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12:12 AM
Argh! I keep looking for [link] now and not seeing it...
A: Add social media sharing icons to the "link" popup

Rebecca ChernoffThe link in the post menu has been renamed to "share", and we've added the social media sharing icons/functionality to the popup like the other answers suggested. This will be enabled with our next deploy.

I blame... @jco!
Wait, that's status-completed?
I thought I had that from a userscript?
Oh, there IS a userscript in there as well ...
I give Josh at most 6-8 days to get used to that
12:32 AM
12:54 AM
Hmm, that reminds me that I need to script away that annoying referral link.
Oh, and I found out that my comment link-converter thingadongdong doesn't handle the /a/ links...Should make a note of that.
@TimStone huh
The short links drive me crazy.
When I'm linking to things on Meta I like to use the version with the slug, which requires me to open answer links in a new tab.
Gah, someone broke the userscript... :P
@PopularDemand I opted to hide my shame, by the way, heh.
@TimStone Fixed
1:11 AM
ah, yeah...that matching on the text annoyed me.
whoever added that class is awesome
I actually do have to give you props for that, much cleaner.
ooh, props from @TimStone? Day == made! (;
And you made @jcolebrand happy by implementing his feature, you might want to go gambling or something while you're still on a roll!
1:33 AM
Now, to see about that comment script...
what are you doing with comments?
I've got that script that converts bare network links into [title](short link) form, but I tried it with an /a/ link earlier and realised I wasn't handling that.
Also should bump the call over to API 2 for good measure I suppose.
1 hour later…
2:49 AM
@TimStone All day I have been thinking you got ripped off on that post. I just wrote down the request, freely admitting it was actually your idea =)
You do all the work, and get three upvotes =/
(while I'm bugging you @TimStone, I feel like this bug report could benefit from your professional meddling - as opposed to my amateur meddling)
2 hours later…
4:26 AM
This phone is going to burn my hand off!
5:03 AM
@TimStone: Almighty finder of things, I'm looking for that question about the previous revision showing when you click the edit button after improving an edit...
5:21 AM
@animuson that's a known issue, what do you need the post for?
Because that issue caused another, weirder issue with me.
@animuson If you're referring to the wolf spiders, that's also a known issue.
And I wanted to check what all that one covered so I know if I should report this separately.
I'll just post it and if it's a duplicate it can be closed. xP
Considering I've already written it all while waiting.
Q: Eeeek! What happened to my 5-minute grace period?

animusonThere was recently a question about how improving an edit caused the previous revision to appear when you clicked the edit button again (but I can't find it for some reason). I recently encountered this issue, when I improved an edit and removed the signature from the post. After submitting, I re...

@Shog9 got a moment to ponder something and give me your take?
@jcolebrand I suppose so
what's up?
5:28 AM
I contest his rollback, I claim his change was negative over my change, I'm curious what you think.
I didn't (obviously) want to start a rollback war
I would've used [.net] instead.
a) that's a tag?
I don't really have a followup
at this point I'm just leaving it alone
ok, wtf powershell?
Uh, yeah... It's the 10th most popular tag on the site.
I didn't think [.<<< was valid
If you're really asking about the framework and don't care about the language so much, it's quite appropriate
5:33 AM
so noted
there we go
I believe you
I just didn't know
TIL and all that
that's my only opinion; both of your edits are fine, so walking away, also fine.
2 hours later…
7:29 AM
2 hours ago, by jcolebrand
I didn't (obviously) want to start a rollback war
There was a chance of having a rollback war between two experienced users and you let it pass? What a waste, man.
Shame on you.
@Pekka: Did you ever get to see this?
@animuson hahaha! That was a close one. Thanks for protecting my turf, moderators.
Psh, moderators? That was spam-flag-deleted by the community. ;) We've got your back.
Heh, even better. :)
1 hour later…
8:47 AM
hey guys, i have issue commenting on a question.
i can comment properly on Ask Ubuntu but not on meta.so
@jokerdino they have different rep
but you have more than 50 on both
I have enough rep to comment everywhere.
what can't you comment on on mso?
8:49 AM
Earlier, I couldn't find the formatting tools when asking a question. So, I used the tools in Ask Ubuntu and just copied the content. Now I can't comment either.
Q: Usercard expands even if there is less than 28 characters in the About me section

jokerdinoThe privileges page about established users in Ask Ubuntu reads like this: An expanded usercard is only available if you have have at least 28 characters in their "About Me" section of their profile. However, I found a quirky bug today when I noted an usercard of an user expand even when ...

