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Brianne doesn't understand Mike.
2:30 AM
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@Rob I think they were valid in thinking that way. It's also no big deal, as it was completed the correct way.
Also, I'd clearly outline what specific part of the review guidelines were violated.
4:53 AM
@Spe @Glo Did you want to discuss your edit and it's review?: meta.stackexchange.com/q/356997#357525 on meta.stackexchange.com/tags/tables/info - Spe, while the edit is pending only you or the mods can edit it again; until the review is completed - then I'd split the first link and correct the pluralization.
5:40 AM
Yep, the time is now:
Three years on Meta.SE today.
That's three years of directly helping users learn about the SE system as well as helping to improve the system, as of today.
2 hours later…
7:26 AM
@Rob I know it's confusing, but I only wrote the tag excerpt, and am therefore shown as the author of a blank tag wiki on the revisions page. Martin wrote the first real version of it.
8:25 AM
Trolled by a Giraffe...
At least it's just a silly troll, not offensive like others.
8:38 AM
@Rob the shirt is nice....
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog congratz!
Hmmm chat works awfully strange on mobile
When I select a message the only visible Icon is the flag. The other icons are invisble, but there.
Seeing that I managed to reply and star the message
8:58 AM
that looks like a bug. I can see four, plus a weird space on the right
Now I do too
Strange, probably some loading problem woth the icons
I thought they were in one file?
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе I need one of those :)
@Tinkeringbell I'm kinda hating every second of my current work tasks, so I can relate. And it is not like the rest of the world isn't doing its part to make us any less miserable recently.
My current work task is really nice actually... but it keeps getting interrupted with stupid tasks/calls/meetings XD
Perhaps if I leave I can finish my excel sheet in peace
9:16 AM
... I think I will just leave for a while while you clarify the meaning of this message with @Tinkeringbell. I'm sure she will be very interested to know. @JourneymanGeek too, but doesn't seem around.
Yeah, Rob... explanation please, because if it's fun/sarcasm I'm missing it too... XD
@Luuklag they should be on top
Use the mobile chat theme
@Shadow10YearsWizard Sometimes they're not visible though.
They're there, but you need muscle memory ;)
I'll dump a screenshot here when I see it again, today everything is working fine of course XD
@Tinkeringbell oh... you need to scroll. I reported that bug.
Doesn't seem related to scrolling here...
9:22 AM
Q: When selecting a message in mobile chat, action icons do not appear until scrolling

Shadow 10 Years WizardFor some time now, whenever I select a chat message by tapping it on mobile device, there are no action icons: However when scrolling, either up or down, the icons appear: Can the icons please appear when selecting a message, not only after scrolling? Browser: mobile Chrome 66, and...

No, not it :P I sometimes get the grey area, but without symbols
Or just 1 or 2 symbols.
Well one thing for sure... it's buggy.
XD Did you expect anything else from chat? ;)
@JohnDvorak yes, they are:
are they in the mobile version though?
9:26 AM
@JohnDvorak nope
@Shadow10YearsWizard no hats, no upvote.
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе +1
And no chicken
9:44 AM
@Shadow10YearsWizard There's a mint-green chicken on the countdown page!
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'hats'.
Why the countdown page isn't pinned anymore? :(
@ArtOfCode Why isn't !!/hats working yet?
@Shadow10YearsWizard It is? Weird...
9:47 AM
The countdown message says I can only unpin it... but not pin it...
Maybe because I already pinned it?
There. Just pinned a new one ;)
@Tinkeringbell yup, if it expires it can't be pinned anymore, forgot it was over two weeks ago...
Boo, we need longer timeouts clearly ;)
10:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell well....
it is shaped like a Lego parrot. So this means two things.
a) hats must be clearly Lego related.
b) yearly contest will have users build Lego hats.
and .... Brickman confirmed as new Community Manager.
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе If that is so, I'm going to drop an angry MSE rant tonight detailing how that one shouldn't have been mint green but red.
@Tinkeringbell Just a red herring to throw you off as the local parrots expert. And a way to avoid me claiming that if the parrot was red, it needed to be rounder too.
