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1:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell prehistoric age? :P
1:41 AM
@Feeds Rip Feeds
5 hours later…
6:55 AM
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica Oh, but that encompasses a lot of other ages, as it's basically anything before people started to write.
We were/I was talking about having a specific age that's characterized by pointy stick use. Much like paleolithic = stone tool use, and neolithic = stone tool use but also farming.
2 hours later…
8:54 AM
So rude. Spammer using a stock photo as avatar. :D
At least put your own picture!
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 You mean all spammers are not curiously photogenic white people who look like stock photos?
@JNat One for the spammer backlog stackexchange.com/users/21236345/printerfield
@JourneymanGeek amazing, isn't it? :P
9:09 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 ...the product they're spamming
10:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek gone
@Luuklag gone
@JNat hey, what happened to the backlog ;)
I am determined to not having one
...for now
Isn't it a little early for newyears resolutions ;)
as arbitrary making a resolution now as it is making one on New Year's ;P
We should just start a timer, see how long it lasts this time.
10:51 AM
@Tinkeringbell are you taking wagers?
I should make a business model out of that....
11:12 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 The photo is from the company called "Women of Color in Tech stock images" - Taken at Microsoft NYC - wocintechchat.com
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 But it's always nice to know the units too ;)
@Rob color of spam.
@Tinkeringbell that's the magic, no units! :D
magic units?
A: Why are potions always brewed in extreme bulk?

DaronExact Proportions. The ingredient ratios in a potion must be very precise. The easiest way to achieve this is to brew a large amount. Suppose you need 1 litre of swamp water, 10 grams of ant juice and 0.5 grams of butterfly testicle powder, and can reliably measure anything up to the closest half...

That's one site I'm not a member of, one of a couple.
Worldbuilding is fun to read at times :) I even have my very own question there!
11:24 AM
> butterfly testicle powder
creating account on that site
hehe turns out I already have, with single suggested edit. lol
11:54 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 LOL, basically the only activity is some Autoflags; you joined to leave a giant S.
@Rob not auto, result of good old Smokey here, but I don't count that as real activity. :)
The suggested edit is my only real activity on that site.
(it was HNQ, read the question, couldn't help but fixing it.)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 The unnecessary edit was not only approved, but wrong too: collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/ratio
Hmm turns out I did this on 15 different sites. Single suggested edit, no post.
@Rob well, there was also Removing redundant word and improving title, so edit wasn't pointless.
12:12 PM
You made the other unnecessary changes to get over the character limit. :\
@Rob nope, I didn't. If I don't reach the limit I just don't suggest edit.
My initial fix was the double sex; then title; the ratio was just a bonus, for me. ;)
-1 for the idiotic accepted answer. — ksjohn Aug 18 '17 at 10:28
Butt, you polished it.
Ahhh, site allow to upvote with associate rep.
@Shree yup with the association bonus one can upvote on all sites, but not downvote.
@Rob it's always polished
12:30 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Don't really recall but need 150 rep must of site ?
@Shree you need 125 rep to downvote (I think that’s what you meant?)
Could a moderator please delete this spammer's profile? meta.stackexchange.com/users/1076753/sophia-grace
Multi-time offender D:
@Spevacus so you know who to call ;)
12:34 PM
@Shree 125, except MSE where it's only 100. And the association bonus does count towards the 125, so you have to earn only 25 (well, 24 technically) on the site itself.
Only protected questions ignore association bonus.
Hummm thanks.
There's anonymous feedback (downvote) which doesn't require any reputation.
@Shree np
@Rob and has no real effect/value.
Associate bonus always upvote , but DV need extra rep ? No that's not happen for all sites.
12:39 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Source?
@Rob until proven otherwise, it has no effect/value. If you can prove it has some effect/value I'll be proven wrong. ;)
You suggested it.
@Shree exactly.
@Rob here is a unicorn then.
> Unicorn: grants its owner a pass from one task.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 This time you are wrong.
@Shree how so? MSE? It's the only exception, mentioned before.
12:41 PM
15 rep to upvote, 125 rep to downvote. 100 rep for association rep bonus
well, except private beta I guess, you can downvote all you want...
Q: What are the reputation requirements for privileges on sites, and how do they differ per site?

badpFormerly Reputation requirements compared. What are the reputation requirements for privileges on the various sites in the network? Also, how do reputation requirements for various privileges compare on different Stack Exchange sites? Specifically, the following types of sites: Designed sites e....

Downvote ALL of the thingz!
That's what want to say. Thanks for all post.
@Rob wine is boring, getting pizza ads now.
1:29 PM
You are the one who hammered this question: meta.stackexchange.com/q/292837/282094
1:47 PM
@Rob 80
@Rob true.
2:02 PM
Juan M on September 30, 2021
Ten years on the internet is a long time. Let’s celebrate the Stack Exchange sites that, as of Q3, have hit that milestone.
@Feeds why aren't the links https
@Feeds check out the oneboxes that have turned 10 years old in Q3
2:15 PM
@Mithical testing the readers
2:59 PM
this is kinda weird but I am curious of the reactions here.
Short story. Genshin Impact players were mad for the anniversary rewards last Tuesday, so they riot and start posting bad reviews for the game.
@Mithical because the links are 10 years old from before they had HTTPS, obviously /s
On. Others. Games.
@SPArcheon like, not even from the same company?
@RyanM Exactly.
Reaction: that's 1) obnoxious and 2) nonsensical.
3:08 PM
@RyanM nonsensical, obnoxious and.. tragically true.
Yikes. What on earth is wrong with people...
clearly the tactic has been effective at drawing attention
3:25 PM
@SPArcheon wow, I think at this point I have a reason to hate Genshin fanbase, even though I never interact with them...
(except, both of you on the Anime.SE chat room, you're different :p)
@MetaAndrewT. Fanbase... That is not the fanbase in the same way as every other bad group in every fanbase.
and probably some are just people jumping in in the mess for either fun or personal gain.
Yet... I fear that at least a part of those are from real people who really wanted to do that.
3:53 PM
@MetaAndrewT. I call it the "Rick and Morty rule": any sufficiently large fan base will inevitably have a faction of fans who do stuff like this
@cairdcoinheringaahing To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand posting bad reviews to other apps in protest of an underwhelming reward. The strategy is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical app store optimization most of the techniques will go over a typical reader's head.
@RyanM Turned themselves in a bunch of bad reviews, funniest sh*t I ever seen
(context for those who don't know)
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to be able to recognize that you have to have a very high IQ to understand posting bad reviews to other apps in protest of an underwhelming reward. The ability to recognize that one's IQ is massively above average and thus point out such a requirement being required to recognize such influential movements is a rare aspect in today's society.
4:39 PM
@SPArcheon Pinkie Pie? More like Pinkie Pi
@Spevacus I don't know if the joke she makes is well known somewhere, but.. the author never said what they had in mind for the answer. Most think it is nitpicking on the unit of measure, so just saying a number is wrong (Twilight never says "stars" in her replies)
more probably.. just trolling.
Sounds about right.
4:56 PM
@Mithical also, are the β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” meant to be horizontal rules or do those not work in the blogs?
2 hours later…
7:19 PM
it's wordpress, doesn't wordpress have a horizontal rule button
8:09 PM
Did someone delete the tag...?
looks like it might've been merged into ...?
8:24 PM
Possibly. I was confused because I had retagged some Qs to be more specific and now those edits and their summaries don't match up
2 hours later…
10:28 PM
@RyanM I'm so confused. That last lost soul...
11:22 PM
They'll always have chicken: knowyourmeme.com/memes/leeroy-jenkins

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