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12:37 AM
Oh boy, a Careers 2.0 invite! Exciting!
...except that I've already had an account for over a year.
I'd report it as a bug, but I'm not entirely sure that I didn't use the same email address for a puppet. (Although I would be surprised if one of them had "earned" an invite.)
@JeremyBanks you included your email in that post >_<
but you can scrub it yourself, plenty of time
@RebeccaChernoff Don't worry, it's not secret. I've also got it in my profile.
I'll just add the careers tag then (:
12:49 AM
2:28 AM
Is there a good place/way to ask a question that basically amounts to "How do I check the contents of my SQL data table are what I want them to be?" I'm sure this is a solved problem, I just don't know the solution.
Background: I work for a (smallish) organisation that does data analysis for hospitals; we tell them to send their data to us in whatever form they have, then we standardise it and send them reports with benchmarking results back. The problem is, human error inevitably occurs, generally at the 'standardisation' stage, and is not caught until much later, so we wind up sending dat
3:15 AM
Hi! May we reconsider PayPal? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/94311/…
Q: Why doesn't the Stack Exchange store support PayPal?

Hannes NiederhausenI just bought two mugs in the Stack Exchange Shop. It would have been nice to be able to pay with PayPal. Is there a reason it is not supported? Credit card companies charge a fee for using the card for international payment, PayPal does not; that's why I'd prefer PayPal.

3:36 AM
Credit card companies charge a fee for using the card for international payment?
4:36 AM
Happy Purim.
8 hours later…
12:13 PM
Yeah, mine do as well. I'd much rather use PayPal, but I understand not wanting to deal with it.
12:53 PM
> Personally I would bet even this question will have -1s for talking about NP and Jesus's children kind of advises about how I should live my life better by "serving" the community will pour in.
*scratches head* Jesus' children? What sort of odd expression is that?
1:14 PM
@YiJiangsProble Strolling around Christianity? Or did you (gasp) see that on SO?
@TimPost MSO.
Oh, that explains it. Carry on.
And he called the person that answered his question GOD
I'd ask for a link, but my therapist told me to stay away from Meta
Q: delete question -> Recycle bin

ThaleIts only fair to agree that the person who raises the question has the human right to remove it for whatever reason leave alone -1s. Everyone knows this notorious pattern (from now on referred as NP). condescending replies -1 votes pour in question gets closed. There are m...

Might get a laugh out of it
1:19 PM
Actually, I went with the 'start sobbing uncontrollably' gig
1:40 PM
Hi all
1:53 PM
A: I request a 'self-accept rate' figure for each user

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AAnd I suggest that.... We take all of the numbers in the profile. Add them together. Multiply by 42. Then divide by 100. And see what we get. We will call it each individuals' Ultimate Answer Rate See how silly it can become? As soon as you start taking random numbers on a user's...

