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2:47 AM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard @rene Sloshy lives:
in Sloshy the Thawman on Stack Overflow Chat, Jun 14 at 11:35, by tripleee
Sloshy was granted permission to run in SOBotics so the regular nightly run will be moving there
3:23 AM
first rejection as me and not an anonymous cookie... was hoping to hit 10 accepts first but eh I'll strongly disagree with the post author's decision and feel righteous over here
3:54 AM
The added tags seemed fair, but:
A: Questions in titles need to be repeated, why?

MatYou're looking at this wrong. Question titles should not be repeated in the question body. That's, at best, noise. It should be expanded in the question body. The question title is supposed to be a very short, concise, version of the question you're about to ask. The question body should provide...

I repeated it because it was the most obvious eat to make the body self-contained. As-is, it requires context from the title to understand the body.
I repeated it because it was the most obvious way to make the body self-contained. As-is, it requires context from the title to understand the body.
4:13 AM
shouldn't have edited in the first place since it's an obvious dupe... just got annoyed at the lack of useful tags
By that argument the tags should have been included in the body because: "... it was the most obvious way to make the body self-contained. As-is, it requires context from the tags to understand the body.". - Can the three parts not exist separately and still all be in context and relevant to the question?
The tags are useful, should roll them back in and remove the title duplication - but ⏰ = 💸
4:58 AM
@Rob do we organize a birthday party?
@rene I've never heard of a "birthday party" for age zero, the first party is held at age one. I think a better word is: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Initiation
For people the word for the age 0 event is baptism, christening, etc.
Ah,here we go:
A baby shower is a party of gift-giving or a ceremony that has different names in different cultures. It celebrates the delivery or expected birth of a child or the transformation of a woman into a mother. == Etymology == The term shower is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is "showered" with gifts. A related custom, called a bridal shower, may have derived its name from the custom in the 19th century for the presents to be put inside a parasol, which when opened would "shower" the bride-to-be with gifts. Alternatively the term possibly denotes a "first showing" of the new baby to...
Let's do a shower then ...
5:16 AM
Though I've never heard of this either: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dadchelor_Party
Which sounds like a code-word for a stag.
@Rob meh. let's ignore technicalities .... ;)
^^^ Chat wrecks URLS that end with an apostrophe.
@rene I'm not Captain Man, I'm not going to a moms party.
@Rob Yeah, it has to decide on his own when an url no longer is an url and does so in weird ways now and then. It is screwed in posts as well, for example when I have a stackapi url with a custom filter.
@Rob :D
Glad you understand that obscure reference.
Even Fandom fails to mention it, though it's in the comments: henrydanger.fandom.com/wiki/Ray_Manchester_(Captain_Man)
6:01 AM
@Rob As opposed to a Baby Shower, where one Showers a Baby, or a Baby Shower, where babies fall from the sky (Its very messy)
6:13 AM
It's raining money babies!
There is a song in there ....
3 hours later…
9:01 AM
@Glorfindel Would you mind writing this for me?
Q: Request for user script to load moderator candidate scores from the time the user nominated in the election

gparyaniI'd like a user script that, on moderator election pages, queries the API for user's candidate scores at the time they nominated in the election in question. Election pages, including historical election pages, always load the candidate score live; this user script should add in an additional bar...

