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7:00 PM
I was guessing that if you liked shell Linux, you probably also liked Windows GUI.
@devinb One, featuring <strike>Mr. T</strike> Linus Torvalds.
Must YouTube it.
@devinb Try searching for "night elf mohawk."
@PopularDemand LOL
this better not be NSFW unless you're willing to give me a job.
@devinb LOL
7:02 PM
@devinb It is a commercial for a video game.
But other than that, it's safe.
If I had my way, nothing on the internet would be NSFW
But that's why I don't open links 'til I get home.
My mind is blown.
@devinb Let us know after you replace the fuse ;-)
I had to pop in because Mr. T is being discussed.
Raise your hand if you rooted for him against Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 3
7:09 PM
@mmyers LOL.
@mmyers (raise)
Can't raise my hand or take any other actions because nobody answered arguing for the /me command :-)
Actually, I was rooting for every guy against Sylvester in every Rocky Movie :P
@Josh The next person that suggest a /me command will get beaten to death with a /me :P
/me hides
@Diago LOL. Feel free to downvote me :-) I'm about to accept @devinb's answer -- it pretty much convinced me I was wrong
7:12 PM
Thank god whoever it was gave us the option to turn the sound notifications off
I'm sure at least half my upvotes on that question were from the FHC w/ Dropshadow -- I have learned how Meta works ;-)
@Josh Link or it didn't happen :P
/me thinks this chat could really use a /me command
@Sekhat We definitely need Mr. T sound effects here.
/me winks at Diago
7:13 PM
@mmyers shouts fool at you everytime you ask a question?
Q: IRC-like /me command for chat

JoshApologies if this is a duplicate or belongs elsewhere. I love the "action" command /me in IRC, and think it would be fun to have in the chat. So a message like: /me loves the new chat system Would show up as: Josh loves the new chat system Rather than: Josh: loves the new chat sys...

/me starts looking up @rchern's address
@rchern You don't need "/me"; you need "get a room."
/me starts heading over to @rchern's address with a spare /me :P
7:13 PM
Woah, I didn't know you could onebox in a reply! My amazement at this system continues
@Josh, you should NEVER accept my answers just because no one else has tried.
@devinb No, your answer was an excellent answer -- convinced me I was probably wrong! :-)
If I decide not to be lazy I might reply. (;
You should accept my answers because it contributes to the correctness of the universe.
It is right and just that they be so marked.
Except for @JonB's comment "Have you not been on the chat site yet? The carnival has already begun. – Jon B yesterday" :-D
7:15 PM
@devinb I can't believe I didn't upvote that yet
@rchern I was awaiting your reply.
@rchern Can I come join you in your corner then :P
I meant to yesterday, I may or may not have forgotten.
@Diago You missed the discussion yesterday. It was pretty solid.
@Josh I'm going to answer on the /me question.
7:17 PM
@devinb I miss most things. It's part of my innocent charm and wit. And why I always end up being the fool :P
@Diago, You'll always look like a fool, no matter how bright you are.
uh oh
@devinb Did you just call him ugly?
Anyone else just get "There seems to be a problem connecting to the server. Please check your internet connection and reload this page." here?
@mmyers ssshhhhh
7:19 PM
/me just added a note on her tasks list to reply (;
@mmyers I am used to it by now.
@Diago I kid. There's a reason I've never posted a picture of myself.
@devinb Everyone has seen a picture of me. I think it's time for a change thought.
See, I'm ugly enough that everyone just automatically assumes that my photo is an identicon.
@mmyers No. Your one of Jeff's many sock puppets. I am pretty certain most mods are sock puppets of the admins :P
7:21 PM
...said the mod
you almost had me there!
he should know!
@Sekhat Sockpuppets don't have the capacity to "know."
are you made of cotton @Diago?
Fair enough.
@PopularDemand the puppet master who makes them speak does though.
7:23 PM
A: Sockpuppet admission...

mmyersI used to be a sock puppet, but I have become independent now. I don't need the hand.

