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8:00 AM
@Schnalle but yeah, I have some perf improvement ideas for that
@balpha why care?
@JeffAtwood @ScottHanselman @Agos @JohnSheehan @JohnSheehan group bouncing!
when people post images, the chat doesn't seem to scroll all the way–anyone else seen that?
Again... posted my 1st mugshot
guys I'm outta here...need some sleep
8:00 AM
[Incomincia la Comedia di Dante Alleghieri di Fiorenza, ne la quale tratta de le pene e punimenti de' vizi e de' meriti e premi de le virtù. Comincia il canto primo de la prima parte la quale si chiama Inferno, nel qual l'auttore fa proemio a tutta l'opera.]

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,
ché la diritta via era smarrita.
Ahi quanto a dir qual era è cosa dura
esta selva selvaggia e aspra e forte
che nel pensier rinova la paura!
Tant' è amara che poco è più morte;
holy *#c!
but not *bold & italic*
whoa auto snipping
@controlbreak you have to enter it on a single line
@itrekkie yes, known issue
8:00 AM
without anything else
@JeffAtwood don't know whether it's even technically possible, but I'd really love to be able to copy a segment from this chat, and paste it, and get a sensible format out of it...
+1 Divina Commedia
something like Skype's chat
@alexander bold + italic is a crime against umanity
8:01 AM
Great! so markdown works!
test code *`a` i b
no sane man runs anything in ie8's ie7 debug mode
:) thank god there aren't any smilies!
8:01 AM
what you like bouncing?
@Agos and as all crimes, it's perfectly possible
everything is ok on safari 5 mac
@IvanKrechetov you murdered my scroll!
On my Iphone i had alot of trouble clicking the login button
I keep finding new transitions and such, some nice touches here
wtf was that, @JeffAtwood :(
@NelsonLaQuet I think there are restrictions because the way amazon store pics
8:02 AM
Its chrometastic in Chrome
@controlbreak no, it's just a huge image
if a link to an image doesn't end in .png or the like, prepend an exclamation mark
I'm having probs with multiple instances of browser/chat opened - the other windows stops scrolling when I type on the other - sometimes
@Agos video seems to be removed. :C
8:02 AM
and it can't scroll until it read the entire image
I just now noticed the chirp sound on each message
With image-upload this would be a serious 4chan contestant...
oh.. found the mute button
8:03 AM
aohter test from other instance
gotta get some sleep guys
it would be cool just to show the link of the image while it's loading - then display once you have a width/height @JeffAtwood
@MarcelJ this doesn't sound very good
everyone click the star on ivo's image, above -- with the eiffel tower -- the star is in the sidebar
8:04 AM
awesome lol
lol awesome indeed
what awesome?
lol and someone flagged it
@Agos Well, it would be perfect for a load test ;)
it could be easier to click though ;)
8:04 AM
it got stars :)
ivo is offensive!
kinda tiny
lol awesome lol?
what's the meaning of the text colors? I feel silly but cant figure it out
@JeffAtwood starred
8:05 AM
I'm offensively awesome!
Would be nice if images and video thumbnails were smaller
flagged it on accident, sorry :/ didn't know what the flag was there, it's little
light green: client has your message; darker green: server is getting it; black: both in sync
@IvanKrechetov that's some sweet orchestral metal cover
8:05 AM
@IvoFlipse how did you get the shirt
Opening 20 tabs with the same room seems to work... Gets a bit laggy tho'
@VincentVanDenBerghe well duh :D
8:06 AM
what about a text-only version that does not replace the links with images?
this time it's real...gotta go to bed now
@Noam Gal second
well, this is neat, but it's time for sleep
awesome stuff @JeffAtwood
8:06 AM
Finally posting my 1st mugshot x_X
Gone working. Will leave the window open
awww did reddit kill our submission?…
let's connect on twitter it's @MarlonRibunal
8:07 AM
@Jeff I think reddit is overloaded right now doesn't load for me
I approve of the above picture
they dont have enough rep now do they @JeffAtwood?
Managed to put a pic and a text together \o/
Did this little load test already attract some spam bots?
PS: instead of sending "+1" "I approve" "Nice Idea", you can instead star the relevant message so it shows in this side bar →
8:08 AM
@JeffAtwood try posting it on 4chan baiting people with promises of nude girls, and dismembered pets.
mm.. @controlbreak picture just got downloaded by my chrome, for some reason
I'm starting to warm up to the idea of "pin" vs "star", though I hate to have two concepts for this
Wait a sec... did Meta just went down?
star works nice, with the pin like feature on the right
8:08 AM
no stars in the sidebar!
@YiJiang yep, 503 for me
yeah, Kevin is messing with redis
@NoamGal I think reason is that it's a french picture hosting :D
SO is up though
8:09 AM
oh, those french...
just got javascript error in IE8: Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; MS-RTC LM 8; FDM)
Timestamp: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 08:09:22 UTC

