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12:01 AM
Which one is the ninth episode again?
It must have been the one where they make you wish they wrote the women better and not squandered them
I'm somewhat surprised this has survived for 20 minutes: stackoverflow.com/questions/15078781/…
@animuson Not very frequented tags, I think.
And everybody is busy on the election page now.
@animuson it is late in the day
12:16 AM
Can we change that to "closed as off topic by your friendly Tavern team"?
As best as I can tell, the only people who are fully metric-fluent in America are scientists and drug traffickers.
Getting high on science
why is there SO and Programmers? I've lost a couple hours of my life pondering this...
@ChrisK like, why is there one site for the explicitly technical aspect of being a programmer and one for the softer-art side of being a programmer?
One is working out what you need to do before you actually start to sit down and write up the Rent A Coder job ad
@random I'm not entirely sure if i've understood his question
12:22 AM
SO is commercial programming and Programmers is more theory?
One is for your crappy questions, and the other just gets a lot of crappy questions.
SO is "I'm currently writing this code and it isn't working" and Programmers is "How should I go about building some software?"
~giggle~ @random, ahhh, and then the Hired-Coder gets it started and runs into snags then asks on SO?
They were already calling from inside the house
@mootinator, so my question about recursion for transaction reconciliation should have been in Programmers ... and all my Magento questions stay here on SO.
12:24 AM
Did you check the children?
@ChrisK only maybe.
I found good discussion here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/97342
@ChrisK That looks code-y
I wouldn't expect to see that much code in a Programmers question.
Programmers is the general's tent. SO is the front line, the asthmatics.
@moo That one stumped me for a while.
12:29 AM
@ChrisK here's the most important takeway.
Post it on the site that you think is the best fit, and if there's a better fit then the community will migrate it for you. Often without your permission.
OK, thanks y'all. :D
Heh. I was sympathizing with this post and was surprised a bit when I got to the end: programmers.stackexchange.com/a/188386/6847
@TimStone Did the code change get pushed out? I'm getting a slightly different error now
Oh wait, here it is. Yup, NaNaNaNaNaN
I'm starting to get a lot of necro 'nice question' badges from three years ago. O_o.
Err, answer.
This site invariably already has all the answers I need.
12:49 AM
I get those at random. I wouldn't call it 'a lot'
(The previous message was sponsored by @TimStone brand popcorn)
@mootinator "hand" and "jerk" are not two words you should put together like that.
I was trying to do a clean and jerk, but my hand slipped, so I dropped my 200lb load of iron mounted on a long metal shaft on the ground.
1:06 AM
@MichaelMrozek Impressively fragile, yes, but I don't think there's any other way of extracting the information
There's no API endpoint for elections. Scraping webpages are, well, inherently fragile
@TimYiJiang *cough api *cough
I lied, bro I don't even lift.
42 secs ago, by Tim Yi Jiang
There's no API endpoint for elections. Scraping webpages are, well, inherently fragile
@TimYiJiang I don't care
Understand that.
Also, that was 6 seconds before me. I was mid-type and had probably hit enter already
@jcolebrand Fuck that
1:10 AM
@TimYiJiang I see you understand me
let me sing you now the song of my people.
What the what?
As redditors have heard I am planning on starting my own subreddit. I will be looking for a few good mods. You must have verified experience
@mootinator I have verified experience.
I am a mod on a subreddit and I am a mod on SE
@WilliamShatner The truly elite start a StackExchange site instead.
"What is William Shatner's morning routine?" "...I'm so tempted to close as not constructive, but it's getting an authoritative answer. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!"
@TimStone it has apparently come to Shatner having an objective SE site.
1:14 AM
1:24 AM
@TimYiJiang For a third-party tool, sure, but now that it's official I would think they could hook you up with a better interface
Well, the only thing that's "first party" about it is the fact that it's hosted on a Stack Exchange domain.
Well, and @TimStone helps work on it ;-)
Should I get this: costco.ca/…
"Bilingual laptop"?
1:30 AM
Or a desktop of equal value.
@TimYiJiang "The English and French operating system and software are preloaded on the computer but the user must make one-time choice of language on first start-up."
Welcome to Canada.
@mootinator Unless you need to move around with it, I'd go desktop. Laptops are always overpriced for the same hardware you can get in a desktop.
And they don't age as gracefully since upgrading individual parts isn't really an option.
Everyone needs to move around.
Except trees.
So what you're saying is that we should all buy books instead?
1:32 AM
It's for work. If I upgrade to a desktop, I'm stuck with my old laptop when I go into the actual office.
@AnnaLear they're the next big thing
It's a nice-looking laptop, spec-wise. (Although I laugh at the included "subwoofer".) Does it have a split left shift to accommodate the French? Cause if so, you should buy it and then burn it.
(Err. because splitting the left shift is terrible. I apparently always user the right-most edge of the left shift, so I can't use those keyboards at all.)
Yea, I am a bit worried about the i18n part of it without seeing one.
Doesn't appear to be split in the images there.
1:36 AM
Yeah, doesn't look like it in other images Google turns up either.
2:04 AM
Ok, what's up with the moon?
@jcolebrand we like it?
I've got cloud cover
Everyone keeps saying "go check out the moon"
Snowing here.
Go check out the moon!
@animuson you wanted my vote in the upcoming SE election right?
2 hours later…
4:40 AM
I think everyone should write in my name, personally
If we could write people in, certainly it would be Tim Stone.
I've tried to convince him to run, but noooooo
If you could write people you aren't entirely sure would do a good job in it would be @mootinator
wait, is that what we're writing in then?
4:55 AM
I should write myself in. "Hi, I'm @mootinator. I just wanted to see if I can do better than @Neal"
The mods would frown on that
Noooo, you think?
Do manually created nomination comment links still get oneboxed in chat?
5:24 AM
I care what this person thinks, said no one, ever.
@mootinator notice that the site-layout is broken lately?
@animuson try it and find out. ;) but probably not.
Not really.
Everything is broken.
@AnnaLear I couldn't even get the link to work. The normal comment JavaScript isn't present, so the manual hash on the URL doesn't even work if the comment isn't displayed by default. Depressing.
By which I mean, I hope I can order that new computer soon.
6:22 AM
Lol @ the flags in the Election chat room for Yannis' tentacle porn comment. xD
2 hours later…
8:25 AM
Q: Who are the Community Managers, and what do they do?