@mmyers ahahahaha. I love it.
"Don't you still feel ... empty inside? – Pollyanna Mar 22 at 19:23"
@badp It depends who you ask. @Shog9 doesn't believe SU mods are real mods :P
@Josh I think that's one of my all time favourite comments
@Diago I'm not sure Shog is real at all.
@devinb There's so many... I love meta :-)
Has Pollyanna been on the chats?
@Diago Shog9 for SU mod!
7:29 PM
@PopularDemand hear, hear
@PopularDemand you're an evil man, Pops
The problem with getting rid of meta tags, is that they didn't come up with good alternatives. How do you differentiate newbie posts from more advanced posts?
@Shog9 I am going to put it to vote on meta :)
@LanceRoberts Why do you need to?
@Josh cough That's hear, hear, please.
7:30 PM
What are the criteria?
@Josh briefly. He popped in a week or so ago, but I think he's been on hiatus from S[OFU] for a bit.
@mmyers What do you mean? That's what I said! (My how I love the ability to edit in a chat setting!!!)
A: IRC-like /me command for chat

FoscoLive chat is, by nature, a less formal discussion environment. The /me syntax is ubiquitous and extends far beyond IRC. It is more commonly referred to as an "emote." Emote (v) - to show or pretend emotion Discussions, whether serious or informal, frequently involve emotions. There is a dif...

@Pop, So that newbies can search for their questions in post that they understand.
@Shog9 I know how that is! His comments are always classic :-)
7:32 PM
@Josh And I love the ability to view previous revisions in a chat setting. :P
The point is that meta tags have information in them. If you remove them all then you're just removing information without providing an alternative. Like by removing the subjective tag, now those questions can't be filtered by people (and yes I think those questions don't belong).
@mmyers sssshhh! Not everyone knows about that! ;-)
@LanceRoberts you're assuming the information implied is at all accurate
@LanceRoberts As was discussed on Meta at the time of meta tag removal, what's "beginner-level" to you won't be what's "beginner-level" to me.
@Fosco Good answer :-)
Seems like chat's been burping
7:37 PM
The site went "down for maintenance" for about 30 seconds
@Josh thanks.. i wonder who downvoted it.. /me looks at Diago
In the SO blog post, Jeff linked to a Coding Horror post on the topic.
@MichaelMrozek And I was getting timeouts ~10 min ago
Ooo. I just realized I'm 36 rep away from Jeff on SO. Victory is nearly mine
7:44 PM
@Shog9 We should then edit them for accuracy. As far as the tag being relative, the community could decide on each post, if it got too crazy you could have a vote on whether the tag should be there.
Hey you MSO peeps are brutal... 2 up votes and 2 down votes on my answer!
I'm just throwing out ideas, the main point is that the information could sometimes be useful.
@Fosco Yeah, that's meta for you. Remember downvotes on meta mean "I don't agree" not "your answer is bad"
@Fosco Sorry, those were me. I agreed with two of your paragraphs and disagreed with two of them.
They can also mean "You don't mention unicorns or waffles nor do you have freehand circles" :-)
7:47 PM
Once again:
Q: How does Meta Stack Overflow work?

Popular DemandMeta Stack Overflow seems to have different rules and user behavior than the "regular" Stack Exchange sites. How is it different? Individual questions answered below: What do votes mean on Meta? Why was my well-written post downvoted? When should posts on Meta be set to community wiki? Why ...

