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12:00 AM
> come back just now to continue reviewing.
Wow, very helpful!
@hichris123 Wow, never seen that before.
@Undo Well I was impatient to get out of my You've done 20 today rut. :P
> You cannot edit an old revision while there is a pending suggested edit
I'm Improving it.
@hichris123 Congrats, you hit your first race condition.
12:08 AM
@Undo It got approved, couldn't they at least tell me that? :P
I think they used too, maybe not anymore.
Not that anyone cares, but after this happened:
Jan 3 at 17:50, by jadarnel27
I sent a detailed support request to Rosetta Stone, explaining my problem (with a record / playback feature) and what I tried. I got this back: "Please increase the volume in the computer and try to record."
I sent an annoyed email back, to which I got a response from someone actually technical, and helpful.
And they helped me solve the problem.
@jadarnel27 Well, did you have to increase the volume in the computer?
@Undo Hahaha. As I suspected, that was not the problem =)
Turns out, I had to set my headset microphone as the default (recording) sound device on my computer. Despite the fact that I could hear myself on the recording before, that fixed the problem.
12:23 AM
@jadarnel27 rofl, I've done something similar before with earbuds. I had the earbuds connected to my laptop and couldn't figure out why the volume was so low.
@Undo Ooh, I'm at 97 edits so far.
I got a " -5 rep " user was removed" ?
@AlienArrays That would be because someone upvoted one of your questions but the user was later deleted.
I see. Let's say a user has been with SO for 6 months, has made 3,000 votes, and then he deletes his account, do all 3,000 votes get removed?
Hmm... meta topic on it, let me find it.
I think not.
12:30 AM
@AlienArrays Yes, they are removed. Though there is a feature request to have that not be the case.
Q: Don't throw away all votes when a user is deleted

Mad ScientistCurrently, when a moderator deletes a user all of the user's votes are removed along with the user himself. I was pretty surprised at this behaviour when I first heard about it, and I don't think it is a good idea to throw away all of the votes just because the user is deleted. Votes are locked ...

@jadarnel27 Thanks, but what if the user deletes his own account? Same thing?
@AlienArrays Same thing, though a user can't remove themselves without asking a mod to do it.
@AlienArrays You actually can only delete your own account if you've never voted.
I see, thanks for answering questions.
If a user really joined the site and cast 3,000 votes in 6 months only to request account deletion, I would question the validity of those 3,000 votes.
12:33 AM
Apparently, they make special cases of highly active users, though. I had forgotten that.
@animuson Theoretically you could cast almost 7200(6*30*40) votes assuming 30 days in a month, 40 votes/day and 6 months.
@jadarnel27 What if I'm not promisicous?
That would be even more suspicious.
@animuson Y U lock my question???
Why are there so many low quality questions from like 2011 prior?
12:36 AM
@AlienArrays Pre /review, I think
people got like 100+ vote ups for asking what the differecne is between block and inline-block
I big part of that, I think, is that those questions are easy for anyone to understand (bikeshed), they've been around for a long time (so they've gathered votes), and they come up in a lot of Google searches.
@AlienArrays I don't know what you mean by "promiscuous" here.
@animuson Were you thinking of making a feature request relating to that comment you made (that I oneboxed earlier)?
I know I have used custom flags on more than one occasion because I noticed a user who had a pattern of inappropriate comments.
It seems like that kind of thing could be automated somehow.
Because people like that could potentially fly under the douchebag radar for a long time (since it's "just comments").
12:57 AM
Just curious, why did you use that specific close reason, @LaszloPapp?
Or is that not your close vote?
@jadarnel27 I was trying to make a joke using a play on words :(
@AlienArrays Heh, oh okay! I still don't get it, but that's alright =)
I've been thinking about joining the english site.. I could post my jokes there and maybe find out what I'm doing wrong
english or writing site i guess
Perhaps you could explain your joke to me, and see if that helps.
I'm hilarious, a veritable expert on comedy.
Just ask anyone I know.
Or anyone in here, for that matter.
1:14 AM
You said
"Apparently, they make special cases of highly active users, though. I had forgotten that."

