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12:34 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog - we're waiting a week from the original post to lock in whether we're pinning the selected answer
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3:22 AM
^ Gregory too.
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4:26 AM
Are users with less than 5 reputation allowed to post questions on meta on their site?
@JitendraSingh Depends on the site. There's also an exception if they're asking about their main-site question.
@RyanM So if someone is on let say SuperUser so he can ask question in Meta Super User only about main-site question with rep<5
The exception for asking about your own post is described here
2 hours later…
6:27 AM
Long time no.....
(batch of two) Linked List, and hosting services @rene @Mithical @Glorfindel
6:46 AM
@JitendraSingh If you're a member of an SO Team, you can post on Meta.SO freely even if you don't have 5 rep
7:07 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog heh, neat, didn't know that.
@Rob Can't a mod unilaterally aprove them?
7:44 AM
@Luuklag only the OP, I think.
@Luuklag LOL :D
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 wow
@Luuklag you ordered one already? :P
It's a board game, right? No idea what's written there lol
Anyhow... @Mithical I need your help to verify I'm not getting crazy.... please see the below image:
Does it really say "ברוכות הבאות" in the title?
What's going on with the "ת" letter? I've seen it only in the school emails, suspect it's some attempt to address both males and females, but.... no idea really. @Mith
@SPArcheon wrong message, you should reply to my own message, I take the blame on me. :D
@Luuklag is innocent. ;)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I doubt it, I think it are just quest cards
It says something about not being just for males, females could use a sausage or something to show their skills
8:00 AM
@Luuklag ohhh no, lol! My above message is about the image I posted
Looks like I made a mess here.
calling cleaning crew
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 that was the original idea, just clicked wrong post
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 No such command 'clean'.
@SPArcheon oh.
@SPA can you somehow count how many of those I got over the years?
nope, I don't keep stats.
8:02 AM
sdc stats
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 No such command 'stats'.
Furthermore, it shouldn't be a medal you know....
@SPArcheon I'm opposite, as @Rob wisely said the other day.
@Luuklag oh, I get it now... each card tells you what to hit.
Wonder why no such thing in Israel, at all.... :(
We're so boring. :P
Q: Unable to Start Azure VM

GagsI create an Azure VM with Windows Server 2019 and it was running fine. I stopped the VM yesterday. I tried to start the VM today but it failed to start. It gives the following error in notifications in Azure Portal: Failed to restart the virtual machine 'ContestWinVM'. Error: No version found in...

@SPArcheon you.... you... happy?!
8:06 AM
same problem here, we too are part of the global outage.
so... time to listen to some music while I wait.
@SPArcheon what about it? Random post game?
@SPArcheon ohhh lol
Maybe people will just ditch Azure and move to real cloud.... ;)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 good choice, that is probably my favorite tune from that game.
@SPArcheon glad to be of help. :D
Shadow, at your service.
Still planning to craft some DMZ machine to run that on someday. Miss the game, but I don't miss installing a client that they STILL host on mega.
8:30 AM
@SPArcheon if it isn't that demanding....
there's some half decent ryzen NUC type boxen for not that much. Windows licence is a digital install that you can easily reinstall...300ish USD all in I think?
9:03 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I... have no idea, I've never seen that before.
the Azure failure is still going.
9:37 AM
@Luuklag Yes. There's a few things going on: Error_Juan says that the "Community Team" wants the users who never visit the site to get a chance to be acquainted with the potential new moderators, JN says forget what he said, and the current moderator says he does too much (for a decade, mostly alone) and needs a break. --- There's the principle that the moderator should let the community do some of the work, which they fail to do; and we don't know that the moderator hasn't actually done some
of the reviews, and that it's more fair that he doesn't interfere with the remainder.
@Rob eh - a lot of the work mods do involves not the mechanics but working with the community
its the same arguement I have that there should be an advantage to a CM being familiar with the network
There also the case where the site is short staffed and that the CMs should visit occasionally and put things in order, without anyone being able to suggest that the actions were a result of moderator bias. From my limited ability to see what's going on there, it looks like a staff member visits approximately once every 10 days; occasionally they do a few reviews.
@JourneymanGeek The community needs to actually visit the site, read the meta, care, and engage in discussion for the moderator and community to assist each other to improve the site - since there's fewer than 250 visits per day and almost no activity; that's not happening - whether it's a dissatisfaction with the site or the users are completely independent (being "freelancers" and all) is unclear.
@Rob Well - that's a deeper issue, and that's also why no one's stepped up to be a mod
and keeping a community engaged and happy is important - additional moderators put in to make the numbers up isn't going to sort out the underlying issues
I have to say, I'll be shocked if Freelancing.SE gets shut down before Windows Phone.SE (yes, I know the requirements/steps for shutting down or keeping sites, but still...)
@cairdcoinheringaahing tbh - I'd love to see winphone pivot to being a site for more niche phone OSes
there's no good place for kaios questions for example, and its a fairly well supported '3rd' platform
@Rob How would you as a potential mod fix that?
9:52 AM
True, but we can have the two of us volunteer to try (fresh blood) or (according to the announcement) we have nothing (shutdown). With 20K users (who don't visit) and 8 years since beta it seems unfortunate to lose a potential resource.
(and honestly - with the push for SE being a site for knowledge professionals , it feels like a great opportunity to try to get some insight, and work to rehabbing the site, and getting it back up, as part of a broader push to fix some of the damage of the past)
Wait, whoa, it finally happened, who knew
Q: Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers

Nicolas ChabanovskyToday we changed the way we sort answers on Stack Overflow. We no longer pin the accepted answer (with the green checkmark) to the top of the list of answers. By default, we now sort strictly by votes (descending order by highest score), and the accepted answer's order in the list is based on its...

@JourneymanGeek pushing is so uncivilized. Try tugging.
@Rob just went through that queue
I dunno, Startups.SE got shut down, and I don't think Freelancing.SE is far from that...
9:54 AM
Is that a jiff!
@MetaAndrewT. ... twice?
three times if you could the spinoff?
@M.A.R. jiff in gel
Are the days of magic returning?
@MetaAndrewT. There's a whole, rather interesting, discussion that can be had about site lifecycles, but it'll probably come too late for Freelancing.SE to prevent e.g. all existing content being 'hidden'.
9:57 AM
@Rob waiting for it to move...
Rob leads user to water, and makes him drink.
@JNat Thank you. I didn't have anything there, but thanks.
@Mithical oh, thanks
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 it's Hebrew for "pie" you dummy.
10:26 AM
@M.A.R. I only like American
@Rob who is Rob?
To everyone struggling with the Azure VM failure...
WARNING: the "Failure" startup status is still allocating the machine, so you still pay for IP usage and such.
If you can't start your VM, don't leave it "allocated". Stop it fully until the issue is resolved to avoid unneeded fees.
10:55 AM
@JNat One potential problem I investigated is Google search. If I search for a fairly common word, "physics", I find physics.stackexchange.com on page 2, but if I search for a less common word, "freelancing", I can't find freelancing.stackexchange.com at all --- Is there something wrong with the SEO? -
Are there "analytics" for "hits per month" from Google that you could share (or examine why they are too low)?
@Rob Google search result is personalized though
@Rob looks like 80% of the site's traffic in the past 6 months is coming from search engines, compared to ~92% for Physics (to use your example)
Thank you, I'd say that the percentage is similar.
Certainly it needs more than a 5 minute idea, but that's something I was wondering. Perhaps the solution lies within - Use free 'Community ADs' on Stack Overflow to remind people that there is a site for independent professionals.
Yanno - if all involved are ok with me stirring the pot a bit :D
Featured on the Network: Freelancing.SE needs you!
11:04 AM
@MetaAndrewT. I have all personalization (suggestions and lack of privacy) turned off.
... to become Freemoderating.SE
That's called CB.SE, and it has less traffic than freelancing.SE.
@MetaAndrewT. pin?
@Rob female escorts spam has been deleted now in matter of seconds. Guess it content based.
But average still way over one minute.
they are escorted to the exit door
hmm... maybe those seeing the endless stream of spam reports in the main room choose which of those to click and then actually flag.
11:09 AM
Maybe some of it you spend too much time reading. 😀
Naturally, some titles are more... inviting... than others.
@Rob didn't read beyond the title ;)
In most cases you have to actually read the post, maybe not click through, but at least read it - to determine abusive vs. spam, and check the author.
@Rob nah. Females escort is spam in all its forms.
(when posted on SE sites)
SD generally does a good job with things like that that's obvious
Even if a question with that title will have totally legit body, I'll flag just for the title.
11:16 AM
At this point, I think spam is generally a solved problem
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 cue false positive flags on arquade.se escort mission questions
@JourneymanGeek missing "female" keyword. ;)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 No. Spending 2 seconds to see if you are wrong turns up 60 results that are probably legitimate: stackexchange.com/search?q=female+escort
@Rob No. Only 12 of the titles even contain "escort", and 0 contain "female escort" which is my red flag.
(OK, "male escort" too. ;))
hmm @Rob there can be exceptions e.g. English.SE where people ask about the wording itself.
(e.g. "Is there one word for female escort?")
1 hour later…
12:35 PM
@M.A.R. my schools soap dispensers were recently stolen by tiktok kids, so can confirm.
1:02 PM
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica what did they do with the soap?
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 drink like a tidepod?
1:18 PM
@Luuklag I hope! Then send vids from hospital. :D
1:53 PM
@JNat cross site call girls (!) for your handling; Though no posts, don't think it's wise to keep those account around. Thanks!
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 too bad they're all the way in mumbai xD
The Ford Escort is a small family car that was manufactured by Ford of Europe from 1968 until 2000. The Escort was frequently the best selling car in Britain during the 1980s and 1990s. A total of more than 4.1 million Escorts of all generations were sold there over a period of 33 years.In 2014, Ford revived the Escort name for a car based on the second-generation Ford Focus sold on the Chinese market. == Ford Escort 100E (1955–1961) == The first use of the Ford Escort name was for a reduced specification version of the Ford Squire, a 1950s estate car version of the British Ford Anglia 100E....
Ryan Donovan on October 13, 2021
the best practices employed by many experienced software developers. You can use design patterns to make your application scalable and flexible.
2:11 PM
@Feeds onebox design 101
@Rob missing female
Found only one post with this so far:
A: Legality of the right to refuse admission by a privately owned restobar

