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12:55 AM
JB. Hahahahhahaha.
trollstars a particular link.
gets bored of his laptop being scorching hot and resets it.
2 hours later…
2:47 AM
So....Visual Studio 11 will be the Meta Stack Overflow of IDEs?
3:20 AM
Prediction: VS12 ditches icons entirely, continuing to expand search to where all commands are but a few keystrokes away. VS13 dismisses with dialogs as well, relying on parameters to queries, and to avoid the unlucky connotations associated with the number 13 drops the three in all branding, going merely as "V1"
but 13 is a lucky number! >_<
...Rebecca writes userscript to re-add the S and 3...
3:41 AM
@Shog9 ...VS14 drops the GUI and adds elisp
I'm excited about TFS Express. That will give me something to wish I was using instead of STS.
4:42 AM
Mwuahahahaha just passed 28,000 :)
5:45 AM
@mootinator What's that?
@animuson Someone being extremely lazy
6:32 AM
I'm leaving off the night at 29,305
3 hours later…
9:23 AM
woah that's a lot of duplicated duplicate post flags
3 hours later…
11:57 AM
you should all follow @TheEvanCarroll who is bar none the most sophisticated troll I've ever encountered. It's a compliment!
You should all follow @codinghorror who is bar none the most sophisticated pirate I've ever encountered. http://meta.superuser.com/revisions/ecc74db1-1d27-4998-8e0d-fd244837dfd7/view-source
12:28 PM
@balpha Linking to a revision by ID, so it's impossible to put it in context.... nice.
12:49 PM
Oh, no, I'm just blind. It has a link to the original post, and it's not hard to find the meta thread.
2:17 PM
Q: Get page height in JS (Cross-Browser)

e-bacho 2.0What is the best way to get the actual page (not window) height in JS that is cross-browser compatible? I've seen a few ways but they all return different values... self.innerHeight or document.documentElement.clientHeight or document.body.clientHeight or something else?

How does this happen!?
1 hour later…
3:19 PM
@Chris Oh, I had just licensed my trial of Acronis True Image.
1 hour later…
4:49 PM
Hm. Based on chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/878602#878602 and chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/878649#878649, and assuming constant rate, it takes @animuson an hour and 50 minutes to process 1304 /review posts. That's 1304/110 = 11.85 posts per minute, or about one review every five seconds.
Five whole seconds? That seems like a lot of down time.
With that said, I need to drive into the office, so I should probably leave now..
doit doit d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d doit doit
I think I'm a pretty fast reader, but I can't read most posts in five seconds, let alone decide on whether they need to be flagged and/or perform any necessary edits. @animuson is clearly a cyborg or some such.
@PopularDemand I could create a userscript that 'reviews' each question as you scroll past them
I don't bother pressing the button if the question looks okay, so even though I 'reviewed' them, they don't count
I would say that you haven't reviewed it at all, because you haven't seen the question in context, or even seen the whole post; there could be spelling or grammar issues you're not seeing, for example.
4:55 PM
"Vote to Close -- This sort of insight isn't tolerable on Stack Overflow"
I'm pretty sure you were kidding about that script, but it would really defeat the purpose of /review. The point is to get posts looked at and improved, not to just empty the queue by any means necessary.
That's like reaching inbox zero by clicking "Mark all as Read"
Or is that the point.
Now I've confused myself.
@PopularDemand I know, but with the algorithm turning up so many 'false positives' my brain now applies its own filters to the question set
Reply which continues my own separate conversation with myself while tangentially referencing what @PopularDemand and @YiJiangsProble are discussing.
In other news: I've complained before about the chat ignore list being flawed because conversations look nonsensical when one of the participants is ignored, but I was happy to discover a few weeks ago that ignoring is approximately the best thing in the world when all participants of an inane or undesirable conversation are on the ignored list.
5:03 PM
Where's that widget that lets you add freehand circles to any post using HTML5?
@PopularDemand It's a userscript, should still be on Stack Apps
Meh, I wanted to reply to this comment, but "laziness" and "getting back to real work" are interfering.
-1 not enough jUery
5:14 PM
@balpha The jury is still out on that one
@YiJiangsProble_ I humbly suggest that you missed the joke on that one.
@PopularDemand No, that's just my 1am brain trying to make a really bad pun
qUery is teh awesome
My skillz today are not.
5:34 PM
yo yo yo
All I did was join a "community." He created a community, assigned himself autocrat of a government he imposed on others, and stole content from other sites against their will with the intent of making money from advertisements. Which sounds more sophisticated to you?

