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9:00 PM
It's looking more likely that I get a diamond. Meaning that I'm not getting anywhere near TL soon :P
@Undo you can't kick mods
Oh, forgot about that :P
^ Also does not work.
Uh-oh, I try to poke my way into places I shouldn't be and look who shows up...
explain how chat websockets work
you want data; we send data
is that enough?
9:05 PM
can you be more specific then? which pieces are you interested in?
@manish ^
(not sure which part you want)
@MarcGravell I've figured out the stuff under the chat heading in this answer
but it doesn't work
I know that we get the time parameter from /events
and the url from ws-auth
I can ping people not in this chat by @ mentioning them here right?
and connect to wsauthurl?l=timeparameter. But the connection disconnects
9:08 PM
anyway, stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/stream-graph is that a bad tag or is it
If they participated in this chat, yes @joeytje50
Oh, @MarcGravell, another question: what isn't server-side validated on chat?
^ don't tell him that
@Undo erm... that sounds like an odd and slightly concerning question...
9:09 PM
yeah, it should :P
He'll break into TL and you'll have to give him a hacker badge and then everyone will want one
@Manishearth define "doesn't work"
What is the problem with that tag @joeytje50?
Anyway, so far I've found your implementation of server-side validation quite satisfactory and maddening.
@MarcGravell Following the steps mentioned below that message, I get an apparently valid websocket URL, but the websocket disconnects
2 mins ago, by Manishearth
and connect to wsauthurl?l=timeparameter. But the connection disconnects
9:10 PM
from what I've been told subjective tags like that are bad
and this guy is spamming the tag all over SO atm
@MarcGravell secret sauce? referers? user agents?
@Manishearth have you actually watched a web-socket trace?
tries to add a sandwich-eating event to TL
@MarcGravell trace? O.o
I've been looking at them, but I didn't wireshark it
I mainly analyze via Chrome Devtools
you don't need wireshark; Chrome should do
Is there some tcp tunneling going on? O.o
no, nothing outside core protocol
So...yes, watched it
9:11 PM
I see @joeytje50. Let's check a couple of things
@MarcGravell I am able to connect to other websockets just fine. Both ws and wss. This particular one is not working
Myeah, I don't get the idea that it's a necessary/valuable tag @joeytje50.
@Manishearth when does it close? immediately? or after a few minutes?
@Bart exactly what I thought... Should it be deleted?
@MarcGravell immediately. I get a websocket disconnect
9:13 PM
I would argue so. Perhaps raise it on Meta.
fails to add event to TL
that probably means you failed to convince it that you were chat
which probably means you've missed something in the initial frame
or the connect handshake
@MarcGravell Does it check other headers?
We basically need to connect to (url returned by ws auth)?l=(timestamp returned by /events), right?
9:16 PM
why are you doing this?
I'm not sure it is in my best interests to help you abuse the system... a little insight here would be nice
@MarcGravell Python wrapper for chat, as an API
Useful for bot-making, etc. The current chatbots run on javascript ... which needs browsers
you've already figured the token check; as you might expect, that is a one-use thing, etc
we check the request line
@MarcGravell request line?
the thing with the room id and the token, so I guess you've already included that
9:21 PM
Origin ?
I don't think I set that
allow me to be clear: if your usage harms us in any way even a little bit: we will go out of our way to block you - but in a friendly way. With sprinkles and rainbows ;p
But we're Manish is making a spam detector gizmo!
@MarcGravell :o OK. TimPost already knows about this -- currently the only thing I run is a little spam detector thing that posts to chat. Chatbots/etc are being made by others, all I want is an easy-to-use wrapper :)
yeah; I appreciate that - I just want to make clear that I am not saying "yes, we tech-support and encourage this usage"
but try setting Origin and see what works
9:28 PM
@MarcGravell Of course. And we don't expect you to keep the websocket system the same either :)
/me is waiting for the "Yay, that worked .... wait, why am I suspended?"
Thanks though, great help!
@Bart haha
just remember: we're watching you mwahahahaahahaha
@Community gah
too bad this isn't chat.SE, I could reply using Feeds
I'm still here
9:34 PM
or Community. Forgot that they aren't the same
I'm going through stackoverflow.com/users/3052751/… at the moment
@Community o.o
9:36 PM
this user seems to add a huge lot of pointless tags
It's hard not to do after 1.5k
@Undo @ who is that?
@joeytje50 @you
The system doesn't warn you when you create a new tag. I've made several new misspelled tags myself -_-
9:38 PM
look at this user's suggestions though
he does actually spam the new tags on every question he finds related
so this is not accidental at all
oh, ok
yeah, you're right.
Raise it on Meta.
was already halfway a draft
wait, a :P smiley gives me ":P - You can perform this action again in 1 seconds - retry / cancel"
I'm tempted to now reply to that with a :o smiley
Uhmm... so I'm poking around the door to TL and all the sudden 5/6 of my chat.se rep disappears. Coincidence? :P
9:45 PM
@Manishearth What ideas do you have?
@Undo chat.se rep is based on site rep; this is updated roughly hourly when you are using the site
@MarcGravell He didn't lose 5/6 of his rep though.
Q: Call to attention: VividD

joeytje50I was just reviewing some suggested edits, and then a lot of edits that were just meant to add the stream-graph tag came in for review. Because of that, I decided to check what was the deal with this tag, and from what it seems, it's a tag that doesn't really seem to be necessary at all. I then s...

