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5:02 AM
I did something similar on Physics:

The strange part was that it got 3 closevotes pretty fast (the fourth one I cast today since its April 2 now)
Normally, on Physics.SE, closevotes are hard to come by--almost all closed questions have been closed by a diamondmod
Best one so far is the ballpoint pen one: physics.stackexchange.com/a/23145/7433
(For some reason chat ate up my prev post--I said "I got some pretty good answers on that one, so I'm happy anyway."
1 hour later…
6:31 AM
Is pin a message is for negative sign ?
Start a message is same as pin message
but pin message will get some priority
@Dharmendra No; it's like super-starring a message. It'll show up in the star lists for... I can't remember, quite a long time, much longer than normally-starred messages.
@Dharmendra Right, yeah. Mods and room owners only.
Means if I pin the message is just like super star. Is it ?
Hmm I see, some one had provide me wrong information. anyway I get it.Thanks.
All are enjoying Android weekend by making same profile picture.
7:11 AM
Q: Doubts about mechanism of stackoverflow.com flair

PsyCoderWhat mechanism does stackoverflow.com flair use? Today i discovered that this website offers profile badges or flairs to the user to put up on the website. but the url that they provide if ending with .jpg extension. I guess how can a .jpg be always updated with my current profile reputations and...

I'm having trouble deciding if this question should be on meta at all... its kind of a grey area (no pun intended)
7:49 AM
Q: Use PHP's preg_replace() to return only the value inside the <h1>?

Samcommented: Umm...just a bit of sidebar topic here: as I was typing this post (most of the way through), a weird unicorn graphic showed up on the right side of the page and, like MS Clippy, asked me if I wanted help parsing XML, and then sent me here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1732348/… When I came back to my post to take a screenshot of the unicorn, it was gone. Somebody please tell me that wasn't a hallucination. Somebody? Anybody? Hello?

hehe - poor guy :P
8:26 AM
The <center> cannot hold :/
2 hours later…
9:57 AM
Performing an exhaustive search of clippycorn ids up to 1000:
you have 3 minutes left :)
Well that won't work.
10:07 AM
@balpha Now that that's over, do we get to know how many there were in total?
but 3 of those were for specific users
Thanks. Damn, we only missed one of the generally-available ones.
{"text":"Looks like you @mentioned the post owner there. That's not necessary.","thanks":"Continue without help","options":[{"text":"Learn more about replying in comments","link":"/editing-help#comment-reply","dismiss":true},{"text":"Just tell me why the @mention was removed","response":"The post owner will always be notified of new comments, so you don't need to @mention their name.","thanks":"I see, thanks."}]}
@balpha Ha! Clippycorn actually been helpful!
10:25 AM
@YiJiangsProble_ Aye, should keep that one: no more "whered my @ go". (Though I actually don't remember seeing one of those too recently...)
11:05 AM
> Alright, that's it, NO MORE MARKDOWN. Straw, camel, etc., you ruined it for everyone....no more network, sorry folks. Also, in light of these bug reports we're renaming it to MarkdownDull, since we're closing up shop can won't be fixing said bugs, etc. – Nick Craver 18m ago
11:27 AM
I tried to write a query to list the top bounty investors. I thought I got it right: it's supposed to be summing the BountyAmounts of BountyStart votes by UserId. However when the results are compared to the values displayed in the users' current profiles, the current profile values are usually smaller (when they should be equal-or-greater). Help would be appreciated.
For example, the query says that Adam Davis has invested 18750 rep in bounties but his profile says he's invested 17500.
12:24 PM
@jonskeet Hello, John I want to develop ability like developing any kind applications using csharp, how should i start or can u suggest me
@MSUWORLD That's too broad a question to have any real answer, I'm afraid.
I wonder what you have to do to make Jon Skeet lose it...
@balpha I see that Stack Overflow has trained him well
Only took him 2 minutes to close the question as NaRQ - Too Broad
@balpha Well, he does have a history of talking to a sock on his hand, that doesn't count?
12:39 PM
You mean that's just compensating? Entirely possible yeah.
@TwilightSparkle I wonder if you'd have to filter out any bounties that were cancelled / refunded to get the numbers right. It's possible the number on your profile already hides those.
Question - I recently learned that I can ping an editor of a post even though their username does not auto-complete -
what happens if I made an edit afterwards - can I still ping another editor? Will he/she/it be notified?
@Lix You can ping any previous editor of the post, I believe
awesome - thanks @yij, I hope so...
12:56 PM
@Manishearth hehe
Hi all
Hi @ama!
@Lix wassup? ^_^
@ama - not much hey :P plodding though some code and seeking help on Stack Overflow :P
Q: How do I install jQuery?

