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12:00 AM
I'm eating tacos on a corn tortilla. (You have to pronounce it the Family Guy way.)
@animuson Question: How should please accept da answer! comments be flagged?
"too chatty" will get rid of them faster.
Sometimes I feel like you two should have a special workflow, where animuson hands over his handling-flag power to Undo for an hour, but has a giant red button where he can stop Undo at any time and undo the last 2 minutes of work. And give him an electric shock (that'll teach him!)
If you flag them as "not constructive" then you're just asking for them to sit around in the queue for a while. Too chatty fits better anyways.
12:04 AM
@jmac That sounds great! I could do so much damage to the number of obsolete comments... But the shocking part would have to go.
And if the shocker had to stay, I would want a big plastic cover over the big red button in case animuson accidently drops his corn tortilla on it.
Especially since moderators aren't rate-limited for deleting comments.
@animuson Whoa. That's life-changing. I'm definitely in the next election :)
@Undo It is incentive not to screw up. If we can't use electric shocks, how else can we prevent the power from going to your head?
You are not our duly elected representative! We must protect our interests and prevent a coup!
@jmac The thing I'm worried about is the electric power going to my head - that's what I want to prevent :P
The shock would probably just make me go crazy and delete everything I see.
@Undo Hoisted on my own petard!
12:08 AM
YouTube's guide to Hanukkah/Thanksgiving? Something tells me I don't want to read that email.
It is Thanksgiving in Japan.
Irony: Around Thanksgiving in the US, Japan has a "Labor Thanksgiving Day" (think US labor day). This year it falls on a Saturday. No day off.
@Undo A new meta question asking about how to display other voters' close vote history followed me home. Can I keep it?
Q: Allow Us to See Close Vote History on Already-Closed Questions for Other Users

jmacBackground There was a meta question over at The Workplace which had me wading through a lot of closed questions. Every closed question has a nice box like this that shows who closed it: After a few dozen questions, I saw clear trends on how people were voting, and thought to myself, "Wouldn'...

@jmac As far as I'm concerned :)
12:14 AM
I promise to take it for walks, and feed it, and add freehand circles whenever it needs them!
12:42 AM
@Undo you took away my Title Casing Which I Really Like for Titles.
Sorry :)
@Undo I think I am going to lodge a formal protest with the UN. I'm sure they have some declaration of asker rights in regards to Stack Exchange. Perhaps I can get the security council to issue a statement that Undo is a naughty editor trying to impose his will on neighboring questions.
looks around for devices that might try to shock me
amazed that Undo's computer does not require electricity
dons rubber suit
12:47 AM
Who's don, and why did you take his suit?!
He bet with it on horses, and I won. But that has nothing to do with me donning a rubber suit.
3 hours later…
4:12 AM
@slugster (if you can get pinged here): Your gravatar is amazing and I like it a lot. :D
4:33 AM
I never thought I would get into a debate about whether or not (ab)using CSS to disable selection is a good idea. On meta.
4:49 AM
@Undo third angle: use ARIA!
2 hours later…
7:06 AM
@JonathanHobbs I believe you mean "Use Comic Sans!" -- Arial just doesn't look professional.
7:57 AM
Don't we have a post size limit? See this question:stackoverflow.com/questions/20260574/…
8:18 AM
@juergend That post seems way, way too broad. "Optimise my db please"
@jmac No I mean ARIA, four letters :) Aka WAI-ARIA. But I agree, comic sans is the most professional of fonts
If I ever killed myself, my suicide note would certainly be Comic Sans. You know, to show I was serious.
Possibly a smidgeon of WingDings at the end, to give the detectives something to chew over.
And a new "Zodiac" was born.
I guess it would be amusing to resign from an IT job with a letter written in red Comic Sans.
1 hour later…
9:33 AM
@Duncan That would definitely be the pinnacle of awesome. I would resign from my job in red comic sans, but I'm afraid people would enjoy it too much. Design is not the forte of the Japanese office.
10:31 AM
10:49 AM
Just had a problem here in my company. Turns out: problem was caching.
Confirmed then. It is always caching.
My parents had problems in their marriage. Turned out that was caching too.
Strong rumours that JFK was killed by over-zealous caching.
11:36 AM
Caching ate the f***ing Mayans, man.
The Spanish brought the concept of caching with them. At first the Mayans were amazed and used it to speed up human sacrifices and so on. But eventually it got the better of them and their civilization collapsed. Easily done.
Destroyed by cache-coherence problems
11:56 AM
What's the right approach to take if someone posts an answer several months after another and includes essentially the same answer data?
Not 100% duplicate text, but exactly the same approach.
To give a specific example, I'm looking at a question I self-answered some time ago:
Q: Eclipse times out when trying to show Javadoc for classes in rt.jar

DuncanJust recently, my Eclipse installation has stopped reliably displaying Javadoc information for any of the classes in rt.jar. Neither the hover-over documentation, nor the content assist are able to display Javadoc for any non-local types. The issue is sporadic, with the Javadocs sometimes working...