I'd contend he's also a better troll because I'm not a troll, and I never troll.
How to prove you're a troll: Go through http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet) point by point to prove that *technically* you're not.
I love quoting myself
@Purmou It's actually spelled "oy." Don't worry, it's a common Tavern newbie mistake.
@PopularDemand: I know what I said :P
how goes it with you all?
@balpha We'll I've never went through that Wikipedia page, and I never made such a defense. Clearly, that's evidence that I'm not a troll by your own definition.
5:44 PM
Don't forget I'm one of Jeff's minions; you're kinda preaching to the thought police. I'm afraid I'll have to censor you sooner or later.
@balpha: Lies! you're your own man.
@EvanCarroll "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, or vice versa." -Sweet Donny Rumsfeld
@balpha I'm curious how deeply you can nest yourself quoting this message before chat explodes.
So if you define (analytical truth) a term (troll) as someone who passed an objective criteria (having refuted the identification with Wikipedia) and they don't fill that objective criteria for the term that you're using then that's not evidence of the term being unfit for them?

Where did you go? The DeVry school of logic?
5:52 PM
do arguments happen often here?
@EvanCarroll I define "troll" as a fisherman. Or a fisher of men, in some cases.
@Purmou I've seen you around Meta enough that I assume you're asking about this room specifically, not MSO in general. In that case, the answer is no. This is mostly a mix of general, programmer-specific and SE-specific nerdiness.
@PopularDemand indeed. it seems more sophisticated than the other chats anyways
"sophisticated"... now there's a word I wouldn't have thought of coming up in a description of the Tavern
you would if you considered the other rooms
at least, certain SO rooms
6:01 PM
@Purmou @Purmou @EvanCarroll @Shog9 @mootinator @TimStone @RebeccaChernoff i want 2 make program like farmville w/ android and html. u can giv me codez for?
@balpha $("body").makeFarmville(); ywvm
@Purmou cough How droll! You nearly made me spill my port!
okay, i take it back. this is the least sophisticated room. but by god it's funny in here.
anyone know why this keeps getting closed?
Q: Is my question really that bad?

user1231357I got rejected and filtered at SO for asking "Which is faster, a program that opens a file to write, or having it piped to a file in the shell?". Is this really a bad question?

@Purmou it seems like a bad Q with not much to say over what the FAQ says, although closing the meta Q seemed to leave its closing "unresolved" in the mind of the OP I suspect
6:18 PM
it's still totally answerable...and now people are writing answers in the form of comments. doesn't make sense to me.
@balpha Send a message to team@stackoverflow.com. That's what the account is for. They've got a whole team to assist you.
d'oh come on!
that was the punch line of that whole answer!
ooh, i just realized i misread "the chrome of my browser" as "chrome, my most favorite and the greatest browser ever"
@PopularDemand: That's not even at full reviewing capacity.
Of course, when you're reviewing low quality posts, they go a lot quicker because there's not nearly as much to look at.
6:42 PM
awesome, i just mortarboarded
first one on meta
I just did 2 days in a row.
In fact, I hit the 200 rep cap from the answers I posted the previous day which hit the rep cap. o.o
What do I do today!? It's like they want me to go waste time in the review panel...
Have I ever shared this with you guys? (Read the reviews!)
I always wonder if anybody reads those ever
I don't know, but it's fun to put random comedy in there :D
6:58 PM
@animuson Whatever, man. You're a cyborg.
A little Friday humor for everyone:
This one is funny too. --> stackoverflow.com/revisions/9355929/2
@animuson I'll never be able to edit someone's post with an ordinary edit summary again
Somewhere, Stephen Sarcsam Kamenar is thinking "Unicorns? What the heck?"
@Chris: Good! That's what he gets for frightening them!
Busy as anything. :-) hi, bye
7:07 PM
Q: Starring messages in the chat transcript

Won'tIt would be nice to have this ability. I primarily encounter this issue when checking a transcript when I'm notified of a mention in the inbox. I see awesome stuff and can't star it. Makes me sad that I cannot share my appreciation. Sideways frowny face.

this is literally
the funniest question i've ever seen
and his comment on the answer
i'm dying here
@Purmou What. . .the. . .?
@Chris: hrm?
@Purmou I think I missed an inside joke somewhere
7:10 PM
no inside joke
Won't really doesn't know?
@Purmou No, @JeremyBanks made those freehand circles
As far as I can tell
@Chris: exactly, that's why I said "Also" at the start of the sentence :P
but either way i just removed the first part.
@balpha No, because you didn't thank me in advance, you heathen!
7:13 PM
Seriously, the nerve.
@TimStone To be fair, it wasn't URRGGGGNTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
Only 37,000 more posts to review in the Low Quality Posts - Year section
@Purmou Oh, I get it now. English parsing fail. I assumed "you" meant Won't.
@PopularDemand Also -1 for not being in all-caps.
@PopularDemand Unlike sci-fi robot time-traveler dude
7:18 PM
I wonder how long it will be until Microsoft implements their own variation on Stack Overflow
i.e. implements a Q&A site rather than a forum for developer queries
I wonder how long until they endorse Stack Overflow
Well, we certainly don't want to end up in the same situation as we have with Facebook
Who's with me? (@TimStone need not participate)
Posted by Joel Spolsky on October 29th, 2010

Did you notice anything different about MSDN search lately?

