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1:40 AM
2:19 AM
2:50 AM
Brown! (mobile edition™)
3:06 AM
Waffles. http://t.co/7TfXjdiy
That was a tasty waffle.
3:38 AM
I'm boiling my tongue.
3 hours later…
6:09 AM
Q: M.A.C cosmetics company profile?

sdfedsWhat actually happened, he said, was that after about a week he found the same watch on the table at his office.http://www.maccosmetics-ol.com

Oh, so that's what happened.
Hmm, bad onebox, linkifying that link!
6:38 AM
"Say hello to my little friend. No really, my friend is little. He's just a stun gun."
2 hours later…
9:01 AM
Ahhhh Justin Bieber episode of Glee! O.O
9:12 AM
@animuson Run! Run for your lives! And your ears! And your sanity!
Psh, this is by far the best episode ever.
I should get a Bieber jacket! I should Bieberize myself!!!
My hair is long enough... I just have to style it... o.o
Then I'll use that picture as my Gravatar so you can always see Biebermuson mwuahahaha
9:28 AM
A $2.5bn device lands on Mars in 2012, and it sends black-and-white pictures?
It'll be a few days before it sends the colored ones
2 hours later…
11:33 AM
Because of bandwidth?
@animuson I smell a SO april fools joke in the making
12:01 PM
A movie review on Wired about a movie that sports a North Korean invasion of the United States.
> ... So if you want to watch good-looking young men gun down hapless North Korean soldiers against the backdrop of your local schools, churches and shopping malls, the Milius-free Red Dawn could be just the thing. But act fast. This is one cinematic invasion almost certain to collapse quickly.
12:26 PM
pokes the room.
So have you ever seen a comment thread that was so hidden-Markov-like that you thought the questioner was a bot?
A: Somehow I am doing something wrong on StackOverflow

GamecatThe question is not bad, but it can use some improvements: Keep to the point, there is a lot of text and that makes it hard to get to the question. Code samples are great, but show only those really needed for the question. Provide a title that matches the question, and do not include the tags....

