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9:01 AM
Baba still going?
quite lively this morning
did he write other "we hack U" stuff?
9:48 AM
I was just about to post a bug report meta, but should I even bother if its just some graphical bug that I suspect its not reproducible..? pic related
@OGHaza was it before you let it pass?
@OGHaza well, it doesn't actually answer the question.
ha well in that case I don't understand the question :P
wait, the audit answer doesn't answer the question. or I didn't answer your question?
the audit doesn't answer the question
It's a product placement with a feebly related text.
9:56 AM
I'm not disputing the audit, but when I load that URL I see no answer.
I can see it clearly
if I load the link above I see "Answer not found"
I can't see it in chrome or safari :S
it's already been reported; it's a deleted answer and you're <10krep
ah fair, presumably then that happens for every LQP audit where the correct answer is 'recommend deletion'
9:57 AM
@JanDvorak Are you sure that tis missbehaviour doesn't happen even when reviewing?
@SPArchaeologist The answer does show during the review, and it appears undeleted
(until my script kicks in, that is)
@JanDvorak good to know. Based on OGhaza report, I feared that he saw an empty space instead of the answer. While reviewing it.
that would be very suspicious
Ah no, but then I wasn't able to read the answer after failing
do you want a screenshot? hold on...
10:03 AM
Nope, and nah that's cool, I did read the answer vaguely, should have hit skip instead of looks good. Many questions do genuinely request resources and it's my understanding that we're not meant to delete answers just because they don't entirely answer the question, so I'm fairly lenient in LQP if I think post might have been trying. But I accept that it was a product placement that I didn't read closely enough
@OGHaza this one didn't ask for resources
It was in a field I have no expertise in, implementing a VPN for Android sounded like something that may have required an external resource. Should have skipped
I'm not disputing the audit in any way
Don't know why you removed that but I saw it first :P thanks
@NullPoiиteя free off-topic flag. Thanks ^_^
@SPArchaeologist i think there is not any type of flag for question which is off-topic on stackexchange sites :D
10:16 AM
nice. After flagging as off topic, if I reopen the flag panel I get this:
Why is the "it is a duplicate" flag option shown as used?
there was a meta post about that yesterday
10:18 AM
they're all classed as the same "type" of flag
Q: Clicking "flag" on a question that you already flagged as off-topic shows that you also flagged it as a duplicate

Aidan MuellerI flagged a question as off-topic because it was a "how to get started" question. After flagging the question, I then clicked flag again, and noticed that it had shown that I had not only flagged it as off-topic, but it also had shown that I flagged it as duplicate: I am wondering if this is a...

do you guys checked so in Português ...variable names are too funny
@Pops the c++ chat room is currently named Lounge<Gay> with the description Big orgy on June 7th, don't miss the fun. It doesn't offend me, but I'm not sure if it's good to have this on the front page of chat when generally the community does not approve of profanity and the like.
lol .. may be they are
@Stijn actually, I would say that someone could also count that as homophobia.
10:28 AM
@SPArchaeologist what I said, or the room name?
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/119271/… (mohini vashikaran mantra +91 9694850756)
@Stijn the room name. Reporting it was the correct action.
holy good lololol
Myeah, that's taking things a bit too far imho. Even for chat.
yeeeeeeeeeehhhhh. Baba is back!
10:33 AM
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: patents.stackexchange.com/questions/5976/… (vashikaran specialist shastri +91 9694850756)
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/8189/… (love mantra specialist shastri +91 9694850756)
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/41388/… (+91 9694850756 love problem solution baba)
@Sklivvz tempted to flag
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: biology.stackexchange.com/questions/14726/… (+91 9694850756 vashikaran specialist babaji)
@TimPost Are you online? Wanted to tell you one thing.
please ping me if you can
10:39 AM
@Sklivvz noooooooooooo
@Sklivvz - I am currently searching for Tim.
3 messages moved from Let's get philosophical
@SPArchaeologist What's up?
@TimPost as @Sklivvz noticed above, c++ lounge seems to have a strange name....
better to fix that. Someone may get offended
pardon. Said Sklivvz - it was @Stijn
he noticed that first
@Sklivvz Surely you can go in and nuke those 4 spam post above?