Message: The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available.

Line: 120
Char: 457
Code: 0
@JohanDanforth Sounds like a timeout (not a big deal?)
{{Infobox Ethnic group |group=French people Français |image= 1st row: Joan of Arc • Jacques Cartier • Descartes • Molière • PascalLouis XIV • Voltaire • Diderot • Napoleon 2nd row: Victor Hugo • Alexandre Dumas • Évariste Galois • Louis PasteurJules Verne • Eiffel • de Coubertin • Toulouse-Lautrec • Marie Curie 3rd row: Proust • Charles de Gaulle • Josephine Baker • Cousteau • CamusÉdith Piaf • François Mitterrand • Brigitte Bardot • Zinedine Zidane |population = About 100,000,000 |region1 = |pop1 = 62,303,000 |ref1 = |region2 = |pop2 = 11,500,000 ...
Ceci n'est pas un twitter.
8:10 AM
and anyway, the chrome download bar at the bottom of the screen is hiding half the chat bottom bar. Maybe it's a chrome bug?
@badp right
Signification relatives à la France Le mot français peut être employé comme : * adjectif, pour qualifier ce qui est relatif à la France, à sa langue, à sa civilisation ou à sa culture (par exemple : architecture française, équitation française, droit français, boxe française, territoire français, cuisine française, littérature française, peuple français) ; * nom commun, pour désigner la langue française ; * nom propre (avec une majuscule) : **au singulier, un désigne : ***un habitant de la France, dans ce cas Français est le ***ou une personne de nationalité française **au pluriel, ...
@NoamGal it's not hiding anything here
Oh my bad I realize I'm in firefox oO
not in Chrome
@NoamGal which platform? I find chrome's dowload bar appearing/disappearing buggy on Mac
8:10 AM
I am running the canary build on win 7 x64
/me slap himself with a large fish, tout ça...
well, I'm punching out, cheers!
No problems with Chrome's download bar here
with --enable-accelerated-compositing --enable-nacl
@controlbreak /me is clearly missing :D
8:11 AM
how can I easily post screenshots in here?
...isn't that a chrome 7 dev channel flag?
@cyberzed true :D
8:11 AM
@balpha I think we can show a few more users on the room user card.. or a count of how many users are in this room at least
yeah, I am running 7.0.503.0 canary build
heh, sorry cat
In other news the dev channel also has 7.0.503.0
8:12 AM
wtf why is my image jumping in the list?
@cyberzed You were mentioned
@cyberzed Somebody replied
so can I post an image? or do I have to host it and link here?
It's highlighting inbuilt
@cyberzed because you're "special"
8:12 AM
@JeffAtwood ?
@Agos can I mention myself?
@NoamGal Host and link
@Spoike so momma :P
yep, secret room.. don't you wish you were a moderator ? :)
8:13 AM
@Jeff Atwood I need some timestamp action going on.
oh im blind
@cyberzed oh lawl! :D
@NoamGal what where how?
8:14 AM
@Spoike nothing beats your momma jokes :D
@NoamGal close the bar, then reopen it by downloading something. I think it's a Chrome bug
@MartijnLaarman the timestamps are inserted every ( n ) messages or every ( n ) minutes
mm.. just checked on a different tab, it's a chrome bug
if you need to see the exact time of a message click the gutter menu
firefox is running smoothly
MSO is back up. Reddit... not so much.
also happened in my GR tab
@alexanderpas I thought that was a normal pop up and clicked on the 'x' button....
8:17 AM
The dotted frame around a message on mouse-over adds unnecessary noise. I would consider removing it - or try to add it to the message-bubble instead of a seperate inner area.
@Agos where is that?
lol same
@MarcelJ perhaps an outline?
@Spoike - in front of the Metropolis hotel, of course...
@MarcelJ the bubble can contain several messages
8:17 AM
@Spoike Madrid, I believe
hovering a message highlight it, and occasionaly highlight some picture above
I'm getting a lot of this now:
For some reason I think the chat JS is forcing FF to rerender the entire screen, slowing it down
@controlbreak it highlights the parent message, if it's a reply
8:18 AM
well I mean, it occasionally highlight an other message
@JeffAtwood you should do something about new messages popping up. can't new messages be smoothly slided in as a transition instead of instant jumps?
@Agos oh! thanks
@YiJiang that's a known gecko bug
beta browsers are not supported. Just FYI.
8:20 AM
my image is bouncing in the right-hand picture list
I thought it was "beta browsers don't exist" :)
beta browers are beta, and need to be fixed.
it's hard enough to support the released browsers *cough* OPERA *cough*
@Agos someone mentioned you?
@itrekkie yesss thanks
8:20 AM
I would suggest to emphase the little "answer" arrow the same color as the original post is hightlighted
@balpha Known gecko bug as in a bug in the gecko browsers or in the chat system's intereaction with gecko
There's no selfwhoring with user points, i kinda like that.
joining the load test yeehaa!