2:04 PM
hmmm if I had made that community wiki it might have had a better reaction...
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA That's actually gathering flags. I'm not acting on them (yet) but you might consider editing.
@TimPost To what?
Somehow when a mod goes and posts something like that it is not acted upon at all
and their post usually garners upvotes!
I do not understand this system at all!
It was an answer to fit the question.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Not sure if sarcastic
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I don't think the intended humor in your answer is apparent to everyone :) That's all.
2:16 PM
@TimPost and I am not posting a meta post about this out of fear that @Shog9 will moderator message and suspend me again...
@TimPost Lol so how can I make it "apparent"?
@Pekka got that it was a joke.
Hmmm.. maybe preface it with a journey to an alternate universe, and add an anecdotal fact that Lewis Carroll is the one that inspired the number 42 in Hitchhikers to begin with? Heck man I don't know, just make it seem less condescending?
@TimPost Haha the whole joke was in the Ultimate Answer Rate part.
I did not mean to make sound condescending....
Honestly, you come across as talking down to the OP @amanaP. Neither of those posts by moderators that you linked are ridiculing someone's feature request.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Like I said, I don't see any reason to do anything (as a mod), I'm just trying to shed some light on the response you received :)
@jadarnel27 Haha the 2nd one is definitely ridiculing lol
2:20 PM
The OP put time and effort into the idea, which probably seemed like a perfectly good idea to them. I think that's why it rubbed people the wrong way.
@TimPost Haha I don't really care about the rep. just as long as the post is not deleted by @casperOne or @Shog9
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I would suggest (and it's really just a suggestion, because it's not really any of my business), that you not try to be funny in your answers. At least for a little while. If you want to chime in on a discussion, or help out someone with a support question, just genuinely answer the question.
@TimPost I realize that.... I did not mean to sound mean...
I don't think you did. I'm not sure how you could soften it up a bit, but perhaps give it a whack? If it started off more friendly, it would be funny.
@jadarnel27 ehhhh everone always needs a little humor.
@TimPost Haha. I guess so. Ill know for next time ^_^
Lesson learned.
2:24 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I think it's obvious that you were not very successful in being humorous.
@jadarnel27 Haha I see that.
2 mins ago, by amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM A
Lesson learned.
Ahh yes, I see you've read the Jesus question.
2:26 PM
Scroll up
@TimPost I did not even know what to think about that question. Ridiculous =)
1 hour ago, by Yi Jiang's Proble_
Q: delete question -> Recycle bin

ThaleIts only fair to agree that the person who raises the question has the human right to remove it for whatever reason leave alone -1s. Everyone knows this notorious pattern (from now on referred as NP). condescending replies -1 votes pour in question gets closed. There are m...

2:28 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Look through the last revisions. Meta has, apparently gotten weirder lately. I didn't think it was possible .. but it has.
@TimPost I think the best part was that dude calling Bobby "GOD" and accepting his answer.
Yep .. little Bobby God .. that's our boy.
Haha oy...
Q: Make "Log in" link into a drop-down?

IncognitoI clear my browser cookies each day, and log into StackOverflow with my oAuth quite a lot. Something that would be simpler is if we had Login change from something where it's on it's own page into somehing where a click will pop-up a div as in the style of the global inbox. It might look somethi...

