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4:13 AM
Q: Stack Overflow fan page on facebook

Syed Tayyab AliWhy is there no Stack Overflow fan page on facebook?

12 hours later…
4:40 PM
Q: Code golf handicaps

Paul RuaneI have not been following code golf for very long. Obviously some languages produce naturally more concise code than others (i.e. due the language features offered, whether operators are punctuation or words, type inference, boilerplate code required, &c.). Has anyone yet proposed the notio...

It's a shame, that question gives good exposure for my question, but it's horribly off-topic.
2 hours later…
6:49 PM
@Pop, Why is Code golf handicaps off-topic, we have code golf on SO?
Code golf has nothing to do with the Stack Exchange engine or how SO operates. The fact that some SO questions present code golf challenges is incidental, and doesn't justify a MSO question about code golfing rules.
I think it's a Meta topic, just like the formatting of GotW questions.
I don't know what GotW is, so I stayed out of that discussion.
7:06 PM
Q: Renaming the "Not programming related" proposal

KopThe Not programming related proposal will soon go into the beta stage, but its name is a huge misnomer. The description says: Proposed Q&A site for expert programmers interested in discussions that are only indirectly related to programming. Also, every single on-topic answer is indeed...

Now too localized slash belongs on Meta Programmers.
@Pop, I don't understand, what's changed now?
@LanceRoberts The private beta started. Ideally, it'd be migrated.
@PopularDemand OK, then a mod should be flagged to migrate then. Do we need to bother closing it here?
7:22 PM
@LanceRoberts We never have to.
I don't think a migration tool exists for MSO > per-site Meta short of an admin manually rooting around in the database, yet.
Yeh, I figured it was a manual thing.

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