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12:12 AM
@Bart: about?
12:29 AM
stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3017538 -> any reason why it is rejected?
especially tags where bumping does not matter much.
2 hours later…
2:28 AM
Yeah, that was kind of silly.
I guess the justification is that people have to review such edits, so such a minor change isn't really worth their time.
Do people still use Dapper? I think I'm going to.
3:15 AM
3:40 AM
If they don't hate themselves, anyway
This...is interesting spam:
> Thumbs Down: Egg rolls, egg drop soup, click show more under the radar," what is really going to bed, apply palm oil and sun oil had 15.
Also, Drupal, what the hell? Why do I have to fill out a required field to delete a post? |:
That just makes me hungry for egg rolls. Do you think that was the goal of the spam?
Drupal is a CMS. I'm pretty sure that's everything I know about it.
I was thinking of trying out that .NET one. So that I could stop pretending I can use PHP in order to support WordPress sites.
3:57 AM
@jadarnel27 There was a very large and random picture in there too, it was odd.
@TimStone Yeah, that's definitely one of the weirder ones.
4:46 AM
I doubt that my profile view count on Sports.SE is stopped counting on 37. It is not being increased for last few weeks. Can anyone just open the profile just for testing purpose to see whether it is working fine or not. I am asking here because may be any Sports.SE user who open my profile have already visited it.
@hims056 I have done as you ask.
It is still 37 for me.
But that could be some kind of fancy server-side caching.
Yeah we have to wait. Caching...
Haha. We had the same thought!
5:17 AM
How come I got several decline flagging for comments 2 days ago based on my track record, but yet the comments were removed? stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/2682142 The moderator made a mistake there for the drawback of my stats?
5:46 AM
I think I'm starting to remember how to write code.
@jadarnel27 Did brown serve you today?
@LaszloPapp If you're flagging a whole set of comments, don't flag every single one. Several moderators are against users racking up helpful flags by flagging a ton of comments because it's merely unnecessary. Flag the parent post, and explain that all the comments are obsolete, not constructive, whatever, and the entire thread can be purged at once.
@animuson Haha, it did! I need to update my shipping info on Amazon, it shipped to my dad's house (previous address). So I haven't gotten to open it yet.
Pffft. Your dad probably went "what the hell is he sending stuff to my house for?"
But I thoroughly appreciate your unsolicited kindness, @animuson. That is very cool =)
@animuson Haha, that's the impression I got from his text =P
animuson: strange, I never had such problems with more than 100 flags.
5:56 AM
Well, me being one of the moderators that would sit there and decline all but one flag, I can understand why a moderator would do that, and I'm fairly certain that's why he did it on that post.
so, basically I should not use then the obsolete option for those obsolete comments.
was this brought up on meta by someone?
If there's more than 3 or 4 comments to be deleted, just flag the post and explain the situation. Oftentimes if a whole thread is infested with comments that should be deleted, we won't sit there and pick through for the "good" ones and will just burn all the comments for the post.
has anyone proposed a feature for a new option yet?
"Series obsolete" or "Obsolete set", whatever. :)
Not sure how useful that would be. A large series of obsolete comments isn't something that occurs nearly as often as the other canonical reasons. A custom flag works perfectly fine.
Actually, it is pretty common
and I have it somewhat "frequently".
7:02 AM
@animuson: also, here there was not even a single approved, all declined.
shakes his fist at declined flags
declined flags cower back in fear
2 hours later…
8:52 AM
is there a way to retract a flag when the question was improved significantly and finally?
was this raised as a FR on meta yet?
Yes, quite a lot.
several times I believe; there was one earlier today
mind sharing the most significant thread?
8:57 AM
Search for "retract flag", take your pick
ok, so you do not have the one at hand.
Q: Allow me to flag my flag as an invalid flag

animusonI'm not voicing for a way to retract my flag. I flagged inappropriately by misreading the question, but it would be convenient to, in some way, indicate to moderator "I misflagged, please ignore me and decline this." In this question, Anna Lear states: There's no way to retract a flag, but y...

looks the most upvoted.
right, having read that thread, it is not the same use case.
and it is kinda red herring for mine, and the theory in general IMO. I will open a new thread.
Did you read at least 5 or six of the other Qs on that topic?
of course
some moderator like Bill seems to be very kind: "I typically look at timestamps when something is flagged that doesn't look like it should have been. If the post was edited after you flagged it, I'll dismiss the flag as valid (assuming it would have initially required attention)."
A: Flag removal: Is it possible to remove your flag or otherwise indicate it should be unflagged?

