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2:40 AM
@animuson Lol
2 hours later…
5:05 AM
I wrote some serious code today.
Also, I got the good news that one of our devs is leaving, and all her projects are mine as of 4/1.
That's good news?
Those must be some awesome projects
It's definitely going to be a lot more work, but I think it's cool I'm getting some more responsibility.
6:10 AM
Free flags, anyone? Hurry before they're gone!
8 hours later…
2:21 PM
@Shog9 are we done with "Evaluation step / flagger-mod sub-parts" details? also, while I have your attention, am I correct assuming this as accurate description of NAA "Action" step:
> most NAA can be obviously deleted without any further thought, but if something seems amiss then the mod should dig into it, read the question, read the comments, follow links if necessary and make a decision based on what's best for the question and the site
? Pattern for above appears like, 1) there's a typical (most frequent) way to handle the post, "most NAA can be obviously deleted", accompanied with 2) less frequent various "deviations" that are taken at mod discretion, based on broader context. Does that make sense?
3:15 PM
whats wrong with this question ? every time i try to post it i get the message doesnt meet our system quality
I just wonder  since users cant delete their own posts permanently.

So i wonder if moderators can delete them permanently `(from system)`?.

Or its deleted but its seen only for them that its deleted? To let other moderators see it?.

@user998158 Not sure why that's being rejected offhand. One tiny note; try not to use code formatting for highlighting of things. It should only be used for actual code snippets. As for your question; Moderators can't delete 'permanently'. Mods and 10k users can still see deleted posts, though 10k users need to have a direct link to them.
doesnt work also without backtick
@user998158 Try cleaning up the grammar a bit. thx -> Thanks and so on.
@user998158 Oh, no; I don't think the backtick caused the rejection. That was just a suggestion.
@RaghavSood doesnt help with thanks
3:23 PM
Can't really say then. The quality test is an automated process. What title are you using?
@RaghavSood Did moderators can delete permanently posts?
this system get me tired:(
no, and i think there was only one case ever where someone (jeff atwood himself) deleted something permanently
Try: Can moderators delete posts permanently?. Though seeing as your question has been answered, I don't really see a reason to post it anymore.
@ThiefMaster but where is the error of writing this question?
@RaghavSood didnt work also
@RaghavSood yes but i want know what can cause the problem
@user998158 Well... You could perhaps post a question about why you couldn't post a question, and hope that someone from the StackOverflow staff answers it
3:30 PM
@RaghavSood Meta-Meta!
3:46 PM
@animuson What was it?
@gnat Correct. Usual actions are deletion (majority of cases where answer adds nothing whatsoever), convert to comment or edit (when answer was obviously intended to be one of those things), and nothing whatsoever (for both invalid flags, and answers that, regardless of deficiencies, clearly provide something of value to those with the problem described).
4:15 PM
I wonder what companies are actually running an internal Stack Exchange instance...
4:35 PM
Q: how to get email adress from gmail

h1px0I have JavaScript Script, which is injected to the browser when i log in to the mail. How can I get an email adress of current user? what do you think? then I should Open pup up page from another server and she should know that email adress. cant I get from session or something like that?

@jadarnel27 ^ Must be a POST API. nods
4:59 PM
@maxhodges I contacted the user you had a bad run-in with, but I had to remove your meta post. Personally targeting other users on meta (no matter how badly they're misbehaving) never ends well and things escalate quickly. Next time please just flag the comments or the post and let a moderator know privately what's going on. :)
5:18 PM
Please to be closing:
Q: What are pros and cons of using Windows 7 vs server 2012

Dean MacGregorI built a computer for work for the specific purpose of running SQL-server 2008 and some small perl apps which populate the database. Our IT guy asserts that it is a "no-brainer" to use Windows-server 2012 on this machine instead of just windows 7. The reason he gave, that server OSes are optim...