^^ Vote UP!
There's a post by @amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA hasn't been deleted? Let me get on that. Sorry for the delay =P
@casperOne ?
I assume you meant by
So mean to me @casperOne :-P
2:44 PM
I don't get it. Why do we hate making logging in easier?
@casperOne while I have you here. Could you undelete this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/9585902/561731 my flag was deemed helpful but nothing was done...
@TimPost ^^ ?
@Incognito I really don't know. I agree with you on this front. I dont get @meagar's point.
I wonder what the UX subsite has to think.
That was converted to a comment, @amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA .. which really is all it was.
@TimPost Ehhhh not really. This was the context of my flag:
> Why was this deleted? This is a good answer. It does explain that the result is recursion. Albeit in a weird way, but it does answer the question fully.
It is an answer, just not one that I accepted.
@TimPost also I did not see that it was converted to a comment. but I still think it should be left as answer....
Also i see no note anywhere that it was converted to a comment. I just noticed that it was a comment when you told me now...
The OP would see that it was converted to a comment (they see a special "why was this deleted" link, which would change to say "Converted to comment")
2:51 PM
@TimPost I am the OP of the question and i see no such link
Also why in that user's rep page does it still show that he/she gained all the rep from the answer?
I meant of the answer, sorry. Author of the answer
@TimPost Could it be undeleted? Or is this non-negotiable?
Nothing is non-negotiable , but I don't see a compelling reason to reverse what casperOne did
@TimPost Because it was a legit answer. It does answer the question about recursion
Users keep rep for deleted content now, but I thought it had to be a few months old in order to be eligible for that.
2:54 PM
@TimPost But it still shows that he has only 21 rep!
what is up with that?
Can I post a bug report on meta?
It's no bug. The Summary shows it correct.
The rep history might be cached a bit
He has two answers, one up vote on each, plus the 1 rep you start with
@TimPost do you hear my reasoning for why it should be undeleted?
I am not posting a rant about it on meta for fear of @Shog9....
I'm going to undelete it. While terse and somewhat silly, it does answer the question. If it's flagged again, however, it's going to remain as a comment
2:58 PM
@TimPost Sounds good to me.
Thanks you @TimPost :-)
If you really care about the answer staying around, you might nudge the author to explain a little bit more. Not much, just a little. If comments need purging after that, flag it.
@TimPost Ok. in the flag I will link here so I have a reference if I need it.
@TimPost I meant "Thank you" not "Thanks You"...
3:19 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Indeed, but it's only because we all love you. =P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA As for this "answer", I'm fine with what @TimPost did, but you can see why we might want a little more than a quip and a single-liner. Context is always appreciated, even for answers that answerable in terse ways.
@casperOne True true. I asked for an update.
3:39 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Just letting you know that you weren't ignored =)
Simchat Purim.
@casperOne haha ok
Are you in the city today?
@Moshe - Gam Lecha! ;)
A freilechin purim to all!
@Lix ^_^
Party on the streets!
Actually working today though :/ Hard to code with music blasting from the street party downstairs
3:52 PM
@Lix no sound in my office :-(
@ama - oh well :) Great song...
@Lix I am sure it is :-)
In anycase - I'm off! See ya'll around!
3:56 PM
Later @Lix
4:35 PM
Who is the fellow in this video at 8:46 in the brown suit? Looks like a technologist, can't finger it.
Who can edit /faq? (Related to this question).
@Moshe I do not recognize him.
@JeremyBanks Ah, I think I was confused because /privileges is editable. /faq maybe not...
@JeremyBanks I think it's mods-only [<--citation needed]
4:46 PM
@jadarnel27 Citation-ish
@jadarnel27 Not Woz, right?
The video is at MIT from about 30-40 years ago.
@JeremyBanks That's good enough for me!
LOL. he just called me an asshole. I can expect to be downvoted into oblivion in ~1 day
@Martin Jeeze. :P
@JeremyBanks -3, nice
What the hell? -2? He just got an upvote?
4:53 PM
I undownvoted when I saw it at -3.
I didn't want to pile on too harshly. ;P
...aaaand deleted.
By him ?
@Martin I'm too lowly in reps to see that =) I did NAA flag it though.
4:54 PM
Heh. Free flag!
@Martin lol indeed! It seems like there is a way to exploit that feature and increase my helpful flags count somewhere in there.
But I cannot think of exactly what.
@jadarnel27 That's not exploit.
@Martin Oh, right. I didn't mean that was an exploit right then.
Something about having that flag auto-dsimissed as helpful based on the actions of a regular user seems like it would be open to "gaming the system" in order to artificially increase my flag weight.
I wonder: if he undeleted his answer, would my flag still be counted as helpful? Or would it go back into the flag queue? That's the kind of thing I mean. One could repeatedly "shake off" all the flags from their answer if it works like that.
I bet @PopularDemand knows all the answers to my queries.
I wonder how much of the page I can fill with just me talking.
It's starting to look a bit excessive.
@jadarnel27 The flag system is unsophisticated, it would stay marked helpful. There was a recent post about how custom flags are "shaken off" when a post is closed, even though they might have been asking for something else.
Q: Don't auto dismiss custom flags on close

CodeInChaosI understand auto-dismissing off-topic flags as helpful on close, since those become obsolete. But for custom flags that's rather annoying, since those are often used for an issue that goes beyond closing. In my case it's typically a migration or merge request. What's particularly bad about thi...