:146535 LOL I was going to say, you have a sockpupp-er, mod account? :-)
@Josh I do NOT have any sockpuppets! That's preposterous! I'm not evanc!
I get so much mileage out of that question... glad I asked it.
@devinb Sorry, I forgot you just get a to vote 4 times per answer, hehe :-)
@Josh thanks for the tip.. that's my first post on metaSO, I believe.
7:51 PM
Jeff bestowed that power on me.
@Fosco Really?
It's a good one.
@devinb I upvoted yours yesterday... too bad for me.
Despite my... scathing... review.
@devinb You may want to define "good" in context.
@Fosco I can edit it if you want to switch to a DV? I don't mind :)
@devinb lol... no that's ok...
7:52 PM
@PopularDemand It's a good answer. I don't necessarily think he is correct.
@Fosco Sure thing. By the way, I'm only half kidding about the freehand circles -- I really do believe that's part of why I have +9 on that question :-)
@Josh, freehand circles are a necessity on meta. It started out as a joke, it's become canon.
@devinb I know, it's so hysterical
I follow the same pattern, no matter how hard I try to break from it
Ooooh, FHC! Upvote!
it's the most retarded idea EVAR!!! But it has a freehand circle WITH A DROPSHADOW! UPVOOOOOOOOOTE!
@GeorgeEdison is at 3k pending one upvote; party at his place tonight.
Hm, I want to retag [socialnetworking] to [social-networking]; should I flood the front page with 13 questions, wait until night to flood the front page with 13 questions or -- hint, hint -- sit back and watch as a mod does it automatically?
No we already commented on @Daniel's freehand cirlcles.
they had dropshadows... they looked too clean.
7:59 PM
@devinb True, maybe I shouldn't have added them to mine :-)
dropshadows mean that you had to use some high tech devilry!
My campaign promise to you: my next freehand circles will have freehand drop shadows.
@PopularDemand 13 questions isn't much of a flood, go for it.
@devinb I used a /dropshadow irc command ;-)
/me used a /dropshadow
8:02 PM
It's so frustrating using an oldstyle forum where you can't vote on posts.
@LanceRoberts It's so frustrating using any other website oldstyle forum where you can't vote on posts :-)
I find myself looking for the up/downvote buttons on every site.
I've just stopped going to other sites.
@Fosco With StackExchange I hope to do so also :-D
Yeh, I wish StackExchange would hurry up and conquer the world.
˙sǝʇoʌ dn sʇuɐʍ ǝɯ/
8:07 PM
Anyone know where I can find some decent sharepoint starter tutorials before I kill myself?
*programming for sharepoint
¿snoıɹǝs os ʎɥʍ
enter at your own risk.
@devinb oh no... not that site..
¡pıdnʇs pǝʇɐɔnpǝ ǝɹɐ noʎ
I am not!
Sharepoint is frustrating to get going in, I don't have any good beginning stuff either.
8:10 PM
@JoePhillips Don't do that! I'm not a sharepoint guy but I'm sure someone can help
You may want to try a "real" SO question
@JoePhillips Joe it depends on what you are trying to do.
@JoePhillips There are very strong tutorials available on many blogs for doing most things, but you need to know what you're trying to do.
It's rather hard to get started "in general" because SharePoint is enormous.
@PopularDemand DO IIIIIT
any google maps api v3 experts around?
chirp chirp chirp
having a hell of a time with the one side-project I'm working on..
8:13 PM
@Fosco I'm a google maps api novice :-)
but I'm pretty good with JavaScript
custom InfoWindows are a b*tch.. I've seen so many examples, but none of them seem to work with my dynamic setup
I'd be happy to help in The Roach Motel
@devinb Well, I can start by saying that we're not using MOSS, just WSS
@PopularDemand Sorry, am a bit late and since you already retagged
@Fosco Wait, there are still other websites operating? Haven't we put them all out of business yet?
@Shog9 You are such an enabler.
I never did continue the un-FAQ rampage; will have to get on that this weekend.
8:22 PM
@PopularDemand SE is working on it ;-)
I can't remember, do we slice out "What do you guys think?" the same way we excise "Hi guys/Thanks in advance" or not?
@PopularDemand Unless that happens to be the only question. In which case, leave it in and just vote to close.
"My app runs slower in the evening. What do you guys think?"
"Java really sucks. What do you guys think?"
@Shog9 I agree!
Sorry. What I meant to say was:
I can't remember if we slice out "What do you guys think?" the same way we excise "Hi guys/Thanks in advance, [name]." What do you guys think?
8:26 PM
/me packs up for the day and leaves..
Q: Should people only having management background be heading software engineering projects / departments

BootcampDo you guys think that people with not technical background or people who have been into technical organizations but have not passed through technical ranks should be promoted and made heads of the technical project or teams. For example a person who has never been a software developer or a senio...