9:13 AM
@Luuklag I believe it's NAA - it's the OP and it should be an edit
Hmm yeah I erred on the side of just get rid of it, its all links to their own site full of clickbait crap
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog I'll have a look, but I have many other things on my plate right now.
@Luuklag yeah, Webmasters tends to receive that kind of questions and the mods there clean up a lot.
3 hours later…
1:49 PM
@Feeds Onebox; works or borked?
2:07 PM
The link should go to the mobile site so that I can see the alt text on my phone.
@Catija heh, I tend to edit the link for that
@Feeds So... I guess Randall isn't a fan of juice? Did someone make him do a juice cleanse at some point?
@Catija Oh its a reference to the juicero...
Oh, that thing was stupid.
Juicero was a company that made a device that was marketed as a fruit and vegetable juicer that extracted juice from pre-processed packets. The company's product was called the Juicero Press, a Wi-Fi connected device that used single-serving packets of pre-juiced fruits and vegetables sold exclusively by the company by subscription. The San Francisco-based firm received $120 million in startup venture capital starting in 2014 from investors including Kleiner Perkins and Alphabet Inc.The company attracted significant negative media attention when consumers and journalists discovered that its juice...
@Catija Ave was impressed by the engineering
2:19 PM
Slightly... well very foulmouthed Canadian maker of teardown videos and dubious engineering that mostly works...
Ah. I mean, I have a breville juicer... It's a pain to clean but it does good stuff. And buying actual fruits/vegetables seems like the right place to start if you're really trying to get fresh juice - rather than packets of pre-mashed fruit.
Apparently you could manually squeeze the juice out of the pouches as easily as by using the machine? bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-04-19/…
Beautifully engineered but completely pointless
@Catija yup :D
2:26 PM
@JourneymanGeek I got it man, I got it !! :D
@bad_coder got what?
@JourneymanGeek the secret man...!! The secret for your CM appointment !!
@bad_coder moving to a better timezone?
... Well, at least someone's figured something out.
@JourneymanGeek NO! Time-zone is totally unrelated!!
@JourneymanGeek you notice how a lots of staff say "y'all" since Shog's time??
2:28 PM
@bad_coder Actually, I picked that up from cat
That's the secret @JourneymanGeek , you need to learn how to Yodel..!! And instead of going "y'all" you invent the transcription of yodeling and use it in your posts :D
Like @YaakovEllis's Haiku?
I'm half certain me singing...
Either would be considered torture, or convince people torture was going on
@JourneymanGeek there's no going wrong with "Y'odeling", the same way there's no going wrong with "Y'all". It's a "Y'ippikayee" thing :D
"Y'ippikayee munster muncher"...
gets suspended for conduct unbecoming
Y'ippikayee Y'odel-Ay-Ee-Oooo
2:36 PM
@MetaAndrewT. that's it, we have to develop the transcript corpus and formalize it :)
@JourneymanGeek it'll be a success, guaranteed :D !! Franzl Lang - Happy Yodeling
@Catija please don't take it the wrong way, Yodeling is what I'm reminded of every time I read "Y'all" (that and John McClain off course :D )
Now we get Franzl Lang in the CM team instead...
@MetaAndrewT. SE can't hire Franz Lang, he only does World Class live venues.
I'm used to people complaining about my use of "y'all".
Also, @Catija is texan, she has an excuse :D
@Catija I needed a good laugh! I was stodgy Minnesota kid transplaneted into the relaxed south. I used to be so harsh on the locals talking like that. 50 years later, its in MY vocabulary
2:51 PM
"Let;s go over to Y'alls house" (thinking) who's Yall? Is that his imaginary friend?
Weird... Shog's from Minnesota (I think) and he uses it all the time, too :)
Shog's shog :D
I think I saw the etymolgy of the slang word somewhere.. Your, meaning you, All meaning everyone. 's is the possessive so.. etc etc.. easier to say you all's then everyone's .
@JourneymanGeek it's not texan, it's TEXAN! C'ause everythin's bigger in TEXAS! (Thou shall write the word in CAPS.)
3:05 PM
source: wikipediyall
@GWarner LOL that's AMAZING :D
one more: i reddit somwhays yall
@GWarner mmm, it's a contraction. And it's short, handy, and sounding. But still, lots of "y'all's" become reminiscent :D it's unavoidable, especially for the foreign ear.
3:12 PM
reddit dont like i taking there picture addys
@GWarner Minnesota where that? Let me look at a map (sorry 50 states is a lot.)
somewhere north of here
@bad_coder Minnesota, smack in the middle of the US at very top
@GWarner they have a texas in Minnesota :D
I first started using SE through English Language Learner's. So I read alot of posts from confused foreigners
3:16 PM
@KevinB you can't be from Iowa, the few folks I met from Iowa had a temper.
Wow. texas in minnesota, I bet they get ribbed alot. Or treated like lepers by others in the state.
iowa is also north of here
a lot is north of here
In in the middle of mississippi, on the alabama border
If i had to guess iowans probably have an image problem s as the poor neglected part of minnesota
I am also an UHH-merican, living in Flori-DUHH the past 50 years
@GWarner the most noteworthy trait in wikipedia is actually this one: "Minnesota was the second most agreeable and fifth most extraverted state in the nation"
3:21 PM
yea they be thinking they is da sheet of YouISa
but i dont want to say what you is.. :)
Oh also a Tamp-UHH bay area WE-sident.
or is that CHAMP-a Bay?
BRB I need a WE-feel
