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8:07 AM
@jmac Thanks! It's something that is extremely interesting to me, and will be for quite a while. I've done quite a bit of research but from the outside that is extremely difficult.
Is this feature in build 2014.1.14.1849 (or in other words, is this deployed yet?)
Q: Can trusted users be trusted to suggest tag synonyms without a score of 5 in a tag? (on smaller sites, not Stack Overflow)

FlykThis has been asked before but I feel the original question was more focussed on Stack Overflow than the Stack Exchange network at large. Related: Can we allow 7.5K users to suggest tag synonyms without a score of 5 in the tag? Since there are now a lot of sites in the network and many of the...

@Flyk Do you have something to say about your question or are you just fishing for up-votes? :-)
8:25 AM
Can some please advise whether or not it is an answer? stackoverflow.com/questions/21098148/…
looking at it...
@LaszloPapp IMO, it's an answer. But an extremely poor one.
yeah, that is why I am in trouble.
I am thinking of invalidating the flags on it, and edit it.
It seems a repost of an earlier, much up-voted comment: stackoverflow.com/questions/21098148/…
Yes, but that is IMO fine if it turns out useful which I cannot judge.
8:27 AM
I would only downvote.
@LaszloPapp Yes, I agree.
(My comment was more of an FYI)
since the comment is upvoted, I will edit and invalidate the flags, I think.
I've removed my down-vote, -4 seems a little harsh. It's a new user, hopefully they'll edit.
@TimPost Even from the inside it's tough. The hierarchical way that organizations work mean that very few people see what's going on at the various levels, and that means that identifying roadblocks can be near impossible for lots of organizations. In that respect, long-term foreigners tend to get a unique perspective because the skills that we have are needed at various roles in the organization, so we associate with a lot more different people than most.
btw, if I mark a flag as invalid, will it appear as disputed in my flagging history?
8:32 AM
depends on the descion of the mod handling the flag
I see a few disputed flags appearing in my history (5)
and I marked a few flags invalid, so probably the moderators disagreed?
I think once a flag was marked as invalid it will show up as disputed for everyone
@Duncan damn, you got me
8:33 AM
I have 147 (over 1300 helpfull)
one more upvote and I have >3k rep on mso!
(remember, we can only handle all flags on a post at once, so either all of them are valid or all are invalid, so iirc. that's why it will be disputed for eversone in that case)
@Flyk I already upvoted that but you gained another view on it...
@ThiefMaster: yeah, but wouldn't it be declined instead of disputed if a moderator decline it?
8:35 AM
rep from views
Why? We cannot decline just your "invalid" flag or just the other flag!
now I just need to find the button that turns views into rep
and then I will have over a MILLION REPS on Arqade
So we always have two flags where one is valid and one isn't. Something the current flag UI does not support.
@ThiefMaster if only there was a site where you could voice your concerns and possibly get them fixed...
A better system is already in the making and I think there's a meta post about exactly that thing, too ;)
8:37 AM
@ThiefMaster: no, I mean declining the answer (i.e. removal)
apparently there is a big change coming to something on Stack Exchange in 6 days
what is it?
A: Interpreting powers in perl using regex

user3192006I would just use the split function (split /:/) here.

for instance, this became disputed in my flagging history.
I marked it as invalid.
the disputed flag counter is literally the most useless statistic on Stack Exchange
well, it is good to know what happened, but I am not sure why it is there instead of the final moderator decision stats.
Q: What is a disputed flag?

BrandonIn my flagging summary under the statistics, there is 1 flag listed as "disputed". This is the first time I've ever seen a disputed flag in my summary, so I'm just curious, what is a disputed flag? How would you even dispute a flag? Is this the same as voting a flag as invalid? Return to FAQ in...