MSDN is Microsoft’s mega huge developer information portal, and we’re happy to announce that starting today, Stack Overflow search results will be incorporated into the results when you search for something on MSDN. That lets you see official Microsoft developer documentation alongside the community conversations that you need to actually make sense of the “official” developer documentation.

Let me just say that I have been using Microsoft developer documentation since the Windows 1.0 API. In those days it was a  …

7:40 PM
Q: How should we notify people that they're eligible for "Microsoft Community Contributor" awards?

Joel SpolskyMicrosoft has a program called the Microsoft Community Contributor Award. The way it works is that they search on online forums (TechNet, MSDN, and Answers.com) for people answering a lot of questions about Microsoft technology, and when they find them, they award them with a badge of some sort t...

7:50 PM
@PopularDemand I posted a couple of alternatives
8:06 PM
Does anyone remember where the meta quesiton was that covered this encoding issue --> stackoverflow.com/posts/9437121/revisions
Yes, actually
Q: Quotation marks converted to entities in rolling back with summary

msh210In the revision history page of an answer, click "edit" next to an old answer, add an edit summary with an apostrophe (') or double-quotation-mark (") in it, and save without editing the post. The software will append "Rollback to revision [number]" to your edit summary (which is fine) and conver...

@TimStone: Thanks, you're so awesome. throws you a biscuit
There's another issue when viewing the revisions directly, as well:
Q: Quotation marks are shown as HTML entities, in the revision page

tombull89It's a minor one. In the edit history for Why isn't Meta funny anymore? the quotation marks are not escaped. In the revision page, the quotation marks are shown as HTML entities. I see this in Windows 7 32-Bit, using FireFox 10.0.2 (unsupported?).

Tim Stone likes biscuits, huh? Gotta file that one away for future use....
I'm a fan of all free food.
8:10 PM
I was a bit confused why a 15.8k user would make an edit like that. o.o
That...is a good question. :/
Haha I took a peak at his edit history and there was another one there from 5 hours ago that I reversed...
Belated fist-shaking, @TimStone, because when I try to type your name (without the tab autocomplete) I overshoot about half the time and type Time instead.
In fact, he has a long history of not including a reason for his edits...
@animuson Who's that?
8:21 PM
@Chris: See this revision. That 15.8k user who added it...
Q: Simple PHP Mailer Script <SOLVED>

DJ-P.I.M.Pi run a small website and we have had requests for a mailing list.... i have found a simple free script to add email addresses to a txt file - "email.txt" (which is protected) is csv format (email1@yahoo.com,email2@yahoo.com,blah,blah,blah) this script works flawlessly..... however it is a nuc...

Anyone know how to clean that up?
Oh, wow.
Torgamus has fixed worse, I'm sure
@PopularDemand Yesss... That's the one I was thinking of.
Ah, here it is:
Q: A nomination for the Medal of (editing) Honor

Justin I hereby nominate eldarerathis to recieve the Medal of (editing) Honor for patience, bravery and editing beyond the call of duty. At approximately 4:30 AM (UCT) on Tuesday March 8th eldarerathis went to the aid of this question, which was pinned down under heavy fire. Crippled with badl...

I'm attempting to edit this. LOL
Doesn't it look nice and pretty now?
and then I flagged it for moderator attention :)
8:38 PM
Muuch better :)
But wasn't there an answer hidden in there?
That should have been moved out of the question?
Oh, you mentioned that in your edit summary
Bleh, you only did half the job.
I'm halfway done.
Does it matter? I flagged it for closure so meh.
Do it right or don't do it at all.
Oh yay! The Workplace Stack Exchange is over halfway there!
Exciting emails!
@PopularDemand: The solution doesn't belong in the question anyways.
@animuson You could just put it in a community wiki answer
8:43 PM
@Chris I'm already doing this.
@PopularDemand Awesome. I'll upvote it to bring it closer to the accepted answer.
@PopularDemand: That was quite a distraction from reviewing posts...
I'm going to go cook fajitas. MINE
1 hour later…
Sooooo that post was unlocked and is now undergoing a close/open war? Better join in.
Exactly lol
The latest blog post may have brought more attention to it
Posted by Jeff Atwood on February 24th, 2012

We have a lot of Q&A sites in the Stack Exchange network now. 84 at the current moment. That’s … a lot of Q&A sites. But most people* don’t find us by browsing the site directory; they find us by encountering a Stack Exchange page in their web search results.

So that may lead you to wonder: what are the most freqently found questions on a given Stack Exchange Q&A site? In other words, the “Greatest Hits” of that particular topic.

