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6:05 AM
@Rob yeah it's a very special font, plus mirror writing, though guess this one isn't a challenge for modern OCR
@Rob yes! Well, you got help from @Mith (with the actual text) but still nice. ;)
@KevinM.Mansour huh? Is this actually possible? At such age the baby will just try to chew the glasses, no? ;)
@bad_coder thanks! :D
@bad_coder yeah he's awesome, but many times edit off topic questions that get deleted minutes later, so it's just waste of time. lol
@rene 99% sure same bug as the remove login button that changed class and thus lost the trigger of onclick.
Developer fixed it, but didn't go the extra mile(s) of looking for more buttons that changed their class. :/
So those miles are up to us to walk. :D
@rene +1
2 hours later…
7:44 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I guessed that the writing was reversed, basically there was a single complete word of adequate resolution written in a stylized font - so unlikely to be readable by OCR. --- Someone from the country probably sees the expression a lot, it doesn't translate literally into English, our is "Do unto others ...".
8:03 AM
o/ good morning
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 the question that's been on my mind: Who is the vaccinated Chinese looking wizard in your avatar?
@Rob didn't know you were a bible reading man (lots of possible translations).
Another day of hating our IT service provider :/
@Luuklag thou shall not bear the grudge against thy IT provider.
Yeah I should
They mainly do MAC's, and I have a Windows as well, cause I need one.
@Luuklag then you are stubborn, and hatter :P
Now the WiFi driver is busted on it, and they can't fix that over the air
Not even when I just wire that laptop up
8:09 AM
@Luuklag mainly doing MACs should be considered a public crime....!
Because they can't get teamviewer to display them the password field
@bad_coder yeah, that's a whole different story
@Luuklag I agree, time to change IT provider. No compromise with Mac.
o/ off to work, good morning.
2 hours later…
9:48 AM
@Rob true
@bad_coder no idea, think I looked for "Happy vaccinated people" and this came up. ;)
2 hours later…
11:45 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 honestly, being vaccinated doesn't make me happier :/
12:00 PM
@JourneymanGeek gone
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 gone
1 hour later…
1:04 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 LOL!
Well, no, I'm more responsible than that. :D
I think babies get glasses that are more like the ones bigger kids/adults use for swimming in chlorinated pools or diving: with a strap so they can't take them off :P
1:21 PM
@Tinkeringbell Like Edgar Davids
That's a footballer, yes?
Never noticed, but probably a bit before my time anyways.
@Tinkeringbell We are the same age, right ;)
I think I'm the older one... :P
Turned 30 last month ;)
I turned 30 in june ;)
get off my lawn
1:24 PM
Oh, so the other way round :P
@JourneymanGeek You're too old to mow your own lawn, you need us to be there :P
@Tinkeringbell Happy belated birthday!
@Luuklag You too, happy belated birthday!
@VLAZ Thanks :D
1:24 PM
Edgar Steven Davids (Paramaribo, 13 maart 1973) is een voormalig Surinaams-Nederlands profvoetballer en huidig voetbaltrainer. Hij speelde voor Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, FC Barcelona, Internazionale, Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace en Barnet. Hij speelde 74 interlands voor het Nederlands elftal. Ook speelde hij wedstrijden voor de Suriprofs en een toernooi voor het Surinaamse voetbalelftal. In de rest van de wereld is hij vooral bekend om zijn sportbril, die hij sinds 1995 vanwege een oogoperatie draagt. Davids werd door Pelé vermeld in de opgestelde Lijst FIFA 100 beste spelers. Van 2012 tot...
@VLAZ thanks :)
@Luuklag Yep, footballer. Guess I was right :D I don't pay much attention to those, not really interested in what they do XD
@JourneymanGeek I mean, you've got to find some hobby if the lasers and flying cars are just not happening.
whatever happened to accidentally dismantling the washing machine, like sane people do.
Nevermind I don't think I want to know XD
I dunno, some people have strange hobbies. Which is good, because otherwise the price of yarn and thread would probably skyrocket due to increased demands XD
1:28 PM
@Tinkeringbell well wool is worthless these days, so it can't really skyrocekt
there is plenty of wool lying around doing nothing
Can't really work with wool. Not full-out allergic to it but I do get a bit of lightly irritated skin if I handle it for too long.