So I just used the "highly active users" as meaning promiscuos
@animuson That's what I look like in real life.
I wish I was that good looking
@AlienArrays Haha, I gotcha. I get it now.
I didn't realize which message you were replying to.
1:34 AM
Speaking of jokes.
Aug 1 '12 at 13:20, by jadarnel27
@TimStone "I like my threads like I like my punchasynchronouslines."
There you go, @AlienArrays.
Comedy gold. That I'm sure I stole from somewhere.
So. Now that we lost the "minimal understanding" close reason. What do we do with homework copy-paste questions?
Such as:
Q: Implement matrix multiplication using multi computational units

user3183171i need to help with this material: Please implement matrix multiplication using multi computational units. Please apply the solution where you can set the number of units running. write the code in c. And answer the following questions: a. What is the speedup that can be achieved? b. How the...

The close votes on that were all over the place.
@Mysticial If it's asking for a large amount of code, too broad apparently is the close reason.
For smaller things, I don't know.
"Unclear" is what I would use for that.
Because you don't know what, exactly the OP needs.
Thanks. I picked "too broad", but there were 3 votes for no repro and 1 for unclear.
@jadarnel27 Nah. It's very clear what the OP wants. He wants his homework done for him. :P:P:P
What we do when someone just ask a question with out any more show that have try something to solve it ? - we do not vote for close - and downvote only ?
1:47 AM
I would do both.
For example, is this bad question ? even if he is 112k stackoverflow.com/questions/21055744/…
@Aristos That one actually looks very answerable.
It sounds like it could be as simple as a few clicks for someone fluent with VS2010 project managing. (which I'm not)
ok, but until now we look / see, if the user have try something, and this is a question that not show that...
@Aristos: I agree...
(by the way, I do not know to answer it - or else I have done it all ready)
1:51 AM
there are no 112k user questions, etc.
There are good and bad questions.
@LaszloPapp Well, I give some more help, if the user, already helps others too many time... but... must show that have try something, ok some times the one that make the question have blocked out on mine and do not even know where to start...
you keep repeating "have try", but that is not correct English (among other things :) )
IMO, the answer will be along the lines of custom deployment steps, but not sure how to set that up with VS.
@LaszloPapp what is the correct one ? (my English are not so good... well what can I say ? )
/me has 9 delete recommendations already at 01:50 am (still referring to accepting everything)
@Aristos: never mind.
2:14 AM
(i.e. please unlock it :P)
It's serious! Our spam quality is dropping, and I'm proposing a solution!
2:58 AM
@Aristos What else could you add? You can't really say anything about the steps you've done ("I tried going to file -> export but there was no option 'split it over 2 sites" doesn't help either)
People who had an issue with my question How to split deployment of web application between web and image servers may want to read my edit.
I haven't googled it, but I assume he has. If it is that hard to find through google, you'll need a direct response from someone with actual experience of that particular option then it would be a good way to provide the information to future browsers
3:12 AM
@JeroenVannevel and @Aristos: assuming you're talking about my question: I have edited it. Also, there is no File->Export or anything like that. Just "Publish", which has no features for splitting a project. Neither do the project properties, nor the properties of individual project items have anything to say about which server they should deploy to. It's hard to discuss a negative.
I know, I agree that you really can't put anything else in a question like that
The downvotes weren't warranted
1 hour later…
4:19 AM
Not sure if I love this or hate this about the community. If they want to keep some close reason, they will.
@JanDvorak: if they don't want that reason given, then they should also remove the very option that lets us set arbitrary close votes. imho, the removal of the minimal understanding option is a BAD decision. At most the actual text should've been modified into a more polite version of "don't get us to do your job for you". But that's a discussion for meta... not here. — Marc B 4 mins ago
1 hour later…
5:35 AM
..Is it just me, or has there been a sudden increase in bad questions on SO? I don't remember seeing so many bad questions within such a short period of time.
@JoshC not what I observe; but they are more visible due to the recent close vote reason reorganisation
Yea, I guess you're right. I understand that 'minimal understanding' was a problematic close reason, but they should have at-least kept the 'specific problem' reason. I don't feel that the 'unclear' close reason adequately covers certain questions; though I guess some of which may be on topic now.
I doubt anything will change for a while though. It seems like everything has already been discussed on meta.
it's less clear to askers, but "unclear" does fit. I don't care about more.
6:01 AM
dont have much time so I will just drop this here stackoverflow.com/q/24692/908879 in the Q, there is a list that apparently will grow indefinetely by users via edits
dont know what approach is better to stop further edits, I dont remember too much time off extack exchange sites sorry
delete, maybe?
6 votes out of 13 needed
@ajax333221 Don't frown at me. The first five votes weren't mine.
2 hours later…
7:47 AM
surprised this is not yet closed: stackoverflow.com/questions/21035929/…
Do you find this activity interesting? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3782742
2 hours later…
9:40 AM
Is anyone from SE support team here?
does fan support count?
No..sorry...I don;t think you will be able to help...because I need help with account changes
Only SE exchange team can made them
10:44 AM
@SantaClaus use the "Contact us" in the footer or email them team@stackexchange.com
ah, right, others are also rejecting "too minor" edit like it happened yesterday for the answer by 3v.. I do not feel lonely. :)
Yeah, that should be something the first 2k+ user who sees the post does
1 hour later…
11:59 AM
fwiw, Roomba did not delete the expected poor question just yet.
12:22 PM
Who wants some free reputation?!?
Q: Delete Answer cast undelete vote if answer is already deleted