(and their accounts .... ;) )
10:51 AM
@LaszloPapp Still whining about it? You don't understand even after being explicitly explained why? Remember the time when your answer was completely wrong, unhelpful and put in a condescending and insulting tone? No? Well I do, and believe me, deleting and replacing some text is far from making up for you being a total ass. Seriously dude, get a life, and I mean it. You have completed 5000 tasks in 5 months, this can hardly spell anything good for you, and not just that, you are so obviously an overdoing over-trying wannabe, and whatever you are compensating about in here, it is not the way. — user2341104 13 mins ago
just ignore it, or it is not appropriate for SO?
Flag as rude/offensive
@Bart done
@LaszloPapp What a jerk, I've flagged as rude/offensive.
Yeah, that's definitely rude
I'd simply walk away from that whole situation @LaszloPapp.
10:59 AM
That was quite over the top.
The 16 comment back-and-forth was too much though. Either take that stuff to chat or, preferably, walk away from an unappreciated answer.
After the third / fourth volley you should automatically start thinking of your exit strategy, which quite often is as simple as just going to another question. If they keep irritating you in your inbox, flag.
I usually just call their mom @TimPost.
@Bart oh don't go calling my mom at this hour now?
Why would you call anyone's mother Tim Post? I ain't yo baby mama.
11:04 AM
... my mind wants to take this to levels of inappropriateness that are best avoided ...
@Duncan: I do not think it is an unappreciated answer.
@Duncan: since it is about solving a generic issue about a new technology, I imagine this as appreciated by several future readers.
Great, then you've done your job. Just move on from there and ignore any grumpy old farts and their comments.
@Bart: I have not actually replied to that for this reason.
in the meantime, that lounge name is still there.
I know @LaszloPapp. Best decision.
11:07 AM
It has been deleted.
@Bart: I only asked him if everything is correct now, if we can perhaps separate in happiness that he got his solution he wanted, and I also could help someone, and I also learnt something new, but apparently not. :)
Ha, that station was already passed a number of exchanges before that last one.
Anyway, I will upvote his question regardless.
11:22 AM
Now what's the point of posting an exact copied duplicate if you've bountied that dupe anyway?
11:34 AM
Comments like this annoy me terribly
it's better to ask in Unity Answers. — Shivan Raptor 7 hours ago
That's just saying "go away".
@Bart: I feel the same about link-only answers.
Hmmm, I expected to be greated by the chat bot. Anyway: good afternoon
I hate smart-ass answers like this one:
A: How to determine what type of encoding/encryption has been used?

rossumIf you have the file legitimately, then ask the person who encrypted it what method she used and what the key is. If you do not have the file legitimately...

Hello rene
Hello rene
11:40 AM
Hello rene. :-)
We have multiple chat bots now.. :-)
Hello rene
And a broken one
Hello rene
kill -9 Bart
11:45 AM
@rene That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
!! verbose
Hello rene.
@rene That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
11:47 AM
@rene Registered; need 1 more to execute
@Duncan I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Today I greeted one user: rene
@hichris123 Curse you, Hal.
use "@bart -smitingstick userid" to smite a user
@bart -smitingstick -1
Community has been smitten
11:49 AM
Hello rene
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: patents.stackexchange.com/questions/5977/… (where are the drawings for DE 202005010768 U1)
Please, someone remove that question
yeah, it is weird it is a ham....
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/119278/… (all,love ,job problem solution baba ji+91 9694850756)
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions/1572/… (LOVE PROBLEM SOLUTION BABA JI+91 9694850756)
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] Allcaps title: astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions/1572/… (LOVE PROBLEM SOLUTION BABA JI+91 9694850756)
12:30 PM
the questions on astronomy are still there.
I already raised that flag, sorry.
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/41397/… (all ,job,love problem solution baba ji+91 9694850756)
@rene - no need to apologize, I was just using subliminal persuasion to get a mod to delete theme.
them. To delete them.
That mathematica one is flagged as well
12:43 PM
not sure, why it did not get expanded, in line, but weird content:
@bart -smitingstick -3253101
Unknown userid. rene has been smitten
@jmac probably a good idea. I'll work on that
12:58 PM
is the reopen queue much later than the rest? It is surprising that other review queues like the late answer has top reviewers with higher scores.
Aug 8 '12 at 13:28, by jadarnel27
@Bart Didn't you have a different gravatar before? I keep getting confused and thinking you're Cody Gray.
can someone help me? my question is getting down-voted without comments in regards to why. Can someone look at it and tell me is wrong with it?
Aug 20 '12 at 17:13, by Purmou
@Bart your avatar reminds me too much of Cody Gray
Link @SaUce?