I did a forced refresh; back to 30k
my guess: api blipped
let me know if it does it again
@joeytje50 It's better not to call out single users like that. The Meta effect might end up harming them. Better keep it general, focused on tags and what to do about users who create "many".
9:53 PM
^ That
@Bart okay, should I reword my question for that then?
@MarcGravell ok, thanks!
Yeah, this should not be a "let's all kick VividD"
paging @Manishearth... your chat mod powaz are required in the HQ room to test stuff...
@Marc just tested, Origin doesn't seem to do it, but never mind. I'll figure it out later. Thanks anyway :)
10:03 PM
a wss frame capture comparison would almost certainly tell you; we don't do anything particularly odd here
if you send a data frame, we'll kill you stone dead, because we know chat doesn't do that
but we support all web-socket versions etc
@MarcGravell Wait, there are opcode frames being sent?
I couldn't see any frames at all
@Bart not sure if that link I posted above will auto-update, but I've changed my question to not be specifically towards this user's editing
no, no op-codes; but if the browser declares a shutdown, we'll respect it
which is an opcode
@MarcGravell ah
I wanted to use ping/pong as a heartbeat, but some browsers don't respect that (or didn't), so we don't
10:06 PM
I'll have to compare the frames then, wonder how I can do that with wss. Hmm
fiddler does https capture, no?
Dunno, but I have to trick both the browser and the python into thinking that the certificates are real.
So...some assembly required :)
hmmm... didn't work for me anyway :*
top tip, though - it probably still responds to ws
10:08 PM
so... you could just generate a key and do a new WebSocket(...) replacing wss with ws ?
Same URL? Or sockets.ny?
yep, works
Does anyone know how to execute queries in the stack exchange api?
@ManofSnow Yes.
@Undo Tell me, please
10:15 PM
just....POST request
data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/csv/207837?UserId=hichris123 doesn't seem to generate a csv
@ManofSnow You're being rather broad. Look up post/get requests.
I didn't mean that
@ManofSnow That's SEDE, not the API.
@Manishearth I mene SEDE
Yeah, I meant SQL queries
10:16 PM
@ManofSnow hichris123 is not a userID
oh yeah!
I already have the other stuff done, just having trouble generating links and... wait, the userID with chris actually generated it, now that I look
But not correctly
When it should say 'upvoted, :P' it just says, like 'upvote'
Okay does anyone know how to execute queries from SEDE through GET requests or as a generated csv?
@Undo See? They're incomplete
I dunno. Ping @TimStone
@Undo What does TimStone know?
@ManofSnow Tim Stone kinda built SEDE
@TimStone How come csv requests like data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/csv/207837?UserId=12446 are incomplete? ^Look at pic
10:23 PM
wtf, stackoverflow.com/posts/15560145/revisions this dude went as far as to even remove a useful and related tag, just so his tags could be on the question...
@TimStone So how would one go about running SEDE queries and retrieving data via GET Requests?
@TimStone Like, let's say, retrieving the data as a CSV
Just noticed Anna Lear became a dev instead of a CM... congrats @Anna!
@ShadowWizard Huh?
@hichris123 She removed herself from the list
A: Who are the Community Managers, and what do they do?

jcolebrandWho are the Community Managers? There are currently eight community managers. They are: Robert Cartaino Shog9 Grace Note Tim Post Jon Ericson Gabe Pops Ana Hevesi What do they do? They help you out. No, really. But yeah, that's about the most generic non-answer ever. ...

And then I looked in her profile
Oh, neato!
10:28 PM
So that means... possibly a new CM? :P
@hichris123 We got Pops recently, I bet he's it.
And Ana.
We traded @Anna in for a CM with less Ns
Hey @Anna congrats again! :)
I found a bug in SEDE
10:30 PM
@ShadowWizard how did you know "free beer" was my secret superping?
@ManofSnow oh, that's easy. Blame Tim Stone.
@AnnaLear easy to guess! :D
@TimStone In one of the queries, it has a comment link row, but the comment doesn't exist, and that still shows up whenever I re-run the query (this one)
The first row
@Shog9 so no plans for a new CM?
@ShadowWizard not that I know of. I honestly haven't done much CMing in a couple months now. The comm team is pretty well set up to handle things right now.
@AnnaLear I see only Shog, Tim and Pops but guess the rest are busy elsewhere? :)
10:37 PM
@ShadowWizard we don't need 8 CMs swarming MSO. There's plenty of work to be done on other sites
Yeah, that's what I thought too
Q: Removed comments not being removed from SEDE database

Man of SnowI tried generating obsoletes with this SEDE Query, but if you look under the 'Comment Link' row, something is really weird. Some of the links don't contain the comment in the post anymore, so I tried running the Stack Exchange API with one of the id's (from the id row), and I get 'bad parameter:...

