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2:01 AM
How do I know if I have this 'S.M.A.R.T' thing?
@jmac You need to install some program to check it. And only if the interface supports it.
How old is your hard drive?
If it's recent, it probably does.
Speccy and Defraggler both support SMART monitoring
great programs
Let's see, the sticker on it says 2011
it's a laptop.
Yes, then it does. Use Defraggler.
2:02 AM
Okay, defraggler, getting on it, thanks.
@ColeJohnson You forgot to advertise CCleaner. (doesn't suppport SMART though)
@hichris123 In the meantime, let's advertise Recuva (Piriform's 4th product)
(I feel dirty having used you all for tech support especially when I have a tech support department, but they spend 3 hours diagnosing your issue only to tell you there was no problem, and you are without a PC in the meantime)
@jmac Sounds like any IT department
@jmac You have tech support? I thought that was Super User.
2:06 AM
Nasty. It wanted to install google toolbar.
@ColeJohnson Can't live without my Piriform software.
Disk Health: Good
@jmac Defraggler did?
> You are about to DESTROY a complete database! Do you really want to : DROP DATABASE animuson_ipb
I've never seen that
@animuson Do it. You know you want to
2:07 AM
@ColeJohnson Yeah, Defraggler told me my HD was fine. Okay. So I have a different problem.
@jmac Check the SMART tab
> You are about to DESTROY a complete database! Do you really want to : DROP DATABASE animuson_ipb2
Lol I honestly don't know why I had two of them installed...
There is no SMART tab. Just a 'Health' tab
yeah that
there's SMART data in there
Wait... what the hell... All the table names in animuson_ipb2 are prefixed with phpbb_...
2:08 AM
S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology; often written as SMART) is a monitoring system for computer hard disk drives to detect and report on various indicators of reliability, in the hope of anticipating failures. When a failure is anticipated by S.M.A.R.T., the user may choose to replace the drive to avoid unexpected outage and data loss. The manufacturer may be able to use the S.M.A.R.T. data to discover where faults lie and prevent them from recurring in future drive designs. Background Hard disk failures fall into one of two basic classes: * Predictable ...
Yeah, errrr, nothing is flashing red, so I think that must be okay?
@animuson Please don't do this with the SO database(s).
@jmac Might want to go through those one by one
@hichris123 DROP TABLE users
You'd think that's what defraggler is doing, no?
Why would the software want me to check all values itself?
@jmac It does do that, but it's just an algorithm
Nothing beats a human when it comes to prevention
@hichris123 DELTE FROM users WHERE user_name = hichris123
What's wrong with the drive?
2:10 AM
Is 1229ms a long time for a hard drive to spin up? That is over 1.2 seconds. It seems long,
@ColeJohnson I better hope there isn't a way to hack into the database.
@jmac My external is 5 seconds...
But that's because it's rarely ever used
@jmac Do you want me to post my values from a similar laptop age (3-4)
And it's a cheap one
Yes! That'd be awesome.
2:11 AM
1 Read Error Rate 0 200 200 51 0x000000000026
3 Spin-Up Time 5433 ms 151 149 21 0x000000001539
4 Start/Stop Count 5,133 95 95 0 0x00000000140D
5 Reallocated Sectors Count 0 200 200 140 0x000000000000
7 Seek Error Rate 0 200 200 51 0x000000000000
9 Power-On Hours (POH) 465d 6h 85 85 0 0x000000002B9E
10 Spin Retry Count 0 100 100 51 0x000000000000
11 Recalibration Retries 0 100 100 51 0x000000000000
12 Power Cycle Count 4,232 96 96 0 0x000000001088
192 Power-off Retract Count 724 200 200 0 0x0000000002D4
Yeehaw, thanks!
1 Read Error Rate 0 200 200 51 0x00000000051F
3 Spin-Up Time 1733 ms 185 183 21 0x0000000006C5
4 Start/Stop Count 3,550 97 97 0 0x000000000DDE
5 Reallocated Sectors Count 0 200 200 140 0x000000000000
7 Seek Error Rate 0 200 200 51 0x000000000000
9 Power-On Hours (POH) 503d 10h 84 84 0 0x000000002F32
10 Spin Retry Count 0 100 100 51 0x000000000000
11 Recalibration Retries 0 100 100 0 0x000000000000
12 Power Cycle Count 3,528 97 97 0 0x000000000DC8
183 SATA Downshift Error Count 0 100 100 0 0x000000000000
Wow, this is my external:
3 Spin-Up Time 0 ms 94 92 0 0x000000000000
Ooooh, you have special ones I don't have like 183, 184, 187, and 188
2:13 AM
Um... "194 Temperature 48 °F 48 55 0 0x000000000030"
@jmac It's drive manufacturer specific
Yeah, just figured it out from the wiki
48 farenheight? That's really low
I'm sure it should be Celcius
Yeah, that's insane -- mine is at 38C
It's an external, but still...
It's like 72 inside right now.
2:15 AM
Uh-oh, I have a pending sector.
Yeah, I have my settings for Celsius, you must still have yours at the default of Fahrenheight
@jmac A small value like that doesn't really mean anything
Okay, it doesn't look like my hard drive has any issues then.
It just means there's a sector it thinks is bad, but it won't know until it's read again
So it is something else (huzzah)
I would be happy if some other component broke, because that means I get a new PC!
@jmac Protip: hammer
2:16 AM
My CPU randomly shoots up to 100% and everything hangs for up to 2 minutes.
It lied to me. It was in Celsius.
@jmac Virus?
How the dickens would I get a virus?
@jmac Stack Overflow is the virus
This is a work PC, I put on firefox, chrome, balsamiq, and this defraggler
No, Stack Exchange is the virus.
2:17 AM
GIMP and Inkscape too
otherwise I haven't downloaded anything questionable
@jmac GIMP seems pretty questionable
You put on animuson and @ColeJohnson