@TimStone wait, Josh gets a triangle too?
@TimStone you should totally let me update your profile and then copy it to all the sites :p
nm, can't be done
@AnnaLear he posted and deleted, posted and deleted, so he could antagonize me before I could flag them.
@MaxHodges yeah, I saw. You can flag the post, if all else fails. Either way, should be handled now. Let me know if he comes back. :)
5:34 PM
btw it was quite confusing that you were posting notifications to my "inbox" but when I clicked them I got the "this topic doesn't exist" page. I had no way to contact you until your last post. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/170680/how-to-see-my-inbox/…
@Shog9 Understood, thank you. Regarding how to action flagged posts (where moderator evaluated flag as valid), I am thinking about something similar to your description of NAA "pattern", with the only difference that is considered as typical (most frequent) way to handle the post...
...Like, most link-only answers can be obviously converted to comments... "...without any further thought, but if something seems amiss then the mod should dig into it, read the question, read the comments, follow links if necessary and make a decision based on what's best for the question and the site"
my preference for convert-to-comment is primarily based on studying ideas in answers in related MSO discussion, especially in this one:
A: How should helpful answers that are just links be handled?

Gilles Answers should not consist of just a link, this has been amply covered already. If a link-only answer is accepted, it is especially important to delete it (converting to a comment if the link isn't broken yet), and it has to be done by a moderator because the community cannot delete accepted ans...

What do you think of that?
5:50 PM
@jcolebrand It's just an up-arrow :P
It's an "arrow" pointing at the oneboxed post
I'm fancy like that ;)
Need it for your username, but it won't let me add it to your profile :p
So much for mods being all powerful
I feel like on meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/170305/… I should be using a leading edge column to indicate trouble spots
Since the lines are so long
@MaxHodges yeah, that's why I wanted to leave a message here in chat as well. I didn't want to leave the post up any longer than necessary.
@gnat why?
What does converting them to comments buy us? Remember, the original problem we're addressing was that the answer didn't answer the question.
5:58 PM
sheds a solitary tear
I'm so proud of the candidates for following the instructions (for the most part)
@user998158 That question is almost certainly being rejected because you're not capitalizing "i" when you refer to yourself.
Said Josh, authoritatively, despite the fact he doesn't really know anything about it
6:37 PM
@TimStone What? :o They'll have to fix that for next time...
I'm having a hard time placing a few messages, don't worry...
If you can't find any of mine, feel free to substitute a great reply for me.
If they didn't follow instructions in chat they probably don't need to be mods.
I'd be happy to (puts money in pocket)
A few people don't know the site's name has a space in it... ;)
or some of us are just lazy
(then again, I can just [so] and be done with it in chat)
6:43 PM
@Shog9 That's a good question. Well, "informally", I just find the reasoning in the post I referred compelling enough to prefer conversion. More formally, it feels like a better match to definition we agreed upon for evaluation stage: "defers the actual solution" - note how this dissonates with statement "answer didn't answer"...
...Anyway, I am not that fond of link only answers to adamantly insist on conversion having precedence over deletion - but, in case if you decide for deletion-by-default, please also consider respective "swapping" in should-possibly part at your sketch of flagging dialog, to give flagger better idea of what they should expect first, "possibly be deleted altogether or be a comment"... something like that, just worded without -double-be_ :)
23 hours ago, by Shog9
user image
7:01 PM
Only 36 questions, not too bad.
7:15 PM
Ha, first time I saw spam in the First Posts queue and when I clicked spam, the dialog actually popped up. :o
Lol @ meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/170704/… - Mat, Matt, and gnat .... I just found that humorous
So, converting an answer to a comment also merges the comments of the answer into the question?
Wait, seriously? I don't remember having a one minute rate limit on answers before. |:
Hahaha the rate limiter WINS AGAIN!!!
I almost have 30k reps, and it's Meta! This is nonsense.
Needs more cowbell
7:29 PM
Heads will roll. I'll start with @Shog9's since it's detached.
Let's see how many people's votes end up reversed for serial up voting this time 'round.
@TimStone: Am I allowed to edit "CST" into my time thing. I just realized that when you posted it. o.o
Did it for you
@jcolebrand Happened to a few people last time, which was extra silly because no one got in any votes before I forced it to CW.
@Alexander That's an option, but it's not a given.
@Alexander moderators have to choose to do so
there's a checkbox
7:39 PM
@Shog9 Today was the first time my comment got merged along the answer into the question's comment. I can't help but be concerned about why this happened.
@gnat I'm not necessarily advocating one over the other here... I'm looking for an ideal solution, or failing that clear scenarios for choosing between multiple potential solutions. Comments are generally deemphasized / discouraged - I'm generally fairly reluctant to convert answers to comments unless they are either clearly replies to an existing post or comment and/or offer purely tangential information.
@Alexander Link?
@Shog9 I believe it was human error. Nothing else.
Please read the FAQ about answers that are barely more than a link to an external site. Since the resources are subject to the external site's availability, they may change or be removed at worst as it is the case here. That's why answers may contain all the relevant information and URL-only answers are discouraged. — Alexander 21 hours ago
@Alexander yes, that was a mistake. Cleaned up!
I have faced an issue while creating account in Stack Exchange data explorer and also have posted with bug tag but have got no response. What should I do?
@Shog9 No problem. I just kept the comment alive until now just to be able to ask with some real resource on hand
7:45 PM
@NarendraPathai The Data Explorer doesn't participate in the network authentication process, so your account there is not linked to the rest of your accounts on the Stack Exchange network
@NarendraPathai I believe you just need to wait
In short, there's nothing wrong, don't worry.
@TimStone ok but can you please explain the profile pic and the name difference reason?
Your accounts aren't linked, so Data Explorer just decides some default values.
I don't know why your gravatar would be different, do you perhaps use a different email on Stack Overflow than you have set on Data Explorer?
7:48 PM
I like how my new laptop doesn't give me third degree burns if I put it on my lap.
Too bad it cuts off the circulation.
Q: Stack Exchange data explorer account creation issue