Still love it. Even though it's phallic shaped :D
10:08 AM
^ clearly fatter than the average Lego parrot :P
Oh, I don't mind being fatter than the average Lego parrot. Lego body standards are so unrealistic anyways.
@Tinkeringbell ........... thank Tink. Never noticed it ........ before you had to mention it
I think I will try to remove any memory of your last message.
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе Hehehe that's the beauty of it... I had someone mention it to me too, I never realized before. But it's funny that really no-one seems to notice before it's mentioned! XD
(except my dirty-minded brother)
@Tinkeringbell because not everyone is Shadow.
Hey, Shadow isn't family (luckily) :P
10:10 AM
@Tinkeringbell @Shadow is your brother?
Beat you to it XD
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе she wish! :D
@SmokeDetector your fellow bot think you're awesome.
in Shadow's Den, 1 min ago, by FOX 9000
@Shadow10YearsWizard SmokeDetector (?)
(reply to "awesome" in WAG ^)
@Tinkeringbell I was.... going to say something about it.... :P
I'm sure you picked it on purpose :P
@Tinkeringbell @Νеvеrꭑoꭇе can't do such thing.... they're more innocent than most kids I know. :)
Didn't you find this avatar for me way back when? :P
I thought it was you, not nevermore...
10:14 AM
@Tinkeringbell oh wait, lol... yes, it was me! :P
Still, my prev comment applies. ;)
> רצינו לעדכן אותך שההזמנה שלך יצאה לחברת השליחים HFD ובדרכה אליך.
eww RTL screwed big time lol
that's a load of squiggles.
Why do those squiggles make you happy?
@Tinkeringbell let me translate...
> We wanted to update you that your order has gone out to HFD Courier Company and is on its way to you.
Perfect Google translation.
Ahhh, package on the way. That's always great! :D
@Tinkeringbell it's @Journeyman's fault actually. :D
Did he send you shopping or a gift? :P
10:17 AM
Dec 7 at 9:59, by Shadow 10 Years Wizard
@JourneymanGeek good, so I'll buy it. Thanks a lot! :-D
I've already bought too much this month. I'm going to try and not spend any more money before I get my next paycheck XD
@Tinkeringbell what did you buy?
@Shadow10YearsWizard Yarn, a tool to hold the yarn while I'm crocheting, snacks, a new hairbrush, a visit to the hairdresser, and textile glue.
10:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell no games? apps? Music? ;)
@Shadow10YearsWizard Oh, I have monthly expenses for Spotify and Netflix too, yes. And my phone, and health insurance.
But no, no games or apps this month.
Maybe I'll buy something for Christmas vacation, though I still have a few weeks of Animal Crossing to catch up with (haven't played since Turkey Day) and I also have a Professor Layton game I haven't finished yet. And I'm starting to miss Stardew Valley.
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11:40 AM
Assassin's Creed: Valhalla for me. It'll keep me going for a good while.
@Snow IIRC, that brand of games includes quite a bit of jumping and running? I usually find that quite hard to navigate :|
Pretty much the same as many console games these days.
@Tinkeringbell the description would fit Mario more than "Assassin:will Vikings be templars too"
@Snow Yep. I suck at most 'real' games ;)
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе I can't play mario either. Can get through maybe 3 levels if I'm lucky. Just don't have the coordination and timing.
11:55 AM
@Tinkeringbell I do as well. I often play many of these games on the easiest difficulty setting possible.
12:05 PM
@Snow I probably should try again some day. I now have a Wii controller hooked up to my PC as well, and I realized I find that much easier than using a keyboard to navigate games.
@Glorfindel Thanks, it looks like the edit completed review; so I'll leave it.
[cont from yesterday...] guess how Google CEO replied to the media about the senior AI researcher that quit/was forced to quit? You're right. He said "We are sorry to see her go" without any hint of taking responsibility. Still not like our own case? And needless to say, people don't like his response, at all.
@Tinkeringbell oh, good!
12:48 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard nope that wasnt my problem. The gray bar was there, but only the flag icon was visible. The others were not, but the actions were there.
@Luuklag oh. Weird.
Yeah, I guess just sone loading
sdc load Luuk
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'load'.
12:51 PM
@Tinkeringbell ._.
