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12:03 AM
must be the lack of color, on my text editor it shines like a detailed zoom in squirrel eyes staring at an eclipsed sun while holding (and later dropping) a nut with its tiny hands
can you imagine that yellowish-purplish bright? can you smell the particles of the grass hovering after the nut landed on the ground?
more important, can you count the bounces of the nut? or the elk besides him chewing sunflowers?
I am moved by your eloquence.
(that actually was pretty awesome)
12:51 AM
Guess what, mods? It's time to play whack-a-comment again!
A truly obsolete comment:
Hmm this book is one of the newest books out their. Released July 24th,2009. So what 2 months old? — chobo2 Oct 1 '09 at 22:03
1:19 AM
...Out of comment flags :(
1:32 AM
i've still got all of mine
what did you want to flag?
@DennisMeng Oh, I have a big list. How many flags you got?
@Dennis Shoot, have to go to an event now. Ping me tomorrow and I'll give you access to my tool for finding the comments.
1:54 AM
@Undo why do you hate obsolete comments so much?
they are important parts of our lives
2 hours later…
3:49 AM
An obsolete comment killed his father.
Be more sensitive, @ajax.
Or you'll find yourself on the wrong end of a wicked-looking spanish blade
forged for the sole purpose of making obsolete comments die
1 hour later…
5:10 AM
i could use a blade like that
tired of using the one for deleting "not an answer" posts
5:21 AM
you know how some games have that one character that keeps an old weapon for sentimental value?
that's the kind of weapon the "not an answer" blade is
except it has no sentimental value
and the minute i try to upgrade, the close votes queue gets another 5k questions
6:12 AM
@ajax Because they're there. The powers that be hath created a flag reason for them. I didst uncover that reason. The mere existence of such a flag led me to the unbearable conclusion that all obsolete comments must die.
I didst destroy them first by stabbing them with my flag-lance upon sight. I then found it to my liking, and didst decide to hint them down as an arrow hunts its target.
I didst create an app for the purpose of hunting them down. Alas, it was fed by the API, and was quite talented at getting my IP to be banned from the network.
I didst then find the Data Explorer, which I used to extract unworthy comments from their parent posts and put them into a SQL database.
I then found it necessary to create a nice interface for the flagging of the comments, as it was not to my liking to plow through a SQL DB, manually constructing the URL's.
And so I didst create a webapp in PHP for the purpose of showing these comments.
And I found it in need of a name - Charcoal was it called, for it filters out the comments as charcoal filters out things that people would rather not consume from water.
To this day, my flag-lance plows through yonder comments at a rate of 100 per day, lancing them as meat is lanced on a sheiskabob.
dang...i just hit 200 flags total recently
looks like your two days worth is my two years worth o.o
And mine own calculations doth predict that I should break Andrew Barber's flag count in under 80 days.
199 total flags
looks like i gotta get crackin'
Ping me tomorrow, we'll get you set up.
probably will be around
got nothing planned for tomorrow
6:23 AM
(as in at around 14:00 UTC :))
Is when I wake up.
that's really early my time o.o
i probably won't be up until 4-5 hours after that
Time zones, messing everything up. That's fine :)
I don't have anything planned either.
Just ping me tomorrow.
Ideally here:
yeah, i'll look for you

 Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break thing...
chemistry, eh?
6:27 AM
Manish's site.
he's my buddy working on it.
Once you have the tool, you can annoy mods on a great many sites - and it's really easy for me to add more.
currently works on Phys, SO, SU, SF, and Apple.SE.
annoy how so?
Flood with flags.
mods really like seeing their flag indicator light up at 00:00 UTC every day.
if i flooded them, just watch
6:30 AM
it makes them feel needed.
"this guy just submitted half his flags in the last day. what the crap?"
but after a week or so, they generally tend to corner you in a chatroom and tell you how to improve your flagging style.
oh, i'm sure
It's kinda scary, all that blue in one place.
(come to think of it though, i don't recall ever flagging obsolete comments. offensive yes, but not obsolete)
6:32 AM
But I got to go to bed now. Tomorrow!
Bye :)
1 hour later…
8:01 AM
I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask this, but I'll try anyway.
Is there some easy way to hide out-migrated questions from a site. (Something like hiding ignored tags.)
There was a question about this at meta.math.SE: Metadata to encapsulate migrated questions.
This could also help to resolve some recent complaints at MathOverflow: Can the clutter of obviously off-topic questions be removed faster?.
1 hour later…
9:25 AM
The only thing I was able to find on meta.SO which seemed relevant to hiding migrated questions was this feature request: Tag closed/migrated question instead of or in addition to modifying the title.
The answer posted by The Unhandled Exception suggests using search for this, something like is:question migrated:0.
They also mention in the same answer: It might be nice to have a UI option to hide closed questions.
10:05 AM
So basically you don't want the migration stubs to show up @Martin?
@Bart I think it would be good to have possibility to hide all of them. (Similarly as ignored tags.) I do not think that it should be in the default view.
The posts I have mentioned above show that there are some other users who would like to have that possibility. The MathOverflow post has 17 upvotes. (It is not exactly about this, but somewhat in that direction.)
Other than via search, that's currently not possible afaik. Might make a decent feature request, if there's not already one.
There might be some technical sense in keeping the stubs around for 30 days, but I don't directly see why they need to show up.
I just wanted to know whether some more experienced SE users know of another possibility. (That's why I have asked here - judging by the reputation, it seems that this room is full of experienced users.)
10:11 AM
Meh, experienced might just mean we've wasted far too much time here. ;)
Well, there might be many reasons for keeping them. Maybe if someone sees migrated question, they might object to the migration. It is good that some people can see them and can check whether it was correct to migrate them.
And there are probably other reasons I cannot think of right now.
But clearly there are people who prefer not to see them.
The only niggle there is that per-user settings are often objected to on Meta. But then again, we do have the ignored tags.
Well, having a per-user setting is not the only possibility. Perhaps when viewing some tab with questions, there could be a switch whether to show or hide migrated questions. (Maybe it makes sense for closed questions, too.)
In that way the users who do not want them would only have to do one click to hide them.
But I certainly agree that search is a decent workaround. The questions in the search do not look that much different from the usual view.
5 hours later…
3:19 PM
Umm... This wasn't me, was it?
Q: Why were on-topic comments deleted?

TomasI had posted comments on this answer http://stackoverflow.com/a/8900730/684229 These comments were related to the code, noting that it is dangerous to use this replacement - in case the object has been already initialized, the new code is not equivalent to the old one, so special check is needed...

(Yes, ye mods have permission to talk about my flags there publicly)
3:46 PM
we don't see who's flagging comments (yet?)
@ThiefMaster If it was me, I would have used a custom flag for something with that many comments.
This is exactly why I was so vocal in hating the idea of comments :)
@TimPost What is?
(/me is missing something obvious)
I agree on both points; I just don't see how anyone can truly answer that question without either providing a link-only answer or copy-pasting an entire class which I assume would be frowned upon. As @Bart mentioned in the comments, seems like a delete question would be in ordered. Also, there are two other link-only answers which weren't deleted. — Justin 1 min ago
flags other answers
1 hour later…
5:21 PM
I've heard rumour that the world will end if we don't take care of the close vote queue by New Year's Eve, no wonder everyone was so up in arms about it.
Simple solution: divide the true queue size by 20 and display that. I don't really get the blind focus on that number. Is it really a problem?
It needs to go down to zero so we can put up the "Mission Accomplished" banner.
5:45 PM
Only for that to spark Meta complaints about the annoying banner.
6:38 PM
7:34 PM
Feature request: when hitting the "Ask Question" button on Meta, start with a pop-op stating "Your idea is probably bad and your assumptions are probably wrong. Do you wish to continue?"
@Bart Bring back the clippycorn on Meta!
"You are going to get trampled by the types of people that frequent Meta. Do you wish to continue?"
"Your question contains the words 'voting system' and 'change' in the same sentence. You will probably be downvoted into oblivion. Is this a fate you would like to have?"
"I see your post contains the word "capitalization". The sound you've just heard is your doorbell. Jeff is on the other side. Are you sure you want to submit this?"
@Oded can I @ reply to someone who reopened a question?
I don't think that's possible, is it?
8:10 PM
@Bart No, not unless they happened to be the last editor, the OP or on the comment thread...
Hmm, okay. Not the case. It was ChrisF in fact. He reopened the Python question.
8:36 PM
Does minitech ever poke his head in here?
On occasion
Just curious.
Trying to hide from him?
No, so far my reviews are good - I don't have anything to worry about, right? :P
Care to nuke this @animuson? meta.stackoverflow.com/a/208719/161198
Don't know what this Dewalt guy is getting at.
8:40 PM
First answer I've seen that falls under NAA, VLQ, and spam all at the same time.
(well, maybe not the first)
Wow, I could sit here reloading /error all day.
Wait, does every reload of /error submit an actual error report?
no, not if you manually go there
This is a dupe of something, I just know it:
Q: Adding comment to a Question

abhattHow much reputation/points does one need to have in order to add a comment to a question? Suppose, I see a question, but i do not want to answer it..all i want to do is add a comment on that question to ask for some details like asking the user to share some more code/inputs or stuff like that! ...

That was easy

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