Narendra Pathai See also: My StackExchange DataExplorer Account doesn't show up in my Accounts! I created my account in Data Explorer and used my already registered Google Login for logging. It created the account and provided it name display jon.doe10667 while I have created accounts on other Stack Ex...

That reminds me though that someone asked to change jon.doe to something else, because they weren't familiar with it.
@NarendraPathai Your picture is the same because Gravatar associates your email with that picture across sites. The rest is completely separate from SE.
I guess it should just be "user". Of course I could just add API authentication to Data Explorer too, that'd work.
7:49 PM
That sounds familiar :)
Yes that should be nice
I was kinda freaked out
@TimStone Adding API authentication would this mean that it will work similar to other SE sites?
Hmm, I wonder which developer is gullible of carefree spirit enough for me to infect with a trojan that would allow me to commit a backdoor for myself in the rate limiter.
@NarendraPathai It still will not show in your list of accounts, but it would be able to correctly set your account name at least.
@TimStone I support this. I need my transcript fix. (Wait... nobody's recording this conversation, right?)
@TimStone that would be great!!
@PopularDemand "Moderator candidate admits to being literary junkie, full story at 10"
7:57 PM
Wait, you actually included that Joe question in the digest? lol
"Admits"? Would you like an interview?
Mostly I just want an easy way to see Andrew Barber's answers.
Can we vote to delete answers in the digest? :P
I can, as long as they have negative net score. And oh, look, that one does....
On a completely different note, I'm thinking about building a computer.
But I've been a laptop-only guy for over a decade.
Any advice for entering the modern world?
Don't take purchasing advice from me, my computer is a bit excessive.
(Or should I just pack up and go to SU chat?)
8:05 PM
@TimStone: Aww you didn't include the part where Shog called me a cheater?
Oh yeah
@TimStone I had a couple answers that were too long for one chat message that I used "(cont'd...)" for because things were scrolling by so quickly. I apologize profusely.
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 22 hours ago, by Lord Torgamus
@LordTorgamus (...cont'd) Leave comments under my nomination blurb or find me in the election or Tavern chatrooms (in The Tavern, my name is "Popular Demand").
Maybe just that one, actually.
That was a continuation to the "any last thoughts" question.
Yeah, I normally get those. I'm not sure what happened in this case, my script thinks it selected that message but I never copied it somehow.
Fixed now, sorry about that.
8:23 PM
No problem. I blamed myself for not making it a reply.
You replied to yourself, that counts. :P
@jcolebrand Heh, I actually fell victim to the scenario your request describes. Of course it'll all be irrelevant once the votes are reversed anyway. ;)
Those are some good political answers in the script :)
I predict that they will have a negligible effect on the final outcome of the primaries, though.
Guess we'll see in 23 hours.
Anyways actions are more important than words.
1 hour later…
9:57 PM
Any historical reason why the edit reason is not updated within the grace period?
It should update the edit reason as long as you actually made additional changes to the post.
Q: Auto-generated edit reason being propagated from earlier revisions

