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5:00 PM
@shog9 Okay, I thought you meant entirely.
@populardemand nooooo, no no
@lanceroberts Eh? It works, (unless it broke recently) though it's whole word it seems.
Or do you mean the main search box on the site?
works as well as any other SO search (*which is to say, "barely")
Yeah, I was disappointed to see that it was whole word, not word part. Searched for fara's comment about the 10k rule and the golfer. "Golf" didn't bring up anything.
Did anyone else's starred-messages list just lose its formatting?
5:04 PM
Did it? it looks weird.
but I don't know why
Also, @GeorgeMarian, 10k? That's a horrible golf score.
Not that I can tell.
The numbers moved over the star graphics for me.
Ah, yes I see that.
@populardemand yup, mine too
5:05 PM
@Popula Agreed. (FrieFox)
I guess it tops out at 100.
I just get Commander Kitten
(Not really.)
@populardemand LOL No, it's not about handicapping.
@georgemarian It's about how long it takes to develop "skill"
5:07 PM
A (hard) refresh fixed the numbers for me.
for golf, it's 10,000 years
Also, I don't know if it worked before, but if I star the message with nine stars, it just displays 1 instead of 10.
@georgemarian well, ain't gonna do that...
Hard refresh, you say? Hm...
Yeah, that did it. I wonder what caused it.
5:07 PM
one more week on SO and I get the fanatic badge!
Did you try a non-hard refresh before that?
@jsbangs G'day.
I just tend to prefer hard refershes, as I'm a dev. :)
@populardemand Hola! ;)
When does Jeff come online? ;-)
@georgemarian ... no, I didn't. Sorry.
The 9 <--> 10 thing works now, too.
5:09 PM
Now, this is a troll...
Q: Why my account was closed in SF?

user138194 without notification without explanation without any reason? I am user vgv8 (also another account guenavan was suspended in a few seconds after first post in MSF) ---------- Update1: Thanks to community for giving me short breath again by upvoting. Responding fast before being blocked @ Mic...

@populardemand 9?10? eh?
@shog9 I still think he's just a confused new user.
@populardemand I don't buy that for a minute, but it makes no difference
@georgemarian Starring a message that has nine stars now correctly changes the count to 10 rather than a cut-off 1.
@shog9 Why does it make no difference?
hit 'search transcript', search on word 'Cletus', get kitten
5:10 PM
@populardemand the response should be the same either way - if a user is being disruptive, failing to learn how to use the site, they should be cut off
@shog9 Doesn't it seem like an odd mix of broken and fluent English?
@Shog He's not a troll. He's just completely and obstinately clueless.
Also, we are continually giving him advice he CAN'T follow.
It's certainly an unusual case. I just let out a lot of rope before I judge someone to be a troll.
I.E. Add comments. Which he can't do until he earns the rep.
@devinb : I completely agree with you. :-)
5:13 PM
@devinb On his own questions, he can. I didn't even know there was a rep barrier on commenting until I was already over it.
@devinb the best learning tool for any social system is the work of other users. If he can't learn from that, you're all just wasting your breath.
@pop I know. But he is getting in trouble, because he edits his own post to add comments that should be on other people's posts.
@devinb My bad, then. I didn't do enough research.
@devinb Posts and is other questions? Or answers to his questions?
For instance, he replied to my answer with an edit to his own question. Obviously he should have commented, but he can't yet.
5:16 PM
@devinb again, the response to this should be the same as for trolling
@devinb sure he can. Because it's his question.
There's an exception for your own posts for exactly this use case
@devinb In that case, it is his own question, so he should be ab... okay, Shog FGIWed me.
I wasn't sure about that.
+1 @MichaelMrozek
@Pop, I wasn't sure, because for everyone here, being a newbie isn't something we've experienced recently.
@Chacha102 a better question would be what we don't want from you.
@chacha102 BEER! We're PARCHED here!
Now then: a round of bread and wine!
@devinb I'm logged in as a newbie on SO right now...
5:19 PM
@shog9 LOL I'm actually the single upvoter on that.
@shog9 You are correct, I was unsure, and I shouldn't have spoken without knowing better.
@devinb This is exactly the reason why I always give people a lot of rope before deciding they're unredeemable trolls. Also why I almost always say hello/welcome to new users, even the ranty ones.
@shog9 We should still be telling him how to do it right, rather than attacking him. There's too much cruft here.
@Shog9, I laughed when I saw that edit reason this morning.
@devinb Don't say that. I'd never write anything if i stuck by those standards....
@devinb Well, that's why I'm not bothering to respond. Edit your answer and make it more punchy...