8:41 AM
any reason for not removing it?
@Duncan: yeah, I read that before. I will double check again.
It's a slightly confusing read because it correctly refers to the 10k tools as "access to moderator tools", which makes you think about real moderators if you scan read it.
OK. So 10K+ users need to see the orange notification on the left of the review text in the toolbar all the time since it is never close enough to zero lately?
@LaszloPapp I think I've seen it only be 0 once early this month...
after a moderator weekend party? :D
I remember seen a chat message here by one of the mods
8:47 AM
maybe more mods are needed?
and or a better workflow?
Only when the flag queue becomes like the close vote queue
and not before we have a zillion questions/rants about it on meta
does the 10K+ users work really help the moderators other than boundary decisions?
depends on the activity of your mods
deletes cast against stuff on arqade is usually split about 50/50 between our users and mods
@LaszloPapp Check this interesting meta post: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/215676/…
the 10k mod tools need a redesign tbh
8:54 AM
That made me realise some of the things 10k users can do which is actually a waste of time.
@Flyk: hmm, yeah, I was vague, I think. I meant the flags, not delete/close.
ugliest part of the site
The lack of a delete queue is criminal.
Every now and then I think "Right, I'm going to delete some stuff." Then I end up giving up on the awful interface and moving on.
"Options 4 and 5 are waaay overrated." -> LOL
@Duncan totally this
8:55 AM
@Duncan: that is my first impression, too. It took me a short while to figure out the colors, and what I can do, and what not. :)
definitely a missed opportunity that one
potentially the same with undeletes, and I don't see a reason why they couldn't implement flags as a review queue either
@jmac Just curious, how long have you been there?
@Duncan: I am not sure I am helpful if I mark a trivially NAA as NAA
what do I help with? A moderator would have the same realization in the first place, and I believe moderators do not act blindly. They still evaluate the post. For decisions where it is 50-50% like above (or maybe a bit more different), it can be helpful to support the majority.
are you sure? :p
@LaszloPapp If you are browsing questions "in the wild" and flag a valid NAA, that is helpful.
But browsing the list of flagged questions in the 10k tools and re-flagging NAA's that you agree with, doesn't apparently help much.
8:58 AM
@Duncan: yes, but I am talking about already flagged that I see in the moderation tools.
@Duncan maybe, maybe not
Better is to browse the 10k flag list and see if there are things you can help with. e.g. look for "Duplicate answer (auto)" flags and see if the questions should be voted to close as duplicates.
I can waste hours with them, but do I help with in the end? The moderator will still do the same as I did, so we just duplicated the effort.
if I see something in the 10k tools that has 9 NAA flags, I will go downvote it and cast a delete vote
Flyk: without reading, really? What if the answer was improved, etc? I would personally still think that I would need to read the post anyway (as a moderator).
9:00 AM
@LaszloPapp then at the point I go to downvote it, I see the edit notification, check to see what is going on, etc
if you really want me to be super verbose when telling you how I do things PREPARE FOR EACH SENTENCE TO BE A PARAGRAPH
I only see it useful to deal with uncertain posts as a 10K+ user currently. Trivial stuff is already done by 10K- users.
IMO whether it is 5 NAA flag or 15, does not weight much more for the decision. IMO, even 5 does not weight much if it is clearly NAA and a moderator would read it anyhow. :-)
"In addition, flagged comments and spam/offensive flags are not visible to you."
hmm, that is interesting. I was told a few times when asking about my comment flags that they would go through the 10K+ users first.
@LaszloPapp they accumulate and autotrigger, but they are not shown
Chat flags are shown to everyone above 10k
what do you mean by "they"?
never dealt with chat flags. :D
9:23 AM
@LaszloPapp they = comment flags
(more specifically, spam/offensive flags on both comments and posts)
yeah, that is what the privilege page says, too. Not sure why people told me it would be otherwise. It was probably some miscommunication.
so do the SE employees plan to implement delete/undelete/flag queues?
is there a need for them?
based on the opinion from several 10K+ users above (plus mine), definitely.
Q: Can we get some more review queues - questions with delete votes, recently closed etc.?

ChrisFThe new /review queues are great, but there are some other lists on the /tools pages that could do with the same treatment. Recently closed questions Questions with reopen votes Recently reopened questions These would be useful to find those questions that need improvement to be reopened or h...