i just wanted to say, "blah, overlooked. Anwar was clever enough to deceive me."
BTW, I can't upvote either?
the issue is, if i click on "add comment", nothing happens.
do you have any userscripts or noscript?
i can confirm that this is not browser specific.
i have a couple of userscript installed.
does it work with out them?
and can you do other "logged in things" like vote/accept?
no vote, no accept, no favourites.
try logging in and out again perhaps
8:52 AM
hmm i can't hover over for that :/
like nothing happens
weird. I'm out of ideas though :)
thanks for your help so far
only the edit button directs me to edit the post.
ok, i can comment, vote and do other stuff in SO and meta.AU.
@jokerdino Any errors in the JavaScript console?
9:09 AM
let me check. one sec
Timestamp: Tuesday 24 July 2012 05:01:07  SGT
Warning: Unknown property '-moz-box-shadow'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File: meta.stackoverflow.com/content/stackoverflowmeta/…
Line: 1
is that what you are looking for?
right direction, but that particular one is just a css warning
anything else?
how about this:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
that looks good
any more details?
i am getting other errors that i am not sure whether they are related. i'll take a screenie just to be sure
click on the /content/js... link next to the error message
9:14 AM
it doesn't show anything
i have like some different drop list in the left. which one should i be examining ?
is that one?
ok bad idea dumping it here.
that's stub.js; full.js is the one with error
you're saying this issue happens in several browsers?
chromium. chrome, firefox, midori
the first three have almost the same set of user scripts installed. but midori has no extensions installed.
i can perform all actions in stackoverflow and ask ubuntu in all of the above browsers. just not meta.so.
@balpha maybe you can check using my credentials?
i am guessing it is localized to my account alone.
I doubt it has anything to do with your account. Are you sitting behind a proxy?
yes, a network proxy
this network is PITA :(
9:21 AM
paste.ubuntu.com/1107844 is this what you are looking for?
@jokerdino ugh, that's extremely broken
my guess is that your proxy has a corrupted cache
it's not one of "those super helpful" "optimizing" proxies mobile opreators are so fond of?
oh hm.
several operators here strip "comments" but did it with buggy regexs in the past
@balpha the two look identical here
9:26 AM
they both have the noise at the bottom, like in your paste?
ok the bottom looks different
sorry. overlooked the full file :/
okay, when looking at meta.stackoverflow.com/content/js/full.js?v=645a0398dc5f do a really hard refresh (2x Ctrl-F5)
the hard refresh returns identical file.
okay, your proxy did indeed request the full file from us
@jokerdino the broken one?
which one is broken again?
9:29 AM
the one in your paste
ok now i get this:
Content Encoding Error

            The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.
@balpha i am comparing the two links that you gave me.
hah, now i can comment
well, the links should show precisely identical content
they go to the same file
but your proxy had a broken version cached
i guess so.
well, how do i handle this issue in the future?
i did try ctrl + f5 before but it didn't help
At least in chrome, you may have to ctrl-f5 twice. If you do it once, chrome may just ask "has the file changed?", and since we don't know that you have a broken cache, we answer "no", so it never downloads. On the second F5, it forces a redownload.
also, you could fix your proxy :)
@balpha okie. thanks much.
9:34 AM
@balpha naw, this proxy is set up by the state school.
to help us not get distracted apparently.
i don't think you would have enough time for my rant and whining about my school network. i spare you that much :p
ok anyway, the problem has been solved for the day. in future, i'll blame the evil cache for the problem. thanks so much for your time today. cya another day.
see ya
1 hour later…
10:40 AM
When a question gets closed as a dupe, but the selected dupe is totally not a dupe, however a different question is a dupe, what's the best way to proceed? Vote to reopen so the proper dupe can be selected? Leave as is, because it will probably be deleted some time?
@DanielFischer dupes should generally not be getting deleted
reopen+reclose seems like a huge waste of effort
Well, not all. But there's no need for more i++ + ++i dupes (which, by the way, is the wrong pseudo-dupe).
a comment at least adds it to linked
Q: Uncertain output of this C code