Q: Is it possible to create custom view to display search results?

SaUceAfter reading http://meta.stackoverflow.com/help/searching help I have setup a custom search to find question that interest me. Here is example of my custom search url http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=%5BC%23%5Danswers%3A..0+created%3A2014 When I look over question I would like to be able to...

@SaUce I see nothing wrong with it... (+1)
1:03 PM
@SaUce: I gave an upvote.
Don't really understand the downvotes there @SaUce
I am really confused on the reason my self so I was hoping someone could tell me
I have no idea. O_o
Could this be a case lets down vote @Sauce because he asked bad question before? I'm talking about this one meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/217008/…
Nah, don't think so.
1:06 PM
@SaUce: partially, yes, I think so.
but mostly, no.
I did my best to ask it following all the guide lines and make sure to get it right on the first try without modifying it
I'm going to see if I can bin this Indian Psychic. This is getting old.
@SaUce: that is good.
thanks @LaszloPapp
so what is the best way to redeem myself after asking a bad question and ruining my reputation?
1:11 PM
Let's see if that slows him down. The problem with tripping on strings is that strings are so easy to change
@SaUce You'll need three goats, a duck and a hose.
He has been reasonably creative @TimPost, but so far not really creative enough it seems.
@sauce: just listen to people, and draw conclusions IMHO.
@TimPost a hose?
my conclusion was not to go to meta when possible. :)
@JanDvorak Yeah, don't worry about the nozzle though.
1:13 PM
I thought Meta was for that exact reason to get help to figure something out when you don't understand about how site works?
Yep @SaUce.
Whenever I see a SO in Portuguese question on the real-time page, I want to go in and vote to close it.
@Bart it should have a different icon
@SaUce: yes, it is supposed to be a friendly place, not a downvoter for disagreements. At least IMHO, but it is not the practice. But I guess, some people get along with that, some do not.
Yeah @JanDvorak. It's confusing
so should try to ask someone in chat first before forever staining my reputation by posting a dumb question?
1:17 PM
@SaUce, I don't think you should worry too much about upvotes and downvotes as long as you think the question is worth asking and present it well
@SaUce: yes, that is a good option, IMHO.
Nah @SaUce. Just don't worry too much about your meta reputation. It's pointless anyway. Do your research and see what happens. You'll be fine.
@SaUce: there will be people helping here.
i thought most questions with down votes get ignored
1:18 PM
@SaUce: or try to disassociate your name from those questions. It is also possible.
Meta is low-traffic enough to still get a fair bit of attention @SaUce.
@SaUce: unfortunately, they are not ignored. Your future employer (or anyone else for that matter) may come across it, drawing wrong conclusions.
that is even worse.
@LaszloPapp what do you mean by "disassociate your name"?
yeah, that is one reason why I do not go there, or I disassociate myself.
wow, you people all live in doom and gloom worlds.
1:20 PM
@SaUce: as per copyrights/license, you can ask the team to remove your name from the question.
@Bart mostly @Laszlo, it seems :O
Don't get him started!
@rene: do not worry, I will not get into throwing shit at others for different opinions even if some people like it.
so what were you discussing before I interrupted with my issue?
@SaUce: nothing that important, I think. :)
there were some spams mentioned AFAICT.
1:25 PM
@Bart here's a start: $("<style>.realtime-pt-stackoverflow .realtime-site-icon {-webkit-transform: scaleX(-1)}").appendTo(document.head)
@JanDvorak lol, flipped icon :D
as a userstyle:
@-moz-document url("http://stackexchange.com/questions?tab=realtime#") {
.realtime-pt-stackoverflow .realtime-site-icon {-webkit-transform: scaleX(-1)}
downside: doesn't work in my spam filter notifications
C++ lounge changed name. Good to see. You working, @TimPost?
we have six more rotations, then I'll start rotating the hues.
(ok, ok, I could use 45 degrees or so)
1:45 PM
@SPArchaeologist Yeah, but I didn't do it - was pretty sure they'd come to their senses independently ;)
What was it called then?
Lounge<gay> with something about an orgy in the description.
C++ does weird s**t to people
what happens if someone flags a mod?
Flag gets declined. User gets suspended .... above a crocodile pit
2:08 PM
ggggggggggggggggeetting an espppppressso maaaachine mighhhhhht nott have been a vvv v vvvvvvvv vv ery gggooood idea.
looks like a spammer account attacking Programmers, would appreciate someone with power on content to take a look, especially at their deleted question: programmers.stackexchange.com/users/116782/agunbiade-ademola
Am I naive or is that just a guy wanting a chat, not really getting the concept of the site @gnat?