I'll need to bump my rep above 10k before I can give a proper opinion about
9:29 AM
that is a must have before commenting on it, yes. :)
Last 500 rep left
I will exchange a 500 rep bounty on Arqade for a 500 rep bounty on MSO
I'm pretty sure mods wouldn't approve
9:33 AM
@Tim, 10+ years.
I am exchanging +300 reps here with 3 pictures of your cat in my funny cat app (android version)
@3ventic they'll never know
cross site moderation is a pain in the ass, they'll lose track of it
@Duncan: right, so there were no objections, no progress either for the aforementioned queues. Sounds like a bounty material?
@LaszloPapp Possibly. I'm not sure how often that actually results in anything happening. Looks like it already attracted at least one bounty.
that is just poor 100
I was considering 500 or 1000.
(or even more since it is a must have IMO)
9:35 AM
The problem is, the question I linked to is very broad and requests a lot of new functionality.
I'd be happy with just a new delete queue. But if I were to suggest that, it would be a duplicate of the other question.
SE could share their development plans a bit more...
@Duncan: I do not think it is that broad. With a good software architecture and design, these are similar to each other, and the main difference is their type.
I tend to rollback to revision 2 and vtc-ed but also being amazed how much users edit that question where I don't see much improvement
@rene: in the qt tag, there is a guy editing almost every upcoming question (under 2K), and frankly, all the edits I have seen, were very minor improvements.
@LaszloPapp True. But it's a question that requests X, Y and Z, but a lot of people would be happy if only X were implemented.
9:47 AM
@Duncan: if you implement X (90% of the work), the rest comes almost for free IMHO.
provided that the software is good enough.
since the logic is the same and only parameters differ (mostly).
One further problem with the current system on top of the existing thread discussions, I cannot filter. :(
Hopefully most of the work is already done - there are structures for question queues etc already. That's what's frustrating about the fact it hasn't been done.
well, one could say it would clutter less visited subsites, but then we could say, they could have different rep levels. So rare stuff would not clutter their review queue view.
@3ventic: mayhaps? Feel free to open a thread on meta.
but now I understand why some of my feature requests and/or bugfixes were downvoted so heavily.... :) Because there are much bigger issues....
(not sure useful FR and bugfixes would need to be downvoted so heavily though, but yes, I can see where it comes from)
To any upcoming visitors that want to edit this question. I just rolled it back to version 2. Leave it. — rene 1 min ago
@rene Wow, that list of edits is a horror show.
(Glad to see you rejected that one)
10:00 AM
@Flyk Meta is a frustrating place to have 3k rep. Everything gets closed in about 30s and the queues are empty.
10:14 AM
not as quickly as your first posts queue
10:31 AM
What if I start using a custom "this question appears to be offtopic because it requests a solution, not explanation" close reason for gimmeregexes and other clear non-broad homeworklike dumps? — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
@JanDvorak: I think that works — Lightness Races in Orbit 25 secs ago
10:56 AM
You can perform this action again in 19 seconds - retry / cancel
Retry! Retry it now!
chat is getting in the way of my uber activity
Ads are paid for
11:13 AM
New login/signup pages are live on Meta
Looking rather minimalist, doesn't it?
Love it: stackoverflow.com/questions/21135766/…. "There is no error in the coding".
I could check them
but I don't want to sign out
(Note: I'm about to edit that question)
11:21 AM
@Flyk anonymous tab?
I clicked log out
@Duncan happens to me all the time.
broke all my chat windows
throws cake at @Oded
Oooh cake. Throw it at me!!
@Oded it looks a bit one sided tbh, I don't like it
11:22 AM
@3ventic use imgur like everybody else
no, they delete my old images
besides, what's wrong with my dedi?
@Flyk how do you mean?
@Oded it's all on the left with a huge white space on the right
Designed by Developers™
11:26 AM
yeah it has everything you need to sign in but it looks ugly
very much designed by developers
can you hire somebody that has some user interface design experience?
you could have a single text for user input and then a variety of icons instead of those big boxes, maybe some collapsible stuff and flashing lights
and throbbers whenever you click anything
I just noticed typing ‮ still reverses everything I write.
and it needs more pink
@3ventic u rgubj tiy qwbr ibw ri rgw eufgr
I forgot how to set access-origin policy correctly ._.
11:32 AM
"and throbbers whenever you click anything" ..... no comment ....
@Flyk - the initial design also had embedded video and audio on the buttons.
@Bart ellipsis is only three dots
@Oded while I am making fun a little with my suggestion, I prefer the current log in page over the new one
Can you tell me what makes the current one better for you?
11:56 AM
The data query is somewhat messy but at least I provided an answer
12:07 PM
@Flyk I'm a rebel.
sets fire to @Bart
not anymore
/me stops drops and rolls
If you @tag someone in a comment, will they be notified even if all they've done is edit the post? I know there's a meta out there explaining it but I can never remember what tagging people is called
Q: How do comment @replies work?

