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12:38 AM
@jadarnel27 dunno if the colon breaks the ping. Does it?
1 hour later…
1:52 AM
@Moshe Both pings were a success, sir. Will read the blog post shortly =)
2:30 AM
Thanks. :-)
2:46 AM
3:01 AM
I'm going to have to start checking an ottoman in my bags.
Nowhere comfortable to sit and hack in these hotel rooms.
Ah. Where is the hotel this time?
Edmonton. Where I usually end up, with the one exception for when it was Chicago.
Ahha! You can read my blog post if you're so inclined. And tell me how ridiculous it was. And that it's obvious I'm overtired.
3:40 AM
@Moshe 'twas, indeed, ridiculous. I like your breakdown of the thought process though.
I was never in a fraternity, only an "Honor Society."
I was invited to be in a mathematics fraternity while I was in college, but I already had enough trouble making friends, so I declined.
@TheEstablishment! I thought you didn't use chat; what brings you in?
Can someone help me figure out why I can't ask more questions? I read the link it pointed me to but I can't see why I've triggered the automatic ban.
@Kyoku What error message did you get?
Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more.
I only have 1 downvote a long time ago, it doesn't make sense.
@Kyoku Have you deleted any of your older questions? Those are taken into account when determining the question ban.
3:48 AM
@jadarnel27 I asked two related questions and one got answered so I asked for the other one to be closed but that's all.
A lot of work has gone into that goo.gl post... I'm not sure what I can tell you that isn't already covered there.
It's impossible to determine for sure what particular traits got you banned, but the tips for getting unbanned should be helpful regardless.
@ja haha well android in Greek letters is pretty spiffy.
@jadarnel wait, is there a minimum ping length?
I should know these thing.
@Moshe Haha, yes. The minimum is 3 letters, so I didn't get that first one =)
@PopularDemand Having 9,000 tabs open and forgetting to close them... I looked something up in a transcript earlier. I'm really quite opposed to the whole setup of a chat room (too many simultaneous conversations), but occasionally there's some useful discussion that goes on to which I am referred. I've also started to feel guilty about being a moderator, but being permanently absent from mod chats.
4:41 AM
@M lame
5:24 AM
@moot? What is lame?
Eh, might delete that post. Alas I appear to have been on something while writing it. Although indeed I was not. @jadarnel - considering trashing it.
Done. Bedtime.
1 hour later…
6:48 AM
good morning msopedians of the world!
2 hours later…
9:02 AM
@Lix Good morning!
(afternoon for me)
Aah, I wish we actually _had_ these badges:
1 hour later…
10:10 AM
Q: JavaScript for reading whether a USB is connectred or not

user182664I have a webpage which contains radio button. The Radio button should be selected whenever the USB is inserted and it should be unchecked when Ejected.

Ignoring the fact that this question was posted to the wrong site, this question is still patently absurd
Getting status of USB ports using JavaScript in a browser!?
2 hours later…
11:49 AM
Comic of the day :P
12:25 PM
@Lix Hilarious =)
@jad - I thought so :P Pitty my GF sent it to me - it would have worked great on her... lol
12:51 PM
It's like wishing you could just ctrl+f in the real world
or alt+tab... now THAT would be useful :P
Yeah, fast real-life context switching. Now that's the stuff
Or perhaps F1. I think the next time I need help with something, I'm just going to continually say/shout "F1" louder and louder until someone offers to help me :)
if i could get one of these for real life - I could become a surgeon :P
@cdeszaq I want to be where you are when you do that. Not with you, but near enough to see what happens =P
@Lix Is that some sort of strange trackball mouse?
12:59 PM
@cde it is the BEST strange trackball mouse :P
I was so blown away by it that I bought two! One for work and one for home :P
I *despise* trackball mice.
