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12:50 AM
Q: What's wrong with my code.

Adeq HeroI have this code for returning percentage of grades less than 60. But it doesn't result in the desired percent. Someone help me figure out what's wrong. public float getPercentFailing(float[] grades) { float sum= 0; for (int i = 0; i < .6; i++) { sum = sum + grades[i]; ...

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2:11 AM
@AnnaLear Done. That's a duplicate several times over, but I'm not sure where a good source post is and I got distracted searching...so answer it is. :P
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4:50 AM
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1:47 PM
just wondering if anyone knows whether a feature has ever been considered that would allow someone who has answered and been selected by the OP as the best answer, but then decides he or she did not provide the best answer to indicate this in some way
I've seen a few discussions, but it's usually asked from the perspective of a third person (not the answerer), and/or the answer has also been upvoted (perhaps even more than other answers)
That's usually done with a comment and an upvote on the "better" answer.
In my case, I am the third person, but the selected answer provider said explicitly in a comment that the OP should accept my answer because his was incorrect, so... idunno
It just seems to me that it would be nice for him to be able to click something that would just indicate that he disagrees with the selection: stackoverflow.com/questions/7820930/…
it might lighten the selected indicator and put a question mark over it - no recalculation of reputation or anything, just an indicator
If the poster of an accepted answer thinks his answer is wrong, he should delete his answer. If he thinks another one is better, he can update his answer or place a comment on his answer to highlight a better answer.
that is an option, indeed
I might comment back to him and suggest for the benefit of those that don't look further down the page that he change his answer/copy mine in there
Not an ideal option, but I don't think this come up often enough or to warrant making such a huge change
1:55 PM
ah well - I think it would be a good feature, but it's one more thing to add to the complexity
it really only happens when the asker is new or almost never visits and doesn't care about the site
...at least doesn't care very much
not knowing about this site in particular, but being in web development, I would think it COULD be programmed by one person in a day or less, maybe a few more for testing(?)
you've got the graphics (fairly simple), the code to handle hovering and feedback to the person saying they disagree, a path to a single additional field for a DB record (essentially "contestedByAnswerProvider" or similar) then a path back to the browser to render that to viewers, no further calculations or sorting - doesn't seem like a "huge change" to me, but..... again, ah well
anyways - thanks for hearing me out
huge change = new buttons, sort ordering, display changes (for the indicator).
For a simple site, it's easy enough, sure.
But everything that happens on SO is logged, traceable, can be reverted, etc. So a lot more happens in the background than just the UI
then there's testing of new features, introducing the feature to users, faq changes, responding to the inevitable flood of meta posts that follows every new change, ...
So yeah, huge effort
(p.s. I don't really know what happens behind the scene, really. I'm just blowing smoke while waiting for code to compile.... tra la la ..)
2:11 PM
with all the things that aren't documented in the faq?
this could certainly be one that need not make the cut
but its all relative and is about ROI in the end
2:51 PM
Sits here writing the same code over and over because it's clear he's a masochist. Also a sadist.
3:15 PM
Why would Resharper tell me to replace !IEnumerable.Any() with IEnumerable.All(). I would think the first would perform better.
Er, no I suppose not.
I should drink coffee in the morning or something.
3:30 PM
@ShawnChin You can't delete your own answer while it is accepted, so either one must get the asker to unaccept, or find a mod willing to delete it (unless it has a negative score, then finding three high-rep users voting to delete it would work).
3:54 PM
@CodeJockey I think that someone's requested that before, but I'd have to find it.
@TimStone It would be neat to see the opinion of more of community about that possibility, so I would be interested in seeing that question
Q: Allow Accepted Answer recipient to give it away

TheTXIThe idea is that sometimes someone will post an answer and get the accepted answer award, even when it is obvious that someone else has an answer that is more correct. This can be done either through the OP's laziness in only awarding the check mark to the first decent answer, or because the OP j...

Well, that might be a bit beyond what you were thinking, but it's similar.
cool - yeah, I think that's something that crossed my mind, but it would take significantly more work and db linkings and I think a lot of people would think the OP should have more control
with my idea, it would be a superficial statement
the OP would be notified the same way they'd be notified of a comment, answer, or upvote, but no recalculation or sorting changes - just an indicator to people casually browsing the site that the answerer changed his mind
4:13 PM
@TimStone you ever do anything with auto-updating the user scripts? I think you talked about it at one point.
Yeah, I kind of got discouraged because Chrome made it stupid. >:/
But I guess it would still be worthwhile anyway, since it does save you the trouble of manually checking..
Q: Why can't I start a bounty?

