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1:16 AM
And here I was wondering who to blame... 'ello there @Zypher
@TimStone if i was to blame i'd already be here :)
You did swoop in suspiciously close to the time that chat started working again. :P
Although I see Rebecca is still here too, I'm alright with just assuming it was her fault.
of course
1:36 AM
so practically everything reloaded except my question's score :P
pretty sure in chat they don't go negative, but don't quote me on that
2:35 AM
lol @jcolebrand
your comment on Harvey's answer
3:01 AM
okay, now it's just bullshit that it was deleted
what was deleted? The post on Meta?
The question was deleted like 2 hours ago, at least
I'm looking for a good soul with 10k to copy one of my answers because the question has been removed to oblivion
I just want to save the answer because it had a sentimental value to me
@Purmou yes, try that again ;-)
@jcolebrand what do you mean?
3:09 AM
I said "the question was deleted like 2 hours ago, at least
oh lol
whatever, i guess
not much a lowly newb like me can do when pitted against the oldest of the old farts
I'm still 9,190 rep away from ever looking at my dearest post on SO again...
@ThiefMaster you here?
That depends on the reason you are asking. :p
was just wondering if you could help out @bubbassauro
3:15 AM
@bubbassauro: "Is a masters degree overkill?"?
@ThiefMaster and @Purmou you are good people :)
I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much!
@ThiefMaster out of curiosity, can you get the link to that answer's revisions?
stackoverflow.com/posts/25655/revisions - probably won't work for your as you are <10k
3:19 AM
indeed it doesn't
not really spectacular anyway
has there been a feature request for users with answers on deleted questions to be able to retrieve it?
Q: Show all of my question/answers to me even if they are deleted

vavaI would really like to see all of my questions and answers on the profile page, even if some of them were deleted, and I don't have enough rep to see them on the site. (Note that some questions are automatically deleted after 30 days or 1 year, and the author might be oblivious about what happen...

i love how jeff answers something and 's it
and then never returns to negotiate
plus declined the wrong suggestion anyways :P
3:39 AM
I like Jeff's controversial reasoning
well thanks again for retrieving that post, it was very helpful for me to remember what I was thinking a few years ago :)
I think his statement in the comments, "it would lead to unbelievable amounts of whining", coupled with his answer, pretty much nails it.
someone view my profile and tell me what info they see
If it's already been deleted, it's probably for a decent reason. Letting every user stare at all their pet answers that have been deleted would probably lead to a lot of whining.
@jadarnel27 I honestly doubt it--being able to retrieve the answers, at least for a short timeframe, would be very nice
@Purmou I sort of agree; but I think it would lead to many (mostly fruitless, nonconstructive) meta discussions about something that wouldn't even have been noticed.
3:47 AM
good point
Gmail is blocked at my new work. That is so... un-brown.
Yup. All webmail, actually.
that's sad
people still do that?
There's a ton of stuff on the blocked list there.
All social networking sites, not that you really need to use those at work.
Social network, in their opinion, includes LinkedIn. Which I thought was funny =)
3:54 AM
4:25 AM
I just realized Purmou and I are exactly 1k rep apart from each other on SO.
@jadarnel27 Hullo
@amanaplan - You made it into my notes from last semester
@jadarnel27 tired, coding like three things at once
Probably not the best thing to do while tired ;-)
Yea, not at all
Well, I should be off to sleep shortly.
I need good coding music though.
4:28 AM
Actually, literally coding three things at once seems like a bad idea regardless. I imagine you'd end up typing code into the wrong IDE windows.
Heh, I'm not literally coding three things at once.
Humans are not nearly as good as computers at multithreading.
Have 3 open projects.
@Moshe spotify
@jadarnel27 I find it hard to use three keyboards simultaneously. I bet if I was a better programmer I could
I can't use 3 pillows concurrently, but I can use 2 at a shot.
Which I shall now do.
4:30 AM
@Moshe It may sound odd, but I think dubstep (Skrillex, for example) is good coding music. It's just kind of energetic, background noise.
@jcolebrand Don't worry, you'll get to that point once you have some more experience under your belt.
All the best coders use at least 3 keyboards. And two mice.
@jadarnel27 Someone told me that recently. Agreed.
4:41 AM
@jadarnel27 upvote for an upvote? ;P
i'm so frustrated being stuck at 4,995
i want to approve tag wikis already! :P
Hahah. To break out of the mental torture that is being stuck right before some imaginary threshold?
Even more imaginary for me, considering there are no 4k privileges.
well, i'll upvote two of your answers then!
(it's not like we're bribing each other since they're good answers)
and we can both get each other the good answer badge 8D
I would be careful about claiming that my answers are good answers.
my top answers are usually answers to dumb questions :P
for example
A: aligning an absolute div to the center