Read the comments on this answer. What on earth is JohnSmith saying?
Let me take a look.
@ErnestFriedman-Hill If he lets his browser check for spells, that'll suck him into something (black magic) he doesn't want to be sucked into. Or something that makes less sense.
@ErnestFriedman-Hill That is...bizarre sounding.
Spellcheckers are SkyNet
12:39 PM
@ErnestFriedman-Hill OK I just read it and have no idea.. o.O
@jokerdino Glad it's not just me :)
Definitely not.
Bored users can try to figure this: meta.askubuntu.com/questions/3828/…
@jokerdino He needs to have 10 rep that didn't come from the association bonus.
Otherwise, he can't answer (because it's protected).
Oh. He bountied his rep away.
@jadarnel27 Can you answer that question then?
Heh. Sure thing.
12:49 PM
@jadarnel27 Where is it documented that association rep-fu is weaker than normal rep-fu? I have never heard about cases like this before.
@ErnestFriedman-Hill I think it's true in a few cases. I found it documented in the protected questions faq a while back.
Thanks again @jadarnel27!
@jokerdino No problem!
Wait, you got a twin brother? That's cool man :P
12:58 PM
Indeed it is. We are the coolest.
1:43 PM
Good morning all.
Aw darn. I now have two days where I got 195 rep on StackOverflow.
@Almo -- better than two days where you lost 195 rep :)
hahah Very try!
Also, it's weird that after two years on SO, I had one or two answers with 6 votes. A one-sentence answer got me 16 the other day.
I was irritated the other day when I got 290, could have had 300 if one lazy user had accepted a +5 answer.
1:48 PM
But only a tiny bit irritated (lest you think I am a rep-crazed madman)
Yeah, there is no logic to those super-high scoring answers. My few highest rated answers are not in any way special or outstanding, just lucky
My highest-rated answer on Meta is pointing out a typo in a tooltip :/
I know what you mean about being irritated, but not being a freak.
looks around at the freaks and madmen in here
<zombie> Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....... RRRREEEEEEEEEEEPPP
2:11 PM
Hey, anyone know why I sometimes lose my chat login, even though I'm logged in on a main site? On EL&U I'm logged in (Chrome) and when I go to chat it wants me to login again, which I'm OK with — but when I try it tries to create a new account for me instead of recognizing my current account.
Also, never mind why, really, but how can I get it to recognize my Gmail credentials?
I get the message: "This login is new to Stack Exchange: <account name>" ... but that is just wrong.
@Robusto Do you not currently use Gmail as your login? You might need to add it.
You can add it by going to your profile page and clicking on the "My logins" link right above the "about me" box.
@jadarnel27 I currently use Gmail on all my accounts. I have dozens. I am recognized on the main sites just fine, but this weirdness happens sometimes in chat. Like now.
Except I was able to log into this chat just fine. But still can't do it on ELU.
Oh. I don't know, then. That sounds odd.
Happens on my phone too.
@Robusto For what it's worth, this is chat.meta.stackoverflow, which is on a different server from chat.stackoverflow and chat.stackexchange (which is where English.SE would be).
2:18 PM
FWIW, I found a workaround. I went to english.stackexchange.com/users/chat-stackexchange-login and it accepted my credentials there without difficulty.
But, seriously, this kind of thing happens a lot. The authentication system on SE needs to be a little smarter, I think. Not much, but some. :)
I mean, if it recognizes my logins for different SE sites, it ought to recognize them for chatrooms without insisting that all it can do is create a new account with my totally recognized credentials. pause for nerd rage
nerd rage presumably ensued here
OK, I feel better now.
I've seen many complaints about the SE login system (in chat and on meta), but I have rarely had any problems with it at all.
@Robusto Glad to hear it =)
I use Google as my (only) OpenID provider, and I'm generally using the latest release/stable version of Chrome (or IE9 sometimes).
2:35 PM
@jadarnel27 Same situation, different result.
Very strange. If you'd like, I could throw around some networking terms I don't fully understand, acting as though they could be the problem.
mutters something about proxies and firewalls and junkandstuff
@jadarnel27 waves hands and shakes head indicating those are not the issue on this end, but if they are why would I be able to log in at all on the other sites and chats?
2:56 PM
@Robusto Haha, that's a fair point. It would be probably be across the board.
Perhaps it's a neuroscience graduate who got a job with SE and is doing a study on how long it takes someone to put up with the cognitive dissonance of a differentially failing login.
hey guys.
Anyone knows how rq=1 parameter works? Is there any q on that in meta.so?
@jokerdino I think it's appended to the links in the "related questions" list, and is used internally at SE to gauge how that feature is being used.
well, so it is not documented on the site, is it?
@jokerdino I don't think so. But I remember reading that somewhere. It may have been in this chatroom, though.
3:08 PM
Alright. Thanks so far.
I take it that atw is for twitter and cb is community bulletin.
I haven't seen "atw", but that is what I assumed about "cb" as well, yes.
Would it be okay asking for a question to document the different appendings?
Sure, if you're interested in it.
Ok, please ask one for me. :P
I am a coward.
And a bit shy.
Haha, I thought you meant you were going to ask one. I think you'll be fine. The question might not get much attention (I don't know), but I certainly don't think it would be received negatively.
3:17 PM
I .. am not sure.
@jokerdino Your other questions have fairly high scores, as well =)
It just happened to be.. You can call it fluke maybe?
Aha, one lame excuse. I don't want to miss my rep number.
OK fine. I'll ask one. :(
I'll gladly upvote it.
3:34 PM
I just asked a question. I hope one of you can better phrase it. I am in some severe lack of creativity o.O
err Tim. Couple minutes late? :/
Indeed, @TimStone found the post that I remembered reading. For some reason I could not find that using search.
Now I am in a dilemma whether to delete it or leave it otherwise.
3 hours ago, by jokerdino
pokes the room.
NOOoooo ouch ooooo~
It just wants to play, but it can crush an ordinary human with its weight.
Chat rooms are a bit... simple.
3:44 PM
@jokerdino I'd leave it. Hopefully the duplicate will make it more searchable.
@jadarnel27 That was swiftly closed.