@shog9 Nonsense, it's your job to take my posts, and rewrite them so that they be short enough to get upvotes (for you).
5:21 PM
@devinb If you look at my answers [on Meta], you'll see I'm actually not very good at that either... ;-)
I know I'm in the minority, but I'm of the opinion beginners should learn how a system works before (instead of? dare I hope?) using it wrong. I poked around SO for a while before posting anything so I had some idea how the community worked, and I learned the markdown syntax first as well. I don't think that's a particularly great demand to put on new users
@MichaelMrozek, I disagree
@JSBangs Most people do, which is why I'm not mean to them when I otherwise would be
the bar for entry should be as low as possible, but it should be coupled with an expectation that user eventually get a clue
5:23 PM
I think interfaces should be intuitive enough that you don't need to learn them, as long as they're not the ones I'm writing.
@michaelmrozek This. Seriously, folks - there are plenty of new users showing up and managing to make it work.
@michaelmrozek I agree, that's what I did. That said, it doesn't mean that I made no errors.
It's one thing to stumble a bit, it's another to repeatedly bang your head against some obstacle while cursing the obstacle
the bar should be as low as possible, but not lower
@georgemarian Sure, and errors are fine, but somebody posting something wildly off-topic like "what's the best food to feed my cat", or butchering the formatting, shouldn't happen, and I don't buy into "well, they're new"; it's not like instructions on what questions are on-topic and how to format them are hard to find
5:24 PM
@jsbangs What buttons for formatting isn't as easy enough? Yet, soooooo many noobs don't take the time to do any formatting.
I don't think there's anything too difficult
Indeed, I didn't lurk for a week when I started, but I did take cues from the few posts I did see before I started participating.
aaahaha what are all the folks doing here?
@litb : for me, experimentation
continuing to riff on devinb's comment, there's clueless, and then there's obstinately clueless
5:25 PM
why does the bar on the top scroll away :(
@litb it hates you
@litb It doesn't want to be associated with us.
:( how can i make it love me
@populardemand I didn't lurk for every long, but I did poke around a bit to see how the community works. In fact, it was noting the speed for many replies on SO that caused me to finally join.
the red shining of new messages is confusing, don't you think?
it makes me think that it would contain my nick somehow!
5:26 PM
@litb Scroll up.
@litb You'll get used to it.
I don't get the red, green, black transition, to be fair
Anyone doing anything interesting?
Green = your new message
Or productive?
@litb yeah, but after time it does give you a clue as to what's happening - if it stays red for a while, chances are you've lost your context...
5:27 PM
Red = other users' new messages
Black = regular
grotesquely off-topic q's should be closed, of course. no mercy for n00bs on that.
i'm pretty forgiving about formatting
@chacha102 I'm sweating at 10:30 AM...
i guess that over 50% of my edits are fixing the noobs inability to do code formatting
it's 19:30 here
but i don't usually follow someone to see if they're getting better
@George, are you in seattle by any chance?
5:28 PM
It bugs me that I can't reach 2k rep on SO. Solely because I want to be able to fix others' formatting (and grammar) errors.
it's stupid hot here
@litb what exactly do you mean?
@jsbangs I've seen some that just refuse to even make an attempt at improving.
2 mins ago, by litb
why does the bar on the top scroll away :(
@JSBangs it would be too demanding. we are not mentors
5:28 PM
@jsbangs That I am.
@populardemand wut? I thought you'd been around for a while...
Thankfully, it's been a dry heat, for once. But today is gonna be a scorcher, no matter what.
@Shog, I have a comment on that question that's a little punchy.
@shog9 Yes, but I'm not very good at... anything, apparently.
@populardemand Same here.
5:29 PM
i'm in my room all day with closed curtains anyway xD
1 message moved to Chat feedback
/me checks other rooms for a while
no heat coming into here.
404 on that link.
see you later
5:30 PM
@balpha, or should I move that message to chat feedback too?
@devinb punchier comment !
@balpha Broken link (missing the meta.): "Oops! Google Chrome could not find chat.stackoverflow.com"
@populardemand just goes to show how easy Meta rep is to come by ;-)
@balpha The link in your message is wrong
@Popular, don't use Chrome in that case
5:30 PM
good thing we're trying out new features then :)
@balpha It links to chat.stackoverflow, while we are on chat.meta.stackoverflow
it's not char.stackoverflow.com it's chat.meta.stackoverflow.com
Get your links right ... GOSH!!!
@shog9 Bahahaha! Well said!
freudian slip :)
5:31 PM
@shog9 Agreed.