Purmou.wrapper { width:1000px; position:absolute; left:50%; margin-left:-500px; }

Samesies. One of mine is just telling the OP to use UNION ALL, rather than UNION, in an SQL query.
4:47 AM
which is also a dupe answer XD
ugh, can't believe the literature beta got closed :(
@Purmou There you go, +1 on that answer because I like the explanation, alternate method, and use of .on.
(rather than just voting one of your top answers - that's too easy)
@jadarnel27 i like this one of yours:
A: Random color generation using PHP

jadarnel27You could Generate one random decimal number betweem 25 and 230 (your "base" number) Generate 3 random numbers between 1 and 25 (arbitrarily deciding whether they will be positive or negative) Add those three numbers to your base number to get three different numbers (your R, G, and B) Repeat s...

nice answer for someone who claims to not know PHP :D
5:02 AM
who needs to know PHP to answer 60% of the questions on the tag?
haha, good point
You just have to be good at C-like interfaces, and know how to use the man
next privilege for me is mod tools
there are a few other users my age that i need to beat out...
for example
minitech, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
45.9k 7 43 83
been a member for only 3 months more than me
and has 9 times my rep
2 hours later…
6:41 AM
I understand the tag with interview-questions on SO has been removed. Are those questions deleted/migrated ?
If there was a question that was asked in an interview and I didn't know the correct answer to it. Where should I be asking that ?
4 hours later…
10:12 AM
Wow, what happened to this "Stone of David" question? I guess it got nuked, but it seems even the OP is completely gone
3 hours later…
12:48 PM
@Bart Yeah, it got removed automatically when the user was destroyed.
@TimStone I guess you can't say much about it, but I'm just curious: this was a request from the OP?
(The account removal that is)
I guess so, I don't know why else the user would have been deleted. That said, the OP doesn't seem to have gotten particularly upset in the comments or anything, so I'm not sure what triggered that.
Yeah, that's why it surprised me. Especially since he was researching online communities.
1 hour later…
1:57 PM
> My greatest dream is to become a Stack Overflow moderator.
Oh wow :D
Sounds more like a nightmare to me :D
Oh yesh, waking up to eleventy gazillion flags is my idea of fun
2:23 PM
@OliverSalzburg Kind of depends on who said it, doesn't it?
@PopularDemand He did
1 hour later…
3:36 PM
I got a 0 score accepted answer on a question where every other post has a score of at least 1.
4:09 PM
Q: Can old features ever be changed?

PurmouI've made my fair share of controversial suggestions (one was a stupid joke) on meta regarding features of the site that have been around for a while unchanged, as I'm sure a great deal of users have. One thing I've noticed on Meta is that a lot of feature requests that suggest changes to a feat...

someone may want to tag this a bit better
@Purmou Heh, that's one of my favorite answers =) I like to do creative things using randomization. Something I've been intrigued by since I started programming.
4:47 PM
hey, anyone who's here
Q: Can old features ever be changed?

Purmou Possible Duplicate: Can we re-request features that were declined a sufficient while ago? I've made my fair share of controversial suggestions (one was a stupid joke) on meta regarding features of the site that have been around for a while unchanged, as I'm sure a great deal of users h...

think it's a proper dupe?
I voted to reopen.
well that went from 1 to 5 in seconds
Well, 1 to 3.
and back to 1
took me until @jcolebrand said that to realize you're talking about votes
i meant reopen votes
4:58 PM
PHP SOAP call sample?
Anyone have a good reference for passing in a few vars, I'll take any Stack Overflow resource or otherwise
I meant reopen votes too.
Anna Lear reopened the post at three votes with a mod-vote.
ah, k
should i remove the sub-list of each of the links?
that have my opinions?
2 hours later…
6:57 PM
A: Reversing a year long ban on Meta Stack Overflow

Tim PostI purposefully waited a little while prior to answering this, and the tl;dr; version of this is I'm a sympathetic ear that thinks the question block worked in your favor. I'll address the suspension at the end of this post. Background Some years ago while our daughter was still quite small, she...

now that's an answer
1 hour later…
8:11 PM
Mmm. Answering my own question FTW.
8:37 PM
At least you found a solution, heh
I should really test that.
9:17 PM
No need, just leave it untested and ready for someone to unwittingly copy and paste.
Not that anyone in my office would copy and paste code without verifying it, of course.
shakes head
@TimStone Meh, already fixed it.
9:34 PM
If anyone ever doubts again that accept rate comments sometimes go too far...
A: set image from gallery to imageview and aging doing same so getting error in android

Andy ResNo one will give you the solution, with 0% accept rate, and a such uninformative description.