jcolebrandWho are the Community Managers? What do they do? What is their relationship to the "Community" user? Return to FAQ index

Tim Post has ascended to the upper echelon of SE. @TimStone you must nominate yourself now! There must always be a Stark Tim on StackOverflow!
2 hours later…
10:11 AM
Hi all, I just wanted to ask simple question about reputation. Recently I got -5 reputation
whole description: -5 Feb 25 removed User was removed
Yup, a user got removed, so all upvotes that were associated with that user also got removed
that't why :)
thanks for exlaining
10:33 AM
Can't keep doing this though. Almost any change to the election page will probably break the stats page.
2 hours later…
12:30 PM
A: In election website nothing loading after Loading user profile on main site

Tim Yi JiangSorry about this. I just pushed out a quick fix for this. We're still waiting for SE to push out the change to the actual page. The problem is that the election statistics page relies, basically, on page scraping for details about nominees. Which means that whenever the page's markup changes, s...

1 hour later…
1:35 PM
Q: Proposed statistics page to accompany nominations

BenjolBuilding on my previous question, and more importantly on Yi Jiang's most excellent implementation, the feature request is simply that something like this should be implemented into SE for future elections.

@TimYiJiang, there was this ^ too
1 hour later…
2:52 PM
@TimYiJiang I'm uh...not positive that the new client code works so great in all browser. >_> <_<
@TimStone Oh what now
I may have switched to API 2.0 using CORS.
Uh... huh, and?
Actually SE doesn't support versions of IE that that wouldn't work in so I guess it's fine, unless someone had an old version of Opera laying about.
IE won't do http/https CORS crossover using the non-standard method though, let me check if I changed that..
I did not, whoops.
The API doesn't use HTTPS, right?
2:59 PM
It does
But I think most routes work fine with HTTP anyway.
The HTTPS is primarily just for the authed routes
Unless you need something that uses authentication HTTP should be fine
Okay, done.
I could wrap something around jQuery's JSONP to support old browsers but I'm not quite awake enough for that.
3:53 PM
I'm a bit curious, does SE have an official stance on a user taking another user's question and reposting it, word-for-word?
plagiarism is a no-go
but if it happens with a question a close vote (duplicate) and a comment might be sufficient
@ThiefMaster Well it already got closed as Not-Constructive, so oh well
4:14 PM
@Rachel I can sum up the official stance with "uh... why would you even?"
4:30 PM
@AnnaLear I have no idea honestly, as my post was extremely specific about my goal, environment, team, etc so I doubt the OP would get much use in the answers as I'm sure his goal/environment/team is different. My only thought was he was trying to get rep since my post is as +26 and he bothered to change the title of the post
@mootinator Thanks a lot. I had that running through my head and couldn't figure out why until I remembered reading the tavern transcript an hour ago.
5:31 PM
Actions that indicate one uses one's time wisely: Reading The Tavern transcript.
5:41 PM
@jadarnel27 there's a transcript?
@Rachel long time no see!
@jcolebrand Hello :)
@jcolebrand Your activity is monitored for quality assurance purposes.

Very good, carry on. Mind you don't let any accidental quality slip in.
This bothers me
Where's Adam when we need him to do a more accurate translation?
5:55 PM
Well, technically, Ducreux was French so that's the wrong language entirely
but you probably want late 18th century English
Here's an even worse one.
@mmyers what I really want is to know that this isn't all an elaborate hoax and that this guy really did paint a picture in the 1790s that looks like a pop-20th US piece.
5:57 PM
Joseph, Baron Ducreux (June 26, 1735 – July 24, 1802) was a French portrait painter, pastelist, miniaturist, and engraver, who was a successful portraitist at the court of Louis XVI of France, and was able to resume his career after the French Revolution. His less formal portraits show an interest in expanding the range of facial expressions beyond those of official portraiture. Life and career Born in Nancy, Ducreux may have trained with his father, who was also a painter. When Ducreux went to Paris in 1760, he trained as the only student of the pastelist Maurice-Quentin de La Tour, w...
