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12:00 AM
insert suspenseful music
I don't see anything...
press F5
and look at me
It is there now.
12:00 AM
I have 4 hats! :-P
Of course I love hats.
I have 2.
12:02 AM
@KasraRahjerdi What hole did you just appear out of?
@balpha I've actually just been sitting here waiting for the last 7 hours.
Old hat.
@KasraRahjerdi sneaky
Crossing my fingers for a pirate hat
12:03 AM
@Kasra lol you were just waiting...Waiting for that moment to post that gif :-P
I had this ready in case the autostart logic didn't work.
@balpha Brooklyn.
Gah cannot wait to get home :-P
@balpha Not sure if this is a bug, but I have Old Hat on SO.
(I put it on from one of the sites where I have it legitimately, and it seems to have carried over to everywhere.)
yeah, I was just wondering about that
12:08 AM
I bet it's confusing Br.SO and SO.
hey! chat hats!
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish I already found a bug :P
@UndotheSnowman it's not
12:09 AM
both sites just have the same icon
hover over it and look at the tooltip
Yeah, I have it on Apple.SE too. Might wanna fix that
you don't have it on apple
@balpha But I can wear it there.
12:10 AM
I see this:
I do too.
And yet I still have it on.
@UndotheSnowman you can wear it anywhere you want to
@AnnaLear why I otta
12:11 AM
this year, you're not constrained to the site you earned it on
That makes me sad ;(
But ok.
@balpha Might I suggest making winterba.sh redirect to winterbash2013.stackexchange.com ?
You might.
I won't listen, though :)
winterba.sh is Winter Bash 2012's site
It seems like a nice, generic, reusable domain to me.
Okay, fine. I'll wear this hat.
Even though it covers my amazing hair.
Is there a hat that wouldn't cover my amazing hair?
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Heh, that happened to me a minute ago.
A refresh fixed it.
Though I'm sure you figured that out.
@balpha Haha, nice!
Aha! wiki:yes
Me too. And a 90 days old one.
12:17 AM
@UndotheSnowman sandbox?
Where's mine?
4 hats now.
The hat missed my avatar.
Sandbox counted for 90 days also.
...and hit my homemade flag count
12:20 AM
Okay... interesting
I am home yaaaaaay :D
@DoorknobofSnow We canceled the hats. They were too much fun.
Oooh, we even have a meta hat!
I will set a goal of getting a certain hat on every site I'm active on, then move on to the next ;P
12:22 AM
got to go to a violin recital now ;(
Bye folks!
Abby T. Miller on December 15, 2013

The gatherings of family and friends, the giving and receiving of gifts, the making and/or breaking of New Year’s resolutions – however you and yours celebrate, the end of a calendar year heralds many traditions.

Here at Stack Exchange, we wanted to get each of you an awesome, personal gift, and mail it to you as our way of saying “thanks.” But our accountant pointed out that there are 4.5 million of you, which promptly reminded us that the holidays aren’t about gifts. The real spirit of the holidays can only be captured with… …

Something messed my chat up
How did I get this hat btw?
winterbash2013.stackexchange.com/hello-world I hate you... gotta catch 'em all :P
Hey, @balpha. It looks like chat gets messed up (many messages and gravatars disappear, and just hats remain) after...a hat changes, maybe? Or the hats in chat refresh?
Looks like it happened for me after this request: http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/users/winterbash/hats?userids=180276&_=13871‌​53463653
12:28 AM
Also, @balpha, are we supposed to be able to edit Community's hats? It worked last time for mods.
@balpha When I navigate to a direct link on the WinterBash site (i.e. this one, the little close button on the modal thingy doesn't close anything.
yeah, I just noticed that myself
will fix tomorrow
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish it should work this year as well
@jadarnel27 I have a theory on that; building out a (possible) fix now
hats don't really fit well on doorknobs :P
@balpha Cool, man. Thanks. Go get some sleep now =P
12:29 AM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish bug there; fixing...
Uncaught ReferenceError: wpUserHats1 is not defined
Stack Overflow 236 hats
@JohannesKuhn awww it doesn't count the multiplicities of the hats
12:30 AM
umm.... anyone else see that?
Same here.
Otherwise I would have like a bajilliyum :P I have >20 Old Hats
@DoorknobofSnow everyone does
Balpha had to choose between hats and chats, and he chose the former. Chat will now molder away into oblivion
I'm not sure if I should press "recommend deletion" for all answers that don't explain anything on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf
approved by Johannes Kuhn, manatwork, Johannes Kuhn 16 secs ago
Why not cast 2 approve votes? Wait, doesn't that break the system? Whatever...
12:34 AM
It's showing I have 4 hats in the leaderboards, but there are only 3 pictured (I do have 4 though).
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish works now
@balpha same error
might be cache
nope, I hit the wrong button
try again
(after F5)
@balpha You messed up the alignment.
It's fine for people without hats on pictures.
you have the hat in the wrong position
12:41 AM
Don't know.
See any change after F5?
winterbash2013.stackexchange.com/leaderboard/network Quick rise to the top, @Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish
Won't stay there for long though :P
@balpha Is the Chuck hat supposed to be a reference to Grace Note or something (like the Punyon one last year)? Things seem to rhyme.
No, it aligns properly at the beginning, and then it adds the hat on a little latter, and messes up the alignment and the hat's in the wrong place.
12:51 AM
| serviceyears = 1941–1975 (34 years) | rank = Brigadier General | servicenumber = | unit = | commands = | battles = | battles_label = | awards = See below | spouse = | relations = Steve Yeager (nephew) | laterwork = Flight instructor | signature = Chuck Yeager signature.SVG | website = }} Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager (; born February 13, 1923) is a retired brigadier general in the United States Air Force and noted test pilot. In 1947, he became the first pilot to (officially) travel faster than sound. Yeager's care...
@balpha Yeah, I got that bit. Now I'm wondering what it all means :P
I'll figure it out eventually
Oh, I think I get it
RMB -> Print in a browser has to be the most useless option ever
Who prints out webpages on a regular basis
In Germany we call our politicians sometimes "Internetausdrucker", roughly translated "someone who prints the internet out"
Q: c# on Raspberry Pi