Open House

load testing; for help, see the http://chat.meta.stackoverflow
@balpha that looks like a bug in the room mini-card.. see the link
8:21 AM
Chat looks good, first time I lay my eyes on it...
The only problem I notice with Dev Channel Chrome is the annoying quote duplication
@JeffAtwood I honestly don't even bother with Opera anymore.
@YiJiang known gecko bug when scrolling through a page that has a position:fixed element
OMG, what a crowd !
if you're new to chat, PLEASE see the starred items on the right hand side, click "show all"
8:22 AM
@Agos If the onebox thingy actually reads the content of the chat stream we can make it recurse forever
instead of showing a fixed 32 avatars on the right hand side, the number should be dynamic depending on the browser's width, e.g. always show two rows
@dusda I'm using Opera right now on this chat !
@Riduidel ..
@balpha Oh, that bug... I thought making it overflow: auto or something would fix it... trying now
@Jeffartwood there is a rollover effect on messages that makes all rows move with Opera
@dusda Yes ?
8:23 AM
don't know what to say for this load testing. so I just say
@balpha Hmm, message grouping seems to happen ~once every few minutes - having the outline by default only for this rare event seems unnecessary to me.
@YiJiang tried that
@Riduidel Opera is like, the Nader of browsers.
"Is everything I'm gonna say." is everything I'm gonna say.
8:24 AM
I like the way it's possible to reply to a specific message
@MarcelJ that's because there's about a million people talking here right now
Making this my new homepage ;)
@dusda Better than all its opponents, but way behind them in terms of marketshare ?
but having the outline only on grouped messages would make more sense, IMO
Just here from Twitter to add to the numbers, first time in chat, looks great. Running Safari 5.0.1 on Mac OX X 10.6.4.
8:25 AM
mark spam for 20 messages =))
Not a lot of people for a load test...
This is fun! ... good take on chat.
@JeffAtwood sdsfgdghfjh
Load testing chat rooms while my import script load tests my database with a few gigs of data is fun =)
well time to go back to work ^^
8:25 AM
@AlexanderGladysh it's like 80+ people, which is a lot for a chat.. remember we have strict requirements of rep to talk
@vodkhang Given there's no predefined topic how do you know what is spam?
love the “what people are saying in other rooms” feature
I'll bill you accordingly
@Agos cool man. how you upload photo
for this quarter of load test
8:26 AM
So, any Delphi developers (who weren't on the beta) downloaded/installed XE yet? :-) (trying rather pointlessly to think of something to say).
@balpha Agreed. But it's kinda odd that I can't see whether a message is instead two messages - only if I mouse-over it.
@JeffAtwood I've the strange feeling that having messages dynamically appear AND having the ability to scroll through all messages will generate interesting scrolling patterns
just paste in the image URL on a line by itself
I am just kidding, just try the feature
Annoying the way login fires up in a new tab, then redirects back to chat in that new tab so I have two chat tabs
8:26 AM
@balpha However might be different with less people - when you can see the timestamp at the side of each message inside a single bubble.
@steve we'll look at that
Finally ... I couldn't login :)
In-house product?
8:27 AM
@JeffAtwood 20 reps isn't a lot, and even if they don't have it some kind Meta people will always bump them up
Q: Need reputation so I can join the chat beta