So I'm doomed to cotton or plastic fibers.
(and I'm a yarn snob, so definitely cotton over plastic XD)
@Tinkeringbell I can't think of why anyone would do it on purpose... oh wait...
@JourneymanGeek Oh, I can! To separate the plastic from the metal, then sell the metal :P
(we did that shortly after Ash passed on, mostly to distract dad :D )
How's the washing machine doing now, is it still such a fire hazard?
1:37 PM
the tub's shaft bent after dad hammered it and it was beyond human repair...
It was the washing machine that was a fire hazard, right?
that was the drier
mom... put her foot down about it
Meaning there's a brand new one now?
Oh has been a brand new one a while
that's not had any unauthorised repairs made to it :D
Hahaha sounds good :D
1:51 PM
and dosen't trip the power
2:12 PM
@KevinB <Insert joke about coffee triggering toilet visits>
1 hour later…
3:38 PM
Hello hello
Hope y'all have a good week :)
Should be, new world launches tmorrow
@KevinB Wait what? XD
weird mmo-ish game from amazon
@V2Blast major road-closure tomorrow, VPN isn't working so can't work from home. It is going to be an awesome week for me ... if you like traffic jams.... :/
@rene Oof
3:58 PM
@KevinB Oh, good! Not the real world then :D
4:39 PM
@Tinkeringbell Dunno, maybe *gestures vaguely around* we do need a new world.
@rene Do those people ever say anything other than "this website is f!cking toxic, aye"? I find that a lot of that stems from neglecting to follow the steps in this post of yours.
No, I don't expect a response or anything useful. I'm just posting those comments for my own pleasure.
@rene at the very least you can say that you tried. I personally wouldn't bother. If you have a problem look at what's already been posted or ask about it in a civil manner.
@VLAZ Oh, I wouldn't mind! But not unannounced and without inviting me to the party :P
@Ollie , you have to be polite to the people you’re eating, it’s simply good manners ;) (explanation, Ollies previous message used to say )
4:52 PM
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica Good point. Give them coffee, then eat them.
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica yes, forgot to use neutral phrasing.
5:06 PM
@bad_coder Certain texts are useful to be familiar with regardless of whether one actually believes every word. Criminal law is certainly a better use of one's reading time allocation.
5:33 PM
hmm @JNat you're aware that "deferred" means something like "We are not planning to fix this any time soon, but maybe in few years, just maybe, we might reconsider"?
Is this really so difficult to change class of HTML element in the codebase?
Anyway, it's not fatal, but having a button that does nothing doesn't look good, even if the action itself is very minor and very rarely used.
@JourneymanGeek who? ;)
@JNat thanks!
@KevinM.Mansour good!
@MetaAndrewT. why? :(
!!/make @Meta happy
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 No such command 'make'.
Anyway, I ordered new shoes, wish me luck!
What type of shoes? (Sports, comfortable, slippers, etc.).
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 luck with what? :P
You already ordered them XD
@Tinkeringbell arriving in time, had a pair that arrived after half year.
5:43 PM
Wow... okay yeah that's not good XD
Hope you ordered some place different this time round?
@Tinkeringbell yeah don't even remember where I bought the world travelling shoes (turns out they were sent to Brazil instead of Israel by mistake) but pretty sure different place. ;)
Those are the shoes: (hopefully, if that's what they will actually send)
Ah, classic black sneakers :D
Can somebody who hasn’t dismissed the privacy policy banner yet please check if it appears on non-SO sites?
I can see it appear and disappear for just a sec when reloading MSE
That's IPS
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I forgot to add my usual comment, but: is what we've been adding to stuff that we're adding to be addressed as part of the bug duty rotation, like this. We've poked people internally, so maybe that means it's fixed Soon™, but I can't guarantee that, so didn't tag it
5:59 PM
as long as soon is sooner than 6 to 8 weeks, I'm fine with it . ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah, cheap but useful, love the balance. :P
Used to buy shoes that cost double, wasn't really any better.
@JNat hmm interesting, that's not the deferred I know. Hundreds of deferred bugs/feature requests wait for years, as can be seen here.
Sep 23 at 20:51, by Rob
16-18 months
@Rob x10
Q: Is the \ escaping of a char in the formatter a bug or just difficult to get right for every language?