This answer arrived two months after I solved the problem and accepted my own answer.
12:11 PM
@Duncan Nothing, it's caching.
12:21 PM
/ignore @Duncan. If it's not word for word the same, just let it be. You could downvote it if you wish, but that's about it.
1:06 PM
@balpha: any reason why the keyboard shortcuts script keeps telling me there is a new version available?
maybe there's a new version available ;)
I definitely am running version 25.
Reloaded the page, etc.
did you ever actually click the "update now" link?
I did.
tampermonkey opens up, tells me I am reinstalling the script, and I click 'Ok'.
@balpha: So how is window[versionKey] set?
or perhaps setting("updateIsAvailable", false) is never set?
(or local storage cleared)
yeah, it seems updateIsAvailable is indeed never set... I'm looking, but clearing your localStorage should do it
(or just that particular item)
1:13 PM
bingo, local storage indeed has updateIsAvailable set to True still.
I'll set it to false in dev tools.
Any chance of you fixing the F-new-items-loaded-not-navigable bug?
it makes the keyboard nav next to useless on questions with new answers.
It is irritating that you have to reload a question page just to be able to navigate to newly loaded answers.
although I could try if reordering also works; R V to re-order by votes, then see if navigation includes the new items..
re-ordering works too, is slightly faster than reloading.
should both be fixed; just testing it now, then will push the new version
1:39 PM
@MartijnPieters update pushed
@MartijnPieters you just edited stackapps.com/a/3502/43 -- are you sure this is still a problem, or did you just edit for consistency? That was fixed in bitbucket.org/balpha/se-keyboard-shortcuts/commits/…, and I can't reproduce it.
I edited the wrong post, then edited the right post wrongly.
both edits can be disregarded.
Update fix confirmed working.
2:42 PM
@balpha: and after lunch, answer navigation after loading bug confirmed fixed as well. Thanks!
3:29 PM
@Bart Ok, thanks. Note: that was a general question, not just a narcissistic "you stole my answer" rant :-)
3:46 PM
No one wants my comment flags :,(
@balpha: as for the realtime update fix; if I use the mouse to click on the 'x new question(s) with new activity' link, keyboard navigation does not include the newly loaded posts still.
oic, it doesn't cause a request
@MartijnPieters fix pushed
You are on the ball today, aren't you! :-)
@balpha While you're at it, could you make it work on search lists?
4:03 PM
Wating for a new post in my chosen tags list to appear to confirm (yes I reloaded first :-P).
@Undo I have to head out now, but it should work; I'll do it later today or tomorrow
@MartijnPieters use java, those questions come in by the second :)
awesome, thanks :)
Confirmed fixed on .
No need to go and torture myself with Java there. :-)
4:17 PM
@balpha: Thanks again for the fixes.
4:57 PM
We should offer a "moderator for a day" feature on Stack Overflow. Kinda like "Zoo keeper for the day".
Clearly I've been reading too many crap questions and wish my trigger finger had more ooomph.
5:24 PM
How is it possible that I have to install a 3rd party app just to block a number.. My phone from 10 years ago could do that.
Here I was thinking you liked my heavy breathing.
5:41 PM
Is it right for a meta question to be closed because it requests a new feature that is a subset of a wider range of features mentioned in another question? I guess the answer is yes, but I can't help thinking that a feature on its own might be more likely to be implemented.
3 hours later…
8:41 PM
Any mods (any site, I don't care) here?
The feature requests are only there to amuse developers like @Oded, @Duncan. If you listen closely, each time one is posted you can hear him say "Look at that, how cute. They still think they can influence something".
I'm making a mockup for this, and I need an example of the source HTML for a comment flag. Anonymize it, whatever, but I'd like to have it to work off of.
9:27 PM
Hey guys, quick question: Is there a timespan in which you can't mark answers as accepted?
Quick answer: yes
Q: How does accepting an answer work?

jjnguy How does accepting an answer work? When should I do it? Why can't I accept my own answers right away? Which answer should I accept? For more information, see "What should I do when someone answers my question?" in the Help Center. Return to FAQ index

thx alot
@kingkero Ten Fifteen minutes methinks for another person's answer, a few days for your own.
Right, @Bart?
15 minutes for the answers of others. 48 hours for your own.
Hey hey @Undo. No ninja-editing! :p
Got it, thx ;) Need to post slower in the future :D
9:30 PM
@Bart /me is a ninja. ninjas are ninja editors.
I hope everyone in the US is having a very brown Thanksgiving. And that everyone else is having a very brown Thursday.
Don't forget brownukkah
9:57 PM
I'm having a very brown Friday (UTC+1100).
tries to comprehend what eleven hundred hours ahead of UTC could possibly mean
@Undo My timezone, duh...
@michaelb958 Over one thousand hours ahead of UTC? What's it like that far in the future?
@Undo I was flagging things as too broad while the mods were still using NARQ.
11 hours 00 minutes. there are timezones that have 30 minutes extra
10:02 PM
@michaelb958 We need a 'not brown' flag option.
@Undo Now that would cause a flag queue backlog.
And you being in the future wouldn't help anything.
@Undo Not unless I were a mod, then I could handle flags before they were flagged.
*imagines negative queue size*
> (Review | Close Votes) -242 need review
@michaelb958 But since you're in the future, you could flag things after your flags are handled.
Wait, does that work?
I'd be banned for failed audits I didn't even see yet.
10:08 PM
I could handle flags before the flagged post existed... I'd be the ultimate spam guard.
this user is temporarily suspended for voting irregularities committed next week. The suspension period...
> edited -23 hours ago
Why was this post protected? It doesn't have any answers yet! michael: It's got really popular in a week, and I'm getting a head start.
edit suggested 3min ago: rejected by michaelb95 3 years ago
You could tell minitech who's going to commit review offenses next.
historically-locked by michaelb958 ♦ 2 weeks in the future
average flag response time: -9 days
10:19 PM
asked 5 mins ago
answered 6 mins ago by michaelb958 (+28 accepted)
answered 4 mins ago by Jon Skeet (+1)
likes plan to take over world
11:02 PM
Was there any reason the comment-upvote and comment-flag buttons disappeared briefly just now?
(Not quite "just now" now that I've spent 10 minutes troubleshooting chat parser errors...)

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