Toon KrijtheWhile reviewing flags in the 10k tools, you sometimes see a "Delete Answer" or "Delete Question" button next to the "Flag or disagree..." button. Normally if you click the button, you cast a delete vote. But if the post already has 3 votes and is deleted, you can still click the button, but it ...

Hmmm... someone needs to answer with a 'fix' (whatever magic that is) with unicorn notes (that is the right way to address paper currency, right?) on top of it.
@Sumurai8: "I agree" works too :P
Someone needs to give me 6k reputation on SO first, so I can try out the 10k tools :'(
Or even better: I just... "lend" a digit from someone else their reputation count. glares at @AmalMurali
2 hours later…
2:26 PM
I demand free cookies.
I second the demand for free cookies.
@Sumurai8 There's a userscript for that
console.log( $.getUserScript( 'freeCookies' ) ); //false
document.cookie = (new Date) + '=' + (Math.random())
2:28 PM
Those are plain boring cookies
I think I require free physical cookies to meet my demand.
I want sugar cookies. Not binary cookies.
What about bitwise cookies?
@JanDvorak Do they contain sugar and flour?
they contain 32 bits
Are bits made of sugar and flour?
2:31 PM
Question of the day: Can you eat 32 bits of cookies with 32 bites?
No. But you can do it in four bytes.
What's the point of posting russian spam on an english site?
2:43 PM
Got to love the tags on that question. (Also: spam without links, what is the point?)
there is a link in the last one
Hello, What append to this off-topic close reason: "Questions asking for code must demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved. Include attempted solutions, why they didn't work, and the expected results. " ?
reported to is.gd
@user2284570 it's gone. Use unclear or too broad
@JanDvorak I already saw it! The problem is that i can't see the reason nor feature request... :(
2:54 PM
@Mat ! It hasn't been improved... It HAS BEEN DELETED!
@JanDvorak I think I cast the final flag
Kinda scary, flagging a whole post and having it just disappear :P
@Undo Not really. I love that.
It's more interesting if you see four close votes on a question and you haven't cast one yet and you're wondering if you should.
@Undo The thing which is the most funny is that I have many pending flags with that reason.
@JanDvorak ... And someone else does and ruins your fun :P
What I hate is running out of flags
@Undo not really; if the final vote doesn't come within a minute, it comes from me.
2:59 PM
@Undo I mean, that the reason is deleted, but my flags (flagged with this reason) are steel marked to be reviewed...
@user2284570 Spam flags?
That's weird
caching, most likely
I've never had flag results cached for more than about ten seconds.
(17 waiting for review)
3:01 PM
But yeah, probably :P
@user2284570: the close reasons were removed, not the votes. The votes are still active.
oh, you meant close votes. ^
3:03 PM
&& !cookies
Thank you all!
3:18 PM
can I get a screenshot of this question from a high-rep user on salesforce?
3:25 PM
<3 <3 <3
Hi everyone. What's the policy on cash bounties, as in this question, just posted?
@MikeW I'm not sure there is a policy on that.
I don't think anyone has ever offered a cash bounty before.
@MikeW does this look like a too-localised issue to me?
Q: Question contains offer to pay cash for correct answer - is this okay?

todofixthis Possible Duplicate: Offering actual money as a bounty? In the text of Htaccess Redirect / RedirectMatch subfolder does not work, the OP offers to pay $50 for a correct answer: To whoever can help me solve this problem I’m willing to pay $50 and transfer the money to your paypal acc...