@Fosco Later!
seriously though, it's less of a cut-and-dried thing than with salutations. Sometimes, you have to do a bit of additional editing to make the question readable without that phrase. But it's still probably worthwhile to do so: questions stated as questions are nice to have.
Hey, the beta chat banner is gone. Do you think that means chat will hit some of the other sites soon?
Time to put this old question out to pasture (executive summary: OP is asking for someone to invent chat.meta.stackoverflow.):
Q: Stack Overflow should integrate Google Friend Connect

dougnukemGoogle just released "Google Friend Connect," a tool that allows sites to offer real-time discussion to people currently visiting the site. Google Friend Connect is based on the same OpenID authentication that SO already uses, so it wouldn't be bringing in facebook or MySpace to SO. I think Stac...

8:33 PM
@PopularDemand Voted to close
A: Stack Overflow should integrate Google Friend Connect

TandemAdamIf this happens I will punch myself in the head repeatedly and never come back to Stack Overflow.

Flag reasons require at least ten characters. The word "Discussion" is ten characters long. Coincidence? I think not.
@jjnguy Thanks.
@jjnguy Good eyes! IDk. I would ask in Chat Feedback
All the chats still seem to be linked to meta
i.e. the SuperUser chat isn't linked to superuser.com
@Josh What do you mean by 'all the chats'?
@jjnguy He means the individual rooms.
8:42 PM
Q: 10k Flag Powers in Chat

jjnguyRight now 10k users on any given site can see flags from chat. The idea here, is that the 10k'ers will see the flags and then add their own to make the offensive content go away. However, if a user views the flags and decides that they are not flag worthy, the notification stays in the chat win...

@jjnguy Meh
@jjnguy Yes. Ahem. Someone flagged me?!!??!!?!?!??!
@PopularDemand I flag everything you say. You seem dodgy to me
@mmyers I should be able to clear those flags too
@MichaelMrozek No argument there. I'm just glad I'm a Somebody(TM).
8:45 PM
or @Diago, whoever did it...
I've decided to begin outing my downvotes on Chat, where no one will ever see.
@devinb I beg your pardon?
Q: send bulk mail with c#

DarkManI want to send an email to more than 10000 mail address. This mail has no attachments, but mail server (Mdaemon) going to stop service. My code is: string mailBody = txtBody.Text; StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(Application.StartupPath + "\\log.txt", false); sw.AutoFlush = true; try { St...

@PopularDemand Do we get notified when someone flags you?
@Josh Yeah, if I find out about it.
8:51 PM
@devinb Well, I saw it...
And, I'm offended!
@Shog9 I'm tempted to start a new room just for people to give attention to questions that need to be closed.
@Shog9 Someone should post a question about writing a bot to auto-downvote all SO posts
@PopularDemand interesting idea
used to use irc for that
@jjnguy Dearest jjnguy, I truly and sincerely hope you weren't offended by my callous and insensitive comments regarding your character and general intelligence behind your back. If I'd known that you were listening, i would never have said them out loud. Please accept this "apology".
And know that I will always "respect" you. and consider "you" a "dear dear" friend.
8:55 PM
@PopularDemand I agree with @Shog9 that's not a bad idea
@PopularDemand That's what the Gaming room is (was) all about really
@badp LOL!
@badp i figured they couldn't possibly be discussing actual games that much...
@devinb Fine, I'm un-offended then.
Questions come in via the feeds. Alternatively somebody links to a bad question. We discuss and then close it if reqd.
8:56 PM
@jjnguy hehehe... jjnguy forgave me. What a maroon!
Then ramble for 50 mins about lists and reccomendations and community wiki.
@devinb What's a maroon?
a rube.
@jjnguy A University of Chicago student or alumnus.
In other news, this is the fourth time this week I had to press the report spam button in GMail
I am saddened
8:58 PM
@PopularDemand Oh, that makes perfect sense...
@badp I have been getting some spam too
@badp Luckily, with Google's Priority Mail, Google can decide what's important to me.
@PopularDemand Room created: Regulator Headquarters.
@devinb I don't even have Google Prioirty Mail
@PopularDemand liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink

Regulator Headquarters

For posting questions that clearly need to be closed
9:00 PM
Time to hit the road.
See yinz later.
@devinb oh hey, look at that... nifty.
@PopularDemand Later!
9:16 PM
@Shog9 LOL
9:39 PM
any Resharper users out there? New version (5.1.1) has just been released
So funny -- again, around 5-6PM EST, conversation in The Tavern drops right off :-)
or... pre-supper snack-time for those of us in God's Country
@Shog9 LOL. Enjoy it!
I am - crusty bread w/ butter and balsamic vinegar ;-)
@PiersMyers ReSharper is awesome. I'll go check out the latest release.
9:50 PM
@EndangeredMassa yep, "#1 myth about visual studio is that one could potentially use it without resharper. that one is just plain bullshit."
Haha, agreed! Once you go ReSharper, you never go back.
I'm still trying to work in more shortcuts.
@PiersMyers I have to say, Visual Studio with Resharper does nothing good for C++ coders...
@Shog9 The obvious resolution is to switch to C#.
I'll shut up, now.
No, I gotta tell ya, I wouldn't mind having some better refactoring tools
That said, I did install JetBrains' unit test extension a while back, and it wrecked the stability of VS
I'm in no hurry to repeat that experience
10:09 PM
@Shog9 I don't use VS, I use NetBeans, but I hate it when things mess with the stability/functionality of my IDE
Every now and then certain NetBeans features stop working, like autocomplete. Drives me insane'
@Diago I have now. What of it?
@PopularDemand It hasn't been updated in... like a year and a half. Suspicious, eh?
@Shog9 and yet it took @PopularDemand 5 hours to read it ;-)
@Josh I was at work!
@PopularDemand I'm just givin you a hard time -- I'm a slow reader sometimes too ;-)
I should work while at work
Rather than hanging out here ;-)
I asked this in Chat feedback and got no reply...
Are there people activly working on an XMPP based way to access the chat?
10:20 PM
Lately I've had a lot of reading to do at work, so conversation isn't so bad... I think I'll have to cut down dramatically in the long term, though.
@PopularDemand Likewise. I return from a 6 week hiatus from SOFU which I took in order to get more work done, and now I find these chats more addictive than the sites were before, lol!
Q: Wrong flair displays after disassocating/reassociating accounts

Popular DemandA little while ago, I noticed that the name on my Gaming SE account, Lord Torgamus, didn't match the name on my Gaming Meta account, Popular Demand. I wanted both to read Lord Torgamus, so I tried clearing my associations. Steps in painful detail: I went to my profile, selected the Accounts tab...

Zero activity in eight days? Really?
@Josh not that I'm aware of
I just reproed with Programmers/NPR and thought I hadn't reported the bug yet!
@PopularDemand Yeah something must be broken, I have seen Lord Torgamus and wasn't aware that wa syou
Not that I know everyone by any means
but I am pretty good at recognizing people and I know both your IDs but didn't realize they were both you
@Shog9 I think I'm going to take a crack at XMPP this weekend
10:26 PM
@Josh Keep us posted...
Ha, thanks @Josh.
Too bad I didn't post two days ago, I could have prevented a Tumbleweed.
(Actually it hasn't been awarded yet, but I believe I met the criteria and I'm just counting down until the cronjob fires.)
I have an Openfire server I can play with, I think an XMPP component is the way to go here
Another bump:
Q: How does the SE system choose accounts for automatic association?