I said "isn't an elaborate hoax"
Wikipedia is infallible
@jcolebrand It'd have to be pretty damn elaborate
Now I've got that ****ing song stuck in my head... thanks so much :P
@TimStone yes. That's what I said. An ELABORATE HOAX.
6:00 PM
Also, while I realize this is a self portrait, who is the guy in the picture? There's somebody in movies nowadays that looks exactly like this guy
yes, that was painful.
6:12 PM
@TimYiJiang Thanks - should be live now
Oh, did someone just manually tweak the file?
There's a similar bug a few lines up, whoops. Let's hope no one withdraws. :P
6:56 PM
The electorate's focus on metrics is the one thing that annoys me every election.
"Your xyz is very low, can you explain that?"
I mean, is there a different answer to that than "what the f██'s that to you?"
Good candidates.
@Pekka웃 I can think of a candidate who would make a stronger mod team ...
@jcolebrand thanks, but I don't think I'll be able to put in the hours (or half-hours) this year, what with going to the States for the rest of the year in summer and so on.
But I'm not worried about the mod team. 4 slots and there's already more good candidates (IMO) than slots
You're just doing the west-coast right?
@jcolebrand nah, I'm going to Philly to study. If things work out, I'll have the chance to travel a bit though.
A German student and a Delawarean commuter open a geek-oriented tavern in the heart of Philadelphia. Hilarity ensues. Starring @Pekka and @TimStone. Produced by @JoelSpolsky. Coming to NBC this fall. Set your DVRs now!
7:12 PM
@PopularDemand sounds great!
@Pekka웃 Will immigration let you purchase property and start a business?
@PopularDemand sadly, no!
I'd have to work for you (or Tim)
You are participating in this business somehow, right?
Unless one of you could lend me $500,000. That would allow me to buy my way in
Only by watching the show and occasionally drinking at the establishment.
@Pekka웃 Let me just get my wallet out...
7:20 PM
@Pekka웃 That's why I listed Joel as a producer.
@Popular I see. Clever.
The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is a United States visa created by the Immigration Act of 1990. This visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. To obtain the visa, individuals must invest $1,000,000 (or at least $500,000 in a "Targeted Employment Area" - high unemployment or rural area), creating or preserving at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers excluding the investor and their immediate family.), or into a "Regional Center" - a 3rd party-managed investment vehicle (private or public), which assumes the responsibility of...
@PopularDemand nah, you'll want to buy your way in before long
It'll be so successful.
You could start a branch in Nuuk
It's true, but I don't have $500,000.
You won't need that much.
Oooh. We could start a scheme wherein people could trade SO rep for stakes in the business.
That is an interesting idea.
7:31 PM
Anyways, I'll look forward to visiting Philadelphia and drinking at the actual physical Tavern on the Meta later this year. Because this is totally real and I am now counting on it.
@PopularDemand the thing to do is to go patronage the Tavern on the Green in Central Park
Perhaps if its name were Tavern on the Gray.
@PopularDemand then you would be in Houston, which doesn't have nearly the charm or character of New England
But when have you ever seen green on Meta?
7:42 PM
@jcolebrand Ugh, isn't that just a gift shop now?
Clearly Jin needs to be harangued for making Meta have non-monochromatic colors.
@mootinator sadly, tis.
We haven't had any warm themes since Cooking SE.
@PopularDemand I'll talk some tavern into renaming itself for an evening.
Look at the footer, it's all cool colors and earth tones.
A couple of yellows, but they're just accents if you visit the actual sites.
What's up with that?
Warmth reminds Jin of bacon, and he'd never get anything done if he got distracted.
7:47 PM
Let's buy the Stack Exchange team a PS4 and Diablo III for PS4. What could go wrong with that?
@TimStone Note to self: Integrate comment link prettification script into chat
@animuson *buy
@TimStone So beautiful. I wouldn't chnage a letter. Except for the two that are reversed, maybe.
A: It's time for a redesign of Stack Overflow

