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6:00 PM
Oh, you're here!
@mccarthynator eh?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Exactly what a communist sympathizer would say.
Hrmph. Canadians.
@mccarthynator Canadian? I am a New Yorker
A New Yorker who says eh? More like a Canadian spy.
I say "eh", but I was a covert agent in your country for six years.
6:03 PM
Nope. Born in Brooklyn. Raised in Long Island
Am I missing something?
<--- Has been role-playing his new name all day.
Just ignore me and I'll bore of it.
@mccarthynator ahhhh haaaa....
Q: Canada is not in England

Douglas SquirrelIf I visit http://careers.stackoverflow.com/employer/cv/18130 I see that this candidate wants to hear about positions in "Canada, England United Kingdom". Note there actually is a tiny village called Canada in the county of Hampshire - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellow,_Hampshire. However...

6:05 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA it's not? Damnit.
I don't buy that.
@mccarthynator lol read the comments.
Commonwealth games?
6:08 PM
rrrg what a waste of 300 rep....
I was going to post a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head for you but I didn't get around to it in time.
I was going to post an answer that was entirely in a spoiler, but then you wouldn't have been able to see it.
>! This needs to work in chat, so we can exclude people.
There's actually a feature request for that.
Q: Why doesn't chat allow spoilers?

Kendall FreyStack Overflow allows spoilers in the form: >! SPOILER Example: Why doesn't chat support them? They would be quite useful, especially for rooms that are frequently off topic and often have dicussions about movies etc. Many other sites, like Arqade, would make even better use of spoilers.

