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12:01 AM
ok later folks, gonna sleep
12:30 AM
@HeitorChang Yup.
1:07 AM
2 hours later…
2:57 AM
People who do this need to be slapped.
A: NHIbernate refreshing a collection

RV1987Theoretically, Refresh alone should be enough. However, it has known issues when elements of child collections have been deleted. Evict followed by Get usually gets things done.

A: What's the best way to refresh entities in nhibernate

Diego MijelshonRefresh after Evict probably won't work. Theoretically, Refresh alone should be enough. However, it has known issues when elements of child collections have been deleted. Evict followed by Get usually gets things done.

With a chair.
@mootinator |:
@TimStone I feel antsy when I have more than 4 or 5 tabs open. If it gets over 10 I usually have to stop and decide what I actually want to be doing, and close everything else.
I'm sure a psychologist would find it all fascinating and stuff.
I'm too lazy to use bookmarks so I just keep things open until I convince myself I'm not actually going to come back to them.
@TimStone I don't find it unclear.
On the other hand, I've looked at that code so I'm not really qualified to make an impartial judgement.
Alright, just wanted to make sure.
3:03 AM
For what it's worth, it makes sense to me as well, Timmy.
@TimStone Ah, that makes more sense =)
I should also clarify that those 72 tabs are across two windows, at least. :P
Trying to put that many into a single Chrome window would be an exercise in futility.
I like futility.
"Oh, you wanted to be able to actually distinguish between tabs? Hahahah."
I actually find it reassuring that there is someone out there who isn't a total moron who keeps more tabs open than I do.
3:08 AM
Oh yeah? Who's that?
I would have a nervous breakdown.
It would be like that time I had a nervous breakdown.
My dad still thinks that no word processor since Word Perfect has broken the computationally hard 16 documents open at a time limit.
I didn't have the heart to tell him...
3:11 AM
You're a good son
3:39 AM
I watched "Wreck-It Ralph" tonight. Funny stuff.
I watched "Jeff, Who Lives At Home". It was a movie.
Hahaha. Nice. I've never heard of that, actually.
It delivered what I expected, but not much more. I still haven't seen a Jason Segel movie I hated. ;)
Does anybody know what the 4,000,000th question was?
Jason Segel is funny. I love How I Met Your Mother.
3:47 AM
@JeremyBanks No I forgot to keep refreshing all afternoon.
@jadarnel27 I agree with this statement.
Well, my eyes are starting to burn.
I think that means it's time to do that work that doesn't really need to be done until Tuesday.
"The weekend rate" is sufficiently punitive in this case I guess :P
I feel the urge to code every time I'm deliriously tired.
That was fun.
Okay, maybe I shouldn't get all whiny about 5 minutes of coding.
4:03 AM
Ugh...but I wanna whine about coding! Gahhh!
I think it's because I'm the sort of person who would rather have his weekend interrupted by an interesting problem.
In which case I should probably emulate "House" and start breaking into users' homes in order to determine what their real requirements are, because of my cynical belief they're all lying about them.
13 hours later…
5:04 PM
I am totally going through Amazon's Black Friday Week video game deals going WOOO, WOOO, WOOO, WOOHOOO!!!!
I need a shoulder to cry on.
The auto-upvote-crowd is doing my head in.
Two upvotes for patent nonsense?
A: Whats the most important part of html page in terms of SEO keyword targeting- the title?

romanterryBesides the guy above who mentioned using keywords that also are in URL, takes lead. He then makes a distinction between the title and the name and path of the page. The URL "is" the path, the Title is the name of the page. So 1 is URL 2 is title 3 is H1 tag which should be IDENTICAL to title....