our computers are locked up tight, I have umpteen security programs running thanks to my IT department
Which ones?
How would I know?
2:18 AM
After all, have you ever noticed how long it takes to load, for all you know, it could be slowly deleting System32
You look. How else?
@ColeJohnson Someone that I know corrupted some important .dll in System32
Okay, I can dig through processes. I have 8 or 9 instances of svchost.exe
Those are nothing
Look at the services tab, that's what it is
How many processes do you have running right now? I'm curious.
I'm at 146.
Can I just blame Lotus Notes for it?
2:20 AM
@jmac You still use Lotus?
I thought that was dead.
I find it funny that I have more chrome.exe processes than svchost.exe processes
That's what happens when you use extensions
I am blessed with a company that believes in the Lotus experience.
despite not being able to search your e-mail properly.
Wait, who's putting me on? I'm not a hat.
Use TeX instead
2:21 AM
We also have a mail folder limit of 110 mb.
/me wears @animuson
@animuson You're put into our computer's memory, as a virus.
How do you have so many processes running..?
And your virus is a hat.
@3ventic It's windows
2:22 AM
@3ventic Installing MySQL for the 4th time.
I'm on Windows and sitting at 102 processes
I'm at 81 processes :)
28109 handles OTOH
just over 1000 threads
With all of this running, though:
@3ventic You're running Win8. No fair.
2:24 AM
I'm on 8.1
Okay, I have some copy control software running, zone alarm apparently
My memory usage is higher than your total memory :|
Remind me to fire up that VM sometime.
@3ventic Shut up
It's not a gaming computer
That's what my GPU is for
I'm too used to the pinging sound on chat.stackexchange.com, it feels weird here
2:25 AM
How about my gaming laptop of 4 years ago?
@3ventic ping
Before I got this PC, I was on a machine from 2006 (in 2011). They had software using up more memory than I had on bootup without even opening anything. It was awesome.
looking at that task manager
it feels so old
Guess that's what happens when you switch to Win 8 the first day
Hey, the other option I have is a Win Vista desktop.
2:26 AM
You just have to use IE?
IE9 to be exact.
IE11 isn't bad tbh
you should update
Don't you see I have Chrome open?
@3ventic Sometime.
@ColeJohnson I make up for it with Android, and tons of other Google stuff.
2:28 AM
Wait, why didn't that work?
Mine is cooler. Because it's in Japanese.
Do you honestly want me to get a screenshot from a Win95 computer, and post it?
Oh, we're posting task manager screenshots?
2:29 AM
This is too good
Question for SU How do you make a computer have a BSOD?
Delete System32
That's more like the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
@ColeJohnson Okay, done. Now what do I do?
2:31 AM
@jmac Wait. What was the problem?
Step 1: Play a round of BF4 on my computer
Step 2: Done
There's Windows 1.0 BSOD
@ColeJohnson I don't know. I really don't. The CPU just jumps up to 100 randomly, and everything freezes. It is entirely arbitrary and random.
I think that's normal
Unless you have a virus
Mine does that a lot
The computer gets scanned every week for viruses.
So I sincerely doubt that's the issue.
2:32 AM
Must just be normal processes
The only reason you wouldn't be at 100% is if you have to wait on the disk or RAM
So if you're doing vector processing on data in the CPU caches, you could reach 100%
Even the task manager freezes. That ain't right. The CPU usage shoots up to the top of the graph, computer freezes, all resumes.
Must just be because it's XP
It's Windows 7
Looks like XP
I think it's Windows 7. How do I check that?
It says Windows 7 on the sticker.
2:34 AM
Control Panel > System
Windows 7 Enterprise.
there you go
To boldly go where no computer has gone before.
Windows 8.1 Pro (without Windows Media Center)
USS Enterprise
2:35 AM
because i can
Windows 7 Home Premium
So my computer is broken, and I don't know why. This is uncool. It'll be another 3 years or something before I get a new one too
MS-DOS 6.0
Break it
My History teacher's computer BSOD'd during a lesson, so he picked it up and threw it against the wall
So we haven't done anything in the class for the past 2 weeks
Wait, teachers use computers now?
2:38 AM
@jmac In America they do
Every classroom has a projector, and an 11 year old CRT TV
@ColeJohnson Or new flat-screens.
With an 11 year old VCR/DVD combo player
@hichris123 sarcasm No, we don't have the money for that
The high school I went to provided a laptop to every teacher in the school. Every room also had one of those "smart boards" with a projector, with the weird electronic pens that let you draw on the board and it uses touch sensors to draw on the computer instead...
2:47 AM
15 minutes to the big show!
@animuson Which?
When the Close Votes queue suddenly drops. :D
Hey, anyone have the script running that keeps track of the CV Queue size?
If there was no Rep Cap, Skeet would have 2,311,923 rep
not the half a million he has now
2:49 AM
2 million?
User ID: 22656
@hichris123 YES
We need one of those big dial counters. When it hits 3am, all the numbers should just start spinning and slowly reveal the new queue size.
Looking for everything to do with Skeet, eh? @ColeJohnson
@hichris123 Sure
2:55 AM
106,628 right now in CV quere.
106 420
@Shog9 has only done 22 reviews today?
That make you feel better?
2:57 AM
I feel like I'm not contributing, as I have 1.2K rep, so can't review CV.
@hichris123 yeah, but they're all reviews of duplicates. In [winapi].
I wanna help!
First review is an audit! AND I FAIL
Q: URI structure for restful API