sasoriI need 20 reputation so I can join the chat beta. Can someone help?

@JustinBiard out-house product? won't link image.
@IvoFlipse I'm sorry, you did hit that sprite, doing hit box testing won't fix that :P
is there a way to paste code?
8:28 AM
getting a snack. these trader joe's toasted seaweed things are like crack to me
    <?php code??  ?>
@Agos Copy, paste, fixed text, enter
hit box testing @badp?
Open house fully loaded yet?
@badp only applies for multiline text though
8:29 AM
@IvoFlipse The red squares around the ship thingies
@JeffAtwood hmm made me think of coffie
@gimel Not yet.
The autoscroll seems to have some issues when people post images
bouncing icon is kinda... er.. hmm.
they're dog paws, but it was a 'small' one, so it's not very well visible
8:30 AM
@JeffAtwood I'm addicted to these mothers:
@JustinBiard I think gratuitous is the word you're looking for
like this @badp
@xk0der How can I help with the load?
8:30 AM
wait, let me get my microscope!
@JustinBiard annoying?
Kinda of makes you feel artificially important ;-)
Morning all
This chat is really great for reminding me that in order to get any work done, I need to not be in it.
8:31 AM
At times the entire screen is repainted. (I'm on FF 3.6.8)
reminder to new arrivals: please check out the faq and read the starred items in the right column please -- also check out the rest of the rooms!
Why is the text input box resize-able? When I drag it below the screen bottom I cannot scroll down to bring it back up.
 $r=25; $c=80;
  join""                                    ,map{$                  x=$_*$
 xr/$c;($                                   x,$y)=                 ($xc+$x
  *cos($                                   w)-$Y*               sin$w,$yc+
@xk0der known firefox bug
8:32 AM
Testy Testersson
@JeffAtwood The Eiffel tower image is the most starred one right now... pretty sure that's important
@balpha Testing reply
@StewartRobinson I use "Ima Testguy"
@IvoFlipse I don't get this... any help?
@JustinBiard that's a chrome feature, not a chat feature
8:32 AM
@balpha Okay ... cool!
@YiJiang how can I even reply to you? your name is too short :)
@IvoFlipse yep
ah nice.
you don't get what @Agos?
@JeffAtwood Thanks for the tip on priority gmail inbox. Enabling it now.
8:33 AM
@JeffAtwood Oh shutup...
@IvoFlipse the image with the numbers and the paw :|
You guys arn't going to do anything 'bout it then?
@Gordon still need to find where to enable that
does priority inbox work also for the silly people that insist on using GMail with IMAP, like me?
@YiJiang well, the "bug" is that your name is too short.. clearly that needs some fixin'
8:34 AM
it's a measurement of a dog walking over a pressure measuring matrix, so you see 11 steps on the first one. The second one is an Excel view (with colors!) and an 'actual' dog paw, to show what it really looks like or should look like
@Agos Obviously not.
ACT I SCENE X The camp of the Volsces.
A flourish. Cornets. Enter TULLUS AUFIDIUS,bloody, with two or three Soldiers
AUFIDIUS The town is ta'en!
First Soldier 'Twill be deliver'd back on good condition.
AUFIDIUS Condition!
I would I were a Roman; for I cannot, 5
Being a Volsce, be that I am. Condition!
What good condition can a treaty find
I' the part that is at mercy? Five times, Marcius,
I have fought with thee: so often hast thou beat me,
And wouldst do so, I think, should we encounter 10
I get to have fun with measuring dogs @Agos
gentlemen, appreciate the enormity of what has been created here.. we now have a place to talk about favorite programming food and cartoon that is TOTALLY ON TOPIC
8:34 AM
Samsung producing Master Chief vacuum cleaners now?
@JeffAtwood suggested fix: @YiJiang changes his name.
@agos agreed.
btw @JeffAtwood what to do about all these crappy questions regarding rep for chat on meta?
@JeffAtwood and vacuum cleaners...
(well, assuming you are in the room titled "favorite programming food!" or "favorite programming cartoon!")
8:35 AM
for (x = 1; x < 10; x++) {
so text is fine but where is video. We need to be able to see each others t-shirts
favorite programming food: anything I can hold with one hand and/or can sit in the space between the keyboard and the end of the desk.
8:36 AM
@JeffAtwood Icons overlap scrollbar in bottom right corner (cfr @StewartRobinson 's long post, expand it and hover)
*Bold ???* @Ramesh, you sure?
@StewartRobinson Not sure I want to see Jeffs privates.
I know a guy who has a one-handed password so he can type it while holding a cup of coffee
@JeffAtwood He's holding a triangle! 8-O
8:36 AM
@JeffAtwood I suppose I'll go and post this as the accepted solution then... XD
@deceze LOLMAO
@GregHewgill funny... I thought everyone did that
all my passwords are keyboard shapes so I can change them by just moving along the keyboard