@litb Keeping the blinds closed doesn't help. It's actually cooler with the airflow.
@shog9 I find Meta rep very hard to come by! I have to write for hours and hours and hours.
anywy im gone have fun
@devinb With Meta's voting system, you just have to write what the majority thinks.
5:35 PM
@populardemand or just be entertaining.
@populardemand NEVER. I will MAKE the majority think what I think. Even if it takes forever!
@populardemand Or I'll just start off with a joke.
@shog9 So, what is the deal with airplane food? But seriously, about Evan Carroll.
@devinb What? But you just started off with my username... hey!!!
Hum, has anyone ever went to this secret place : testtest.stackexchange.com/questions
@devinb Actually, my most-upvoted post was an answer to that "why was I suspended" question by Evan.
Lost almost 200 rep when that post got deleted.
I think it was my first Nice Answer, so it was a bit sad.
Strangely, my most upvoted answer was one of my shortest... how bizarre.
5:38 PM
@holyvier That looks like a SE 1.0 testbench.
my most up-voted answer was one of my longer ones... But it boiled down to telling another user to shut up, so it could have been short.
Q: Auto complete for careers "Where do you want to work?" field is broken/annoying

benedictsopenidThe auto complete field for "Where do you want to work?" is very annoying. I want to enter "1 Infinite Loop" but the auto complete keeps changing it to "Loop, Illinois, United States". I tried to work around it by disabling javascript during the blur event but this doesn't work because the autoco...

Has anyone created an annoying tag?
@chacha102 Yes, someone did; it's called [feature-request].
[discussion] and [bug] aren't much better.
OR [badge-request]
@devinb I just asked one question and I got 34 upvotes. ;-)
5:40 PM
And let's not forget [status-declined].
@shog9 That is an uncharacteristically long wall of words.
@prasoonsaurav Yeah, but you were getting all the Neil Butterworth love :p
@devinb hehe, he was a bit too old :P
He was really touchy
5:42 PM
@jjnguy Oh really? What did you like most about his posts? The sarcasm?
Mmm...frosted mini wheats.
@PrasoonSaurav I actually probably never read one of his SO posts. All I know of him was from Meta.
@devinb I'm tellin' ya, brevity isn't really my strong point...
We seemed to agree a lot, which probably doesn't bode well for me. I agree with Shog9 a lot too, and he's clearly at least 40% insane
@georgemarian "The kid in me likes the frosted side. But the adult in me, likes the kid in me."
5:44 PM
I'll miss him, specially his sarcastic comments. :P
@georgemarian Mmm... raisin bran
@shog9 I like brevity. In others.
POST raisin bran
@shog9 It allows me to walk circles around them.
none of that stale Kellogg stuff
5:44 PM
@shog9 Yah, I like that, too. But, I ran out and needed a change anyway.
I'm very happy to not be long winded
@devinb you can out post me any day, and I've come to terms with that
@devinb ...figure-eights around them, complicated spirals around them, impossible four-dimensional shapes around them...
@Shog9 4 dimensions are actually possible, because we have Time (revision history)
klein bottles of prose?
@jjnguy true. Devin, you need more editing!
5:47 PM
Our cat embodies the term "scaredy cat." I just snapped the waistband on my shorts and he was ready to bolt.
@georgemarian Merely "ready to"? Your cat has nerves of steel, sir.
My cat would run away for 15 seconds and then come back and attack me
(And may I never hear about your waistband again.)
@populardemand Ha, I think he didn't bolt because he slipped on the tile. :)
@shog9 I'm offended by the implication that it takes two tries to create perfection
5:49 PM
@devinb Two? Seven!
@shog I see your seven and raise you 12 more!
@georgemarian First statement retracted, then.
Which would imply that nothing is perfect until it is CW.
I'll never upvote a non CW post again.
@devinb just be sure to follow through and never down-vote CW posts
uh oh.
No wait.
5:50 PM
@shog LOL for your comment in chat feedback
logical fallacy there.
@devinb ;-) my favorite kind of fallacy!
@georgemarian I was disappointed too! Thanks for meeting my expectations by failing to live up to them...
@shog9 This comment will now become my personal response to everyone else in the world.
I'll quote you on that
and I will be there when you fail to live up to your claim
5:55 PM
Yes! quote me! I'm the clever one!
and I'll call you one it
kitten picture for @Shog9
@Balpha I expect you not to abuse your powers by changing any of my messages.
5:56 PM
Well, it won't let me past a picture, not sure what's up
@balpha That man is genius.
Guess, they can put image pastes on the fix list
looks fine to me @lance -- what happens?