Shekhar Possible Duplicate: Could anyone explain these undefined behaviors (i = i++ + ++i , i = i++, etc…) here the value of i is 5 but it should be 6 or 7 I guess. What's the reason? void main(){ int i=5,j; j=sizeof(i++ + ++i); printf("%d %d",i,j); }

editing the auto inserted block feels naughty
10:48 AM
This, by the way.
but seems like the least work, most helpful thing
Yes, there was recently a meta question about that.
woah inside the sizeof!
So not UB.
I agree with your dupe selection there a lot more.
10:50 AM
But I can understand the others, seeing i++ + ++i can cause that reflex.
So, what do we do, edit dupe link? Reopen and reclose?
reopen and reclose is correct and skips the need for a moderator I guess
the others in the C++ room will help with that probably so getting enough voters is easy
But we'd need three more.
Ah, good idea!
3 hours later…
1:46 PM
@jadarnel27 Oddly enough, I was looking at that yesterday after you answered, heh. But I've never had any problems like that, so I'm not sure I can be of any more assistance than you already have been...I'll take a look at some point, though. :P
@TimStone Thanks! It looks like balpha figured it out. Apparently JTab (a framework for showing music notation that is, for obvious reasons, only enabled on Music.SE) was doing something crazy to jQuery (a framework which is great and does all things and is good as well).
Ahh, even better :D
@jcolebrand Bullet point 4: Consider not wearing a Chewbacca costume.
2:04 PM
> Uh, this post is about rude comments, guys. Those of you wanting a complete removal of Downvoting, closing questions or deletions are going to be very disappointed. – Ben Brocka July 23, 2012
there are some interesting opinions on that blog post
@jadarnel27 he's not even got the headgear
2:22 PM
@Flexo yes, some of those comments are interestingly rude and some are interestingly thought provoking
@Flexo Hahaha. Now that you mention it, I guess that's a Chewbacca hoodie, not a full-on costume.
This word deserves better. A lot better. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dysania
2:40 PM
Hmm, I just opened your related tags query @jadarnel27, and realised that I really need to finish the unscreenshotted seekret feature. |: Maybe I can do that today...
I lure people in with that "comically inefficient" line, only for them to discover that...it's true! *gasp*
To be fair, the feature has absolutely nothing to do with your query, and it was just coincidental that I noticed it when loading the page. :P
@TimStone Well you made short work of the cancel button. So, you know, take care of business! I can't feature-request a seekret feature to light a fire under you =D
Or, I could. But I have a feeling that question would be closed.
Oh, I forgot to fix the issue I mentioned in the comments though, hrm...
Alcohol will do that to you ;-)
2:52 PM
@jcolebrand I'm slightly bothered by the fact that one of those photos is flipped (bandolier switched shoulders, door handle on the other side of the head). Feels like there's some trickery involved, even though it's probably actually nothing.
anyone else able to reproduce the problem I have where hitting edit on: stackoverflow.com/questions/11629021/… shows an older revision than my one?
even anonymous in a different browser it's still wrong
@Flexo Reproed.
the order is right in the revisions list too
You did an Improve on Vishal's suggested edit?
3:03 PM
ok i am back for more question hunting.
anyone remember the question that was talking about how revisions get destroyed if you manually rollback an edit?
@PopularDemand I thought I did improve -> cancel -> "oh it's been approved anyway" -> view on page, but I could well be wrong
the timestamps disagree with that assessment
@PopularDemand seriously?
Would you like me to explain it to you?
hint: mirror
A: Undone edits disappear from revision history