NealHow do I do it? What do I press to install jQuery on my computer? I downloaded onto my computer, but it did not install... Halp me please. Thank.

hehe I love my April Fools prank ^_^
1:03 PM
@ama - some people just don't get it :P stackoverflow.com/a/9967044/558021
@Lix Seeking help? Care to elaborate? I happen to know a group of people that are especially helpful
looks around
oo - controversial question there :P zero score after 18 votes :P
@Lix Haha he figured it out in the comments.
although it may be a question someone could ask..
@ama - yea right :P would be closed soooo fast :P
@Lix I wrote a socket php server a while ago
tons of for loops
but it worked ^_^
i did not use pcntl though
1:06 PM
yea - mine worked too :P
@Lix That is a particularly well formatted question. I don't have any help for you (unfortunately), but I must applaud you for how well formatted that question is
Untill that is it was tested from overseas with over 20 people :P
@cde - thanks man! :P Look at the first edit though - sad that someone was SOO upset about it :(
@Lix im confused at the edits
@Lix Heh, yeah, that will fly on Meta, but not on SO. I probably would have done the same thing
why did someone change the image?
ahhh i see
1:08 PM
@cde - awww :( but why? All the information was there - it was at the bottom of the post and it was "relevant" ;)
Its hard to get out of the META style of thinking :P
@Lix "relevant" but still noise. I remove "Thanks, MyNameHere" sorts of signatures as well.
@Lix So true
@Lix If you had used a smaller graphic and had tucked it into the question more, it might have survived. As it was, it just took up way to much vertical space.
yea - i guess you are right... But I even centered the image :P That took the better part of 2 whole minutes!!!
Haters :P
As a side-note, does anyone know if there is a way to insert images into SO posts and have the text flow around it?
@cde by asking on meta?
I can't think of too many good uses for it that make sense in the context of SO, but for other SE sites it probably would.
@Moshe :) Yeah, I thought I would ask here first (even before searching meta... I know, I'm bad)
1:12 PM
@lix rollback the image? Edit war?
@Lix I honestly though the "edit summary" comment was a bit too harsh.
Haha, @cde it's okay. We all do that.
@jad - me too :( i've seen junk - that was not junk...what really got to me is that he removed the word zombie from the title.... that was really uncalled for!
@mos - hehehe - great influences here in meta chat ;)
@cde - checkout my first edit - you put an <img> inside a <pre> and pad it with &nbsp;
instead of spaces just put your text...
@Lix Indeed, zombie is an appropriate word there. Perhaps they didn't realize, and just thought it was a reference to your image (when the image was really a reference to the terminology =))
@jad - hehe - that word appeard in other places in the post also... lazy editor :P
1:15 PM
@Lix true... That's probably the only way to make it work. But even still, I don't think it will wrap the way I'm looking for. If I can't find an existing post on Meta (and I can come up with a good reason for it), I'll ask for it.
Heh. I would roll back but you lose the other edits with parenthesis added to your function names.
@mos - na :P leave it - I might have got a few votes for it - but i seem to still be getting some :) thanks though :)
@Moshe stop futzing!
Thank you for playing ^_^
I think Popular Demand's April Fool's question is one of the best I've read =)
1:32 PM
@jadarnel27 oy
1:49 PM
hi guys
2:04 PM
since some had posted answers on Super User's Fishy question
@Sathya That is fantastic.
Also, I'm really impressed that all of the links in that PDF work, @Sathya.
@jadarnel27 haha, I hadn't noticed that! Googled "convert webpage to PDF" & clicked on the first result!
2:30 PM
@Sathya I noticed it by accident (I just noticed my cursor changed as a moved past a link).
2:42 PM
That blurry "J" kinda makes me go cross-eyed.
@jadarnel27 Yeah, my eyes keep trying to make it come into focus
@cdeszaq Glad it's not just me =P
He is definitely off the list of my possible favorite SE employees.
2:58 PM
@jadarnel27 Careful, you don't want to upset the almighty DEVS. They wield giant flaming ban-hammers of doom and shoot lightening from their eyes.
3:10 PM
@jadarnel27 Hmm, that could be it. There don't seem to be any other possible vote events available to factor in... perhaps it's impossible to do correctly. Maybe by looking for corresponding BountyClose votes... I'll look into that later. Probably messy.
Gut Morgen alles.
Interesting debate:
Q: Profile picture blocked. Your opinion is needed