@jadarnel27 I use one at work all the time. It's great when other people try and use my PC they just move the whole thing and look surprised that it doesn't move the pointer
hehe - and thats one of the reason I love them - no ones going to even TRY sit at your station ^_^
@jadarnel27 I prefer "Mices" (which I pronounce as "Meeses"
@awo - read my mind :PP
1:02 PM
(it took me two weeks to get competent at using it but once I got there I can switch instantly between mouse and trackball)
@Lix real programmers just use the keyboard. ;-)
@cde - that's for sure... I use vim for everything - so - yea... no mouse
BTW did the cap on flag weight get lifted or something? Noticed I have 52 flags available today
@awoodland It goes up with the more helpful flags you have, as well as with reputation (I think)
1:04 PM
@cdeszaq Well, now that's what I'm going to call it as well. Meeses.
@cdeszaq it always did that but it was capped at 50 for 750 flag weight
and even when they stopped showing flag weight it still followed the same rules
That makes alot of sense. I would certainly work on me.
Of course, it would just cause me to modify my malicious behavior.
@awoodland At the bottom, it says the max is 100
Not sure if it got bumped recently or not though
I think that's a recent change
I think so too
1 hour later…
2:16 PM
@mootinator - In case you miss it, I dropped a comment on your blog post about Grails and MVVM with some thoughts on how Grails does actually support it (and quite well, in fact)
Also, this post seems to have some good guidelines for Grails projects. Most of it is pretty much common sense, but it's still good stuff to remember
@YiJiangsProble_ I actually thought there was a working draft somewhat related to this, but I can't find it now. Have no fear though! There is apparently a Vibration API in the works, which is just as weird.
@TimStone Does that mean... we can now have sex toys controlled through JavaScript?
Why did your mind go straight to sex toys?
I wasn't going to go there, but :P
Imagine the XSS vulnerabilities... ouch...
2:22 PM
Because 18 year old brain. Yeah.
Dear Apple, your lovely iTunes Connect portal is really being slow. With impatience, Moshe
Srsly! I need to promotinate my apps!
@Moshe I despise iTunes for its slowness. I've yet to install it on my new laptop. Out of disrespect to Apple.
2:47 PM
@jadarnel27 What I'm complaining about lives in the browser though.
@Moshe Someone must have clogged up the tubes again.
Wow, several minutes over home wifi, still no load. Slightly better on Verizon LTE.
Was getting decent speeds this morning over AT&T 3G.
@Moshe Is there a public URL I could hit to help see if it's your connection or the service in general?
@cdeszaq itunesconnect.apple.com But that's just the login page. It might be fast on your end.
@Moshe Nope, mega slow for me here too (and I'm on a trusted 10GB pipe out of a university).
It seems to be this page that's causing trouble: itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa
2:56 PM
Well, that's disheartening. I'm a promo code away from emailing a website with some of my apps...
I was able to get to the download page but then I time out. Over Verizon LTE, no less...
yeah, it's not you, it's them. Hitting the link you gave me bounces twice through Akamai servers, and then it goes to an actual Apple server and waits for a response. I finally got a response after 2.7 minutes. Other resources on the page come through fine though
Wait, is it Akamai?
Chatting with them now.
@cdeszaq Just realized that I can call Apple Developer and speak with a human. :-)
@Moshe Sweet. That's one of the few things Apple does pretty well: Customer Service
@Moshe Akamai is one of the largest CDNs. They have servers all over the world, including within the networks of most major universities, so anything hosted on their network is usually blazzingly fast.
3:17 PM
@cdeszaq - Apple Dev Support hasn't heard of anything, but they're going to investigate.
Sorta win.
I'm surprised that they haven't heard anything
does a search on Twitter show any hits of other people being upset? (That's usually my first check if something seems down or broken)
I was just about to ask a question about using dapper-dot-net, and found the same question (and its answer) on Stack Overflow. How convenient =)
@jadarnel27 Sorta makes sense, since the SE team developed it
@cdeszaq Right =)
Also, rather amazing that a question and answer site would have an answer to your question ;-)
3:23 PM
@jadarnel27 Yay Dapper!
