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3:02 PM
Reviewed 8 suggested edits. Had to improve 6 of them and the 2 that I rejected were approved before I even could reject them
I don't think I will continue reviewing for the time being, this is unmanageable
@JeroenVannevel yeah, retag only edits are becoming a major headache
Personally I'm usually skipping them, not sure if they're really worthy or too minor
Keep in mind that until recently, users with 500 rep could do those retag edits without any need to approve them
I'm glad I didn't experience that (consciously). I've only started reviewing actively a few months ago
I think retag-only is fine for a suggested edit, if it's adding a tag that would actually improve the post (and there's not gobs of other stuff wrong with the post).
Like a post tagged only "asp.net", but the question is really mostly about the C# code.
Adding C# could be a big improvement, as far as putting it in front of the right audience.
If there's nothing more to improve in the post, why not.
@3ventic agreed, but looks like Pëkka does not agree :(
Pëkka is wrong
@3ventic too bad you need 300 more rep to start reviewing on Meta :(
The description for too minor says an edit should fix multiple issues in the post. That can be thrown out the window when there's only one issue.
3:26 PM
oh, and Martijn Pieters also rejected! well, going to retag myself.
Jerks! The lot of them!
Nuuuuuuuuuuuu! Now I have rejected edits!
@RyanCarlson no worry, if you have approved edits it outweights rejected edits :)
@ShadowWizard Yeah
But now I have a 6:2 ratio
not infinity:0 ratio
nah, really minor issue
3:29 PM
I know...
but I still don't like seeing that big red Rejected
@RyanCarlson fortunately you can't do colours in chat, otherwise...
user image
This question has already survived 2+ minutes:
Q: Android, Establish SSL connexion by signing the "client certificate request" with hardware security module

user246630I’m developing an android application on mobile phone with https/SSL connection to apache web server. My apache configuration file requires mutual authentication: SSLVerifyClient require. My mobile is connected to a Hardware Security Module in order to store securely both client key pair and cer...

I thought it would only last about one minute
4 minutes now...
Someone burn it already!
(It's still there, not deleted yet)
3:39 PM
Someone favorited it? Who would do that?
I noticed that
The author?
@3ventic yup
probably thought it can protect his precious question
3:41 PM
Some authors tend to favorite their own bad questions to convince themselves they're good questions
The Internet always seems like a small place when you forget the answer to a question you knew you searched for before, you search again and find the top hit is your own question on Stack Exchange.
Is this worth asking about?
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 4 mins ago, by qwertynl
@BenjaminGruenbaum Yea... it is quite annoying.. There should be a monthly process that goes through posts and lets users know when posts have a rotted link. Would it even be feasible?
lol @Duncan it happened to me couple of times on Meta
@3ventic I've never understood this behaviour
@qwertynl there is already "broken links" review queue under development
3:43 PM
@ShadowWizard But it does not let the OP know abt broken links. I think I am going to ask.
Nope, feel free to ask :)
The broken links review will let users edit posts with, well, broken links, highlighting those links for them. I reviewed such a post once, can't find it now though. :(
Q: Can we have a process that will let users know about link rot in their posts?

qwertynlI noticed that another user had a post on Stack Overflow whose link had 404d and he never knew about it until I let him know about it. I know that there is a broken link review queue under development somewhere, but my request is for something different. Is there a way for us to have a monthly ...

@ShadowWizard Is there a meta question discussing that?
Oh my, there is
Q: SO should notify users of broken links in their posts

Tim KeatingIt would be really nice if SO scanned posted content and checked detected links, and then notified the user of bad or redirected links so they could verify links are still valid and/or fix them.