Anna LearThere's no way to retract a flag. In general, if you see a recently made post that looks odd, it may be that the person writing it is about to edit it to make it better and originally posted an inferior answer to be the fastest gun in the West.

ok, this may be close enough.
not Ann's answer, but the one below.
however, nothing happened. Perhaps, it would have deserved some bounty, but in its form, it is not possible.
9:41 AM
Why are flags for duplicate questions rarely handled?
Rarely or slowly @Sumurai8?
Close flags don't reach moderators, they send the Q to the close review queue. There's about 80k questions in there...
Afaik they end up in the close vote queue, to be handled by community members
They are rarely handled as duplicate question flags; most 'helpful' duplicate flags lately have been from questions that are closed for an other reason
Why are there soo many questions in that queue? Does no-one go through those questions?
Sure, plenty. But it requires one user to put something in there and several to get it out again
(Out of context that would be an awkward phrase...)
9:54 AM
It is still 37 even after 5 hours. Probably a bug. Going to post there. (chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/1551254#1551254)
Or should I wait for a day?
Might be a bug; I just took a look at your profile
Thank. I think I should wait for few more hours...
10:32 AM
@Bart: "quick" should probably be a synonym for "qt-quick", right?
it has no tag wiki whatsoever, and the tag name is pretty generic to make any sense, so my best bet is to read some threads put into it, and draw some conclusion.
Looking at the content I'd argue that should simply not exist. It's used in various contexts where it really shouldn't be used.
yes, but I am not sure that is possible.
that would surely need to go through meta.
but I am not sure if it is harmless to just remove it.
Sure it needs to go through Meta. Simple enough burnination request
yeah, I agree.
I do not understand this tag.
I think no one does. :)
Which tag should I choose for the request?
10:36 AM
tags, discussion?
yeah. and most likely.
oh, good, thank you!
I will give the link in a bit.
(I am just reading upon a few threads now to get some ideas how to report it properly before sending)
10:50 AM
@Bart: there we go.
Q: Future of the [quick[ tag

Laszlo PappPardon me, but this quick looks a bit strange. I was trying to help a developer a few minutes ago in a thread where this has been added. It has been a Qt Quick related question, but we have qt-quick and qtquick2 for those. Then, I was trying to visit the tag wiki, but there is nothing present the...

Looking good.
thanks for the edit. :)
@Bart: hmm, seems to be breaking the interlinear distance.
Within a post you mean? Yep
yeah, see the first paragraph how outstanding it is from the rest.
Yeah, that has been brought up before.
11:03 AM
I don't know if it's you, but it seems at least someone has jumped on the opportunity to clean the quick tag. :)
Down to 70
Bart, it was me
Kakadu: do not bother
especially not now
it can break the thread.....
it might generate some "consistency" or less mess
and with the removal, it would be gone anyway.
@Kakadu I think the tag is safe to go, but wait for a little while if you please
so hold your eagerness off for a bit, please. :)
11:06 AM
We post discussions like those to get a bit of consensus. Once that seems to be the case, you can clean up all you wish
(Yeah, I hope no one goes ahead and create qtcore just now)
Ah, I see those are revisions of your own questions @Kakadu ?
okay.. ;)
@Bart, yeah, I have edited my question twice
Then I take back what I said. No worries there. Just don't go through the list of questions with that tag for now to suggest edits for all of them.
well, it still can mess up the look of the tag
maybe removing the qt feel of it, and it gets something more consistent, and people will be less enthusiastic to clean up.
it is better not to touch tags that much that are under discussion IMHO.
11:13 AM
okay, I have returned it
heh, another round... I just wanted to let it stabilize for a bit wherever it is. :)
@Bart: now, it happened again someone copied my answer, and then even downvoted my version, heh. This time it was clear since his reputation lost 1.
fair enough from him? :)
A: QTableView: how to edit non-editable cells in the program?