It would be fantastic if Dapper existed for Java (Hibernate is great, but it's painful at times).
Yes, yes it would.
@TimStone I'm using it for the first time, and it's awesome.
@cdeszaq Apparently there are folks complaining about it.
So much awesome.
3:25 PM
@TimStone Others want it too:
Q: Java Micro ORM equivalent

KynthWhat would be the closest equivalent in Java to a Micro ORM such as Dapper, PetaPoco, Massive or CodingHorror?

I've never actually used an ORM before now (I know, I know, don't kill me), so I was a little bit confused by how it works.
But it's so freakin' simple to use, that there's really not much of a learning curve.
I filed a radar number 11174079 and called developer support: 1-800-633-2152
I get that you're making fun of me. Although I don't quite follow the insult, my response is still "Your mom."
@jadarnel27 If you have an app that doesn't have much traffic, using an ORM is a god-send. Not having to deal with going between the DB and the code saves a HUGE chunk of time (and bugs)
@jadarnel27 Always a suitable response
3:35 PM
@cdeszaq "app that doesn't have much traffic" - right, but the big positive with Dapper (over other ORMs) is the efficiency of it, so that you can use it with higher-traffic sites.
At least, I think that's sort of the point.
The bigger positive is writing pure SQL (not that there aren't other ORMs that allow this, but coming from Hibernate I want to punch so many kittens when JPQL doesn't quite let me do what I want, where SQL would)
@jadarnel27 Yeah, that's the idea behind it.
@TimStone You can run straight SQL through Hibernate... It just isn't very pretty :)
I like pretty :P
My guess, with the popularity of Dapper-dot-net growing, is that things like Hibernate will start to build those capabilities in. There's no real reason you couldn't do what Dapper does within Hibernate, but you lose a bunch of the features, like 2nd-level cache, etc.
@TimStone There's fairly pretty ways to do raw SQL if you are in a Grrovy (and/or Grails) environment
1 hour later…
5:02 PM
I just notice that my reputation score at the top of an SE page updates asynchronously, but the one below an answer does not. Weird.
The one below the answer is a bit more troublesome to know to update.
Oh. I guess because I don't necessarily have an answer on every page.
@TimStone How did you come by this knowledge? Hmmm?
There's nothing on the page that says that any particular answer is your answer, though.
So you can determine that by looking at the usercards on each post, but it's kind of annoying to the point of probably not being worth the effort, at least for a starting implementation.
@TimStone Magic?
5:14 PM
Haha, that did not work (nor did I really expect it to).
@TimStone That makes alot of sense.
Not to mention that if you updated your reputation on your own post, it'd probably be necessary to update the reputation for everyone else as well, as to be consistent...which would be extremely problematic on the backend, would make the page updates too busy, etc.
Ohhh yeah. I could only imagine how awful that would be on a really active post with a lot of answers.
Like a brand new "How do I format this string in C#?" question that 11 people answer at once. And a bunch of people are throwing drive-by votes at. shudders
@jadarnel27 But you could easily limit the "flashing" by just caching the pushed updates on the client-side and only update the display once ever XYZ seconds, or whatever. The data going back-forth doesn't need to dictate the display update speed.
Likewise, the backend could do the same sort of "rollup" to push score updates in batches rather than as-they-happen. This sort of thing could be easily tuneable so that load (from this anyways) could be controlled server-side / automated.
Next step: removing the post editing form and just having users' half-written posts show up in real time.
5:29 PM
@PopularDemand Wait, didn't Google try something like that? Something about oscillating fluid motions stemming from tidal forces and differences in air pressure?
Say what now?
@cdeszaq Sure, anything's possible =) But is it worthwhile to put that much effort (with all the caching and tuning and roll ups and queuing and whatnot and trash and garbage) into it? I don't know. Valid point though, it could be done, and done well.
@PopularDemand Hahahaha, yes! That.