We can keep your question too, what you think?
@ShadowWizard Yea... That is from almost 4 years ago now. Up to you guys.
3:49 PM
That's a duplicate, IMO.
@qwertynl yep but we can also revive old discussions
@ShadowWizard Also see my comment. It was before the (future) broken link review queue.
@qwertynl Everything that isn't in the future is before the future.
@RyanCarlson Only in the past.
3:53 PM
The present is now the past, the future is now the present
If the present is the future and the past is the present, then when is now?
The future is now the past
@qwertynl Currently, the past.
I'm sure some gracious user here with spare rep can bountify this one to get more attention to it. :D
3:53 PM
great scene ^
Hey guys and girls, I need a volunteer
@ShadowWizard \o What for?
Now is always the present, until it becomes the past.
@qwertynl To test something related to top bar and reputation, would have used my sock but can't due to need of reputation change
Don't want my sock to get smelly
At the current rate of new programming questions on MSO, I'll reach 500 helpful flags in no time
3:59 PM
@ShadowWizard I have a secret sock, what do you want me to do with him?
@ShadowWizard done. Though I plan on extending @Undo's comment system to deal with issues like this
@ShadowWizard whatcha need?
My sock is so secret even I don't know it.
Oh, a fishy way to get upvotes
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish too secret let's get private ;)
4:01 PM
@ShadowWizard what is it?
Did anyone aside from @jadarnel27 figure out who my super secret puppet is? :-)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Is it in this room?
@RyanCarlson I think we went through this a couple days ago. Yes.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Yesterday
and if you think you know who it really might be then email me :-)
4:03 PM
I'm tempted to re-open stackoverflow.com/questions/20886727/how-to-break-loop. The "duplicate" contains the answer, sure, but the question is not a dupe. Thoughts?
@Duncan Reopen it
That's a very meta way of closing a question.
WAITNO! Jon helped to close that question!
We can't go against him!
@qwertynl Y U always steal my ideas? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
Q: Should I mark as duplicate if the question is answered elsewhere, but it's not the same question?

D.W.I'm looking for policy or guidance on the following situation. Someone just posted a new question Q1. I noticed that one of the existing answers to another question (Q2) already answers Q1 -- the answer to Q2 happens to be general enough that it answers not just Q2 but also Q1. However, Q1 is ...

4:07 PM
when Jon Skeet closes a question, any thoughts you have on whether it's actually a dupe become irrelevant
@Duncan Yea... idk
@Flyk LOL
@qwertynl That game is really fun! do you have it?
@RyanCarlson Huh? What game?
@RyanCarlson I am thoroughly confused...
4:11 PM
It's the top result
Have you even heard of that game before?
New post @ShadowWizard :
A: SO should notify users of broken links in their posts

qwertynlI believe that there should be a script that would run on a monthly (or daily if possible) process that would let users know that a certain post (or posts) has a broken link in it and should be updated There used to be a comment that popped up telling people that there was a dead link in their p...

@RyanCarlson Never.
@qwertynl Wow
@RyanCarlson Should I?
4:13 PM
@qwertynl Yes
It's very well-known
Never heard of it.
Still havent
45 minutes until hometime!
Cuz meta @user000001 — qwertynl 14 secs ago
Wow after only 2 comments:
Q: How can I print the same value that I generated using array_rand() after using it?

Will MacklemoreDeleted. This forum sucks ass. The people here are so rude.