Tim StoneBecause Stack Exchnage's designer Jin is a very peaceful fellow who enjoys his bacon, the thought of having to wage epic battle with all of the pitchfork-toting Stack Overflow users who let forth their war-eeeeeek every time their cheese is moved weighs heavily on his mind. This gives him great ...

@jcolebrand Too late to edit :P
7:50 PM
@animuson moderator candidate.
@mmyers ...Son of a
@mmyers trololol
@jcolebrand And after all that time I spent last night meticulously taking apart my keyboard to completely clean it in an effort to stop missing so many keys as I'm typing...
Buy a Das
I do have quite a beautiful looking keyboard now, though.
7:54 PM
Please to be closing
Q: Regexp to pull input tags out of form

JoshI am trying to extract all the <input > tags out of a <form> tag. I have created a regexp which can identify the entire <form> tag and all the code up to the ending </form> but I cannot figure out how to match all the <input[^>]+> within that. EDIT: The data is a...

@animuson does it have lettering on the individual keys?
@jcolebrand But... but... Josh posted that! Tavern traitor!
I can't believe I miss the Google's black menubar (I used to hate it when it first appeared)... hopefully it can be brought back using google.com/webhp?hl=en
@PopularDemand where did he post that?
@ajax333221 I still have it
@PopularDemand sorry, I mentally added a "just" into that.
8:01 PM
@jcolebrand interesting... but it should disappear soon
Wait for the fifth vote and check the first name on the close list.
I noticed this only happens in firefox, maybe they are sabotaging non-chrome users
update: I noticed it was because I was in google.com.mx instead of google.com, maybe they are just racists
@jcolebrand WHAT?! Josh! That Tavern traitor! I'm telling Josh on him!
@PopularDemand I think you should totally tell @TheUnhandledException just what @JoshGitlin has been up to.
I would, but seeing as how you've just notified him, I think I'm done here.
8:16 PM
Not really, he's not been present in long enough he's not on the auto-list
This is going to be epic. One man enters! Then that same man... enters again! Following which... that man leaves once? Half a man leaves?
@PopularDemand you've seen The Prestige right?
Starred for truth.
8:18 PM
I will paypal you the $2 and change you need to watch this: amazon.com/The-Prestige/dp/B003QS9WIE/…
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
@jcolebrand Oh, I did like that movie.
Great film...
I got the blu-ray of that for free for misrepresenting the fact that I wasn't a business interested in selling blu-ray players.
Yay fraud!
If there's a way for me to pay for it and you to stream it without my giving you credentials, I would do that.
@mootinator lol
the negatives in that sentence make me proud
Or, I could just Wikipedia it.
8:20 PM
OR you could watch a movie about two magicians that also involves TESLA
@PopularDemand High-five for fellow Wikipedia Cinema Club member!
@mootinator I'm beginning to think you need to write a story of your life so we can all learn valuable tricks from your misadventures.
I'm pretty sure if you went to your boss right now and said "So I'm busy f*cking off on SE and I'm told I need to watch The Prestige because I've never seen it, so, I'mma do that for the next couple hours" he would probably have a heart attack and then say "yes, you must watch that my son."
@TimStone I'm beginning to think I should incriminate myself less.
@mootinator only if you plan on running for public office.
8:23 PM
@mootinator That would be far less entertaining.
@mmyers I'm bookmarking that for any future moderator nomination blurb I may write. I wonder how many electorate attraction points "Virtually high-fived by mmyers" is worth.