Gnome How do I respond to a specific user when entering my comment? Will they be notified? What do people mean when they talk about "pinging" another user? Related: How do I view my recent replies? Return to the FAQ index

@OGHaza I'm pretty sure you can ping editors like that.
12:20 PM
Yes you can
thanks all
> You can only @reply to users who have already left a comment, or edited the post.
Anyone interested in trading? I will put a pictiure of your pet into my funny animal/cats app in exchange of +50 reps here ... good enough deal?
@sudorm-rfTelkitty It's not too hard to get 50 reps on Stack Overflow. In fact, I've already done it hundreds of times.
12:24 PM
It's a bit hard for me, people are jealous of my trolling skills :'(
@oded I was testing login on meta from firefox and now I'm IP banned
@_@ ... 'testing' login? Interesting ...
at least that is the page I get served
@rene "suspicious request" isn't an IP ban
@rene - what exactly is the message?
12:26 PM
There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.
We're sorry...

There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.

To protect our users, we can't process any more requests from this IP address right now.

We'll restore access as quickly as possible, so try again soon.

If you believe you have reached this page in error, contact us.
That sounds like our normal throttling, should be back to normal within a couple of minutes
I'm chatting here so ...
Talk slower @rene.
@rene how many requests have you been making?
@rene - chat is different
Did you F5 a lot?
12:27 PM
@sudorm-rfTelkitty i taught my fat cat to stand up oi39.tinypic.com/2n8778y.jpg
@OGHaza thought about caption it?
Are you sure it's not just unable to get down again @OGHaza?
This got me thinking. How can I convince people to run an XHR fork bomb?
one or two but I hit a case where I clicked sign-in with google where I actually had the 'other option' open for wordpress
I did switch between login and signup a couple of times indeed
@Bart, haha most probably, don't worry he's on a diet now he'll be back on all fours by summer
12:32 PM
Did someone log me out of this room, I wasn't sure what happened because I was on another tab ...
I'm guessing you tested the new login @sudorm-rfTelkitty? Therefore logging out first?
not out of this account ... just this room
Then I guess it's the new anti-troll system kicking in. Should be announced soon.
a manual anti-trolling system ... like ... woah!
12:38 PM
@Bart yay!
wait, no more legit socks?
stop make me clicking the back button
Nah @JanDvorak, it just checks usernames for "Telkitty" and logs them out.
@sudorm-rfTelkitty WTH are you doing? :-D
wait ... where am I again?
@Bart Oh. :-D
12:40 PM
Oh, yeah, new login system.
Has it been rolled out?
Meta only, to see if we missed any corners yet.
Yeah, I saw the post, and that it was to be enabled EST morning time.
And since it is 7:43 EST now, I was assuming it was not yet rolled out.
I did update the post to say it is enabled on Meta :)
But that required my to do more than assume!
I would actually have to re-read the post to check! :-P
12:43 PM
sorry for the slow clicking, I wasn't reading this sometimes ...
I have 5 tabs logged into this
Meep, I now have to save my password into 1Password for each and every SE site! puts on tantrum face: I don't like it.
@MartijnPieters huh? Why?
Oh. The iFrame is gone
So different domains.
The form domain used to be stable.
For the record: not being serious.
@Oded is it intentional that on the signup page the stackexchange dialog is expanded while on the login page it is not?
12:49 PM
Is it normal to see "More login options" link when they're already expanded after pressing back button?
@3ventic +1 :-)
@3ventic - yep. It remembers the click
but still shows the link? that seems odd
Let me see
12:51 PM
it's probably something that depends on browser behavior..
@3ventic not 100% accurate, you can also ping those who voted to close and user who set an active bounty on the question.
@ShadowWizard ermahgerd update help center
why every time I read 'click' the 'c' & 'l' comes together ... to become another letter
is it the sign that I should choose another font?
It might be time to talk to your wife..
1:04 PM
@sudorm-rfTelkitty That could actually be a sign of the onset of several eye conditions, if that's happening consistently, you should probably get an eye checkup.
@Oded what major chance is being rolled out in 6 days?
@Tim will know!
hey auto log in, coool
@Tim what does badp keep teasing me about
major new feature of some kind in 6 days apparently
he says it will result in lots of editing
Hey guys cool bug just for you
Q: Comments are now diamond killers