@AmalMurali -- WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?? — qwertynl 4 secs ago
4:18 PM
@qwertynl Dangit! I just flagged that post, but then Amal rolled it back.
I rolled back his change. It didn't feel appropriate.
@RyanCarlson Where did Amal find the OP?
Now I'm gonna have another declined flag.
@qwertynl idk
You can't rollback to the insult
defaced posts should be rolled back to their original, meaningful state
@JeroenVannevel He defaced it himself!
4:20 PM
@Duncan Close voting that question with an unhelpful close reason, rather than just rolling back the self-vandalism, is not the right approach.
That isn't relevant. I've seen it a few times before and moderators always rolled it back to the original question
@Jeroen is right, always roll it back. If the OP re-vandalizes the post, then flag for mod attention and move on.
Ok, fair enough.
if a user vandalises their own post, get a mod to delete them and everybody on a similar IP range
@jadarnel27 Note that at the time I posted the close reason, the magic rolling back hadn't occurred.
4:23 PM
Come back @WillMacklemore We love you!! — qwertynl 6 secs ago
and everybody they've collectively ever voted on
and their families
It's really weird that it only took 2 comments to declare us rude.
you're rude for not instantly agreeing with said individual
And hint: editing in deleted != deleting a post
@hichris123 Welcome to life!
4:24 PM
Some people are a little rude with their comments though. Often they are phrased along the lines of "So, what exactly is wrong with trying <solution to problem>?".
@Ryan I didn't think it was that little to get people to rage quit.
I thought so @user000001 I thought so :-D — qwertynl 4 secs ago
@Duncan It probably could be phrased better, but it does help the OP. People get tired of showing no effort.
@hichris123 I'm almost sure he also had other questions closed and deleted before, that we can't see
@qwerty Could you delete your comments from that post?
4:28 PM
@ShadowWizard Me wantz to be 10K!
I'm trying to...rescue it.
Since he got a good answer, and someone rolled it back to a real question.
@jadarnel27 eh?
Your comments are "not constructive" or "too chatty" to begin with. On the php question.
Then the whole context would be lost. Might be better if a mod did it.
@jadarnel27 Good luck. I think when people vandalize their post like that, they're not comming back.
4:29 PM
It's not about the OP though; it's about future visitors
@JeroenVannevel That is why I removed my downvote.
I have flagged some of the others, @qwerty. I just figured I could ask you to delete in here, to save the mods some time.
The pointless comment thread losing context is not super important, methinks.
@jadarnel27 si es possible. But don't the mods just remove comments by block? That is what it always seems like
They can. But I just flagged individual comments, because the first two are actually relevant.
@jadarnel27 Yea, but all the comments might scrapped. :-\
4:33 PM
The rest of them are meta discussion, and just noise.
That's why I flagged specific comments, @qwerty.
@qwertynl Are any of them (beside the first 2) needed to help solve the OP's problem? Me thinks no.
Today's Listening:
@ElfSlice Could also remove your pointless comment on that post?
@jadarnel27 Fine.
p00f @jadarnel27
4:34 PM
Thanks, fellas =)
Now you have to listen to the music.
Now it will be as if that stuff never happened, if @Jeroen removes their comment about post-defacement =)
@LanceRoberts I tried to click the X reflexively.
I hate those "secret" locked posts, can't edit, can't delete.
4:36 PM
@jadarnel27 What comment?
Haha, well played.
@ElfSlice This will be the first time I've clicked on one of your music links, but okay.
It better be worth it.
@jadarnel27 Hah. =P
Hey, @jadarnel27 Will Macklemore was seen 4 minutes ago! You got him back (maybe?).
Haha, twas a group effort, @hichris.
@ElfSlice I listened to the first track. That was a very cool song. Haunting and delicate. The voice is awesome.
user image
Best hat wearing
@jadarnel27 Yeah, it's pretty chill stuff. Phaeleh finds great vocalists.
4:48 PM
I think it's weird to put a whole album as one video. Why not break it into tracks?
@ElfSlice Who is that?
Obvious dupe, but he has a good point:
Q: Why not opening a low-skill developer Stack Overflow?

GiomSeveral of my questions have been downvoted because they were judged as "too simple" and thus misinterpreted as "not enough research effort". I'm learning by myself on my spare time and despite all the efforts I put on it, I'm not good enough and thus have been banned. I never post anything witho...

@jadarnel27 I wanted to link the whole album, and the only place I could find it streamable was on youtube with the entire thing mashed into one.
Search is not always easy or intuitive.
4:56 PM
@ElfSlice cooool
Q: To Rollback or Not to Rollback

Amal MuraliConsider the following events: A relatively new user asks a question The question gets 2-3 downvotes The OP gets irritated by the downvotes and changes their question to something like "this site sucks" In this case, is it appropriate to rollback the edit? Or should it be flagged for moderato...

Related to the earlier discussion here
@jadarnel27 Here's a youtube playlist of the album, but one of the videos appears to have been deleted.
Best I can do, I'm afraid.
The artist isn't super popular.
I wish people would stop trying to close so many questions as dupes of some FAQ question. It helps nobody.
It's good to close them as dupes, if they are dupes, but it would be even better to answer the specific question first.
@Lance Example?
5:06 PM
Q: Multiple edits without any changes

ernd ensoncould someone please help me out, why these guys get edits for a change that was done by me: where nothing was changed? (mhitza) where only my changes were accepted? (psxls) Please don't get me wrong - i'm not interested in the reputation, but just curious why edits with no changes are even a...

Should be closed, because it is "too localized" since the user just found he had made a mistake, not as a dupe of "how do suggested edits work."
I think it is one of those more specific questions not exactly answered in the FAQ. Kind of borderline, most other questions should be closed as a dupe of the FAQ.
The question is answered by the FAQ. Why not close it as a duplicate?
If it's a specific support question, it should get a specific answer. If it's a general "how does it work" question, then it could usually be closed as a dupe of the FAQ.
It's about a specific instance, so it deserves a specific answer. It's like telling people to LMGTFY when you send them to the FAQ.
Right. But rather than having to parrot the FAQ every time a support question is asked, it seems more efficient to just...point people to the FAQ.
Where the answer is.
pssst. @animuson. Wanna head off about 1,000 comment flags?
5:14 PM
The answer to specific questions aren't in the FAQ. In the case of this one, it was about some specific suggested edit reviews.
@animuson I think it's closer to 2,000...
It's getting worse :P
You want me to find more? :P
Another bad case is when they close questions of people who want to know what site to post to as a dupe of the SO/Programmers posting question. If it's not part of that domain, it shouldn't be closed a dupe of that question.
Referring to this:
Q: Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange do I post in?