Popular DemandUsers with >200 rep on any SE site automatically get a +100 bonus when associating with another SE site. The association process is handled automatically for existing SE users who open accounts on SE sites they haven't used before. How does the system decide which existing account to associate ...

Dang, @Shog9, you have like a dozen gravatars. How do you manage that?
@PopularDemand uh, using Gravatar?
@Shog9 Different e-mail addresses?
10:39 PM
oh, that
no, just the usual GMail trick
Has anyone noticed that MetaSO gets way less traffic now that the other Metas are in play?
@LanceRoberts about time
@Shog9 New to me.
@Shog9 I have my own version of that trick. I bought the domain gitlin.name. My openID is josh.gitlin.name and when people ask for my email, I give them [email protected] which all forwards to my "real" email address.
@Josh That works considerably better, since about 98% of all e-mail address validators feel + isn't a valid character in an e-mail
10:41 PM
@MichaelMrozek Yeah that's why I set it up that way :-)
It's funny to talk to a company on the phone. "What's your email address, sir?" / "[email protected]" / "Uhhh... please repeat that? Did you say 'CompUSA'?"
@Josh heh... I do something similar when I need a throw-away OpenID...
@MichaelMrozek Sorry, I am familiar with the trick in general; used it in college. I didn't think of using it for this purpose.
I got bored a couple weeks ago and switched to using my domain as an OpenID provider; instead of asking for a password it pops up a libnotify box on my computer when an authorization request comes in. It's quite efficient
Gotta pick up dinner.
@PopularDemand Enjoy it!
10:45 PM
@MichaelMrozek what if you're not at your computer?
@MichaelMrozek Really? That's freaking sweet!
@Shog9 I have a shell script that can do the approval too. Not as fancy though :(
11:09 PM
Looking at the tag-synonym list (please go vote for the vba ones) I noticed that someone has synonymed the versions to the main, like C#4.0 to C#. Was concensus arrived at on meta to do this?
@LanceRoberts I'm pretty sure the consensus was to not do that
There's a feature request to allow synonym blacklisting that came about because of people doing the same thing with the PHP tags
Q: Add a tag-synonym black-list

Georg FritzscheSome bad synonyms like phpX → php repeatedly get proposed again and even upvoted and active. As long as the users are not sufficiently aware of the meaning of synonyms, a black list would help. This would ideally be pattern-based to allow for blocking of [phpN]→[php] or [javaN]→[java], [javaN.N]...

11:39 PM
For the first time in my company's 5 year history, a customer asked for a downtime credit for last month
We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee
Last month our uptime was 99.73%
clearly a very important 78 minutes
apparently so
not that I did the math or anything...
Yeah I was doing a lot of match recently to confirm if we needed to credit them :-)
Note to self, make sure to tell Nagios when scheduled maintenance is!
makes Availability Reports so much nicer to read :-)
Heh, did I get the right number? (;
11:50 PM
@rchern I closed the tab I had open but yeah, I think that was pretty close :-)
We had a 45 minute period of scheduled maintainence which is excluded from our guarantee (of course) but that was included in our monitoring server's reports because I didn't schedule it with the monitoring server, so it took some math to be sure we dropped below 99.9
fun stuff
Yey, I just broke 3k on SO!
nice! mine is so low ):
921's not that low at all!
1000 was my favorite milestone and you're almost there
11:54 PM
seeing up/down vote totals ROCKED
Eh, I don't use that all that much.
On my answers, my average upvote is 1.19 lol
@rchern I see these people with 5k, 10k, etc, many who have been members for half the time I have been, and think geez!

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