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12:00 AM
@hichris123 Sure.
(unless we want help)
I have no idea where to start.
@Undo Me either, but that's what Stack Overflow and google.com is for.
In case you didn't have the links to either of those.
What is this Stack Overflow thing?
Isn't Stack Overflow just jQuery on steroids?
@Undo When are you getting the comment thingy for ThiefMaster in Charcoal ready?
@hichris123 Which thing?
There were several we talked about
@Undo Which ever thingy you decided on. Either the review queue to put things into a master list, or the Flaggable button, or the other ones.
12:06 AM
@hichris123 I would prob. go for the review queue.
It would be simpler and whatnot.
@Undo Is this a wish list or planned to happen?
@hichris123 Planned to happen when I find my way back to bandwidth land.
You're still in low bandwith land, @Undo?
Could we increase the number of max answers on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf?
Leaving tomorrow, should be in bandwidth land by Monday.
After that, give me six to eight weeks.
12:09 AM
@JohannesKuhn There is a maximum on answers? Or do you just mean before the auto-cw?
Before auto-CW
we just got an other question with 84 answers.
@Undo Is it a serious six to eight weeks or a six to eight weeks six to eight weeks? Just checking, sometimes people use 6-8 weeks for real. (Can't imagine why, but....)
@hichris123 Meh, most likely would be implemented within a week.
So a six-to-eight-weeks six-to-eight-weeks
@JohannesKuhn Ah. Gotcha.
Those people that use six-to-eight-weeks for real are weird.
12:11 AM
@Undo Famous last words.
I know.
@jadarnel27 just look at the 1st hot network question.
@JohannesKuhn Heh, it was linked in here earlier.
Can't you just flag to have the mods un-wiki them all, @JohannesKuhn?
I already did. Not sure if a mod can mass un-CW.
Oh. Huh, me neither.
(brb, gotta go pick up food)
12:14 AM
@JohannesKuhn I like that post.
@jadarnel27 They can, it just involves a whole lot of clicking.
Should we flag old answers to opinionated posts that have been closed (2-4y ago)?
more specifically:
A: Graph generation on iPhone

Mathieu RodicYou can go cross-plateform with the JavaScript library gRaphaël: http://g.raphaeljs.com/

I think he meant "mass un-CW" as in, "with one click", @Undo.
@jadarnel27 Yes. Not sure about that part.
@JeroenVannevel What for? VLQ?
12:15 AM
Sounds like I'm about to drop off the face of the Earth.
@UndotheSnowman one-click mass un-CW is not a thing.
@hichris123 it got flagged as NAA (found it trough flag queue). Link-only answer, I'm not sure if it's enough to warrant a flag.
Doesn't it automatically become a CW again once another user posts an answer, since it's over 30? Or is that only for the 10 edits auto-CW?
not sure if a mod on our site takes the time and removes CW status on all answers.
12:17 AM
@Jeroen Seems more like VLQ, it's technically an answer.
@animuson it'll get converted again if the answer limit is reached
Look on meta for the discussions on it.
So as long as there's still more than 30 answers that aren't deleted, there's really no point in even trying...
Ouch. In that case, doing that while it is the hottest question on the network is a bad idea. Next new answer and you can start from the beginning.
@JohannesKuhn In principle, yes. In practice... Honestly, SE is not built for questions with 84 legitimate answers. We're unlikely to change the threshold in that direction, but you're welcome to make a meta post arguing your case (on Code Golf meta).
12:19 AM
@animuson The limit is 60 on codegolf
Ah, didn't know that.
Q: Remove Auto CW Limit

QuincunxThe auto CW limit of 60 answers should be removed. The good questions that have been around a while, such as Golf you a quine for great good! get a lot of different answers; good for code-golf. It doesn't make since to auto CW all the answers and it when 60 answers are reached. There have been o...