alexvasselI use basic authentication, so URI looks like http://test:password@site.com/. If I want to give all users, I create an URI like http://test:password@site.com/users/ But what address should I use if I want to give a specific user? This should be http://test:password@site.com/users/test/ or ...

You suck.
106,407 i see
106 399
3:02 AM
I guess it takes a few minutes?
@hichris123 It has to go through a 100k row table
oh yeah. This will take a while.
@Shog9 ETA?
6-8 weeks perhaps?
Remember too, the queue only refreshes every 15 minutes or so
3:03 AM
So, figure 15 minutes before we can easily see if it was really fixed.
we just lost 4k
huh. Well, that wasn't so bad.
like 4.2k
Go figure, the queue refreshes before the votes are done invalidating
So there's more?
3:05 AM
probably. Who knows.
let's see if it finishes
so we wait 15 minutes
(There'll be more tomorrow; how many, IDK)
We should make a room event every 3 AM UTC for this
How fun!
Goodbye everyone.
And....he's gone
3:07 AM
2 hours ago, by Shog9
Close queue should drop by almost 5K immediately, and be fairly brisk for the next few days.
pretty close to what I predicted, I guess.
You were off by about 800
that's nothing. I've been off by so much more
3:52 AM
@ColeJohnson Overhead projectors were a luxury when I was in school. Man I feel old.
1 hour later…
5:00 AM
@jmac Wow
5:16 AM
Yeah. Old.
Where is my old man hat?!
Where did I put my hat?!
5:52 AM
I just received a secret hat
It is super rad.
It is also invisible.
What did I do to earn it?
@P√ękka >
(I want a secret hat)
6:47 AM
13 hours ago, by Tiny Tim
You have all been equally awarded and not awarded Schrödinger's Hat. Congratulations. That is all.
7:32 AM
Q: Best of Stackoverflow

