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6:20 PM
@Fosco What happened was you left and let me down! :-)
@Shog9 Why are you such a big Pavel-booster? I am suspicious.
@balpha The name comes from the crazyness which happened when we pretended to hold a court session to determine the name :-)
looks like the room wasn't the only one to change its name...
It's in tribute to the Tavern Name That Could Have Been If @Fosco had Stuck Up For His Ideas
@Shog9 Furthermore, who's this shady "Mister C" character? Something seems off about him. I now have even more suspicions. I will say that he looks like a decent candidate for moderator on Super User, though.
6:25 PM
@TheUnhandledException Sorry Josh, I had a lunch date..
@Fosco LOL. Sure, women are more important than useless banter. I believe you, really ;-)
And how'd you know my real name!?!?!!!!111 ;-)
the icon gave you away, that and you're the only one really excited about that name ;)
Let's not forget who came up with the name! ;-)
It's all my fault, I know =\
So my icon gets recognition... now if my company's customers and vendors could just pronounce the name of the company... ::rolleyes::
6:29 PM
@TheUnhandledException I dunno... I wouldn't buy from a company that admits to unhandled exceptions right there in its name.
@PopularDemand Ha! That's just the name of our lead programmer -- we must compensate for that considering we bring all our projects to Digital Fruition
I created this room as a joke but now I don't know how to delete it:
@TheUnhandledException What's the name of your company?
@JoePhillips I think you need to let it get frozen
@Fosco Digital Fruition
@Fosco I hope it's "Digital Fruition."
6:33 PM
Give the man a prize :-)
He's won... a brand new waffle iron!
@TheUnhandledException cool name.. I like it.
@JoePhillips You can't delete it. Those walls are structural. You'd bring down the whole chat system.
@Fosco Thanks :-) I can't tell you how many people stumble on it tho :-(
The Analog Fruitsalad
6:34 PM
@TheUnhandledException Awesome! How do I arrange for shipping?
@Fosco Perfect :-)
it's not a standard phonetic word.. I can see it messing a lot of people up.
Time for a power cycle.
@PopularDemand Just send $5.95 S&H to me :-)
@Fosco Yeah, damn if not every domain name has been taken :-)
Our main product is called Site Palette, people have an easier time with that (generally)
then again there's a lot of language-challenged people out there :-)
Meeting; bbs
6:53 PM
@TheUnhandledException Sure, just need your address.
If anyone knows the answer to this question please answer. Tell your friends
Q: Example of a simple ASP.NET MVC + NHibernate + Fluent with proper session handling?

Joe PhilllipsI'm new to all of these technologies. I would like to see a simple (not over the top) example of how you would set up a project with these technologies. The most important being the proper NHibernate session handling (using HttpContext). Or we can build off of what I already have. I've seen seve...

