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7:04 PM
Would anyone mind upvoting this answer so I can test a theory on receving a hat? stackoverflow.com/a/20690557/682480
Does anyone know why this got rejected? Instead of needed 3 rejects, it was rejected with only one.. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3649042
@JoshC Invisible sneaky mods?
@JoshC That is weird ...
Should I post that as a question on meta..?
7:06 PM
I hadn't up until now because I thought it might have been something obvious
@JoshC I wonder if they've lowered the rejection threshold for editors with a bad accept to reject ratio.
It doesn't look like something obvious to me.
@JoshC - Maybe you are so awesome, they give you special powers!
@jadarnel27 That's what I was thinking.. however; they only have a 2/4 ratio
Yeah, but that means two-thirds of their suggested edits have been rejected. ~67% is a pretty high reject rate.
Yea, I guess you're right. If that was a new implementation it shouldn't consider the ratio if there have been less than x edits
7:13 PM
I would think it would have more to do with the reviewer's creds than the suggestor's a/r ratio
Q: How was this suggested edit rejected with only one vote?

JoshCI was just reviewing suggested edits, and I rejected this edit. Does anyone have an explanation as to why this edit was rejected with only one vote? Usually it requires 3 votes unless the author rejects it. This wasn't the case, as I'm not the author. Perhaps the number of rejects required has ...

vanity-upvotes JoshC's question
Also, sounds like Servy knows something we don't.
@animuson o_o
Oh, that's what I get for trusting other people I suppose. :P
7:48 PM
@animuson Apparently, you are SE staff now.
All hail @animuson , mod and SE employee.
Does anyone know if there's a way to search for questions posted by new users? Say, questions where the asker has a reputation <100?
7:51 PM
I wish you could see what reputation someone would have if there wasn't a cap at 1.
@JohannesKuhn Is that SEDE directed at me? I'm afraid I don't know what that means.
Maybe you can do it using Data Explorer data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/new
Ah, makes sense. I'll check it out. Thanks!
@VarunAgw Just [data.se] KISS.
7:53 PM
Hello. Apologies for being off-topic but can you point me to the correct chat room where I can ask about StackExchange accounts - connecting / disconnecting them etc?
@JohannesKuhn are you talking to me? :)
of course
@urig Looks like a reply, doesn't it?
Note that the info in there is not real time (updated weekly, I think), @Dennis.
7:54 PM
@urig He did just post a reply to your message, so I would assume yes
I'm sorry. Did I mention I'm a newbie? :)
@urig What do you need?
> The data is updated early every Monday morning around 3:00 UTC. The last update was yesterday.
Just notice the little bent arrow icon. So my question is -
So, pretty fresh today at least.
7:55 PM
I need to disconnect one of my profiles from my public profile. To maintain anonimity. Is that technically possible?
Nice @TimStone. For some reason, I was thinking it was Sunday. Good to know!
@TimStone The server room is like a walk-in fridge. Stuff doesn't tend to get moldy until day five at the earliest.
@urig With over 75 questions and 25 answers I don't think you are newbie
Shows you how much I've been using Data Explorer lately =P
Go abuse the hell out of that shiny new hardware.
7:56 PM
@VarunAgw I'll take that as a compliment. Let's say I'm a newbie to chat. Last time I used it must have been when it first launched :)
goes to abuse hardware
@jadarnel27 Ah, that is somewhat of a deal-breaker then. I'm looking for a way to find "beginner level" questions on TeX.SX, questions that I could conceivably answer. Figured a search for questions posted by low reputation users would do the trick, but if its only updated every monday then likely these questions would be answered by the time I find them with the data explorer.
@urig We experimented with a feature for that a while back (when there was a proposed site for human sexuality, before I was an employee) but it's not active. Can you be more specific?
If you don't want to discuss it in public, e-mail [email protected].
If you click on anon_guest ... #fail
Also: <face palm>
Heh, good attempt though.
7:58 PM
@urig I can understand that. I asked about the same thing before
they told me to be careful and use an other browser for that.
I can disassociate that post from your account. It'll show up as having an actual anonymous author with no clickable profile. But you'll lose the ability to be notified of new answers or edits, and you won't get any rep from it.
I'd rather not delete the post / account because there really is good material there...
That would be wonderful. Thank you. Will I be able to comment (using a truly anon profile this time)?