TelkittyYesterday, I was browsing some awesome sites that resemeble http://meta.stackoverflow.com, you know the likes of 4chan, reddit and craiglist. I was mysteriously guided to a place called "best of xxx"(substitute xxx with the site name). Then a really great idea hit me: why don't we have a section ...

Q: Where should i post question

Saher BashartiI am very new to this site.Please can any one tell me where can i post my questions.I am trying using "Ask Question " link but it does not post my question and just gives suggested questions.

"How do I post?"
8:05 AM
Q: Using command prompt ,how java programs are run which implement package

Saher BashartiI have a folder names "projects" in c drive. i store all my java files in that folder. my class path is : c\projects Now i created a java file as myProgram in projects folder. in that file or program i created a package whose name is myPackage using the simple syntax package myPackage; at th...

Still open after 5 minutes. You folks are getting slack.
Yeah, with the happy result, @jmac, that now that e's figured out what to do, we get a lovely present.
@JoshCaswell Just realised that was the same guy.
8:29 AM
Another victory for the metaers!
I'm halfway to Meta Marshal. Yeah!
Ah, the "I'm wasting too much of my life" badge. I remember getting that one as if it was November 12th...
8:48 AM
@Bart I think you get a tombstone hat for that badge
I got an actual tombstone
9:05 AM
Time spent on some site you choose to be on isn't time wasted ...
Why does the top bar show me review task counts on some occasions, but not others?
Is it related to whether I've been reviewing recently?
@Telkitty Wisdom for the ages.
One does not choose to be on Meta
@Bart The unicorn is strong with this one.
9:25 AM
wtf who downvoted me?!! that's totally not cool ...
/me whistles innocently
Hi. Is it ok to paste linux kernel header content in an answer (GPL)? I thought only creative license is allowed, but I cannot be sure.
Q: Open source code posting. Is a license required?

EarlzI recently came across this question which had a portion of Chromium code in it. At the bottom they put the license for the code(which is BSD style). Is this actually required? How is the snipplet of code actually licensed since they put it on SO which demands CC? Is it legal to even post such co...

I am not sure I understand that thread. One of my code was deleted before because it has not had creative license.
it was GPL/LGPL, but that was a real code, not just a header; not that a header cannot be copyrighted the same way.
OMG seriously though, stop being mean ... omg ... omg ...
9:33 AM
You posted licensed code and it was removed?
Oh come on @Telkitty. You know better than to freak out over a couple of Meta downvotes.
@Bart: yes, I posted /my/ code as answer when they were asking about a linkedlist implementation, and it was removed.
now I came across an answer where the person copied and pasted some header content from the Linux kernel, so I was wondering if I should flag it for deletion for the same reason.
That should not have happened (unless I'm missing something here).... is the post itself still around? Or was the entire thing removed?
@Bart: still around, but I do not know how to find it. I have over 200 answers. Is there a simple way to figured out deleted answers?
At the bottom of the answers list in your profile, there will be a "deleted recent answers" link
it is not so recent. :-)
9:37 AM
I don't really care, but I have no wish of getting question banned again ... too much effort to get out of it ...
Hi all, I've already raised some custom flags on the author of this answer:

It seems the past 10 answers have been pretty much copy and pasted from one another... 10 identical answers...
nothing there, so it was deleted a couple of months ago
i can't see it @LaszloPapp. You only.
9:38 AM
I've already reached out to the user but it doesn't seem to help... Just keeps posting more identical answers
@Bart: it is empty.
Scratch that... @flexio to the rescue :P
@Bart: it is not in the responses, either.
@Bart: it was marked so by TemplateRex, and then a moderator deleted it.
because it was a copy/paste of my GPL/LGPL implementation in line.
10:16 AM
Any insight here @Oded ? A ban seems a bit surprising, unless my (usual) suspicion is correct.
That's clearly the hardest hat to achieve on SO :P
Ooh, I can still do that today ..... nah, who am I kidding, never going to work.
@ThiefMaster - Do moderators also flag spam post (bind flag) or they just vote to delete it?
Usually we just delete them
Unless we really want that -100 penalty for the user - but in case of spammers we destroy them anyway so why spend more time than necessary (deletion is just one click)
Got it. So if a user is not new (e.g. more than 100 rep) you flag them as spam so they lose 100 rep?
10:27 AM
Totally depends on the spam and the user... I don't think I used it more than a few times since I'm a mod
I think it was on users <150 rep (i.e. the -100 actually hurt them)... no idea why I haven't destroyed them. Too long ago ;)
Good. You may answer this question: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/212061/187824
10:42 AM
@Bart one downvoted deleted question that was contributing. But it seems that he got enough upvotes today to get out of the ban. Still on the edge though.
Ah, okay. So still one. Had to be really. Thanks @Oded.
Funny that so many people are under the impression that the ban will just go away if they wait long enough.
Not reading what's in front of you will do that.
Strange that.
Hey @hims056, join us in our Unicorny goodness
11:10 AM
@Bart How can I join it?? (sorry I am too poor in chat)
I saw you had the same Unicorn hat as Oded and I @hims056. That's all.
Status completed! @Bart
Yay!! Now I still have to figure out how I got it
I really didn't do anything for at least an hour on Stack Overflow when I earned that hat.
secret hat is secret - though, with a sample of me, you, hims056 and MichaelHampton, you might see some patterns
11:15 AM
I'm guessing it's linked to Meta activity
Yeh I did too many things on Meta on that period.
11:47 AM
@Bart I doubt I really doubt it is related to Meta activity same as "Oh the Horror". I looked at the first page of leaderboard of MSO. No one has earned that hat on MSO.
This answer is in the flag queue stackoverflow.com/questions/11356023/… I already voted to close the question but technically this does answer the question. Any advice?
May be some helpful (upvoted) comments, or Some numbers of completed review..
12:26 PM
It ain't reviews, Oded has none on SO in the time he earned the badge
I thought it may be comment edits, but Bart doesn't have one.
Good, flagged some posts on MSO as duplicate. Feel free to decline and keep the mess.
@rene I'd let it be, unless they're spamming it everywhere. (Which doesn't seem to be the case). I've voted to close the question. That's the real problem.
12:41 PM
Ok, we're on the same page...seems like I'm start judging correctly.
Or you're merely becoming as evil as I am
12:55 PM
I consider that as a compliment
1:15 PM
gah, getting serial-upvoted is perhaps even more annoying than downvoted.
@Bart just because of the big red number the day after, eh?
Like my new hat? :P No idea how I got it...
Yeah, or even when it doesn't seem to get reversed and you have this nagging "I don't deserve this" feeling @Oded. Well, not that I deserve any of the rep, but that's besides the point.
Gah, this is getting annoying. Perhaps someone wants a hat? stackoverflow.com/users/488657/bart?tab=reputation
1:42 PM
@DoorknobofSnow - Ghost of WinterBash past... Did you upvote any post about the bash 2012 recently? I can confirm it is NOT given for trying to access the old bash site (already tried)
@SPArchaeologist no... idk how I got it :P
Also.... anyone discovered anything about the egg on the new bash site? I suspect there is something going on, but didn't see anything
@DoorknobofSnow . The icon is the one of the necroposter hat from the old bash.
@DoorknobofSnow I believe it must have something to do with older posts.
@DoorknobofSnow - Yea. You have got the Necromancer badge. It must be that.
@SPArchaeologist ah yes, probably
umm. Found a list of clues.
Q: Winter Bash 2013: Secret Hats

Jonathon ReinhartEven after you earn them, secret hats refuse to tell you what you earned them for: What's the point of the hat, if it won't tell me how I earned it? This seems like a bug: The description should change from "this is a secret hat" to some real description after you've earned it. This question...

the Skyrim one....
I was an adventurer
but what would that mean?

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