VLQ at least
He has one other question on SO, about tomcat not starting.
doesn't look like a spammer...
Ah wow @TimPost even discovered the actual question in there. Give that man some more espressos.
2:14 PM
Someone asked me how did I always attract so many downvotes on meta
Did I mention that I got an espresso machine? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I?
why isn't it obvious that I am naturally talented in attract negative votes
@sudorm-rfTelkitty I would downvote that if I could.
good luck cleaning it
@Bart see? I don't even have to try
2:16 PM
It's got a cleaning mode, pretty easy to maintain.
What did you get @TimPost?
expresso machine
@sudorm-rfTelkitty thank you captain obvious
Ooh, nice @TimPost
I had one of those before - same brand, simpler (thus cheaper)
2:19 PM
@TimPost ಠ_ಠ
Try cappuccino for a while...
I'm really happy with it, they put a lot of thought into its design. Like, when you use the steam wand and finish, it automatically empties the remaining reservoir if you go to pull another shot so you don't scorch it.
cleaning mode is time consuming
good luck with keep your patience
Takes about 3 minutes or so.
2:21 PM
I broke mine in a years time, never bought another expresso machine again - plungers are just easier ...
I'd like to get a nice siphon pot next.
A vacuum coffee maker brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and vacuum produce coffee. This type of coffee maker is also known as vac pot, siphon or syphon coffee maker, and was invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s. These devices have since been used for more than a century in many parts of the world. Design and composition of the vacuum coffee maker varies. The chamber material is borosilicate glass (pyrex), metal, or plastic, and the filter can be either a glass rod or a screen made of metal, cloth, paper, or nylon. The Napier Vacuum Machine, presented in 1840, was an...
All my coffee still comes out of an old Bialetti Moka Express.
This is what I have nowadays:
Percolator of some kind?
2:25 PM
it is a steel plunger - glass ones are easily broken
I had it for years
It is still working like a charm (I have coffee almost everyday with it)
Oddly enough, it's not the glass on my press that's problematic, it's the handle coming lose from the steel band around it.
Steel ones are better - they are probably 3x more pricey. But it will probably last at least 5 times as long for a careless person like me. So in the long run it's worth it. But it is up to someone's taste, there are people who prefer coffee from expresso machines ~shrug~.
2:32 PM
at least he's behaving now
@Bart their deleted question had phone number and looking-for-job and stuff like that. One minute I think I have a link to it...
@Braiam what the ... oh good grief. Is that the king of India?
> I develop Electronics commerce (E commerce B2B) i want to host it, I need A job no vacant in Africa? I leave here in Nigeria. +234...
@gnat myeah. I get the idea that he just really doesn't get the idea of Programmers. Not necessarily that he intends to spam
@sudorm-rfTelkitty I like just a nice press once in a while, I might get a steel one, I didn't know they had those.
2:38 PM
@Bart per my reading of wikipedia, unsolicited advertising = spam en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_%28electronic%29 (I don't insist it's spam, merely interested in a bit more deeper checking)
@TimPost it's one of the trolls, apparently not the indian ones... he knows how to write correctly in english D:
thanks, @Bart @TimPost
3:00 PM
Can I get a second opinion on reopening this question? It was put on hold before the OP added his code. I feel a bit biased, since I have gained rep from the question.
I voted to reopen it yesterday, so apparently the reopen queue disagreed with me.
(sorry for not talking about spam ;-) )
it's got two votes
Right. I think one person agreed with me, but the timing makes me think it got enough "leave closed" votes to kick it out of the queue.
Since stuff goes in and out of the queue pretty quickly, and my vote was yesterday.
I don't know how to find the specific review, though.
To validate my assumptions.
@jadarnel27 I would close that question if I saw it now. A code dump doesn't help understand what needs to be answered (IMO).
But I'm no expect, so I'll steer clear of it and let others decide if it should reopen.
Perhaps there is enough info there for someone who's attuned to the subject.
Thanks for your feedback, @Duncan =)
In the current state I still think "okay, that's what you have. Now why can't you get to what you want?" @jadarnel27.
3:05 PM
@Bart exactly
@jadarnel27 Since you've provided a decent answer, it won't get deleted. So it's a neutral move for you to want it reopened.