Heh, it's been a while since I rep-capped...
@PopularDemand 6
Easy way to get extra LQP reviews: look through the history for recent Recommend Deletion events. They're usually still up for review, just not visible because someone else is currently looking at it. ;P
8:31 PM
no, that's 17
@PopularDemand You also have more meta reputation than I do, that has to count for some additional points.
Although your highest-scoring tag is , so I dunno about that. shakes head
@TimStone You need a gold discussion badge.
Incidentally this came up earlier and I refused.
I will, however, get gold badges for the other required tags.
I'm getting close to the gold support badge. :)
I almost have enough score, but I'm a bit short on answer count.
8:37 PM
@PopularDemand The last active SO member who got access to the mod room via a diamond on another site looked at my name and asked how recently I'd become a mod, as he didn't recognize me. Even though he was somewhat active in the java tag. So... maybe non-zero? If you're lucky, maybe even positive and non-zero.
You're clearly a mass murderer...
@mmyers was that before you adopted the giant radish?
@mmyers Is it safe to assume that he was immediately stripped of his diamond and banished for life from Stack Exchange?
@PopularDemand No, but then they rarely put decisions like that into my hands
But you have seniority! Which is extra-relevant in this case!
8:40 PM
Anyway, you've already been endorsed by pretty much every active SO moderator. One more won't change things much.
Uh... I must have missed that meeting.
Just FGITW your way to 100k rep and you're a shoo-in
I expect he'ld do better than Neal even now
@PopularDemand You don't remember being pestered last election? :P
@mmyers ...which, come to think of it, is true for most anybody
8:42 PM
@mmyers It's funny because...well we all know why it's funny.
@TimStone Yeah, by you and Shog. Hardly "every active SO moderator."
JOIN usssssssss.
I mean themmmmm.
@PopularDemand Shog's a floating head, you should have suspected he conferred with the council of the elders first.
@PopularDemand and I believe I pestered you once.
Once you achieve "floating head" status, don't councils of elders generally have to get your approval for assorted decisions?
8:44 PM
Also, I've been pestering the living crap out of Tim to run. He is staunchly refusing. I can in turn pester you instead.
The Guardians of the Universe, alternatively known as the Guardians or Oans are a fictional extraterrestrial race in the DC Comics universe. They first appeared in Green Lantern Vol. 2 #1 (July 1960), and were created by John Broome and Gil Kane. Here they do not reveal their existence to Hal, bringing his 'energy duplicate' to them so they can hear of his origin. Before that their 'voice' was used in Showcase #23, when they told Hal via the Power Battery of an emergency on Venus. Within the Green Lantern stories, the Guardians of the Universe are the immortal founders and leaders of the ...
I tried to deflect to Tim, but nobody listened.
Sudden urge to change gravatar to floating Nixon head and elevate floating head gravatars to attempted-forced-meme status ARROOOOOO!
@TimStone what is this blasphemy?
8:48 PM
@TimStone Is that actual bad typesetting or does it just look that way?
How come I can't find the guy named Waffles in the user list? Did he change his name?
Where are you looking?
I can reproduce this bug.
8:50 PM
Yep, just noticed I forgot that SE usernames can have spaces in them :P
@jcolebrand Ahhh I see
I was curious which came first, Waffles or Waffles (Can you tell I'm bored?)
Q: No more waffles?