About 2k in new hardware over the last 2 months 😁
And it's done!
Looks like your character set is broken, no letters there ;)
@Luuklag well there is "test2" you can understand. ;)
(this is the user login)
@Shadow10YearsWizard true
with password checker?
Oh no
Need to change the button text, it's not good for 2020.
It was written in.... ugh... 2005? I think.
It says "Change password", but meant only for males.
Client should have asked, but they never bothered...
1:06 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard how is that happening. Is there a gender associated with change?
waffles are yummy
fat finger syndrome
@Luuklag in Hebrew there are two forms for every verb, one for males and one for females. (hope I got it right now... ;))
Kind of like "his" and "her", just for verbs.
It's fixable by using neutral verb form.
ah okay.
could be usefull in a way, like the verb specifying who did what from a party of people fro example
well im out of here again, cya later guys
@Luuklag out to where? ;)
1:13 PM
Czech also has gendered verbs, but only for past tense.
@JohnDvorak heh. Weird.
But can't judge, each language has its quirks.
Most of the time it suffices to stick "/a" to indicate both options
Plurals are fun, too. Each gender has its own form (and third one for some things), and if the subject is of mixed gender, you use the male form.
@JohnDvorak quite the same here, yeah.
... and male forms for for living and non-living things get different pronouns
Wow, that's weird. lol
1:27 PM
@JourneymanGeek I'm being very stingy and saving as much as I can... I'm trying to reach 5k over my 'home decoration' savings goal, and make an extra payment on the home loan to bring down monthly costs :)
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog Happy SE-versary!
2:14 PM
sigh Senior manager on a CIO all hands call using a custom background that looks like he's sitting in a fighter plane cockpit.
Why not? Probably better than the glass shelf with booze that's in the room :P
Just looks tacky, very tacky.
Hahaha ;) He has probably accepted that, and chosen to just roll with it ;)
@Shadow10YearsWizard shops
Sounds like something I could do, tbh ;) I've been using animal crossing screenshots mostly.
Of all the things I can get annoyed about at my workplace, luckily backgrounds aren't one :) But I understand you might not want to have to look at that.
2:19 PM
@Luuklag which? ;)
@Tinkeringbell Most of the time I ain't even looking to those in the call. Usually have about a dozen other screens open and be working during a meeting
@Shadow10YearsWizard bookshop to drop off a Vinted parcel
@Tinkeringbell Pretty much everyone else in my company don't use custom backgrounds. More usually, they turn their cameras off.
@Luuklag vinted?
oh, it's a company?
@Snow I mean, I like that to. But some "managers" want to micromanage and make sure you're not doing what Luuklag is doing, and as such say it's good for "team-feeling" to turn on the camera. Luckily, I can usually avoid those meetings ;)
@Shadow10YearsWizard Yeah, an app you can use to sell your left over clothing
2:22 PM
And even if I can't, I do turn on a custom background and just hope the VPN is slow enough to not be able to handle the HD USB camera stream, and then I can turn it off again because it's not working ;)
We're selling the clothes our boys have grown out of
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, my partner's manager insists every use cameras on calls, but that's mainly about her wanting to see in people's houses and comment on them.
@Luuklag nice! Here we have boxes in many places where people just drop such clothes and they go to those who need it. Hopefully. (no money involved)
@Snow Ugh. I would've filed a complaint for violating privacy for that one!
@Shadow10YearsWizard Yeah we have those good-will things as well. But it's also nice to earn a little on the side. Twins are expensive enough as is xD
2:23 PM
@Luuk what clothes did you sell? I still got some from 20 years ago. lol
@Shadow10YearsWizard Just kids stuff, that they no longer fit
@Luuklag oh, kids clothes? Those we try to pass around in family, or friends.
That's crazy, having to buy everything again every year, max two years.
@Shadow10YearsWizard yeah were kinda the first in the family with young kids, and also way ahead of most of our friends
I've had to sell a lot of clothes recently, I've lost over 2kg in weight over covid and more before then. I've gone from wearing XL size down to M.
Our boys turn 2 on new years eve, and the first from my group of friends are just expecting their first baby.