@PopularDemand Wave
Ah. I took a... wait-and-see approach with that one.
Yeah, it was an interesting idea, but never really had enough point to make it worth while
I think they just rolled the technology for that into Google Docs (or perhaps that's where it came from) so that you can edit in realtime with others
which works very well
5:39 PM
@PopularDemand But then people will get wise to the terrible, unspeakable things I consider posting before second-guessing myself!
But hey, at least you'll get to see everyone else's mad ravings, too.
5:59 PM
Pops's Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: variable-message signs that display useless messages because they have more broken flip-discs than working ones.
6:11 PM
@PopularDemand I once saw one that tried to say "Reduce Speed Ahead" but the broken parts made it look more like "Reduce Pee Ahead" at a quick glance.
Makes me want to grab some white paint and do some awesome vandalism around town.
"Pee Limit: 35" or "Pee Checked By Radar"
I'm just annoyed because I got a dose of "HB69 BLOEKED 8T [Zalgo text here]" this morning. Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, and I should be glad that they found a way to support Unicode.
6:28 PM
Someone deleted the punched cards April Fools' post. I'm quitting SE.
It wouldn't be so bad if lesser questions were also purged... but they weren't.
When did they add the "discard" link when writing questions/answers?
When the nth person complained about not being able to discard drafts.
What was the value of n ?
@animuson n == π
The ascii symbol for "pi" is not very different from "n" in this font.
@jadarnel27 n == n * 1 == n + 0 == n^x / x
6:42 PM
haha ya it's not. I was like n == n? wth?
@cdeszaq All this tells me is that x is 1. The request was to solve for n.
@PopularDemand true... not quite what I was going for
blah blah blah blah.
Lol I couldn't resist: i.sstatic.net/CgtkE.jpg
Caption: "I was given the opportunity to choose the winning close reason, and I threw it away."
6:59 PM
@jadarnel27 - Post that as an answer ==> get more reps
@cdeszaq That sounds suspiciously like something I don't have time for.
@cdeszaq Ok, fine. Maybe I had time for that. But now the question is "too localized" haha.
Still, reps is reps
True dat.
I should probably join @PopularDemand in accepting that my meta rep will be higher than my SO rep.
7:33 PM
Do people still use UpdatePanels?
@jadarnel27 Define people
@cdeszaq Smart people? Sane people? Web application developers (separately from those other two)?
@jadarnel27 Of course, all of those have to be limited to the ASP.Net world, so right there you are cutting down those populations immensely. And I'm not entirely convinced that those first two populations really have much overlap with the ASP.Net world ;-)
Hey, I resemble that remark.
I said most, not all... And I'm not entirely sure you're sane. After all, you do hang out in here most days... ;-)
7:39 PM
@cdeszaq I'm entirely sure I'm not sane =) My mother had me tested.
@jadarnel27 Congratulations! Welcome to the club!
Wait... tested for what exactly?
Ok, back in my house after being locked out for about 4 hours. Lots of work to do. Ugh.
I just think those UpdatePanels are really, really quick and simple. But I haven't had to do much async stuff. It seems much easier to use jQuery AJAX with MVC than it does to use it with WebForms.
@cdeszaq Hahaha, not telling.
@jadarnel27 Just about everything worth doing is easier with MVC than with webforms.
@cdeszaq Then why on Earth am I still using WebForms? Ugh.
7:42 PM
But yes, if its for quick-and-dirty stuff, UpdatePanels are fine, otherwise a more robust solution (like jQuery AJAX) is better
Many devs who don't know better (or just don't care... the sort that don't live on SO) just use whatever is the easiest to do and requires the least work. They never think long-term, and get bit hard when they have to do outside-the-box things and only have UpdatePanel to work with.
@cdeszaq That sounds awful. The only BIG project (in terms of traffic and codebase) I really have is MVC with jQuery AJAX. Which is great.