Absolutely nothing happens, I hit ctrl-v and the box stays blank
both with a copied image from the web and my hd
@balpha How does this look fine do you.
6:00 PM
@lanceroberts It's gotta be a link, and only a link.
@lance you're pasting an Image??
trying to paste an image
@lanceroberts Try a link to an image.
@George, looked like the link worked, guess that rules out pics from the hd
I got that again when I tried to search 'Cletus' in the main search box.
that searchbox wants a user id
since cletus was never here, he doesn't come up in the autocompleter
6:02 PM
@lanceroberts It's only ever supported links, AFAIK. Along the same lines as the other onboxing support.
i find that it fails on just 'cl' also
"cl" isn't a user id either
but I agree we could make that clearer
'cl' also fails in the first case (the search transcript words box)
@lanceroberts try searching for something cool, like "811"
@lance are you even listening to me?
I think he has me ignored
6:04 PM
@Shog the SF Banned guy updated his question again. Apparently we violated his inalienable rights.
yes, I get that the main page search is for users
@balpha, no I got that
@devinb of course. Trolls need food...
but shouldn't a 'word' search not have that problem
@shog9 I don't get it. How is it fun?
6:05 PM
@devinb for who? him?
he gets to feel important or something
I feel important by helping people.
@lanceroberts I've noticed that it matches whole word only.
found the bug, that has nothing to do with what you enter
@Shog, I have the urge to migrate all of his in-post comments to actual comment, and then edit the post.
@devinb so that "troll" is really your sockpuppet?
6:07 PM
@georgemarian well that explains it, though I can't see why they don't make it wildcard, and for that matter, this all started with me searching for 'cletus' whose name I used earlier and is one word
@devinb stop feeding him.
@balpha... you released buggy software? SHAME!
@Shog, I haven't feeded him this time. I'm just watching.
@balpha, ok, waiting in anticipation
@lanceroberts Yah, I just tried that as well.
@Popula: No my sockpuppet is ____
Wait! I see what you did there. You almost caught me.
6:08 PM
I do NOT have a sockpuppet. Heh Heh Heh.
You're all my sockpuppets, I just gave you enough AI to fool the SO team. And yourselves, apparently
@shog, I can't use that bot anymore, technical difficulties. still some kinks to work out. It became self-aware when it found Jesus.
@michaelmrozek self.lookUpBecomingSkynetCost();
I think that the binned user actually had a sockpuppet that was the other guy that got deleted
My guess is one of the mods caught on.
6:13 PM
@jjnguy I was wondering about that.
@PopularDemand Otherwise, why would he worry about the other guy while he was dealing with his wn suspension?
@jjnguy On the other hand, he is worrying about that third guy, unless it's another sockpuppet -- which I'm not discounting.
Whoa. confused.
:91779 It's global (test).
Apparently the linking doesn't work globally
6:17 PM
Why are the SF and SU rooms so popular but the SO and MSO rooms not?
There are SO and MSO rooms?
I created SO a few days ago just because I felt like it was missing. No takers.
I just assumed an MSO room should exist, since this is chat.MSO.
SO is the king - every room is about SO unless otherwise noted...
well, here all rooms should be MSO. But the reality is that "chat.meta" is "SOFU/SE chat" until we release fully
1 message moved to Chat feedback
You fixed the link! congrats!
6:23 PM
.config files - gotta love 'em ;p
@marcgravell Hip, hip, hurrah! Hip, hip, hurrah!
The room "Meta" is reopened for business.
For some reason my enter key isn't doing anything on Meta
Odd. Works for me.
I know it's odd, and I'm pretty sure it's a client issue.
6:38 PM
@balpha, ok whatever it was you fixed search, thanks
Anybody hungry?
take away the exclamation
it has to be its own messge
ahh, wtf
There, much more appealing.
@spoulson That thing looks like it could eat me.
Time for a KFC skinwich.
6:47 PM
hmmmm.... cholesterol bap ;p
@Lance, thanks for adding that deleted question. I'd fogotten about that one. I put a lot of work into it.
I finally found the Cletus one and added it also
That whole question makes me sad simply because it's a list of links to content that I can't see.
6:58 PM
1 message moved to Chat feedback
1 message moved from The Tavern (General)
@lanceroberts the one that you linked was by Jonathan Sampson
The Cletus one is still open.
Q: Meta in a Nutshell

cletusI agree with Jeff that keeping meta-discussion off sites like SO is important and useful and I guess by that yardstick Meta is a success. Yet the purpose of a community like this isn't just to keep such distractions away from the majority of the userbase (or at least it shouldn't be). It's to gi...

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