LibraI don't know Indian law, but I will answer as an American for legal concept. Discrimination against people for race, caste, sex, religion etc. is for permanent conditions, and therefore disallowed. Not having a female escort is a temporary condition that can be easily remedied. In America, ther...

@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Israel female escort:
@JNat you have an imposter! :shock-emoji:
@Rob doesn't look very Israeli to me, but yeah this person can surely escort some females in his car.
2:28 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 ERR: Please enter no more than 5 tags.
There are much better photos for that search term, and postable too, but I'm not pushing luck to prove what is already established.
Can also be used for innocent escorts:
@Ollie Number of tags doesn't apply, only limit of space - search for discussion with rene, it's over 100.
That's a lot.
@Rob what is the search term? ford female escort search gives this as first result: (just female escort gives indeed stuff we can't share here)
2:33 PM
Should we include stackexchange.com/performance in the unlinked pages FAQ?
@SPArcheon you might notice I'm sharing wine and pizza ads here, so I got today something new, that you might find interesting as well:
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 You are doing it wrong, that's 3rd for similar search.
@Luuklag is it up to date? Or just static old stats? If the first, i.e. it's dynamic and up to date then yes, can be included there.
oh wait it's linked. @Luuk
Just need two clicks: SE.com --> About Us --> Performance
So doesn't fit in list of unlinked pages.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Hmm yeah thats true
2:43 PM
May 17 at 15:11, by rene
@Rob yeah, the only hard limit is the max char length of Post.Tags (250 chars) as that holds the concat of all tagnames + separators
@Rob did you hack Google? Now it's same for me, while when I posted my message the image I posted was the first result.
Quantum entanglement.
3:17 PM
Is there any tag on MSO for this page?
3:32 PM
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica Have you tried searching for 'comp' on meta.stackoverflow.com/tags? I got meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/company-page with no effort from there.
> the Wizard has invoked the specter of cancel culture,
The Wizard of New Zealand (born Ian Brackenbury Channell; 4 December 1932) is a New Zealand educator, comedian, magician and politician. He is also known by his shorter name, The Wizard. == Life and career == === England === The Wizard was born Ian Brackenbury Channell on 4 December 1932 in London, England. Educated at Framlingham College, Suffolk and from 1945 to 1951 at Bromley Grammar School for Boys, now Ravensbourne School. From 1951 to 1953 he served in the Royal Air Force as an airman and in 1963 he graduated from the University of Leeds with a double honours degree in psycholog...
@Tinkeringbell I tried searching up "about" (because you can get to the page by clicking the about us button), but I didn't think to search up "comp". Thank you.
3:47 PM
Do you think that's the correct tag?
I think so, but I'm not really sure
4:08 PM
> "For questions about the page for companies as used in the Jobs section of Stack Overflow. Use this tag if your question is about logo's, layout, and/or working of that page. ".
Hey @Rob , I see that what I shared with you about the moderator election on Freelancing has caused some confusion. You know where that site currently stands in terms of volunteer help and I continue to be excited about your desire to help out there. I wish we had more people like you step up to help!
I noticed that the reputation on your account has increased but not by very much. As JNat has mentioned, we're going to continue forward with the election process. But. I encourage you to continue to build that score because as things stand right now, 204 reputation is just not enough.
I'll accept your (plural) decision.
I want to apologize for what I wrote initially - "I'll let my fellow CMs know so that we can start the process to get you in there!" I can see how this made it seem like we would put you into the moderation team with no hesitations.
I should have phrased that much better
I'm sorry for creating that confusion.
pokes head in I can't figure out how to tag the last "merging" question - anyone want to try?
4:30 PM
@bobble there you go
5:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek noooo
5:43 PM
@JuanM It's not going to be a problem, we have at least two other sites willing to take the load: workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/freelancing softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/… - without the underlying issues.