damluarModerator changed my profile picture, telling that it's not suitable for such serious professional site like StackOverflow. Here is picture in question: http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/051f60f1bd88576caeb063c659751b63?s=128&d=identicon&r=PG I don't think that my picture will offend ...

Interesting how? I'm at work, so I'm not opening that picture, but the "discussion" seems pretty one-sided.
@PopularDemand It's a picture of a scantily clad (but not nude) female (Carmen Elektra, I think).
Now, if someone threw in a really good argument for leaving the profile picture up...
There is no discussion here - all you need is ONE person to find it offensive and thats enough.
3:19 PM
Pops's Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: people who vote to close as "Not Constructive" on MSO when a question is a legitimate feature request that they just don't like.
@pop - If someone didn't put much effort into their request then it could be NC...
@PopularDemand "Perturbing Pedantic Problem" ... Plus One (If I could for chat messages)
You helped come up with that, didn't you?
@Lix True, but those aren't the ones I'm talking about.
3:22 PM
pro's and con's of community driven deletion/closure...
@PopularDemand I went off on that particular P-riffic tangent for quite awhile :) (I think the longest version I managed was about 10 P-words that all made logical (and I think grammatical) sense)
@cdeszaq Seems a little self-aggrandizing then. But then, who am I to complain?
@PopularDemand Example?
Just out of curiosity, for some context to your peeve...er... perturbing pedantry.
Wow. There is no existing "how to vote" FAQ entry that I can use for closing this as a dupe.
@PopularDemand That has not constructive votes? >_>
3:28 PM
@jadarnel27 I don't really keep a record of them... this one is close.
@pop - how to vote? You mean how to find the arrows or how to consider voting on a post?
@Lix I disagree with this, by the way; it's far too strict a filter. See the discussions on MSO about profanity for more.
@pop - you said it yourself - "I'm at work, so I'm not opening that picture". It is a picture of a woman with minimal clothing and the whole - "sexy" finger in mouth pose... If gravatar considers that as "rated G" then well... I fold
The "ratings" on Gravatar are competely up to the uploading user.
And that statement has nothing to do with your previous one.
Oh - Right - the user does select the rating... ignore the last sentence then :)
In anycase - would YOU say that it is appropriate?
Or rather - if someone else said that it was offensive to them - would you demand that they explain exactly how and why it is offensive?
3:39 PM
@Lix In theory, yes. In practice, some things are so obviously offensive or non-offensive by generally accepted societal guidelines that there's no need to ask.
and don't you think when confronted with the female form and minimal clothing that there really is no need to ask if it is appropriate?
I think the main issue here is actually not if it is offensive to you personally but if it could be offensive to anyone else - and in this case the answer is obviously yes.
Wait, you seem to assume that I think it's okay; why is that?
Oh I'm sorry - I did not mean to sound like it was directed at you specifically... I mean "You" as the observer of the image....
@PopularDemand Ah, I see. I've definitely been annoyed by that behavior before.
I was wrong about who was in that picture. Apparently, it's "Fergie."
@Lix - I, personally, think that isOffensiveToSomeoneSomewhere() is a bad metric for offensiveness. Just about any image (especially of another human) will be offensive to someone. A better way to measure it is "To what extent will people be offended" (ie. severity) and "What percentage of the users will be offended" (ie. scale). With those two measures, a community (or site or person or whatever) can much more accurately determine if something is offensive than just with a boolean.
3:46 PM
What @cdeszaq just said is more or less the point I was trying to make. Now I don't have to finish typing my thing!
@PopularDemand ;-) Glad to help
@cde - I see what you are getting at. However we are dealing with a public arena - we do not control who comes and goes. Personally I do not find it offensive.
> No, Facebook is blocked, and all connections and data to/from the Internet gets logged and audited. Images like this do get picked up by automated processes, and you would be amazed at the headaches that this creates. – cdeszaq 33 mins ago
Where do you work, the Pentagon? =P
@jadarnel27 Heh, no, a hospital within a public university. (UW Hospital at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, to be more specific)
3:54 PM
... so, one of the few places where minimal clothing could be on-topic for actual work.
@TwilightSparkle I might take a look today as well. I'd be interested to know what you come up with =)
@PopularDemand Technically, yes. But not quite in the ... context? .... of the image in question. I'm in the Radiology department, so while breasts and other similarly "taboo" body parts are by no means absent from everything I do, the images are usually of a much more see-through nature. (and are often hard to identify for the un-trained eye)