That answer is generated using Markov chains. It's a common technique used by spam accounts, to build the illusion that there is an actual person behind the account.
Yet the review queue monkeys deemed it valuable enough to upvote it twice.
/me bangs his head on the table a couple of times.
Okay, rant over, I feel a little better now, thanks.
@mar - I think I'm missing something then...
how can you tell that it is generated? Looks to me like a poorly formatted list..
Try and read it.
Does it actually make any sense?
It's grammatically correct, but there is no actual meaning in it. Whatsoever.
The other answer by the same 'person': stackoverflow.com/questions/2634459/…
not much... but the actual question is what i think caused such a nonsense answer...
just to clarify - i agree that there shouldn't have been upvotes on it...
ok.. in both answers he does refer to "the other guy who answered".. are you saying it sucked stuff from other answers and simply reiterated it?
Something tells me those "Hotels in Dallas" phrases were supposed to get linked...
5:16 PM
I bet if a moderator looked at a spam flag on that post, though, they're probably decline it.
Hah, this is great.
Yeah, a spam flag could get declined... in part because it's not spam in the "this answer is promoting irrelevant stuff" sense.
I'm not entirely convinced this entire answer is devoid of meaning. It reads like a long-winded explanation from someone with a slight language barrier to me.
(Also, if this was intended to be a spam account, they're doing it wrong. It wasn't seen again since June 2011.)
I thought so too, but his English in that last, italicized paragraph was like spot-on perfect, albeit completely irrelevant.
@ann - my thoughts exactly...
The grammar in the rest of the answer is fine too. The whole thing just reads awkwardly, like someone can't hold a coherent thought together. Which, to be honest, isn't at all uncommon.
On the whole the post is way too coherent to be fully automatically generated.
If I'm wrong... I guess I welcome our new robot overlords. :)
5:27 PM
just gotta teach them to format
Ohhh @Anna while you're here, do you mind some clean-up that us mortals cannot do?
@animuson done :)
well, partially anyway.
@mos - planning a visit? ;)
2 hours later…
7:24 PM
@Lix - Would love to. See this, btw.
@Moshe You're not allowed to use the word 'savagery', silly. People will pick out that one word and call the whole document hate speech.
@AnnaLear That's what Markov-chain generated text does; look like real text. You take a corpus of input text (say, a load of SO posts), classify the words (nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc). then rescramble while keeping sentence structure intact. Voila, nonsense answers that are not quite gibberish but certainly close. There is no meaning in any such posts, so they certainly are not answers.
But if they're not answers, and they're not spam, what's the point?
Both of the questions he answered are fairly bad, just close and delete them and don't worry about the content of his answer if you want to take the easy way out. :P
@MartijnPieters I disagree. Either I'm reading the answers completely wrong (which I suppose is possible), or there is some meaning there. It's not just scrambled nonsense.
7:32 PM
@AnnaLear See pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen for the most famous example.
Not quite nonsense, but not sense either.
I really don't see that here.
Ah, Jeff wrote on the subject as well: codinghorror.com/blog/2008/06/markov-and-you.html
I have to agree with Anna on this one. That is actually an answer, albeit a painful to read one.
@mootinator: Then tell me what he is talking about.
Summarize it.
Take the other post by the same 'author' into account too.
A: How important is inter-linking to seo (for Google)

romanterryHow To Inter-Link Your Pages. Onpage seo optimization -- Inner link Silos. You call it Interlinking, sometimes they say Internal Links, sometimes "on-page link silos" But we are I believe relating to the same thing. The answer before this one, came from an experienced person with SEO with one e...

@MartijnPieters He's running down the bits of html he thinks are most important to stuff keywords in (which is ostensibly what the question asks for). The italicized bit seems to be a bit of an appeal to authority and/or scatterbrained joke of some sort.
7:38 PM
The input for the generator includes the text of the page being posted on, of course, to make it fit in better.
@mootinator Now go and read pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen/rooter.pdf
@MartijnPieters That's a terrible question. I can't determine whether rambling answers it =)
@mootinator good catch, and not his first time: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/156079/138112
You'll notice it has the same effect on you. You feel as is some non-native speaker is trying to say something, but you never can quite figure out what it is they are saying.
@Pekka Ah thanks for following up on that.
@Pekka: I'll put these to you as well: stackoverflow.com/users/816112/romanterry
7:43 PM
@MartijnPieters :) that is a bot though, isn't it?
Both posts by that account are generated texts. Context-free grammars to output text that almost reads like real text.
Or a very, very disturbed human being
@MartijnPieters yeah, worth flagging and burninating IMO
Flagged them, but Anna and Mootinator here are not convinced the texts are generated.
@MartijnPieters That document clearly doesn't go anywhere though.
@mootinator: It's a longer piece.
but if you posted 2 paragraphs here on SO, you'd think it was just as genuine as the two posts I linked to.
I now think the attempt should have included spam links, but due to a bug the hotels parts didn't get linked.
7:47 PM
The only thing that makes me halfway reconsider is the website in the user profile.
Just saying, I can cut most of the cruft out of the first answer and summarize:
"1. URL
2. Title
3. H1 tag
4. H2 tag
5. h3 and h4, no more than one of each
6. Text directly after the h2 tag

I got this information from Orbitz staff."
I tried to blockquote again.
I keep saying I'm not going to but I always do :P
The weird part of that answer to me is the "award acceptance speech" bit at the end acknowledging all the help with the mediocre answer ;)
That being said, I'm all for sending any and all so-called "seo experts" on a rocket into the sun.
@mootinator My history professor did that with the subway ad. sigh
1 hour later…
9:23 PM
(I am right)
10:24 PM
(Affirmative, dog.)
10:38 PM
Thank you, mootinator.
Man, no one knows how to lose at the last second better than the Carolina Panthers.
I bet the Saskatchewan Roughriders could give them a run for their money.
In fact.
This would be hard to beat in any case:

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