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2:29 AM
Do log on only when drunk?
@WilyWelbog He's German. You'd have to assume he logs on only when exceptionally drunk.
That is racist.
2:48 AM
Somewhat, yes
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11:29 AM
Take away: Jeff Atwood is a fucking idiot who uses pliers to 'turn bolts'.
12:25 PM
That hammer is cool. If one side had been made for really small nails, and one side for really big nails, I'd only need that and a normal hammer - Rather than the three hammers I had to use last weekend. Sometimes the weird tool is there to compensate for the fact that you don't want to keep walking backwards and forwards to the toolbox.
12:49 PM
Protip: take the toolbox with you instead of walking back and forth.
I didn't mention I was at the top of a ladder
With no where to put the toolbox ;-)
Protip: build a shelf with your hammer on which to place your toolbox.
You win ;-)
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2:43 PM
PROTIP: Don't use pliers to 'turn bolts'.
Damn right. Use PHP's handy bolt_turn() function.
(don't use turn_bolt() though; that does something entirely different and unpleasant)
PHP. Haha. What kind of loser uses PHP anyway?
I have always admired how stupid most SO users are and how much time they will waste with useless commentary instead of making a simple edit to make a question useful. stackoverflow.com/questions/11257288/…
3:18 PM
Good edit.
3:44 PM
Yeah right. Wait for some d-bag to roll it back for changing the author's intent too much...
You bastard. That author obviously intended to be harrassed, not answered!
3:59 PM
But... downvoting is so much more satisfying!
Shog, turn_bolt is vulnerable and deprecated. Everyone knows that.
But there's an improved turn_bolt_2(). It's available when you compile PHP with the --fix-turn-bolt flag
I smell a PHPer
It can't be me. I showered only this morning.
The stench of a dead web language cannot be cleansed with soap and water.
@DiscountGucciHandbags How will I know that unless someone posts a lengthy comment telling me that? Also, what does the red bar on the documentation page mean? I assume it means the function is extra-good?
4:08 PM
@Shog9 super extra good. Attention! This function now 150% improved!
The truth hurts.
@Shog9: Someone did post a comment. But we deleted it because we felt it was 'snarky'.
You bastards.
That was snarky, too. Flagging
@Disc, I'm mulling the ideas on comment moderation posted this morning; kinda feel like they're all missing the point. More comment deletion is putting the cart before the horse - context is key here, a comment that's helpful to a new user can be rude and patronizing when thrown at someone who knows what they're doing. The reverse is also true.
Folks get hung up on form: "this comment is rude because you didn't say 'welcome' and use exclamation points" - no, the comment was rude because you didn't actually say what was wrong with the post.
@Shog9 yeah... people made good points in that question why it may not be a good idea after all.
@Shog9 and the sucky thing is that a static list of canned comments, my favourite, might not really address that either
4:14 PM
I think people need to stop being little busy bodies.
Relax. Edit where appropriate, flag where necessary.
This kind of 'snark police' BS is just dumb and highlights the issues of letting majority opinions influence the power of a giant and powerful entity.
Kinda thinking the biggest problem is simply that comments hang around too long - all comments. Even those that are useful at the start. Who gives a shit about some tagging discussion on a question that's two years old? Or two months old?
Decaying comments. Interesting.
@GEOCHET well, it works for the really bad stuff. Pretty well. I see your point though
I wonder if it the whole comment system couldn't have been designed better with invisible up and down votes that decide the decay rate.
Disc: But 'snark' is hardly even 'bad' nevermind 'really bad'.
So someone is a dick to someone? Who cares? It is outside the scope of the site.
@GEOCHET yeah. It's dangerous territory
4:18 PM
It is stupid territory
This is what happens when you give petty and authoritarian people power
Whether directly or through proxy
@GEOCHET if you have a culture of people being dicks to everyone who comes into the room, you have a problem IMO.
Q: A better Project Manager tool than MS Project?

Ira BaxterI regularly use MS project on 6-12 month duration programming projects with several hundred steps and half a dozen engineers. Its ...ok... in that I can define lots of project steps, dependencies, task size estimates and resource assignments. Ignoring that any project plan is actually a bad m...