Sha Wiz Dow Ardwaffles. Ordinary member? He's no longer in the Stack Exchange team page nor in the moderators list of any site. He was part of the team from almost the beginning, doesn't he deserve a big farewell party like Jeff had? Looks like he stepped down willingly couple of weeks ago - so goodbye, and t...

Helps to know something of the SE team ...
Rebecca recently left too. :(
@animuson rchern?
@animuson Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her around in a while
8:53 PM
@Rachel If I remember correctly, this answer was funny specifically because Sam changed his MSO name to Waffles right before posting it.
Yeah, she is pursuing new ventures with trepidation. But now is the time in her life to be adventurous and spontaneous.
Even tho she's entirely missed.
@PopularDemand Hrrmmm so the "waffle fetish" of MSO probably came first
And is not born as a result of one of the user's name :)
Good to know, I can now return to my work with the piece of mind that only comes with learning some random inane thing over the interwebs :)
Needs more FHCs
8:56 PM
@mootinator shhhh, then @Rachel is going to ask about FHCs
Man, I can't imagine leaving SE. But then, I can't imagine having enough skills to work there in the first place, either, so....
@jcolebrand I was going to.....
@PopularDemand I can imagine having the skills. I just figure I've been ever-tarnished so they would only humor me with an interview.
But I was trying to be good and return to my work
Then again, if I timed the interview right I could meet Grace ...
@Rachel Free hand circle.
8:57 PM
A: The Many Memes of Meta

TheTXIMeme: Freehand Circles Originator: TheTXI Cultural Height: TBD See Also: Here, Here, Here, ...and Here as answer to this post

Like when you open things in MSPaint and use your mouse to make a rather shitty circle around something.
You know, I go out of my way to draw freehand circles on screenshots I capture for you guys, even though there's a perfectly good Rectangle tool that would look much neater
The story goes that the Pope was requesting Leonardo da Vinci to submit some of his work for a competition for a new commission. Leonardo kept putting him off, saying he was too busy, as the requests grew more and more insistent. In the end, to avoid the Pope having him arrested, he drew, freehand, at arms length, a perfect circle on a sheet of paper and sent it to the Pope, who promptly gave him the commission.
The reason for this is that to draw a perfect circle, freehand and unsupported is one of the hardest things possible to draw, achieved by few artists, usually only after much practi
@Rachel I just use a handful of in-browser tools that draw rectangles because I'm incredibly lazy.
You could always use a sketchy tool to make a fake freehand circle.
@mootinator there is even a browser add-on for meta that lets you do FHC in the browser without leaving meta, so I hear
8:59 PM
For me, it's PrintScrn, Start>Run>MSPaint, Ctrl+V, then a quick circle and a Save and I'm good to go :)
@jcolebrand I remember having that. It was epic.
@Rachel whoa whoa whoa
that is ENTIRELY too much effort
If there is another way, I have no idea :)
You do use the only browser in existence right?
@jcolebrand Chrome?
9:01 PM
by which I mean Chrome.
Of course, I swear by it even though it doesn't have AdBlockerPlus
I disavow all other browsers as not really existing except in illustrated manuscripts intended to describe the barbaric ages from before before.
@jcolebrand Now that is entirely too much effort for me ;)
@Rachel click, click, drag, click click paste
there may be a ctrl-c in there somewhere
@jcolebrand I'll probably try it out someday
9:05 PM
Today's a good day
Why is that?
I have to agree though, I feel pretty productive today even though I probably spent more time than normal on SE sites. I have an excuse though. I fixed one of our servers that has been acting up for a few weeks, and it's not my fault it was being so slow and I was forced to browse Stack Exchange while it thought about life
@Rachel because it's a new toy, duh :p
oh... web development...
I prefer application development, but I somehow end up doing websites anyways because that's what my company wants
Anyways, I need to leave the Tavern and get back to work. Cya :)
That's so cute that @Rachel thinks anyone can leave the Tavern.
9:29 PM
Ahahahah. The Google Store has been revealed
user image
hahaha... that's brilliant...
10:30 PM
11:08 PM
Wow, looking through old Fortran code, long live the GOTO!
If you liked that video from code.org, make sure you share it

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