One for the Jeff Atwood on his dark throne
In the Land of Horror where the Coding lies.
One Tim to rule them all, One Tim to find them,
One Tim to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Horror where the Coders lie.
2:05 AM
@Shog9 That's why my first answer on SO was to my own question.
@Shog9 Is that a subtle hint that we should all improve it?
Although strictly-speaking, there is some science to back it up
@jmac Read the article I just linked to first, and then try to draw some conclusions.
@Shog9 In the process. I'll stick it in my mental queue.
@Undo Found a problem in Cinder...
yeah, there are lots of problems in Cinder
There's a spam button there...
2:10 AM
@hichris123 How did you find that?
@jmac I starred it. :P Show all 9779 -> Starred by me -> scroll down a little. :P
Ooh, now school is closed! :P
Q: Become a temporary moderator for the beta

gparyaniHow do you become a temporary moderator for the beta? Deep engagement in the community's development is required for all temporary moderator candidates. All potential candidates must: Have a reasonably high reputation score to indicate active, consistent participation. Show an interest in thei...

^ Isn't it too early for this?
2:16 AM
@Undo Yeah... it's not even out of private beta!
Ideally it's usually two-three days into private beta.
Really? Huh.
@Shog9 Their methodology doesn't look ideal actually. They used average (rather than median) meaning that major outliers have a much larger impact. They used score to do the analysis, which (presumably) increases with the age of the question (meaning that older questions will generally have more score regardless of quality). It is an interesting start, but the conclusions should probably be revisited with a better method.
(I'd love to do analysis like that if I had the benefit of actually understanding SQL well enough to understand those query samples)
@jmac excellent points
@jmac I would actually recommend NOT using SQL for this
It's convenient, but... It encourages things that are easy in SQL (like AVG()) rather than accurate (like... Damned if I can remember the syntax for pulling a median)
@Manishearth Not spam.
@Shog9 I see. Medians are just so much better for this sort of work. I assumed it was easily accessible through SQL using MEDIAN() or something. That works in Excel at any rate, which QED is superior to SQL.
@jmac ha! Ha ha ha. No.
A: Function to Calculate Median in Sql Server

Sir WobinMy original quick answer was: select max(my_column) as [my_column], quartile from (select my_column, ntile(4) over (order by my_column) as [quartile] from my_table) i --where quartile = 2 group by quartile This will give you the median and interquartile range in one fell swoop. ...

Does anyone know how to get how much flags the user has available through the Stack Exchange API?
@hichris123 ^
Rant much?
Q: Stackoverflow Users: MUCH more likely to downvote than upvote?

RR TRDo you see it? If so: Why do you think this is? UPDATE: The downvotes have begun, as can be expected of this community.