I was joking, but I feel bad not acknowledging your long reply, so, um, thank you.
@cdeszaq Ah, gotcha. I wasn't thinking about how strict hospitals are about security and whatnot, that makes sense.
@PopularDemand No worries, my answer was lighthearted in nature as well, and it's length is more a function of procrastination on actual work than anything else ;-)
@jadarnel27 Yes, it's rather irritating, since a large portion of developer-to-developer help, info, and training is via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, popular blogging platforms, etc, and all of that is blocked. It isn't so much security, as much as it is "We don't want our nurses wasting time and not doing their jobs." I'm just a casualty of war.
4:03 PM
@jadarnel27 Oh, thanks! I usually scroll up right when I join the room but I didn't today for whatever reason, so I just now saw this. I don't feel like I can take much credit, though; I still think there have been many better ones in the past.
Also, you have reminded me that I need to flag that question for deletion now that it's no longer April 1.
@PopularDemand Close as "too localized"?
@cdeszaq I understand that. My last job had all of those restrictions. Through significant developer solidarity, we were able to get YouTube unblocked (for the express purpose of tutorials) - although it was "heavily monitored" and would be revoked "at the first sign of misuse."
If I remember correctly, the exception was specific to just the devs PCs.
Yeah, things are slowly improving here, but sslllloooooooooowly
@jui - hey there
How's the facebook tag these days? :)
4:18 PM
@Lix ;)
This question didn't really have a clear point, but I wonder if it was onto something. Perhaps someone on the team could run some numbers and discover that high-rep users on Bicycles SE also tend to be great answerers on, say, Data Security SE.
pretty shitty, as always
hehe - that is understandable :P
kinda SSDD
totaly :P
4:19 PM
@PopularDemand Shh, stop helping them steal my ideas! (OK, I'm not really sure this was part of my original idea which I've made very little progress on, but hmm)
I gave up pretty fast... but it got me into answering Q's on some other tags....
You and DCMS and iFavour still cooking up a storm there?
Huh? What idea, @TimStone? And are you seriously not going to link me to that project you were referring to (which, to be fair, depending on the language, I might not be able to even understand let alone help out with)?
@Lix I do answer other tags as well, just facebook is something I working everyday so facebook.so is almost always opened in couple of tabs ;)
@PopularDemand I'm not particularly familiar with the data sets that are available externally, but there's likely a wealth of information that can be gleaned from analyzing the data set as a graph. Probably a paper or two (or ten) tucked in there, and likely a way to monetize things if someone wanted to pitch to SE Inc.
Yep - I hear you :P I'm in the same boat - Got the white and blue theme at work, at home, at play :S
4:23 PM
@PopularDemand I have this thing I was going to do for the API contest but then didn't have time. But it's secret until I get it to a near-working state. Regarding the project, you'll probably find no interest in it, but it's in Java so it should be comprehensible (ignoring my terrible code) and can be found at the bottom of my Careers profile (to avoid linking directly from chat)
@Lix Mostly. Looks like DCMS is getting a bit slower after gaining 12k+
But i stopped using the fb.so mini site because it always forced me to add a non facebook tag :P
Noted. And psh, I don't trust any programmer who doesn't claim to produce terrible code.
yea! wow - I was at the same level as him at the begining :P
@Lix Yeah it annoys a bit but just change remove the facebook. prefix as workaround ;)
4:25 PM
yep :P
(Mostly because the others usually claim to produce beautiful code -- as opposed to making no claims at all -- which is almost never true.)
@Lix Yep, I think we started gain some points almost at the same time
Supposed to be writing papers today, on the phone with clients instead.
@jui - I think so too.... I've also been caught in the meta trap for a while now :P
Its fun here ^_^
@PopularDemand I think it contains the worst Swing code that I've ever seen, heh.
4:27 PM
@Lix BTW, we sharing not only "boat" but country ;)
no way! really? Haha... that's awesome :P
You coming to the meetup then?
@TimStone I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as "good" Swing. It's all just variations on really bad, really ugly, and really painful. (Also, I can't seem to see the project you mention on your careers profile)
@Lix ??
@Lix there is a chance ;)
4:30 PM
Haha - cool - my CTO is also comming -so if u looking for a job... :P we looking for PHP people :)
@cdeszaq Fair enough :D
o hai @tim-my. Come to India :P
(did that get a highlight?)
What am I coming to India for? :P
@TimStone timepass :P
@Lix I'm always interested in stuff that interests me, but I'm kinda expensive bitch ;)
4:32 PM
beer's on me :D
Good enough reason as any :D
lo nora :P