2:26 PM
@Luuklag nice. So you're below 30?
@Snow Probably also had to buy a lot ;)
@Snow from just 2kg??? Or you mean 20kg?
Yeah, had to buy a new wardrobe. Net loss in terms of weight and money, but net gain in terms of how I feel about myself.
Wait, you was infected with covid? @Snow
@Shadow10YearsWizard No.
2:27 PM
Good, at least that...
I mean the covid lockdown period.
@Snow usually people gain weight during such times, including me. :/
I just... eat... more.
@Shadow10YearsWizard yeah, just ;)
@Shadow10YearsWizard I eat less, there are not as many cookies at home as there are in the office
@Shadow10YearsWizard I used to snack a lot when I was in the office. I don't so much now that I'm at home with my partner.
@Luuklag well, the opposite in my case. :/
@Snow good for you. :)
2:29 PM
nom nom
I went from S to M when I was 18 or so.... then from M to L when I stopped going to gym, around age of 25. And I'm still there, barely.
I do not own a scale, so I have no idea how much I weigh now
@Mithical Does that even matter at all, as long as your happy right?
@Mithical me too, didn't check for over a year, but I see (and feel) those extra kg's.
@Luuklag two years diff isn't much. :)
I really just wanted my BMI to be in the "healthy" range. Not really looking forward to any blood-pressure issues or other weight-related health issues.
2:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell not really, when working from home it's expected the employee will work from a dedicated room, fitting that purpose. If they choose to do it in the bedroom (or worse) it's totally their choice.
So I agree with "camera on" policy.
Surely it's common question on Workplace.SE these days... ;)
@Snow Well, getting there can be hard, so well done!
@Shadow10YearsWizard I have a dedicated space for work, but not an entire room. Expecting me to share my bedroom is honestly kinda perverse.
I can always use #metoo I guess :P
@Tinkeringbell It's mostly not having a big bag of nuts/marshmallows/crisps to snack on while I'm working.
@Tinkeringbell it's expected to share yourself, not your bedroom. You can just arrange it so that nothing is seen, it just takes time. But so is getting ready to go out to the office, e.g. fitting clothes, perfume, etc etc. So in the end, it's almost the same. :)
@Snow :D My weight gain has at least stopped since I'm no longer at the office... (mostly because I can have healthy, structured meals instead of 'meeting food' or grabbing some 'healthy' fast food because the train is late again and I need to go straight from the station to my social thing without having the time for a healthy dinner) Still, actually losing it is hard...
If the manager starts to gossip about employee's bedroom, then yeah, you have a valid point though.
2:37 PM
I'm lucky to have the attic to myself. But still my set-up faces the wall, so that there is no mess behind me. Does look a bit more professionel when having meetings with clients.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Well, I can assure you there's no room to arrange my bedroom in a way that gives me an entirely empty wall, there's just too much stuff.
@Tinkeringbell make a pile in some other room then? ;)
Yeah, mom's gonna love that one.
Not going to happen. Work and private need to be separated, and work should be happy I'm not demanding they provide me with a room devoid of personality.
2:39 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard I don't think that's true at all. Many people have been forced to work from home and many, many, many people don't have an extra room they can use as an office. So I wouldn't say that it is expected that they have a dedicated space for work.
I worked from home since before the pandemic so I rented a house with an extra room to make into an office. But not everyone is lucky enough to afford that option.
@terdon Agreed, if you choose to work from home then I totally agree, but these days...
@Tinkeringbell wonder what others say about it.... will check WP later..
@terdon surely not rent a room, but even living room should be "neutral" enough to not expose private details, if organized properly before starting.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Eh, if you have daily meetings and children, keeping the living room presentable for every meeting is a pretty serious challenge. And if you're in a couple and you both work from the only available space in your house (the living room), then it's even harder.
And if you're living in a shared flat where your only choice is your bedroom, it gets even harder.
@terdon true. Never said it's easy though.
ha! No, you didn't. But you did say it is "expected" that people will have a dedicated room. That's what I disagreed with, I can't see how it could possibly be expected since so many people simply won't have another room available and are not working from home by their own choice.