@ElfSlice They have. Not sure what was the close reason, but man, dem downvotes.
3:30 PM
@Mat Thanks - I guess that answers it. I flagged it for moderator attention.
@MikeW Bounty has been edited away
by Mat and me
@JanDvorak I've run out of close votes (again!), otherwise I'd probably vote on that basis.
as 2L?
@JanDvorak Yes - as 2L
Damn. When f.lux kicks in, it casts the same kind of pink tint deleting a question does. I have been fooled.
3:34 PM
@JanDvorak ;]
Bees and Beekeeping

Proposed Q&A site for amateur and professional beekeepers, bees researchers and enthusiasts, soap and candle makers, anyone who interacts with bees or bee products.

Currently in definition.

3:51 PM
can someone nuke this guy, please?
@Shog9: any way you could clean the salesforce.stackexchange.com front page, it is dreadfully spammy.
May I bump my spamfighter and ask for un-cw, please?
I'm seeing a too minor edit getting approved and there's nothing I can do to stop it
it's like watching a trainwreck
aaaand it is approved
@JeroenVannevel I'd flag the review for reviewer review.
3 people with 70, 23 and 48 approved it. I wasn't man enough to stop it
Eh, I could do that
4:00 PM
@Mat think we got 'em
@Shog9 I can see a lot of spam on the front page
@JanDvorak ?
I see it as well
haven't visited that page ever
@JanDvorak There's still stuff coming in though. (I see deleted questions on the newest page, probably caching)
4:04 PM
@JanDvorak yeah, caching. Click through - they should all be deleted.
random sampling indicates caching (all I've tried are 404)
Caching is for nerds!
can we get a cache purge? This looks ugly
Should I watch for new posts and report here?
watch & flag
I'll keep an eye on the site for a little bit
I'm out of flags
4:10 PM
I really want beees.stackexchange to succeed just to see the site design Jin comes up with.
Man, that site is getting hammered.
Gone, all of them.
4:14 PM
Not yet...
I'm merely reading out what my userscript reports (pretty high hit rate ATM)
@JanDvorak That's gone.
currently none alive
I just figured out how to get unlimited flags: create an account via the association bonus, flag 10 things, delete the account, then wash, rinse, and repeat.
but then you don't get the benefit of flag bonus from successful flags
also, I'm not sure if the flags survive deletion
4:21 PM
1. True, but it's still 10 and then you delete and get another 10
2. Just wait till they're all helpful
then you have twelve... until you need thirteen, then you have ten again
should see it slow down considerably now
nothing since the last reported one (17:13). Thanks!
4:35 PM
Sorry devs, I think I found a heisenbug :P
Q: Meta Featured tab is borked on the featured page

UndoI just noticed this on the mSO featured page: The page which the tab links to, however, shows that there's a good dozen or so bountied questions. This seems to only happen on the featured tab itself. Could we fix this? Edit: I'm seeing this seemingly randomly on the home page as well.

@Undo Still like it for me.
Shows 0 if I'm not on the featured tab.
Yeah, I think Martin's theory of it being one server only holds water.
5:05 PM
Hey @Shog, would appreciate your take on these suggestions meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/215797/… and meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/215791/… if you have the time and inclination. (And everyone else's as well, of course)
5:15 PM
Would this be considered spam:stackoverflow.com/questions/6331371/…?
It is a 1 rep user with a recomendation to a product.
It's a referral to an information page that is on-topic
It might be located on the site of a hoster, but I don't think this should be considered spam just because of that
certainly because he only has one post
might very well be that he just did a quick google and landed there
You're right, that wasn't anywhere near spam.
I misread the post, thought the link at the bottom was selling something.
I'm seeing a steady trickle of silly "not an answer" flags on Meta, often on years-old content.
Are these being moderated away?
I have the suspicion this is one person being pedantic. Can that person please stop?
Maybe some people don't realize that Meta isn't SO?
Can we make them stop?
@hichris yeah, possible.
Is @random (or some other moderator) rejecting those flags with the fire of a thousand suns?
6:00 PM
oh, the help center is not updated yet with the off-topic reason change?
wanted to quote the new option to a user, but then I realized it.
Meta Stackexchange

Proposed Q&A site for All stackexchange users,( general questions that can be asked on every meta site of stackexchange.)

Currently in definition.