@JoePhillips What are... "fr-iends"?
@PopularDemand Joe is old-fashioned. He means "Followers".
@balpha Oh, my vassals! Why didn't you say so, @Joe? I shall order it at once.
7:03 PM
Remember, we also have a Meta Tavern and a Meta Meta Tavern
I upvoted that @Joe -- I don't know the answer tho :-(
LOL @Chacha102
@TheUnhandledException Thank you kind sir. I've been struggling with finding the answer to that question for a long time. I don't think it's anything too complicated... just something new to me
7:12 PM
I'm a PHP/JavaScript guy so ASP stuff I can't be of much help on
@TheUnhandledException There are no Exceptions in PHP!!!!
@Chacha102 There sure are! :-)
@Chacha102 sure there are
I use them every day
It was a joke <censored>...
7:14 PM
oh haha woosh
We need more wine...
@PopularDemand Get some more wine out of the cellar...
Ah, @devinb is here. I'm glad I changed my name so he doesn't recognize me!
@TheUnhandledException But you have the same avatar....
@Chacha102 Damnit, foiled again!
@Chacha102 What? Why me? I don't even like wine!
7:19 PM
@PopularDemand Get it anyway...
@PopularDemand Ok, I'll go! :-)
@PopularDemand I'm too busy out here telling @TheUnhandledException that PHP is not an OOP language...
@Chacha102 oooooh now you've done it!
Go get your own damn wine! ;-)
Hm, I was about to tell TUE to do it, but he volunteered, so everyone's happy.
finishes a bottle of beer
throws the empty bottle at @TheUnhandledException missing his head barely and hitting the wall
7:21 PM
@Chacha102 Whew
Can't we all just get along and not insult each others' language choices? :-)
@TheUnhandledException As long as you aren't one of those old fashioned ASP programmers...
@PopularDemand The best available. He owns his C, you see. However, Pavel is a good choice as well. Vote Pavel!
@Chacha102 I am not! Good, we can be friends again :-)
Google Apps is finally integrating better with the rest of the Google suite
7:26 PM
whatever you do, don't register your domain through google apps
I register it through PairNic..
@JoePhillips Why's that?
@TheUnhandledException Because it actually goes through GoDaddy but its pretty much impossible to transfer it. Logins are really weird if you choose to use the GoDaddy interface... its just a mess
@TheUnhandledException It is not important what language you use, it's whether or not you're willing to irrationally insult others that counts.
@TheUnhandledException Also, in your FACE.
@devinb OH! Is that how it works? My mistake :-)
7:33 PM
@TheUnhandledException Also, your choice of language is a mistake.
@JoePhillips Ah, I see. Yes, GoDaddy's interface is very, very confusing
In all seriousness @devinb, I really wasn't trying to make things worse with the /me JavaScript I posted. I hope you can forgive me!
I really, truly did not mean to offend
Oh.. .that was YOU.
Nah, I believe in a parliamentary style of debate. You fight voraciously for what you want, and then you respectfully accept whatever decision is made.
@devinb ....yes... looks down sheepishly
@TheUnhandledException I do NOT look down sheepishly!
@devinb Ok, good. I believe that too!
@devinb LOL, forgot it would come out that way :-)
7:37 PM
In OUR case, their decision was NOT to implement it and you went AROUDN them :p
@devinb True, and I see how I did that
But, to be honest, I don't care that much. I'm just saying I love a good debate, and that one was one of the better ones.
I spologize
It's so rare that I find myself as the underdog, usually people flock around my obvious intelligence and good looks.
no apologies!
7:38 PM
@devinb I agree, it was one of the better ones. By far my most contentious question on meta
@devinb oh that's rich...
@Fosco, your statement is clearly false, because "the" just apologized.
When do I get a kick ability?
@Fosco I agree with him, I have rarely seen such handsome triangular squares in my whole life... @mmyers is close but his brown just doesn't agree. @devinb 's blue is ABSOLUTLY FAAAABULOUS!
@Chacha102 IDK, but someone has it. I've been kicked before :-)
I think it was @PopularDemand
It really meshes well with the 'flagged' blue, and the 'messaged' sea-foam green, to bring out my eyes.
7:41 PM
I modeled my avatar after @ChaCha's
I just gave all of the frequent Taverners Explicit Write Access
@Chacha102 Yey!
Wait didn't we have that before..?
Like right now, only frequenters can talk
@Chacha102 oh HA!
That's not very friendly
7:46 PM
and now its back
how do you know who's a frequenter?
Click Information and Click Frequent
is there an info link in here?
oh.. room
wow, it shows our post count and individual graphs... amazing.
Room > Info
7:47 PM
its the room \/
/\ /\ \/ \/ < > < > B A Start
@Fosco FTW!
@Fosco Wow I'm #3? Crazy
Not so crazy, you're a fairly active whatever.
And a drunk.
man I need more badges on meta...
It is based on how many messages you have in the room
the algorithm isn't really rocket science
not much more than (number of messages) / (time since last message)
7:50 PM
@balpha surely not, but the implementation is pure magic.
@balpha I don't understand how rocket science would help here.
it's pretty hard to define a "frequenter"
most time spent in the room?
Oh... that's embarassing.
I think message count is a good indicator by itself.
7:51 PM
@PopularDemand haHA
@Shog9 Please, you're right behind me.
@Chacha102 well, but should @Shog9 count as a frequenter just because he fell asleep on his desk and left the room open?
by 500...
Q: Getting an answer to a question with poor English in a Stack Overflow way