(Trivia: did you know that the Eagles’ Greatest Hits doesn’t include their most famous song?) …

Ive left my mark on this historical question :o
10:18 PM
And Gaming.SE's greatest hits are almost all Skyrim or Minecraft
No big surprise, I guess
10:48 PM
Q: Can we get some advice on how to bypass the "quality" filter for non-SO sites?

Jon EricsonSome of you might not be aware, but there are a few sites that use the StackExchange engine to address non-programming questions. These sites are not called Stack Overflow, but they share this very same meta. They don't get thousands of questions a day and some of them don't even get tens of ques...

I find this a little bit ridiculous.
by which I mean infuriatingly ridiculous
now you should all go vote for it and downvote Jeff
or I will yell at you.
@JeremyBanks: Oh? What will you do if we do the opposite?
10:57 PM
downvote every one of your posts on meta.
Seems like you followed-through on your threat. Say goodbye to your rep.
damn daily vote limit...
I can just have @Rebecca reverse it xP Shes nice
I doubt it will require manual intervention.
11:03 PM
I was already at the daily reputation cap for the day, so maybe I'll gain it back before it even gets detected
Oh, the day ends in an hour xP
@JeremyBanks: If your serial votes get reversed, do you get the votes back for your daily limit, or are they permanently gone?
I'm pretty sure I'd get them back, but it probably won't run within the day.
Does it run at the new day (aka 53 minutes from now)?
Nope. You're probably going to suffer my wrath for most of a day.
Oooooo Happy Hour is starting soon
serverfault.com/questions/greatest-hits - the top quesiton on that says a lot
11:19 PM
It's Happy Hour, where is everyone!?
@EvanCarroll CENSORSHIP.
Is that what "happy hour" is normally like...
@EvanCarroll What would you care to drink?
(Don't say "hot cocoa")
11:29 PM
@Shog9: Can I have a strawberry banana smoothie? Do they server those here?
... what's wrong with that guy?
I'll take a Vodka Tonic.
Hmmmm that was weird...
@animuson If by "strawberry" you mean "tequila rose" and "banana" you mean "sloe gin"
I don't drink, sorry.
@EvanCarroll Hmmm?
11:30 PM
@EvanCarroll There's a proper drink. Lime?
I assume animuson is the first generation of C# bot? I've seen perl scripts that probably evolved past the point of asking for "strawberry banana smoothie" when prompted for a drink choice.
@Shog9: I'll take a reversal of serial downvotes though. :)
Either that, or he's a defective person.
@Evan: I've never had alcohol, ever.
@animuson Hmm... I see someone here hasn't been down-voting enough on Meta prior to your arrival
11:33 PM
Wait... what does that mean? o.o
@animuson What's it like to be a mormon?
Speaking of Mormons, he's not doing to well today.
@animuson Well, out of principle I can't reveal who down-voted you (although I believe he outed himself). But I can make oblique comments as to his voting habits ;-P
@EvanCarroll Heh... Tax cuts and schoolkids, eh? Guy knows how to play to an audience.
@Shog9 He was surprised to note, once the downvotes on deleted posts were restored, that his downvote:upvote ratio on SO was so much higher than on MSO.
11:36 PM
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ Same here, oddly enough. I guess stuff just doesn't get deleted as readily on MSO.
@Jeremy: What if I sing more Bieber lyrics?
It can be a karaoke Happy Hour...
@animuson It's too late for him to undo them.
Jeff said today on his twitter last night that everyone should follow me... I think this is sound advice, and it better equips me to lead MSO down the path of revolution -- overthrowing Jeff.
If you're following too many people, just unfollow Jeff -- he's throwing in the towel to be with his kids and wife anyway, so his life will probably get pretty boring pretty fast.
Twitter.com makes heavy use of JavaScript - If you cannot enable it in your browser's preferences, you may have a better experience on our mobile site.
Again, where's the "please"?
Sorry, @Evan I don't have a Twitter account.
11:45 PM
Get one.. even stupid third graders sign up for the service in droves. It isn't hard to register.
If Jeff can do it -- so can you!
Unless he wishes to stop you by way of coercive and undemocratic force.
Nah, I really don't want one. I don't tend to care what stupid things my friends are doing. They're usually stupid things that I don't care about...
@EvanCarroll I only follow people if they follow me first.
@Shog9 you may be the most sheep-like of the sheep.
@EvanCarroll We walk in a circle all over the lush green twitters.
@Jeremy: Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground~. Never say never.
11:51 PM
@animuson I think I'll start mirroring all of my twitter posts to this channel.
You should drop that and try Google Plus
I've got Google Plus too.
Ugh, it should be Sunday. -.-
11:55 PM
I like Gravatar because you can easily get a larger version of their picture by copying the image URL and changing the size in it. :)
meh, caps out at 512
Ya, like that.
Now everyone can stare at me! Mwuahahaha

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