@jadarnel27 I would give another push to OP to complete his question
Right, @Bart. I see what you're saying. He didn't really show his...attempt to solve the new problem. But it was very clear to me what the OP wanted, and it was simple to show how to do it.
Ugh. Sorry, my chat skills on mobile are slow.
Yeah, and then you get into that nasty discussion again of "is answerable good enough" @jadarnel27.
Haha, right. Did you ever post your rant on Meta about that?
I already vtc that question (i was the first one) and I don't see relevant code towards the question asked @jadarnel27. I'm afraid no reopen from me.
3:08 PM
@jadarnel27 There is an ongoing draft on my notebook ... needs some care though to not come across as a rant.
@rene Thanks, man. I definitely appreciate that perspective (which appears to be shared by most of the folks in this room).
@jadarnel27 good answer though!
There are so many...worse question askers out there. This guy asked a simple question, responded to comments asking for his code. Formatted it properly, etc.
It seems like this user kind of...doing it right.
Heh, thanks @rene! I've been forced to work with those datasource controls far too often =P
@Braiam I'm not sure what that would accomplish (sorry I missed your message).
It just seems like a bad user experience. Maybe if someone left a comment to the tune of "in the future, you should show what your attempted solution was". Having his question like this seems...weird.
@jadarnel27 Are you able to improve the question a little, based on your experience?
I suppose if the only argument presented here is the "OP didn't try", then that's invalid anyway.
(At least according to the current Way We Are Supposed To Behave™).
Cue @Bart...
3:18 PM
Hello SpamHunter
self correcting bot
I could potentially made some aesthetic improvements, but they would be relatively minor @Duncan.
OK, @jadarnel27. Sounds like it's a valid question to those with the know-how.
I guess it'll get reopened if enough people feel similarly.
@rene how do we teach it?
True, @Duncan.
Perhaps I should post a question on Meta about it.
To see what a...well, only slightly broader audience thinks.
3:24 PM
Oh, I didn't notice that all of the close votes came in after that edit.
this Stack Exchange application for Android just turns my phone into a vibrator
@Flyk do you have a liquid-proof container?
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] Allcaps title: superuser.com/questions/709160/… (TEAMVIEWER KEYBOARD INPUT NOT WORKING)
3:47 PM
False positive, I suppose?
Doesn't really look like spam. Just a bad question.
@jadarnel27 happens
More than than that, it has happened =P
4:01 PM
@jadarnel27 @jadarnel27 - actually the detector is programmed to explicitly detect Allcaps titles, so it is working as intended. Such title are better edited.
@SPArch I don't have any problem with it - I hope I didn't come across that way. It just seems like a false positive, since the message posted says "spam detector," and the linked question is not spam.
I was just throwing out some feedback on the spam detection heuristic.
Feedback? You think we want feedback? Just flag all the things as spam and move on! ... oh, and brown.
ugh... stackoverflow.com/questions/2700606/… - that crap even got upvotes
Good thing moderators know better than answering such .... ah ... ;)
It was obviously helpful to someone.
You shouldn't unilaterally delete those, let the community decide.
I thought Robert Harvey's answer was good for the OP and those who might come after.
4:43 PM
@Bart Brown indeed.
@LanceRoberts: IF something should be undeleted then it's this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/632571/…
Another bad deletion (this time by users):
wishes for 10k on SO
It's a fine though very basic definition question.
We shouldn't be deleting questions just because they're very basic.
5:17 PM
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/8190/… (get love back+91-9829810409)
@DoorknobofSnow heh... I got the notification before you posted this here
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/8191/… (vashikaran specialist in uk+91-9829810409)
Spam wave!
:Grabbing a surfboard:
maybe not :P
5:30 PM
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] SPAM - Bad keyword: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/8192/… (vashikaran specialist in uk usa+91-9829810409)
> CasT LovE MaRRiagE SpeciALisT
Heh, they're getting desperate :P
If these kinds of things are coming through, I'd like to see what gets blocked :P
I haven't seen it, but knowing (a tiny bit) about how the system works, I'd think it's the same stuff, just a huge volume of it.
What happens on the user end when something gets blocked? Does it silently fail?
Holy crap, this is a large-scale operation: google.com/…
5:51 PM
That... is a good question.
I actually don't know.
What is the goal / agenda with something like this? Getting people to call that phone number?
I suppose :P
That's a phone number? Ohhh, that's why yelling it out repeatedly hasn't magically solved all of my problems!

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