Laszlo PappAs I indicated in my comment, you have to fix this first issue: instead of: QVariant variant; variant.toString() = "AA"; you should write QVariant variant = QLatin1String("AA"); In general, you would look into the setData(...) implementation for such cases whether you emit the data changed...

@LaszloPapp: the other answer was posted a few minutes before yours. How could it be a copy?
Yes @LaszloPapp, the timestamps show a different order
Even accounting for the grace period, there can not have been any copying.
11:43 AM
@Bart: you forgot to check my comment.
Ah, I see. Well, turning comments into answers is no problem. In fact, it's standard advice on Meta if someone asks what to do about questions answered in the comments. I usually advice users to make their comments into an actual answer, but there is not much that you can do about this particular situation. And as for the voting (if true) that's up to the user's discretion.
Your comment doesn't contain a fix. And it's a comment.
@LaszloPapp When I answer questions, I usually don't pay much attention to comments; besides that it wasn't rocket science to answer that question correctly
@Mat: you are wrong
@Mat: he pasted the same stuff into an answer without referring to the people.
Also, if you read my comment more carefully (the other one), you can see that it is not a fix to the problem at all.
and that is why we used comments.
but even if it was ethical to copy others' idea without referring, -1'ing is plain rude.
@Sumurai8: it is not about you. :)
It is about that I think it is unfair.
(plus his answer is even wrong according to the question)
but the most annoying bit is the -1.
Then downvote the answer
if it's wrong
11:48 AM
@Bart: I will not.
@Bart: downvoting is discouraged by the -1
I will focus on good things (upvotes)
I reached my limit at 10 am already
Pff, one whole point
I had to withdraw a few for the later part of the day
40 is simply very few vote casts.
@Bart: it is not about one point
it is about discouragement
The discouragement is for a reason
@LaszloPapp @LaszloPapp I love that you are saying that "Your comment doesn't contain a fix. And it's a comment." is wrong, but later state "Also, if you read my comment more carefully (the other one), you can see that it is not a fix to the problem at all." -- You stated that both his statements were right xD
no no, I said it is not a fix.
and I explained why.
but once he started putting it into an answer, I thought I would also put my original idea then because it is bad that on SO, even bad answers can be easily upvoted like that. At least, in my experience.
and I am willing to maintain my answer there.
Anyway, I am not annoyed by the copy. I am annoyed by no referring, and then even -1.
and not because of the rep, simply because it is unfair.
(and then I am annoyed by him thinking it is all good, no need to apologize, or change anything)
Perhaps it was a wrong decision on my side to put my original idea into an answer. I do not know. I wish people did not upvote answers blindly at times.
(and then OPs thinking before blindly marking upvoted answers)
@Bart: should I accept your answer or I should wait for some moderator to make some decision?
12:19 PM
@Bart: I may downvote the other answer tomorrow when my quota is back.
12:30 PM
yeah, someone just proved me right
someone put up a 2 liner answer without explaining anything, half of which is a long link.
I was trying a much verbose and hence useful reply, and the OP accepted the "silly" one.
and it will never change.
12:57 PM
Nah, no need to accept anything. Just leave it for a while. It's not necessarily a mod that needs to take a decision there either. Just the community.
2 hours later…
2:50 PM
@Bart: oh, so non-mods can also remove tags?
@Bart: oh, this rings a bell... users cannot actually remove them directly. It gets removed automatically when it is not used for any thread for 24 hours, right?
3:12 PM
Yep, exactly
So it will be a simple matter of untagging and cleaning the posts up a bit.
That's why I said that for (then) 76 questions, the effort would not be too big
I see, thanks.
Is it possible on SO to deactive an account?
yeah, not getting notifications, reps, etc, all the noise when you are back.
The only way would be to get yourself suspended I think. But that is not all that advisable :)
3:22 PM
p.s. your quick tag is going to be cleaned up soon. Seems a mod is going through them to clean them up.
I guess it is inevitable here to touch closed threads though without bumping?