5:58 PM
@Mithical I hope you won't mind my edit meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/79707
@Rob yes, I see that :| .......
@RandomPerson Unfortunately, I can't actually review it, because I'm stuck on mobile and the suggested edit pop-up is literally unusable on phones (I can't see half the edit and it doesn't scroll to the left), but I'm sure I'll see it eventually...
@Mithical ok :)
@Mithical how are able to bear the bad chat UI in mobile?
@RandomPerson Chat's perfectly fine, I've been using mobile chat for years. I can do just about anything on my phone that I can do from the computer, with two exceptions that I can think of: 1.) move multiple chat messages; 2.) review suggested edits from the post itself.
@Mithical I feel that mobile chat is tough to use..
6:12 PM
I might even be able to pull off moving multiple messages if I take out the Bluetooth keyboard + trackpad I got for my phone, but I haven't needed to actually test that.
@RandomPerson What interface are you using?
@Mithical oh.. ok.
@Mithical how many are there? just mobile and desktop view right?
As of now I am using my PC..
There's desktop view, old mobile view, and "new" mobile view.
I have no clue about the old mobile view. I guess I am talking about the new mobile view.
Does your view look like this?
@Mithical yup
I use Firefox with the URL bar at bottom..
6:15 PM
Yeah, that's the "new" view. I haven't had an issue with it.
I find it difficult to click on these:
And if the message which we replied to is way back in the chat, clicking on the arrow won't work 🤦🏽‍♂️
6:32 PM
I have an old key and I am wondering what it's value might be? Just a rough range. It is a skeleton key and I'll attach the image of it in just a moment.
The key has a solid core, isn't hallo in the center of it.
Eh, probably not the best place to ask this... I don't think there are key experts here
depends on what a potential buyer would be willing to pay for it
Is there 2 chat rooms for the tavern?
I've been looking around and not sure if this is the right place
Nope, this is the Tavern, the one and only. o/
Oh ok
So what is the tavern for? I know electrical engineering and physics has a chat, what happens here?
6:55 PM
general chat
@Mithical Are you actually still experiencing this? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306452/…
Haven't tested in a while...
If I remember to check next time I have a rep change, I'll let you know.
7:13 PM
You have a rep change @Mithical :P
@Catija Based on the fact that there was a duplicate of that question posted two days ago, I'd venture that it's still occurring
Q: Inbox count and reputation increase are not disappearing in the top bar in https://stackexchange.com

Random PersonI logged in in https://stackexchange.com. I clicked on the inbox (in the top bar) as I had a few notifications. After clicking somewhere else, the inbox count is still shown. I clicked on the trophy button (in the top bar) as a reputation increase was shown. After clicking somewhere else, the rep...

I mean, no? It's not about whether it's still occurring generally, it's about whether it was fixed and is now happening again. It's potentially possible that the causes of the two are different.
JNat marked another question reporting the same thing as deferred in April, and said it was on the bug duty rotation, but it hasn't moved along for what will soon be six months
I mean... the list for bug duty is long and SE.com is... not particularly urgent. Particularly not a bug that is really just a matter of refreshing the page.
i mean
7:25 PM
@Catija Yes, still applies
Anyway, shouldn't those be duplicates?
2 hours later…
9:31 PM
@Catija The former one already is. The latter I'm less inclined to vote as a duplicate, given the official response there. I generally close older questions as duplicates of newer ones with official responses, but this one only mentions the achievement dropdown while the previous canonical from Mithical now mentions the inbox too.
So I'll stay out of the duplicate voting there and allow staff to handle it.
1 hour later…
10:43 PM
@Mithical You might find the suggested edit review page slightly more usable if you select "Desktop site" in your browser's settings menu.
11:06 PM
@ScientistSmithYT It's a T-handle key (can not be hung around neck or placed on a key chain - a clue) and the bow (head) is simple, as is the rest of it, so it has little value (without a history): google.com/search?q=t-handle+key+antique&tbm=isch finds.org.uk/counties/findsrecordingguides/keys

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