@TimStone lol im not always on the iPad
like now
6:13 PM
I know, but it was funnier that way.
It's 12:15.
That means I should mention about how I don't have lunch plans.
I just got up. Lunch isn't until 5pm...
There appears to be some leftover pizza here.
6:17 PM
> take leftover pizza
> leftover pizza transfer initiated...please wait
> take pizza
> use pizza
    that didn't work
> BANANAS !== pizza
> It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
I'd be more afraid of being eaten by a Rebecca.
6:21 PM
@RebeccaChernoff ? @animuson
I uh...what?
@RebeccaChernoff LURKER :-P that was waaay too fast lol
That settles it.
@RebeccaChernoff is not deaf.
Well, I'm working...so I have chat open...and you @lerted me, so my computer made nose and showed a desktop notification, so...
6:22 PM
Once again, I find myself regretting speaking in The Tavern.
@mccarthynator Knowing is half the battle.
Anyone else having problems opening this question? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/145534/…
@RebeccaChernoff ahhh noses
I just get a blank page
6:24 PM
No repro here.
Can't right-click to view source, but developer tools shows that it actually loads
@Jim I suspect the question has flagged you as a security risk.
@mccarthynator hehe
Perhaps there is some content in there that IE8 can't handle?
6:25 PM
idk abt that
The only odd content I'm aware of on that page is just a bunch of RTL characters...
@Jim That...is interesting.
@animuson MOO HAHAHA :-P
Unless someone hid some characters in their text...
@animuson @Jim did say IE8. It renders nothing for no apparent reason.
6:26 PM
I am able to repro in IE9 @Jim
Trying that page in IE9 makes it go to "compatibility view" whatever that is. Wow, long time since I've even opened that browser.
Only works in compat view
It's just a sign to stop using IE
I'm pretty sure I've disabled compat view
6:27 PM
I only use IE to test Stack Overflow as a guest so I don't have to logout on my real browser.
A sign, yes. An option - sadly no
You could use one_of(firefox,chrome,opera) for that
Perhaps you should add a note to the question that mentions that those characters break IE... Oh wait...
Firefox is already logged in as well.
and Opera is, well, Opera
Compatibility mode seems to do the trick
6:29 PM
Weird, IE reverses the "x mins ago" text as well as the username.
Now I can go back to being productive!
@animuson lol that is all browsers :-P
Except it's Friday afternoon....
It doesn't do that in Chrome...
@animuson of course it does :-)
6:31 PM
Weird, Chrome forwards the username.
@animuson my name is backwards there :-P
Oh you mean IE reverses oga sruoh 5
@mccarthynator Forwards it to where?
^ IE
6:33 PM
That proves IE is backwards
@mccarthynator hmmm yea. now I see. interesting.
lol but my name is backwards all over ^_^ @Bart
I blame Canada.
Who's on first?
@mccarthynator Thats what I asked.
6:35 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Who is on first!
@mccarthynator I don't know who.
What's the guy's name on second.
I don't know...
hehe screwed up there i did :-P
Can someone move the nose image to bin?
6:42 PM
will move it to your Meta question to account for Yannis's laziness
The transcript
and/or the nose
and done
@Jim I rolled back. That was unnecessary.
sorry. but it was.
can't really disagree with you
6:47 PM
@Shog9 a little big to pick, no?
Hence the cropping
@Shog9 ahhh nice. I did not notice that :-P
Well anyway. Have a good weekend people. and for people in the US have a great Labor Day weekend!
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Jerk.
Apparently I've visited Meta Stack Overflow on 1000 different days.
I know what you meant by that is "@mootinator, have a terrible Labor Day weekend!"
6:54 PM
@PopularDemand 1000 steps closer to losing your mind, nicely done. You're also ahead of me by 274
@PopularDemand That must set a record for non-employees. Some terrible, terrible record. I think... I'm going to leave now.
Let me preemptively say that it's not my fault.
...That is all.
...except that it really is. I know better. Don't let him fool you.
@RebeccaChernoff Actually the wheel of blame just implicated you. Sorry.
data.se has some new hotness. and it's all @Tim's changes. so yeah, pretty sure it is his fault.
7:00 PM
@mccarthynator has a long history of blaming people, you should believe him.
@PopularDemand My condolences
@TimStone Yes. In fact, I don't trust anyone with red hair.
(I wonder if I can get @Pop to quickly cycle through the room just by pinging him again)
ugh, this tab still shows a huge nose on top
Why would you do that?
Don't you like noses?
If this room were open I could dispose of the noses
7:13 PM
Wow... > 12hours without getting logged out. Nice work, @tim-rchern!
What'd we do? :P
fixed shit
@mccarthynator will surely be furious that the main page of Meta has run red with
the main page IS MINE mwuahahaha
Ooooo pretty
7:16 PM
Tim going for some rep? You're not even on the 1st page anymore!
The fix for your feature is coming later tonight by the way, @jadarnel27 (so don't look for it just yet)
@animuson What?!
Son of a...
Wait, that might be a positive thing.
(sanity and what not)
@TimStone this would make sense to have closed as a dupe of the one you linked in your answer?
Sanity is highly overrated.
@TimStone Noooo.
7:19 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, that's makes sense. I think I was on the fence about it when I answered.
Ohhh easy tag to kill ^_^
@TimStone Cool! It's all good, thanks for the heads up =)
@TimStone [status-decline] this?
@TimStone I'll change it to support instead of feature-request and leave it open...that's probably better
7:22 PM
I can't think of a use case where it would be necessary, since updates to the data already take care of this.
if you run it with different values for parameters it correctly queries it without cache, right?
@RebeccaChernoff Yep
I actually should have retagged it when I answered, that was my bad.
yep to which? (:
(and I agree that the retagging makes more sense looking at the question now)
7:42 PM
If any of you all like Muse, their new song, "Madness", is really cool.
Very different direction from the other music I've heard by them.
7:58 PM
Man, what is it with Canada and body parts washing up on beaches?
8:16 PM
hey hey
8:28 PM
Currents bring them from Miami Harbor where Dexter leaves them.
8:53 PM
why did changing my email on one SE site change my network email?
i'm getting SE emails in another inbox now...
@Purmou Do you mean notification emails or filter emails?
Although AFAIK neither should be affected.
good question, only filters
Was it 'one SE site' or 'your oldest account' (not that I know anything about it)
8:57 PM
filters being "New [tag] Questions..." right?
on a christianity.se
i tried going to the network profile and syncing with my oldest account (SO), which has my proper email
but no dice
Just tried testing it on my primary account and on a secondary account. My active filters were not affected. The suggested email when creating a new filter was changed both times (similar to the name that appears in the top bar on SE.com).
Or at least the interface tells me it wasn't affected; I haven't actually had a test email.
well yeah, there are also discrepancies in usernames
i changed my username on the same site, and the SE.com top bar shows that username, while the profile page shows my SO/everything else username
ah, i think you were the one I was talking to about this the other day
9:01 PM
Yeah, I mentioned it but couldn't find the link because I was on my phone.
mm, that's very strange...
think we could merge the email/username errors and repost it?
That's not a bad idea.
eh, worse comes to worst, i'll split them up. but they are similar enough
also, hilarious:
Ah, I see the problem: they're silently dropping the t off the end of your name. It's supposed to be Twit. Yeah, that looks like a bug. — The Establishment May 3 at 5:57
Yeah, probably the same root cause. If you made a newer post covering both of them, I'd VtC my old one as a dupe of it. (It doesn't look like the old report is going to get any love.)
9:06 PM
I wonder why I don't get that behavior.
@mccarthynator You see "mootinator" in the header on SE.com, not "mccarthynator"?
Yeah. And I just changed movies.se to "movienator"
And didn't see that either.
I only have one ID associated with my accounts, though.
Aha. The header only changes when the email address is changed. Changing the name alone doesn't trigger it. @Purmou
9:11 PM
We’re hiring a #JavaScript developer to work on #nodejs + UI in Newbury, UK. Drop me a line if you keep your JS clean, tidy and TDD’d! (RT!)
clean, tidy, and TDD'd? like, all three? that's ridiculous.
Might as well just go ahead and ask for a node.js developer with 8 years experience.
1 hour later…
10:45 PM
Happy hour again? That week went by in like no time...
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