Yeah, can't do much about that. As a mod you could delete them if they deserve it. But that's about it
4:02 PM
Burn ALL the tags.
My legs are still sore form last night. It's hard working security for a convention center when all the freaking doors are broken and won't latch shut...
What do you think about the source-code tag, @animuson?
@Mat There's nothing I can do about that one.
4:30 PM
I've got to say, those starred posts don't look too good. One comment which seriously requires context, one apparently drunk profession of love and someone trying to frame me for murder ..... perhaps this is all a sign.
I guess that's what happens when you hang out in a tavern all the time.
Luckily all the content here is no publicly accessible ...... wait ....
Don't worry, you're not in the top 9 Google results for the phrase "the drunk badge". (Don't look at result number 10 though.)
That's it, I'm doomed
1 hour later…
5:54 PM
@Bart: quick is history so I accepted your answer.
Yay, all the glory for none of the effort. Just how I like it
@Bart: mods cannot rename tags either, or highly trusted users for that matter?
@Manishearth care to answer that one?
qt-quick: 172
probably not a big effort to rename manually, but still.
(after an intended discussion)
Sure, now @AnnaLear is watching from the side-bar, looking suspiciously disapproving, you want a discussion first. :)
6:02 PM
sounds like an internal joke?
Just kidding
yeah, but in what way?
6:17 PM
@Bart: is it a bad habit to rename tags on SO even if they otherwise make sense?
2 hours later…
8:01 PM
@Bart: trying to test my new close vote privilege I got a few minutes ago: stackoverflow.com/questions/19071066/stl-stack-inside-of-loop
what reason should I choose in there for closing? I do not find a relevant option in the list when I click on "close (2)".
@AmalMurali: second or third option?
one moment
I would choose the second, personally.
Same here.
the two people who close-voted the question chose the same reason.
8:04 PM
ok, thanks.
is it possible for me to see their reasoning?
@LaszloPapp: Yes, you can simply click on Close(2) and get the same thing I just showed you.
9:17 PM
Either @jadarnel27 fell asleep on his keyboard, or this is the murder I'm going to get framed for ....
oh damn.
i failed The Test!
You have failed too many recent review audits – looks like you might need a break. Come back in 2 days to continue reviewing.
'too many'? I think I only failed one review audit.
I guess the system is very strict when it comes to autogenerated crap suggestions
Oh, hey guys.
My cat says hello. Or brown. Probably brown.
This is why I should close my laptop before I leave the house.
9:36 PM
@Laszlo We can "rename" tags. We can't explicitly just change the tag's name, but we can merge a tag into a new tag, which would transfer all the questions, synonyms, and wiki history.
@jadarnel Is it a brown cat?
@animuson She's a calico, so she has some brown / orange (plus black and white).
Whichever mod approved my most recent NAA flag, I appreciate them marking it as helpful. Since the author had drastically improved the answer by the time it was handled, I figured it would get declined.
9:59 PM
@animuson: I would rather have qt-quick as a term go.
@AmalMurali: ok, thanks.
@AmalMurali: however I do not see what other people selected for the close vote
Q: Child Parent Widget Event?

sklnI am trying to reimplement the wheelEvent for a custom QWidget, like so: // At the request of Jeffery and Laszlo who are incapable of answering the question // because it can't be answered without this being a struct, this has been changed to a struct struct MyWidget : public QWidget { // if...

I cannot seem to see the close vote reasons existing.
I would vote for off-topic/3 there though, or 2.
maybe seeing the existing reasons requires moderator (and trusted user?) privileges?
I can see it.
They voted "unclear what you're asking."
OK, I cannot.
oh, perhaps I am getting what you mean.
I do not see per person, but I see the numbers when I click on vote.
I see a "blue two" next to the unclear.
Yep, that's all you get.
ok, thanks.
is any stats supposed to be somewhere about your votes how far they get (how many succeeded for the end goal, stuck, etc)?
10:24 PM
@Laszlo I'm not quite sure what you mean.
probably he wants to know how many questions he VTC'd actually ended up closed
@Thief It's a reference to his last ping to me. I'm on my phone so I can't link it together properly. :/

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