Shadow WizardSteps to reproduce: Visit any post where a diamond mod/dev/employee left a comment. Add your own comment. Bask in the temporary glory of vaporizing his/her diamond: (no real diamonds were harmed during this bug report)

1:09 PM
@Flyk I'm not sure, it's technically not my week to watch him. Ask @Pops when he gets in.
@TimPost but will those eye conditions be fixed by another font?
Sounds like a feature to me @ShadowWizard
@TimPost not your week to watch him?
Oh shoot, I forgot something at the grocery store, I'll be back in 15 - have to get to the convenience store before they close or I'm going to be a very grumpy ape.
1:11 PM
suddenly @Tim leaves the chat
It seems a lot of grumpy apes running around on the Stack Exchange ...
@sudorm-rfTelkitty but no kittens.
Wow. A spam post advertising a piece of anti-spam software.
did not click: linked me to math.stackexchange.com
> This question was removed from Mathematics Stack Exchange for reasons of moderation.
1:19 PM
@oded this seems strange: /users/login -> click 'more login options', click 'wordpress'(or 'blogger', not yahoo), click 'login. (notice you don't enter a username)
you're redirected to /users/autheiticate but if I click 'login with google' I'm redirected to that same page, but I'm logged in anyway.
stop trying to log into other people's accounts!!!
@rene nice catch. Thanks
@Flyk Yes?
@Duncan: ah, I know where I know you from.. the basketball cards during my childhood...
1:23 PM
@Oded what is the major new feature being rolled out next week? A mod keeps teasing me about it
@Flyk dunno. He perhaps has something very specific in mind
Or is just pulling your chain
I second pulling the chain
just think about it ... if a major release is to come out, how likely would it be in the 3rd week of Jan?
@Oded maybe the MSO/MSE split? It should be somewhere in January, according to the latest update I read
1:27 PM
Just think what was announced 6-8 weeks ago and you should have a list of possible things
All the things were announced 6-8 weeks ago
@3ventic the world was created 6-8 weeks ago
@ShadowWizard things are certainly progressing there, but I don't know that we have a firm date
Really? Am I really the only pre-historical human according to your calendar?
1:29 PM
@ShadowWizard no this is something that will effect the sites, otherwise he wouldn't mention it
I heard something about subtags, but I doubt you're going to roll out a rework of the tag system in the middle of all of these other things
@Flyk hmm.... can you quote what he told you, word by word?
@ShadowWizard that's going to be difficult
because it's in a million parts
because it's spread over the last 24 hours and it's individual phrases in sentences
1:31 PM
scattered around the transcript
basically it started with "something big is happening in 7 days"
today it's 6 days
it's something that I will like
@Flyk maybe it's his birthday?
it's something that has a great potential to destroy the front page
major release on a Wednesday/Thursday ... really?
My bet: you have been tricked
1:32 PM
I suspect that is a link to the transcript in teacher's lounge
but contains what ever this secret is
@3ventic most of those predate the time period we're talking about
use newest
you must help me
if I have to live with this level of anticipation for 6 more days I could die
it's a medical condition
causes things to spontaneously combust
After you put me on fire earlier, I'd love to see that happen.
1:37 PM
lol why is balp the only one mentioning it if there was ... really anything
@BenCollins you are a SE developer
you would know when SE would have any major releases ...
hi, so comment flags are not visible even by TUs, right, only mods?
@Flyk oh my, I think I got it
He meant release of a game
This will cause tons of new questions for that game
@LaszloPapp yes
1:40 PM
Thus affecting the front page
I was there during the first days of Skyrim and virtually 100% of the front page was Skyrim questions
@ShadowWizard nah it can't be that
any game I would be interested in i'd know about
Either that or he's trolling you, I think SE employees would have known of upcoming changes as well :)
yeah but they're all being quiet about it
which isn't the same as denying there is one coming
1:49 PM
They simply don't know
No denial required :)
Enough @ShadowWizard. Just tell him what's upcoming. We all know. Flyk can know as well.
Unless you don't think we can trust everyone with the information.
oh you're evil
more trolling on stackexchange than on 4chan
So Tuesday, January 21, 2014?
not Stackoverflow, just meta
from my years of experience on the internet, meta is the #1 trolling place on the web
1:55 PM
@sudorm-rfTelkitty yep it's heaven for trolls, everyone knows that
@LaszloPapp ??

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