No, any comments would still show up as you.
We need the ability that not every account shows up in your SO profile.
Even if I'll be using a new profile, associated with a diff email from a diff browser
8:00 PM
The current alternative is to create a second account with different login info that you use purely for that one question.
@Pops That's what I'll do then.
Many many thanks for helping with this.
Okay. I can also assign the authorship of the post to that new account if you like, rather than making it owned by nobody.
I thought about "SE site groups", so religion sites don't show up on your SO profile, and SO/other technology sites don't show up on profiles of the religions sites.
That would be very cool. I'll got create the account now. One sec
@urig Seperate browser ;)
8:02 PM
That way you can still get notifications via the new account... of course it would be up to you to make sure you remember which account you're logged in as at any given time.
@JohannesKuhn Wouldn't the best option be to allow each account to be merged into / split from the public profile?
@JohannesKuhn Yeah, we actually just resurrected this topic in a team discussion last week. But it's a 6-8 weeks feature at best.
Merging is not the problem.
I personally don't like the idea that if I send my resume to an employer and he sees "ohh, he likes insert random statement about sexuality and is a insert religion here"
@Pops eek!
Ugh, we wouldn't have these problems if only society were different in several fundamental ways.
8:06 PM
But I don't have a problem if my new boss sees "ohh, he likes Programming Puzzles & Code Golf"
@Pops That's pretty much why I got into computers - To go around having to work with "people" in "society" LOL
@Pops Does society have a Meta page we could complain on?
@jadarnel27 Time for a new proposal?
@jadarnel27 Not yet
8:08 PM
@TimStone Haha, nice.
Seriously, don't you read the About Me in my profile?
I actually have read that, @Pops. I've never seen the source though. I hadn't considered that yelling things at the Internet was the One True Meta.
Though I'm flattered that you think I have anything better to do than read the profile text of people I interact with on the site.
@Pops I have the second account. What's my next step?
@jadarnel27 These are clearly lies designed to flatter and distract me, because there's no way you could have read that and not clicked on the link to the source.
@urig Paste the profile link here, or if you're worried that your boss will read the Tavern transcript, e-mail it to pops@.
Pardon my paranoia - @stackexchange.com?
8:17 PM
phh, does not matter.
I'll see the new link. And I know the old account.
New link?
He's pretending to be your boss. Check your new e-mail, please.
Would a mod / employee please handle my comment flag on Meta real quick?
That dude is having a bad enough time with his poorly thought out question being downvoted to oblivion. No need for him to be insulted in the comments on top of that.
Alright, deleted. Although I doubt I'd have bothered if there wasn't a flag attached to it.
8:31 PM
Thanks, @Pops. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive. But it seems unnecessary to call someone simple in the comments of a Meta discussion.
And rude.
I thought "meta" was Latin for "rude."
Haha, well I just thought the comment crossed the line a little. There's a lot of sarcasm on that page, but I feel like that's more acceptable.
8:57 PM
This is stupid and petty. — Jhawins 11 mins ago
Perhaps that question is just destined to attract comments that I feel are inappropriate.
Hoorah. Many thanks @Pops and @JohannesKuhn!
Happy to help!
@urig I did nothing, but you're welcome.
But now you can't ask us for anything until next December.
You were friendly when I came into the chat - That's a lot.
9:00 PM
@Pops What? You mean I spent my Christmas present on this??
Ba ha ha!
I really should've pinged Robert "The Grinch" Harvey in here to say that, huh?
9:33 PM
@anybody who cares (read: nobody)
Are we supposed to care?
I don't know. =[
Aww... poor ElfSlice.
Gosh, I can't type today.
G'night and thanks again! (And merry xmas! :) )
9:44 PM
@jadarnel27 Seriously, flag declined? What's constructive about saying "This is stupid and petty"? He didn't even explain why it's stupid and petty. That comment is pointless.
Being constructive is for nerds!
@ElfSlice You know who you're talking to, right?
@jadarnel27 Why are you replying to yourself?
10:01 PM
@3ventic it's the best
So now you're @jadarnel27 huh?
Because brown
Is that the answer to everything he does?
Is brown an answer to everything?
10:06 PM
It delivers tech toys to my door, so, yeah.
@hichris123 Brown.
@animuson Come on, instead of talking about brown, go through my flags! Bad mod. :)
Thank you.