Disc: Because you think too much about things that are not important.
@GEOCHET hey, that's true no doubt. Not sure whether people being dicks belongs on that list though.
@GEOCHET Hahahaha good old Ira
The idea behind SO is not to create some metrosexual utopia where every whiny crybaby can come and not be offended ever
The idea was to offer a place where people can get good, quick answers to questions
@DiscountGucciHandbags This is really what bothers me; that quoted bit in your answer? That was me too - I watched the folks who were actually answering questions leaving forums in disgust over the combination of lousy questions and folks preferring to nag them rather than help them. SO offers that third alternative - just fix the damn question.
4:21 PM
And there is the issue
If you can't or won't do that, then what business do you have preaching to the folks writing them?
@GEOCHET that's not the point at all. I don't mind offending a lazy user. It's seeing dozens and dozens of questions where the first and only answer is "what have you tried?" "We are not here to do your job for you." and stuff like that. It creates a bad athmosphere, is what I'm saying
Stop worrying about controlling comments and start encouraging heavier edits
Fair enough, that makes sense.
Disc: But that is the nature of allowing an open exchange of ideas (comments).
Disc: Start working for your goal and stop wasting your time trying to stop the ocean's currents.
4:23 PM
@GEOCHET New people follow the example of those already there. If you show up here and see harassement rather than editing, you tend to follow in kind. But I agree - the solution isn't to stomp on comments, it's to encourage more useful participation.
Universally preferred behavior.
That is what has been missed on SO pretty much from the start.
Hence, the huge waves of moderators.
But a lot of stuff isn't worth editing in the first place. "Code not workie plz halp" type stuff.
Maybe that just needs to go away even faster than it does now.
Then let that stuff decay
What exactly is the issue?
People commenting and wasting their time on it is just that: A waste
@DiscountGucciHandbags If it's unsalvageable, there's closing and deletion. These work pretty well, and I'm pushing hard to make both of them easier.
So who cares? They waste their own time, get nothing.
4:26 PM
They will eventually move on
I think closing and deletion are pretty useless too.
Let the votes take care of them with decay
Closing and deletion votes only ensure that people will spend an infinite amount of time on MSO arguing about the questions
@GEOCHET That does happen too, which I suspect a lot of folks forget; the system automatically removes old, negatively-scored posts.
...if they're not answered
If they are, well... I guess someone was able to understand it.
Well then, spend time making sure that is working optimally and start removing the complexity of the current system.
Meh. I could be persuaded to let answered questions die as well honestly.
What's kinda funny is that there are all these restrictions on self-deletion of an answered question now, 'cause folks were upset about losing answers. But if you delete the user, the down-voted questions go with it - regardless of answers. A fact that really should motivate more answerers to fix the questions they're answering.
So stop removing the penalties for dumb behavior.
If you answer a shitty question and you don't spend time improving it, there is a non-zero chance your work will be lost
I must say though that I am not sure that rep should be recalculated for deleted questions/answers
4:35 PM
Oh, did you hear? That caused... A lot of drama. :-P
Of course.
Because it is stupid.
Recalcs always led to drama, so naturally a continual recalc leads to continual drama. But, it was kinda inevitable; after the first recalc, no one ever quite "trusted" that the reputation was accurate.
Which is stupid.
The very concept on its face is stupid and illogical.
Reputation is a measure of how much effort you put into the site by how many people felt your contributions were worthwhile.
A crappy question was asked, you spent your time answering it. A bunch of dude-bros think your answer is righteous and upvote it.
Now that question is deleted (for whatever reason).
Did your labor suddenly cease to exist?
Now that question is deleted (for whatever reason).
Did the respect the community has for your work product cease to exist?
The compromise on that was to preserve rep on things that were up-voted and stayed on the site for a while (two months I think). Which quieted the whining considerably.
But the whining was reasonable.
The recalculation was not.
Nor was it logical.
4:43 PM
@GEOCHET Well yeah, that was supposed to be the philosophy. But as I said, once the first recalc happened, no one really believed it.
And why should they?
The founding design of the site is a lie.
And it is managed by people who continually do things that hurt the basic principles of the site...
The only positive thing I have heard in a long while is for Fatwood to leave it.
But I still see him rear his ugly head and make decisions on the site.
Good thing the government disarms everyone
Wouldn't want people to be able to defend themselves against nuts like that or anything...
5:06 PM
Q: Why can't I do something about the down vote on my question ..?

Manikanda raj SIf I'm asking a question, I know its good enough. Before asking a question, I have made searches about it in google and stackoverflow, when there is no suitable solution for me, i'm posting the question. I know for sure the question would help me and also those who come around the same topics. B...

So we have a problem with busy bodies with too much time and power.
So clearly the solution is give them more power and save them more time.
Q: Reduce the threshold for comment deletion with flags

Robert HarveyI have it on good authority that it takes six flags from ordinary users to delete a comment. This makes no sense; it only takes five community votes to close a question, and three to delete a post. Comment flags are not surfaced to 10K users. That makes it harder for the community to handle...

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What the fuck are you doing to my channel?
This isn't philosophy!

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