2:47 PM
@terdon to be honest, didn't think about it much. Still think this way but now with both you and @Tink having opposite opinion, will put more thought into it. Results tomorrow-ish. ;)
(Personally, I do my meetings in the kids play room, which is a mess. I just don't mind.)
@Shadow10YearsWizard Never seen done, with young children; some adults without children too.
@Rob what you never seen done?
Arranging room before meeting?
@terdon luckily my children are at daycare / school:)
I don't do it, but should be doable.
@Luuklag here schools are very partial.
(due to Covid)
@Shadow10YearsWizard I think that the relevant part is "not working from home by their own choice". While it does have its fair share of advantages, it is not something most had time to plan for.
2:50 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard Here they opted to keep them open, to make sure parents can still work.
@Shadow10YearsWizard To me, it also depends a bit on... now that I'm working from home, I'm suddenly expected to let every man into my bedroom, but when I was working at the office, if I needed to call in, I could call in by phone and just audio? That just feels SO wrong to me.
And I wouldn't expect people to do renovation NOW just to have a "work room"
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе I've had a few coworkers that did that, to be honest.
@Tinkeringbell since when did this become a gender thing?
@Luuklag Since when is 'man' a race :P
But yes. It just feels weird to have men in my bedroom!
And the one or two female coworkers I have have no business there either btw ;)
2:53 PM
@Tinkeringbell Or your boss, or colleagues (regardless of gender).
@Tinkeringbell yeah, and some other have older relatives at home - or whatever other "risk category" one could think of - and probably wouldn't like to have a team of sneezing builders going around the house, that was what I meant ^_^
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе which would not be possible anyway for many, not everyone has a spare room they can repurpose
@Snow True, it's just an added level of weirdness and feeling wrong if there's opposite genders involved (for me).
@Tinkeringbell Yeah. my partner has had to remove anything personal in view of her laptop camera. She's upstairs in the study, not the bedroom, but still - there's no photos or anything else discussable in her background.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Never seen, what the reply was hooked to.
2:55 PM
Like I said, that's not really an option for me. Right now, my desk is on one wall, on the wall behind me are my bookshelves... there's no way I could move those to another wall.
@Tinkeringbell Well books aren't that big of a deal
Unless you have the cover of kamasutra facing the camera xD
@Luuklag There's more on those shelves that just books though ;)
Sure, but at least your bed isn't visible.
@Snow Still. I consider my books part of my private life, so not something work has any business with.
Virtual backgrounds are another option
2:57 PM
I know! I said I was using those when I had to turn the camera on ;)
We're just nitpicking here :P
@Luuklag "that one reads (insert fantasy/sci-fi/narrative) book????? stupid silly child not worthy of being called adult"
yeah, no thanks.
Snow said fighter jet cockpits are a tacky virtual background, that's what started all this :P
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе well if its on the opposite wall you're not very likely to read out their titles from the back of the books
@Tinkeringbell Yup. It's all on me!
@Luuklag just an example, I saw coworkers who had to focus on whatever background element they could get their eyes on so...
from posters, Lego models, calendars, furniture and so on...
so no camera, thanks.
And they should be grateful I wasn't the owner of the lego model that got asked "you still play with that?"
3:02 PM
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе hmmm like who cares. Then I guess I'm lucky with my coworkers. None are as idiotic as that.
or I am the unlucky one, I don't know.
SO down???
oh, yep, seem to remember a post about that...
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе that was dec. 9 right?
@Luuklag didn't the post mention some other dates? Don't remember right now
2/4/9 I believe
MSE is still online for me
StackOverflow, not MSE
3:07 PM
Q: MAINTENANCE WARNING: Possible downtime early morning Dec 2, 4, and 9 UTC (8:30PM NYC-time on Dec 1, 3, and 8, 2020)

Tom LimoncelliUpdate: (2020-12-09 UTC) Window C is complete. No outages or degradations. Update: (2020-12-04 UTC) Window B is complete. No outages or degradations. Update: (2020-12-02 UTC) Window A is complete. No outages or degradations. TL;DR: The SRE Team at Stack Overflow is announcing 3 maintenance ...

As is usual, MSE is still up, because MSE is the superior site.