A: i want to make program that search in google and getting back 5 first links in java

Vivek VermaniYou need to use Google Search API for that. Search for Google search api on google :)

Search for Google on Google!
10:14 PM
People who doubt the power of brown will be taken browntown. nods
@TimStone Downbrown
@hichris123 I was just indicating what message my comment was related to.
I thought you were going crazy.
That happened long ago...
Sailed, that ship has.
10:21 PM
Mmm chili.
The house next to mine is unoccupied (currently being renovated to be resold). There is a super loud sump pump alarm going off. I have no idea who the owners are, but there's no number (that I can see) to call and do something about it.
Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do? Other than call the police and make a noise complaint?
...Set it on fire?
No, kids, arson is wrong.
Sump pump alarm?
@animuson Actually, it just says "pump alarm" on the device. But it's hooked up to pipes going into their basement.
Oh, it's outside the house? Take a hammer to it. If anyone complains tell them you thought it was SkyNet activating.
10:27 PM
@TimStone Haha, even better than the fire idea!
Yeah, it has a bright red light on it that I can see from the road. So I went to investigate.
"I was trying to prevent the apocalypse!"
It's so loud that I can hear it while I'm inside my house.
I worry how well that argument would hold up in court.
I would just call the police. If there's an alarm going off (and it's that loud), it inherently implies an emergency. And if it's not an emergency, then it's at the fault of whoever designed the alarm.
In retrospect, I'm not sure why I asked that question in this room. I should have known I would get these types of answers =)
@animuson That's a very good point (the emergency thing).
That's like running around screaming "Help!" and then when the police come to help, you say "Oh, I meant help the children in Africa..."
10:30 PM
I just always feel awkward calling 911.
For anything, really.
Don't you have a local non-emergency number?
Last time I tried calling 911 I got a busy signal.
@TimStone Probably. I figured noise complaints typically go to 911.
To the Google!
Yeah, I doubt it matters much. I'm sure the operators have received far more ridiculous calls than a legitimate noise complaint today.
I would call 911. It's an alarm. And if it really is an emergency that requires immediate attention... You never know.
10:33 PM
It's true, their basement could be flooding and it might back up to their circuit breaker box and cause a short out to the nearest transformer, disabling power for the entire area.*
You'd be a hero for stopping that from happening.
*May not be anywhere close to true
@animuson How do you get a busy signal from 911?
No idea. Seems pretty bad though. Tried twice and gave up.
Luckily it was just a trespasser on the property who decided to leave when he saw me on the phone.
I think you need to call your city up and find what's the problem.
Get a phone shaped like a gun
I'd hate to call 911 if I'm going to get shot to find out that it's busy.
@ElfSlice Elves can make that.
10:37 PM
A pop-tart made to look like a gun should be sufficient.
@ElfSlice That's really how you spell it?
Looks so weird.
It's the same as 'shelf' - 'shelves'
I would just say shelfs.
10:50 PM
You would be wrong.
Well, it's a good thing I live in the ghetto. There's probably a squad car nearby at any given moment.
Someone should be by soon to check it out.
I think the sheriff drives through our neighborhood like once a week.
I had one following me the other day. Felt like a pied piper.
@jadarnel27 Are you implying the ghetto is safe because of this?
@ElfSlice Nope. Just implying that the police are always nearby haha.
They're nearby because of the fact that it's not safe.
11:10 PM
The police came. They pushed a button the pump alarm that turns it off. They left.
(they also talked to me for a couple minutes)
And you're not in jail.
So far.
cue dramatic music
I guess the next time I see the contractors next door, I'll tell them that alarm was going off. So they can check on...the stuff in the crawlspace.
Hopefully it's not, like, eroding the foundation away. They just finished renovating the place.
So you're not going to break in and see what's wrong?
11:17 PM
Who do I look like, Dr. House?
6 mins ago, by hichris123
And you're not in jail.
I'd hate to make a liar out of you.
I know you want to be in jail, though.
Hmmm. Do I?
The walls of a jail are brown. You like brown. Therefore, you want to be in jail.
11:25 PM
Who says I like brown? Who have you been talking to?!
I've been talking to @animuson
11:53 PM
@CatPlusPlus Contrary to popular belief, sentient fractal unicorns are actually a thing, and I'm one of them... — Servy 4 hours ago
I just figured out what I want for Christmas.
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