Taylor HustonThere seems to be more than a few computer science/programming Stack Exchange networks (is that the correct term?). Stack Overflow, being the first, has by far the most users, questions, and answers. What is the reasoning for creating the others, and are there clear guidelines for which kinds o...

I still think that suggested edits question is a bad example of what you're describing. The OP even says, in the comments, that the FAQ answered his questions, @Lance.
5:33 PM
Can someone please approve my revision? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3711801 :-)
@frosty I am rolling back your revision. Please do not add an answer to your OP. — qwertynl 1 min ago
How did that get approved with only two reviews?!?
Roman Hoyenko reviewed this 14 secs ago: Reject
I think it's a proper edit
@UndotheSnowman it didn't?
Oh, wait. I've done my quota and it isn't showing me the buttons.
I see 3 approvals and 1 rejection
5:37 PM
Wait, not weird.
Depending on the order.
@qwertynl, I think that was an innapropriate edit.
He didn't repeat the answer, he just gave people the code that the answer led him to.
Helpful I think.
Best course of action would probably be to just edit the accepted answer and add the code there
6:01 PM
Or CW an answer.
Since the code came from the OP, I think it is appropriate for him to edit the code in (notated as an edit).
I do not think so.
It has been discussed many times on meta.
@hichris123 Or just write a new answer and accept the answer that helped.
Just because you have seen it it does not make it correct @LanceRoberts :-P — qwertynl 4 secs ago
It's correct because it was the right thing to do. I was just pointing out how these sites really work.
Q: Should I update my question to include the correct answer?

ElephantMossWhen a question is solved, should the OP edit the post to include the working solution provided by one of the answers? Here's an example: Codeaddict gave me the correct answer for my question. I accepted his answer and I also upvoted a helpful comment. Should I also update my question's code...

6:08 PM
There is lots of precedent.
That doesn't address what happened. He didn't edit the code that was in his question, he added a section showing his final result based on the answer he had received.
So many examples on meta (for ex: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/74101/241700) I am not going to go through all of them. If you disagree, then meta post abt it :-)
I edited the title to show more clearly what was being asked and answered.
Q: Should I update my question's code to include the correct answer?

ElephantMossWhen a question is solved, should the OP edit the post to include the working solution provided by one of the answers? Here's an example: Codeaddict gave me the correct answer for my question. I accepted his answer and I also upvoted a helpful comment. Should I also update my question's code...

@LanceRoberts That is an invalid edit. Please rollback.
Read the question and the answers, and you'll see that it's a precise edit.
Question asked:
"Should I also update my question's code to include his correction?"
Accepted answer:
"Changing the code will screw up the context of the question."
I am done. this argument is useless...
6:12 PM
It's easy to figure if you actually read what's being said.
Here's Robert Cartaino's answer that backs me up:
A: Should I update my question's code to include the correct answer?

Robert CartainoNo, don't change your original question but some people add an "Edit" or "Update" section at the end of their answer. It's not strictly necessary but you can add the fixed code to the end of your question (clearly marked as an addendum/solution).

> No, don't change your original question but some people add an "Edit" or "Update" section at the end of their answer.
@LanceRoberts ANSWER :-P
"to the end of your question"
keep reading
I thought we were done with 'useless argument'?
full quote:
"It's not strictly necessary but you can add the fixed code to the end of your question (clearly marked as an addendum/solution)."
sigh another open-source ad post in the 10k tools :P
6:17 PM
I left a comment for Robert to clarify.
Why do we have useless arguments in here? :P
@hichris123 Cuz meta.
2 hours ago, by qwertynl
Cuz meta @user000001 — qwertynl 14 secs ago
@qwertynl True.
It's hard to find a truly useless argument.
waits for an argument to start about the uselessness of arguments
You should have capitalized your W
6:24 PM
@3ventic Is that a challenge?
And used a period.
I got the Rosetta Stone software as a Christmas gift, and discovered that they have something similar to Stack Overflow badges (they call them "stamps"). I was then disappointed to discover that there's no leaderboard or anything like one (as far as I can find).
@UndotheSnowman ...who uses two spaces after a period?
I always thought it was a typo and edited those to be only one space.
@3ventic People that grew up with typewriters often do.
^ It's a real thing
(and kinda weird)
two spaces is the standard, one space is the new textspeak way
6:30 PM
@LanceRoberts Did you read the article?
> Can I let you in on a secret? Typing two spaces after a period is totally, completely, utterly, and inarguably wrong.
starts useless argument
Q: Are comments a good place for someone to keep cut-and-pasting grammar advice?