Eren Gençtürki want to run my c# project on raspi. but i didn't for example: this winform code didn't work on raspi. i installed all things.i debugged and aborted. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/za7yq4v0mepa0ri/ONaEZkqu9B and how can i run this (http://yadi.sk/d/QeMzM9UFENjH4) project on raspi. project inc...

That answerer doesn't know about Mono?
1:02 AM
Phh, you should know that if you want fancy UI, you need an X-Server. If not, lack of minimal understanding.
1:25 AM
Does the Passed Judgement hat include flagging (can't vote to close or delete).
Uh oh @balpha, if I click again on the Winterbash menu icon to close it the default action isn't prevented and I get an icky hash mark!!!!1oneone!one!pedanticbugs++
speaking of which, why the hell can't you remove the hash mark by setting location.hash=""?
but yeah, noted...
@balpha How are hats not as important as rep and badges and alerts?
Because hats carry their importance within themselves, while rep and badges and alerts have extrinsic importance. It's... complicated.
@balpha I've wondered that myself. Also, hats and custom positioning are awesome. \o/
Also because that behaviour is obnoxious to begin with so there's no sense in letting it spread. >_> <_<
1:37 AM
@TimStone It's 2013 and you're still using an identicon. Why do you care about custom positioning? ;)
I just like shiny features and giving them appropriate credit, shh. :P
@balpha But... hats!
@balpha yeah, freaking annoying. pushState/replaceState to the rescue!
Everyone who chooses not to use hats should be shown to everyone else wearing a Party Pooper hat.
@animuson related:
@balpha is there an "I hate hats" hat? Like an actual sign? If not, why not?
1:58 AM
There should be a Gnome hat for getting banned.
2 hours later…
4:17 AM
ah, the review notifications are back
5:15 AM
Today's listening
@ElfSlice "get banned and unbanned"
all in one day
no - that doesn't sound good.. "get banned and unbanned within a 24 hour period"
Hey BoltClock
pissed off
A: private function ignoring return statement inside the if()

jetIt seems that the error was on the gridview1.rows(i).cells(4), it was hidden that is why there was nothing to compare to.

Was this linked somewhere?
Well I'm going to post on meta
Why should that be a comment?
5:25 AM
I remember seeing that in the flag queue.
I raised an invalid flag on it.. but never bothered to edit it
@JoshC it's a bad question to begin with
I was referring to the answer that was deleted
I'm not talking about the question
@JoshC are you saying my idea for a hat was bad, but yours is good? Or that both are bad?
I know you were.
Or weren't depending on how you like it
I'm saying it's a bad question regardless of the answer
@ColeJohnson I just thought "24 hours" sounded better than "one day"
and yea, of course it was a bad idea. It was a joke, wasn't it?
5:27 AM
@JoshC maybe
Oh. I see it now
It's 9:30 at night. My brain hurts
it's 12:30 here.. >.<
1:30pm Monday
I was up til 1 last night, and had to get up at 8
Ah, Singapore.
But I've had worse nights
4 AM - 6 (all nighter study session)
5:30 AM
I was up until 3 last night. I was working on a project. What do you think about this idea? whatmessage.com
not yet.
Much secure
So encryption
Many safe
Try generating a message and reading it..
2 minutes seems pretty short
5:32 AM
To read a message under 256 chars?
Especially if you would want to send it to multiple people
not really.
it's one read only.
That's just me
every message is deleted on view
5:33 AM
so the second someone loads the page, it is deleted.
but they have 2 minutes until the window refreshes to view it.
Any spam protection yet?
Not really.
Any ideas?
The idea is to promote anonymity. I don't log anything.
Because I can just keep clicking "Encode" on a blank messge
5:35 AM
therefore i can't check ip's
It's a good idea. I like it
Q: How did this answer manage to garner almost 50 incorrect "not an answer" flags from reputed users?