Shog9To clarify why I view this a bug, consider that the "grace period" for edits is already a compromise: unlike many wiki systems, Stack Exchange does not have any notion of "minor" edits, changes that don't fundamentally alter the meaning of a post. We encourage substantive edits, but of course mis...

hugs both of the question hunters.
I'll let you have that one, @PopularDemand.
3:07 PM
@jokerdino I NEED AN ADULT!!!
Stranger danger!
@jadarnel27 Not sure why... you got the question, I got the answer.
@PopularDemand o.O
@jcolebrand Ah. When I use the mirror, I point the camera at myself and only use the mirror for looking at the phone's display. I get what he means now. Thanks.
for some reason, you guys are better than the MSO search.
That was a compliment, sorta.
3:11 PM
@jokerdino It's because when you make search 51%, 61% or even 81% less crappy... it's still not good.
Right. :-)
We need the search to be logarithmically less crappy.
Forget these silly percentages.
@Flexo I still don't know what to make of this. I'm trying to imagine a race condition being at fault, but I'm not sure how.
Q: Edit button shows source of older revision

FlexoWhen I hit "edit" on this question the editor shows the source not of the current revision, but the one before it. I can reproduce this in multiple browsers, both logged in and anonymously and another user confirmed it in chat. I found it originally via the new review queue, that much I'm cert...

couldn't see a dupe
lots of other weird things with ordering, but not the same issue
@PopularDemand Aye, the one has the phone facing the camera ;-)
3:15 PM
@jcolebrand I originally thought he meant "continue pointing the camera at the mirror, but angle it so it's out of the shot."
Yeah, I think you he and I all do the same "right" thing natively
thanks again. will bug you in the future =)
Right then. Back to work, until someone has another SE-related issue.
3:28 PM
Who here - except Flexo - is comfortable with C? stackoverflow.com/questions/11624192/… could use one more reopen vote to be reclosed with the proper duplicate.
@DanielFischer re-opened and up to 4 close votes now too.
And closed :)
Yay, the system!
weird someone voted for the same question agian
would have been vastly quicker just to skip that and edit the post directly...
@Flexo When I cast the last vote, it showed four times the proper dupe.
Seems the old one is remembered automatically?
3:41 PM
it said 2 in the blue box for the proper dupe when I voted, although remembering the old one would make sense too
I love the onion
1 hour later…
4:51 PM
There's a flag on MSO that I can't review in good faith. It's a suggestion of a dupe, but the question is already closed as a dupe of that very post. The only actions available to me are "offensive," "spam," "dispute," "very low quality" and "other." The post definitely isn't spam, offensive or VLQ. Adding an "other" flag would just add clutter to the queue. Disputing the valid but unnecessary flag seems wrong. What should be done here?
I feel like it's a bug that the system allowed someone to cast that flag in the first place... or maybe a weird race condition was to blame. But I'm not confident enough in that to go right to MSO without checking here first.
@PopularDemand self duplicate or circular duplicate?
Hmm, yeah...seems the close came four seconds prior to the flag.
I think either dispute or other would be fine
probably other saying "this is a circular dupe, it doesn't make sense to close" makes most sense
Your review discovered information about the flag and posts that's not immediately obvious from the flag queue. You should share that with the next mod to read it save time. (At least I think that's helpful)
It's not a circular dupe in this case, the flagger just cast an exact duplicate flag on something that was already being closed as a duplicate of the post they linked in the flag.
Er. I wasn't clear when I said "of that very post." I meant the flag suggested closing post A as a dupe of post B, when A was already closed as a dupe of B.
4:58 PM
@TimStone that is a circle, just with two edges
@TimStone Ah. I should've known the exact flag submit time would be available on hover.
Heh :P
I guess they let you go ahead and submit the flag as long as you opened the flag dialog before the close occurred?
@PopularDemand I think there are bigger loops of duplicates out there
I half wrote some code to do a bit of loop detection on the data dumps
I love half writing code.
I usually write the last half first, so that it at least looks like I finished.
5:06 PM
@PopularDemand Seems like it, anyway. I suppose that this is a bit of an edge case, but it does seem like it should just auto-resolve the flag.
5:33 PM
I MESSED THIS UP, but in my defense coding is more fun drunk — Nick Craver 23 secs ago
^ brilliant
every time I see my usercard on meta I want to post a sarcastic "You should work on your accept rate" comment, but I'm not sure the joke would work.
@Flexo I think I'll use that as my defense for any and all Data Explorer bugs I can't blame on someone else.
6:02 PM
Hey everyone :-)
How long does it take to get a badge after fulfilling the conditions?
Depends on the badge, but generally between a few minutes and a few hours.
A: How do badges get awarded? By a service or on change?