8:37 AM
@gimel I was just testing the bold feature
I want to talk about the chat: you should open a
This is supposed to supplant IRC?
agos: deep.
8:37 AM
ah bold works
/me tests
why do some people have thier REP on the side and others not
@Ramesh, like THIS ?
whoa... let's put a leash on that guy.
does it have a feature to alert you when you someone @ you?
8:38 AM
testing bold.
@Agos try asking on
Finally I was able to login
@Stewart: yes, it does.
reminder: we have XKCD onebox support, so all chats can be just streams of XCKD cartoons to and from each other
8:38 AM
i'm here
tadaaaaaa, back with IE8
for (x = 1; x< 100; x++) {
int test = 2;
8:38 AM
if you think you have anything to say that's not already covered by xkcd, it's not really worth saying
@JeffAtwood But no alt text?
seriously Jeff Lol cats in error messages ?
@JeffAtwood Pure GOLD
8:39 AM
so whats new?
@GregHewgill exactly. words are irrelevant, when we have XKCD cartoons.
@MartijnLaarman Where have you been in the last few years?
@YiJiang what are you talking about?
it's right there
8:39 AM
it doesn'
I hate speed radars
i cant type moo twice
@badp hiding under a rock
some text.. now adding new line
zardoz was probably the best.
8:39 AM
how can I add new line?
to make
it just post message on eter
@balpha Okay that's weird... Yes it is there
how many people are here?
8:40 AM
@justin check out the error page on
@obelix 77
I use shift enter
I'm here
8:40 AM
@obelix four, the rest are sentient bots
I use
Profiles/flairs need a new "Collected Chat-Stars" counter... no need for another Mario sequel.
8:40 AM
another shift enter attempt
...but that was a fail.
From the FAQ I come to know that the full transcript is logged. It also mentions that a chat room is kept active for some certain period of time.
I'm logged in on both IE and Chrome
@Agos shift enter was a success for me
8:41 AM
How do I access the logs once the chat room cease to exist?
Would be awesome if the XKCD support including the alt-text, which is often the best bit. :-)
@xk0der yes that is correct, full transcripts are always public, and rules of room life are documented
but the views seem slightly different
neither shift-enter or alt-enter work for me
8:41 AM
@robsoft it does already
@robsoft it does
Is the log attached back when the same room is re-created?
@Jasarien use up arrow to edit :0 -- or gutter menu
8:41 AM
@JeffAtwood invited all his friends and all he got was 40 lousy users...
no wait chrome just forgot to scroll
in my drupal chatroom I can ++ a user and they get karma
can I do that here?\
woot this actually works??
8:42 AM
did you write this or is it some sort of site plugin?
@IvoFlipse 32+45=40?
This is freakin out my iPad
tsk tsk with the language
8:42 AM
@Stewart it's stack overflow. NIH, etc. :)
drupal lol
agos: that was kind of what i was getting at.
too big
@JeffAtwood Just curious to know, are the logs attached back if a room is recreated?
8:43 AM
sorry, i didnt think b****** was so bad.
@xk0der what do you mean by "recreated"?
@JeffAtwood Oh? Not appearing here in Safari ATM, just seeing the XKCD cartoon reference number, but I'll check a few out somewhere quieter. :-)
@xk0der in our experience there are a lot of rooms created that don't get traction.. those get deleted.. if it has a certain threshold of chat the room is frozen
@IvoFlipse test reply to o rly
8:44 AM
I guess I failed to see that it means you can see 32 more
@JeffAtwood Stupid thing to do, but: starring your own post in the right Starred-panel results in a "forbidden"-error.
hey, i was censored ! heh
@JeffAtwood Okay .. cool .... clear now :)
I like the edit history of a comment. nice
8:45 AM
will this be added to the real Stack Overflow??
when I click on the user icons I want to get a link to @ them on the mini popup
@xk0der rooms have a certain life expectancy except for the rare ones that live a long time.. we're still learning chat.. it's VERY time sensitive.. the rest of the internet spends all its time tearing down time as a barrier, while the very nature of chat is time based
@atwood and @spolsky just two dudes doin' what dudes do.
that's why there are all these histograms on the rooms page and room info .. check it out, click the info link on a room
chat stops scrolling for me when images are posted. seems it doesn't update the scroll position when the image gets loaded by the browser. Safari 5.0.1 on OS X...
8:46 AM
@StewartRobinson You should get that; it loads asynchronously though (works like that in Chrome / Windows at least)
@deceze yes, you're about the 100th person reporting that :)
Yay, do I get something? :D
Just noticed the bouncing icon! ... neat :)
it broke, you get to keep both pieces
Does this thing understand code?
-(void) setPlaylist:(SRPlaylist *) theList{