@Bart What ever do you mean? That is clearly an accept rate answer, so it cannot possibly support your assertion in any way.
@PopularDemand I have already flagged it as not an answer. My statement here is under the assumption that it will be converted into a comment soon.
Ah! The preempt. Very nice.
I know my flagging
I downvoted and flagged as well. I wonder if flags raised by two Marshals get reviewed faster than those raised by merely one.
9:41 PM
And to top it off, it got accepted...grrr
This is the one time I hope for a Meta post on "Why was my accepted answer removed"...
That question is a train wreck, though.
It's terrible. And given the user's activity I would not be surprised that this results in a question ban at some point. :(
Argh, it wasn't converted to a comment, it was just deleted outright. Should have seen that coming.
casperOne at it again...if it wasn't this late I would go to Meta and rant
9:57 PM
I think I'll just accept this as another lesson that I shouldn't waste time trying to provide help to those who are unwilling or unable to accept it.
It's not like there's a shortage of people who are willing and able to be helped.
@PopularDemand Can you help me on this one?
Q: How does the Spam Flag work?

KipIt is possible to flag a post as Spam. What is the effect of the Spam flag? When should the Spam flag be used? Is there any way to remove Spam flags? How does the Spam flag differ from the Offensive flag? Return to FAQ Index Related: How does the Offensive Flag work?

I think there's a flaw in one of the rules.
Just to be clear, you know I'm a regular guy, not a mod or dev, right?
I know. I just want someone with insight to look at it too.
Okay. Ah, I see the rule you're talking about.
Hmm, are you sure it's currently behaving as written? That could be a typo. I feel like this was discussed before, a long time ago.
Oh hey, a @Shog9.
dammit, I have the worst timing
10:03 PM
Then it's the same typo on the FAQ for Offensive Flags.
Of course, that might be a little copa-pasta
Please, we both know it brightens your day when I'm here.
But I flagged you down for Xaade's benefit, this time.
I just came in for a beer
what's up, @Xaade
Your grav is red. That's brighter than mine?
@Shog hey.
Sorta-kinda related:
Q: Show us the flagged revision for Spam/offensive flags

Ben BrockaYesterday I got a puzzling flag; someone flagged a Not Constructive question as "Offensive". I went and closed it but dismissed the offensive flag with a "WTF". Upon reviewing the revision history, the post originally opened with an offensive remark; enough for me to immediately suspend the user....

You know one of my pet peeves. Microsoft writing a method that guarantees a returned array... then returns null so you can't blindly foreach the method results.
10:06 PM
Q: Reduce the spam/offensive revision owner's 100 reputation when a post was flaged as spam or offensive is more reasonable

Roy1In How does the Offensive Flag work?, I read the description about a post earned 6 flags (spam or offensive): 6 flags (spam or offensive): post is locked, deleted, and the first revision owner loses 100 reputation. I think this rule is unreasonable. Let us imagine such a scene: I po...

@PopularDemand Ah, so it's the honor system. Edit rights users aren't likely to post spam.
Maybe a better system would be for people to see and vote on which revision has the spam.
That might merit some review given that 1) any anonymous user can now suggest edits and 2) a lot of suggested edits get approved inappropriately.
If we could solve #2, we'd be okay.
I rarely approve, most are too minor.
I'll automatically approve code-blocks and appropriate retags.
Other than that, I only approve if it significantly clears up the ability to understand the question.
The problem with code blocks is that some people try to edit their proposed solutions directly into question code blocks instead of just writing an answer.
I rarely judge code block edits either way because 99% of the time I don't know the language and/or don't have enough context.
I meant, I'll accept an edit that puts code into a missing code block.
10:13 PM
Ah, gotcha. Very good then. Those just fall under "formatting" in my mental classification system.
Alright. Thanks for the effort. I can see where the flag rep loss is a delicate situation.
I'll see you later.
He was overwhelmed with emotion from being needed that it rendered him speechless, of course.
Although congrats on getting a bunch of new minions. (And if you haven't convinced everyone in the Denver office that they're all your minions... well, that doesn't seem very Shog-like.)
Indeed, the sales legion grows larger.
Tell them if they need practice wining and dining, I'm always open to a free meal.
10:28 PM
@PopularDemand Haven't met any of them yet. Headed up Monday. Free drinks!
And here I thought you had negotiated unlimited open bar into your contract when you started working for SE.
@PopularDemand It means less when you work from home. Yeah, it's there, always open... But, uh, I also have to restock it.
Yeah, ensuring that the restocking is paid for is kind of an important clause.
Contract negotiation is full of subtleties like that.
10:43 PM
HAH, didn't get me that time rate limiter shakes fist I did get captcha'ed once though...
If anyone's interested in the IT Security election, you can now check out the digest.
11:35 PM
Are they really having that big of a problem with spam flags?
Also, @Shog9 the "Filed under [background]" thing on the latest blog looks like part of Joe's information. Kind of weird. Maybe that line should clear the float to the right...
@animuson Yup. Fixed.

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