Marc GravellA scheduled job; there are a number of scheduled tasks at different intervals (every few (5?) minutes; hourly; daily etc) that do a range of things. I'm not sure how much detail I should go into though... Many of the badges are on the "every few minutes" loop... if you really want to know, it t...

Hey, "link" turned into "share." And when did comments get strikethrough enabled?
They did?
A: Add social media sharing icons to the "link" popup

Rebecca ChernoffThe link in the post menu has been renamed to "share", and we've added the social media sharing icons/functionality to the popup like the other answers suggested. This will be enabled with our next deploy.

The Epic badge was demoted to silver? :-(((
or maybe it never was gold
okay, back to answering then ...
@Szabolcs You're thinking of Legendary.
stupid homonyms grumble grumble
6:11 PM
@DougT. No. Comments that attract enough flags are deleted automatically by the system. ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶w̶ ̶u̶p̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶1̶0̶K̶ ̶q̶u̶e̶u̶e̶ ̶f̶i̶r̶s̶t̶. There's no reason to leave such comments on the site, if they are genuinely bad material. — Robert Harvey 47 mins ago
Ah. Diacritics. Or whatever they're called.
ah ... you're right ... I was just so excited for the past week, looking forward to it. I don't think I'm going to cap on 150 days. That's half a year. It's just not healthy to spend that much time on the site.
You don't have to do it in a certain period
And if you are active in the right tags chances are good you'll google stuff to answer questions and thus learn more which is a good thing
How convenient to quickly close this question as "off topic" without allowing me to receive a clear explanation as to what's really going on with this situation!.. I am reporting this as suspicious to the proper authorities! — Frank Computer 6 mins ago
The proper authorities, guys!
Speaking of proper authorities, I unexpectedly saw a car with a Missouri license plate on my way home from work yesterday, and I got a bit nervous.
6:19 PM
Oh God. I've been to St. Louis! Should I be worried? Do you think she knows?!
I dunno man, I just don't know.
@jadarnel27 I'm gonna go with "yes" and "yes". mwuahahahaha
Really, I just drove through / past St. Louis several times while doing work at Scott Air Force Base.
I saw a big archway thingy from a distance.
6:27 PM
ah yes, the archway thingadongdong.
(what the locals call it, of course)
Ah, right. Typo =)
6:43 PM
All I know is I'm glad I don't get any issues with thingamajigs
And today I met the last two people on my list. I've now spoken with and/or met just about every Jewish iOS outfit on planet earth.
... that I know of
7:15 PM
@jcolebrand Well, yea, but that's all the major players and then some smaller ones.
8:04 PM
@TimStone Can one be suspended / banned / blocked from the Data Explorer?
8:26 PM
@jadarnel27 Yeah, technically.
We don't know the full extent of Rebecca's evil powers.
9:07 PM
Hmm, do you know if there's supposed to be a Town Hall chat for the Webmasters/Electrical Engineering elections @Shog9? Doesn't look like Grace Note posted anything, so I assume not at this point...but figured I'd check, since there's more candidates than positions.
9:37 PM
@TimStone Oops...
>_> <_<
He's gonna try and get them in yet. Will be a bit late :-/
Wooo back to the Excessive Heat Warning ^_^
Ah, awesome. Thanks! I'll be sure to be speedy with the digests if it all works out.
9:54 PM
Somebody flash the TimSignal!

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