@Lix need to leave ;) cu
@jui - bye! c u around/
If anyone would help satisfy my (purely academic) curiosity: jsperf.com/finalizing-variables-closure-vs-try-catch
4:38 PM
done, though I notice Chrome wants me to update...wonder if the numbers would change much
could you run it again? I hadz a bug
ah, that explains why there was only 1 result showing when I then opened it in Firefox.
those results sure look like Chrome is smart enough to notice it's the same thing
other browsers sure like the closure version
4:44 PM
@balpha Only Chrome though, heh.
lol, it crashes safari for me
Hmm, it said "get/post request failed" after I tried it in Safari...
won't load in lynx ;)
And crashed firefox 11 too...
try/catch was 41% slower for me in Safari, in case that wasn't logged.
> "I know this question should be posted in the asp.net forum, but that forum doesn't get many hits as this one, sorry..." - this question
4:48 PM
interesting results, thanks all
Hmm, I wonder why the closure case is so slow in Chrome, though...
Chrome 17.0.963.83 - 14,669 vs 14,903
Chrome 18.0.1025.142 - 15,900 vs 15,119
Firefox 11.0 - 32,707 vs 9,550
IE 9.0.8112.16421 - 35,557 vs 1,245
iPhone (iOS 5.1) - 2,597 vs 1,407
oh noes! I forgot the kindle fire!
IE 9 beating Chrome 19 so badly is just trolls :P
kindle fire isn't that much worse than the iphone
@PopularDemand Some people consider spaghetti beautiful.
4:55 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Whooo, that's an idea. I'll go try my Kindle 3.
Kindle Browser 4.0 on Kindle 3.0: Closure got 363 ops/sec, try/catch got 298 ops/sec.
Reported itself as Safari (because its agent is "like Safari 4.x"). I tried to correct that, but the Kindle browser couldn't open the window. :P
6:17 PM
eddie izzard reference
Not an intentional one. I had to Google that name just to know who it was =)
:O Shock....
I...kind of want to downvote this purely because of the condescending parenthetical statement in the first sentence. But I will not.
Oh, that's a duplicate..
6:25 PM
Phrase of the day
@TimStone Oh, great. I'm taking that as an endorsement from you to downvote now.
I said no such thing :P
I read between the lines.
This guy has earned two-thirds of his rep from bounties o_O
haha - awesome
Don't worry @jadarnel27, I promise to finish your feature before I fix that one ;)
6:33 PM
The close as duplicate dialog not changing size anymore has pretty much changed my life
:D. "Not to criticize, but this is terrible in every way and you should hate yourself for posting it"
flagged as under the belt :P
@Lix Thanks ;-) To be fair, his answer is quite nice.
6:52 PM
Why does everyone have to stomp up and down stairs?
What's wrong with a light step?
@mootinator Have you ever tried it? It's awesome.
stomps though the tavern
HMMM. Science.
I have to go get some tap shoes first.
Pretty sure I can't replicate the noise I keep hearing without them.
@mootinator Some people just really hate floors.
That was a disturbingly relevant YouTube clip for this conversation.
6:56 PM
@jadarnel27 I'm jealous.
C++ notes.
I have to pee, but I have to take notes.
Must take the notez.
I thought my paltry thousand rep from bounties the one month was impressive.
@mootinator Yeah, it's kind of crazy. He should have a badge for that goes to post "Bounty Hunter badge request" duplicate #1021
I actually haven't earned any bounties, so I'm very jealous.
7:16 PM
oh my... there is a separate limit on comment votes per day...
@jadarnel27 If you haven't seen it, he posted a question asking if his bounty-hunting behaviour was inappropriate. He seems very respectably cautious.
@Lix I may or may not hit that almost every day :) (and I think there's a rate/day limit in just about all actions)
@TwilightSparkle Ah, I read that post but didn't make the connection to the user. Indeed, "respectably cautious" is exactly right.
1 hour later…
8:30 PM
I just reread the profile picture question from this morning. Maybe it's just because we're so close to April Fools' Day, but I'm beginning to suspect it's a slowplaying troll.
over analyzing maybe? :P
Almost certainly.
But really, "everyone should react to all things in the same way I would, and anyone who doesn't is stupid and irrelevant"? Who acts like that in real life?
@PopularDemand n00bz?
(Not an actual quote; that's my own summary.)
@PopularDemand It's pretty accurate.
8:39 PM
Saved to imgur.com for future reference.
Who are you expecting to refer to it in the future? :)
I think the new real-time updates are causing me to have productivity problems =)
@jadarnel27 I'd swap "meta" in for "real-time updates", but same here :)
I'm having work-work productivity problems, but I don't know that they're necessarily caused by the realtime updates...
@cdeszaq Oh, yeah? Don't you mean Facebook?
8:46 PM
@PopularDemand Meta.StackOverflow.com. Facebook for Programmers
I thought Meetups were Facebook for programmers.
Anyone in here really good at designing class structures? (ie. inheritance, composition, etc.)?
9:03 PM
I can pretend to be, until you actually ask me to design one and I prove otherwise.
Q: What class structure allows for a base class and mix/match of subclasses? (Similar to Users w/ roles)