BoltClock's a UnicornHere's the original answer: Thank you guys for all your help, it seems that the error was on the gridview1.rows(i).cells(4), it was hidden that is why there was nothing to compare to. anyways, i appreciate all the help! Your typical run-of-the-mill "something doesn't seem right so I'ma...

Huh. How did that "from reputed users" sneak into the title
Not all 50 flags were from reputed users/flaggers, but a lot of them were
I had no idea something could receive 50 flags NAN flags.
I guess people just didn't read past the .. "Thank you guys for all your help,"
Well, NAA flags do not have any effect on their own, so theoretically you could have the entire site cast flags on a single post and it wouldn't go anywhere
The effect comes from deletion by mod, deletion by review, or deletion by vote. But not by the flag itself
Only spam flags trigger deletion?
5:42 AM
6:14 AM
*tries to picture 2.6 million NAA flags*
1 hour later…
7:21 AM
But if I flag an answer as NAA, it enters the queue, where I can vote to delete it (even if I don't have 20k)
2 hours ago, by BoltClock's a Unicorn
The effect comes from deletion by mod, deletion by review, or deletion by vote. But not by the flag itself
7:36 AM
I got many automatic low quality flags on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf. That answers only contains some code without any comment on how it works or what makes them special. I decided for myself that I recommend deletion for such answers. I should write a meta post for that issue.
8:13 AM
Ok, now it is official: I'll recommend deletion of posts that only consists of code.
I saw the premise of Code Golf and thought "Nice!". Then I remembered I only really know Java...
@Duncan doesn't matter. Write your own short language. You only have to use a version that was online when the challenge was posted (don't add features to make a challenge easier for you)
And we need more code-challenges. (The winning critera is not shortest code, but some other kind of objective measurement)
@Duncan There are a few COBOL answers on there, just to make you feel better.
I was tempted to stubbornly post Java solutions anyway. "What? Only 68 characters in MatLab? Well check out this Java solution, coming in at just 589!".
2 hours later…
10:20 AM
@balpha Oh, by the way, what was the password for winterbash2013.SE before it launched? Or was it just some random string?
I'll tell you when you tell me where we leaked it :) Or did you just try?
@balpha You mean the site link?
Easy peasy
I actually had the list of non secret hats and the sprites a day early :P
@balpha Also, if I opt in on SO after passing the criteria for a hat (the upvoted comments one), is it retroactively awarded or does the time period start from when you opt in?
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Hmm. I don't even remember activating it on dev (I had planned not to do it for this very reason), but apparently I did. Not that it's a problem.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish You technically earn the hat immediately even if you haven't opted in. So from a user standpoint, it's retroactive.
@balpha ah, thanks
Also, clicking "Wear hat" (and not "on this site only") auto-opts you in on all the spoil-sport sites, under the assumption that when you wear a hat, you also like hats
and the password was muchwinterveryhatwow
10:32 AM
@balpha nice!
@balpha LOL
I was trying unicorns and waffles and all
that's a lot of nyan cat you had to listen to
@balpha Yeah, but I was also trying to URL manip cdn-prom
pushing a fix for hats on chat.se now
Did I missed the policy change that adding ' give me the code as soon as possible' was OK now?
@balpha Not yet pushed?
10:40 AM
same issue with a lot of whitespace when the chat scrolls
Have you reloaded the page after I it?
@balpha I had the bug a few minutes ago on MSO too
With JavaScript that was loaded after 9:51 UTC?
10:44 AM
9:51? Maybe not.
I refreshed everything just now but was already in chat before 9:51
Then you were still using broken JavaScript when you saw it?
I guess that might be the case
It seems I can't get it to repro now
The fixed master-chat-hats.js contains the string 16!== -- the broken one doesn't.
So if you see it with a file that contains that, be sure to yell at me.
@balpha as always it is caching. I have the correct master-chat-hats.js.
11:00 AM
Yay Bushido again
11:17 AM
Q: How to unzip a epub files using javascript only

JegadeesanIm developing a project using HTML 5. I need the Script to unzip the epub file.Thanks in Advance