Pretty sure we can't remove it completely. At least, not without code changes. Which doesn't rule it out, but... again, probably not gonna happen if Code Golf is the only site that needs it.
you could set the limit to over 9000.
12:24 AM
And most of the answers there aren't that bad. (I prefer if people get rep from that answers than from the "I just post language, character count and code" answers.)
12:46 AM
@Undo The library you gave me doesn't support Python 3. Finding a pull-request that supports it.
That looks like a good one.
Oh boy this is going to come in handy
Unless you're looking for song lyrics.
Until Google ads sound search
was referring to this, @3ventic:
1:00 AM
I don't follow news so...
No sane person does during the holidays.
1:16 AM
Hello hello hello
@Pëkka What does the duck have to do with it?
@MichaelPetrotta -1, "life hacks"
That term is stupid
lifehack: don't use the term "lifehack"
1:25 AM
Meh. I have many, many grammatical and vocabularial issues, before "lifehack" rises to the top.
2:13 AM
@3ventic wat
Um, who's was that @3ventic?
2:33 AM
Confident editor
3:30 AM
I would've gotten so much rep if I knew earlier editing gave you some before you're 2k :(
You get +2 from suggested edits until 20k
which is the point when you can no longer suggest edits
@3ventic what? There are no suggested edits after 2k, your edits are instantly after that point.
You can suggest tag wiki edits up to 20k.
Tag wiki edits are suggested until 20k
I see. Well I'm not going there, if it's up to me half of the tags can be removed.
There are so many useless ones.. As if we really need a tag for specific methods in a language
3:42 AM
I figured long ago that SO is too cluttered for me.
It is currently 14:45 local time, and 34°C (93°F) outside. The cooling system failed 20 minutes ago.
If the method is popular enough, then it helps narrow the search, but there are plenty of useless tags.
-33 F here
3:55 AM
@jadarnel27 That son of a...
@JeroenVannevel Yeah I know what you mean, I saw a suggested edits review today where all someone did was add strlen and strcpy tags to a c question
4:16 AM
@TimStone That Feeds guy is chumptastic.
Or girl.
Or robot.
4:37 AM
"responsive" is the new "best practice"
That's a nice car you have there. But is it responsive?
Haha, that's funny. I was just trying out Zurb Foundation for the first time in a project this evening.
That sounds like something from an Asimov novel.
Off to look up Zurb Foundation
Ohh nice, looking good
Hey man. It's responsive.
How could it not look good?!
4:41 AM
Not sure what I was thinking.
Apparently, it's "better than Twitter Bootstrap."
If you know what that is.
I heard that one's responsive, too.
Must be a close race then
I'm sure it is =) This Foundation dealio is all about "mobile first" design, which is hard to get used to. But I think it might be worth getting past the learning curve.
Since everyone wants their junk to work on all their things.
(things being mobile devices)
(junk being websites I make)
It probably is worth it, yeah.
I don't get it, personally, though.
I've had an iPhone for three months now and have used it to look up a web site, like, once.
Interesting. I use my Android phone to look at websites all the time.
4:48 AM
I have a tablet. I use that all the time. I find smartphones too small and inconvenient.
Maybe in a couple years, everyone'll have some form of Glass and the new design paradigm will be designing for huge canvases because there are no physical limitations to size any more
@Pëkka Ahhh. I don't have a tablet at all.
I use the phone to look up websites when I'm desperate.
Desperate men do desperate things.
@LanceRoberts yeah that describes my usage pattern as well :)
I couldn't justify getting one. I feel like anything I can't do on my phone, I can just do on my laptop.
(and I always have my phone with me. I wouldn't really want to carry around a tablet everywhere I go)
Having a web-browser on my hip is a very convenient thing.
4:50 AM
@jadarnel27 When I go home, I'm probably going back to having a brick phone (with B/W display and everything) and a Tablet if/when I need it.
Though mostly my phone is useful for playing Suduko when I'm sitting and waiting.
Oh golly, you don't really wear your phone on your hip, do ya, @Lance?
Yep, I looked far and wide for a horizontal black case that would stay on my belt.
@Pëkka My father-in-law made that switch, and really likes the setup! He got a "new" non-smartphone for Christmas this year.
My Galaxy S4 with a Pong case is way to big to keep in a pocket (and the Pong case has too much friction to be convenient).
4:54 AM
Not very stylish, @Lance ;-) (I used to do that too).
Yep, but it balances out the Leatherman on the other side.
I got the case in black so it blends.
Haha, wow.
@jadarnel27 yeah, those phones last for ages until they need to be recharged. Love them.
@LanceRoberts I imagine carrying a multi-tool on your hip is more common in Alaska than here in the lower 48.
It's blown me away how often I use that thing.
We Alaskans are big on portable weaponry.
4:59 AM
Haha, fair enough. You could be attacked by a polar bear at any moment!
I've been near them, and I suppose going out fighting a polar bear with a knife is a pretty good way to go, but I'll wait until I'm a bit older before I go there.
Can you get hats off of Area 51?
5:30 AM
Anyone want to fix up the grammar in this post? stackoverflow.com/questions/2477452/… I don't have time
3ventic did, I cast a vote to approve, 1 more needed.
Slowly gaining rep from edits
5:51 AM
WTF is going on with the three users that approved this edit?!? One of them (Ishan Jain) looks like he's just reached 2000 rep, and is now robo-approving his way to whatever badge you get when you do that often enough.
@minitech does that fall in your jurisdiction already? (Not many reviews yet)
And this editor needs to be shut down if he goes on like that. All he does is add weird random formatting to stuff
It seems like the reputation required to access reviews should be higher on SO...
6:33 AM
Yeah. Or better checks built in.
> Future President of the United States, Dr. Sri Sri Evan John Carroll GBE[citation needed] (born September 10 1985 CE – never[2]) aka The Evan Carroll, or simply The Evan[3] is totally awesome[citation needed]. He is known[attribution needed] for his ability to split water as he walks on it[citation needed
Now that was funny.
I'm glad he's found his place in the universe.
6:55 AM
@Pëkka how did you even find that?
7:05 AM
Flagging obsolete comments leik Undo:
Hmm, I never really thought about flagging comments as obsolete. The mods can't seem to keep up with the answer flagging queue, let alone handle obsolete comments.
2 hours later…
8:48 AM
Oh but obsolete comments are so easy to handle.
A: Incorrect port number returned by $_SERVER['server_port']