@GWarner my friends from New Jersey says that's where folks go to retire.
3:26 PM
Yea. Newlyweds and Nearly Deads.
@KevinB mmm, Forest Gump style. Judging from TV seems like the prettiest part of the US, rivers and the lush green.
Enough chatting for me today, I'm off folks o/
Ok i got my WE-feel like more coffee.
@bad_coder Ciao, main dude!
Good withthe bad... Mosquitos. Humidity. And majority of the pop-yall-ation have terrible driving skills.
I just saw that pinned comment.. im feeling guilty. damn motor mouth. it is spam
3:45 PM
wth i got -1 for downvoting a bad answer?
downvoting while leaving comments is a sure-fire way to receive downvotes
I think I should be glad I dont jive in Meta SE very much
oh wait. down vote OR leave a comment. No both
answer was deleted anyway
3:48 PM
ideally do both
and just live with the fact that you might get a downvote
though i only leave comments when i think doing so would actually lead to an improvement
cases that cause revenge voting clearly aren't such cases
well i looked at that smoked answer. it side stepped the question to promote business
mehh.... i dont partis-UHH-pate on MetaSE enough to really be bothered. I was just confused.
I get a lot of DV when I do. I think its coders and I have a very different field of vision.
Nothing personal. no offense to them meant.
This relates to why I forsook an architectural degree. I am a designer.. I have the vision of what I expect. I have trouble dealing with the details to make it happen.
3:59 PM
I am neglecting my laziness zen, and my 5 cats. Stay safe ya'll.
17 messages moved to Chimney
4 hours later…
7:40 PM
10 messages moved to Chimney
1 hour later…
8:41 PM
too much coffee
@KevinB Hey look, a box.
Is the Chimney the same as the furnace for burning documents? In this case obsolete and useless messages
8:48 PM
It's where the noise goes.
just a place to move unwanted messages
As opposed to Trash which is where bad things go.
Okay. adding fuel to the fire then...
But which messages? off the sites? or chat?
8:50 PM
messages that are off topic in the chat
didnt know there was a topic here.
really waffles
in which case where can i test meta reviewers on how i might ask a question favorably?
@rene hello. maybe i should ask you.
8:52 PM
yea about them waffles. what IS that waffle pattern doing on pancake headed nails anyway?
@GWarner The Chimney thing was because of messages from a bot.
waffles waffles waffles 🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇
Which is normal and expected. But when the messages are no longer needed, they can be moved.
i just got 36 reputation
8:55 PM
Congrats. You are now Jon Skeet.
yea . i get that. like 5 and 10 year old YT videos that explai something that has since been changed or became obsolete. Yet YT can't do anything about them.
and who is john skeet
OMG i saw one of his posts
He's the guy with the highest reputation on SO (at least last I checked).
8:56 PM
i need better rep on meta how do i do waffles
jon skeet, great sage of meta. how can i reverse this negative treand of my contributions on meta?
in stack overflow i have 34 reputation
i am obsolete. i am clueless when it comes to emoji. im an emoticoner
8:59 PM
Emoticons > emoji
what are those emojis
waffle pizza burger hotdog 'thinking' or 'ponder' or ' i got spinach caught in my teeth'
let me guess you googled
naw i can still see fairly well, had to squint a bit
9:04 PM
speechless cold fright bane ill lion lioness
im looking for ctrl char equivalents for that first line. only found # for waffle so far
okay i looked at my rep it went up 130 and down 20 in 7 days.
I have a preemptive bookmark set to just delete from meta SE. I can't seem to get any positive feedback on anything I ask, answer, OR comment.
Kind of makes one want to forsake anything code related or SE specific and just stick to grammar, hammer, and 'laziness zen' perfecting.
10:24 PM
A: User data in light of Stack Overflow's / Stack Exchange, Inc.'s acquisition

Yaakov EllisI fully understand the worries that you and others may be feeling about how private user data may be used and shared with other companies after the acquisition of Stack Overflow by Prosus is completed. To date, we as a company have always treated maintaining the security and safety of user data a...

> Are there plans for Prosus to use private user data from SO/SE and/or share this data with other Prosus-owned companies?
The answer was "no". I hope I'm not reading into this too deeply, but this sounds like it's open to allowing third party (non-Prosus-owned companies) access to user data.
10:50 PM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange It would require a change to their privacy policy.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog If a privacy policy is changed, does it only apply to data collected after the change, or can it apply to data already saved?
> I don't know how to say this, but all i can see is that the illuminati is real, because i have finally see the goodness of being a member of illuminati, the illuminati is a big brotherhood family, which help and protect human in this earth, the illuminati is real
> and if you join the illuminati on your induction day you will be given so many benefits and a cash of $2,000,000.00 to start a new life as a new member of illuminati
Scammers are amazing.
11:28 PM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Nov 26 '20 at 5:25, by Ryan M
You'd think the Illuminati would host their email on their own domain. Secretly running the whole world, but can't get good IT help...
How do you know it's not their own domain? If they run the world, they run Gmail. :P

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