What can we close that with? O.o
Unclear what you're asking
Phh, it is clear what he asks. And it is possible to write some unzip stuff in JS (Bellard has even written an entire VM with JS.)
But reject that stupid edit before the robo-reviewers arrive.
So what is he asking then @JohannesKuhn?
A way to unzip a file in pure JS.
So then he'd be asking for code.
Go for your general "off-topic asking for code" option. Or are you arguing it's just fine?
11:25 AM
Well, he is asking for code. But I doubt that he will use any advice/half-baked solution.
So close as recommend to find a tool.
@JohannesKuhn done!
Haha, so we can't even decide if it's a request for a library, a request for someone to write code ... unclear what you're asking doesn't seem all that strange
I have a filter on the close review queue: Unclear what you are asking. Usually vote to close that questions as something else, more specific.
12:02 PM
wanna ask one dumb question, how can I change this stupid hat with candles to something cool, i dont get it
@Flextra Earn a hat
@Flextra Go to your profile, and click the little snowflake
You only have one hat, so go to winterbash2013.stackexchange.com and check out the ones you can earn
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish thank you , i think i gonna take 5 reviews, i like this diving mask
I suddenly got five downvotes on five different answers at a very short interval. Is it serial downvoting? Can I expect the script to catch it? Is there a way to find if it was done by one single user? I suspect a user because when I asked him to improve his question, I suddenly noticed these downvotes within a minute or so.
@abhitalks it ought to get caught, ping a mod tomorrow if it doesn't
thanks a lot @Mr.Peanut
12:18 PM
@abhitalks I always chuckle when I realize that those downvoters spend their time on something so worthless. But all will be okay for you tomorrow.
Is codepen.io the new jsfiddle? stackoverflow.com/questions/20610501/…
12:46 PM
@rene: yup. agree. thanks for the re-assurance :) btw: i personally feel jsfiddle clean and simple, codepen is so claustrophobic!
1:17 PM
@rene Looks like. Not bad through.
@JohannesKuhn But I assume the same rules apply as stated in my comments on that question?
1:53 PM
Why can't we flag comments we've upvoted?
Like, I'll sometimes upvote a comment, but then comes the time to flag them all as "obsolete", but I can't because I've upvoted
So I have to flag the question with "obsolete comments that I can't flag due to upvotes"
The mods have made it clear they don't like that
Wow. The titles of these posts:
And this:
Seems fair enough for a test @ColeJohnson
@Bart It's reminding me of Spam Review
That's why you signed up?
@Bart I signed up because I was bored.
Funny how I could delete my account, and still see the stuff.
now there's a bug nobody is going to fix. ;)
2:03 PM
Spam Review. Was fun while it lasted.
@rene I agree. He edited the question with a new link, now he has invalidated all the answers. Chamelion Question WHOOO.
2:41 PM
@JohannesKuhn Somebody deleted my "last longer with a woman" comment :-(
No room for fun in area 51.
Booo. That comment was constructive. (I just wonder for which side it was constructive)
2:58 PM
codepen.io? I dunno what that is, but it seems likely that it's related to redpen.io
@JohannesKuhn Being constructive is for nerds!
3:13 PM
Wow. Is this serious? neowin.net/news/…
Is remembering the side with the openings is "up" too hard to remember?
And if your pluging into the back of a tower, the "up" is what would be up if the motherboard was flat?
Yep @ColeJohnson. From experience I can tell you that my USB plugs have 3 sides, instead of the expected 2.
@Bart I can tell you from my experience they have 4 sides?
Wait, there's a doge hat?
Oh, if we're counting the smaller side-sides I'm up to 5 at least.
Oh, and let's not forget the Lightning connector for Apple. Because remembering the side with the little graphic is up is too hard to remember.
@Bart are you being serious about having a hard time plugging in USBs?
How cute that you still doubt my utter stupidity.
@ElfSlice why does Grumpy Cat get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Kim Kardashian doesn't? Wait. That's a good thing. Why doesn't Doge??!!
@ColeJohnson ...Grumpy Cat has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Googled. Nope.
@ElfSlice it was all over the meme news blogs
3:22 PM
@ColeJohnson Hoax.
It was a hoax
20 seconds of googling told me that
@ElfSlice either way, KK can't get a star, and that's all that matters
Plus, I don't really care if it's real or not
But Bad Luck Brian's having some bad luck: fbcdn-photos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/…
Is it just me, or does this graph look like it was drawn by hand? 9to5mac.com/2013/12/16/…
For posterity, here's the image
3:29 PM
@ColeJohnson lmao
Currently my fav track
@ElfSlice what is that? I can't listen right now.
@ColeJohnson Music. Hard to describe the whole thing through text.
3:55 PM
@ElfSlice that's so deep, Adele's Rolling in it
@ColeJohnson You try to describe a song through text and see how far you get, heh.
Hi, I came

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