cdeszaqI have a set of base characteristics, and then a number of sub-types. Each instance must be one of the sub-types, but can be multiple sub-types at once. The sub-types of each thing can change. In general, I don't care what subtype I have, but sometimes I do care. This is much like a Users-Roles ...

I just can't figure out how to model it with "normal" OO principals.
You answered it yourself. Ditch Java, use Python ;)
What will Python let me do that Java won't?
duck typing
But... But... It just feels so... messy!
And Groovy can do duck-typing, so I guess I'll have to go that route instead of Java. But now, how to tie that into a relational DB using Hibernate? :)
9:08 PM
user image
Stop destroying the foundation of cdeszaq's entire question, @balpha, there are critical bugs for you to fix.
@PopularDemand My question's foundation is shaky at best, and duck-typing is the answer, I think, but the un-asked question of my question is really how to map it onto a DB
Fine. See if I try to halfheartedly defend you for minor personal gain again.
9:12 PM
@PopularDemand That bug smells suspiciously of waffles.
@@Shog9 -- u there?
@balpha how u doing? ^_^
not good, AOL emoticons make me sick
@balpha which ones?
9:29 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA what's up?
"AOL emoticons"? For shame
@Shog9 I assume u saw my latest meta question.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA no
Just curious as to why my SO question was deleted.
I donno
9:30 PM
@Shog9 I thought all mods get notifications abt meta posts
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I prioritize notifications
@Shog9 Oh you :P
@Shog9 No! We finally broke him of the habit
@MichaelMrozek :-P
@MichaelMrozek You have to break the "ping shog" habit first.
9:31 PM
I care less about that one
Otherwise... Well, I just show up and ask for links
@Shog9 well u are the one that deleted my question, even though it did have 3 reopen votes :-P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA the "how do I install jquery" question?
9:32 PM
yeah, it wasn't April 1st anymore
@Shog9 So why not delete ALL of the april 1 questions.
bc you shouldnt
Anyways I think I proved my point.
So anyways, could you undelete that question?
Appeal to tradition (also known as proof from tradition, appeal to common practice, argumentum ad antiquitatem) is a common fallacy in which a thesis is deemed correct on the basis that it correlates with some past or present tradition. The appeal takes the form of "this is right because we've always done it this way." An appeal to tradition essentially makes two assumptions that are not necessarily true: * The old way of thinking was proven correct when introduced, i.e. since the old way of thinking was prevalent, it was necessarily correct. **In actuality this may be false — t...
^^^ Read, @Amana
@Shog9 That still does not tell me that my question should not be undeleted. My question has the ability to be really asked by a new user on SO as opposed to some of the other dren that is posted under that tag
For example: stackoverflow.com/q/9967585/561731 which could never really be asked. @Shog9
A: What should be done with the April Fools questions?