Yeah, MVC makes ASP.Net viable for modern web development, in my opinion. WebForms is simply the wrong way to go about web stuff. (The idea behind it was to make web development work just like desktop development, even though that's just way too far from reality)
I'm sure there are plenty of people who disagree with me, and I don't really have much to back that opinion up, but that's just how I feel.
@cdeszaq Right, that mindset kind of jacked me up for a little while when I made the jump to ASP.NET. It's not conducive at all to web development.
@jadarnel27 Very true, if by "not conducive" you mean "completely a$s-backward"
@cdeszaq Anecdotally, my experience agrees with this mindset as well.
@cdeszaq Yes, that's probably more accurate =)
7:49 PM
@cdeszaq As a long time ASP.NET developer, I completely agree. The web forms eventing model is an unintuitive abstraction for the request/response nature of the web.
@David Cool, it's good to see someone much more expert than I am validate my opinion. (I've done very little real-world asp.net development myself)
The interesting part for me, though, is that as my development moves more toward JavaScript with jQuery that eventing model starts to make more sense when strictly in the realm of the browser. I feel that this lends credence to the fact that it works for an application (be it WinForms or in-browser JavaScript) and not for a service (web sites/services, as if there's a real difference).
@David Although, I must say that the current rise in event-driven server-side and client-side code (with a thin layer of request/response in the middle) is rather interesting. It's almost like WebForms-done-right.
The "events" feel like they make sense in a user interface, whereas the "requests/responses" make sense in a machine interface. And many ASP.NET developers I've encountered forget that a web application is a machine interface with the browser, where the user interface is presented.
I think the difference is in how one thinks about the server in the context of the "site". For a traditional website with pages of content, the server is the site. But for an application, the server is essentially just the database + some utility code.
7:53 PM
(This also reflects why I've never been a fan of all the binding and whatnot in WPF. I like my UI events.)
8:17 PM
Idea for a new StackApp: desktop widget or browser add-on that lets you see your rep, global inbox messages and -- most importantly -- the number of votes you have left for the day for each of your accounts on a given SE site. Hidden feature: all users have their account IDs sent to the relevant mods.
8:27 PM
What do you mean with the account IDs getting sent to relevant mods?
@PopularDemand Also, how would the widget know what your current vote counts are?
The point is to get people who are using sockpuppets to identify themselves.
@PopularDemand Ahh, got it. Makes sense now
8:45 PM
@jadarnel27 BountyClose votes correspond to a bounty being awarded, so trying to use that to eliminate cancelled bounties produced disastrous results. I'm leaning towards "this is impossible, let's request more data".
Oh, the default query permalinks aren't revision-specific.
The revision I meant to link you to. The numbers are all way way too low.
@TwilightSparkle Well that's frustrating! I didn't really take any time to look into it, so thanks for the update.
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/128028/… <-- Why are people not closing this as "not constructive"?
9:02 PM
@animuson I'll close you as "not constructive", buddy!
Justin Bieber will reopen me. :P
It's not a question. It's just a guy saying "here's a thing that happened to me."
9:49 PM
@jadarnel27 I'm wrong about the cause of the rep discrepancy. There were no BountyStart votes on the Formatting Sandbox post, though I once had a bounty on it that was later refunded.
Maybe the query is right and there is another bug in the profile bounty tab.
Would "Driving and Traffic Safety" be considered too closely-related to "Laws and Legal Questions"?
10:04 PM
@jadarnel27 Discrepancy found: Adam Davis has 36 BountyStarts in the data dump, but only 35 bounties listed in his profile. Queried them, and the only missing bounty is on a deleted question. The query's right, the profile is ignoring them because it doesn't include deleted posts.
11:32 PM
@TwilightSparkle Impressive detective work, sir.
11:46 PM
Driving and Traffic Safety

Proposed Q&A site for any traffic including drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians interested in or confused by the rules of the road such as road signs, right of way, accident procedures, parking, and more.

Currently in definition.

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