So was this your first bug, @Anna? I thought you were just posting on behalf of the dev team, didn't realize back then you're a dev yourself
@ShadowWizard no, this was
@AnnaLear totally missed that... looks like fun lol :)
10:45 PM
@Doorknob Chat bot plz?
hello Door!
@hichris123 I made it work on SO chat too
wait doing stuffs
@DoorknobofSnow I found out that SEDE is updated monthly, is there something better I could use?
10:47 PM
@ManofSnow the API
@ManofSnow It should be weekly these days...
@DoorknobofSnow To generate SQL queries from Stack Exchange?
@ManofSnow it's outdated these days it's updated every Monday
@ManofSnow what are you trying to do?
@DoorknobofSnow Run a Query like this one: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/157286/obsoletes

Select Id, Text, Id as [Comment Link]
From Comments
Where LEN(Text) < 45 AND Text like '%accept it%'
OR Text like '%accept my answer%' OR Text like '%upvote%'
Just something to get obsolete comments...
@hichris123 What did you end up doing for Charcoal? Was I flagging fake comments?
10:49 PM
@ManofSnow What do you mean?
@hichris123 Most generated comments are deleted from that query, and that's only updated every week
Um, that's what Charcoal fed from, so probably the first ~400-700 are deleted.
Well, I guess I'm going to have to... "look through the API doc"?
@ManofSnow There's a way to look through all comments in existance, and you could make it sort oldest at the top so that it will find all the comments
hang on I'm going to make my bot more configurable
I have the comments data dump if anyone wants a query. :P
10:54 PM
@DoorknobofSnow Indexing through every comment in existance?!?! I'll just make it so it checks the 50,000 to see if they exist...
I should unzip the posts one...
@ManofSnow no, you can take 100 at a time
Snow guys, your goal is mass flag comments?
36 minutes to unzip the rest of the Posts file.
@ShadowWizard Have you heard of Charcoal?

 Charcoal HQ

Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break thing...
10:56 PM
And you have 10 000 API calls per key per app per day, so that's 1 000 000 (1*10^6) comments retrievable by batch job per day.
Yeeeaaaah, grab the data dump, it'll be easier.
I think @ManofSnow is building a companion app to Charcoal. Right? (or am I completly off?)
Changed me name
But who will handle all those flags?
I can seed the data dump if you want. :P
@hichris123 My app will actually be called Charcoal :P
@hichris123 No, why would I want that?
10:57 PM
@ShadowWizard The moderators.
@ManofSnow If you wanted to download the data dump.
@michaelb958 That's not good, if lots of people use
@hichris123 Isn't the data dump just the SEDE query?
Bot ready. Type >>help for help on the chatbot.
hooray :P
now it works on meta and SO and is fully configurable
(bot killed)
@ManofSnow Kinda, but you can have it locally.
10:59 PM
@ManofSnow I can't comment on usage rates or that stuff; I'm not affiliated with the project.
@michaelb958 1,000,000 flags.... I don't envy them.
(But I'm told that they've been kindly asked to cease and desist on at least one site.)
@DoorknobofSnow Put it in the room.
When does the chat update your name?!?!
I'm now called 'The Wobbuffet'
@hichris123 ok
@ManofSnow Caching, always caching.
11:00 PM
@ManofSnow Takes up to an hour. Or something. Caching.
@michaelb958 Project?
@ManofSnow Caching, always.
@ManofSnow try log out and log in, maybe cached on more levels. @Anna can check the code :D
@hichris123 Charcoal.
@michaelb958 Then I can answer your questions/whatever. :P
11:01 PM
@michaelb958 You are now officially affiliated :P
I pressed the officially official button that makes things official
@ManofSnow Oh cool. I'll get back to you in a bit; RL wants me.
@DoorknobofSnow You wrote that in Ruby, not with ruby? :O
@ManofSnow ???
11:02 PM
@michaelb958 Great. What can you do?
@michaelb958 I'll only add you to the credits if you do useful stuff :P
@michaelb958 shame, this chat is Real Life
If people are actually looking at light, why can't I make people believe they are flagging comments, but not actually do it?
I now officially am finished with Charcoal :D I just have to add more sites (because I can only request from queries that already exist)...
@ManofSnow What's it look like?
@hichris123 I'll send a pic later, gtg
11:18 PM
my bot is in the SO sandbox now


Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging...
I need to add support for multiple rooms :P
@ManofSnow Programmatically pulling data from Data Explorer isn't a supported feature.
...but you can totally do it in a userscript if you want. Just learn to love JSON arrays.
Probably not from the public instance, since it doesn't do JSONP or CORS
And I will absolutely tighten things down there if necessary. :P
But related:
Q: Running queries to StackExchange Data Explorer from anywhere

LazerNow that we have an awesome tool StackExchange Data Explorer, won't its usefulness be multiplied manifolds if we could have a way of embedding queries onto a site that can fetch the results without the user having to actually go to the StackExchange website? Something like this: goes to ht...

11:50 PM
@TimStone I managed to do it by programmitically downloading the CSV and extracting the data :)

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