JuiCeOn SO and Meta it will not let me start a bounty.... (Chrome dies here, but only sometimes) This last picture is where I get stuck. I press the "Start Bounty" button but nothing happens. I've tried entering a message for the user, even though it says "optional", but it still does not ...

old version causes that
come up a few times
Wait, really? How? O_o
github.com/rchern/StackExchangeScripts/commit/… is what I linked internally last time this came up, so let's go with that heh
Eh...I mean.
The old version of the script was causing exceptions after the share link was changed, but the userscripts run too late to impact the setup of any of the site code...so I'm confused where the conflict is. :/
4:20 PM
if (!revisions) {
				revisions = "/posts"
					+ postLink.replace(question, "").replace(/#.*/, "")
was where the js error was being thrown
Either way though, I've had a lot of stuff unexpectedly dumped on me this last week and a half, but assuming no one tries to take this weekend away from me I'll look into the update notification this weekend after I finish what I was doing with Data Explorer.
@RebeccaChernoff Right, I know there was an error, I just don't see how that error was impacting anything else.
yeah, don't remember all the details, been a while since we found the cause
Well...I'll look into it, but I don't know how much good it'll do.
Not to be difficult, but I'm having a hard time believing that the userscript was to blame in this case. :P
And when it threw the exception, it might have prevented the script from showing any update notification anyway...but I'll see what can be done about that.
I mean, we debugged it down to that and disabling it fixes it, so (;
After Emmett fixed the missing variable declaration?
4:30 PM
we just went through several people disabling, seeing it is fixed, installing latest and still ok.
that's what made me think about the auto-updating.
Well, I can't argue with that then. :)
Yeah, I get it now.
4:52 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Alright, I'll protect all the scripts against interfering in this way.
That said, the bounty response has (as far as I know) zero reason to wrap its JavaScript in $(function() {}). If it just did (function () {})() it wouldn't have been at the mercy of my TypeError based on a quick test with Fiddler.
So you were right, totally the userscript's fault and I will address this both directly and with looking into the update notification feature. :)
chrome's silly install limitations would be another win for auto-updating.
or maybe it's time to go to a full extension which handles that
Probably need to come up with a few more features first, most of the nifty stuff has been implemented natively now. :P
Extension would be more robust though, yeah.
@TimStone damn devs
I mean, uhhh
Hahah. ;)
@TimStone Hmm, actually, I don't even think that we need to be using $() |:
Everyone should totally drop that and use jQu...wait.
I do recommend proactively fixing the dialog by the way, in case it's not my fault next time. :P
5:13 PM
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6:38 PM
How can a user have a rep of only 89 (got accotiation bonus) but having no questions and no answers?
deleting answers or questions
Since you have to have over 125 to downvote
ahh - downvotes of answers could be it. the user is a moderator
Then yeah, that would likely be the case
What site has a mod with so little activity and rep?
english language and usage.
it is jeff :)
6:44 PM
78 up / 83 down
You know he has an RSS feed set up for .
83 down? That would put him at ~40 rep ...
The number reflects down votes on deleted content
Also includes free downvotes on questions.
7:04 PM
We'm going to make a userscripts which pluralizes ALL THE EVERYTHINGS!
Anyone know where to find the question about why people who edit questions behave differently than people who edit answers? I saw it earlier today but can't track it down now. And I didn't actually visit it, so it's not in my browser history.
Somebody set up the TimSignal
< ( T )
7:26 PM
@PopularDemand Hmm
@PopularDemand Maybe this?
I'm not sure I've seen the post you're referring to, unfortunately.
That's the closest one I found, too. It's not quite right. I dunno, maybe the question I'm looking for doesn't exist, and I'm misremembering, or misread some other title earlier without realizing it.
Thanks for trying, at any rate.
Sure thing. If I stumble across something more relevant I'll let you know.
7:50 PM
@PopularDemand I have this issue a lot on meta
8:28 PM
Any SO mods around?
8:56 PM
Hi all ^_^
in Mos Eisley on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 5 mins ago, by Neal
I just procured http://thedoctorisawesome.com -- What shall I do with it? ^_^
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10:45 PM
Why are usernames in the author/editor info fields of user cards on CW answers sometimes bold and sometimes not?
11:03 PM
For reference, examples of the above behavior: the deleted answers to this question.
11:27 PM
Huh, there's actually another inconsistency too, where one only-self-edited answer says "x revisions" where another says "x revisions <user>"
11:37 PM
Also revisions versus "revs"
There were some changes to the display around that time, so perhaps that's related. Doesn't seem like the dates work out quite right though...but if we add in a little hand waving and go "Oh, magic from the before-times", I'm willing to believe that makes sense.
Oh no, actually it does. It looks like when the change was made, all non-deleted CW posts had that field updated, maybe, so anything deleted prior to the change has the pre-existing display.

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