casperOneLooking at this revision to this question, the auto-generated edit reason is: added 24 characters in body However, when looking at the entire revision list, it's obvious that there are many more characters that were added in that revision: Here's the Markdown diff as well: It would ap...

I mean It should update the edit reason even when no changes were made. Although, that would only add complexity.
@TimStone Not relevant, that's out of the grace period.
(As far as I understand there)
10:03 PM
Well, the same thing happens inside of the grace period.
Although you're right, I think I misread the post a little.
I believe it's simply that the system sees that you haven't actually changed anything since your last edit, and just dismisses it, discarding the changed edit reason.
Only taking changes to the body.
I will try in a next edit and see what's the behavior. I need to say that two edits of mine are burnt with a complete unrelated edit reason already.
Copy-pasting something before filling the edit reason is a bad idea.
is there a proper way to jump into a chat room?
I always feel bad butting in
@John Always sit quietly for a minute or two first, to see if you're interrupting any conversations
Then post animated gifs
Of hula girls
Regardless of what else is being said in the room
10:14 PM
oh yeah
With a little more warning that would've looked authentic
lol ok i dont think im interupting too much now
I am looking for some ethical insight into a tool I heard being discussed elsewhere
@jco's your man then. His middle name is "ethics"
10:17 PM
I heard of a tool being made for posting software development questions across multiple sites
@John spill and make it interesting
the tool was being designed to post across several sites and delete the ones that dont recieve much attention after a certain amount of time
The same tool is meant to be social, so that you have "friends" using the same tool, who will see that you have posted and will go and upvote you
the idea was to create a system for getting faster feedback for programming questions and improving your rep on those sites
any thoughts?
Someone is in a "check this" spree [in SO] :)
@Alexander whats a check this spree?
That was a random comment there :)
In other words, someone is in a flagging spree. You would be able to notice it if you were 10k+ reputation.
10:33 PM
maybe someday ;)
@John I don't have any thoughts but I already don't like it.
thats what I thought. The idea made me start wondering where else this already happens. Where would I look for more information on sock puppeting and cross site posting and how websites have handled detecting it?
@John That's a pretty good way to get your account - and your friends' - deleted
how does it get detected?
and how much of it already goes on?
We certainly won't tell you how to commit vote fraud without being caught ;)
10:43 PM
dont want you to
im studying up on it for a class paper
Let's start over @John
I want you to think about how would you monitor something like that?
What are the criteria? It's an automated program, it posts identical information in multiple places, and it deletes them after a set period of time.
It also upvotes friends posts, and has friends upvote your posts, all from within one window.
How would you detect those things?
Now pretend you have 4 years of millions of users data to comb over looking for patterns or anti-patterns ...
I understand that would happen with pure automation. but what about just person to person upvoting?
Im sure some people have "fans" that upvote their stuff
11:18 PM
@John sorry, was away. Yay offices.
We discourage "voting clubs"
There are ways to distinguish that one person routinely upvotes another, or that two people predominantly upvote only each other and very few others.
11:42 PM
We especially discourage talking about voting clubs on this very site. An especially heinous offense.
So especially I had to use the word especially twice.
I've never heard of a voting club before >.>
It's like a status-declined paddle.
paddle ... hmmm

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