3:11 PM
That post on Sp.SE seemed worth looking at, but not if we're down.
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе that's fair.
@Luuklag here they tried after first lockdown, it caused dramatic rise in Covid cases, so ever since they don't fully open schools again.
UP now.
Yeah, seems to be alive again.
@Tinkeringbell well those meetings from home are the only interaction, and audio only just isn't enough for true interaction, IMO.
3:21 PM
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе Heh. I sleep with my window open, which adds another camera problem: In the mornings, my bedroom is freezing cold. So for the first hour or three, I work while wearing a blanket. Sorry, can't turn on the camera XD
You're sounding like a manager. Honestly, if I call in so you can give me status update on the unit, sound and a powerpoint perhaps work fine.

Faces are IMO only needed for 'fun' and 'social', and work calls aren't that ;)
That's not quite true actually. When you regularly work remotely, having faces in meetings is really helpful: you get to know your coworkers better, you can communicate MUCH better since facial expressions come into play, and you can also read the room. It is absolutely horrible to be talking/presenting and not being able to see anybody's face. You have no idea if they're following you, if you need to explain something better, if they're all asleep...
While I haven't pushed to make it obligatory, I do much prefer it when people do me the courtesy of turning their camera on. I just also accept and acknowledge that there are valid reasons not to turn it on.
@terdon I mean, of course we're all asleep during the mandatory management update meetings :D
Those could've just been an e-mail.
Sun Tzu, always relevant.
> 視卒如愛子,故可與之俱死。
Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.
3:41 PM
Oh the joy of my job. Running a model simulation requires 3 computers....
@Luuklag quantum computers?
nope, 3 actual laptops
my macbook to pull a file from our file system
then one windows to run an excel macro
then a second windows to run the model
then back to the first windows to run another excel macro
then back to my macbook to put the results back in the file systemn
@Tinkeringbell yeah, blame @Snow. ;)
@Luuklag oh wow, it's like juggling in a circus.
@Shadow10YearsWizard yeah its crazy. Thats what you get from outsourcing IT support I guess
3:50 PM
@Luuklag to generate our nightly reports....
we get the information from a remote PC, which pulls it from a webapp, copy and paste that into excel on an airgapped PC, then take photos ....
yeah that's also an excellent workfolow @JourneymanGeek
which we then send via whatsapp then pick up the images from whatsapp web ....
(but I stopped doing that and use a HDMI usb video capture widget)
good one
cya later guys, gotta go pick up the kids
4:19 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard A flea circus, compared to a quantum computer; recently China's newest attempt took 200 seconds to provide an answer that would have taken the world's fastest supercomputer approximately 2.5 billion years to carry out the same calculations. Source. Earth is only 4.54 billion years old.
Ryan Donovan on December 10, 2020
Much of the data currently exchanging hands can be viewed as human-centric. We are not the only consumers of the web though, and someday that data may be made easier to read by those non-human consumers.
Something tells me that machines will have an easier go than their counterparts.
@Rob Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. I don't think the technical limitations of tables in markdown need to be highlighted in a tag wiki. Also, text beside the link says "Announcement of the support for tables" not "Note: Mathjax does not fully function inside of tables" - If that was something you wanted included, you're most welcome to suggest an edit to it, but I personally don't think it needs to be in there.
@Spevacus I'm on the fence, @Martin (says Glo) put the information in there for a reason; and I saw the edit removing it. That's why I said it should be split, the answer being a note. It's much better to ditch tables and use straight MathJax (which has far better table support) if the site supports it. Just informing you of the reason for the outcome of the review; there's no "accept and Improve" or "reject and edit" button.
4:35 PM
Those buttons do exist for 20kers, I think. Also, I hear you, I'm sure we could work it in as a note. I missed your chat message prior to the review's outcome, so I couldn't reach a compromise on that front.
Hello! I have a question: Are false accusations of violating the code of conduct displayed in public comments flagged as harassment?
@AnnZen I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Could you give an example? Perhaps a hypothetical one?
should "Are" be "Should"?
> Should false accusations of violating the code of conduct in public comments be flagged as harassment?
Yeah it seems like you're asking if you should flag false accusations of CoC violations in comments.