Davy LandmanIn Delphi the \ does not escape a string ending, in Delphi if you want a ' you type: StringVariable := 'Foo'' bar'; // comments And it works as expected, but in an answer on StackOverflow I've always noticed a bug. I've been able to create a small test case for this bug StringVariable := '\...

12 years, and still waiting.
Ideally, we'll just have a new tag, though dunno how to call it.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I can usually only notice the price difference in how long the shoes last. I have pairs that are years old that cost quite a lot, and cheaper pairs that have barely lasted a season.
Hmm just checked on the adres given in the privacy policy. It's just a regular appartement in Amsterdam.
Looks kinda shady to me
6:05 PM
@Luuklag huh? SO/SE PP?!
Space Cookies!
A: Updates to Privacy Policy (September 2021)

bad_coderCorrect me if I'm wrong (since there is no diff view as ben is uǝq backwards pointed out), but wasn't the EU privacy contact address in England only? Is this Netherlands address new and somehow connected to the acquisition by Prosus? EU Representative The MD Stack Overflow GMBH HRB 234500 3 Fri...

hey, a banner that isn't advertising a paid product, 👍
@Tinkeringbell well I'm usually careful with my shoes so they last long anyway, the current pair is already 3 years, I think, still usable just... feels old.
@Luuklag isn't that where Moszkowicz lives? Maybe he took a career move ...
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 10x cost shoes won the Olympics: nike.com/il/running/vaporfly
6:09 PM
@rene Well he's already familiar with tax evasion, so...
@rene Looks a bit too shabby for Moskowitz. Looks more like the Tokkie family home
Well, it was cheap .. what do you expect?
They should have picked an appartement on the opposite road: "Crackstate"
I'll do a drive-by-looking tomorrow ...
hmm turns out clicking the link in the privacy policy update banner dismiss it as well. Bug?
@Rob I'm not aiming for anywhere near Olympics. :D
6:13 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Nah probably not. If you read it the goal is achieved though
Heck I don't even run. ;)
@Luuklag but I didn't, just wanted to see if the link works. :D
Looks like that adres is rented to an Expat
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 You should get slippers, shoes for sitting down.
@JourneymanGeek if that was true, this wouldn’t exist
I like carbon fiber steel toes, surprisingly good for running; and gives a whole new meaning to the term kicks.
6:20 PM
@Rob Isn't that basically combat boots?
7:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell, regarding that bot label, did you open the reviewer stats?
@Luuklag Oh... ssssh :P
Time for me to go to bed!
Ah, lol
@Tinkeringbell Hey! removing your f-up's is abuse of mod powers ;)
I wondered why those comments poof'd as I replied... ;)
@Luuklag I'm just saving Geek some work.
(and it keeps his handled flag score artificially low!)
7:04 PM
Out of curiosity, who's got the highest number of handled flags?
Geek, of course ;)
(for the month)
Can you order by year?
After Tink has her own place she'll be smashing flags like crazy ;)
I just checked, he's also in the lead for all time and the quarter.. and it doesn't order by year XD
Still, he's zoomin'
Not that it's a competition ;D
7:06 PM
Not at all XD
@Luuklag I don't know about that XD
I am hoping, sure!
Argh I'm so pissed my windows laptop no longer has WiFi
No way to use a cable either?
In theory yes, in practice no.
I have to run a wire through both staircases
Heh, yeah... that's impractical ;)
It just gets tangled and the kids will trip over it
So now I have to wait till someone from our IT provider has the time to travel to our office and meet them there
7:08 PM
But it's a laptop, can't you go sit somewhere downstairs? Or is that impractical because kids?
@Tinkeringbell I have an office setup in the attic, and a macbook that has internet, so it's not completely dead in the water, but just switching between two computers, and using my external SSD to move files back and forth
Btw what are you still doing working late, again XD
Shame on you :P
Yeah, a related part of a prototype
used for different cultivation types
but the guy that was working on this just quit before the holidays
he was like: I don't get any energy from this anymore. I quit this team. Cya
Just gonna shoot this into the wind, not expecting an answer but if I got one it'd be interesting: What would cause someone to be unable to ping (Google's DNS) but still be able to connect to google.com ?
and now I'm working my ass off on something that should have been finished about a month ago.
7:11 PM
@Spevacus using a different DNS?
@Luuklag Van je collega's moet je het maar hebben XD
Context: We use a simple ping to ensure a customer has internet in one of the company I work at's tools and one random customer couldn't ping it successfully.
@Tinkeringbell yup
@Spevacus You get the dinosaur game from google if you're offline? :P
7:13 PM
@Luuklag I have no idea. I'm not able to repro on my work's network and the customer's gone for the day. It's not pressing or anything I was just curious what could cause such a thing.
But eh... maybe they're just not good at pinging XD
Should get @Shadow to show them the way. :)
You know, one of those stories where the customer repeats that yes, things are plugged in... but they're not.
But regarding my broken WiFi, if someone knows a way to let a remote TeamViewer user enter Admin credentials, that would be great ;)
Ugh, I've had that problem too. The standard UAC is visible which is great but not being able to input Windows creds sucks
7:16 PM
Yeah, I as regular user see the UAC screen, but the remote user doesn't
So now they need to make a 100KM trip just to enter one single password basically
I bet they can do some other stuff while they're here, but still
Q: Ping Blocking: How to do? How to break?

PointerI can access each page of a site through the browser (firefox). I can also see the ip and port address in firebug, but when I open cmd->ping site ->it says "request timeout". I also tried traceroute. The trace was something like this 1. my router 2. some local-server 3. server out of state 4....

Interesting. So it could very easily have just been their firewall configuration.
We run into that a lot...
The first step in a hack is an innocuous ping, it's innocent and tells you something is there; allows you to fly through many addresses quickly. Blocking and hanging them up increases the difficulty minutely, but indicates that it's not a noob location. --- It will be setup for normal usage knocking, only worthy (legitimate) requests would be answered.
Knock and run or yelling is responded to as slowly as possible, and in bits and pieces (just like you would with a nuisance at work), that ties them up while providing the least useful response.
7:36 PM
Well Ill be needing to check in with a model builder tomorrow to see if my assumptions are right. So work is stalled for the night.
7:47 PM
@Spevacus There's a second answer here: serverfault.com/a/145916/290545 - but that one gives a "why is it common?" answer.
@Rob Oh. Also interesting. Thank you!
8:41 PM
@Rob I do have these too, but for walking outside and for driving they're not a good fit.
@Rob Lionsmane Sabatons? I'm still too low level to have them.
@KevinB yeah using slippers to go there too. (At home)
@Luuklag same for me at work, more urgent tasks keep popping up.
@Spevacus I can show the way to toilets with lots of success. :D
3 hours later…

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