Lloyd MooreTo use the https protocol, you need to have at least a local certificate, since https is used to encrypt the data transported and uses a

Is it me, or does this answer just end mid sen
That looks like someone forgot to finish writing it.
9:03 AM
As a 10k user, what should I do about answers such as this one? It relies too heavily on an external URL (in my opinion). But my flagging options are limited as a 10k user (no option for "low quality"). Do I just down-vote, comment and move on?
9:30 AM
10:11 AM
hi, how can I get a permalink to an answer within a thread? Ah, share, nvm.
Yes, I figured out.
2 hours later…
12:17 PM
You now get notified if somebody saves an edit while you're editing it! This is fantastic! Proof
2 hours later…
1:53 PM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by ManishEarth
@Undo now challenge Oded to break into your dev tier
Don't you hate it when you post an answer like this:
A: Multiple classes basics, putting a print class into the main method

Ryan Carlsonpublic class deck { public static void main(String[] args) { edward test = new edward(); //1 System.out.print(test); //2 } } In line 1, you create a new edward object called test. In line 2, you print the object itself. According to the Java API, print(Object) Pr...

And then it gets 0 upvotes?
@RyanCarlson Whaddya mean 0 upvotes?
It had 0 upvotes a few seconds ago...
2 hours later…
@ElfSlice Sunday? But... it's Saturday
Huh. I hadn't even thought of that.
Good point
2 hours later…
6:28 PM
hi, what is the best practice to dealing with OPs who revert valid English grammar fixes, etc in their question because they feel offended for some reason? Just leave their post wrong, and downvote?
That's usually what I do, maybe vote to close if appropriate.
Since it's now stuck as VLQ.
Very Low Quality.
ok, thanks.
@LanceRoberts: btw, I achieved the maximum limit for each queue today, too; no hats. :D
bummer, I still have 5 secret hats to go and can't figure them out. Not sure how Peanut got them all.
I even got cheated out of a regular hat.
7:15 PM
Sure wish they'd fix all these Firefox display bugs, seems like they'd focus on one of the main browsers.
8:12 PM
I've gone and joined the wonderful world of abstract classes.
2 hours later…
10:10 PM
I really get sick of the deletists. I find they really like to delete the questions that don't involved the technologies they work with.
Why shouldn't that be deleted?
It's an old question that was just fine when it was written, it has good answers. It is very helpful for those who use VB and its variants. 4k views means that people google into it all the time, so it brings traffic to the site.
But VB6 and VBA are kinda niche on SO, so I usually don't get much sympathy for those questions.
Thank you to whoever cast the 2nd undelete vote. Merry Christmas.
4k views over 5 years isn't "Google into it all the time" - more like "Google into it every once in a while and don't even vote on it"
Yes, I've had much more views on other niche questions. 4k isn't awesome, it just shows a constant flow.
But ultimately that's a terrible question. It wasn't "just fine when it was written" - that was never on-topic. It just never got closed back then.
10:24 PM
No, I was there at the beginning and those questions were just fine. There are a bunch of them out there, though with more popular technologies, so they got more play.
10:36 PM
Q: Optimizing Kohana-based Websites for Speed and Scalability

Jonathan SampsonA site I built with Kohana was slammed with an enormous amount of traffic yesterday, causing me to take a step back and evaluate some of the design. I'm curious what are some standard techniques for optimizing Kohana-based applications? I'm interested in benchmarking as well. Do I need to setup ...

i have a question am thinkig of posting, but doubt itd be any good
most likley dv-ed to the pits of hell's hell
it's a clarification of sorts
aaaah but just noticed, no one is in....nevermind
Ok, lets see it.
11:04 PM
Should moderators answer new member requests for contribution-reviews?
contribution reviews?
when the new user writes and an answer or question
probably be better written as:
"How can a new user at an SE site have their initial contributions reviewed?"
That's what the community does for you
not always
11:07 PM
if you get closed, something is wrong. If you get edited, look at what the edit changed
if nothing happened you either slipped trough the mazes or nothing is wrong
hmmm okay, does not answer my qustion, but okay
To answer: no, a moderator shouldn't explicitly review new users (there's actually a separate review queue where new users get placed in)
I'm no moderator but I can have a look. What post(s) do you want reviewed?
nah, it was just a thought - I am not a member of SO - I simply do not have the confidence to write my questions there
As long as you phrase your problem clearly and show the specific code that doesn't work you've already done more than the usual new user
I did that when I used to be a member there (many moons ago), and was still dowvoted and had some snarky comments
11:14 PM
so, I taught myself Android functions externally (actually mastered a nice aspect of it)
now have written 2 apps, and had one published in a journal article
but, with that question I once had, if someone had actually told me what was unclear, instead of being sarcastic and abrasive, I would have been more than happy to edit and improve
@JeroenVannevel but thank you and sorry to have wasted your time

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