maheshThis is concerning my question Difference in behaviours of Dispose method between winforms and textboxes. It is a helpful question, but I was not able to draft it well due to my poor English skills, and it was downvoted as a result. My intention in this Meta post is only to make newcomers to the...

7:52 PM
just like i get credit for early-morning meetings that I sleep through
I need more messages!
@PopularDemand 1 out of every 10 messages in this room have been by you.
With more messages, I'll gain more respect... right?
@devinb Maybe...
@Fosco Well, development starts in a week.
7:52 PM
@devinb only if they're insanely long
Must... post... quality... content.
something like that @devinb.
Ok guys
we have to beat gaming
Crap... every time I say something clever, everyone else responds, and then I haven't really gained anything on them.
10k messages
I know you guys can do it...
7:53 PM
@Chacha102, this isn't a contest.
@Chacha102 Working on it! :-)
we're gaming the system against gaming?
@Chacha102 not without annoying the <censored> out of everyone.
12k messages now actually..
@rchern, that's a good attitude... right up until we're beating them.
7:54 PM
@rchern Please, please don't use that word when talking to Chacha.
You mean <redacted>?
@balpha what about removed messages? I still get a line item, and messageID
Yes, I mean <redacted>.
@Chacha102 Oh, I ALWAYS mean <censored>.
7:55 PM
&rarr; 1 message moved to The Trash Heap
/me pokes room with stick
/room pokes @Shog9 back
@devinb I'll write up a white paper on how everything works, and how you can exploit all the flaws for gaming it
Q: Is it in bad form to answer a question with another user's comment

YWESometimes I find questions where another user has made a comment on the question that I think would be a perfectly acceptable answer to the question. Would it be in bad form to copy the comment verbatim and paste it as an answer?

expect it in 6-8 weeks
7:55 PM
@balpha You know you can migrate the migration message right?
@TheUnhandledException no
I put my foot in my mouth again :-)
@Chacha102 sure
@Shog9 You think no? I think it is...
7:56 PM
@balpha I'm more interested in pointing out flaws than I am with gaming them.
But I posted it because of squillman's answer :-)
A: Is it in bad form to answer a question with another user's comment

squillmanYes, I think it would be. You could appear to be rep-whoring by doing so. If the comment answers the question to the point that the OP would accept it as an answer then the OP should request that the original commenter add it as an answer so they can accept. Or you should make the suggestion t...

@TheUnhandledException Yes.
@devinb okay, then I won't write it up, since it would rob you of all the fun
I think that's a good answer
which Gnome copied and pasted as a comment
so I downvoted squillman by mistake =o
@balpha Once I've pointed out every nit-picky flaw, and you've commenced (or completed) hating my breathing guts for it, people will start congratulating your on how incredible your application is.
7:58 PM
A: Is it in bad form to answer a question with another user's comment

Peter AjtaiNot at all. When I do this, I just start my answer with "As stated by XXX in the comments..." I make sure to always do this if the question is in the unanswered queue. Sometimes I even start with "I'm including this as an answer so that someone can up vote it so this will get out of the unasnwe...

(ignoring the fact that they already do)
Then I can feel satisfied that I've used my unique talents of destructive criticism for good instead of (pure) evil.
@Shog9 I do that after posting a comment in reply to the comment i think should be an answer, asking them to make it one. If they don't, then I do
@devinb uhm, I guess that makes... sense... ?
@TheUnhandledException you know you can delete answers, right?
@Shog9 Yeah, I've done it (once)
7:59 PM

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