Haha, I just caught myself making a "there / their" mistake for the second time in my life. It's not something you typically do as an ESL person, you make other kinds of mistakes.
I suppose this means I'm actually immersing into the Anglo-American world!
@3ventic wait, it comes from A51?
@Pekka: a junky would ask, what mistake?
Is mod able to lock this due to a rollbackwar?
I also flagged it
Is related to this mso question: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/215805/…
6:08 PM
Just got locked
@3ventic That shouldn't be an Area 51 proposal:
Q: Should this actually be a proposal?

ProgramFOXProposal: Meta Stackexchange The SE team already has plans to split Meta StackOverflow and Meta Stack Exchange. So is it actually worth to create a proposal for a Meta SE site?

I know
6:32 PM
> UPS, the UPS brand mark and the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc.
@jadarnel27 UPS trademarked the color brown! See above.
So, the next time I visit the bathroom...
You have to pay UPS.
Is there an edible that can change the output color?
I don't know. Good question.
Antifreeze probably
6:36 PM
Eat a bag of Oreos. Or a whole Pringles of Spicy Guacamole
I think I'll just stop visiting public bathrooms that have UPS-branded cameras installed in the booths.
Someone point me to a unilaterally closed q on SO (for science!)
Search closed:1
@random non-destructive approach would be preferred
@Undo Or do you mean by a moderator?
6:37 PM
@random Yeah, unilateral
Search closed:1 and sort by votes, usually one of those
thanks @random
(it's terrible that that works, though :P)
... And the first one I click got hammered by Will. sniff
then there's SEDE
Found one, thanks
6:39 PM
" This doesn't appear to be an answer to the question, rather it seems like more of a rant. – hichris123 4 mins ago "
"You forgot to call us neckbeards "
Did they happen to change the display of the diamond in notice boxes? I could have sworn they used to look better:
Like the diamond used to be centered vertically
What browser are you viewing under?
@random Chrome
It is centered vertically, but some browsers show it as bigger than it's supposed to be
like mobile chrome
v32 has made quite a lot of changes to the view
6:41 PM
(my goodness, so many numbers)
my rant still stands
6:54 PM
A sports spam - what a nice change. But, where's the URL?
7:04 PM
I'm using Chrome 33.0.1712.4.
Well, actually let's fire up Canary and see what the version number is on there...
Chrome 34.0.1779.2 canary
Where did you get 33 stable?
My v32 is up to date
33 dev
is it the same as 33 canary?
No, canary's like bleeding edge, never tested before (practically).
ok. Thanks
7:40 PM
@JanDvorak I'd say too broad
It asks for a single piece of reference.
sigh I don't know
POB says "this will gather opinions, not facts". Will it?
I think it'll generate opinions... but...
7:43 PM
It asks for facts, but I have missed myself that it does so, and thus so might others.
yeah... retracting. Let's stick to punishing opinion answers.
Heh, remember this comment: You forgot to call us neckbeards?
Gotta admit; I've never been called a 'neckbeard' before. Although, I kinda qualify, I guess.
8:09 PM
Have I posted music yet today?
Wait... I did... but the link died?
Does anybody else get a busted link?
Did they take it down?
@ElfSlice it is not working for me...
What the hell, it was definitely working earlier...
I'm seeing a white page with the soundcloud top-bar
without any buttons or widgets, just the logo and black bar
8:18 PM
Maybe when I recommend things it's like a DDOS attack
Well, here's a non-soundcloud copy
So good.
8:46 PM
I think this is the fourth post today with only frustration in it meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/215825/…
Is it the 'we all need to be frustrated` day?
I thought that was scheduled for march, 6th?
9:08 PM
@rene And the real frustrating part is we don't know what that person is talking about, a link or screenshot would be nice.
hmm, the user seems to have edited this question many times within a short while and it became a CW. Is it OK? stackoverflow.com/questions/21063748/…
9:57 PM
He brought it on himself
if he has an issue with it he'll flag (or should)
1 hour later…
11:08 PM
Does anyone have any ideas why this answer got 3 downvotes without any explanation? AFAICT, it is the correct answer for the question asked, but I may have overlooked something. stackoverflow.com/a/21067241/2682142
11:19 PM
may it be some revenge from some downvoted people in the past? In which case, what is the point of downvoting and commenting on it? :)
1-2 downvotes from random people is somewhat "usual", but three without explanation begins to look suspicious...

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