2:24 AM
@TheWobbuffet The same number as they would through the normal web interface.
@Shog9 You can laugh all you want Shog, but Excel serves its purpose very well. I've done quite a bit of analysis for The Workplace (and even meta.so) using my Excel skills.
@Undo Erm, I think he means out of the amount you can cast per day.
@jmac I was laughing at the notion that SQL had an easy MEDIAN() function.
Excel actually is better suited for this.
@Undo But what URL would I use for the GET request? Does it say in the docs?
As much as I do hate it.
2:26 AM
I don't get the Excel hate. It is accessible and very easy to tweak without having to shift languages or multiple tools. Get stuff in CSV, use excel, ???, profit.
@TheWobbuffet You might want to get acquainted with recent policy changes around comment flagging in SE, too.
@hichris123 Why did nobody just make the query in data.se showing that he is so completely and ridiculously off with that statement?
Which means we just switch to NAA flagging and VLQ flagging @Undo. ;)
heh, yeah
@jmac Cause deletion is so much easier. :P
2:27 AM
@Shog9 On a tangential note, has SE ever considered making dashboards showing SE stats of various types kind of like the elections page that one of the Tims made but for 'site health' stats of some kind?
@Undo What policy changes? Also, can you answer my question?
10 hours ago, by Shog9
I support better comment moderation. I welcome all efforts to define and develop better tooling for this purpose. But it must be a collaborative effort, done with respect for the community and those entrusted with the task of moderating it. Y'all shot yourself in the foot yesterday by not doing that, and that stinks - so you're gonna learn from it, or at least serve as a useful example for the next person to try.
If only! In the past month, folks on Stack Overflow have cast 1,230,392 up-votes... And a paltry 143,646 down-votes. — Shog9 1 min ago
@jmac Some of those do exist. What were you thinking, specifically?
2:29 AM
@jmac So... what does it all mean in Summary that has to do with what I'm doing?
@TheWobbuffet We found out that SE doesn't really want people mass-flagging comments, and we're being steered more toward handing SE lists of comments.
@Shog9 I would love to see things like questions per tag for top tags (see popularity of languages), close rates, upvote/downvote rates, those sorts of stats. I'd be more specific, but I'd have to collect my thoughts and would probably just end up writing it instead
@Undo So... you're removing comment flagging from your Charcoal app?
@TheWobbuffet Yeah.
We're currently reconsidering just about everything.
@Undo By Golly! Do they not want mass answer flagging, either?
2:31 AM
@TheWobbuffet It's the mass part of mass comment flagging that isn't acceptable anymore. Answers are still fine ;)
Of course, we haven't mass flagged answers yet :P
slowly raises hand
@Undo So maybe it would be fine if I only let the user flag up to 10 comments a day?
@hichris123 Not with a tool, I mean ;)
@TheWobbuffet I don't know, to be honest.
@Undo I don't think that's the point at all Undo. The point was that there was mass-flagging without enough community involvement before the flood which was the actual reason. If answers are mass-flagged, and that causes an issue with community members, it'll probably end up with the same result.
I dislike it for three reasons:
1. It's old enough that certain UI conventions are still based around the idea of very, very limited system resources, which is odd and confusing. Yes, I'm talking about you, *clipboard ops*.
2. For several years, I had to support a very large, complicated spreadsheet in which was implemented an extensive amount of business logic. And by "support", I mean "integrate into a much, much larger application in a way that didn't break in subtle ways that cost the company money and/or resulted in the destruction of property". Yes, that meant hundreds of automated te
2:32 AM
I think we want to gravitate toward making big lists.
@Shog9 I'd love for you to visit my office sometime. Seeing how the Japanese use Excel will give you nightmares for a lifetime.
@Undo I don't care, let them ban my Charcoal app if they want.
@jmac If I ever visit Japan, I'll make a point of it. And bring whiskey.
2:34 AM
@Shog9 I meant the top tags all on one graph. I can toss together a data.se query, but my ideal image would be a dashboard that is interactive and allows you to see a subset of data and kind of 'drill down' in to it to get a better idea about what is trending on the site in general, as well as what's happening in tags you care about.
@Shog9 We can visit the Yamazaki Distillery if you'd like.
The Japanese make whiskey? Excellent!
@Undo So where do you think I would go about getting the amount of flags a user has?
@TheWobbuffet I don't know, TBH
@Shog9 Of course! Haven't you seen Lost in Translation?
(their whiskey is actually pretty good from what I can tell. I'm a beer person myself)
Yes, but I was rather drunk at the time. And also very bored. The two may have been related in some form.
2:37 AM
@hichris123 @Undo We need queries to find bad questions and answers
Probably. The movie was awful. But the whiskey commercial is a real thing.
I'll have to see if I can find it
@hichris123 @Undo I edited yours' to be newest and more accurate flagging data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/165168/…
The Yamazaki (from said distillery) is probably available outside Japan.
@Shog9 [status-bydesign-plz]
Q: No privileges in meta help

CompukidI was looking at the help pages and noticed that the privileges section is blank. Should we add something here?