Tim BToday I've seen a user on Stackoverflow put a comment on a lot of users posts saying: Please don't forget to add a '?' to questions! Some people do a search in the page for '?' and if none exists in the 'question' go directly to the next (actual) question in line. The user posting this has ...

I was actually taught in school to use two spaces after a sentence.
I nearly always use two spaces. Sue me.
yep, and while I agree with him it's arbitrary, two-space has been the de-facto standard for a long time, even if it isn't used in the style manuals. Having said that I've noticed that I've been slowly switching over to one space, though I don't know if I'll ever make the complete change.
6:34 PM
I only use two spaces when writing. When typing it is too confusing :-P
@LanceRoberts If it helps any, SE automagically converts two spaces into one.
html does that unless you force it not to, generally speaking, eg: I nearly always use two spaces.&nbsp;&nbsp;Sue me.
@UndotheSnowman, wow, I never realized that. Amazing what can be learned in a chat room.
/s/SE/web pages
Well, technically not html or web pages, but html rendering engines.
6:36 PM
Haha, true.
I think.
How's that for pedantic.
The rendering engines do it that way because of the HTML spec though, right?
Right, probably is that way.
In which case HTML isn't wrong either I guess.
Wait, this is supposed to be a useless argument.
I nearly always use two spaces.  Sue me.
That's the one =)
I use eight.
You know, the weirdest things are discussed and argued in here.
6:38 PM
I've never actually used that "/s/thing/somethingelse" command. I've just seen it used a lot. I don't even know how or where one would do that.
@hichris123 We're meta - we don't have anything else to do.
@jadarnel27 Vim, I think.
You could do that in perl, or vim
@Undo What does meta do? If meta were a person, what would it do?
6:39 PM
Hi friends, can you help me to test this again?
Q: Can we get the chat notifications in the top-bar?

Ionică BizăuI noticed that after the black top bar was added I don't get the chat notifications anymore... I can see them in chat.[sitename] page but I would like to get them in the main pages of the website. I don't know if this a new feature or a bug, but can you add this back, please?

Shoot. Now I've learned something today.
@IonicăBizău What needs tested?
@UndotheSnowman Please ping me after 5 seconds you see this message.
@IonicăBizău Ping.
@IonicăBizău pong
6:40 PM
@IonicăBizău päng
(I am very bad at counting seconds, though)
don't ask
6:41 PM
Yes... still not see them in the main site.
@IonicăBizău That is because you are in chat
@IonicăBizău They show up after you haven't been in chat after the ping for twenty minutes or something.
6:42 PM
@qwertynl I closed the page.
It takes a while to receive unnoticed chat pings
You only get an alert of the main site if you have not been in chat in the past like 30 minutes or so
It always was like that @IonicăBizău
(not always, but ok)
All of the time I have been here.
I bet I've gotten more stars in this chatroom than upvotes on Stack Overflow. That probably tells you something about...something.
6:43 PM
Ok... but let's test again: I will close this tab and I return after one hour.
@IonicăBizău Ok, ping
Again, please. Bye bye!
See you!
@IonicăBizău poutine
@IonicăBizău For science, a ping!
You all were supposed to upvote my SO posts, not star that message.
6:44 PM
@jadarnel27 Meh, too much work.
That's reasonable.
I think Manish wrote something that figured out who has the most stars in the history of this room one time (cc @Mr.P).
Under no circumstances is anyone to star this message - I think the chat devs might be up to something and it could be rigged.
takes cover
wonders if CMs can see who starred a message
Wasn't me!
6:49 PM
runs away
ducks under rock
I hope none of you are in charge of bombs.
beat's @ElfSlice with smiting stick
6:51 PM
You just fed the chat devs!
They're probably planning something.
@UndotheSnowman ... to each other.

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