5:18 PM
@JeremyBanks Thanks for the link. That makes sense. But it does seem like there is potential for abuse there.
Of course, there's not much reason to protect against it until the abuse actually exists =)
@jadarnel27 Well, since Jeremy ruined your attempt to be a one-man chat, I guess I should respond to you. Fortunately, he addressed your question, so I'll just share this somewhat relevant "flag gaming" question:
Q: Flagging a post before submitting the 5th close vote always results in flag being marked helpful

genesisOkay, there's nice workaround to get some free flag weight! What you need 3k minimal, 10k for the easiest way Way to reproduce it Find question with 4 close votes (10k here) Flag that question Vote to close that question Result: All flags on closed questions are automatically marked...

@PopularDemand That is some nice presentation right there. Thanks for the additional info.
I guess that kind of confirms the idea that there's only protection against abuse if the abuse actually becomes a problem (at least in these weird, edge-cases).
I like how he gives simple, detailed steps on how to abuse the system and then says "this is ... not a tutorial."
Haha, yes!
5:34 PM
Nuclear duck.
Irradiated fowl.
@Mos - have you seen the remix to that? :P
2 hours later…
7:07 PM
Do SO/MSO mods see two separate flag queues? I am curious today.
@animuson I just looked at your small gravatar on here and thought you had some kind of strange harness on your face.
@jadarnel27 Well, they're separate sites, so separate queues.
@jadarnel27: Yes, proudly the property of Justin Bieber. Giddy up!
@TimStone Neat. I wasn't sure if the mods got them all bunched together (this doesn't make much sense now that you've answered). I figured the 10k mod queue was separated per-site. Thanks!
@animuson I just threw up in my mouth a little.
7:25 PM
Ughhh my bank cancelled my credit card because of some fraudulent application on Google
I didn't even know you can fill out financial-related applications on Google o.o
Google Wallet and Google Checkout both deal with money.
@animuson That really sucks. Why wouldn't they just verify it with you (rather than cancel the card)?
I know Google Checkout but I've only ever used thatto pay for apps on my Android phone, which I haven't done in like 6 months...
@jadarnel27: They just called me. They do that thing where you list out your recent activity and if nothing matches up to what they're looking at they just cancel it.
I have five messages on the star-board right now. I feel weird about that.
@animuson Hm, I've never had that happen. Sounds inconvenient though =/
@jadarnel27: Well, I let my mom use my bank account to pay for a gym membership, but he kept saying it was my credit card number in question and not my bank account number. But it's ok, I have another account with another bank that I can use while I wait.
7:45 PM
@animuson Well that works out alright then. At least you have a backup. I should probably do that...
Ok. I am being troll-starred -_-
It wasn't me! hides behind the couch
A: "waiting for cdn.sstatic.net" waits too much

Popular DemandMy understanding of CDNs isn't that deep, but I think this boils down to you not being near a CDN server. If so, this feature request is basically you asking Stack Exchange to plop down a new server next to you. Based on the roughly year-old data collected at the blog posts Stack Overflow Around...

@PopularDemand Thanks for answer and caring the issue
let me read the blog links then comment on it later
lurk lurk
Anyone been following the Dharun Ravi trial? o.o
8:01 PM
Never heard of it.
I kind of want to post a thank-you to Sketchy, but I doubt it will get as much support as the thank-you to Jeff. Which, come to think of it, is now too localized.
Haha, this guy hasn't even visited the site in the week the bounty has been open... stackoverflow.com/questions/9474944/…
@PopularDemand You know what else is too localized? This little guy =)
That little guy? I wouldn't worry about that little guy.
Actually, I concur. I voted to close that one for real.
A: The Many Memes of Meta

jcolebrandMeme: Eeeek! Originator: Marti First Seen: 4 Mar. 2011 ~ Eeeek what happened to my envelope? (sorry guys, 10k only) Cultural Height: Probably still to be reached, given the increase of developers working for Stack Exchange. Although see comments here for first signs of possible decline (2 wee...