2:39 AM
@hichris123 1) not a bug report 2) what is he even talking about?
The Japanese actually drink a lot more whiskey than you probably think. And they have by far and away the best bartenders on the planet.
@jmac Jan's written the code to fix that, but I haven't gotten the time to plug the whitelisting magic into the system
@Shog9 On per site metas the privs page is always blank...
@jmac if that means they serve you a drink when you sit down, good on 'em
2:40 AM
@Shog9 He's unhappy because their per-site meta privs page is empty, methinks.
@hichris123 ah, that page
@Shog9 The Germans are better at that. Dusseldorf beer halls -- tremendous places. But the Japanese make some of the best cocktails on the planet. Their bartenders are so detail-oriented that you get tremendous beverages.
One of my locals serves you a cucumber sandwich to go with your manhattan though.
@Manishearth Pity that. I love the spam alerts, I just wish it would allow me to tell you if it isn't spam. It doesn't seem to repeat the alerts like it used to though (which is good)
@jmac It doesn't repeat anymore, so no need to tell it that a post isn't spam because it won't care
Pinging me directly causes tweakings anyway :)
Someone added a connector thing! Eeeek!
No need for a built in bot function that notes "not spam"
2:46 AM
@Manish ^ Come join us!
@hichris123 I asked q#3
@Undo it's not aligned! eeeeek!
I know. Someone shake a fist at something until it either goes away or we get used to it.
@jmac that's cool. I do occasionally like a good manhattan.
3:08 AM
Heh, Software Recs is already looking like a crap fest.
Charcoal is published now
In Google play, will take up to 24 hours to show
@animuson Is that a good thing? :P
@TheWobbuffet What does the app do?
Browsing through some of the questions, I'm already seeing a very disturbing pattern of answers that barely consist of more than a link and a very vague description of the product. Some don't even include the name of the product.
@animuson ikr, why do they even have the "too many possible answers" rule?
3:13 AM
Users are clearly not following the advice Tim Post outlined on Area 51.
@Manishearth Finds comments to flag that you press a button to flag on every site (so far, answers adding later, still making the query)
More like a "here, have some reputation because you know how to type something into Google."
@TheWobbuffet K. Be aware of this
@animuson Nobody's flagging answers according to the guidelines -_-
@TheWobbuffet What @Manish said... mods are starting to get angry at comment-flagging scripts
Heh, I tend to get angry at other types of flags...
People who use a custom flag for duplicates rather than the canonical "it is a duplicate flag"
3:16 AM
"Plz halp"
People creating lists of all possible sites a question could go on as "this should be migrated"
People asking to delete their question simply because it's now been answered
Too chatty comment flags? For me, that's like taking a break to do something easy for a little bit.
@animuson = plz-accept :P
woah, too many tabs is awesome :D
just downloaded it
Did someone purge the comments here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/219685/…?
The OP deleted some of his comments.
3:29 AM
Ah, okay. Apparently he realized that Shog isn't NARP (Not A Real Person). :P
3:39 AM
I want my swag. :( Bad USPS. Deliver things faster.
@animuson I stole it. evil laugh
3:50 AM
@animuson So, it reached Israel before it reached NE?
What reached Israel?
ShadowWizard's package
PS I'm very glad I asked my parents what "snipe hunting" was because I didn't know and I certainly don't want to be abandoned in the middle of a cornfield.
@Manishearth Oh I don't know. Tim said he just shipped it Friday, so I can't say it's that surprising that it hadn't reached Omaha yet today.
If it were Fedex I'd probably have to wait another week or two.
<3 FedEx International
Japanese delivery service is awesome. I can order by 11pm from Amazon, and have it delivered to my door by 6pm the next day. For free.
3:55 AM
It's the flying droooones
It's the black cat, actually. Or usually at least.
is Japan's largest door-to-door delivery service companies with market share of 41%, competing closely with Sagawa Express and Nippon Express. Their head office is located in Ginza, Tokyo. The company's logo is a yellow oval with a black mother cat carrying her kitten in her mouth, symbolizing the company's promise that they take care of items entrusted to them as though the items were their own family. The logo is as familiar in Japan as the Coca-Cola logo is in the United States. The logo was originally used by American company Allied Van Lines. In 1957 Yamato obtained permission to ...
I heard somewhere that Amazon was considering jacking up the price of Amazon Prime to like $199/yr or something.
It's ¥3000 right now. They can't raise it!

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