Shog9Traditionally, all but the most wildly successful get closed and deleted. If they make it to the end of 4/1, they're doing pretty well - only a tiny handful are ever good enough to stick it out for the long haul. Look everyone! It's a vomiting clown! In my mind, there are three broad guideli...

@Shog9 I see. I if I rollback to real edits and remove the tag, would it be fine? (at least the one I asked)
9:44 PM
If you went back to yesterday and asked an honest question, would we treat it like one? Sure.
Hmmm rolling back on a deleted question does not seem to be working...
Do I have any interest in reviving a question you've made abundantly clear was a joke? No.
Q: Can't rollback edit on a deleted post

slhckI took the editor from a deleted answer (10k SU only) in order to use its preview to copy an HTML entitry representation, like &harr;. Anyway, I accidentally pressed Enter and submitted this edit, which resulted in this: Talk about a pointless edit right there. Anyway, to avoid confusion,...

@Shog9 I am trying to rollback, but it is failing.
Whatever. doesnt matter... Apparently ony I cannot be funny on April Fools day...
So I'm in an airport with no WiFi trying to debug a webapp locally...
Nothing is working properly.
9:51 PM
That sounds unpleasant.
When I suddenly realize my problem. I can't reach the Google CDN.
So literally the problem is "Not enough jQuery"
That sounds like the second circle of developer hell.
Also that.

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