It's an expression of great surprise and distress.
8:14 PM
aha, great link and great explanation, thanks @jadarnel27
8:25 PM
O.M.G. We just found a case where w3schools is... more correct... than another reference site. world falls apart
Well, hold on, what's the "another reference site"? Is it w2schools? w3skoolz?
Wow. Links?
The SitePoint page makes no mention of the required absolute or fixed positioning on the element in order for the clip property to take effect, while w3schools includes it in their example.
8:39 PM
chaos ensues
@moguzalp No prablem.
I'm a little bothered by the lack of compatibility info for modern browsers on SitePoint.
However, I'm not familiar with that particular property; was it deprecated or something?
@PopularDemand: No, it's just not very commonly used because of the requirement of the element's position being absolute or fixed. Who wants to do that?
@PopularDemand Frankly, I'm a little bothered by your lack of compatibility.
@PopularDemand Wow, I've never even seen that property. Odd.
MDN says it was recommended in CSS2.1 (never officially accepted), but it got support in browsers.
@jadarnel27 I'm not sure what the best retaliation for this is: ignoring you, or massively troll-starring you.
8:51 PM
@PopularDemand: Serial downvoting of meta questions?
@PopularDemand Three equally valid options, depending on what you wish to accomplish =)
Lol wow, only 12 minutes for the bronze badge on that question
Hmmm, Burger King or Taco Bell?
I really hope the question is "Which restaurant should I stay the furthest away from?"
9:11 PM
@animuson Always Taco Bell. Always.
@jadarnel27: Which one do you think Justin Bieber would choose?
@animuson can't think of a Canadian joke for this
Oh, I'd say Burger King. They have some sort of kid's meal there. I'm sure he would like the toy.
Ohhh good idea! I'll give him my toy ^_^ hahaha
@jadarnel27 Is that because you don't know how rare Taco Bell is in Canada?
I thought Taco Bell was Canadian food. It sure isn't Mexican.
9:19 PM
@mootinator Correct. I have never been to Canada. The closest I ever came was Connecticut. And I did not like it =)
The best thing about Canadian fast food was the spicy gravy they had for Burger King fries.
@jadarnel27 Ah well, I guess it isn't as rare as it used to be judging from their website. They're just avoiding Saskatchewan like the plague. Not a terrible idea, really :P
@jadarnel27 It's the same joke, only the logos of the restaurants incorporate maple leaves.
@PopularDemand Eh?
9:31 PM
A lot of companies use the same logo in the US and Canada except that they add a maple leaf to the logo. Compare this Coach USA bus to this Coach Canada bus, for example.
Hahahaha, that is great. I've never noticed that before.
Wendy's does a similar thing, replacing the apostrophe in its wordmark with a leaf.
Is there nothing new on Stack Overflow?
Everything seems like repeats...
Ooh, I'm up to 300 copy-editor-qualifying edits. Neat.
10:05 PM
@lix indeedy I have.
@aman where are you for Purim?
@Moshe I am at work
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Fixed.
Apparently I fail at camel case.
@mootinator ?
You did that backwards...
I refuse to let autocomplete tell me how to capitalize your handle.
10:35 PM
Is anyone else having problems with the vote-to-close dialogue?
I've tried three times all it does is show the loading image and then show an orange error popup that reads "close"
GAHHH What is going on with their system o.o
@animuson I am as well.
Working fine here.
Wait, orange, you mean SO?
It posted my comment twice and now it won't let me delete the duplicate!
I can't up/down vote or vote to close.
10:40 PM
The vulnerability which broke GitHub was something I inquired about with my PM the other day.
That is such an awesome error message xP
I just voted to close on SO as well, no issues.
Oh yay it's working again.
The other person double-posted their comment too haha
@PopularDemand It just came back to normal.
I don't know how promiscuously binding untrusted parameters on the web became a 'thing' again years after PHP identified and fixed that huge problem in PHP.
I shall have to blog about it.
10:53 PM
@mootinator Oh yeah, I had been meaning to have an angry discussion with someone over that. Thanks for the reminder.
11:16 PM
I wonder how does rolling changes over the Stack Exchange network works. How do they effectively change code all over the network and when they want, just on meta, for example?

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