I probably would have wanted to grab a list of such slugs though o.O
Based on Kevin Montrose's answer, it sounds like that could change pretty frequently.
(On an unrelated note, I just grabbed an announcer badge on Programmers.SE thanks to Reddit)
(I just joined reddit yesterday) (And just joined Programmers.SE a while ago)
@jadarnel27 That I agree.
Just leave it closed and find something interesting to do then. :-)
@jokerdino You have a very positive attitude.
@jadarnel27 Either that or I am feeling a little high at the moment.
3:50 PM
@Pekka The trick is to poke the room in it's hard drive with a large magnet before it pokes you back.
@jadarnel27 Well, if that comment was sincere, thanks.
@jokerdino Haha, it was. Most Many people get all rage-y about having their questions closed.
Even if the closing is warranted.
I am probably well beyond that stage.
I close at least 10 questions everyday in AU. That should have toughened me up. =)
OK before I talk more gibberish, I will leave this room.
@jadarnel27 that's mean
Does balpha know about this?
I...uh, yeah. Totally. He totally knows.
You definitely don't need to tell anyone. At all.
3:59 PM
Ah, okay then
If balpha knows that his rooms are being poked like that, there's no problem.
I suppose I shouldn't @ him either then, should I?
Would just waste his time needlessly
Right. Definitely not. He's a busy man.
Yeah. And it's still the middle of the business day here in Germany, so he'll have things to do.
Well, like the late middle of the business day
The very late middle
Actually, every sane soul is at home already and having dinner.
@Pekka So I assume you are neither in your domicile, nor consuming your evening meal?
@kiamlaluno why are you removing the tag?
4:14 PM
Should we continue to report bugs about /review in the New Feature: Community Review Tasks - Now in Beta post? Or make a separate one?
@jadarnel27 Make new posts.
Cool, thanks. I just got served a post that I had already voted to close in the past (but the close vote has since expired).
@jadarnel27 actually yes on the former, and soon also for the latter
But I'm working as well :)
Doing my taxes.
Did you know there is a VAT of 7% on short-distance train trips in Germany, but 19% on long-distance ones?
I do now.
I didn't want to know, but I had to nevertheless.
I did not know. That is very interesting information, Pekka.
4:30 PM
Oh, you think so?
I have tons more
I could put together a few paragraphs and copy & paste them in here.
That's okay. Too much interesting stuff like that in one day would probably overwhelm me.
Are anonymous users limited to one pending suggested edit per site?
Maybe one more interesting fact for the evening
When you purchase an item for your business, you can deduct it from your taxes, but the deduction has to be split across the number of years you are likely to use the item.
@PopularDemand that sounds vaguely accurate, but I can neither confirm nor deny.
4:36 PM
The number of years is officially defined in a table for each type of item.
For Airships (but not planes, and not helicopters) the number of years is 8.
I thought I just suggested an edit on SU, but I didn't get the "thanks, your edit will only be visible to you until it's reviewed..." message, and I can no longer suggest edits anywhere on SU.
@Pekka Interesting, I believe in the US you can choose whether you want to amortize or not.
@PopularDemand yeah, it used to be that way here as well, but they changed it
But they added a very confusing 20% that I can deduct in the year of purchase on top of everything else.
Ah well, we'll see
I'll just deduct the crap out of everything and see what happens.
Will someone send me printouts of new SO questions to jail?
Ah - I can see it before my eyes. Letter from Tübingen Jail
An Epic Meta feature-request that changes the course of SE history.
5:11 PM
Oh, I think it the suggested edit failed because I had a bunch of links and an image.
5:22 PM
Ugh. I hate writing titles.
5:42 PM
Yay, 1000 answers :D
Is there anyone here with at least 15 SU rep?
I have 101 SU reps, I believe.
Or 15 without the association bonus?
Would you please flag this post with a message along the lines of "please merge the account of this answerer and user #6442"? The header of the answer should explain everything.
5:58 PM
We're investigating it – hold tight. — slhck 6 mins ago
I feel like that should've been posted 6 minutes ago
I've seen it, but I appreciate the effort.
before someone else keeps flagging ;-)
@PopularDemand the heck happened?
6:11 PM
Still not sure.
But I haven't been able to log in in months, at least from my main/work computer.
A few days ago I posted this English SE question anonymously. When I got home I asked for the accounts to be associated, and now I'm logged in from here, too.
I assume it has to do with the corporate Internet filters.
A lot of things don't work properly.
I'm not sure why MSO and SO still work... but I'm not complaining.
Y'all want to see a truly terrible tag? Here: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/pin
At least four different meanings on the first page
The top four all use the word in a different way
6:14 PM
But the relevant point is that I'm hoping the same trick works on SU.
@PopularDemand it should, except that you have too much rep on Super User
so the merge fails & informs the devs, which they'll have to do so
Well, thanks for handling the flag so quickly.
@PopularDemand Yup, that's about it, but they know, so … you'll have to wait :)
Congratulations on your bling!
@slhck did the dirty work work, I was just checkin' :P
6:18 PM
Haha, thanks
Ah, make the rookies do the hard work while you just go around closing and deleting posts at random? Good times.
<----- grins
ah well, I'll be off to sleep. Have a good day!
Night @Sathya!
1 hour later…
7:27 PM
Dear FedEx, when you say you'll tell me what time you'll be back to deliver my machine and then you don't tell me, at least take the signed door tag and leave the box. Don't take the signed door tag and replace it with a new one.
8:02 PM
Mine and Yannis's comments on this post were rather serendipitous.
I almost went with the Scala wiki, too. That was a close one.
2 hours later…
9:53 PM
@devs/community team: I made a change to the View Close Votes privilege page to address the complaint that its description is unclear. Considering pushing it out.
10:04 PM
@jeremybanks suffice to say your change is currently live on meta?
10:45 PM
@jcolebrand Editing the privilege pages on meta just requires normal editing privileges; I did that myself. :)

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