self->playlist=[theList retain];
// open the file and parse the pls

// add the spinner

// start the download
NSURLRequest* rq=[[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:playlist.location] autorelease];

[[NSURLConnection connectionWithRequest:rq

// parse!

// [rq release];
8:47 AM
appearently we know to make bug reports :D
@FredrikMörk I get links to profile
@FredrikMörk but not links to message.
@User136795 you have to press “fixed text”
@User yes if you add four space before each line
You are right Nobody likes doing /list on undernet Efnet or quakenet and the likes @Jeff Atwood
8:48 AM
@alexanderpas Just checking how do reply works...
Testing them backquotes here and for(int i=0; i<13; i++)
@StewartRobinson Oh, misread you msg. I get it now...
Open House, huh\
it's too bad we cannot post pics
with text together
using shit enter
is there an away function?
8:48 AM
@PhilippeBeaudoin it works
should the window be autoscrolling or not
@Agos: You know searching for your name won't yield results for things you said, only people mentioning you.
note histograms of daily and weekly usage patterns, also mapped to users in that room
8:48 AM
Was expecting this to be full on unicorn ascii art.
I've noticed (In chrome) that it seems not to if the windows loses focus
@controlbreak try using SHIFT enter.
i think it needs to match words at least 4 chars long
is there a unicorn unicode character, kind of like the snowman? or is that a myth?
8:49 AM
I'm bouncing
@alexanderpas Great. And private messages work too? :)
@Agos :D
@GregHewgill the snowman is a unicorn
8:49 AM
It's summer. The snowman will melt
   .  //
  /' " \
 .   . .
 | (    \     '._
 |  '._  '    '. '
 /    \'-'_---. ) )
.              :.'
|               \
| .    .   .     .
' .    |  |      |
 \^   /_-':     /
 / | |    '\  .'
/ /| |     \\  |
\ \( )     // /
 \ | |    // /
  L! !   // /
   [_]  L[_|
bah, winter here.
8:50 AM
ééééèèèèè #ç
@PhilippeBeaudoin private messages are evil
ça marche aussi avec les caractères accentués :D
yes, we will not support private messages.. everything here is public, and open to Google, with rare exceptions
8:50 AM
It also walks with the accented marks?
Même les meilleurs se foutent dedans
Incoyable! éàü
we find that people behave in a more .. civil .. manner when everything is open to the public
@Agos 吃了饭吗?
8:51 AM
@Agos just testing reply
…………………………………………………. __ . __……………………
……………………………………………….../’`: : `\,---`.„…………………
………………„~*¯¯`”\,………... _„_………( `\(o),,_/` ¯ : o : : :o `-, …...
……………../ : · :(“,.~;*’¯¯¯”\, (_,-- ``”~,….\ : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : `\…..
………….....| : · :,/`,-*~;~··-„,/ (‘` ``)/· ,…\.,/` : : :_„„,: : : : : : : : : : : \…
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@JeffAtwood Agreed. I meant personal replies, not private.
@VincentVanDenBerghe It was more ore less deliberate
@JeffAtwood I cant imagine how bad can behave private Anonymous fellaws :D
@alexanderpas Is that an elephant?
8:52 AM
/nick Guest23563
@Agos More like it now.
It's not irc
hey.. I was hovering on reply and the chat window scrolled just after I clicked reply and I sent reply to wrong person
@Ikke Guy riding a horse I guess?
@Ikke You don't play enough Nintendo. :)
8:52 AM
@Ikke No it's mario riding Yoshi
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