Oops, I mean Are false accusations of violating the code of conduct in public comments flagged as harassment?
4:44 PM
I don't think that is a general blanket yes
it of course assumes that the accusation is false, and also assumes that the user is doing it with the intent of causing some form of harm
@Spevacus No problem. As it came to me it "deviated from the author's intent" (which is a valid rejection reason, which I always apply if one fits exactly) combined with a single character edit. --- Rather than choosing the pre-cut template I used the custom reason to provide you with more exact feedback.
If you're right and it a.) is an accusation and b.) is false, it could just as well be no longer needed or unfriendly.
That's difficult to simply say yes or no to. If someone is following you around, commenting on your posts, accusing you of breaking the rules, then I suppose that constitutes harassment - But I would flag that for mod attention and explain the whole situation. If it's just a user saying "That's against the rules!" Then I'm not sure that's really harassment. Probably No Longer Needed, and depending upon the wording, unfriendly.
But a lot of people feel accused without there being any accusation, and if I need to twist my brain to see the accusation or how it is false, I'm going to decline the flag.
@Rob Thanks for the feedback, and the chat ping :D
4:47 PM
Something like I'm suspicious of that deleted account that bore the answer you accepted. You must've it created to hoard rep. The comment gets upvoted, the post gets downvoted.
Keeps you in the loop.
@AnnZen Flag for a mod, custom flag perhaps. They can confirm the answer wasn't written by a now deleted sock and delete the comment if that is the case.
So it doesn't count towards harassment??
You would need to sue.
I mean the flag
4:50 PM
I would not consider that harassment, but I would consider it not nice. A mod flag is probably your best bet, as you get to explain what's going on.
i wouldn't consider a single comment, where someone made an assumption that ends up being incorrect, harassment.
how about a thread?
all on the same post?
probably still not
if they're following you around... that's something entirely different
@AnnZen How about... just flag with whatever you deem suitable then, and see which get accepted and which are declined?
If they are declined, you can raise your opinion on why they shouldn't have been on the appropriate site's meta, and get an explanation of which flag you should've used.
good idea. are declined harassment flags more serious than declined no longer needed flags, or are they treated the same?
4:53 PM
They are treated the same by the system.
A declined flag is a declined flag for the system, though if someone has a gigantic amount of harassment flags and they're all declined, they do become known as being prone to overreacting to the moderators.
NLN is more likely to be accepted; depending on the site. They'll only get the message if they check back, sometimes even then not.
@Rob and @Spevacus I apologize - I wasn't careful enough. I did not notice that I was linking to an answer rather to the question. (So thanks for noticing my mistake and correcting it.)
Mystery solved.
I'm lucky that I visit rooms which have much less users than this one. It's rather difficult make sense of previous messages if the transcript contains several conversations spread over longer timeframe and mixed with other conversations. (But somehow I managed to make thanks of it, looking at messages to which there were replies.)
5:07 PM
@Martin No worries :)
Re: "MathJax has a much better support for tables". It depends on the situation. If you need a table where only a few entries are actually math and the rest is plain text, using MarkDown seem the more natural solution to me.
Of course, if you want to joint multiple cells into one and similar stuff, then MathJax would be the way to go.
so, anyone noticed if any employee mentioned anything about the knitting tool being reused this year?
5:50 PM
@Martin If you are used to tapping out MathJax on your cellphone it's pretty quick and easy to see the result and what tweaks are needed to adjust it perfectly; sometimes you just want things to line up.
Here's the Math.Meta.SE request for MathJax in tables. --- MathJax tables are much better: triangular tables, complex elements 1, complex elements 2,
general tables, Tableau, and of course shading and colours.
6:11 PM
Typing MathJax on a phone sounds like a nightmare. Markdown is enough of a hassle.
@Mithical It is! Tried it once before, never again.
@Rob If I understand that feature request correctly, it's already . It was intended as a request to have MathJax working in the tables on MathJax-enabled sites. The same user posted this also elsewhere: cstheory.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/3064/…
MathJax is supported in tables. So what feature exactly are you requesting? — Emil Jeřábek 2 days ago
1 hour later…
7:47 PM
@SmokeDetector f
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