Bug report: Starred posts displayed on the right need to retain their line breaks, if not ASCII art is ruined :(
/msg nickserv identity MyDawgName
@PhilippeBeaudoin Nope
Okay .. Mario on the dragon :)
8:53 AM
/msg nickserv identify hunter2
Bug report: hey.. I was hovering on reply and the chat window scrolled just after I clicked reply and I sent reply to wrong person
/msg chanserv Op Agos #open-house
ACTION tries irc actions
@PhilippeBeaudoin Mario riding the dragon?
/msg nickserv identify ***
Hey, it works!
8:53 AM
/kick @Agos ^^
/join theForce
noʎ sǝʌol ǝpoɔıun
you guys spend too much time on :p
@RameshSoni report bugs at
/join #darkside
8:54 AM
TH̘Ë͖́̉ ͠P̯͍̭O̚​N̐Y̡ H̸̡̪̯ͨ͊̽̅̾̎Ȩ̬̩̾͛ͪ̈́̀́͘ ̶̧̨̱̹̭̯ͧ̾ͬC̷̙̲̝͖ͭ̏ͥͮ͟Oͮ͏̮̪̝͍M̲̖͊̒ͪͩͬ̚̚͜Ȇ̴̟̟͙̞ͩ͌͝S̨̥̫͎̭ͯ̿̔̀ͅ
səlnɹ ʍolɟɹəʌo ʞɔɐʇs
Oh noes
Is there a cone of silence option?
Guest540 - How can I change my Name ?
@Admin - type /nick yourname
* Guest540 is known as yourname
whut, the upsidedownternet?
8:55 AM
█▄ ██ █▄
I put on my wizard hat
@JustinTanner you can mute other users.. click them
/nick test
8:55 AM
/nick test2
any easter eggs here?
Tanner? ;-D
Q: Handling sex while roleplaying.

Stefano BoriniI think it's a matter of fact that since the first moment a player finds out he can interpret someone of the opposite sex, things get hairy. I had my fair amount of dealing with sex and sexuality in my games, examples: a female player of mine had a female character. She bought a special d30 die...

hey, no alts
8:55 AM
@Admin /nick teest woot I can edit past posts
@JeffAtwood Awwwww.....
It's not scrolling when people post pictures
8:56 AM
@wds we don't know how large the images are -- dimensions, etc
Did I turn that off somehow?
Fork you, fork you very very much…
ho hum?
@JeffAtwood How do you do those status tags?
8:57 AM
@JeffAtwood Oh, it's just that if someone posts one while you are away, when you come back it's still sat there 300 messages ago
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
8:58 AM
@JeffAtwood 
ho hum again
it has to begin with status
8:59 AM
@alexanderpas test reply
8:59 AM
how to post tags?
how are qwe doing that?
8:59 AM
flood me
love the integration with questions, opening them in a new tab etc. Really nicely done. I can see this being very useful from time to time for serious 'exchange of views' regarding points of interest.
/status noob
8:59 AM
ⅰ ∆㎡ ₮サ∑ ῳ∆レЯㄩㄅ
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